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Odd Sports Physical

I went to my mom’s friend for my college entry physical. Perhaps I should have known better. She’s a nurse practitioner. Cheryl is her name. She’s a bit on the heavy side, has graying hair, and most of the time wears a no-nonsense expression.

She did the physical at her house, which I suppose is a bit weird, but at the time, I thought it would be better than waiting around in a doctor’s office. They always run late, and that bothers the heck out of me.

I got there and she instructed me to strip down to my underpants. Cheryl did all the usual stuff: blood sample, listen to heart and lungs, weigh on the scale. All the while, she was asking me questions, like why I joined the baseball team when I’m so good at football. (I didn’t get a football scholarship, but did get a partial baseball scholarship.) I thought this ongoing questioning was unusual from her. All the time she had known my mom, she barely paid any attention to me at all, and I came to think of her as a mostly non-talkative person.

My mind turned away from Cheryl and what she was doing. I was on the verge of buying an old Harley, and was really excited about that motorcycle. It was all I ever thought about lately.

She asked me to momentarily remove my underpants. That brought me crashing out of my daydreaming. Perhaps I shouldn’t have, but I asked “Why?” I mean all the medical exams I’ve ever had, either I would leave my underwear on, or at most, they’d swoop down the front for a moment for nothing other than the briefest of a glance at my balls or whatever.

“Because a young man needs to be checked for everything, testicular cancer, included.”

“Oh.” I felt really weird about letting Cheryl see my dick. My ass too, for that matter. But what could I do? This was a medical exam after all. No big deal, right?

So, I stepped out of my briefs. There I was stark naked in front of my mom’s friend. Now, nudity has always had an effect on me. Thank God that the showers in high school were all in separate stalls, because I’d often get at least partial wood in there. The other guys never knew. And of course I didn’t know what was happening with them in their showers. I kind of wondered. Anyway, the thing was I felt like my penis might rise up in front of Cheryl, and that would be weird, and embarrassing to the max.

First she did the turn my head and cough thing. I felt a stronger possibility of erection. In fact, I was becoming very afraid my penis was starting to puff up a bit.

“No hernia,” she quietly half-muttered. It’s not like I was relieved, because I was pretty sure there was nothing wrong with me, anyway.

She had me lay on her ‘examination table.’ It looked like a massage table to me, but whatever. She reached out, and started scrunching around on my sack.

To my horror, that fucked me up entirely. My dick rose of its own accord, and there was nothing, absolutely nothing I could do about it.

“Um, I’m sorry…” I started to blurt.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just proves you’re a healthy boy.”

She continued to feel my balls for quite a while. Under other circumstances, it would have been wonderful. I’d like to have a girl, I mean, someone my age, do that. My mind drifted to Marie, a beautiful Mexican chick at school. She was a girl I always wanted to talk to, but never could. Oh well, now that high school was over, I’d probably never get the chance for the rest of my life. Somehow in my mind, I started imagining it was Marie squeezing my balls back and forth like that.

Suddenly my mind shot back to reality. What the fuck was happening? I was rock hard as Cheryl was continuing to massage my balls. And, why was she taking so long? I was starting to feel that pre-orgasmic feeling one gets. Oh no! But just before it was too late, she let go of my balls.

Whew, that was a close one! I realized this was as close as I had ever come to ejaculating, without actually ejaculating. I was sure I’d be rubbing one out later to finish the job.

She turned away to a little table, grabbed something, then returned. “The schools are insisting that we test for STDs these days. This may sting a bit.”

I didn’t really grasp what she was saying. I was vaguely thinking she was going to jab my arm for more blood or something.

Suddenly, I felt her grab my still rock-hard penis in her hand, wrapping her fingers firmly around it. There was that getting-ready-to-orgasm feeling again. It came on me suddenly. And then, as I looked to see what she was doing, she jabbed a Q-tip about an inch in my peehole. That did sting! She could have warned me. But then again, I guess she did.

