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My Adventures with Sex Toys

By Michael Lowe Wright

Originally published on

The following is kind of raw and honest about some very personal stuff. It may be too much information for some visitors; if that’s you, or if you’re under legal age, you really should go read something else instead.

One of my hobbies/interests is exploring the use of sex toys for personal growth. I was reviewing adult toy items on Amazon and realized there is stigma around admitting to using them for sexual pleasure. Lots of people don’t have a human partner, and for those who don’t sex toys are absolutely essential for personal recreation and release of tension. No one should feel shame and be unable to talk about enjoying their own sexuality.

So I wrote this. I’m really exposing myself here, so to speak, and I want to talk freely about my use of sex toys, no matter how embarrassed I may feel sometimes about it being out there for everyone to read. If one person feels better about themselves, or less burdened by guilt, or less afraid to use sex toys, then I’m OK with it.

I’ve lived alone and without any serious relationships for a long time; that’s not what I’d have chosen for myself but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt, and for the most part I’m content with it. I’m blessed to have known true love more than once in my life, and not so blessed to find that I’m incapable of being a good partner – in large part because, as it turns out, I am and always have been nonbinary/gender fluid. One compensation is that I’m able to explore my sexual nature deeply without concern that I’m being selfish. For this reason, sex “toys” are, for me, tools to aid in that exploration. As many have before me, going back into the dim reaches of human existence, I’ve learned that sexual energy and consciousness can lead a person into not only ecstasy but also useful knowledge about their “spirit body” (that virtual us where stomach butterflies live) and from there into self-knowledge, peace of mind, and healing past trauma. For me, as a poet and an observer of life in general, these experiences give insight and inspiration unavailable elsewhere.

So please understand that what I talk about here may not be useful to couples seeking some bedroom fun advice – I’m doing this to share what I’ve learned and the experiences I continue to have because I think not only do they have value in their own right but also because they shed light on the roots of some of my creativity and motivation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chastity Cage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Michael Lowe Wright and his chastity cage

Michael Lowe Wright in his chastity cage

When I recently saw several women comment online that all men should wear a chastity cage routinely, I realized that was something I needed to try, so I could understand what they were talking about. I bought one from Amazon and was amazed at how comfortable it is to wear. That’s how it came to be one of the two “toys” that have become vital parts of my life. I reviewed the one I bought at Amazon and pretty much said it all there, but wait! there’s more. That one rusted and I had to buy an otherwise-identical stainless steel one to replace it. [Because of a constriction in my urethra, I’m still unable to insert the matching catheter so that’s going to have to wait for another day. I’m fascinated by the idea of my maleness being (temporarily) so completely shut down: caged, intubated, and unable to move or respond to anything – but to be honest it’s also kind of terrifying.] I’ve learned to get the ring on and off fairly quickly now but I had to do it a few times first – one doesn’t want to squish the tender parts!

Since I’m always naked at home*, it’s very strange to suddenly have an implacable, heavy metal cage clamped and locked onto my crotch in full view; it’s humiliating to be seen wearing it and to always have it there in my lap drawing attention. On the positive side, since it can’t be ignored I have opportunities to talk about why I’m wearing it. I also want to be transparent about wearing the cage when I’m in public, so any time I do I lock a chain around my left ankle as a signal to anyone who knows.

For me the value of the chastity cage lies in its ability to completely subvert my lifelong privilege and expectation of being able to interact with my male organ – it’s locked in a cage that in turn is clamped onto my scrotum. It’s not only that I can’t touch or play with myself, my most private area has been taken over by a piece of unyielding and uncaring metal; and it’s there all the time. These devices don’t keep you from feeling aroused, they only keep you from doing anything about it. That energy has to go somewhere, and I use controlled yoga breathing and guided imagery to direct it towards healing both body and soul. I enter states of bliss and ecstasy that leave me feeling energized and cleansed. That energy remains in my body for some time after, enabling further meditation and healing later.

Wearing it transforms my daily life, too. The only time I’m not conscious of being caged is when I’m asleep. I’m always aware at some level of the unrelenting pressure of the ring around my scrotum and the weight of the metal. All this together creates a sense of unreality in contrast with the “normal” times when I’m not wearing it, and a heightened level of awareness and sensitivity – again firing my creative energies.

