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Our Obligation as Wankers

We have no obligation as wankers! Just go for it and have a good time, as long as you aren’t harming or even distressing others.

However, we do have at least two opportunities as wankers.

1. If you should happen to spread the word that masturbation is good, having several physical, mental and societal health advantages, and that everyone should feel free to do it, that will certainly help the world become a better place. As I’m sure you know, there are still lots of people stuck in old-school thinking that masturbation is somehow bad and should be avoided. These people must be terribly frustrated, and feel considerable shame when they can’t resist the urge and do masturbate. Let’s help them out of their misery.

It does take years for everyone to come out of wrong thinking. Those of us who are old enough remember how many years it took for most people to realize that cigarette smoking was devastating for health. So this is the opposite. Not wanking is bad for health.

2. You can be an ambassador for good. You can associate masturbation with good, healthy and moral action. For instance, you’ll see no mention of drinking, smoking, drug use, or treating others badly in this website. What if as your reward for free and easy masturbation, you get to live a good clean life, and set an example for others to do the same? This can work especially well if you participate in mutual masturbation, circle jerks, or similar get-togethers. It also works well if you masturbate privately, but discuss masturbation with co-workers, friends and family.

Your authors believe that in a wank-positive world, people would be less mean, generally kinder and more empathetic, and ultimately would lose interest in warfare. Perhaps the militaries of the future will combine forces to repair global warming and make sure everyone is fed and safe.

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Kazuko, sexy gardener

Thanks for asking about the Japanese girl, Kazuko. At the time, I had to stop working as a gardener. I was making great money working for Emily and Jim, an extremely wealthy elderly couple in Waikiki, but I developed tendinitis in my shoulder to the point where I couldn’t do that any more.

They invited me to keep working, but as a groundskeeper, in other words a manager, rather than a hands-on guy. To cover what I had been doing, they hired this little Japanese girl. My first thought was that she’d be too little to weild a spade or rake, and surely not strong enough to carry trays of seedlings and so on. Worse, she didn’t know a lick of English, and I knew even less Japanese. Why they took her on, I have no idea. But that’s what I had to work with.

She was exceptionally pretty. No more than 5′ 4″ and thin, she had really long black hair, and a ready smile. Her skin tone was surprisingly dark compared to most Japanese people, which I thought was a delightful color. Her tits were kind of small, but of course that didn’t make any difference. Frankly, I would have rather worked with a strong guy than this little slip of a young woman.

I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, so later at home, I’d jerk off big time thinking about this little girl. I suppose if I had been dating someone at the time, I still would have wanked to my memories of seeing her pretty little face, and oddly boy-like good looks. If they had hired a big, burly man, I doubt I would have wanked to memories of him!

She came to work. Although excruciating, I was able to point and draw pictures, and generally managed to show her how to do things. For her little size, she was quite strong, fully able to do the work. After a week or two, she started learning a bit of English, and I picked up a few words of Japanese.

I maintained a professional distance. I mean, my job was precious to me. How often does a gardener get to work in Waikiki, and be well-paid besides? Emily and Jim just loved me. Maybe it was because of my topiary skills, or maybe that I really studied Hawaiian flora when I started the job, so I really knew what I was doing. So, I wasn’t going to jeopordize the job. Then too, she was really a sexy chick, and I didn’t want to offend her or do anything inappropriate. That’s just not my style.

My mindset changed one day when she was up on a ladder doing the trimming I used to do, and I was holding the base of the ladder so it wouldn’t tip. At the same time I was trying to tell her exactly how to do the trimming, which wasn’t working out too well. She was terribly slow, because she didn’t want to make any mistakes and couldn’t understand what I was saying. So far, it was just another typical day on the job.

At one point she had one leg on the ladder, and the other on a branch. As I looked up, I saw something I shouldn’t have seen. I saw up one leg of her shorts, and had a clear view of her little Asian pussy. She had no hair down there, so it was a very delightful view. I could see her dark inner labia very clearly, and a corner of her actual anus. Oh my! I looked away immediately, and secretly chastized myself for even noticing.

That night, I jerked off like crazy!

A few days went by with me wanking nightly remembering what I saw. I never mentioned the incident to her. How could I? We didn’t speak the same language.

As time went on, she started standing too close, or sitting on the edge of my desk, or doing some silly little things that I initially assumed were totally innocent. She smiled more, and teased me in little ways. For instance grabbing my pen, laughing and running around the office, not giving it back.

Oh, if only we could talk, the things I’d tell her! I mean, I could fall for this girl.

I finally learned her age after she taught me to count in Japanese. She was 24 years old, only three years younger than me. I was surprised, because I kept thinking she was maybe sixteen what with those little breasts and all.

She kept getting surprisingly close. I still didn’t catch on. She’d walk two feet in front of me to get to a tool shed, rather than walking six feet away. Her tiny body bumped into mine a half-dozen times during the next week or so. I kept thinking it was accidental.

Still, I kept thinking about acting right, not getting all horny or anything, and about doing nothing to adversely affect my status with Elaine and Jim.

One day, I was talking to Elaine, and she said, “You know, Kazuko likes you.”

I was like, “Um, OK.”

“No, I mean she really likes you. Why don’t you do anything about it? You’re not gay or anything?”

I momentarily bristled. “No, not gay, just not interested.”


“It wouldn’t be right.”

By then, Jim walked over, and said, “Bro, I can’t imagine what would be wrong with it. You really ought to get next to that girl.”

I shrugged, which sent a momentary pain to my left shoulder. Suddenly, I had a lot to think about. Not only were the couple who owned the place OK with me getting together with Kazuko, they were encouraging it!

A day later, I figured out that Kazuko was trying to invite me to eat at a restaurant. Through some drawings and a lot of miscommunication and laughter, we figured out that we were going to meet at a certain place near Kings Village in Waikiki at 7pm. I was so excited!

7pm came and went. By eight, I gave up. I was so disappointed! The next day, she and I approched each other at the same time with expressions of like, “What happened?”

It turned out she was thinking of one restaurant, and I thought she meant another place.

We arranged another date, and it actually worked out. We had a nice dinner. We still couldn’t really speak very well although we were each learning a few words of each others’ language. We did, however, laugh a lot.