Now, it would have been nice if she pulled it out right away. But no, she kind of pushed it in a bit more, and twirled it around. It stung big-time! Finally, she pulled it out, and if you can imagine it, that stung even worse.

“Owww, Holy fu…”

But then it was over. The pain ended as quickly as it had begun.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. It had to be done. Putting the Q-tip into some sort of little container, she immediately turned back to me and grabbed my penis again.

‘Now what?’ I was thinking. What torturous thing did she have in mind next? But that’s not what happened at all.

Cheryl apologized for that pain, and said, “This might help.”

She held my penis, looking at it intensely, and kind of shifting it to one side then the other. It was still as hard as a hammer. It felt nice for her to hold it that way. Then, she slid my foreskin all the way back. It was intense. Almost bordering on a different kind of pain. She held it that way for a good few seconds. Then she pushed it back over the head of my penis. Then she pulled it back again.

“Checking for proper functionality.” she said, in that same low, almost to herself voice.

She did that ever so slowly about five more times. That was it. I couldn’t hold back any more. I tried really, really hard, tightening up every muscle I had, but it was hopeless. Cum started shooting out of me, all over her hand and my stomach.

“Yes, all good!” she said, this time brightly, and with a smile on her face.

“You appear to be in perfect health young man.” With that, she left the room, so I could wipe up the mess, and put my clothes back on.

As I walked into her living room, I thanked her for the physical while feeling very strangely about what had just happened.

Cheryl asked my not to tell the details of what just happened to my mother. I assumed she felt guilty about going way beyond the rules for this sort of thing. I assured her I wouldn’t tell. I mean, I’ve never discussed anything sexual with my mom. There’s no way I could bring something like this up.

The next day, my mom and I were sitting around the dining room table, just talking about this and that, when she said, “Cheryl says you’re really healthy.”

I didn’t catch her meaning.

“I mean Cheryl says she ejaculated you during your exam.”

I must have turned ten shades of red.

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Aquarium Tubing

aquarium tubing used for urethral play

I went to an auto supply store, and bought 2-foot (60cm) lengths of clear flexible plastic tubing in the following outside diameters: 1/8-inch, 3/16-inch; 1/4-inch (approx 6mm), 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch (approx 12.5mm). The 1/4-inch tubing is very similar to the plastic tubing used to pump air into aquariums.

I rounded and polished the ends, sterilized them, sterilized my hands and the end of my penis, and started playing.

I didn’t even bother with the 1/8-inch tubing, starting right out with 3/16-inch. It went in nicely, although it could have been a bit more flexible. It took a little while to push it through my prostate and urinary sphincters. What a remarkable feeling it is to have your prostate area invaded like that!

I pulled it out, and went to the 1/4-inch. That went all the way in easily. I noticed that once it was in my bladder, I had a kind of shuddering effect. The pee would flow through the opening, then the tube would be pressed against the wall of my bladder, shutting off the flow. Then with the pressure off, the tube would float away, and once again pee would flow. This shuddering against the soft bladder wall happened at a rate I’d guess to be around 4 – 6 cycles per second.
Next came the 5/16 tubing. It was a big challenge getting it all the way into my bladder, but I managed it!

The 3/8 could only be put in about 7 inches, to about where my penis disappears into my body. It just would not go any further, and I wasn’t willing to risk injury.

All in all, the afternoon was tremendous fun. However, a few weeks later, playing with inflating my bladder with water, I gave myself a huge infection. I recovered after a week, but have decided none of that is worth the risk. I have found much better ways to have sexual pleasure and orgasms, such as described here: Advanced Male Masturbation

She Loves Peehole Tonguing

She loves peehole tonguing

I’m kind of a weird case, I suppose. I just love it when someone will get me all sexually excited, so my inner labia loosen up, and then they can try to stick their tongue into my peehole. Of course, they can only get in a few millimeters, but I love when they try. Within short order, I’ll orgasm. And not only that, I’ll cum over and over again, sometimes for like five minutes.

