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How I Attained Peegasm

So far, I’ve attained ‘peegasm‘ also known as ‘pissgasm’ only twice. Every now and then, I’ll try it again.

The goal is simple, to emit urine and semen at the same time. In practice, it’s so nearly impossible that it’s exactly the kind of challenge I like.

The male body is specifically designed to block the flow of urine while ejaculating. The urinary sphincters clamp down tight. My job is to thwart that. So, after trying a few different things, I finally settled on the following technique:

1. I wait until my bladder is uncomfortably full. One time I went too far with this and found out the body will start leaking out spurts of urine despite all efforts to keep it in. As I went running to the bathroom, urine spilled out on the floor leaving a trail behind me.

2. Then I start jerking off. As the ‘gonna cum’ feeling starts to build up, I try to maintain that feeling, but also try to let go and pee. Almost always one of four things happens:

a. The orgasm that’s starting to build subsides.

b. The urge to urinate subsides.

c. The piss starts flowing but I don’t cum.

d. I have an ejaculation, but didn’t pee.

Of course the last variation is the worst, because then the fun is over.

3. I go through a few cycles of building up to orgasm while really feeling the urge to pee, hopefully avoiding ejaculation until I’m actually urinating. Quite often, I’ll start to urinate, but the orgasm doesn’t happen, or the orgasm will shut off the flow of urine.

I’ve tried letting the orgasm happen, then opening the pee valves. That doesn’t work.

I’ve tried stimulating my cock really vigorously while peeing, hoping to instigate an orgasm. That mostly doesn’t work, but sometimes the orgasm will happen. Unfortunately, that shuts off the flow of urine.

The magic seems to be mental. You want to just let go. To really relax the urinary sphincters.

The first time it worked, my wife was asleep inside the house. I was outside on a hill in a cherimoya (a rare edible semi-tropical fruit that tastes like vanilla ice cream) orchard late at night at the edge of my front yard. There was traffic on the road nearby, but unless someone shined a spotlight sideways right at me, they would not see me from their cars. I think this semi-exhibitionism heightened my experience and may have made the peegasm possible.

I was standing, jerking off vigorously, and really, really had to pee. And then it happened. The pee was flowing, and then, it switched from a steady stream to orgasmic and very fluid spurts. I couldn’t see clearly in the dark, but I’m certain I was ejaculating while still peeing.

The other time, I was sitting on the edge of the bathtub. The tub was dry. The light was on, so I could watch clearly. Again it started with urine flow. That smooth flow was interrupted by spurts of white cum. ‘Interrupted’ isn’t quite the right word. The urine flow never shut off. The flow became chunky as the output was the mixed thin yellow fluid of urine interspersed with white sections of cum. Very exciting! It was a super-strong orgasm. Oddly, when it was over, I still had quite a bit of piss in my bladder, yet I couldn’t continue peeing for a minute. Finally, the muscle tension let go, and I was able to finish the urination.

That’s it for now. I’ve gotta keep practicing. In fact, I have a male friend who I think I’d like to practice this with. I’m not sure exactly what we’d do or how we’d accomplish it, but I can imagine it might start with us both sitting on the edge of the tub, but holding huge amounts of urine in our bladders, and maybe wanking each other, with a lot of feedback, like “Hey, wait a second…” and “OK, go on…” and so on.

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Create Your Own Story

Hi Folks! Jeremy and I would love to hear your stories. Please write a story in the comment area below, or you can send direct to me using

You do not need to identify yourself but you can if you wish. Your story can be a true memoir, how-to information, fiction, or whatever you want. It would be great if you could let us know whether it’s true or fiction, however. It can be from any perspective.

The length can be anything from a sentence to a complete ebook.

If you’d like to include video or pictures, that would be great. Email them to us.

Please don’t send any copyrighted material unless you are the owner. Don’t send pictures of anyone without their full permission, and the knowledge that their pictures may be copied throughout the Internet. Once a picture is posted on a website, it can be impossible to get rid of it.

Let us know whether it is OK or not to edit your story.

We can’t pay anything for your submissions, and do not guarantee to publish every one, but we’ll do our best to publish anything that’s of reasonable quality.

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Involuntary Urination

I met this woman on the bus. My car was in the shop. So was hers. We got to talking. I was immediately drawn to her. She was a couple years younger than me, an upwardly mobile professional like I am, and she was, I have to say, very good-looking. I’m not much to look at, and not all that great as a conversationalist so I was surprised she seemed to be enjoying our little chat.