After dinner, we kissed. I believe she approached me more than I approached her. I was still thinking about being careful not to misinterpret or act wrong in some way. The kiss was lightning. I mean it was a long full hug and amazing kiss that sent shock waves throughout my body.

I was imagining that in the coming weeks she and I might start getting really close.

After the kiss, I was getting ready to get in my little pickup truck and head home, but she grabbed my hand and pointed at her moped, indicating I should put it in my truck. It took me a little while to tie it upright in the back of my truck. All the while I was wondering if this evening was going to go the way I thought it might go.

She pointed the way, and I found her apartment. I unloaded the moped and helped her lock it up. Kazuko invited me in and immediately set about in her kitchen making us some tea.

After we had nearly finished the tea, not really saying much of anything, because we couldn’t, she grabbed a quarter, and flipped it onto the table. She was trying to indicate something.

She jestured a lot, I kept looking confused, and she kept tossing the coin on the table and laughing. After one toss the quarter landed heads-up, she took off a little barrette she was wearing in her hair. Call me thick, but I still didn’t get it. She flipped it again, and it landed tails up. She then did something really weird. She indicated I should stand up. She reached right out to my belt, unbuckled it and, giggling, she slid it off me. Ah, now I understood!

She flipped the coin again and it came up tails again. I removed my shirt.

The next toss was heads, so she removed her blouse. She was wearing a bra underneath, so it was no big deal. Still, my heart was beating fast, and I was in a sort of heaven with anticipation.

Tails again, and I lost my shorts. There I was in front of Kazuko in nothing but my briefs.

This time I flipped the coin, convinced that it would come up heads, and she’d take off her bra. But no, tails again. After quite a bit of laughter, shyness, and useless gesturing, since I wasn’t taking any action, she gently grabbed the edges of my underpants at my hips, and pulled them down. It’s a good thing she did, because I’m so shy I don’t know whether I could have done that. As they were coming down, she had to stop and pull the band away from my erection which was otherwise preventing the removal of the underwear. She laughed. It’s not that I’m small down there. I’m not large either. She was just laughing good naturedly at our current situation.

You’d think I would have been embarrassed to have her seeing me erect like that, and I was a little, but more than anything, I was inordinately proud. I don’t know why, I just was.

We tossed the coin a few more times, and the damn thing kept coming up tails. Finally, in mock frustration, she just took off the rest of her stuff.

My oh my what a girl! Her tits were truly small, but that didn’t affect me in the slightest. Her nipples were rather large in comparison. Her crotch area was totally bald. I believe she must have been lasered, because as I was soon to find out, her vagina was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I was surprised to see that her inner labia were really quite dark, more than I remembered when I saw her on the ladder that time.

Again grabbing me by my hand, she led me, stumbling over the pile of our clothing, into her bedroom where she rather roughly pushed me down onto her futon, and squatted down beside me. She didn’t sit. She squatted in that wonderful style that Asian people have. She reached right out and put her warm little hand around my erection. I almost ejaculated right there on the spot.

Fortunately, she let go after only a few seconds. We then started hugging and kissing, and basically rolling all over her little futon.

After a good ten minutes of that, she got up, rummaged around in a dresser drawer for a moment, and came back with a little packet. I wasn’t particularly sexually experienced at that time, so it took me a moment to realize that was a condom. She tore it open, and proved that she wasn’t sexually experienced either as she tried to unroll it upside down on my penis, before figuring out she had to flip it over.

I wish I could tell you that the rest of the evening went perfectly, but the fact is before she got the condom fully on me, I started ejaculating and quickly went all soft. However, I was sexually wise enough to give her lots of attention.

It turns out that Kazuko just loves having fingers very lightly rubbed over her little nipples. She also loves having them kissed. They stick up like little almost-black pencil erasers when aroused. After that, I spent a good half-hour licking her beautiful little pussy to orgasm after orgasm. The reason I know she had multiple orgasms is I had put one index finger against her anus, which brought a moan of joy from her. I pressed in a little and she was obviously enjoying that. I pulled my finger away, coated it with her copious pussy juice, and then slowly, ever so slowly slipped it fully into her tiny little anus as I continued to lick her clit. I could feel her orgasmic contractions that went on non-stop for a good five minutes. Until then, I didn’t even know women could do that. In fact, later I learned that most women don’t have multiple ongoing orgasms like Kazuko.

Another thing about Kazuko that may surprise you is she is surprisingly wet. When we were done that evening, there was a spot six inches in diameter of wetness on the sheet over her futon. She’s wet like that every time. In fact sometimes, she’ll leave a wet spot a foot in diameter. I love that!

That was our first time. I didn’t take long for her and I to figure out we are the ones. Of course, I learned not to cum the moment she tries putting on a condom. These many years later, we don’t bother with condoms any more. We’ve already had two children, and wouldn’t mind a third.

We find ourselves hugging close and connected in bed almost every night. Sometimes we don’t even orgasm. We just lay together with my hard penis deep in her pussy, until I fall asleep, my penis goes soft and falls out.

It’s now been eight years. We were married seven years ago. Kazuko has since learned more English than I ever knew. I have to confess, I can still barely count to ten in Japanese. By marrying me, she became a US citizen. I found out she had been a nurse in Japan, but didn’t really like that profession. That’s what brought her to Hawaii. At first, she was on vacation just to contemplate what she might do other than nursing. Somehow she met Emily who owned the property and got the temporary job as a gardener. Years later she told me she knew she found her calling on that very first day on the job with me. She’s still a gardener, as am I, but we only work on our own property. My shoulder tendinitis healed many years ago.

Emily and Jim both passed within months of each other several years ago. Kazuko and I were not surprised when their lawyer called us into his office. We thought he was going to us we were fired. It seems Jim and Emily, who never had any children, willed their property and all their assets to us. We set up a charitable foundation, but kept the property and a few million dollars for our children and ourselves.

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One stitch closes vasectomy puncture about 2 hours after the procedure.

Vasectomy was first performed in the early 20th century, with the first recorded procedure taking place in 1899.

The word “vasectomy” is derived from the Latin word “vās,” which means vessel, and “ectomy,” which means removal.

Vasectomy is one of the most commonly performed urological procedures in the United States.

It’s estimated that over 500,000 vasectomies are performed annually in the United States.

The idea of male sterilization dates back to ancient times, but the modern surgical procedure we know as vasectomy has evolved significantly over the years.