I have had a couple of mild infections from this, but they itch or sting a little bit for a couple of days, then they go away.

It doesn’t matter who does it. It can be a male or female, young or old, fat or thin. No matter what, I just love it!

For some of my friends with whom I’ve done this, I’ll reciprocate. It’s the men more than women who like their peeholes tongued. I love a hard penis just a little way in my mouth, and then there I am jamming my tongue into their peehole. Sometimes with men, I’ll feel sudden resistance, as my tongue is pushed out by the flow of cum.

For fun a couple of times, I tried blocking the cum in a man’s urethra with my tongue. The cum always gets out anyway, but the guys seem to particularly enjoy that.

Yes, I’ll swallow. I guess it doesn’t taste especially nice, but I rather enjoy it anyway. I’m sure you know this, but there’s quite a difference from one man to another. Some have cum that tastes bitter, some salty, some almost sweet.

I do enjoy putting my tongue in the occasional woman who will let me do that also. I have induced some to involuntarily pee. No, I don’t swallow that! I have brought many to orgasms. Here’s the interesting part: Most women will refuse to have their peeholes licked, but once they acquiesce, they want it every time after.

Girlfriend Fingering Peehole

My girlfriend is obsessed with my peehole. It started simple enough when she really took notice of me ejaculating. Now, she prefers to jack me off instead of sex, so she can watch the semen cumming out. But it doesn’t stop there.

She just loves watching me pee, especially if there’s an opportunity to urinate outdoors. She likes to hold it when I’m peeing. One time, she tried stopping the pee by squeezing my dick in the middle. It hurt like hell. I yelled, and she immediately let go, releasing a surprisingly high-pressure stream of piss.

Next, she took an interest in sticking her tongue into my peehole as much as she could. I have to say, that was just heavenly! A couple of times, I came, flooding her mouth with my cum, which she seems to especially appreciate.

Girlfriend fingering peehole

Lately, she’s been trying to jam her little finger in my peehole. She says she wants to feel the inside of my urethra. You’d think any sensible guy would stop her from doing that, but the truth is, even though it kind of hurts, I love it.

So far, she hasn’t gotten her little finger in past the first joint. We’ve tried various lubricants from spit to olive oil. Coconut oil seems to work best. She presses, she twists, but can’t get her finger in past that first joint. It actually hurts like hell, but for some reason I can’t explain, I love it. I’m hoping my peehole will eventually stretch, and we’ll see just how far she can stick it in. I fantasize that she could jerk me off from the inside. Wouldn’t that be cool?

One time, while her finger was jammed in as best she could, I came. I felt the most wonderful contractions of my urethra as it filled with semen that couldn’t get out. I swear, the contractions, the orgasm, lasted twice as long as usual.

The other day, she almost got that first joint in. Finally, it was hurting me too much, so she pulled out. Man, did that sting! Sometimes, it stings for a day or two afterward when I pee, but I think it’s worth it.

The most recent thing she’s been doing is she’ll put her hand down my pants when I’m driving or watching TV, or even under the table in a restaurant, and try to work her pinkie into my peehole. She does this with no lube, and although she doesn’t make much progress, it sure feels nice!

I’ve been trying to get her talked in to letting me finger her peehole. She hasn’t relented yet, but I’m getting closer. Lately, while working her vagina with my tongue, I’ll press my tongue into her peehole as much as I can, which has given her spontaneous, crashing orgasms.


In my lifetime so far, I have run into a few clueless, oblivious, or just plain stupid people or sexual situations.

I was dating a beautiful woman. I knew it might be pushing beyond her boundaries, but I asked her whether she’d like to go to the nude beach with me. To my delight, she accepted. However, there was one condition: She wanted her two brothers to come along. I figured a chance to see her nude would be worth it, even with those encumbrances.

The weather was perfect. We got to the beach and stripped off all our clothes. I was very happy to see her naked, and have her see me. I guess I’m a bit of both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. I kind of liked the idea of being naked with the guys, too. Her older brother turned out to be a nice and interesting guy. The younger brother was a bit slow in the head. I think maybe he had something like autism, although he was fairly chatty. What was rather amazing about the kid is he sported an erection almost the whole time we were there. Everyone ignored his erection, and a good time was had by all.