Currently I’m experimenting with wearing a ‘collar’ that consists of only the base ring of a chastity cage. It’s still locked onto the big ring as securely but most of my penis is exposed, yet still restrained by the ‘collar’. This eliminates the issue of difficulty urinating cleanly and makes keeping the device clean a lot easier, while not really allowing me to otherwise use my penis. In some ways it’s more challenging to wear than the full cage – it’s possible to have an erection but it becomes engorged and uncomfortable; I can touch and hold it but I can’t masturbate. It’s possible I’ll be wearing this a lot more than the full cage.

The other thing I’ve done is to bend the pins slightly on the attachments so that they snap into place on the big ring and will stay put without a lock. It makes cleaning and swapping attachments much easier.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Dildo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Like many men, I’ve always enjoyed anal play but was ashamed to admit it until I acknowledged that I’m nonbinary/gender fluid. Then I realized that not only is there no shame but that I was really wanting it. So I bought a lifelike dildo from Amazon (see my review) a couple of years ago. It’s identical to my own organ but two inches longer. It’s a good fit, feels quite natural and good, and now I don’t know how I lived without it. If the number of people who ‘liked’ my review is any indication, I’m far from the only person enjoying this wonderful fake penis. It wasn’t until I had it filling me and, in a sense, having its way with me that I began to fully understand the mind-altering experience and joy of submission. Since I’m always naked, having it inside me can and does happen on a moment’s notice.

It’s the combination of the chastity cage and the dildo that really takes things to another level, though. I’ve worn the cage for up to three weeks at a time, and during that time I’ve had no physical outlet for sexual energy. Adding a good fucking with the dildo – and getting fucked is very different from the masturbation I’ve always had available to me – takes me to places of ecstasy and delight like nothing I’ve ever known. I should add that, as you can see from the photo above of me naked wearing the cage, getting fucked while wearing it can happen very easily and at any time – and does. (I say ‘fucked’ because this is no sterile application of a tool, it’s an active engagement with a realistic human penis.) That feeling of perpetual vulnerability to their imminent use is one of the best things to come out of my adventures with these sex ‘toys’ – knowing that I can be thrown into a state of heightened awareness at the drop of a hat.

I’ve been wanting a second dildo without the fake scrotum at the base, and recently Amazon had one for four dollars, so I bought it. I wanted to be able to leave it in place and wear it for a short while occasionally. This one is effectively a bit shorter and the glans is smaller than my other one so it’s not as much fun to use but should be fine for just wearing it.

Anal intercourse can, of course, be somewhat messy. It helps to eat a high-fiber diet and have regular movements, which increases the likelihood of the bowel being empty. When in doubt I use a glyerine suppository that generally cleans things out within about an hour. The result is that there is usually no or almost no mess involved. Nobody likes to think about this aspect but it’s easily enough to discourage someone from pursuing an otherwise delightful pleasure, so it’s worth the effort to prepare. I usually try to be prepped by early afternoon so there’s almost no delay between deciding to use the dildo and having it in place.

Dildos available on Amazon


Most of my life I thought of myself as a cis male, albeit a dysfunctional one, with a strong female side. Now that I understand I’m really neither simply male or female internally, I’ve realized my female side has been pushed down and not allowed full expression. The chastity cage prevents me from masturbating but I can still press on the glans and create sexual sensations, making it function more like a clitoris. Add to that having to be fucked to replace the masturbation and I find my female side is loving it. I’ve committed myself to letting “her” take control of my body and my life; I want to dress in short skirts and tank tops, wear simple jewelry, feel attractive, and have men wanting to fuck me – and doing it. At my age I don’t feel like much of a catch but just going fully into that space for a while heals my soul – I have a lot of years to make up for. I’m not killing off my male side here, only expanding the range of my experience and gaining more insight into what it means to be a human being. It’s all material for the poet and philosopher in me.

Here’s some poetry that grew out of these experiences:

Four Revelations

*I have a binding commitment to live clothes-free as much as possible, and I’m always naked at home in warm weather.

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Mom and Daughter Give Step-Dad a Treat #4

By Spurtz

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Mom Katie: If you read the three previous installments of this story, you will know that I was very concerned that my fresh-out-of-high school daughter Jill was still a virgin. I got the warped idea that teaching her something about sex using my new husband Bill, her step-father, was a solution. I was partly right but mostly wrong. It started off by just exposing her to an erect penis in a hot tub party that I had suggested. Unfortunately once she had viewed Bill’s monster dick, she went crazy sucking him off right in the hot tub.