Vasectomy is often referred to as “the snip,” “getting fixed,” or “having the tubes tied,” although it doesn’t involve tying any tubes.

In some countries, vasectomies are often performed as part of family planning campaigns to control population growth.

While vasectomy is considered permanent, it can be successfully reversed in some cases. However, the success rate of reversal decreases with time since the vasectomy.

The first successful vasectomy reversal was performed in 1938 by Dr. Harry K. Moore.

Vasectomy doesn’t cause immediate sterility. It takes some time and ejaculations to clear existing sperm from the reproductive tract.

The sperm that is produced in the testicles doesn’t simply disappear after a vasectomy; it’s reabsorbed by the body.

There are different techniques for performing vasectomies, including the conventional scalpel method and the no-scalpel technique, which uses a small puncture instead.

No-scalpel vasectomy is generally associated with less bleeding and a faster recovery time compared to the traditional scalpel method.

Some men experience post-vasectomy pain syndrome, a condition characterized by persistent testicular pain following the procedure.

The risk of pregnancy after vasectomy is very low, but it’s not zero. A small number of men can experience spontaneous reconnection of the vas deferens.

Vasectomy doesn’t affect a man’s ability to maintain an erection or have an orgasm.

The procedure itself is relatively quick, usually taking 20 to 30 minutes.

Vasectomy is typically performed under local anesthesia, so the patient is awake during the procedure.

It’s not uncommon for men to experience anxiety or nervousness before getting a vasectomy, despite its routine nature.

Vasectomy doesn’t impact a man’s sexual desire or libido.

Some men report an increase in sexual satisfaction after vasectomy, possibly due to reduced anxiety about unintended pregnancies.

Vasectomy doesn’t alter the appearance of the scrotum, except for a small scar that may be barely noticeable.

While vasectomy is usually considered permanent, some men opt for sperm banking before the procedure to preserve the option of future fertility.

The cost of a vasectomy varies but is generally more affordable than other long-term contraceptive methods.

Vasectomy does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so safe sex practices may still be necessary.

It’s crucial for men to use alternative contraception until a follow-up test confirms the absence of sperm in the ejaculate.

The first few ejaculations after vasectomy may still contain sperm, so it’s essential to continue contraception during this period.

The procedure is relatively low-risk, with complications being uncommon. Possible complications include infection, bleeding, and chronic pain.

Some countries, like Canada, offer vasectomy as a covered medical procedure under their healthcare systems.

Vasectomy can be a thoughtful and responsible choice for couples who are certain they do not want more children, offering a highly effective method of contraception.

Remember that vasectomy is a permanent decision, and it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare provider to discuss all aspects of the procedure before making a decision.

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Things That Embarrass Me

You may think I’m weird, and perhaps I am, but this is the truth:

I guess I may be a bit of an exhibitionist.

I am not embarrassed to be seen naked.

I am not embarrassed to be seen naked with an erection.

I am not embarrassed to be seen naked and masturbating.

I am not embarrassed to be seen mutually masturbating with a guy or girl.

I am not embarrassed to be seen in any sort of sexual situation.


I am embarrassed to be seen pooping or wiping my ass.

I am embarrassed to sing in public.

I am embarrassed to be seen brushing my teeth.

I am embarrassed to be seen around anyone who is smoking or obviously drunk.

I am embarrassed to yell or be really loud in public.

So that’s me. How about you?

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Recent Sex Toy Purchases

Here’s what people are buying from the link at the top of the screen

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High School Masturbation Class

high school masturbation class

High School Masturbation Class – As told to Spurtz by Kenny

I guess it’s pretty rare to see a story from a high school kid. My name is Kenny and I just graduated from middle school and I am now in grade 9 of high school which means I am 15 years old.

I was really looking forward to getting into high school, mainly for one important reason. But let me first give you a bit of background and you will understand my anticipation. The state I live in is very liberal and extremely progressive. In recent years, the influence the church used to have has basically gone away and the lawmakers have become way more liberal in their thinking with respect to how much sex education should be taught in schools.

It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that masturbation is far and away the safest form of sex. The legislature has been won over to the fact that if teens relied more on masturbation for sexual relief, that there would be far less unwanted pregnancies. Studies also had shown that teens, mostly boys, suffered a huge amount of sexual frustration while in school. This led to inattentiveness in class and had been proven to be the basis for a lot of acting out and disruptive behavior.

The result of this was that now the high schools had a mandatory class devoted 100% to masturbation. Of course most boys already were pretty much experts at jerking off but many girls really had not learned the tricks of enough clit stimulation to create orgasm. So the classes not only provided extensive instructions and training on masturbating for both boys and girls, the schools now had facilities where relief could be achieved during school hours.

In their infinite wisdom, the lawmakers felt that frequent release during the day would be extremely beneficial. It was well known that many teen boys spent their entire time in class with erections and no way to relieve the sexual tension. In my own case, I have a foot fetish and sitting in class looking down at a female’s sandaled feet and painted toes gave me an instant hard-on. My buddy Ed tells me he almost cums in his pants just looking at Jennifer’s tits across the aisle. Similar stories can be told from all my friends. Under those circumstances how are we expected to pay attention in class when all we can think about is hard cocks and cumming?

Now between classes any of us can go to what the school calls the “Relief Room” and get rid of all that sexual tension and semen build-up. The room has a long metal trough along one wall where about six or seven guys can stand and jerk off into it. Kind of like the old piss troughs from days gone by. The problem is there are so many boys in the room that lines form behind each guy at the trough. Most of them already have their hard dicks out and are pumping away so that by the time they get to the head of the line, they can spurt out their jism without holding things up. It’s quite a sight to see all my classmates with their erect cocks in action and gallons of cum splattered into the trough. A steady stream of water flows through the trough to take away all that jism. On the wall are a series of tissue dispensers for wiping any excess semen off your hands or cock. Just inside the door is a pump dispenser of lubricant for the kids who prefer a lubed up dick when jacking off.

There is a relief room for the girls as well but it’s just a series of benches where the girls can sit and rub their clits until they cum. Plenty of tissues available there for those whose pussies get very wet. This room is nowhere near as popular as the boy’s relief room. But as more girls discover the joys of masturbation, it is slowly becoming more crowded.