For a short time, I dated a woman who turned out to be more of a nymphomaniac than I could handle. For instance, she’d knock on my door at 11pm wanting sex, even though I had told her earlier in the day I needed time to myself. We’d fuck, then she’d wake me up again at 3am wanting more. It was just too much!

One time at a restaurant with this woman, she started trying to unbutton my pants under the table. The tablecloth may have partially obscured the view, but I wasn’t so sure. I pushed her hand away, and a minute later she tried again. I scowled and said I didn’t want that. Still, she continued to try to unbutton me, ostensibly to give me a handjob, like five more times.

I was in the YMCA shower. It was the older style, open shower room. No stalls. It also didn’t have doors. Instead, there was a wall and another wall arranged in such a way that coming from the gym or the pool, you could walk right in, but no one could see inside. It was not soundproof. Just the opposite, as the quietest voices would echo off the tile walls. I was the only one there at the time except for a child about 11 or 12 years old. I could see by the look of his face that he was off in some way. Maybe Mongolism or mental retardation. He just came out and asked, “Does it feel nice when you touch your penis?” I don’t remember what I said if anything, but you can bet I grabbed my towel and got out of there right away.

I found another girlfriend who was more balanced than the nympho. I had a friend who knew my girlfriend was visiting. Her car was in the driveway, and there’s no way he didn’t notice. It was a good neighborhood so I left door unlocked. It was around 10pm. He just came right in as we were both naked on top of the bed. She was on her hands and knees, and I was fucking her from behind hard and long, but making sure not to cum too soon. He sat on the edge of the bed and started a conversation about politics just as if we were clothed and having tea. He didn’t make any move to participate in our activity or anything else. He just kept on talking.

She and I didn’t quite know how to react. My penis started to soften, but to her credit, she wanted to keep going. Soon I was fully erect again as Keith kept talking. She and I had a simultaneous orgasm. I’m sure it helped her that I had a finger in her ass. I think it also was helpful to have him watching. He was looking right at it, yet he didn’t say a thing about what had just happened. He just kept going on about Republicans and Democrats.

When I was working as a general welder, I would sometimes hire a kid to fetch and carry. It was better than arranging clamps to have him just hold things in position while they were being tacked. He was fine kid but his thinking was kind of slow.

One day after work, I invited him to the nude beach. He had not been to a nude beach before, and was excited. I explained that when people get to the end of the trail at the bottom of the cliffs, they take off their clothes and enjoy the sun. This was the more conservative kind of nude beach where nothing of a sexual nature takes place.

As we were walking down the trail, he removed his shirt then his shorts. He was nude half-way down. People just didn’t do that there. I was embarrassed, but didn’t say anything. When we hit the bottom, he spread his towel right away, and started slowly jerking off. His penis was fully erect. I explained to him that it wasn’t proper etiquette. He surely heard my words, but didn’t change what he was doing in the least. I was so embarrassed, I walked away and headed up the beach. In retrospect, that was inappropriate of me, but hey, I was young.

When I returned, he was still masturbating right there in front of everyone. The funny thing is, there were around 6 men and two women standing around him, admiring what he was doing, and holding on a conversation as he continued to wank.

In my late teens, I had a jack-off buddy. This was in a time when masturbation was pretty much never discussed, and considered bad news in much of society. One day, while standing in front of a store with a lot of people standing around, he quietly asked whether I’d like to get off with him later that day. No one could hear him, but as he said it, he made the universal sign of forming his fingers in the shape of holding his penis, and moving his hand back and forth in front of his crotch. I don’t think he was aware of his gesture.