The next morning, Jill then suggested that we become a nudist family at home. Looking back, I now realize that she wanted to do that so she would have instant access to Bill’s cock any time she wanted. I went along with it because I felt guilty for letting everything get started. Before I even realized what was happening, she was getting Bill off three or four times every day. Masturbating him, blowing him, and mostly fucking him.

My solution was to bring our friend Steve into the picture. Steve was a young guy who Bill and I had started having threesome sessions with about a year ago while Jill was away at an exclusive all-girl’s boarding school. Jill had no clue about any of this. She had no idea that Bill and I were swingers.

Foursome Steve: I thought I had hit a home run when I hooked up with Bill and Katie. Katie was a terrific fuck and was probably the best looking woman I had ever been with. That is, until I met Jill. Additionally my sessions with Bill and Katie had led into some cock sucking between myself and Bill. I had never sucked a dick before but one of the natural things that MFM threesomes lead to is sexual contact between the two guys. It just happens and it’s so natural. And fun.

Then when I was introduced to Jill, I knew I had hit a grand slam home run. Katie was beautiful but Jill was drop-dead beautiful. And still a teen. And all that girl wanted to do was suck and fuck. She had her cherry taken by Bill’s big cock and now she was obsessed with big dicks. Fortunately my cock was about the same size as Bill’s and Jill would spend the entire day playing with it, if allowed.

Unfortunately, because I had a regular job, I was limited to evenings and weekends with Jill. Katie, for whatever reason, wanted us to only get together at her house. There was no privacy. We were free to do whatever we wanted anywhere in the house as long as there were no locked doors. Since neither Katie or Bill seemed to mind, I would fuck Jill right on the living room sofa in the presence of both of them. Sometimes Bill and I would take turns fucking Jill. Katie would never admit it, but I could tell she somehow secretly got off on seeing either of our big cocks stretching the vaginal lips of her teen daughter.

Stepdad Bill: When Steve came on the scene, it did put a damper on how frequently I could fuck Jill. But he could usually only make it a couple of evenings during the week and then on the weekend. On those days when Jill knew there would be no Steve, she would be quite insistent that I get her off at least twice. I could tell Katie was not happy with how often my erect penis found its way into Jill’s sopping wet pussy. She seemed powerless to slow Jill down and I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Katie and I talked about it and we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would just have to wait it out. At some point, the constant sex would get to be old hat and things would slow down. I secretly hoped it wouldn’t be any time soon.

Mom Katie: The amount of sex that was taking place in our house was astounding. The crazy thing was that on one hand I hated it, but on the other I secretly enjoyed it. I never understood why, but I got a sexual thrill watching the two men punish Jill’s body with their monster cocks. Surprisingly, even with Jill’s open pussy available to either man any time they wanted it, I wasn’t ignored. Both Bill and Steve went out of their way to make sure I was getting as much cock as I wanted. I wasn’t as insatiable as Jill, but usually one daytime fuck and one nighttime fuck was enough to keep me happy. And in between I got my share of having my pussy and asshole licked while masturbating those big cocks, sometimes both at the same time. Jill would sometimes join in and finger the guy’s assholes or help me lick up any excess semen that got spilled.

One recent morning the three of us were at the breakfast nook, nude as usual. I looked over at Bill and his cock was fully erect and sticking straight up, peeking over the top edge of the table. Although he spent a good portion of the day with a hard-on, it was unusual to see it standing proud this early. I asked him about it. I noticed it appeared to have more color than usual. I jokingly accused him of jacking off. Considering that Jill was eagerly available to jack or suck his cock any time he wanted, it would be odd for him to jack off. I have subsequently learned that even when a ready hand or vagina is available, men still enjoy some solo jacking.

Anyway, Bill responded that he hadn’t been jacking off and he had no ready explanation for the erection. Sometimes it just happened, he claimed. Jill was sitting next to him and she reached out and put the palm of her hand on the tip of his rock hard prick and started rubbing it in circles. When Bill’s cock was that hard, I knew that even the slightest stimulation felt incredibly good. Then Jill moved her hand down and gripped the shaft just under the head and started masturbating him. I wanted to tell her to stop. This was totally inappropriate. Seeing my teen daughter jacking off my husband at the breakfast table was just wrong. But I couldn’t force myself to say anything.