My stop came, and she hurriedly handed me a scrap of paper. I knew it was her phone number, and I was more than a little surprised.

Like a damn fool, I let five days slip away before I got up the balls to call her. I almost didn’t even then, because I was thinking it was probably too late. I mean a good-looking lass like that, no way she’d stay unattached for more than a day or two, right?

Then too, she probably had a guy already. But why, then, did she hand me her phone number?

So, very reluctantly, I called. My voice sounded little on the phone while she sounded great. She seemed truly delighted that I called.

We dated several times. At the end of each date, I was super-horny, but didn’t want to press forward too quickly, so sex was completely off the table.

On what I think was our seventh date, she’s the one who put it back on the table, but weirdly.

“I like torturing guys.”

I was like, “Huh?”

“I want to tell you something. Please don’t take it the wrong way. If you don’t understand my little, um… interest, then that’s OK, but…”

My curiosity was killing me, but she started three or four sentences, and didn’t complete any of them. I noticed her cheeks were flushed. What in the world could she be trying to say?

Finally, she blurted it out: “I have this thing I do. It’s not sexual. Oh, well, maybe it is…”

Then she fucking stopped again. Geez! I just sat there, probably looking like a stupid clod, waiting for her to tell me.

“OK,” she broke the silence. “So, don’t think badly of me, but I learned this from my brother. He used to love it, and I’ve since done it with all the guys I’ve met. Oh, don’t get the wrong idea, it’s just been like with maybe five other guys…”

Again, silence. I prompted, “Go on, you’re killing me!”

“So when I did it with Sammy, that’s my brother, he loved it, and every guy I’ve done it with loved it too. I like to tie a guy to a bed or, well, now I have a massage table in my apartment, and then I rub the tip of his dick, his glans, with the palm of my hand.”

I didn’t get it. I’d never had that done, so it didn’t sound like much of anything. I must have looked as dumbfounded as I was.

“Well, we’re getting pretty close now. Would you like me to do it to you?”

I have to tell you, that’s the weirdest come-on I’ve ever heard, and I’ve seen a lot of movies.

I really wanted to get sexual with this woman, so I said, “Sure, I guess so.”

I figured I could put up with whatever-the-fuck it was, and then we’d screw, and a good time would be had by all, right?

She looked like she had one more thing to say. Then she just came right out and crushed me. “But I don’t like sex. I don’t want to have sex. I think it’s dirty, and it’s just not for me.”

Did I look crushed? I must have because she quickly added, “Oh, but you’ll have an orgasm. I just loving doing this thing I do, then giving handjobs to my guys. Can you accept me for who I am?”

I figured any sort of sex was better than no sex, which is exactly what I’d been having for quite a long time now, other than fucking my own hand, so I said, “Sure.”

We arranged for me to come over that night. I know this is weird, but I was literally shivering a little as I rung her doorbell. It wasn’t cold. It’s just that I had made a date to do a very weird thing, and I didn’t quite know what it was, with a woman who frankly, I didn’t know all that well yet.

She answered, looking beautiful. She was wearing a kimono. I hadn’t expected that. We had a glass of wine. Actually, sparkling apple juice. One of the things I found attractive about her is she doesn’t drink.

So, anyway, after some small talk in which we were both evidently trying to avoid the elephant in the room, and yet get started with this elephant, she finally just said, “Come into my second bedroom, take off all your stuff, and jump up on my massage table. I’ll take care of the rest.”

How does one strip in front of a woman, just like that? I mean, this evening was off to a very strange start. But she just stood there staring at me. Slowly, I took off my shoes, then my socks. She seemed in a hurry to get to the good stuff, so as I was unbuttoning my shirt, she reached in and undid the last two buttons.

I hesitated before I undid my belt, but as I finally did, she pulled down my zipper. I practically stumbled out of my pants. Weirdly, when you get out of your pants at home, you just step out, right? But with her watching, I practically fell over.

I was down to my underwear. I knew the only course of action that was right for the situation. I mean, what was I going to do, throw everything back on, and go screaming out of her apartment? Besides I was quite horny. I’m not sure why. Nothing like this had ever happened before. My experience with all the women that I had known, well, three women altogether, is that we’d turn out the lights, we’d strip together, get quickly under the blankets, I’d put on a condom, and away we’d go. Finally, boldly, I threw off my underpants.

