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Bianca’s Smut Shack

By Spurtz

Bianca’s Smut Shack was an online community created in 1994. You can read the details in Wikipedia. Look up bianca.com on Wikipedia. It was created by Alex Thau and Chris Miller. The story I heard, but never confirmed, was that it was created as a social experiment meant to be the subject of Miller’s college thesis. The idea was to give people a site where free speech was totally unregulated and see how people would react.

There was no fee to become a registered member. About the only benefit to being a registered member was you owned your own handle and nobody else could use it on the site. Non-members were free to use any of the Shack’s features but did not have a permanent handle. I believe at some point later that a fee was charged. I don’t remember every paying anything but that might have been because I acted as a moderator for the Q&A Forum in the Shack.

In the beginning this worked pretty well. Let me describe, as best as I can remember, what the shack consisted of. It was actually a quite complex site. One of the mainstays was a series of chat rooms, said to be the first functional public chat rooms on the web. I was never a huge user of the chat rooms so I don’t remember exactly how many there were. Each one had a different theme. Some were quite tame while others were not.

In trying to research the details of the Shack, since my memory of the details is not that good, I ran across a site where a significant portion of the Shack is archived. However, only top level links are active. For example you can open various forums and click on the top level links that do open but if you try to open any lower level links, they don’t go anywhere. Here is the home page of the Shack. There is a crude drawing of a house floor plan. You can click on any of the rooms to see what’s there. The Parlor is where I spent most of my time.

Bianca’s Shack Map
Bianca's Smut Shack Map

You can still see the map, and the rooms are clickable at archive.org, the website that stores old information from all over the Internet. Here’s the link: https://web.archive.org/web/20051126203426/http://shack.bianca.com/shack/shackmap.html

If you go to the second link that takes you to the Q&A page, take a look at the section (see attached screen shot) where Boner’s FAQ Shacklet is linked. The link works and takes you to a huge body of work that I did (and had totally forgotten about). I must have spent many, many hours putting that together. It’s worth a look.


There was also a series of forums where users could ask and answer questions. There were three forums located in a section of the Shack called the Parlor. One forum, that was my favorite, was a Sexual Question and Answer Forum. The page held 50 questions. As a new question was added at the top, the bottom question dropped off the list. A person could post a question and it could take a couple of weeks to work its way to the bottom. In the meantime several people could answer each question. Additionally, you could post replies or further comments under the answers. All the questions and answers that dropped off the list were archived and available if desired.

The other two forums in the Parlor were the Sexual Fetish Forum and the Sexual Fantasy Forum. One of the women in my clique moderated the Fantasy Form.

I found an archived page of the Q&A Forum. You can read the questions but the responses to the questions are not available.


The thing that is a bit mysterious about these archived pages is they are dated 2004, long after the Shack was essentially shut down in 2001. I used to check back in 2002 and other than some chat, nothing was going on. It appears that by 2004 it was somewhat operational again. And I do see a couple of names on the Q&A archived forum that I remember from my days on the Shack. Danae and Suzie Creamcheese are two of them.

Another feature of the Shack was any registered member could set up their own site within the Shack. I had a forum where I posted my movie reviews. There were a large number of these private sites. Some open to anybody and others only to friends who had to use a password to enter. The sites ranged from hard core sex to innocent stuff like my movie reviews.

One of the things that I found most appealing to the Shack was how friendships were formed and regular members would gather together into cliques. Some groups were friendly to others while there was also some animosity between groups. Overall it was an amazing online community that was seriously addicting.

There was one woman who went by the name of Psycho, who in my opinion really was a bit nuts. She had an online boyfriend named Thunder and the two of them tried to terrorize anybody who they didn’t like. One of the things that happened was the two of them had their own private site on the Shack where they shared photos of each other and also sexy private posts. One of the women in my group somehow figured out what their password was and passed it around to everybody in my group. We could go into their private site and look at their naked photos and read their private messages. And then laugh about them amongst ourselves. Sounds mean but they were both jerks.

Over time things started to get out of hand in some of the forums and Chris Miller decided to create moderators for each forum. This kind of went against the original concept for the Shack and Psycho and her group ranted and raved against it. I was appointed moderator the Sexual Question Forum. I operated using the handle Boner. Basically what I, and other moderators, did was to delete personal attacks and underage stuff.

At one point a woman asked a question about what it was like to participate in a threesome. Even though I had never been in one, I did respond to her question, also wondering what it might be like. Her handle was L.A. Gal which further intrigued me as I was also in L.A. We became online friends and swapped email and later phone numbers and eventually met in person and then six months later got married. And we both got to actually experience a threesome, which was very successful.

Lady I met throug Bianca's Smut Shack

After a couple of years, the guys behind the site held a party in San Francisco open to any of the members of the Shack. This was before I met L.A. Gal, but I attended and got to meet many of the online friends that I had made via the Shack. Some of these friendships were extremely close. One very outspoken woman lived in S.F. and invited me and several other Shack members for a drink at her apartment before we went to the party. Much later L.A. Gal and I attended her wedding which was a riot. Although we left before the action really got started, we heard that, among other things, the bride sucked off the best man in front of the entire assemblage including the groom. Unfortunately she died a few years later from some incurable disease she had been living with.

But at the party, I did meet in person one of the women who I had carried on many posted conversations with and although she was not a member of my immediate clique, I considered her a friend and was very taken with her obvious intelligence. Only to be blown away when I met her face to face as she was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. A bit too young for me. Well, let me put that differently. I was a bit too old for her. My loss. I left the party about midnight. The venue where the party was held was really dark and consisted of a whole series of rooms broken up to where it could be easy to get lost. I did hear later that quite a bit of sex took place in the wee hours of the morning. I really didn’t expect anything like that to happen or I would have stuck around longer.

It was also great fun to meet a lot of people who I had interfaced with on the Shack site. You form an idea of what a person looks like based on a couple of years of reading their posts only to find out that they looked nothing like that.

Prior to meeting L.A. Gal I did meet in person two of the women I had originally met in the Shack. They were both in my immediate clique. Both of them lived way too far away from me for any kind of regular hookup. I did spend four days with one of them in the general area of Yellowstone National Park. Her specialty was giving deep throat blowjobs and when she had my entire cock down her throat, her tongue came out and licked my balls. We are still email buddies although she’s now happily married with several kids.

The second one flew into L.A. on her way to visit friends but spent four days with me first. Keep in mind that this was the first time I ever met her face to face. I picked her up at the airport and within 15 minutes of arriving at my house, we were both naked and fucking our brains out. It was four days of near non-stop sex including a four-way with another couple. Years later my then girl friend and I visited her and her fiancée and had a nice dinner together. No sex. We are still email buddies. My girlfriend was aware that she and I had been intimate but her fiancée had no idea. The photos included with this story are of her and me.

Back to the Shack. I went through a period where I would go into one of the chat rooms using a female handle. I would hook up with a guy and through more and more explicit chat get him to jack off for me. I know these poor guys were totally convinced they had latched onto a real sexpot.

Then things took a turn for the worse. I never knew if it was one guy causing all the grief or if it was several. Whoever it was started bombing the forums. Somehow they had figured out a way to post 50 questions in the Q&A Forum at once. It was actually the same question posted 50 times. Which of course wiped out every question and answer on the forum. Basically shutting it down. As soon as a few legit questions would start to appear, they would get wiped out.

They did this to all the forums. Then they went after the chat rooms effectively shutting them down with multiple posts. I contacted Chris Miller, one of the originators of the site, to see what could be done. The only way to combat it would be to only allow registered members to make a post. For some reason he didn’t want to do that. Part of the problem was the amount of bandwidth needed to support the site, which had grown to a huge size, was beyond Miller’s and his partner’s ability to finance it. The site was purchased by Nerve.com, an online magazine devoted to sexual subjects, in 1999. I believe Miller was somehow still involved. But by 2001, Bianca’s Smut Shack was history. I was a faithful follower the entire seven years of its existence. Almost too much. I was badly addicted to the site.

In its heyday it was to my mind the most interesting site on the internet, and not just because of the sex, although that was a powerful attraction. It’s too bad that someone hasn’t attempted to recreate it. I know that there are some sites that are somewhat similar but I’ve never found anything that comes close to what the Shack was in its prime. I’m not big on pay sites, but I would pay if the Shack could reappear in its original format.

If you google bianca.com you just get a page that says “bianca loves you.” For many years after its demise, the page also included the crudely drawn map of the site listing all the chat rooms and forums. Even after I gave up on it once the Q&A went down, I think a couple of the chat rooms limped along. And even the Q&A somehow stayed active although by then I had lost interest. The idiots who destroyed the site also lost interest and allowed the chats to continue.

There is also a bianca.org site that claims to be the real world extension of bianca.com. They have staged parties in conjunction with The Burning Man event. Their first involvement with Burning Man was in 1996 while the Shack was still active. I remember Chris Miller telling me about the event and what a trip it was to attend. According to the bianca.org site, the last event held by the group was in 2006, so that bianca effort has also appeared to have run its course.

Swinger Memoir

I’ve been involved in swinger activities for a number of years. When my wife and I first started, it was with a like-minded neighbor couple. We used to get together with this other couple frequently and socialize. Despite being very close friends, the subject of trading wives had never come up.

But one evening we were visiting at their house and we all had a bit too much to drink and it just happened. I had gone into the kitchen to freshen my drink and when I came back to the living room, my wife was sucking Larry’s cock. My initial reaction was a fit of rage but as I saw her lips caressing his throbbing penis I got strangely turned on. Melissa, Larry’s wife, called to me and I walked over to her, unable to take my eyes off of my wife Sandy’s bobbing head. As I continued to stare, Melissa unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening penis. She peeled back my foreskin and sucked the head into her mouth.

Before the night was over I had fucked Melissa twice and although my attention was diverted from what Larry and Sandy were doing, I’m pretty sure he shagged her at least three times. She told me later that he had even fucked her in the ass, something I had never done with her.

The funny thing about the whole experience was that after the last cum, all four of us lay naked on the bed together and talked about how much fun we’d all had. No recriminations and no hard feelings. Even as we lay there and talked, Sandy continued to fondle Larry’s now limp penis and I gently stroked Melissa’s wet clit.

This was the beginning of our swinger life. We managed to get together with Larry and Melissa a couple of times a week. It was always the four of us together. There was something about sharing the experience that really made it enjoyable. I’ve never been able to fully understand it but it gave me great joy to see Larry’s erect prick slamming into Sandy’s wet cunt. As our meetings progressed I learned how much fun it was to suck another man’s cock while the two women lapped each other’s pussies. One of my favorite things to do was to literally pull Larry’s cock out of my wife’s pussy and suck her juices off of it. Larry had a really nice cock and when he got hard it was like a bar of steel. I grew to love his dick as much as I loved his wife’s sopping wet cunt. And he sucked mine with equal enthusiasm.

Our love of swinging sex with Larry and Melissa led us to wonder what it would be like to broaden our experience. Larry had learned about a swinger club that operated in our town. It was in a very large, but old mansion. Two lesbian women owned the house and held swinger parties there about every third week. It was by invitation only and no singles allowed. I never did know exactly how Larry got us an invite but he did.