But the most fun is the actual masturbation class itself. Surprisingly these are coed. Not only are very explicit lectures and videos provided, there is also quite a bit of actual hands-on activity. The boys who wish to do so are allowed to take out their hard cocks and jerk off right in class, usually onto the tile floor but they are then required to clean up afterward. The girls can also rub themselves off during class.

This class is only held one day a week but lasts for two hours. Most of the students don’t wear any underwear on the day of the class and all the girls wear skirts for easy access. No shorts or slacks. It’s easy for the girls to be more discreet than for the boys as they can just put a hand under their skirt and rub off to their heart’s content. The boys can’t hide their throbbing pricks so their stroking and ejaculations are on display for everyone to enjoy. A few of the boys refrain from publicly jacking off. Possibly embarrassed with a small dick or a weak ejaculation. Some of the guys have already been in the Relief Room a couple of times prior to class that day and their resulting cum-shot in class is weak and watery. I always hold off ejaculating for as long as possible prior to the weekly class. I want to have the most powerful and voluminous splatter of semen that I can provide. Several of the girls have complimented me on it.

I really get off on taking my hard cock out right in class and jerking off with everybody watching. I was quite shy the first couple of week but after I watched other guys having so much fun I just had to join in. Bob and I did something really weird but fun. We were both jacking off in class. The instructor was otherwise involved and Bob leaned over and rubbed the head of his dick against mine. Omigod! I almost shot my load. Jennifer was sitting next to us and I swear her eyes damn near bugged out of her head. I winked at her and shot a load of semen all over Bob’s dick.

I’ve never understood why the school allows us to jerk off in a coed class. That seems way too liberal to me. Not that I am complaining. I love to shoot my load for my fellow classmates. The story going around is that actual masturbation in a coed class can curb any advanced sexual activity such as real intercourse, or fucking as we call it. I can only speak from my own experience but to be honest, all the public jacking off I do at school certainly does lessen my desire for any other sex. So I guess the school know what they are doing.

I figure in a few years they will be teaching and allowing blow jobs but I will be out of school by then and getting my dick sucked by a regular girl-friend. And I will be lapping her pussy every chance I get.

The school does draw the line at any contact between the sexes without supervision. Hand-jobs between the girls and boys do occur extremely frequently, just not at school. Although rare, during the actual class sometimes some of the girls like to get their hands on a hard cock but only for a few seconds. The instructor usually keeps an eagle eye out looking for any illicit contact but can’t see everywhere all the time. I got real lucky one time when a really cute blonde named Chloe grabbed my dick just as I started shooting. What saved my ass from being caught was two guys in the front of the class both started spurting their loads at the same time. Mrs. Floyd, our instructor, was so fascinated with two streams of semen landing at her feet, that she didn’t even see me cum as Chloe jacked my cock.

However, there was one segment of the class where mutual touching was permitted. One thing that Mrs. Floyd liked to do that was probably not 100% approved by the school, was to provide some hands-on instructions. Part of the class curriculum was to give the girls pointers on how best to jack off their partner. To demonstrate to the girls certain masturbation techniques, she would usually pick out a guy with one of the larger pricks in the class. She would have him stand in front of a group of girls, and if he wasn’t already hard, she would stroke that big cock until it was throbbing in anticipation. Then she would demonstrate various different ways that a girl could stimulate a cock. And after each technique, the girls were permitted to practice what Mrs. Floyd had shown. Because there were several girls involved, Mrs. Floyd would invite additional boys to step forward and be used as test subjects. A boy could not step forward unless selected by Mrs. Floyd, otherwise a stampede would occur by boys eager to have a girl’s hand on their dick.

Mrs. Floyd had no objection to the girls jacking off the boys to completion during these exercises. In fact she encouraged ejaculation. She felt it was important for each girl to learn how to bring a guy to orgasm. If a guy was slow getting his nuts off, she even would urge him on by asking him to cum or telling the girl to stroke faster and tighter. Once Sandy could not get Billy to cum and Mrs. Floyd, in her exasperation to keep things moving, pushed Sandy’s hand out of the way and expertly brought Billy off. We all clapped and cheered as stream after stream of semen spurted out of Billy’s cock.

Mrs. Floyd was very fair and tried to get every boy in class involved and by the end of the two hours just about every guy in class had emptied his balls. Alternatively, Mrs. Floyd also gave very detailed instruction on how to stimulate a girl’s clit and vagina expertly enough to bring her to orgasm. Again her instructions gave each girl in class, who was willing, the opportunity for various boys to practice what they had learned. And by the end of the class, just about every girl had orgasmed. None of the boys wanted to wash their hands. They wanted to continue to sniff that hard-on inducing aroma on their fingers as long as possible. On the bus ride home you could always tell which guys had been in the masturbation class that day. They always had their fingers right under their nose.

Getting to play with a girl’s vagina and clit was a real revelation for me, having never seen, much less touched, a real pussy before. I always prided myself in being able to get the girl’s pussies nice and wet, usually quicker than any of the other guys. One time I was so into playing with Jennifer’s sopping wet cunt that I had an involuntary ejaculation. Before I even realized what was happening, I had a load of semen shooting down my leg. Everybody in the class was amazed that such a thing could even happen. That brought confessions from a few girls that being in a room full of hard cocks, many of them spurting semen, had brought on involuntary orgasms;

Once I started taking the classes, I assumed the mutual contact stuff would be a one-time thing. But it was repeated several times throughout the year. Mrs. Floyd said that she hoped that by the end of the school year each boy would have been jacked off by each of the different girls. And each girl would have her clit rubbed by each of the different boys.

Although I doubt this was part of the school’s approved curriculum, near the end of the school year Mrs. Floyd had us team up in groups of one guy and two girls. Both girls would take turns jacking the boy’s cock. Because the class was divided fairly equally between boys and girls, in order for every guy to get jacked off, half of the girls got to do two different guys. I got really lucky. Not only were the two girls that teamed with me extremely cute with great teen bodies, they were also two of the more sexually adventurous girls in the class. As a result they worked my dick like I couldn’t believe. And not just my dick but my balls as well. And to my complete surprise lubed-up fingers from both girls found their way into my asshole. They were rewarded with one of the best cum-shots of my young life. Fountains of the stuff shot up and covered both girls faces and hands to their gleeful enjoyment. Mrs. Floyd helped out in cleanup because there was so much cum.