She asked me whether I’d mind having my wrists and ankles tied to the table. That really set me back. Who was this woman, really? Could she be trusted? After a moment of hesitation, I decided she was safe. Still, I asked for a safeword.

First, she told me I wouldn’t need one. Nothing she was going to do would be harmful. Still, I wanted my word, so she said, “OK, if you say ‘kittycat,’ I’ll stop immediately.

She had me lay on the table. It was crinkly. There was a sheet of plastic under the bedsheet on the table. She went from corner to corner tying my wrists, then my ankles.

Remember, I was stark naked, and now totally helpless, in front of this beautiful woman in a kimono, and trying desperately to tell myself that as weird as this situation was, it was going to be OK. In fact, I was somehow expecting… I don’t know what, but it was having an effect on me. As she tied my last ankle, I noticed that my penis was rock hard.

That was embarrassing. I don’t know quite why, but somehow, being naked, tied down, and with an erection was just so super-crazy!

She grabbed my penis and started stroking me very softly and gently. I was about to tell her I’d cum if she kept that up, when she stopped.

She dipped her fingers into a little container of Vaseline, then spread it on the palm of one hand, announcing, “This is where it gets crazy. You’ll squirm, you’ll yell, but you’ll be OK.”

Suddenly, it was too much. Too insane. I wanted out of there. I wanted to just be home watching a nice movie or something. But I didn’t tell her. There was another component of me that was really, really looking forward to whatever was going to happen. I’ve been a rather straight, conservative guy my whole life, so to be this far out of my comfort zone, was a real adventure. Or so I was telling myself at that moment.

She grabbed my penis, wrapping her fingers around the shaft with one hand. That felt nice. Then, she started rubbing that greasy palm of her hand over my glans. Just like she had predicted, within a couple of seconds I was squirming and yelling. I was going crazy. I had no idea what was happening. No one had ever done anything like that to me before. It was the most horrible tickle-like feeling in the world. It was also wonderful. I can’t explain it. My body wanted to get away. It was a torture test, but a test I wanted to win. And, after a few minutes, I was starting to win. The feeling was dying down. I wasn’t squirming as much. Instead of pure horrible tickle, it was starting to feel like I might cum. And pee. Come to think of it, the pee feeling was winning. That was kind of odd, because I had peed only a few minutes before coming to her apartment.

Then, it happened. I felt myself let go. She kept rubbing as if it wasn’t happening, but it was. I was peeing all over the place. There was nothing I could do about it. Purely involuntary. At one point, as her palm momentarily cleared away from my peehole, urine squirted onto my face. A little of the salty juice got in my mouth. I did the only thing I could do. I swallowed it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.

She just kept going, and the next thing I knew, I was orgasming. I hadn’t done anything to cause that to happen. It was just like naturally happening. It was also the strongest and longest orgasm I’d ever had in my life.

We’ve done it a few times since. My girlfriend is quite weird. She’s never asked for reciprocation. I’ve offered every time. This girl doesn’t even like kissing. I’m a bit disappointed in a way that we’ve never fucked, and the only kissing is quick and perfunctory, but I’m so satisfied with the whole squirmy involuntary pee thing, and with her company in general, that I think I’m going to marry her.

Lately, she’s been taking it a step further, which I didn’t think I’d much care for, but now I’m loving it. She gives me what she calls ‘POT,’ post-orgasm torture. After I cum, she just keeps going, until my dick goes soft. The worst part is it stays hard for quite a while afterward. I guess it’s the ongoing stimulation. It’s very hard to take, but I love it.

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Girl Likes to Show Asshole

I’ll admit I’m a little weird. But, I’m not hurting anyone, and everyone has fun, so why not, right?

It started when I was really young, playing doctor with my brother. I got a rather excited kick out it, especially when he’d have me get on all fours and ‘examine’ my asshole.

Then in school, we had a sex education day. For the most part, it was pretty ridiculuous, with a somewhat embarrassed teacher telling us boring stuff we already knew, and a whole class of kids tittering and carrying on. The only good part was where we all got bananas and condoms, and had to practice putting them on. The teacher then handed out a second condom to each kid, both the girls and the boys, and told them they were ours to keep, and use if needed. How weird is that?

The teacher said one little thing that I found particularly interesting. I doubt it affected the other kids in the same way. She said the girls should get hand mirrors to look at their vaginas, and both girls and boys could use hand mirrors to become familiar with their own anuses.