There was a fee to attend but the house supplied condoms and lube as well as snacks and drink mix. Plus clean linen on the beds. If you wanted the hard stuff you had to bring your own. Fresh, clean white towels were in abundance for clean-up purposes and there was always a need for clean-up. By the end of an evening at the club, a generous amount of cum and pussy juice had been secreted.

The house rules stated that men had to be totally naked. Sandals were supplied for your feet. Women were allowed to wear teddies or a loose cover up but after the first hour or two pretty much everybody there was naked. I suspect that the invitations were limited to a certain age group. My estimate is the age of the members ranged from about 30 to 45. And everybody was quite fit. Other rules were you were free to invite anyone to have sex with you but “no” meant “no.” Anybody who was overly pushy was asked to leave, never to return. I only saw one couple ejected and surprisingly it wasn’t the guy who broke the rule but it was his wife who constantly pestered one of the male members who had politely refused her advances on numerous occasions.

On our first few visits Sandy and I had kept our sexual activities limited to Larry and Melissa. But at one point, an extremely good looking guy, with a very impressive erect penis, had approached Sandy. I could tell she was immediately interested. She looked at me with a question in her eyes and I slightly nodded.

The house layout had two main large rooms that had originally had been the living and dining rooms. It also had a large number of bedrooms. Although the large rooms were more of a communal meeting area, some sex occurred there. I’ll be honest, I was totally shocked when Sandy and the new guy, who I later learned was named Rex, wasted no time whatsoever. They sat down together on a couch and within minutes she was sucking his large dick and that quickly led to her laying back while Rex shoved his dick in her pussy. She had her legs up over his shoulders and he pounded away with a real frenzy. They ended up spending the entire evening together going off into various rooms. She told me after we got home that he had fucked her five times and she sucked him off twice more. She admitted it was the best sex she’d ever had.

Now you would think I would be upset hearing that. But truthfully, I was just happy for her. As we had sex with more and more different partners, we both learned that it made us happy when our significant other had a great experience. Sandy and Rex fucked on a fairly regular basis but slowly the novelty wore off and she tried out other partners. I had a few women who I was partial to and they were to me, and we regularly had sex together. Sometimes just the two of us and sometimes with a third or fourth partner, usually including my wife and/or Larry and Melissa.

There was a surprising amount of male to male and female to female sex that occurred. In my younger days I had always assumed that same sex action occurred only between gays but my eyes were opened to the fact that almost every person there was bi-sexual. They just enjoyed sex and it didn’t matter what the partner’s gender might be. Then one thing occurred that I thought I would never do. Sandy and I were in a foursome with another couple. They were a bit younger than we were. She was very cute with a perfect body. The guy was in great shape but had a relatively small penis. Probably about 5-1/2” long and slim. Actually that is about the average penis length but I had noticed that as a group, most of the club members had larger than average cocks.

Anyway, I was fucking his wife Marie in the missionary position while Sandy sucked his dick. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them when I felt fingers wiping some lube on my asshole. Before I totally realized what was happening, John was penetrating my ass with his hard cock. It slid right in and although I had always said I would never let anybody fuck me in the ass, it actually felt really good. My wife knew of my aversion to being ass-fucked and was getting quite a kick out of me having a dick up my ass. I learned later that she put him up to it. She figured with his small size that it wouldn’t be that difficult to penetrate my ass.

I have to be honest, the sensation of my hard cock pumping Marie’s tight pussy while John thrusted his cock in and out of my rectum was almost more pleasurable than anyone had a right to expect. It wasn’t that long before I felt John’s cream spurting in my asshole and that triggered my orgasm and I flooded her cunt with a major cum load. Then as John pulled his cum covered cock out of me, Sandy grabbed his dick and sucked it clean while Marie did the same thing to me.

After we got home that’s all we could talk about. We relived the experience over and over. I sucked her clit to several orgasms and she coaxed another one out of me with her expert oral action. That led to a few days later her ordering a strap-on online. The cock on the strap-on was bigger than John’s and it took a bit of getting used to by me as it was initially a bit painful. I never understood what a woman gets out of using a strap-on but she said it gave her a feeling of power and that she usually had an orgasm. She had become extremely orgasmic as our sex experiences expanded, so I didn’t doubt that fucking me could make her cum.

She took the stupid thing to the club and she talked both Larry and Rex into letting her fuck their ass as well as several other willing club members. There was one guy in particular who really got off on her fucking his ass. He would get on all fours as she knelt behind him and fucked away. You could see his big hard dick dangling down and after ten minutes or so of her banging away, huge streams of jism would spurt from his dick. This became the talk of the club and it got to where they would do it in one of the main rooms with many members grouped around watching. The guy admitted to Sandy that her strap-on gave him the best orgasms of his life. Any time we were at the club and he showed up, he would beg her to fuck his ass. And she would. I told her she should start charging him a fee.

There was one gal who I was particularly taken with. She was probably the youngest woman there and was only 23 or 24. Her husband was older. Maybe 35. She had a very athletic body which I find especially attractive and a terrific set of real tits without any sag at all. She had a beautiful face and of course was in great demand but she was very particular about who she had sex with. Fortunately I was one she liked. Sandy used to tease the hell out of me about Gina preferring me over some of the studs that were members. Gina and her husband didn’t come regularly, maybe every other couple of months. But when she was there she always looked me up and I was only too happy to oblige. But the odd thing was, her husband did not want her to fuck anybody. Only blowjobs or handjobs. She preferred blowjobs. In fact she once told me she would rather suck a dick than fuck one. I don’t know if that was true or if she was just sticking to the party line.

No matter. Whatever the truth was, the girl sure loved to suck a cock. She gave, without a doubt, the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. It’s hard to describe exactly what she did that made her blowjobs so good. Part of it was she literally worshipped my cock the whole time she was licking and sucking it. To her, it was like my cock was the only thing that existed in the world. She would pull her lips off of it and then stare at my dick like it was the most wonderful thing in existence. She was also adept at deep throat. I’m only about 7-inches so it wasn’t a major feat to deep throat me but the frosting on the cake was as she took my entire length, her tongue would flick out and lick my balls.

On several of the times when she sucked me off, Sandy would be there just watching. Not participating in any way because she didn’t want to be a distraction. But she was hoping to learn what this girl’s secret was because I had raved about the quality of her blowjobs. And it paid off. Sandy became the second best cocksucker in the world. She never fully approached Gina’s competence level but came close enough to make me happy. Even Larry commented about how great her blowjobs had become.

I know it’s probably hard for some of you to believe, but our swinging lifestyle has really cemented our relationship. I love Sandy with all my heart but there’s nothing wrong with mind-blowing sex with other partners. Feeling those spurts of cum go down some stranger’s throat or vagina makes living really worthwhile.

That’s it for now.

Confessions of a High School Cum Queen

By Spurtz

Confessions of a high school cum queen

This first person story was related to me by a gal I dated for a few months. She was in her mid-thirties when I dated her and her sexual interests had substantially expanded beyond handjobs by then. Here’s Stacey’s story:

When I was about 13 I started taking an interest in what was hidden in a boy’s pants. There was Johnny, a boy down the street who I played with quite a lot. He was 14. We spent a lot of time together but nothing of a sexual nature ever came up. Until one fateful day. Somehow we got on the subject of the differences between male and female genitalia. I don’t even remember how we got there.

After much discussion he asked me if I had ever seen a dick. I had never seen a real penis and this was before the internet so I hadn’t even seen a photo or a video of one. We had a sex ed class in school and one of the upper classmen had shown me a text book that had a drawing of a flaccid one but it wasn’t anything special.

After I told Johnny that I had never seen one, he asked if I would like to see his. Hell, yes, I wanted to see it. And I told him so. We were playing cards at his parent’s home. They were not home from work yet. And wouldn’t be for another hour or so.

Johnny unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his jockey shorts down to his knees. His dick was a very unimpressive little shriveled up thing with some tufts of hair around it. His wrinkled little balls were equally uninteresting. He could tell by the look on my face that I was disappointed.

“Wait,” he said. “You need to see it hard.” He started pulling on it and before my eyes I saw it get bigger and bigger. I think subconsciously I knew something about hard-ons but seeing it actually happen in front of my eyes was quite exciting. I didn’t realize it at the time but I later learned that for a 14 year old, Johnny actually had a pretty impressive dick. In fact, to my virgin eyes I thought it was huge. It was probably five inches long when it got fully hard and fairly thick. He kept stroking it up and down and the head had a pink glow to it. I was in love. I felt a tingling in my pussy as I stared at Johnny’s hard penis. I really wanted to touch it. I had never been accused of being shy so I blurted out “Let me do that for you.” And reached over and grabbed his dick and started what I later learned was “jerking him off.”

It felt so good in my hand that I didn’t want to stop. I could tell by the look on his face that I was providing him a lot of pleasure. He whispered, “Tighter, faster,” and I tightened my grip and sped up my strokes. “When it cums, don’t stop,” he cried. I didn’t know what that meant but I figured whatever happened, I would just keep pumping him.

“Oh, Stacey,” he groaned, “I’m cumming!” And with that, streams of white juice started spurting from the tip of his cock. I was amazed by what I was seeing but also terrifically turned on. I really loved seeing his jism rocketing out of his cock.
After Johnny finished shooting I kept on jerking his cock just like he told me until I guess it got too sensitive and he asked me to stop. As he was cleaning up all the cum he told me he had learned to jack himself off about two years ago but only had been shooting some cum for about six months. He told me what a great feeling it was to cum.

After that first experience I started jacking Johnny off three or four times a week. I would have been happy to stroke his cock every day but it wasn’t always possible. However, some days, if we had the time, I would jack him off four or five times. By the time I was 15 I had jacked his cock too many times to count. He had wanted to fuck me and although I was tempted, my mom had driven the thought into my brain that it was too risky and I might be pregnant. And frankly, I had developed the ability to have orgasms just from jacking off Johnny’s nice prick.

I started dating when I was 15 which opened up all new opportunities for me. With every guy I dated I couldn’t wait to get his dick out of his pants and jack him off. Most guys were a bit shocked at how eager I was to pump their dicks dry. It would usually happen after some heavy necking and the boy’s cock would be like a bar of iron when I felt it through his pants. I would just come right out and tell them to get it out, that I wanted to see it. They were always very happy to oblige. That’s when I learned that dicks came in all sizes and shapes. Most of the guys were circumcised which I generally preferred but I also liked the variety of having a foreskin to play with sometimes.

My favorite thing to do, of course, was watch them spurt. I quickly learned that once I started jacking a guy’s dick, I was totally in charge. When I got them close to cumming, I’m sure they had a fleeting thought about what to do when the jism started spurting. But by that time they didn’t care. I knew, of course, that most of the time a giant mess was about to occur. Some guys came a lot more than others. But I loved the mess. I got off on seeing a big load of jism spurt out of the guy’s cock. I always made it a point to make sure that most of it shot up all over his front and coated whatever he was wearing with layers of semen. It got me off to wonder how they would explain being covered in cum stains when they got home.