Daughter Jill: You have probably realized by now that I worship Bill’s monster cock. I love feeling how hard and soft it is at the same time. Although the best feeling is when his prick is buried deep in my teen cunt, or shooting a load down my throat, I also get off on jacking him off just so I can see the cum shoot out. I love it when that happens. The messier the spurts, the more I like it.

This morning his big throbbing prick looked unusually inviting. It wasn’t usually erect at the breakfast table so I looked upon this as a special treat. Even from my limited experience with just Bill and Steve, I knew that men could get extra horny at any time for no discernible reason. And I could tell this was one of those times. Bill’s cock was iron-hard with a deep purple color to the shiny head. The skin was stretched so tight on the head that it looked like it was ready to burst.

I looked at mom. It was hard to tell what she was thinking. I could tell she was horrified and turned on at the same time. She didn’t say a word and made no effort to stop me so I just kept jacking Bill’s beautiful dick like a woman possessed.

Before I even realized it was happening, huge spurts of semen shot out of Bill’s dick. And the more it spurted, the harder I jacked his cock. Stream after stream of cum jetted from his pulsating prick. The juice arced high in the air and then splattered down all over our morning’s breakfast. Three plates of bacon and eggs were covered in white globs of nut juice.

I looked at Bill’s face while I kept on jacking and he kept on shooting. His eyes were rolled back in his head and his lips were pulled tight over his teeth as the orgasm of the century hit the poor guy. Bill had snaked one arm around me when I first started jacking him off. He now pulled me tight against him and muttered to me, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” And I didn’t. I was having way too much fun.

As the spurts weakened, Bill lifted his butt up off the bench and I attempted to point his dick out over the table so he could complete his ejaculations onto our breakfast. I say “attempted” because his dick was so freaking hard, I could barely move it from its upright angle. But he still managed to get all of his semen onto the table and not on his lap or onto the breakfast nook cushions. But quite a bit did end up on my hand which I eagerly licked off and swallowed.

Katie sat there in stunned silence. I grabbed some napkins that were on the table and proceeded to wipe any excess cum off of Bill’s dick. Normally I would have licked it off but there was also something extremely erotic to me when wiping a man’s cock clean with napkins or a washcloth. It really turned me on.

I got up from the breakfast nook and pulling Bill by his prick, I led him into the adjacent living room. I sat him down and then climbed on, inserting his still throbbing erect penis into my dripping wet pussy. I wanted to be fucked.

I called to mom and asked if she could fix a fresh breakfast for us while I enjoyed Bill’s monster cock invading my hungry cunt.

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Drawings By Spurtz

Followers of this website may know that Spurtz is a rather amazing character. He has had an amazing amount of sexual experience. At 89 years old, he still wanks daily, and has been with women fairly recently. He has written many great stories, both fiction and true accounts. What you may not know is he is also a very talented artist.

These drawings are by Spurtz:

Explicit drawing by Spurtz

There are some original photos by Spurtz and of Spurtz at Interview with an Extraordinary 87-Year-Old.

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Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was a sexy and highly sexual woman. She became the biggest African-American star in the world. Here is her strange mini-biography.

Josephine was born in 1906 on the wrong side of the tracks in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Her grandparents on her mother’s side had been slaves.

Josephine Baker as a baby

Her parents had a vaudeville background. Vaudeville was live variety entertainment presented in theaters. Acts ranged from singing and dancing to magic, juggling, trained animal acts, and comedy. Back in the day, vaudeville was an attractive pursuit that was profitable for some performers, but barely made ends meet for most.

Her deadbeat father was a drummer who left when Josephine was one year old. He may have been of Native American heritage. No one seems to know for sure. Her poor mother had to take in laundry to barely put food on the table.

To make matters worse, her mother found another man to marry. Another deadbeat. Oh, this one didn’t leave the family, but he didn’t work either. He spent his days sitting around reading the newspaper. The family was so poor that Josephine, her younger step-brother and two step-sisters, her mother and father all slept in the same bed.

After a while, that was too much for her, so she took to sleeping on the floor, under a blanket made from newspapers.

When she was eight years old, to bring in more money her mother sent her off to work for a white family as a maid. Things got worse, not better. Josephine slept in that family’s basement with their dog.

One time, she put too much soap in the laundry. The white woman burned her hands. Evidently, it was just mild enough not to leave permanent scars.

Despite all that, Josephine managed to stay in school until age twelve.