Oddly, I was greatly affected by that. When I got home, I couldn’t wait to grab my mother’s mirror, get naked in my room, and look at my asshole. I didn’t care that much about my pussy – I don’t know why, but really wanted to see my asshole. And when I saw it, I went nuts. Well not entirely. It just struck a chord in me, and I masturbated something silly, giving myself two orgasms in a row. That’s the first time I ever had two like that. I didn’t even know it was possible.

So now, the image of my anus was permanently front and center in my mind. I decided to take it step further. Although it was difficult to get the angle right, I took a picture of my ass on my phone. Over the next several days, I studied that picture over and over, for minutes at a time.

I started to want others to see my butthole. It took a few days to figure out what to do. I tried it on my brother first. When my parents and sister were out, I knocked on his door and asked, “Hey Kyle, I’m worried about something.”

“Yeah, what?” he asked, evidently annoyed.

“Well…” I hadn’t expected it to be so hard to ask. I decided it was now or never. “I don’t think my anus looks quite right. Will you take a look?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

Oops, I hadn’t thought that far ahead. What should I tell him? I couldn’t hesitate long, or he might know something was up. Finally, I got an idea. “It itches.”

“Why bother me with that? Go ask Mom or Dad.” he replied, but his voice was oddly squeaky.

“I can’t. Too embarrassing. Remember when we used to play doctor, like a hundred years ago? Well, you’ve already seen it, so what’s the big deal?”

“Oh alright, pull your pants down.” he said a little too quickly.

I did just that, and with them bunched around my ankles, I hobbled over to his rolling office chair, facing away from him. I felt him touch my ass with both hands, and gently pull my cheeks apart. That alone, was absolutely amazing. What a feeling! And the cool little puff of a breeze from his air conditioner suddenly blowing against my anus – to die for!

“I can’t see anything. Here, why don’t you take your shorts off, and get on your hands and knees on my bed.”

Without a word, I complied. I didn’t trust my voice. It would have come out all shaky.

He got behind me, and looked and looked. I was in heaven!

Finally, he said, “I don’t see anything wrong. You say it itches?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Let me know if this itches.” and with that, he started ever so gently rubbing his finger around my anus. Oh my god! Then, he started pressing his fingertip right into the middle. Just a little bit, but that was enough for me. I was orgasming. I don’t think he noticed, or if he did, he didn’t say anything.

“I guess not,” was all I stupidly said. For some reason, I was suddenly embarrassed. I grabbed my undies and shorts, put them back on, thanked him, and left his room. I heard him setting the lock on his door behind me. I didn’t realize it then, but he must have masturbated as soon as I left.

Next, I wanted my mother to look. I told her it itched. She said, “Put some cream on it,” and that was that. I couldn’t work the conversation around to asking her to actually take a look without seeming too weird.

OK, so there was my father. I told him my anus itched. He said that was something to bring to my mother, and went back to reading his tablet.

Now who? It took me days to realize I could ask Becky, my best friend. Why I didn’t think of her right off the bat, I don’t know. I found her sexy in a way. Goofy I know, but I’m just telling the unvarnished truth here. But how to bring it up? How in the world could I get Becky to look at my asshole? Oh my god, just thinking of her looking at it had me wanking away in my bedroom.

I realized what I had to do. I just had to come out with the itchy ploy, and hope for the best. What’s the worst she could do?

She could call me a ‘perv.’ She could tell a teacher, or her parents! Bad idea. My heart jumped into my throat.

A few days later, my horniness overcame me. We were in my bedroom. I squirmed around on the edge of my bed, hoping to make it look like I was dealing with an itchy butt. She fell for it. “What’s up with all that squirming?”

“My butt itches.” – OK, I came right out with it. My heart started racing. What was she going to do?

Well, what she did was totally unexpected. “Maybe I should take a look.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing that. She offered! I pretended to be all embarrassed and shy, because I didn’t want her to think I was weird, but I went a little too far with the pretense. She said, “OK, then,” and left me hanging there, butt-unseen. I was so disappointed. If only I had not pretended to be shy to quite that degree.

We returned to our homework, or so I thought. While I was doing a math thing on my tablet, she was doing something on hers. She turned to me, holding up the tablet, and showed me a full-screen picture of a slightly hairy anus! Hanging below the anus, was a pair of testicles. She said, “Does yours look like this?”

Bang! Instant horniness! Thinking quickly, I answered, “Not quite like that. But I wonder if I have a rash or something?”

“So, you want me to look after all?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said, feigning moderate indifference.