Unfortunately I could only get away with that once with the same boy. The next time I jerked him off he would be prepared. But shooting his load into a cloth or tissues really spoiled it for me because I wanted to see the cum fly. Sometimes if we were parked in a really secluded area I would get the boy out of the car and stand outside and jerk him off standing up. He would shoot his load onto the grass and hopefully there was enough moonlight that I could see the streams of jism jetting out of his penis.

I also enjoyed doing cleanup on the boy’s cock. I always had some tissues with me and there was something really erotic about holding a half hard penis and carefully wiping any excess semen from it. And if the guy had a foreskin, I would roll it back and there was always some stray cum hidden there. By my senior year I had advanced to sucking the boy’s cock clean. I wasn’t big on giving head, however. Mainly because I wanted to see that hard cock while I stroked it and also get a good view of semen spraying everywhere. I couldn’t do that with the dick in my mouth.

As I became more adept at giving hand jobs I came up with other little tricks to enhance the boy’s orgasm. My thinking was that the more intense the orgasm, that more cum would be produced. And I really got off on big cum loads.

One of my tricks was to lube up my middle finger and shove it up the boy’s ass while jacking his cock. The first time I did it, the kid was really shocked but quickly learned to love it. I would pump my finger in and out as I stroked his cock and just as he was about to cum, I would quickly pull out my finger, which I was told made the orgasm even stronger and would usually produce strong multiple jets of creamy semen.

Another thing I would do is grab the guy’s nuts. Not actually his nuts because that would hurt but I would wrap my hand around his nut sack just below his cock but above his nuts. I could squeeze that area as hard as I wanted without hurting my partner. When I did that it would pull the skin super tight over his nuts and sometimes I would lick his balls as I jacked him off. I learned to let go before he came because gripping his sack too tightly would cut off the flow of jism and I sure didn’t want that to happen.

My interest in ass-play led to one other thing that I did that got my boys really turned on and produced massive cumshots. I would have them get down on all fours. The sight of their cock and balls dangling between their legs was a real turn-on for me. I would reach between their legs and grab their hard penis and stroke it while I tongued their assholes. My teen partners could hardly believe I would do that but they all admitted it felt fantastic. I didn’t do it too often because my main enjoyment was seeing hard cocks spurting out big cum loads and when I was licking their assholes, my view of their cock was non-existent.

I was especially turned on by cockheads. I loved the silky skin that is unlike any skin found anywhere else on the human body. Maybe a bit like lips. When I got a guy really hard, the skin would get stretched super tight on the head of his cock and literally gave off a shiny glow. I loved to run the tips of my fingers all over the head. I had also learned how super sensitive the area on the shaft just below the head was. I found that I could hold the guy’s cock in one hand and rub my fingers up and down on that area called the frenulum and actually make the guy cum. I loved the way their bodies would start jerking spasmodically as their orgasm approached. Sometimes I had a difficult time holding onto their cock. Then I would feel the shaft start to pulse and then streams of that wonderful white juice would start to shoot. Some guys were more dribblers than shooters and I would never give them a second go. I liked to see my cum spurting out, the farther, the better. Johnny, my first, was also my best shooter. Sometimes after edging him for as long as possible, I would finally allow him to cum and omigod the jism would rocket out of his dick and fly out four or five feet.

There is one experience that I had that I frequently think about and wish I could do again. George, a senior in our high school who I frequently jacked off, was from a rich family who lived in a huge house. His parents were out of town for the weekend and he invited me to the house to spend some time together doing you know what. I had a better idea. He had several close schoolmates, all of whom I had previously jacked off. I suggested he invite them over as well. He didn’t like that idea too much but I said if he wanted me to get him off, he had to do it. He wanted to know what I planned and I said he would find out.

At the appointed time four of his friends showed up and I told all five of them to get their cocks out because I was going to jack all of them off. The boys all stripped down knowing what was waiting for them. I proceeding to start with George and I had his big cock shooting streams of semen in no time. The other four were stroking their hard cocks watching me get George off. Then I worked my way through all four and before I knew it, I was back to George again who was hard as a rock. By the time the afternoon was over I had jacked off every one of them three times and after the four left, I gave George another handjob. Not much cum came out but he said it still felt incredible to get off four times. I was in heaven with all those erect cocks waving around. He wanted me to help mop up the cum that was all over the marble floor but I made him do it. I loved the control I had over guys. They would do anything I asked.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the word got around school that I liked to give handjobs. As a result I ended up jacking off just about every guy in the school at least once. Probably 200 different dicks. I enjoyed the variety. It almost seemed that no two dicks were the same. I constantly had guys pestering me for dates. A few guys I took a special interest in and would go out with them many times. It was usually the best cummers that I favored, but I also went back for repeats with some of the guys with the biggest dicks because they were especially fun to jack off.

The girls at school of course hated me and constantly spread stories about me. I didn’t care as long as I had more cocks to play with. I don’t know how it happened but in my senior year I was voted “Most Popular,” despite being universally hated by the girls. I’m guessing that every boy voted for me and the girls split their votes among several others which allowed me to win.

I had my own secret award that I called “Best Cock.” I made up a paper certificate in art class and awarded it to Johnny. He was not only my first cock but overall he was the best. He graduated a year ahead of me so I had to give him the award while I was still a Junior. His dick had grown a bit more and by the time he graduated he had a solid 7-1/2” long and very thick cock. And as a special reward, I also gave him my first blowjob and also let him take my cherry.

We went steady for a few years and he was ok with me giving the occasional handjob to some of the guys we knew. Sometimes he would watch while I jerked a guy off. The guys knew it means nothing to me other than another cock to play with. They were happy just to get an expert handjob, even when Johnny was sitting there watching and playing with his own cock. After I finished with the guy, I would jack Johnny off to a massive cum while the other guy watched. I still see Johnny once in a while although he’s married now. Sometimes we meet up in a dark bar we both like and I will jack him off under the table. The bar’s owner never says anything about the mess we make because I jack him off a few time a month to keep him happy.


The Early Days

By Spurtz

How I learned to jerk off

How I learned to jack off

I learned how to masturbate strictly by accident. Although I can’t remember exactly how old I was, I’m guessing I was about 10 or 11.

When class at school let out for recess, we would all go out to the school playground. There was a large swing set that was supported by metal poles in an “A” shape. The poles were about four inches in diameter. Some of the boys, including me, would wrap our legs around the poles and climb up while the girls were in the swings. I noticed that it felt good for my penis to rub against the pole. I learned that the trick was to hunch up the pole a couple of inches and then slide back and inch or so. This felt incredibly good. After hunching up and sliding back a number of times, I achieved orgasm. And that produced the best feeling in the world.

Of course it was a dry orgasm but what a wonderful feeling. In my kid brain I thought I had discovered something that no one else knew about. I was hooked. I did it every single recess. Surely the teacher knew what I was doing. In retrospect it had to be extremely obvious I was jerking off.

Then disaster struck. I hunched the pole and had an orgasm but also felt pain in my penis. I slipped my hand down my pants and felt wetness. No, I hadn’t cum. This wetness was blood. My hunching friction had torn my foreskin.

I only lived a few blocks from the school. I told the teacher I had an emergency and had to run home for a few minutes and took off. Both my parents worked so no one was home. Thankfully my dick had stopped bleeding by the time I got home but my Jockey shorts were soaked in blood. Miraculously, none had soaked through my pants. I cleaned myself up and threw away my bloody shorts and went back to school. The teacher never asked any questions thankfully. That curtailed my masturbation for a few weeks.

Amazingly, I didn’t figure out that I could duplicate the swing set pole activity by jerking my dick off with my fingers. That came a bit later. My best bud at the time was another kid my age named Denny. As class let out one day, an older kid who was probably 13 , told Denny and me that he had something to show us. He led us back into some bushes where he unzipped his pants and took out his erect penis. He invited us to both to do the same but we were too shy. He proceeded to jack off in front of us and very quickly produced several squirts of semen. I really can’t recall if I was aware that semen could be produced by jerking a dick, but in any case it was quite an eye-opener. I learned then that orgasms could be achieved by hand.

Now that I knew I could jack myself off with my own hand, that became a daily activity. And at some point I produced some semen. I also had regular wet dreams that were quite pleasurable, but messy.

My family lived on a large wooded 40-acre tract. The back of our property butted against Fort Belvoir and extensive training exercises took place in those woods. I used to prowl those woods and one on of my trips I ran across a group of wooden benches. It may have been a resting point for soldiers training in the woods. One of the benches had an incredibly detailed pencil drawing of a couple fucking. While I was vaguely aware that a man put his penis inside a woman’s pussy, I thought once the insertion was made, the two just lay together. Somehow I hadn’t connected the jerking of my cock with movement inside the woman’s pussy. But the drawing made it very clear with a series of motion lines behind the guy’s butt showing that thrusting was occurring. Then a light bulb went off over my head and I realized what actually happened when fucking took place as I connected that to my jacking off.

When I was 13 or 14 I was very active in a scout troop. In fact my dad was the scoutmaster. We had gone on a two day hike on the Appalachian Trail. There were about 12 scouts, my dad, and a junior assistant scoutmaster, who was probably 19 or 20.

We found a spot to overnight at a little campsite that included a three sided lean-to. Four of us, along with the assistant scoutmaster, gathered in the lean-to while the rest pitched tents. Everybody had settled in for the night in our sleeping bags on the floor of the lean-to while the assistant scoutmaster was on a raised bench at the back of the hut. It was pitch dark when the voice of the assistant said, “Hey guys, look at this.”

He turned on a flashlight he held in one hand that illuminated a big red cock that he was masturbating with his other. He must have been jacking it for a while because just as he shined the light on his dick, a large amount of cum was oozing out. I remember being very fixated on what I was seeing. My cum always squirted out when I came but his was just flowing out of his dick. It was also very, very thick and not near as liquid as I was used to. He kept the light on the flowing cum as he milked every last drop out. Then turned it off. Not another word was said and as far as I know, nobody even mentioned it to one another the next day. I wondered if I should tell my dad but was too embarrassed to bring up something like that.

The only porn that was available back then was the rare 8-page bible that would turn up and get passed around. If I was lucky enough to get to hang onto one overnight, it would produce a frenzy of jerking off. I do remember one time jacking off five times in one night over an 8-page bible. They are available for downloading on the internet now and while I find them slightly arousing, it’s also amazing to me that I would get so excited looking at one to jack off five times.

By the time I was 15 I had discovered the joys of pussy and all through high school much of the cum I produced was achieved with a partner although I still enjoyed jacking my dick as frequently as possible.

Hard-ons in class were a constant daily activity. I had one pair of pants that had a large hole in the pocket and I would pull the head of my dick through the hole and massage it with my fingers in class. A couple of times I went too far and shot my cum into my pocket. As soon as class was over I would rush to the boy’s room for a secret clean-up. I would also try to achieve at least one orgasm a day in one of the stalls in the boy’s room. Sometimes I might jack off in there two or three times a day. Being a teen, it never took longer than a couple of minutes to shoot a load into the toilet. I’m sure plenty of my classmates were doing the same thing but I never knew or even suspected that others were doing the same thing I was.