I had a friend who loved everything anal, but he was willing to do the things I liked also, such as practicing multiple dry orgasms, post-orgasm stimulation, and glans blame (rubbing the oiled palm of a hand over the tip of the penis). The poor fellow had no limits. He wanted me to fist him, which I did reluctantly. It should have geeked me out, but actually, I found it quite intriguing to have my hand that deep inside another person. I tried to feel and identify his internal organs. I figured I might be able to feel his kidneys, his bladder, maybe even his stomach. But all I could make out was his backbone.

On another occasion he had a 36″ (92 cm) soft dildo which he had me insert all the way except the last inch. The thing must have gone most of the way to his appendix. He loved butt plugs, enemas, everything to do with his butt. Then one day, I heard he was in the hospital. It seems he had given himself such an enema that he burst his colon and needed surgery.

I had a girlfriend who I asked to tie me down and do whatever she’d like. I had assumed this might be things like testicle massage, tickling, or an edging handjob. First she crawled all over my body and kissed me extensively. I rather enjoyed that. But then, she had this notion that somehow I’d like her to open a little box of cockroaches she had collected, and set them loose all over my body.

I went to a convention. In the hotel on the first evening, I had nothing to do and was thinking about sounding, the act of inserting something in my peehole. Looking around the room, I found a ballpoint pen with a long tapered end. That would make a nice sound, but what to use for lube? The only thing there was a packet of shampoo. OK, I figured, that’ll be sufficiently slippery.

I coated the pen with the shampoo, and stuck it about 4 inches (10 cm) into my dick. It started to sting, so I removed it. It turns out shampoo and urethras don’t get along well together. The sting continued to build and build. It got so bad that the next morning, when I tried to pee, it took twenty minutes, letting out one little, but extremely painful squirt at a time. It took three days before I could walk fully upright again. The pain was just that bad. I told people at the convention I had hurt my back.

Back in the days when one could hook up with people on Craigslist, I encountered a guy who was willing to offer exactly what I wanted at the time. I was really intrigued by glans blame. For those who don’t know, when done right, it really makes a guy squirm. Then after a few minutes, the feeling changes, and a guy might feel like he’s going to pee or cum, simultaneously. In most cases, he doesn’t urinate or ejaculate, but sometimes one does let out some pee involuntarily.

So this guy started rubbing my glans, and although he was a bit too intense for my taste, it was wonderful. Then, while he was still doing that, I ejaculated. But he didn’t stop. It was terrible, excruciating, exciting, actually quite wonderful. I squirmed and tried to get away, but he just kept going. It started to sting. Finally he quit. For the next few days, there was a scab on the end of my cock, because he had worn right through the skin. It healed without a trace within a week.

When I was around 13 years old, I was into photography. This is in the days when serious photographers had a darkroom to develop their own film and make prints. I knew in my adolescent brain, that ‘real’ photographers do nudes. After all, there were always artistic nudes in Popular Photography Magazine. Not knowing any willing girls at the time, and I think not even noticing that the pictures in the magazine were all female, I asked a 13-year-old fiend to pose. He took off his clothes, and I took a bunch of pictures. When my dad came home from work that evening, he saw the negatives hanging up to dry. I got a pretty good lecture about what’s what in the sexual world, including, ‘keep my hands off boys.’ As you can tell, that lesson never completely sank in.

Those are a few of the clueless situations I’ve encountered. Leave a comment below telling us about what clueless sexual things you’ve seen, heard, or done.

Hypospadias At Marshall’s Beach

hypospadias on Marshall's Beach

I went back to the beach. Finally, we had a day that was warm enough. I was worried about the tide, however. It was already high, and coming in. The tide wasn’t horrible, so I was able to walk far enough north where wanking is commonly done and considered acceptable. When it’s a busy day, you can usually see men in all sorts of activities from blowjobs to out and out anal fucking. Sometimes women, too. But today was just barely warm enough, and it was a weekday, so the only thing I saw was a few naked men in the distance.

I decided I needed a good wank. After all, that’s what I came to the beach for. There’s something about openly wanking in nature, and where I might be seen by others, that really excites me.

