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Caught in Balboa Park

I’ve always had a thing about being seen. I like to be seen naked, and especially erect, and way especially while jerking off. If I were to be seen actually cumming, well, that would be beyond words.

It has happened a few times, but in controlled environments, like circle jerks. I can jerk off my wife when she’s not feeling horny and I am. It’s not quite the same thing, but I do like when she sees me wanking.

I know it’s rather pervy, but what I’ve been doing for years is if I find a secluded spot at night, but in a public place, I’ll look around to see that no one is actually there, then I’ll pull down my pants and have a wank. The idea that I could get caught is a huge turn-on.

So one night, I was in Balboa park only about ten yards off a narrow road in a place with some thin trees. It was quite dark, and only a few cars came down that road and they couldn’t see me because their headlights didn’t shine that way. It was really fun to know I was jerking off only 30 feet away from these people.

Right as I was entering the perfect orgasm, a car was moving slower than the others. I thought nothing about it. After all, I was rather preoccupied at that moment. Then, all of a sudden, right as my cum was spurting out onto the long grass at my feet, the car came to a stop, and everything lit up like daylight. or so it seemed. It was very bright. I pulled up my pants immediately, having a little difficulty getting my boner behind the zipper and buckling everything up. I was scared to death. My heart was beating a million miles an hour.

The car stopped, and two policemen stepped out, with their spotlight still aimed at me. It was so bright I had to place my hand over my eyes to see that they were policemen.

“Anything wrong?” one of the asked.

“Um, no, um, I was just…”

I didn’t know what to say. I was starting to have visions of going to jail. How would I explain it to the wife and kids? Would I miss work tomorrow? Oh, how embarrassing!

“I know,” he said. “You aren’t the first one we’ve caught here doing that.”

The other one said, “We suggest you leave soon. There are sometimes weirdos out in the park at night.”

They got in their police car and drove away.

I didn’t jerk off for a week. Sometimes just thinking back on the incident would cause my heart to start racing again.

Then, I was able to jerk off again – safely in my own bed next to Ann, my wife.

A year has passed. I have to tell you, I’ve returned to my pervy ways. Oh, I’m more careful now, but every now and then my compulsion gets the best of me, I’ll get up in the middle of the night, drive somewhere, and I’ll go jerk off in a public restroom, or deeper, darker woods, or someplace that is properly secluded.

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  1. Where is Balboa Park?

  2. Balboa park is a big park in the middle of San Diego, California. It is similar to Central Park in New York, or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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