It’s kind of amazing how easy it was to get hard back then. I could be sitting in class and just look at one of the girls sitting around me and instantly get hard. Looking back it almost seems like I was erect about 90% of the time in class. When getting up to go to the next class I would have to hold a book in front of me to hide my hard dick.

I focused 100% of my attention on the girls in high school and never paid any attention to my fellow male students who all probably had hard-ons as frequently as I did. Looking back I now wonder how many of the young female teachers were aware of all the hard dicks that were probably in their classes. I’m not sure how many of the female students were cognizant of being surrounded by a bunch of horny boys with throbbing cocks in their pants. Probably a bit different in the high schools of today where all the students are a lot more hip to what’s going on around them and way more sexually aware than when I was in high school.

At least from a sexual standpoint, I would love to be a high schooler today. Although I can’t really say I was sexually deprived during my days in high school. By the time I was a senior I had a steady girlfriend and we fucked every chance we had. At least four or five times a week. It’s a miracle we never got caught. We actually were sort of caught once by another couple who we were going to the movies with. We were at my parent’s house waiting to get picked up. I was lying on the sofa while my gf straddled me and bounced up and down on my cock. The other couple arrived way early and walked in on us.

We were both fully dressed and my gf’s skirt covered everything but there was no doubt as to what we were doing. They said they would wait in the car and left. My dick had gone limp so we didn’t finish. Nothing was ever said about it.


The Art of Sucking a Cock

The Art of Sucking A Cock

By Ariana, submitted by Spurtz

Let me give you some quick background on me. All my friends tease me about my name because I look just like Ariana Grande, and Ariana is my given name. I took art in school and when I was a Junior in college I met an older gentleman who I was super attracted to. Older men don’t usually interest me but this guy was hot. Turned out he was the senior partner in one of NYC’s major art galleries. I was a budding contemporary artist but had never sold anything. But Frank saw something in my art that up to then, nobody else had. He fed me some money for larger canvases and told me to produce as many paintings as possible over the next few months.

The Art of Sucking A Cock

Frank staged a major showing of my art in his gallery and promoted me as the next big thing in contemporary abstract art. I guess buyers of art need to be told what’s collectible. Frank put some unbelievable pricing on my stuff and I walked away with over $100K after his commissions. Quite a take for a 20 year old. I dropped out of school and devoted 100% of my time to painting. You probably saw the article in Time Magazine about me which basically allowed me to double the prices on my art. I’m now probably the richest cocksucker in New York. Or maybe the U.S. The world?

I think I was about 12 or 13 when I first was aware that girls put a man’s cock in their mouth. The idea horrified me. Guys pee out of that thing! Why would any woman want to put it in her mouth?

I carried that attitude for the next several years. When I started dating at 15 I had some experiences with boy’s hard-ons. I would be kissing a guy and he would place my hand on the outside of his pants for me to feel his hard cock. That was fun and I played along with it. Then about the third guy I dated was a real kisser. He really had me worked up and one time when we were parked in a secluded area and he was frantically shoving his tongue down my throat, I heard his zipper go down. He placed my hand on his erect penis. I gripped it. It might have been my imagination but I felt that thing throbbing in my hand.

I looked down and there was enough light that I could clearly see the inflamed head of his cock. I was intrigued by how tight and shiny the skin looked on it. For some crazy reason I had an overwhelming desire to put my mouth on it even though I had never, ever had even the tiniest thought about ever sucking a boy’s dick. I leaned over and slid my lips over the velvet head of his cock. I was amazed how hard it was, almost like it had a bone inside. Yet soft on the outside. The cockhead had a spongy feel in my mouth that I really loved. I knew nothing about sucking a cock but some basic instinct took over and I began to move my head up and down and sucked for dear life. Now this kid was about 16 and had likely never experienced anything like what I was doing to him and in a remarkably short time….disappointingly short for me….I felt his body tense up and his hands clamped my head tight to his body and he filled my mouth with cum. I really wish that it had lasted much longer before he came because the feeling of his erect prick sliding past my lips was a huge turn-on.

The taste was not that great and my immediate reaction was to open the car door, lean out and spit the jizz onto the ground. But I didn’t do that. I was aware that women swallowed an ejaculation and although my original reaction to that idea was one of disgust, I took a couple of big swallows and down it went. My partner sat there in total disbelief. First, that I had sucked him off and made him cum, and secondly, that I had swallowed his load. I immediately became some kind of sex goddess in his mind.

After I got home I wondered what had come over me and made me want to suck his cock. But all humans are born with a very strong desire to suck. That’s how babies keep alive. They suck. And I guess that desire to suck stays with you. Both women and men. But a percentage of those women and men are never able to put that desire to suck into actually performing the act.

Some women can never get past the idea that it’s a dirty act and might spend their whole lives without ever going down on a cock. And a bigger percentage of men never do it for fear of being labeled as gay even though they may have a strong desire to try it. And many perfectly straight men do end up trying it and loving it. Men can suck each other’s cock as a sex act, not a love act, and it really is not a homosexual experience.

After that first young boy, I went on to suck many cocks because I loved the feeling of a hard prick in my mouth. I particularly got off on the consistency and the look and feel of the glans, or cockhead. When soft it has a very spongy feel which mostly goes away once it’s fully hard. I also find it interesting that the type of skin found on the head of a cock is unlike any other skin on the human body. At least as far as I can tell. The color of the glans can vary among men. I like it when it has a deep purple color to it but sort of shading to red when it’s really hard. And I like the way the coronal ridge has a darker hue to it. In case you haven’t figured it out, I really like cocks.

As they say, practice makes perfect, and I became a very proficient cocksucker. Unfortunately the word got around in high school and I was quite popular. Literally every guy in school wanted to date me but I was very selective in who I dated.

I developed a keen sense of exactly what I wanted in a boy’s cock. Sometimes during an initial make-out session I would feel the boy’s hard cock through his pants and if it was too small or too big, nothing more would happen, to the boy’s bitter disappointment. Sometimes I might not really be sure feeling it through his pants and would get it out for a closer look. If I got that far and the dick really wasn’t what I wanted, I would usually go ahead and at least jack the guy off. Really small dicks did not interest me and although a big cock could be fun to play with and admire, they really weren’t suitable to be sucked and less so to be fucked. I didn’t do much fucking in high school. Although what little I did was totally enjoyable, I always preferred to suck a guy off.

But I also enjoyed jacking guys off. I liked it when a guy had a foreskin that I could peel back and see the cockhead sort of pop out. I usually didn’t need lube with an uncut cock although it didn’t hurt to apply some. Cut cocks always jacked better with lube. Many times I would start out with a guy just playing with his cock. It was fun to start with one that was totally flaccid although with my younger partners they were usually at least half hard by the time I got it out of their pants. But it’s fun to start with a soft dick and work it to full hardness applying some lube along the way. Always best to use a nicely flavored lube because at some point that cock was going in my mouth and I wanted it to taste good.

My preference was an average sized dick in the 6” range and somewhat thick. But a really big dick was too difficult to get in my mouth and after a short period of vigorous sucking my jaw would start to hurt. And fucking a guy with an 8” or more cock was just too painful. Not that I ever saw very many that large. Something like less than 2% of the male population has a cock over 8-inches long and I can really only remember one guy who was hung that large. And I did try to fuck him just to see what it would feel like but I didn’t enjoy it.

The Art of Sucking A Cock

Once the cock is out and fully hard, I usually give it a close exam while giving the guy compliments on what a great cock he has, never taking my eyes off of his prick. Guys love having their cock worshipped and I really didn’t need to pretend, as I really did worship cocks.

One trick that I like to do when I am going down on a guy is alternate between sucking and actually kissing his prick. I have had guys tell me that experiencing me plant a nice wet kiss on the tip of their cock is way more erotic than me sucking him. Obviously sucking is more tactile and can result in ejaculation, but isn’t, I guess, as romantic as having their hard penis kissed. So I’ve kissed a lot of cocks in my lifetime.

And speaking of a hard penis, it really annoys me when a guy can’t get rock hard. I know that there can be many reasons why a guy can’t get hard, but subconsciously, I read it as a rejection of my appeal. It’s my duty to make his cock hard and if it isn’t, then I’ve obviously failed and I don’t like that. And there are varying degrees of hardness. While most guy can get adequately hard, at least hard enough to satisfy me, there are a few who, I swear to god, their cocks are like a bar of steel. I love that. I had one lover who was about 30 years old (as was I at the time) whose cock stuck almost straight up and was unbelievably hard. Just for grins I would grab it and try to pull it down and it was impossible to do so. If a date couldn’t get hard to my satisfaction I would immediately move on.

My favorite sensation while sucking a cock is when my lips slide down over that satiny head and kind of pop over the coronal ridge onto the shaft. Making that transition from the head to the shaft is a very sensuous moment for me. I really like guys with an oversized glans that allow my lips to slide over the ridge onto the cock shaft. Although I prefer circumcised cocks, I’m fine with uncut ones as well, as long as the foreskin will slide all the way back and expose the head. In fact there is something very erotic about sliding my lips over the uncovered head and down the shaft and meeting the bunched up foreskin. That’s really hot. But I’ve experienced a small percentage of uncut guys whose foreskin is too tight and won’t retract. It’s no fun sucking a cockhead that’s covered in skin. Why don’t these guys get that fixed? It’s a very simple procedure to fix it.

As most of you probably know, the man’s frenulum and the coronal ridge are the most sensitive areas of the guy’s cock. Sometimes I just like to make a guy cum by licking his frenulum and not even sucking it. Licking and just sucking the head and the frenulum area can be a lot of fun and guy’s love it too. Generally I do jack the shaft while doing the licking.

I know some women get off on playing with a guy’s balls. Sucking and fondling them. I don’t dislike it and I do it because I know guys love it. But my main interest is the guy’s cock.

I mentioned earlier that on my first blowjob I wanted to spit out the cum, but didn’t. Over the years I have learned to love a cum load in my mouth or down my throat. I can’t say that I’m addicted to the taste. I’m not. But I don’t mind it. I get a huge degree of satisfaction making a guy cum from sucking his cock. And my reward for that accomplishment is shot after shot of hot semen shooting into my mouth and down my throat. And I love swallowing that cum. And to cap off the experience there is always some additional cum left on the cock shaft or even on the head after the guy blows his load, and the icing on the cake for me is to finish off cleaning him up with my tongue and lips. And I can usually milk a few remaining drops of semen onto my tongue after he’s finished cumming. Guys love this and so do I.

The reason it’s important to me to swallow rather than spit, as many women do, is to me, spitting is a rejection of the man’s reward to you for sucking him off. Swallowing his cum is a confirmation to the man that you totally accepted his offering. Some women will suck a guy’s cock and when he’s close to cumming, they pull off and finish him off by hand or let him do it. To me, that’s a total rejection of the act you just performed. A blowjob should only be finished one way. And that’s having the man’s penis unload his cum offering into your mouth and you swallow it down. And then lick or suck him clean.