Now, on this beach, on other occasions, I’ve interacted with other guys, generally trading handjobs, but for today, all I wanted to do was jerk myself off.

So there I was, enjoying continuous orgasms, a most enjoyable thing that any guy can learn, and along came a guy, who stopped and watched. I’m fine with that. More than fine. I enjoy being watched.

He kind of looked like he wanted to be invited. He was pretty good looking. He was white, with a slight Asian or maybe Hispanic appearance, medium build, fairly young. I decided company might not be so bad after all.

He laid down with me on my large towel, and after the briefest of introductions, I started giving him a very gentle handjob. I like starting out that way. After a really long time, I’ll get more energetic, maybe even rough, depending on what the guy (or girl sometimes), wants.

Right from the start I could see his penis was different. It curved forward, as if trying to hide the underside, which did have significant hypospadias. That’s a fairly common congenital condition in which the meatus, otherwise known as peehole, doesn’t come to the top of the penis. Instead, the opening is on the underside, generally in the frenulum area.

That’s what this guy had. It was quite pronounced. I could sort of pull the lips of his glans, the edges surrounding essentially a slot where the peehole would normally be, and touch what amounted to the inside of his urethra. At first I thought it might be sensitive, but as I touched it, he went ‘Yummmm…” so I knew it was good.

I stroked him for quite a while using various techniques, and occasionally rubbing that top inner urethral area. He amazed me by not cumming the whole time, even though he stayed good and hard.

I asked whether it might be OK to take pictures or a video. Not only was he fine with that, but he said he’s a bit of an exhibitionist, and really liked the idea. I filmed a video, and took several stills, which you can see here.

After a while, we switched positions. He jerked me a bit, but I was actually feeling more like ‘doing’ myself. Not only that, I had been in low and high orgasm for a while, so it can be harder to stay excited at that point. So then we switched back. He must have been close to cumming several times. I believe this guy is a very good edger. He may have been in low and high orgasm himself.

I sometimes think I’m one of the few guys on Earth who know that continuous orgasm technique, but actually there are many men who practice it regularly and with good success.

Finally, I was concerned about getting too much sun, so we parted amicably, neither of us having ejaculated.

Before parting, I asked for his email address, and to what degree he’d like to be shown on the website. He said stills, video, and showing his face were all fine. He even consented to printing his name. I got his email address, and sent a model release. He signed the release, but changed his mind about showing his face. So, I’ve got to edit the video. Perhaps I’ll get that posted here soon. Meanwhile, here are the stills:

The tide came in further, making the walk back to the exit at the south end of the beach difficult without getting soaked, but the day was well worth the effort.

Laurie’s Latest Experiments

Laurie's latest sexual experiments

I’m so happy to have met Marty. He and I are like-minded, especially about playful sex. Oh, we could fuck like everyone else, and come to think of it, we do, quite often. However, we both enjoy all kinds of sexual experimentation.

Like, right off the bat, on our very first date, I had him butt-fuck me. That wasn’t new for either one of us, but it set the tone for what was to cum.

I have a thing for stretching. We are currently working on a few variations:

I want Marty to anally fist me. So far, he has managed four fingers, but exciting thought it is, anything more just hurts too much. I think we’ll succeed one of these days.

I’ve seen a couple of women on the Internet who can actually be fucked in their urethras. One woman calls herself “Debbie Four-Holes.” This chick can take a dick all the way into her bladder. I’ve so got to experience that! So far, Marty has been able to stick a Sharpie, that’s a marking pen that’s about 1/2-inch in diameter, part-way into my urethra. It does sting when I pee for the next day or two, but it’s worth it. We’re going to have to stretch it a lot more before he can put his big, fat dick in me. But, I so want that!

We tried another experiment in which he tried peeing into my bladder, but my peehole wouldn’t cooperate. None of his urine got in me. It just splattered off to the sides.

I’m also interested in vaginal stretching. He can only get three fingers in there, so far, but boy, oh boy, do I have orgasms when he tries! I’m told that women who have worked on vaginal stretching who later have babies, find the delivery experience much less painful. In fact, a few have said they orgasmed just as the baby was coming out. Who knows, that may happen to me some day.