A minute later, my school skirt and panties were off. I was laying on the bed, and my best friend Becky was spreading my ass cheeks and looking at my anus. Heaven!

You could have knocked me over with a feather with what she said next. “Mmm, it smells nice.”

I know I shouldn’t have, but I was thinking with my ovaries, not my brain when I answered, “I wonder if yours smells like that?”

About five minutes later a fly on the wall would have seen two naked girls, hugging, kissing, and rolling around on my bed. We explored not only our anuses in great detail that day, but our pussies, too. It turns out that as excited as I am by showing my anus, Becky just loves having her peehole seen. That’s right. She wanted me to spread her slippery inner labia and look at her peehole. Who knew?

On another occasion, we experimented with me looking at her peehole while she tried to let out a single drop of urine. To our amusement, that didn’t work out too well. She splashed me right in the face with a big squirt. It took us several practice sessions before she could let out a single drop of pee. But it’s something we had to learn, right?

One time, we got in the bathtub. I was on all fours, and she was sort of half-standing over me. She peed right on my anus. Taking it a step further, I tried to kind of hold it open so she could pee inside. We managed to do that a little bit. It turns out to be difficult to relax your asshole enough that you can hold it open. That’s especially true if you’re in a bathtub, reaching around to your own butt. It hurts your knees.

The rest of high school was quite a bit different than the beginning. That’s because for my next trick, I started ‘accidentally’ showing pictures of my anus on my cellphone. I’d let people see pictures of my dog, my house, or something like that, and either they’d scroll and find the next picture was my naked butt, or I’d scroll and go “Oops!” faking great embarrassment. This opened great conversations that almost always led to fooling around.

It was more boys than girls, although I enjoyed both. Some of the boys wanted to fuck, but I managed to keep it to just showing my ass, or maybe giving them a handjob until my first days of college.

I rather liked giving handjobs. One day, this guy, Juan, invited me to his house after school. It was a short walk. He assured me both his parents work. His older brothers were out working, so the house would be empty. I knew Juan fairly well from school, but I was still nervous. One hears stories about being alone with guys.

He was a perfect gentleman. We went through the actions of me showing him my butt, and I was all set to give him a handjob. I was even considering giving him a blowjob, something I had never done, but instead he instructed me to lay on the bed. He started rubbing my anus very lightly, as if he knew exactly what I wanted. He spit on his finger, and pressed it part way into my anus. I felt an orgasm coming on, but he pulled his finger back out.

He excused himself, and came back with a bottle of alcohol, and a tube of something. He coated his finger in alcohol, then put some cream on all the fingers of his right hand. Instructing me to roll over, he placed a finger against my labia. I wasn’t sure I wanted that. After all, I’m an anus freak, right? But his finger actually felt rather nice. I didn’t say anything. He kept just lightly touching my labia. Soon, his fingertip was entering my virgin pussy, and soon after that, there were two fingers all the way in there as I was orgasming over and over.

I don’t know where he learned it, but he was curling his fingers around and rubbing what I later came to know as my G-spot. Oh my, oh my! It was the best feeling in my life. But he wasn’t done. While he was doing that, he snuck the index finger of his left hand under my butt, and penetrated my ass all the way with that. Orgasm City!

Juan and I became an item until we went off to separate colleges. In college, my horizons have expanded. First, I learned all about intercourse. Fucking is great! However, for me it always has to start off by the guy looking at my asshole. I don’t know why, but I’m not going to fight it. I still really love people seeing that. I have also experienced anal intercourse, Oh, it’s lots of fun, no doubt, but still, when I can get a guy, or a girl, to just look in between my spread butt cheeks, and just study my asshole, I’m in heaven.

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Laurie The Scientist

My girlfriend, Laurie, is a scientist. Her field is biochemistry, specializing in industrial application of photosynthesis. She’s also a super-hot chick. She’s tall, has big boobs, but not too big, and long, pretty hair.

I’m just ordinary. In fact, I had self-esteem issues for a long time, and didn’t think I rated someone like Laurie. I also believed that I should find a fat, not-so-hot girl, because I figured the pretty ones are spoiled or stuck up, and especially that they wouldn’t enjoy sex. I love sex! I needed a partner who is into it as I am.

I needn’t have worried. Laurie is a sexual monster, probably even more than I am. Being a scientist, by profession, and by nature, she loves experiments. We have tried all sorts of things. For instance, she read something about “peegasm” on, and just had to try it with me. The idea is that a man is not designed to urinate and ejaculate at the same time. A guy can cum, or he can pee, but not both. However, according to the article, it is possible to overcome that limitation. Naturally, she had to try, with me as her subject.