Sadly the class was only taught in the first year of senior high. I guess the school felt that once you completed the course there was no need to repeat it. I would have liked to do it two more years just to get more opportunities for teen girls to handle my junk and me to finger their clits. But the sad truth was I wouldn’t really learn anything new which was the goal of the school. Not to provide my cock with more stimulation.

As a junior and senior at the school we could still use the relief room which had to be enlarged because every guy in the school wanted to use it at least two or three times a day. I knew a few guys who were in there between nearly every class jacking their cocks and spurting their cum. Those guys were likely getting off four or five times a day. But not every day. Twice a day was a comfortable level for me. Truth be told, jacking off in front of a trough with a bunch of other guys watching got a bit old after being exposed to having a sweet teen girl do it for me.


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Benefits of Wanking

benefits of masturbation

In the not so distant past, masturbation was frowned upon. People are just now waking up to its many benefits. We still have a long way to go to bring about a healthier society. As your reward for promoting masturbation and to your friends, family, and coworkers, you’ll find lots of goodies in this website, including tips, techniques, videos, great erotic short stories, true memoirs, complete online ebooks, and a complete A to Z encyclopedia of sex. It’s all free and complete. Enjoy!

Benefits of Wanking

  • You can have a good time by yourself at home in this era of self-quarantine, reducing or eliminating loneliness and depression.
  • Clears the mind: Masturbation can be even better than meditation for breaking out of thought loops, eliminating worry, understanding things in new ways, overcoming mental blocks, and coming up with creative solutions.
  • Saves lives: STDs can be deadly. Masturbation by yourself or with friends is the safest form of sex.
  • Population control: With almost 8 billion inhabitants on this small planet, wouldn’t it be great if all the children being born were truly wanted?
  • Eliminates horniness: When you live without sexual frustration, you make better choices. Stop telling off-color jokes at the wrong times. Avoid bothering people for sex. Quit settling for partners who are not right for you, only to get sexual satisfaction.
  • Health: According to recent research, it boosts the immune system, balances hormones, and reduces blood pressure. People who jerk off at least once a week have thirty percent fewer heart attacks, half as many strokes, and are forty percent less likely to come down with diabetes than everyone else.
  • Slows aging: Those who fap regularly are more likely to live past eighty years old.
  • Reduces pain: Dopamine and oxytocin, feel-good neurochemicals, are released. Wanking can be particularly effective for mild muscle aches, nausea, and headaches. For instance, it is has been known to reduce arthritis pain for 2 to 8 hours after a masturbation session. Jacking or jilling can also reduce the recovery time after sports over-exertion.
  • Helps with psychological balance: Reduce stress, increase confidence, calm runaway emotions.
  • Eliminates bad habits: Replace your addictions or bad habits with masturbation.
  • Helps with weight management: It’s not practical to eat while masturbating, plus the hormones released help regulate hunger.
  • This form of recreation requires no organization, no travel, no certification, no training, no special equipment, no investment and produces very little pollution.
  • It is the great equalizer. You can be anyone young or old, rich or poor, pretty or not, and you can still have wonderful solosex, just like everyone else.
  • Saves money: Masturbation costs nothing, compared to dating, which requires the cost of dinner, transportation, entertainment, and often much more.
  • Saves time: You might think that masturbation takes up valuable time, but it is far less time than driving to meet someone, and all the time that dating requires.
  • For men: Last longer in sex, eliminate premature orgasm, possibly reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Reduces likelihood of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.
  • For women: Improve your self body image. Smooth out the monthly cycle. Learn what you like and don’t like sexually.
  • For students: Be more effective in studying. The dopamine released has a positive effect on the learning centers of the brain. Jerking off to relieve horniness will allow you to focus better.
  • For everyone: It’s so much fun!

This is a Quora post in reference to someone who said that based on his personality, it was fairly certain that Adolf Hitler did not masturbate:

“LOL, I wouldn’t know for sure, having no idea how much the dude masturbated or had sex, but I do know that afterwards, I am much calmer and more peaceful, and I’ve known several people who didn’t masturbate, at least temporarily, and they were stressed, tense, irritable, critical, over-sensitive, hyperaware of sexual matters and stimuli, complains all the time, sometimes aggressive, and moody. I know how I was when I didn’t masturbate or have sex for long periods of time.

“I’m not sure it would have made a difference, as reportedly he did what he did deliberately to incite violence and hatred and conflict between the races. And people allow themselves to be manipulated by clowns like this, and the media that tells them what to think and feel.”

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Uncle Don Broke My Penis

My grandfather died when my father was 22 and his brother, my Uncle Don, was 24. Grandfather was a drinker, and managed to kill himself in a fiery single-car collision. He had some money that my dad and Uncle Don inherited in equal shares two years before I was born.

Uncle Don convinced my dad to lend him his half of the money so Don could buy a mobile home park. Somehow, Dad was never able to get repaid even after Don started accumulating wealth. While Don eventually owned three mobile home parks, Dad, Mom, and I rented one of Don’s homes. It was the only single-wide trailer in the park. To get technical, our’s was a mobile home. Anything made after 1974 is called a ‘manufactured home.’ Dad worked as a bus driver.

Mom ran off when I was twelve. The story goes that Don sexually assaulted her, resulting in her having two broken teeth. She took him to court, but lost the case, since there was no proof that he had done anything. Fearing for her life, she disappeared.

When I was 18, I decided to learn something about business so I started attending City College, which was quite difficult financially, even though I still lived with Dad. I had this notion that I’d like to own a mobile home park someday, seeing how profitable they’ve been for my uncle. Unlike Don, I’d treat my tenants right. I figured I could learn enough about business to manage my own park some day.

I was still in my first year, when something went wrong with the circuitry in our trailer. Without electric, there was no heat.

Don said he’d send his handyman, but knowing Uncle Don, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. Don was well-known for treating his tenants badly, even my father, his own brother. After all, his tenants have no choice. Their mobile homes are fastened to the ground. It would cost them tens of thousands of dollars to move.

Uncle Don did invite Dad and I to stay in his place until the electric got fixed. I stayed in Nancy’s room, and Dad stayed in Ned’s room.