Things weren’t yet bad as they could be. By the age of thirteen, she was living on the streets, scavenging for food and using cardboard boxes for shelter from the weather. Needing money, she took up unskilled street performing. She emulated popular dances of the era, Trucking, The Tack-Annie, The Itch, and Messing Around.

Finally, things started to improve. She met and married Willie Wells. She was thirteen years old at the time. He was fifteen. One can only imagine what kind of sex life they had. How much did they even know about sex at that age?

Josephine’s rough street performing improved and she started performing with the Jones Family street performers in front of Booker T Washington theater.

One day, the opening act in the theater, the Dixie Steppers, failed to show. You guessed it. The Jones family, along with Josephine were invited into the theater to perform on stage.

By this time, Josephine could dance, cross her eyes, and play trombone at the same time. She had comedy talent.

By the time she was 15 years old, she had divorced Willie, and married a guy named William Howard Baker at age 15. Just like her father, William turned out to be a lazy non-worker. Isn’t it amazing how often people will marry someone who has the same traits as one of their parents?

Right around this time, the manager of the Dixie Stepper took the Jones family and Josephine to New York. During this time, Josephine’s career evolved. She was truly a professional, although not by any means well-paid.

Still only fifteen years old, Josephine won a role in the 1921 all-Black production “Shuffle Along.” She played comedy clown at the end of a chorus line who couldn’t keep up, stumbling around out of time, and making a hilarious mess, but she ended the routine with skillful dancing.

She performed in New York City for four years as her skill continued to grow. Then, at age nineteen, she moved to Paris, France.

She became a nearly instant sensation. Billed as having come from an African tribe, she could dance like no other, taking what she had learned on the streets of Saint Luis including things like popping and locking, which she was doing decades ahead of time, to the stages of Paris.

Some have said that she’s the founder of much modern dance including hip-hop. Reviewers at the time called her style ‘uninhibited.’ Beyonce, among other modern celebrities have attributed some of their skills to Josephine’s influence.

It didn’t hurt that she was an exceptionally beautiful Black woman, a rarity in France. Furthermore, it didn’t hurt that she danced nearly naked, something that was somewhat common in Paris at the time. Did I say ‘nearly naked?’ She was absolutely topless other than some necklaces, and had invented a skirt made of sixteen rubber bananas that were hung from a belt and swayed back and forth in such a way that the audience could see everything. She was obviously not afraid to be seen in her entirety. According to some reports, she sometimes performed 100% naked.

Josephine Baker in her banana skirt, also known as banana girdle

Two years later, Josephine Baker became the ‘Toast of Paris.’

Josephine Baker, the Toast of Paris

Great opportunities came her way. She was the the first black star in a major motion picture, Siren of the Tropics, a silent film released in 1927. Later she starred in “Zuzu” in 1934, and “Princes TamTam” in 1935.

One of her trademarks was a spit curl, a little lock of hair that was pasted to her forehead, Betty Boop style. In fact Betty Boop, who came along in 1930, may have been inspired by Josephine Baker. Josephine started selling the paste she used for that spit curl, calling it BakerFix, and made a literal fortune with her acting plus that product.

Another trademark, besides nudity in performing and the spit curl, was that she seldom if ever wore high heels, preferring flats. That was probably influenced by her dancing.

While many people have a housecat or a dog, Josephine fell in love with Chikita, a cheetah, giving her kitty a diamond collar that matched Josephine’s diamond bracelet. Josephine were sometimes spotted around Paris in her white convertible Rolls Royce, with Chikita by her side. She often performed with Chikita on stage. Sometimes the cat would wander down to the orchestra pit, scaring the musicians, which added to the show.

She fell in love with Giuseppe Pepito Abatino, a former stone mason from Sicily. Unlike her father and now estranged second husband, Pepito actually worked. He became her agent. She couldn’t marry him because she was still technically married to William.

Already on a spectacular projectory, with Pepito’s management, she became the most successful Black woman in Europe.

With all her success, she still missed America. She pestered Pepito to get her a booking on Broadway. He got her a starring role in the 1936 Zigfield Follies. However, this was America. She couldn’t drink from ‘white’ drinking fountains, couldn’t use ‘white’ bathrooms, or eat in ‘white’ restaurants. She had to use the service entrance of the very theater in which she was performing.

As you can imagine, she went back to France as soon as the Zigfield gig was done.

In time, she could have married Pepito, but he died of stomach cancer when she was 30 years old.

She counted among her friends Jean Cocteau, who is described in Wikipedia as “French poet, playwright, novelist, designer, filmmaker, visual artist and critic.”