Marty has been playing with what he calls ‘dry orgasms.’ He likes me to jerk him off, and he’ll try to orgasm without cumming. So far, he’s been mostly unsuccessful. He tells me that he has orgasmic contractions for a few seconds, then can settle back down, but along about the second time he goes into orgasm, the cum just shoots out of him. He tried cumming into my urethra, but that too, did not work.

He’s tried dry orgasming in me, but that hasn’t resulted in anything so far. He just cums, and that’s that. It’s not very satisfying for me, but then he always makes up for it with a good tongue licking. Oh, and he’s been trying to press his tongue into my peehole also. That feels really nice, but I don’t think he makes it in even a quarter-inch – so far.

We are a work in progress.

See also Laurie The Scientist.

Skinny Dipping Kids

It was a warm summer afternoon. All the kids from the area were skinny dipping at the pond as usual. My sister, Natti, peed on the little beach-like area. Carlos casually commented that if she had stood up, she could have shot it a bit of a distance, like guys can do.

That brought about a laughing discussion about how girls don’t have any equipment that they can aim. The discussion slowly morphed into aiming pee, and then distance. Before long, my sister jumped back into the fray and challenged us guys to a pissing contest. Who could project their pee the farthest?

Not all of us boys were full of urine at the time, but a couple of us were, including myself.

First Andre stood up and peed. His pee projected maybe five feet.

Natti, my sister, suggested if a guy was erect, he could shoot farther. She then asked me if I was ready to compete, whether I was sufficiently full of pee. I kind of knew what was coming.

Right there in front of everyone, she reached out, and started stroking my penis. Boy, that felt nice! In no time I was rock-solid. She didn’t keep going, and I was somewhat disappointed, but still, it felt really nice to be naked and erect in front of all my friends. It’s not that my penis was large in comparison. In fact, I was still young and smaller than average. But just being erect with my friends felt so nice that had she continued to orgasm, I would have lost that opportunity to stay hard, and that would have been a shame.

So anyway, I stood up to pee, and had a little trouble getting started. In fact, I later heard that some guys can’t urinate when they are erect. After a minute I felt the pee rising, and it did start shooting out of me. I probably managed to shoot it five or six feet also. About the same as Andre.

Charlie asked if anyone else was ready. George stood up and volunteered. His penis was erect. We were not surprised. Among us skinny dipping kids, erections were fairly normal, although I did enjoy it very much when I was erect in our group, and I have to say, I liked seeing the other boys erect.

George had an idea. He said if he squeezed the tip of his dick a certain way, so the opening was smaller, the piss might shoot further, but wasn’t sure he could hold it properly. After quite a bit of discussion, Natti volunteered to help. Standing next to George, she reached over and worked at getting a good grip on his erect cock. She tried a certain pinch on his glans, and said, “OK, now.”

He stood there, his erect penis in my sister’s hand, then suddenly went ‘Ouch’ and hunched forward pulling his dick away from her grasp. A squirt of piss came out. We were all puzzled by what we had just seen. George, seeing our quizzical faces, said, “If your pee is totally blocked, it really hurts!”

“Here, lemme try something else,” Natti offered. George reluctantly stood fully up again, and approached her. She started trying another grasp on his dick, which returned to its full erectness. She was fumbling, not getting the grip quite right. Without warning, cum started spurting out of George’s penis. We all saw it. We were all kind of shocked. I can’t speak for the others, but they were probably thinking what I was thinking at that moment, which was, “Wow, this opens up whole new horizons for our group.”

George was wearing a big smile. He didn’t seem in the slightest embarrassed. I think I would have been.