I’ve done a few threesomes with a couple of guys and of course sucking both cocks at the same time is always an important part of the session for me. In every threesome I’ve done I’ve attempted to get both cocks in my mouth at the same time. While this isn’t actually very practical, it’s just something I want to do because of my love for hard cocks in my mouth. Of course the size of the two cocks is an important factor of how successful it might be. Two fat cocks are an impossibility. I haven’t actually had a case where I couldn’t get both cocks in, but a couple of times it was tight. Doing anything more than sucking the heads is not possible. No sucking up and down as my mouth is just too full for any movement. Plus there isn’t much stimulation for the guys because typically their two frenulums, that super sensitive spot under the heads, are pressed together with no friction. I did have one guy ejaculate while his and another guy’s cocks were in my mouth but he was just overly excited by the whole scene. That was kind of fun but a bit messy since it was hard to swallow.

Another thing I learned early on, and this was from seeing it done in a video online, is sliding a finger up my partner’s asshole while blowing him. A little lube on a finger usually allows easy penetration and gently sliding it in and out while sucking him off provides a heightened sensation for him. I also learned through experience that swiftly pulling it out just as the guy cums greatly enhances the orgasm. Fun stuff.

Also through experience over time I have gotten quite good at deepthroating a cock. I can now take most guy’s cocks down my throat right to the balls. I think the biggest dick I’ve totally deep throated was about 7-1/2 inches. It was a struggle but I did it. It took me quite a bit of practice to work past the gag reflex. It’s not easy. But I took it as a challenge. I had seen videos of other women taking really big cocks right to the balls and figured if they could do it, so could I. And as an additional treat, although quite difficult, when I have taken the entire cock as far as it will go, my tongue flicks out and licks the guy’s balls. Every once in a while, the guy I’m deep throating will grab my head and hold my lips tight to his balls and empty his load right down my throat. This is another whole experience. There is a moment of fear for a few seconds that I might choke or not be able to breathe, but then I feel the semen shooting down my throat and I get an incredible feeling of exhilaration that I’ve given my partner a world class blowjob.

I love sucking cock so much that I would give myself several orgasms while going down on a guy. As a result, I usually never needed to be fucked or sucked although from time to time I did enjoy having a hard prick rammed up my cunt or having a guy go down on me and suck my clit until I came again and again. I am multi-orgasmic and not exaggerating, but in most of my sessions just sucking a cock, I probably had five or six orgasms without even touching my clit although I did frequently frig myself while sucking dick to speed things along.

I’m afraid that my desire to suck cocks has turned me into a bit of a slut. I’ve met guys at a party and snuck off into a bedroom for a quick blowjob never to see them again or even know their names. I’ve sucked off some of my women friends’ boyfriends or husbands. Sometimes secretly and other times with their full knowledge and approval. I had one close girlfriend who always complained to me that her husband was constantly bugging her for blowjobs but she hated doing it. I can’t recall the details of the discussion but we’d had a few drinks and I think I offered to suck him off if she wanted. In our drunken state she thought it was a good idea. I told her I would only do it if she was present in the room. She agreed.

I went to their house and it was necessary for everybody to have a few drinks because in a sober state, it didn’t seem like that great of an idea. At least to her and me. Her husband thought it was a great idea. He and I got naked and I proceeded to give the guy a world class blowjob while his wife watched in stunned silence. I managed to make it last for a good thirty or forty minutes. I even tongued his asshole while jerking his very large cock. In fact he had a really nice prick and I thoroughly enjoyed sucking him right to the balls. When he ultimately orgasmed, it was literally one of the largest cumloads I had ever taken. The cum actually squirted out both sides of my mouth as I greedily tried to swallow it down.

After it was over his wife told me it was the hottest thing she had ever seen in her life and she demanded that her husband fuck her right then. He was able to get it up and ended up fucking both of us because watching the two of them fuck got me pretty turned on as well.

The positive thing about this session was her seeing me suck him off changed her attitude about giving blowjobs. The crazy thing is she asked me to teach her all my tricks which I was happy to do. One thing led to another and we used her husband as the live action subject of my blowjob lessons. I would show her a particular trick I used on his cock as the example and then she would mimic what I showed her. The three of us developed a really strong relationship during these lessons and quite frequently after she became very proficient at sucking his cock, they would invite me over to give him what I called a “demo” blowjob. As much as she came to love sucking his cock, there were always a few times he wanted to be sucked off and she wasn’t in the mood. My phone would ring and I would show up and give him a world class blowjob. She always watched and without fail it always led to her wanting to get fucked. And me too. After our get togethers became a regular thing, she started calling him “Mr. Lucky.”


High School Years

High School Days, an erotic memoir

By Spurtz

My high school years were a sexual wonderland. While I achieved a high degree of success with my sexual experiences back then, I just wished I had known then what I know now and it would have likely been overwhelming. All that young pussy dancing on my dick or sucking me to a terrific orgasm with my semen shooting down those teenage throats.

My first experiences had nothing to do with any high school girls, however. I worked part time in a gas station and one night a cute little girl started coming into the station to buy candy or ice cream. She was coming in three or four times a week fairly late at night and would insist that I wait on her. She literally would stand inside the station and say nothing until I would ask her if I could help. So the other guys caught on that she would only talk to me. After a couple of weeks of this the other guys kept teasing me that she wanted me to fuck her. So one really slow evening she came in and I took her hand and led her into the ladies room, locked the door, and proceeded to attempt to fuck her. Not having any real idea where the opening to her pussy was, I nosed the head of my dick around looking for it and ended up cumming on her pubic area. She was cool about it so the following night I had her come by when I got off work and drove to a secluded area and fucked her properly in the front seat of my car.

Concidentally, a few days later a buddy and I picked up two girls who were hitch-hiking to Florida. We drove to a local park where my bud wandered off with one of the girls and left me with the other. She more or less admitted that the two of them were fucking their way to Florida, so I took her back in the bushes, and fresh from my success with the previous girl, proceeded to put it to her. Later when I told my buddy what happened, he was really pissed because he didn’t do anything with the one he was with.

Then the following weekend, myself and two of my guy friends picked up a beautiful young light skinned black hooker and all three of us fucked her. So in the span of about two weeks, I lost my cherry and fucked three different girls. I was 15 at the time. In the state I lived in back then, it was legal to drive at 15, in case you were wondering.

These experiences really whetted my appetite for pussy. In a way, these early successes somewhat limited my various paths to sex. I became so fixated on fucking my various partners, that the joys of handjobs or blowjobs weren’t much of an attraction. And were something I missed out on during my early years.

Every girl I dated during my high school years I tried to fuck. And I had a high degree of success. I remember one girl in particular named Jeannie. I never wasted much time. I usually tried to get in their pants on the first date. I got the usual resistance from Jeannie but after quite a bit of spit swapping she let me feel her bare tit. My dick was like an iron bar and I kept trying to get my fingers inside her pants but she wasn’t going for it. Finally I unzipped my pants and took out my rock hard dick. I put her hand on it and she jerked it away like she had touched a red hot poker. I pulled her hand back and finally she gripped it lightly. I tried moving her hand up and down the length of my cock but I don’t think she understood the concept. This was back in the ‘fifties and teen girls then didn’t really know much. I’m sure it’s the first cock she’d ever touched.

I told her that the head of my cock was the most sensitive area and asked her if she could stroke it with the tips of her fingers. Reluctantly, she did and as I moaned in ecstasy she got a bit more into it. I explained how rubbing the frenulum felt fantastic. I didn’t even know what that word meant back then, I just knew that area was super senstive. This was my first experience of being masturbated by a girl. I begged for her to let me touch her pussy and she finally relented. She was wet which I now know indicated she was sexually excited but back then I didn’t know anything about that.

I got my fingers inside her pussy but at that time I didn’t even know a clit existed so I just pumped my fingers in and out of her. I begged her to let me put my cock inside her but she wasn’t going for it. Finally I said, just let me put the head in. I told her that’s the most sensitive area and it will feel so good. After much back and forth with me promising that I wouldn’t fully penetrate her, she finall agreed. I got her panties off and spread her legs on the front seat of my car. I did just slide the head of my cock into her now sopping wet slit. I had every intention of honoring my promise although every fiber of my body wanted to slam my cock the full depth of her cunt.

I began to very slightly move my cockhead in and out of her juicy slit. It felt like heaven. But never more than about an inch of penetration. To my wonder and surprise, she locked her arms around me and whispered “Put it all the way in.” And I was happy to oblige. What a wondrous feeling as my cock slid into her. No resistance so I’m assuming her hymen was gone although I doubt she had been fucked befoe. Possibly a hairbrush handle had taken care of it.

As I pumped my cock back and forth inside her, I knew I couldn’t last long and I really didn’t want to ejaculate inside of her. So when that excrutiating feeling started, I pulled my dick out and spurted a big load of jism all over her tummy. She wasn’t really ready for that but later said she was glad I didn’t cum inside her. We cleaned up with some Kleenex that I always kept handy in case I got lucky. We proceeded to continue dating for a couple of months and fucked every chance we got. We used condoms so I could ejaculate deep in her pussy. Unfortunately, back then I had no clue how to get my partners to orgasm so all of our couplings were basically about getting me to cum. The more we did it the more I was able to make it last but looking back I doubt if she every had an orgasm. Of course, back in that era, she may not have even known it was possible for a woman to cum. Times have certainly changed.

My current GF makes sure she orgasms every time we fuck. Sometimes she has her own fingers working her clit while we are fucking and other times she manages to arch her body in such a way that her clit rubs against my pubic bone. The drawback to this is that when she does that, it pushes my cock down in such a way that it hurts. I never say anything because I want her to cum but while she’s doing that, there is no possibility for me to orgasm so I wait until she’s done and then finish the fuck off with a nice orgasm of my own. Sometimes I try to rub her clit while we are fucking but she prefers to do it herself.

Girl’s School

by Spurtz

Girl's School, Erotic Story by Spurtz

Years ago I was employed as an instructor/teacher at a very exclusive girl’s school in upstate New York. This school had a small enrollment but because the tuition was incredibly high the school could afford to have very small classes. Most of the classes I taught were limited to about seven or eight girls. The classes were from freshmen to seniors so the age range was 14 to 17.

One of the classes that I taught was human sexuality. This school was quite liberal and this was made very clear to parents before a child was enrolled. The school made sure that the parents fully understood that their daughters would be given a complete education covering all aspects of life and that the sex ed classes would not pull any punches. That did not mean that anything overt would occur….or at least it wasn’t supposed to.

I had just started a new semester and was getting to know the individual students in my classes. The human sexuality class was not tied to a particular age group. Anyone could take it whenever they wanted. Some girls elected to take it their freshman year and some their senior year with sophomores and juniors as well. So I had girls as young as 14 and as old as 17. I taught this class three times a week with a different group of girls in each class.

One of my classes was skewed to mostly young girls. There were seven girls in the class and four were 14 and three were 15.