Ernest Hemingway called her the ‘most sensational woman anyone ever saw.’

Picasso featured her in art.

So what about her sex life? When asked, she would say she believed sex was a good workout, it was fun.

She had many affairs with men, sometimes picking up random guys in nightclubs. Women too. She had an affair with Ada “Bricktop” Smith, who was the other famous Black woman in Paris at the time. Ada was a singer, dancer, and owned a nightclub in Paris.

Josephine Baker's Friend, Ada Bricktop Smith
Ada “Bricktop” Smith

According to a Wikipedia article, Josephine also had lesbian affairs with French novelist Colette, and possibly Frida Kahlo.


Frida Kahlo

Time went on. She continued in her success. In 1937 she married Jewish French industrialist, Jean Lion. For a year, they had a wonderful time, riding horseback, flying in private planes, going fox hunting, and wining and dining with the biggest of celebrities. She left Jean after fourteen months, at least in part because of her many affairs with both men and women.

Along came World War II. She hated the Nazis. They were like prejudiced white people in America, but they tormented Jews instead of Black people. Josephine also loved France so much, the country where she was invited to dine with white people for the first time in her life, the country where everyone adored her for who she was rather than shun her just for her skin color, that she signed up as a spy with the French Resistance.

She also performed for the troops. She never charged any money for these performances. At the same time, being the celebrity that she was, she could wine and dine with many influential people, including Nazi dignitaries. She was able to get next to them – in bed one would assume, listen to their secrets, and pass them on to the French military intelligence and eventually President Charles deGaul.

At one point, she was asked to set up an army entertainment camp in Morocco. She did entertain the troops, but it was really a cover for her continuing spying activity. While in Morocco, she nearly died from the last in a series of miscarriages, probably brought on by improper abortions. This one was so bad that she developed peritonitis and a blood infection. Her uterus was removed.

Even as she was still recovering from that, she continued not only her spy work, but also, along with a entourage, she entertained the troops, charging no money, and allowing no civilians in the audience.

When the German men spilled the beans, ‘mansplained’ as one biographer called it, she wrote notes that she folded into her panties. She had no problem passing through customs as she went from country to country. No one was going to strip search the famous Josephine Baker. Instead, customs officials asked for her autograph.

Another bold trick she used to smuggle information was to write in invisible ink on her sheet music. Of course she’d always be carrying sheet music in her business.

When she was forced to leave France, she took out as many Jewish refugees as she could fit in her Rolls Royce.

The war ended. Time went on. The little girl who grew up abused and in abject poverty remained one of the biggest and wealthiest stars in Europe.

In 1947 at the age of 41, Josephine married orchestra leader, Jo Bouillon. Jo Baker and Jo Bouillon.

By the age 45, she could sing in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Yiddish.

May 20, 1951 was declared Josephine Baker day by the NAACP.

Even though she could perform at the world-renowned Stork Club, she evidently couldn’t sit in the audience. When the management tried to expel her, Grace Kelly, later to become Princess Grace of Monaco, held her arm and walked out with her, including Grace’s entire entourage. They became close friends.

Also in 1951, while performing at the Stork Club, she complained about their policy of discouraging black audience members. Her friend Walter Winchell did not come to her defense, she she got mad at him. He retaliated by calling her a Communist in his newspaper column. That, among other complications, resulted in the government canceling her visa. Once again, she had to return to France.

She came back a few times to the United States, where she was also a celebrity, but not on the same scale as in France. In the US, she was still a ‘Negro’ and relegated to only designated restaurants, bathrooms and hotels. At one point, she was turned down by 36 hotels because she was black. People were still so fucked up about race in America that her magnificent performance in the follies earned her bad reviews.

Here’s a Time Magazine review:

“Josephine Baker is a Saint Louis washwoman’s daughter who stepped out of a negro burlesque show and into a life of adulation and luxury in Paris during the booming 1920s. In sex appeal to jaded Europeans of the jazz-loving type, a Negro wench always has a head start. The particular tawny tint of tall and stringy Josephine Baker’s bare skin stirred French pulses, but to Manhattan theater-goers last week, she was just a slightly buck-toothed young negro woman who’s figure might be matched in any nightclub show, who’s dancing and singing could be topped practically anywhere outside France.”