Those were my late cousins. Nancy committed suicide at 16, and Ned had taken up drugs and drinking. Soon, Ned was hopelessly addicted. Don threw him out. He was seen around town from time to time, barely hanging on. One day, he had fallen asleep behind a dumpster that was in back of Safeway. The next morning, a garbage truck picked up the dumpster, emptied it, and set it down right on Ned. But that may not be what killed him. According to the police, he might have already been dead, either from a drug overdose, or exposure to the cold. The poor guy had a cast on one leg when he died, so I can only imagine what his last weeks were like.

My first night at Don’s, I went to bed around midnight. It was warm in Don’s house, so I figured I’d jerk off on top of the blankets before falling asleep. I was just about to orgasm when the door burst open and the light came on.

“I’ll have none of that in my house!” Don shouted. He was obviously drunk as he staggered toward me. He was carrying something that turned out to be a tennis racket. He took a swing and hit me right in one testicle and the side of my still erect penis.

I crumpled up in pain as he wobbled out of the room. My balls, my left testicle in particular, hurt so bad, I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was choking as I lay there with my hands between my legs. Ten minutes later, I could breathe normally, but the pain was still unbelievable. I couldn’t even get off the bed to turn out the light.

An hour went by as I just lay there, not only in pain, but freaking out that I was badly injured. The testicle pain started to subside, and then I noticed that my penis was in pain also.

I pulled my hands away and took a look. My penis was as large as if it was erect. In fact, it was bigger in diameter than I had ever seen it, but it was soft and squishy. It had a big black lump on the left side, and curved oddly to the right, much like the picture below.

Not knowing what else to do, I yelled for Don to come take me to the hospital. After probably 15 minutes, he came back to my room, evidently a bit more sober. I showed him my penis. He refused to take me to the hospital, saying “It’s not that bad,” as he walked out, closing the door behind him.

The only thing I could think to do was call an ambulance. That’s how I got to the hospital. While the ambulance was on its way, I tried putting on my underwear. I couldn’t straighten up enough to do that, so I ended up putting on my sweat pants. I stayed barefoot.

After two painful hours in the waiting room, still barefoot, during which my testicle pain went away, but my dick started aching worse than anything in my life. My dad arrived and sat with me, occasionally swearing under his breath about Don.

When I was finally called into a treatment area, the doctors and nurses all took a look at my penis. I wasn’t embarrassed about them seeing my junk due to the condition I was in. How could something like this happen to me? My fear was such that my heart had been beating really fast for literally hours. A urologist was consulted. It took him another hour to arrive. He looked at my penis, held it gingerly, shifting it this way and that. Man alive, did that hurt!

He quit examining me, and sat on a stool to tell me the situation: I’d need surgery, which was to be performed later that morning. My testicle was fine, but Don had literally broken my penis. The side of the tennis racket, hitting my erect penis like that, caused a fracture of my left corpus cavernosum, the spongy tissue that holds blood when one is erect.

They were going to do something called ‘degloving’ to reach and stitch up the affected area. The idea totally weirded me out. Frankly, it scared the shit out of me. The surgeon was going to detach the skin of my penis all around just behind the head. Then, they dissect and peel the skin away all the way down, so the skin is piled around the base of the penis. That gives them access to the broken area. They’d do the repair and then finally, they would pull the skin back up, and stitch it back in place under the head.

Even with the medicine they gave me, I didn’t sleep much during the few hours left of that night, and was still in considerable pain.

The surgery happened, and my recovery was painful, but uneventful. When a nurse changed my bandages the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was circumcised! I so totally didn’t want that. When the urologist came in for a consult, I asked him why that happened. He said, “I thought you’d like that.”

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

The afternoon after my surgery, when I was still woozy from the drugs, Don stormed into my hospital room, and started yelling at me about the $2,700 the ambulance company charged him for the one-mile ride to the hospital. Two orderlies came and took him away.

I woke up a couple of times every night with sharply painful nocturnal erections. For days, I wanted badly to jerk off, but that fully wasn’t going to happen.

A week later, the stitches were removed by an attractive young intern. She had flaming red hair. I thought she’d use anesthetic, but she said, “You won’t need it.” That scared me, until she started snipping and pulling the stitches out. She was right. It didn’t hurt a bit. I became erect, and was remarkably embarrassed about that. She only said, “Aw, it’s fine.”

I noticed that my dick was quite numb as she was working on it.

Finally, after three weeks, I was starting to get back to normal and was way overdue for a good wank. Ever so carefully, I tried moving the skin up and down. It was totally numb. I could feel my penis between my fingertips, but the dick itself felt like a broomstick. There was no sensation at all. Still, I was able to jerk off and cum. What a relief!

The numbness worried me very much. I asked the urologist, and he said the feeling would eventually come back. It did, but it took six months. It took even longer than that to get used to being circumcised. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. At least the terrible sensitivity of the glans has gone mostly away. Just touching against my underwear was like an unbearable tickle for the first few weeks. To this day, my penis feels weird when I rub it, like there are little lumps under the skin.

Meanwhile, a friend of a friend had a father who was a lawyer and suggested I sue Uncle Don. The case dragged on for months. Meanwhile, I was back in our trailer with Dad, and back in college. In a courtroom appearance, pictures of my penis were shown. It was terribly embarrassing. First, the horrible picture of my black, lumpy, bent, fractured penis. Then my penis with stitches under the corona, and fully erect. The urologist had injected something called Caverject to make me artificially hard to check his work.

To my amazement, the lawyer won. I was awarded 1.5 million dollars. The lawyer got $500,000, leaving me a cool million. I was planning to buy a mobile home park of my own.

The only problem was, the money hadn’t been transferred yet. Don was pulling some legal shit that was slowing the process.

Just when I was figuring I’d never see the money, something unexpected happened. Don had gone out drinking, and somehow drove his car right into a bridge abutment. He messed up his innards something terrible. He languished in terrible pain in the hospital for three weeks before he died. I shouldn’t say this, but I was secretly happy. The world is better off without a guy like that.

I figured that was the end of my million dollars, but even more surprising was the call from Don’s lawyer. My fucked up uncle had written a will. He had left two of his mobile home parks to my father, and one to me. Mine was assessed at over $5 million.