The class had started off normally enough and by the third or fourth session, everyone seemed to be pretty comfortable with the subject. By about the seventh class the subject was on masturbation, both male and female. This was the first time I had taught this particular class subject and I was a little nervous. Mainly because up to now, most of the classes had been sort of impersonal but now we were starting to get down to a much more personal subject and I was somewhat apprehensive as to how these young girls might react.

I figured that I would break the ice and get started by letting them vote on whether the class, which was two hours long, would start off with male masturbation or female self-pleasuring. To my surprise all seven raised their hands in favor of male masturbation.

As I launched into my presentation using some fairly explicit drawings on large format poster board I could tell that I had everyone’s attention as their eyes were riveted to a drawing of an erect penis. As I described the mechanics of masturbating a male member, I got somewhat caught up in the subject and began to embellish my presentation with some twists that were not part of the prepared comments.

My first descriptions were how a guy would masturbate himself and rather than limiting my comments to running a fist or fingers up and down the length of a cock, I also described how extra fulfillment could be had by massaging one’s testicles and I even went so far to describe the joys of inserting a finger up one’s ass while masturbating. I got a few shocked looks from the younger girls in the class on that one.

While I was describing the finer techniques of masturbating a male organ one of the 14 year olds raised her hand.

“Yes, Nicole, what is it”

“Mr. Brown, you are describing how a guy does it to himself. Do girlfriends ever do it for the guy? It looks like it would be fun.” Nicole asked.

“Why, yes, it is very common for a girlfriend or wife to masturbate her man.” I replied.

This began a whole succession of questions and after a number of lengthy discussions about male masturbation one of the older girls raised her hand.

“What is it Britney?” I asked.

“What you are telling us and showing us with those stupid drawings is all well and good but I think this class would be much more valuable if we could see the real thing. After all, you are a man and you have a penis, so why don’t you demonstrate to us exactly how a guy jacks off and maybe give us a chance to practice?” she asked.

This was followed by a number of comments from the rest of the cast agreeing with her suggestion.

I swallowed hard and it took me a moment to get my breath. I saw a picture in my mind of these seven young things taking turns practicing on my prick and I could feel it start to swell in my jeans.

“I have to admit that’s a very good idea but it really isn’t part of the prepared curriculum and I could very well lose my job for straying too far outside the guidelines set by the school,” I replied.

“But Mr. Brown, who would ever know? I know for a fact that it is school policy to never interrupt these sexuality classes. The school feels that the subject matter is too important to have the class concentration broken by somebody opening the door. So you know as well as I do that nobody is going to come in this classroom during the class,” Britney argued.

“That’s true,” I replied, “but it is more complicated than that. Suppose one of the members of this class decided afterward that what we did was out of line and reported me to either the principle or to a parent?”

Britney turned to the rest of the class and said “Let’s see a show of hands on who wants to see an actual demonstration.” Six hands, plus Britney’s, shot into the air.

“OK,” I said, “but that’s not enough. I am going to type up a release form that specifically states that each of you is in 100% agreement with what has been proposed. Also that it was the class’s idea, and not mine.”

I knew, of course, that such an agreement wasn’t worth the paper it was written on but I figured once they all had signed it, they would think twice about ratting me out. I typed up an agreement couched in the most legal terms I could dream up and had spaces at the bottom where all seven could sign their names in agreement.

Once all seven signatures were on it, I put the document in my briefcase. While doing this I noticed the group had put their heads together and were whispering among themselves.

“Mr. Brown,” Britney piped up, “we all agree that we don’t want you to just unzip your pants and take your thing out. We want you to take your pants and underwear completely off.”

So without any further ado, I stripped off my slacks and pulled down my underwear. Despite the distraction of typing up the agreement and getting the signatures, my cock had continued to harden while my mind raced over the idea of exposing myself to these young girls. So when I pulled down my Jockeys, my prick literally sprang out and slapped against my stomach. There was a collective gasp from my admirers when they first saw my erect prick. My cock, when fully hard, is a good eight inches and quite thick. I looked down at myself to see that it was a bright red and already oozing some precum at the tip.

Young Lindsey, one of the 14 year olds, couldn’t contain herself and blurted out “Omigod….I never knew that a penis was that big!!”

The drawings that the school had prepared had actually shown an erect penis that was quite small….even smaller than an average cock. I guess they didn’t want these drawings to be overtly sexual. So when the girls first caught sight of my prick, I guess it was quite a shock.

“Penises come in all sizes” I volunteered, “and mine just happens to be a little on the large size. Have any of you seen an erect penis before? And if so, please tell us where and what the circumstances were. Let’s see a show of hands.

Only two hands were raised. One was fifteen year-old Britney, which didn’t surprise me, and the other was fourteen year-old Nicole. I pointed to Britney to go first since she seemed to be more comfortable talking in front of the group.

“The only erect penis I have ever seen was my dad’s. And only once. It is nowhere near as big as yours. He and mom were playing around on the sofa after I had gone to bed. I came back down the stairs to get something to drink and saw them. Mom was playing with dad’s hard penis. I didn’t stick around to see what else happened.”

I pointed to Nicole. “What was your experience,” I asked.

“It was my brother. He’s sixteen. This just happened last semester break. I guess he thought he was home all alone but I had come in unexpectedly and caught him jacking off. As soon as he saw me he stuffed his penis back into his jeans. He was really upset and made me promise not to tell. His was much, much smaller than yours. I had no idea that a penis could ever be as big as yours.”

While this conversation was going on, I was leisurely stroking my penis with one hand while lightly squeezing my nuts with the other. I didn’t need this stimulation to keep it hard. Just standing in front of seven teens with my prick exposed was more than enough to keep it hard.

“OK,” I said, “that leaves five of you who have never seen an erect penis before. I think the next step is for me to go around to each of you individually and let you get a close up view so you fully understand what a hard penis looks like. We will start with you, Britney.”

With that I stepped forward and stood next to Britney’s desk. I was standing so that my penis was less than six inches from her face. My cock was so hard that it was standing straight up. I released my hand from it so she could get the full experience of checking it out.

“What is that wet stuff at the tip?” she wanted to know.

“That’s called pre-cum,” I answered, “and it is extremely slippery. It seeps out of the man’s penis when he is aroused and it’s purpose is to coat the head of the cock so that it will easily slip into a woman’s vagina.”

We had already covered intercourse in some of the earlier classes so they knew what I was talking about.

“That’s fascinating,” Britney responded.

And without thinking she involuntarily put out a finger and got a dollop of pre-cum in her finger tip. She then rubbed two fingers together with the pre-cum between them.

“Wow….that stuff is really slippery” she exclaimed. “the rest of you guys have to feel it too.”

Before I could move to the next girl, Britney said, “To really benefit from this demonstration, I think you need to let us find out what a hard cock feels like in our hand.”

And before I could answer she reached out and grasped my cock. Her little hand and fingers couldn’t go completely around it but she did take a nice firm grip on it.

“Ooohhh,” she exclaimed, “it feels really hot and also hard and soft at the same time.” She slid her fingers up to the head and began kneading my knob. More pre-cum was drooling out and she took some and spread it all over the head of my cock. The feeling of her young teen fingers massaging the head of my prick was out of this world. At that point I would have been more than happy to just stand there and let her continue to explore my prick. Just before I started to move to the next girl she reached out and cupped my balls with her other hand. She began to gently massage them while rubbing my cockhead. I really thought I might cum so I gently pulled away while telling her that I had to give the other members of the class an opportunity. She reluctantly let go and I moved to the next girl, Kim, who was one of the 14 year olds.

Emboldened by what she had seen Britney do, Kim immediately tried to wrap her hand around my cock and grabbed my nuts with her other hand. Her hand on my testicles was actually somewhat painful so I had to let her and the others know that balls had to be treated very gently. I showed her how she could let them roll between her fingers and that it was ok to tug on them as long as she didn’t actually squeeze the two hard nuts inside my sack.

After giving each girl an opportunity to feel my cock and examine it up close, I returned to the head of the class. I leaned back against my desk and started to stroke my cock. I proceeded to demonstrate all the different ways that a cock could be masturbated. Several times I had to stop because I was so close to cumming.

Britney asked if I was going to eventually let them see me cum and I replied that I was. I was very close right then but I wanted to make this last as long as I could.

Then one of the 14 year olds who hadn’t really said anything and who had very gently felt my cock raised her hand.

“Mr. Brown,” she said, “I have an idea that I would like to suggest. How about if you let each one of us masturbate your penis and whoever does it the best gets to make you cum?”

“Amber,” I replied, “I think that is a great idea but I am not sure that I can keep from cumming while all seven of you demonstrate your ability. I am very close to cumming right now. Between all the handling of my cock that you girls have already done, plus all the demonstrations that I have given, I am very close to ejaculating already.”

Britney piped up “I thought that a guy could take a breather for a while and the urge to cum would go away?”

“Yes, that’s true,” I replied, “ we can certainly try that. If I feel I am about to cum, then I will tell you to stop but you must promise me that you will obey my order.”

They all agreed. So we prepared seven slips of paper numbered 1 through 7 and the girls took turns drawing the slips to determine the order that they would take masturbating me. There was one of those large clocks with a sweep second hand that is found in every school classroom. I told them that they each had 60 seconds to try out their masturbation techniques on my rampant penis. If any one of them had me about to cum before their 60 seconds were up, we would stop and give me a breather and then they could continue with whatever time was left. This fortunately had taken enough time to explain that my urge to cum was long gone.

Each girl took her turn masturbating me. I stood at the head of the class and leaned back against my desk while they did their thing. Most of them would stand on one side of me, depending on whether they were left or right handed. With some, one arm would be around my waist while the other grasped my cock and pumped away. Some would stand directly in front of me and stroke my cock with one hand and massage my nuts with the other. Fortunately my cock continued to produce a lot of pre-cum so they all had lubricant to help them stimulate my penis.

The real surprise was when number six got her turn. It was one of the 14 year olds and up to now, Mylie had been the most shy of all the girls. She got directly in front of me and in fact knelt down before me. She got up extremely close to me and at first I actually thought she was going to take the head of my cock into her mouth but that didn’t happen. She smeared the pre-cum all over the shaft and particularly right under the head and then started vigorously pumping my cock. While pumping my rock hard prick she took the index finger of her other hand and smeared it over the oozing pre-cum. I was so far out of it that I didn’t even stop to consider why she was doing this until I felt her finger slide right up my asshole. Omigod….I damn near unloaded all over her. I yelled out “Stop” and tried twisting away from her. Her finger slipped out of my ass but she wouldn’t let go of my cock. I finally pried her fingers from around my member.

“My god, Mylie,” I panted, “I almost sprayed a huge load of cum all over you. How would you explain that to your classmates out in the hall after this class? You would be dripping in cum.”

She apologized but I could tell she was secretly pleased that she almost made me cum.

“From what you tell me,” I said to them, “none of you have ever seen a man ejaculate. (This was before the internet back when kids this age were somewhat naive about sexual things.) So I have to warn you that you will be quite surprised at how much semen spurts out of a man’s cock when he cums. And the more foreplay that takes place, such as what we have been doing here for the last 90 minutes, the more cum shoots out. If Mylie had jerked my cock one or two more times, especially with her finger up my behind, I would have totally covered her in my hot sticky semen.”