Shortly after the war, and possibly starting before, she began executing a brilliant idea, one many years ahead of its time. In 1936 she had purchased Château des Milandes, a chateau with a village that she hoped to turn into something like Dollywood, with peacocks, a J-shaped swimming pool, hotel, rides, and much more.

She also started adopting children, but not just any children. She wanted variety for a very special reason. She initially wanted a white child, a black child, a yellow child and a red child. She did manage to adopt White, Black and Asian children, but never managed to find a ‘red’ – American Indian child.

In total, she had twelve kids, ten boys and two girls, that she called her Rainbow Tribe. The kids she selected came from varied backgrounds, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim. She was intent on proving that people of different backgrounds can get along just fine. She said, “They will serve as an example of true democracy and be living proof that if people are left in peace, nature takes care of the rest.”

Most of her kids grew up to become successful, although one did commit suicide as an adult.

One of her children, Finnish-born Jarry, came out as gay at the age of 15. Uncharacteristically, Josephine, herself a practicing bisexual, threw him out, forcing him to live with his adoptive father, Jo Bouillion, by then in Argentina. This must have been due to what she figured would be negative publicity for her Rainbow Tribe. But still! Right?

How was Josephine as a person? People say she was sweet and kind, but also could act like a demanding brat, in the way that rapid wealth can spoil people.

When in America, she was a big civil rights advocate, being the only female speaker in the 1963 March on Washington.

When Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, his wife, Coretta Scott King, asked Josephine to lead the civil rights movement, but she turned it down out of consideration for the safety of her children.

The Château des Milandes experiment never quite worked out. If you’ve ever owned a village with a chateau, then you know they can absorb a lot of money. In fact, Château des Milandes ate up all of Josephine’s fortune. By 1968, she was flat broke, and was evicted from the villa. Leaving her home of 32 years was not easy for her. She had to be removed bodily.

Fortunately, her friend actress Grace Kelly, gave her an apartment in which she could stay and live in style for the rest of her life.

In 1975, at the age of 68, Josephine Baker was still a very well-regarded celebrity. A sold-out show celebrating Josephine’s fifty years in entertainment was arranged at Carnegie Hall. She performed brilliantly. The show was attended by Mick Jagger, Sophia Loren, Jackie Onasis, among others.

Four days later, she died peacefully in her bed, surrounded by newspapers all with glowing reviews of her performance.

20,000 people attended Josephine Baker’s funeral.

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Girl’s Guide to Masturbation

This post has been written because you may not have complete and accurate information on sex and masturbation. I hope you find it informative and interesting.

We know that young people have access to all sorts of pornography on the Internet, and hope this page will help combat some of the incredible misinformation out there, keeping you healthier and safer.

Many still find this subject taboo, something that can’t be spoken or written about, but as you will see, even though you may have hidden yourself under the covers to read this article, it is a subject that is very important to talk about and one that we should believe should be openly discussed.

It’s OK if you don’t already know everything on this topic. Almost everyone your age is in the same boat. Even your parents, wise and kind though they may be, don’t know everything.

Masturbation is as common among women as it is among men, but it remains a subject that most women still will not discuss. We are going to discuss this topic in depth using detailed images and language which some of you may not be used to seeing or reading.

Let’s start with a fun little anatomy lesson. Grab a mirror and maybe a flashlight and take a good look between your legs. Don’t be scared. You are not doing anything wrong and you should not feel dirty. The slotted area between your legs is your vagina, sometimes also called ‘pussy,’ ‘VJJ,’ or ‘cunt.’ Note that ‘cunt’ is considered by many people as a bad swear word. Your vagina is a fascinating structure with some interesting parts.

Girl's guide to masturbation and sex, illustrated vagina

Your exploration should be done at your own pace, you may never have touched this area before other than when wiping or showering. You may find that you get some feelings during your exploration that you are not used to, some might be pleasurable, others less so.

You may have an amount of hair around your vagina. It is as normal to have a lot of hair than no hair or little hair. Some girls also choose to shave their vaginas.

Using your fingers, slowly start to investigate your vagina, you only need your fingers for this.

Situated at the top of the vagina, between the outer labia (‘labia majora’), also known as the vulva, and the inner labia (also known as ‘labia minora’), is your clitoris, often simply called the ‘clit.’ On some girls the clitoris is small and hard to find, while on others it is big and easy to notice. The clitoris is the most sensitive part, containing literally thousands of nerve endings. It may be covered by a fold of skin called the clitoral hood. You should be able to gently push the clitoral hood up or to one side and reveal the clitoris. You may find the clitoris is initially too sensitive to touch or sends unusual sensations through your body.