Let’s cut to the chase: For the rest of that summer, and the next couple of summers that I know of, the older kids would make some sort of excuse to get away from the younger kids, and we’d all give each other orgasms through various forms of mutual masturbation. I’m talking boy-on-boy, of course, but also boy-on-girl, and girl-on-girl, too. Eventually many of us paired up, and became couples. Two years later, I was off to college, and have never returned to the swimming hole. It seems there’s an unwritten rule: It’s not a place for adults.

It’s been several years now and I’ve long since moved out of the area. My wife knows all about it. She’s had many an orgasm as I recreate the details with her, describing every detail of our summers of fun.

What we’re both hoping for is to find a skinny dipping location like that for adults.

Catch and Release

I came across 50,000 used books at a garage sale. I bought the whole load. It was only $200, but it took me five trips to bring them to my warehouse. I then started listing them for sale on Amazon, working all by myself in my windowless warehouse. Some might think it’s boring work, but they’re books! I get to skim as I list my books for sale. I skim again in the mornings when I ship the ones that sold. Most really are boring, but some make the whole time worth while.

Like recently I came across a photo book by Robert Mapplethorpe. He was a famous photographer in the 1960s who photographed men, and sometimes women, in erotic poses. One photo showed a guy with an obvious erection, and it got me horny.

It wasn’t the first time I got horny in this business, and once again this set me off on a very enjoyable day. I was going to play ‘catch and release’ again.

So, standing at my desk, I started by taking off all my clothes. My dick was already hard. Still standing, I started masturbating until I almost came. I took it to the point of feeling the orgasm building up and right to where I had a couple of ejaculatory, but dry contractions.

I couldn’t always do this. It took practice. The contractions are my marker in time. When that happens, I stop jerking off, and return to the task at hand, listing more books. So, I don’t actually cum. At first it’s frustrating, one learns to savor it, and it becomes fantastic.

I sat back down, and listed ten more books as my penis returned to its flaccid state. Then it was time for another session. This time sitting in my rolling chair, I pushed away from the desk, and brought myself to the brink again, having another contraction or two.

I did this several times throughout the morning and early afternoon. On one occasion, I almost went too far, and a single drop of cum worked its way up my urethra and presented itself, balanced on the tip of my penis. Having no Kleenex or toilet paper at hand, I wiped it off with my finger, licked and swallowed it.

It’s important to have no tissue nearby. With that, I’d quite possibly allow myself a full cum, and that would wreck the rest of the afternoon, because I’d lose interest in jacking. I feel I can’t really cum if I have no place to catch it.

Of course what happens is that late in the afternoon I always do end up going to far, and have to pinch the end of my dick closed as my orgasm goes way over the top, pulsing wave after wave of cum up my urethra. But I can’t let it out. What a mess that would make. So, I patiently wait until the contractions subside, still holding my peehole pinched closed.

A few years ago, I didn’t even know one could block an ejaculation like that. There’s very little mention of it on the Internet. I was scared the pressure might burst something. The first time I tried it, it hurt a bit, but I was excited to discover it worked just fine. After another couple of times, there was no pain at all. On a few occasions, I’d tie a rubber band around the end of my dick to keep it in without having to hold it with my fingers. The rubber band hurt, so I learned to fold up some toilet paper as padding under the rubber band. An interesting thing happens after a couple of minutes. The inside of one’s dick starts to itch. I believe it is because the natural acid-alkaline balance in the urethra is changed by cum, and it upsets the urethral lining. Someday, when I’m in a crazy mood, I might hold the cum in for a very long time, to see what happens. Will the itch continue? Will it turn into a major irritation? I know it’s nuts, but I want to find out, even if it causes my urethra to become inflamed.

That happened once before when I injected shampoo into my dick as lube to insert a pen for a little sounding session. Boy did that hurt! My dick swelled up for a day, and it really stung every time I had to pee.

So, back to the story: I walk over to the bathroom, and finally let the cum out in one big splash. I clean up, enjoying the rest of my day in a very satisfied state. Well, actually, I’m a bit disappointed that I ejaculated at all. On a rare good day, I can do this cycle ten or twelve times in a row, and never cum, saving the super-horny built up feeling for another time.

If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!