Laurie decided that we would have to combine one more thing: fucking. She decided that I would learn to piss and cum simultaneously in her cunt. Of course I was all for it.

So, that’s what we were working on until last week. We tried it about six times altogether. She fed me a lot of tea until I was so full of piss I was ready to burst. Then we got all naked and started fucking.

The first time, I couldn’t get hard. Go figure. So, slightly frustrated, I went and peed in the bathroom, then we fucked as usual. It was a fine afternoon, but not what Laurie and I really wanted.

The next time, I ended up trying to hold my pee, but let it all out, filling her pussy, which overflowed all over the sheets. Don’t worry, we had plastic underneath. I did discover something new, however. If you really let your bladder get full, you get to the point where you can’t hold it in any more, and you end up letting out involuntary streams of pee.

We ended up fucking in the puddle, which I would have thought would be gross, but it did something to me, and I had a fantastic orgasm. As usual, I was a bit quick, so I had to do something for her. I ended up licking her clit, tasting my own urine in the process, and gave her a series of great orgasms. I got hard again because of the weirdness of tasting my own pee.

Meanwhile, we did some experiments with her as well. It turns out if a girl, or at least Laurie, has a super-full bladder, and a guy plays with her clit at the same time, she can easily have peegasms. In her case, basically, she was orgasming and spurts of pee were escaping her, shooting six inches straight up into the air. The first time, I wasn’t sure if she was really orgasming, or at least that’s what I told her, so the next time, I placed a finger in her butt while she peegasmed, and I could easily feel the contractions.

Next time, I ejaculated before the pee got out. No surprise, right?

Finally, last week, I literally peegasmed inside Laurie. I could feel it. The pee just wouldn’t stay in me any more, and as it was flowing past my best effort to hold it in, I felt that orgasmic feeling, and sure enough, I was spurting cum and piss at the same time.

Laurie was delighted. The next day, she had to see, and so she had me do the same thing: I drank lots of liquid, got to where I couldn’t hold in my pee any more, then she watched me masturbate. Lo and behold, right in front of her, I was spurting pee and cum at the same time. It was quite like an ordinary ejaculation, but each spurt was thinner, being mostly pee, and lasted longer, like an ounce each time. There were thick, white streaks of cum in the output.

Laurie now wants me to have a peegasm in her ass.

See also Laurie’s Latest Experiments.

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Omorashi, also sometimes called “omo,” is primarily about playing with a full bladder. Variations include wetting oneself in public, golden showers, in which one participant urinates on one or more other people, wearing diapers, and male peegasm.

In Japanese, Omorashi literally means “wetting oneself.”

There is probably a risk of injury in repeatedly trying to hold your pee as long as you can.

When one hits the limit, little spurts of urine involuntarily leave your body.

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Injaculation Play with Nancy

Before I tell you this memoir, I want to point out that what I’m about to describe, although seemingly safe, may have medical consequences, so check with your doctor before trying anything like this yourself. Besides, if you’re bold, you may get a kick out of seeing your doctor’s reaction.

I grew up across the street from Nancy. We were close, but not that close, if you know what I mean. We always treated each other like brother and sister. I kind of missed her when I went off to law school. At the same time, she went to medical school.

We both moved back to the old neighborhood. She eventually became the town’s only trauma surgeon, and I started my own practice suing the pants of people who damage the environment. You’d think that doesn’t pay very well, but I’ve won some big cases. Some require that I travel, some in my own little town.

I never married, perhaps it was all the traveling, but dated the shit out of every girl in town. OK, that’s an exaggeration. Lately, I’ve been preferring my own company to a bunch of strange women. And I do mean strange. Maybe if just one of them had been somewhat normal, I’d be married now. Maybe I’m just too judgmental. Meanwhile Nancy married, and divorced, and had two kids, now both in college.

We’ve met for dinner a dozen times over the years since her divorce, but somehow, it was never sexual even though she’s super-beautiful. We were just good friends.

One night, as the crowd in the restaurant was thinning out, we somehow got on the topic of sex. We both admitted masturbating to soothe our sexual appetites. Nancy got onto the topic of people who come into the emergency room with masturbation-related problems. After hearing a half-dozen of her fascinating stories, I’ve gotta say, “Hey everyone, be careful how you masturbate! Don’t take risks, its not worth it.”