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Two Rowdy Young Women

My diner was closed. All my employees had left. I was going to turn out the lights and lock up as soon as my last customers left. I had already drawn all the shades.

The last ones were two young women, having a somewhat rowdy conversation. They weren’t drunk, just carrying on, the way young people will do.

Their subject turned to ballbusting, like a laughing matter, don’t you know.

I don’t know why it bothered me to the degree it did. Maybe because they were talking about hurting people, men in this case, as if it was all OK.

I probably should have minded my own business. Instead, I walked up to their table, and said, “Ballbusting is no laughing matter.”

They immediately shushed, and looked at me with a stunned looked. I continued.

“Women often talk of busting mens’ balls. Do you even know what that is? Do you know anything at all about testicles?”

They silently shook their heads. Just like I figured, they mostly didn’t know what they were talking about. They probably assumed testicles were like grapes, easily squished.

This is where I got crazy, and I’ll never be able to explain my action. I guess it was just a moment of insanity.

“Look, these are not for hurting. They’re for gentle enjoyment.” I said as I quickly undid my belt, opened my fly and pulled down both my pants and my underwear. “Take a good look, this is what you’ve been joking about.”

I was starting to pull my pants right back up again. I was already way out of line and I knew it.

“Hang on a sec, Mike,” one of the two women said. She knew my name. Everyone does. It’s “Mike’s Diner” after all.

I stopped in mid-pull on my underwear. Why, I don’t know.

“Let’s see,” the other woman chimed in, as she reached out. I immediately backed away. I figured with all this talk of ballbusting…

“C’mon, I won’t hurt you. I just want to see what your ‘real’ balls are like.”

I cautiously stepped forward. I didn’t know where this was going. The only thing I was fairly certain of is that she wouldn’t really hurt my balls.

I was feeling a mix of emotions. I was starting to become embarrassed for what I had done. But something else. I was like a proud father, instructing his daughters in something important. Go figure. I was also fearful that I really had gone too far.

She reached out, and gently massaged my balls between her thumb and first two fingers. First my right testicle, then the left.

“Mmm, interesting,” she said as she continued to gently massage my balls within my scrotum.

Evidently not wanting to be left out, the other girl started massaging my balls. So now, one girl was squeezing one, and the other girl, squeezing the other ball.

You can probably imagine what happened. Right, my penis became erect. After less than a minute, it was sticking up at a proud 45-degree angle and bobbing with my heartbeat.

The first girl wrapped her fingers around the shaft. I hadn’t been with anyone in over a year, so this touch felt especially nice. I was just standing there, loving it, in front of these two girls.

She told her friend, “It’s hard and soft all at the same time. It’s like a rock inside, but has this soft warm skin that slides over it so nicely.”

Her friend gently pushed the hand away, replacing it with her own hand and started stroking up and down. Much too soon I ejaculated. Some of my cum landed in the first girl’s hair, as they both jumped back, avoiding any more shots of cum.

They started laughing. I started laughing also as I was pulling my underwear and then my pants back up.

“So there you go, young ladies. You don’t bust balls. You enjoy them. OK?”

More laughter. A moment later, they went home, thanking me for a nice meal and ‘desert.’

I’ve not seen them since. I think back on that strange evening often, typically releasing a load of sperm into my hand in response.

I’ve often wondered if this was their first ever experience touching a man’s equipment. It seems from their reactions like it was. But surely… Well, I guess I’ll never know.

Every now and then the thought occurs to me that I lost two good customers. Why didn’t they come back? Probably because the scene was just too weird. So, it cost me some money. But I think it was worth it, don’t you?

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Sandy and Amber

By Spurtz

Sandy and Amber, mother/daughter sexual threesome

Mom and Daughter Get Busy With My Cock

Here’s a story that starts off true and then transforms into how I wish it had turned out.

I met a woman shortly after divorcing my second wife. She flat out told me when we first met that I was too old for her as I was 15 years older. That lasted until the first time we had sex and then she decided maybe I wasn’t too old after all.

The most interesting thing about this woman is she had an 18 year old daughter. Without exaggeration the daughter was without a doubt the best looking girl I had ever seen. Not only a beautiful face but a body to die for. In fact I even discussed with the mom about putting her up for a Playboy Playmate which I have no doubt she would have easily qualified. But the mom had concerns about the attendant notoriety that would come with it.

They lived in a high end condo that had a community pool adjacent to their unit. To make matters worse the daughter was in the pool every day during the summer wearing a string bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Even lounging around the house she was always either in the bikini or often just panties and brassiere. She knew what she had and wasn’t afraid to show it off. I had a constant hard-on anytime I was around her.

I used to stay over at the condo during the weekends. And later even weeknights. The mom was an interior decorator and sometimes had appointments with clients on the weekend. One Saturday the mom, whose name was Sandy, had an early appointment and left before I even got out of bed. I was in the master bath brushing my teeth. I had just stepped out of the shower and was naked. As I stood at the counter brushing my teeth, the daughter, whose name was Amber, suddenly stepped into the bathroom. She was wearing a robe that was open in the front and I could clearly see her luscious naked breasts and pubic hair.

She was totally non-plussed with me being naked and said she had to get something out of the medicine cabinet. She leaned right across in front of me and looked down at my dick and said “Nice cock.” My mind went into overdrive and I figured right away that the pussy was there for the taking. I felt myself getting hard. I also knew she was very competitive with her mother and I also figured that if I fucked her, she would somehow let her mother know.

OK, readers, what you have read so far is all true. And in truth, I didn’t actually do anything. But here’s what could have happened.

“So you like my cock?” I responded. “Would you like to have it buried in that sweet puss?” She reached down and grabbed my dick. “What do you think?” she replied. I tossed my toothbrush into the sink and pushed her into the adjacent bedroom and onto the bed, pulling off her robe on the way down.

I spread those beautiful thighs and buried my face in her bush. My tongue went to work on her clit as I shoved two fingers into her wet cunt. Within seconds she was humping her pussy into my face and screaming, “I’m cumming.” I kept lapping her clit as she writhed around like a wild animal cumming over and over. When things finally died down a bit I moved up onto the bed and slid my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. I fucked her every which way I could think of. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and shoved my dick in as far as it would go and unloaded spurt after spurt of creamy jism into that sweet teen pussy.