Now they were all terribly excited about seeing me cum. We still had one student left to jack on my cock and I proceeded to let her have her 60 seconds of time pumping away on me.

After she had her turn, and before I could pick the winner, which I now decided was a bad idea anyway since it would make one girl happy and piss off the other six, one of the girls suggested that instead of me picking a winner that we automatically declare Mylie the winner since she was the only one who got me close to cumming. Truth be known, I almost came when every one of the seven jacked my cock but Mylie was the only one who I had to ask to stop.

The other girls all chimed in that they agreed that Mylie should have the honors. But Britney offered a qualification before she would agree. Since we had a great many more classes before the school year was over, she wanted me to agree that each week I would allow a different girl to jack me off until all seven had had that experience. Of course, I gladly agreed.

Mylie was more than pleased to be the one to have the honor of making me cum. To avoid anybody getting splattered since I knew that I would be shooting a huge load, I suggested that Mylie position herself at my side. She could use her right hand to jack my penis and she could put her left hand around my back and insert her finger in my ass if she still wanted to do that. Then I suggested that the other six girls position themselves with three on one side and three on the other with an open space in front of me where I could ejaculate my cum for all to see. We moved some of the desks out of the way so that there was a clear path for me to shoot.

Before we got started, I went to my briefcase and produced a bottle of Astro-Glide. I had planned to talk about it as a masturbation aid but hadn’t gotten around to it. By now they all knew the benefit of a lubricant but I was afraid that I might have depleted my supply of pre-cum. I took the bottle and squirted out a generous amount of the stuff on my cock and instructed Mylie to stroke it up and down to make sure my entire cock was coated. Then I dripped out some more onto the middle finger of her other hand and directed her to smear it around my asshole and even to slightly penetrate me to get me fully lubed.

While Mylie positioned herself, the other girls clustered around both sidea of us with all eyes intently on my still distended and now glistening slick prick. My erection was so hard, it was almost painful.

Mylie wrapped her petite little hand around my cock and expertly slid her middle finger into my anus. I almost came when her finger penetrated me.

Then she started to pump my huge prick. Her little fingers only going about half way around it’s impressive girth. But as she stroked me she rotated her fist as I had demonstrated to the group earlier so I was getting incredible stimulation over my entire cock.

I spread my legs so that she could get her finger even further up my anus and as she furiously pumped my cock, her finger was thrusting in and out of my asshole. I could feel my orgasm building and I tried every trick in the book to hold off ejaculating as long as possible because it just felt so damn good. But it was not to be. With a rush that even caught me by surprise I knew that my orgasm was only a pump or two away. Somehow Mylie seemed to know this as her grip on my cock tightened and the speed of her jacking increased so that her hand was but a blur on my prick.

“I’m cummmmming…..” I blurted out. And with those words the semen came boiling up my shaft and spurted out in stream after stream of hot, sticky goo. The first two shots had to have flown a good six feet and additional spurts were almost as long. Although I didn’t count them, the girls insisted that I had to have shot at least twelve or fifteen different spurts of cum. I don’t know the actual number but I know it was more than I had ever cum in my life. I am a voluminous ejaculator in normal times but this was far from normal and my cum splattered from one end of the classroom to the other.

I had instructed Mylie before we started that when I began spurting that she was to not only continue, but to, if possible, pump my penis even faster and not to stop until I told her to.

She was an outstanding student and a quick learner as she furiously pumped my cock even after the last strings of cum had spurted out. I finally could take it no longer and asked her to stop. She did stop jerking me but didn’t let go of my cock.

Where do these young girls learn this stuff? It must be natural instinct but even after she stopped pumping me, she did continue to very slowly milk the length of my softening penis to get every last drop of cum out of me. While this was going on the other girls just stood there with their mouths hanging open and shocked looks on their faces. Finally Britney volunteered that even after my warning about how much cum would be produced, they still weren’t ready for what they had just seen. They all excitedly chattered among themselves about how exciting it was to see my massive prick spew forth all that semen.

As I wiped the last few drops of semen from my wilting prick, Mylie used some paper towels to clean up her hands.

“Mr. Brown,” Britney said, “I can’t wait until we get to the class covering oral sex.”

Bangkok Body Massage

By Spurtz

Bangkok Body Massage, erotic memoir by Spurtz

Back years ago there were a series of movies about a woman named Emanuelle. These films were, at the time, some of the most explicit and erotic mainstream movies in release. One of them, I don’t recall the title but they all had Emanuelle’s name in them, took place in Thailand. At one point in the film Emanuelle and her husband, along with another woman, went to a massage parlor in Bangkok for a full body massage. This is where the woman giving the massage basically does it with her nude body as opposed to her hands.

At the time that I saw this, I thought it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. Both Emanuelle, her girl friend, and the husband all had these naked hotties writhing their bodies all over them. I told my wife that before I died, I would have to experience that. It became a running joke between us about me and the Thai full body massage treatment.

Years later my wife and I and two other couples put together a 28 day tour of Asia. We flew to Tokyo, then to Kyoto, and then rode the bullet train to Osaka where we flew to Hong Kong. Several days were spent in each city we visited. Some visits as many as four days and some as little as two.

From Hong Kong we flew to Bangkok and then to Penang, an island off the coast of Maylasia. From Penang it was on to Singapore, then Jakarta and Bali, both in Indonesia, then back to Hong Kong and then home to Los Angeles.

Prior to the trip, I incessantly joked with my wife about what I was going to do when I got to Bangkok and during the first part of the trip we talked about it on numerous occasions. Although getting one of those full body massages was a long time dream of mine, in the back of my mind I knew it would most likely never happen.

My wife was fairly jealous and used to get quite upset if I showed any interest in another woman, even if it was just an innocent flirtation, so I never thought she would put up with me going to a Thai massage parlor. Since all our conversation about it was just light banter in a joking way, I never really seriously considered it.

We had four days in Bangkok and by the second day my wife asked me if I was going to get the Thai body massage. I realized that she was serious and I sort of hemmed and hawed around and said I didn’t think so.

There was a book in our hotel room that was full of advertisements for all kinds of tourist delights and so she started paging through it until she found a massage parlor that advertised full body massages. She showed me the ad and told me that I had been talking about this experience for ten years and now I had the chance to do it and I would be crazy not to take advantage of it.

I was really surprised that she was so gung ho for me to do this so naturally I said I would. But I was a little gun shy of striking off into Bangkok, especially to a massage parlor, on my own. So I called the room of one of the guys traveling with us and his wife said both of the guys (who were brothers) were in the hotel gym. So I went to the gym and told them what I wanted to do. I had joked with them about doing this so they weren’t surprised that I was going. At first they didn’t want to go because they were very worried about what their wives would say.

Finally I talked them into it and they basically just said to their wives that we were all going for a massage. After getting cleaned up we met in the lobby and got a taxi. It turned out to be quite a trip mainly because Bangkok traffic is incredibly bad. After more than a half hour the cab pulled up in front of a building that looked exactly like a hotel. The cab driver said he would wait for us.

Once in the building it was obvious that it had been a hotel at one time. The lobby still had a registration counter in it but the main part of the lobby contained a huge glassed in section with some S-shaped steps. I think there were about 8 steps and the whole thing was maybe 20 feet long. Arranged on the steps behind the glass were about 20 truly beautiful Thai girls. There was probably room for as many as 60 girls but this was mid afternoon and I presume more girls showed up later on in the evening.

The manager, who spoke perfect English, explained that we could pick out which girl we wanted. Each one had a badge on with a number and we would just give him the number of the girl we wanted. Some of the numbers had a “B” in front of them, which meant that girl did the body massage. Out of the 20 or so girls, maybe six or seven of them had the “B” prefix.

He went on to say that we could have a 90-minute session with the girls for $100 each. We had been told by our guide when we first arrived in Bangkok that we should never pay the asking price for anything. Always bargain. Our guide said that the Thai business people always ask double. So did we bargain? I guess we were all so hot to trot that the thought never crossed our mind. Plus I guess a hundred bucks seemed like a bargain.

Stewart, the older of the two brothers, picked out an extremely beautiful girl who had a nameplate with a number and the “B” prefix. Don, the other brother kind of surprised me by picking what I thought was just an average looking lady, also with a “B” prefix. I kept looking longer than either of them, very carefully judging all the remaining girls with the “B.” I finally found one who I thought was extremely exotic looking and also young.

We went to the counter and paid for all three of us with my company credit card. The manager got the three girls and brought them over and introduced us. Stewart’s girl spoke perfect English. Don’s could speak a little but mine couldn’t’ speak a word. Each girl got a tray with several vials of liquid. The trays were supplied by one of the girls behind the counter. We then followed the girls to an elevator and we went up about three floors. I think the building had about five floors. The manager came with us.

When we got off the elevator, the upper lobby area had a stack of inflated air mattresses. Each girl picked one up and started down the hall. Each of us three couples went into separate rooms. When I entered the room, the first thing I saw was a round bed with a giant mirror over the top of it. The manager briefly explained that there was an intercom by the door and we could order drinks and even snacks if desired. There was also a knob on the wall that switched to several different kinds of piped in music.

After he left, I looked at the room. It had two levels. The upper level was where the bed was and then there were about two steps down to the lower level, which was all tiled. Over on one side of the lower level was a sunken tub. The young lady with me (I later found out she was 19) laid the air mattress down on the tiled floor and began to draw water into the tub.

While the water filled the tub, she started disrobing. As soon as she was totally naked, she stepped over to me and began to undress me. I was totally knocked out when I saw her body. She originally had sort of a shapeless dress on and it was hard to really judge what her body looked like but it was near perfect. Thai women, as a group, are among the most beautiful in the world. Most of them are actually Eurasian because years ago there was a very strong population of people from Europe, primarily France, in Thailand and a great amount of mixing of races took place with really fabulous results.

Anyway, I digress. Once she had me stripped she took one of the vials of liquid off of the tray she had and poured it into the bath. It was some kind of aromatic bubble bath. Then she motioned for me to join her in the tub and she proceeded to give me a wonderful relaxing sponge bath. She scrubbed my entire body, not missing a single spot.

After completion of the bath she had me get out and she had a hand held showerhead on a long hose and she hosed us both down getting all the bubble bath and soapsuds off of us.

Then she directed me to lie down on the air mattress on my stomach. She took another vial of liquid from her tray and poured it into a wooden bowl and then took a wooden spoon and began to whip the liquid into a froth. It turned out that this stuff was some kind of lubricant. It was almost the consistency of whipped cream and not at all greasy. Using some of this stuff, she started giving me a conventional massage, starting at my feet and working up my whole body and down both arms. Then she had me turn over and repeated the whole process. Of course I was hard as a rock by now and in fact, I first became erect in the tub.

Once she completed the hand massage she lathered the lubricant onto my body very liberally and then proceeded to lay on top of me and began to writhe around on me. She did some extremely interesting and erotic things with that great little body of hers. She slid up and down my back, moving her body all over mine from head to toe. Then she turned me over, put a another layer of lube all over me, and did the same thing to the front of me…..sliding her slippery body up and down over my cock multiple times. I thought a couple of times that I might cum but she kept mixing it up enough that I didn’t get sensory overload on any one part of my body.