The restaurant closed, so we continued our discussion while walking the mostly empty streets in our town. She said that most of the accidents from crazy sexual or masturbatory activity are ordinary sprained wrists, broken arms, hurt knees, and cuts from falling out of beds, or crashing into furniture.

She has had to treat penile fractures, although they are quite rare. I didn’t even know that was a thing. She said it mostly happens in ordinary sex with the woman on top. She pulls up, or he pulls down a little too far, and when he goes to jab it back in, he misses the hole, it bends, and breaks under her weight. Nancy told me of various things stuck in anuses, urethras, and even bladders. I asked how they retrieve such things. Evidently, they have a tool that’s like a super-long hemostat, with small jaws on the end. They insert it into a urethra and try to grab what they can. They aren’t always successful. She’s had to open bladders to get stuff out. She’s also had to perform colostomies for people, mostly guys, who just have to see how much abuse their rectums can take. Guys, don’t play like that! The one thing she said that really sent the message home – not that I take such risks, usually – is that she sees all these people only at the beginning. She doesn’t get to see their long, painful struggles toward recovery, but she knows what they are in for, and feels sad for them.

Since she’s a doctor, I asked her about my own current favorite practice: Holding my sperm in. I like to put some padding around the tip of my dick, then wrap that with a strong rubber band, and jerk off with the sperm trapped inside. My objective is to keep it in for awhile after I calm down, but I always chicken out. I loose the enthusiasm shortly after cumming, and remove the rubber band. I wanted to know if this was harmful.

As I was explaining this, I saw her demeanor change. As a lawyer, I have learned to spot when people are trying to hide their emotions. Her cheeks reddened, her speech became a little higher pitched and choppy. I know horniness when I see it!

She told me that it wasn’t harmful, that people have been practicing variations of that for 2,000 years. She explained ‘the million dollar spot.’ That’s a small area between the scrotum and the anus. She said if one presses there, the sperm will be harmlessly trapped inside.

OK, that did it! Now, I was horny too. I was imagining her demonstrating that on me. Of course it was just imagination. It wasn’t like I could just come out and say, “Hey, would you mind showing me how that’s done?”

While I was musing over that, she said in a slightly too abrupt, and strangely quiet voice, “You know, if you’d like to try that, I’d be glad to help.”

Ten minutes later, we were naked, kissing and rolling all around in my bed. She was so natural. She looked better than I could have hoped for, with very perky but full breasts, and neatly trimmed crotch hair. She tasted and smelled absolutely lovely.

As we were rolling all over each other and continuing to kiss long and deep, of course my penis had become rock-hard. I felt some cool wetness dripping on my thighs, so I knew I wasn’t the only one who was turned on.

The one thing we discussed was fucking. We decided we didn’t need to do that. She said there are plenty of other ways to have wonderful orgasms. I not only agreed, but added that in my experience, the other kinds of orgasms, non-intercourse orgasms, are often better. And, she wholehearted agreed with that!

After quite a while, we got down to business. Well, not quite yet. First, using my somewhat expert tongue, I licked her to several orgasms, while ever so gently running my fingertips over her nipples.

Now, it was time for our grand experiment. She was going to give me a handjob, then stop the sperm at my perineum – the million-dollar spot. She began wanking me. All too soon I let her know I was going to cum. She pressed a finger into the spot. She pressed really hard and it hurt. But, she did entirely stop the flow of semen. Since I had said that I always chickened out after orgasming, but wanted to retain the semen longer, by prior agreement, she kept pressing with her finger.

It was nice, but it fucking hurt! I had to let her know, and she let go. Only a little bit of semen came out of my dick.

A few days later, we discussed it. Her idea was lovely, and I did enjoy it, but she, not knowing exactly how hard to press, had pressed way too hard. I guess as a surgeon, she knew she wouldn’t be causing any damage, but it was excruciating.

Fortunately, we got to practice that again, and the second time, she didn’t press hard enough. My sperm just spilled out.

On the third occasion, she got it right, but it just wasn’t as great as I would have liked, and I asked her to remove her finger from my crotch after less than a minute.

On the next occasion, we were probably ten seconds away when her phone rang. She had to go to the hospital to fix a trauma victim. It’s a tough life being the only emergency surgeon in town, but she loves it.