We lay there exhausted for some time and then just sort of played with each other. I worshipped those two beautiful teen tits while she lazily stroked my cock. We probably spent close to an hour with foreplay before she asked me, “Are you going to fuck me again?”

I took more time on the second go and at one point I was on top of her with my dick buried in her pussy. She had her legs locked around my back as I slowly pistoned in and out of her sweet cunt. Once again I was on the verge of ejaculation when this loud voice screamed, “What the fuck are you doing?” Mom had arrived home and we hadn’t even heard her. But I couldn’t stop. I was too close to cumming. And Amber locked her legs even tighter around me and said “Keep fucking me.”

Sandy is screaming, “Stop that! Stop that right now!” And I’m pumping away into Amber’s teen pussy like mom isn’t even in the room. My orgasm was one of the best of my life. I’ve always wondered if being caught somehow heightened my orgasm. It seemed like I was never going to stop cumming. But all things come to an end and finally I collapsed onto Amber, totally wiped out. I lay there breathing hard when I felt Sandy grab me and try to pull me off of her daughter.

She successfully rolled me off of Amber and I flopped over on my back with my wet half-hard cock slapping against my stomach. “I can’t believe you were fucking my daughter,” screamed Sandy. “And you, you little bitch,” she screamed at Amber, “You are just a fucking slut.”

“Calm down, mom,” said Amber. “What’s the big deal? We were just having some fun. It’s not the end of the fucking world. I have to listen to the two of you fucking your brains out every night. I wanted some of that cock. And it was great. I loved it. And I want more.” Amber reached over and lightly stroked my cock. Sandy slapped her hand away.

“Get dressed,” Sandy demanded. “We have to talk about this.” We quickly pulled on some clothes and followed Sandy into the living room where we all sat down. “Look, I can understand things getting out of hand and I realize how attractive Amber is. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her. But you two have had your fun and that’s got to be the end of it. Understand?”

We both hung our heads in contrition and mumbled an assent to her question. Sandy stood up and said she had to run to the store and with that she was out the door. Amber and I looked at each other and started pulling our clothes off. Within seconds of Sandy going out the door I had my hard cock buried in that wonderful teen pussy and pumped away to another glorious orgasm.

Things were a little tense around the house that evening but once Sandy and I were in bed we had our usual extended session of fucking and sucking. She never brought up what had happened. The next morning Amber upped the ante by showing up for breakfast totally nude.

“Amber, get some damn clothes on,” demanded Sandy. “Why?” replied Amber. “We’ve all seen each other nude and it’s a lot more comfortable. I think it will be more fun if we are all naked together.”

“Gets my vote,” I said as I pulled my clothes off. Sandy realized she was in the minority and reluctantly shed her clothes. Seeing Amber’s spectacular body already made me erect. I slipped into the kitchen booth to try to hide my excitement. Amber slid into the booth opposite me. Then I felt her bare toes caressing my hard on. She started sliding her toes up and down the length of my prick as Sandy prepared breakfast. I was in sex overload looking across the booth at those magnificent breasts. In an amazingly short time I felt the cum boiling in my balls and proceeded to shoot a load all over Amber’s feet.

Amber swung her body around and extended her cum covered feet out of the booth. “Mom, look, I made John cum with just my toes.”

Sandy was shocked beyond belief. “You two are fucking unbelievable. Clean that stuff off of your feet. And John, grab that box of Kleenex and mop up any cum that’s on the floor. I’m sure not all of it got on Amber. You two have to control yourself.”

“Mom,” said Amber. “We are just having fun. At least I know I am. What’s the problem with getting John off. I know it must feel great for him. Doesn’t it John?”

“Huh, yeah, sure,” I replied weakly.

That little event kind of set the stage for how things went from there. Amber wanted to fuck all the time and I think Sandy just kind of gave up fighting the inevitable. A seminal moment occurred early one morning as Sandy and I lay in bed asleep. I was awakened by feeling a wetness on my cock, which was already sporting morning wood. I woke up to find Amber in bed with us sucking my dick. She was really going to town. She had quickly grown into a world class cocksucker and loved to take a load of my jism down her throat. I saw her reach over and shake her mom awake. What the fuck?, I thought.

Sandy opened her eyes to see her sweet daughter taking my 7” cock down her throat right to the balls. Amber lifted off my dick and said, “I need some help mom, John’s cock is too much for little old me.” She pulled Sandy closer to me and held my cock out to her mom’s waiting mouth. Sandy had no choice other than to engulf my throbbing prick in her mouth and proceeded to take over where her daughter left off. The two of them traded my prick back and forth until I exploded into Sandy’s throat. It gagged her a bit and as she pulled off my prick, Amber wasted no time in popping my cum-covered cock into her mouth and sucking me clean.

From that point on the household turned into a continuing fuckfest. Both women competed for my dick on a near hourly basis. I tried my best to keep up but it was impossible. They drained me of jism every single day. I was getting fucked four or five times every day on the weekends and at least twice a day on weekdays and it was just too much. Thankfully the novelty wore off after a couple of weeks and we settled into a nice routine where I was fucking each one of them about once every day. The women’s monthly periods did interrupt that routine to where I only had to fuck one of them for a few days. But even the twice a day routine was wearing me out.

On a weekday I would arrive from work about 5:30 or 6:00 and immediately jump in the shower. Amber would join me and then we would hit her bed for a glorious fuckfest while mom made dinner. After dinner we would watch some tv and then go to bed and it was then my turn to service Sandy. Sometimes Amber would join us. Also, Amber liked to show off to her mother so occasionally we would have sex in the living room while Sandy was making dinner, watching us flail away. Amber particularly liked to blow me with mom watching and pull my dick out of her mouth and jack me off spraying my cum all over those great tits. Sandy never said anything so I never knew what she thought. I know this sounds crazy but I always felt that Sandy somehow got a kick out of watching Amber perform.

Things did taper off finally to where I probably was fucking each one only three times a week. There was no set pattern so sometimes I would find myself bending Amber over the dining room table fucking her up the ass and as soon as I pulled my dripping cock out of her, there was Sandy wanting her turn.

I did the best I could for about five or six months and finally had to call it quits. Fortunately my job was taking me out of town so I had a valid excuse to put an end to it. It was fun while it lasted but my poor dick could only handle so much.

Sandy and Amber, mother/daughter sexual threesome