Then using her pussy as her massage tool, she proceeded to press it against any area of my body that she could and then would rotate it around massaging me with her pussy. She did this on my thighs, my hips, my arms, and the one that I will never, ever forget is she had me on my stomach and proceeded to straddle the back of my neck and gave me a neck massage with her pussy. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

She had so many different ways to massage me with her body that I can’t even remember all of them. I just know that this went on for over an hour and I never wanted it to stop. But all good things must come to an end and she finally got up and motioned for me to get up. Using the hand held shower, a sponge and some soap, she washed all the lubricant off of both of us. Then she toweled us dry and pulled me to the bed.

I will be honest about it, at this point I was so incredibly relaxed, I think I could have gone to sleep. I flopped down on my back, totally relaxed but she wasn’t having any of that. Up to this point, while she never avoided my penis, she had never totally focused on it. It got a huge amount of stimulation but so did the rest of my body. Any penis contact was just part of the overall experience. But now that changed.

She put my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Even though she was a paid sex worker and had probably had thousands of dicks in her, I was totally fascinated with her pussy and wanted to go down on her so before long we were engaged in a very hot ‘69’ and her little pussy was as fresh and as sweet as you could ever hope. After a while I stole a glance at my watch and saw that we were running out of time and I really wanted to finish the session off with a good fuck and a satisfying orgasm. And that’s exactly what we did. This was pre-AIDs so a condom was not mandatory. Fucking a prostitute without a condom is probably risky even without AIDs but at that point I didn’t care. Anyway, once I set my mind to getting my orgasm, it didn’t take long for me to fill her up with cum. It was one of the most satisfying orgasms I ever had mainly because all the foreplay was definitely the most erotic that I ever experienced. And it had lasted way longer than most foreplay does.

She cleaned me up and we got dressed and just as we did, a little light went on over the door indicating our time was up. When we got back to the lobby, Stewart was sitting there with the girl he had been with. I sat down with them and my girl joined me. Stewart explained that Don had ordered a drink and they brought the wrong one so they had extended his time by another 15 minutes. So we sat there and Stew’s girl translated several questions I had to my girl. That’s when I found out how old she was. I also asked if any men ever brought their wives along and was informed that was fairly common with Europeans but not so much with Americans. In the back of my mind I was thinking that might be a fun thing to do although I doubt my wife at the time would have gone for it.

I was impressed with the fact that the girls stayed with us instead of immediately hustling back over to the steps. Things were picking up by now as a lot more girls were on the steps with many more patrons checking them out than when we had arrived.

Finally Don came down and the three of us started towards the door. Amazingly, the three girls followed us out the door and even more amazingly, our cab was still there. As we got into the cab each of the girls gave us a hug and kissed us goodbye. I was very impressed with this as it really was totally unexpected.

On the ride back to the hotel, which was even longer than the ride over because traffic had gotten worse, the three of us excitedly compared notes. We all agreed that it was definitely a high point in our sexual experiences, if not the best. The two brothers were also very worried about how they were going to explain our lengthy absence. They spent the last fifteen minutes of the ride conjuring up an elaborate story and made me swear to go along with it in case anything came up while the whole group was together. It didn’t so I wasn’t put in a position of having to lie.

I finally got back to my room and my wife was concerned because I had been gone so long. But I explained that the massage place was quite a ways across town and that traffic was a bitch, which she already knew. And then I told her that the sessions itself was 90 minutes and she wanted to know every detail.

So I proceeded to tell her the whole story in as detailed a fashion as I possibly could. I didn’t leave out anything. By the time I got to the part about the girl massaging my neck with her pussy, my wife was obviously getting really turned on to the whole thing. As I continued to tell her about it, she undid my belt and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. We were already laying on the bed. She said the story was so hot she wanted me to fuck her and continue to tell her the story while we did it.

As I was riding back in the cab I was thinking I would be lucky to get it up again for a few days because I was so wiped out. But reliving the experience by telling my wife about it, especially once she had freed my cock and started sucking it, damned if I didn’t get rock hard again and before long we were both ripping our clothes off and I plunged my prick into her sopping wet pussy and proceeded to fuck her brains out. The whole time I am pounding away I am giving her all of the sexy details of everything I did. I told my wife that I had gone down on this sweet little Thai girl and sucked her pussy and how good it smelled and how sweet it tasted. The more details I divulged the more frantic our thrusting became and before long I was shooting another load of my cum as she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm crashed home.

After we both came, we just lay there exhausted with our sweaty bodies stuck together. Finally I rolled off of her and lay there totally drained. We both agreed it was one of the best fucks we had ever had. I told her maybe I needed to go to a massage parlor more often. She didn’t think so…..

Note: This was the first time in my life that I ever paid for sex and I must say it was probably the best $100 I ever spent. As a note of interest, I read a story in one of the forums on the net, and I believe it was Solotouch, where the writer described a massage parlor in Bangkok and all of the details matched so perfectly, it had to be the same place.


Tantric Massage Stories

By Spurtz

I found a site that was L.A. based that listed people available for sex although the listings were thinly disguised as massage or similar services. But when you clicked on the listing you were taken to websites that were more descriptive of the services offered along with lots of photos. I was always curious how come they were able to get away with what they were doing without the cops shutting them down.

Anyway there was a listing for something like “The Tantric House of Pleasure” that interested me. I looked at the website and the photos of several women were very enticing. And the list of services offered were also quite appealing. The two services I selected were “extended orgasm” and “prostate massage.”

At the time I was between marriages and had nothing going so I didn’t mind spending a few bucks to get off. So I called the number and made an appointment. The fee was $300. I think that was for an hour and a half.

I went to the address which turned out to be an apartment in Santa Monica. It was one of those apartment complexes made up of several two story buildings arranged kind of like a college campus. I went to the address and rang the bell and after a short wait, an attractive 20-something opened the door. She was dressed in an “I Dream of Jeannie” outfit. She asked if I could wait as my girl (she had some exotic term for her that I don’t recall) was not there but would arrive shortly. So I sat down in the living room which was done up like a harem complete with incense burning. Flowing large silk sheets (I assume) billowing from the ceiling.

After about ten minutes an absolutely drop dead beautiful blonde blew in the door. She looked and dressed like a college-coed. She apologized for being late and said she had to change clothes and would be out in a minute. She came back shortly in another harem get-up that was actually quite attractive.

Neither of these two girls looked anything at all like hookers. I really thought they might be working their way through college. My girl was extremely well spoken and obviously intelligent. She took me into one of the bedrooms. The other girl was just finishing up with another client as we walked by the other bedroom.

My gal had me strip down and lay naked on a massage table. The bedroom was also all done up in an Arabian nights theme. She laid the usual small towel over my privates and got to work. She apologized that no prostate massage would be done because she had forgotten her rubber gloves but said she would reduce the fee.

Then she gave me a fairly cursory light massage and got right into the extended orgasm which in reality was basically just an edging handjob. I will give her credit. She knew just when to back off to keep me from cumming. After about a half hour I couldn’t hold back and went ahead and blew my load. I don’t know if the orgasm was all that extended or not, but it was damn good. Overall it was an extremely pleasurable experience because the girl was extremely pretty, talked to me through the entire session, and the setting was very erotic.

A couple of months later I called again but the number no longer worked and they didn’t have an ad in the site any more where I found them.

Several years later I went looking on the site and found another listing for a team massage. A guy and a gal. No Tantric connection and really no suggestion of sex. But I thought it was worth a shot. They did outcall and showed up at my house with a folding massage table. The girl was Asian and very pretty. The guy was average looking but both were friendly and down-to-earth. Still not knowing if any sex was involved, when they asked me to get undressed, I went ahead and stripped down in front of both of them. Climbed on the table. and when asked if I wanted a towel I said no. They both started kneading me and it was really nice. In fact I almost dozed off. Then I realized only one set of hands were working me and it was the girl. It was difficult to turn around to see what was going on but the guy was actually fucking her while she massaged me.

Once I realized sex was on the table, I turned over and the girl immediately started stroking me and the guy continued to fuck her from behind. I really can’t remember if she blew me or not. I’m kinda thinking not although things were just getting started with regard to the future. Once I came, they wrapped things up and left but I already made an arrangement to come back the following week. The next time any charade regarding a massage was forgotten. The massage table wasn’t even used and we had a full-on MFM threesome. I fucked her, she sucked me, I blew him, but he didn’t reciprocate although I didn’t care as long as she sucked me off. I think we hooked up a third time and then out of the blue, she called me and wanted to know if she could just see me and cut out the guy. The problem was, he was only giving her a third of the money and she didn’t think it was fair. And it wasn’t because as far as I was concerned, she was the main attraction.

I saw her a few times after that but then I hooked up with another gal that didn’t cost me anything so that was the end of that.

An interesting thing about the guy, in the several sessions we had, I never saw him cum. I asked the girl if she ever saw him blow his load and she said he hadn’t. The other thing I found odd, was he never really seemed to be into the sex stuff. It was more like just something to do to keep from getting bored.

Somewhere around that same time frame I hooked up with another outcall masseuse. Might have found her on that same site. She was quite pretty and also very accomplished but it was strictly business. For the basic fee, which I think was $150, she would come to my house and wear a somewhat revealing teddy and jerk me off. If I wanted her to disrobe, it was more money. If I wanted a blowjob, it was even more. So we just stuck to basic handjobs. But surprisingly enough, I invited her out to dinner prior to one of our sessions and she was more than happy to go. She was very intelligent and a fun conversationalist. We did go out a couple of times. Even after I would ejaculate, she would clean me up and stick around for a half hour or so just to talk.

This was in the middle of my first foray into M2M sex and I told her about some of my escapades. She was very interested and asked lots of question. Then one day she called me up and said she had a client who was bi-curious but was afraid to act on it. So she told him about me and said she would talk to me about a threesome. He would pay for everything (he was a doctor) and she would be there to lend a helping hand but it would primarily be me and the guy. I told her sure.

Then after talking to him she called back to set up a date. She had dreamed up some elaborate scenario where we two guys would be blindfolded along with a bunch of other stuff that I don’t even remember. Oh, one of the things was that after we were blindfolded she would masturbate each of us to get our cocks hard. Some of her scenario didn’t really sound plausible to me and I gave her a few suggestions without letting her down. I can’t remember what the final playlist was but I remember I was ok with it. I had told her about cock-to-cock jackoff with a woman doing the jacking and she was all for it. Surprisingly she had never heard of it but thought it was a terrific idea.

So we set a date and time and I was really looking forward to it. But about an hour before they were supposed to arrive at my house, she called to say he had a medical emergency to attend to and couldn’t make it. My guess is he got cold feet. A make-up session was never scheduled. About that time I hooked up with a gal who become a permanent girl friend so I more or less lost touch with the masseuse. We would email back and forth from time to time but that eventually died out. In one of her last emails she said she had quit the massage business so I assume she had met someone and possibly gotten married.

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