On the most recent occasion, which was just last Wednesday. we decided to do something different. This time, she arranged to bring four bandanas, and tied my wrists and ankles to the head and tailboards of my bed. She gave me a safeword, but warned me not to use it unless I felt like I was in real trouble.

Then she went to work having me orgasming big-time within a minute. Instead of the million-dollar spot, she just pinched the end of my dick closed with her thumb and forefinger.

Oddly, the orgasm just kept coming, wave after wave. It must have lasted twice as long as usual. Even with the experimenting I had been doing, I never experienced that before.

Almost immediately, I wanted her to let go, but she wasn’t having it. She reminded me that I had asked her not to let go, but to keep the semen inside. She continued to pinch until my penis lost all it’s glorious length, girth and firmness. Still, she held on. I wasn’t sure I was liking it so much. Guys, I’m sure most of you have experienced something similar: After your orgasm, you’re not as enthusiastic as you were before.

Then Nancy did something I didn’t expect. She started pinching her fingers down the length of my now soft penis, forcing the semen backward. As she worked her way down to where she was pinching my penis through my scrotum near the base, I felt kind of a strange squirting sensation inside. She had forced much of my cum into my bladder! It was shocking, but interesting too. I was worried, but she assured it me there’d be no anatomical consequence. And she was right. I got up in the middle of the night to pee, as I usually do, while Nancy continued to sleep next to me. As I was urinating, I felt what seemed like chunks of clumped up semen shooting out my urethra.

I so totally want to continue this play with Nancy! She informed me that some girls like urethral play, and she’s one of them. She said she likes to stick things in her urethra, mostly fingertips, but she has played with a few blunt surgical instruments. I can’t wait to help her with that.

Something we discussed but won’t do would be for me to cum with my penis pressed hard against her peehole, so my cum could squirt into her bladder. We’d love that, but decided it’s too dangerous. I don’t have any STDs or anything, but she still doesn’t feel it’s safe. So, we’re planning to simulate that with a syringe and milk. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Sharp Urination

There are times when most men are sloppy pissers. Some men are born with extra wide peeholes, others stretch them with various forms of play. If you’re one of these guys, or having one of those times when it is important to aim your pee accurately, then this technique is for you. Simply squeeze the top of your glans (tip of penis) with your thumb and index finger, so the opening is partially restricted. You’ll be surprised how well it sharpens up your aim.

You may think it would be difficult to get the grasp just right, but oddly, it works fairly well even if your grip isn’t quite right. Of course practice helps.

For enjoyment, you might occasionally squeeze so that the opening is very slow, making your piss stream a great, powerful distance, and building up some urethral pressure which is pleasurable up to a point.

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Pulsing Pissing Technique

This video demonstrates a simple pulsing pissing technique.

When you’re horny and need to pee, you may enjoy this technique. Squeeze the end of your penis closed, then let the urine out in short bursts. If you hold it closed too long, your urethra will get stretched wider and it will hurt, so that’s not recommended, unless you’re into pain. On the other hand, building up only mild pulsing pressure can be quite pleasurable.

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Weird Description

A Remarkably Weird Description

Urethral plug, similar to the one described, available on eBay

I was looking at sex toys on eBay, and found this remarkable description. You’ve gotta read it, and if it doesn’t make you laugh, you’re not human!

This is a description for a urethral plug sent from China. You may not be into urethral play, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get a kick out of the seller’s description of the use of this thing.

First, a description of the item itself: It is stainless steel, about 2 inches long, with a maximum diameter of 3/8-inch. It has an attached ring, so it can’t go too far in, and can be easily removed. The widest part is near the far end, so it will tend to stay in place, not be pushed out by the natural tendency of the body to expel things. It has a hole throughout its length, so once inserted you can still pee or cum through the hole.

“Use way: half lying on a bed or a chair, leaning midfielder quilt or pillow, the eye easily look at penis, and easy to operate. First sterilized with alcohol cotton pad or medical alcohol disinfection urethra stick. Then lubricate the urethra stick with paraffin cotton. Then you must be very excited, penis had to straighten, you have to restrain, the lubricant squeeze as much as possible within the urethra. As you can gently poke the urethra, and then put the catheter / urethral insert block aligned urethra, slowly, slowly insert send to the inside. Since the urethra itself has a certain ability to swallow, so the catheter will be very obedient to enter, It is though a bit foreign body irritation, but will be more hard penis. Catheter / urethral plugging into the base of the penis, you will feel a deep swollen impulse, then you ejaculation foreskin is very straightforward, and more exciting.”