The clitoris is the only organ in your body that has the sole purpose of providing pleasure. We’ll talk more about that later.

If you spread your inner labia apart, and look further down, you may see a small opening, called the urethral opening or ‘meatus.’ The urethra is a tube that runs from the meatus to your bladder, which is a balloon in your body that holds urine (pee).

An interesting experiment you might enjoy is to sit on the edge of your bathtub, and pee a little bit while holding a mirror to watch it happen.

Below the urethra, is a larger opening, which may not be easy to see unless you spread your inner labia really wide. It may seem like an infinitely deep tunnel. That opening may be partially covered by a thin layer of skin called the hymen. Many girls your age no longer have hymens. That little covering often breaks open naturally during an athletic activity such as biking, horse riding, gymnastics, or masturbation with an object or your fingers. If it remains intact, the first time you have sex, the hymen may break then. Some girls notice a bit of pain, and maybe even a little blood when their hymen is broken, but many never even realized it happened.

Girl's Guide to Masturbation - various shapes of hymen in girls

This large opening, the vaginal canal, is where babies come out. Tiny though it is, the tissues around the opening are very flexible. A few inches inside the vaginal canal is the cervix, sometimes known as the ‘os’ which is a tight opening that leads to your uterus.

Girl's Guide to Masturbation - Vagina held open with speculum to show cervix
Vagina held open with a medical tool called a speculum to show cervix

The uterus is where babies are formed. Beyond the uterus are a couple of tubes, the Fallopian tubes, that lead to ovaries. The ovaries are small white glands that, once you are old enough, send out one microscopic egg once every 28 days. Interestingly, each ovary secretes one egg every 56 days, alternating with the other ovary. All the eggs you will ever deliver, well under 1,000, are already stored in you the day you are born.

Girl's Guide to Masturbation - Fallopian tubes

If you are already old enough, then you know about periods, also called menstruation. That happens approximately every 28 days. The actual timing may vary, especially in girls who have recently started menstruating. It’s a system to expel unused eggs, and keep your system clean by washing it with a bit of blood. The timing of periods can vary, as well as how much blood is released. Some girls have minor cramping at that time of the month. If you are one of the rare girls in which the blood loss or cramping is severe, you ought to check with a doctor. If you are already menstruating, even with some inconvenience and possible pain, you can be very proud. You have become a woman.

There are many things that affect how often you menstruate including your stress levels, how much you are eating, your general mood.

You might find you feel more playful and want to explore about the time of ovulation. You might not feel that you want to masturbate during your menstrual cycle, but while the orgasms might take longer, they will be better.

You may already know that boys are different. Instead of vagina, they have testicles and a penis. The penis can fill with blood to make it larger and stiff. From the same tube in the boy’s penis that carries urine, the boy can squirt out a small amount of liquid called semen, also known as ‘cum,’ ‘spunk,’ or ‘jizz,’ that contain millions of microscopic cells called sperm.

Girl's Guide To Masturbation - Male Anatomy
Male sexual organs

If a boy squirts sperm (semen) into your vagina, and even if just one of them meets up with an egg, a baby may start to form. You will be pregnant. Since the sperm and eggs are microscopic, and since us humans are so perfectly designed to create babies, it is a very good idea to avoid getting any semen in your vagina unless you are ready to become a mother.

The idea of having a baby is very romantic, but the reality is 18 years of hard labor. Not only that, but in a world with over 8 billion people, maybe adding another human into the mix isn’t such a great idea right now.

Basically, masturbation, and other things you can do besides intercourse (also known as ‘coitus,’ ‘sexual congress,’ ‘balling,’ ‘banging’ or ‘fucking’), makes a lot more sense, and turns out to be just as enjoyable.

When you looked at your vagina with a mirror, what you saw may be different than the picture above. Just like our faces are all different, so are vaginas. Take a look:

Girl's guide to sex and masturbation, different types of vaginas

The shape of your body, whether or not you have breasts and body hair, depend on your age, and genetics.

In addition to your height, weight, and color, the size of your vagina, inner labia, clitoris can vary. Some women have pigmented inner labia, and some do not. The same is true for nipples. Some are large, some are small, some are light, some are dark.

Most men and women have at least some body dysmorphia. That’s where you don’t think you look good. This can be nearly crippling for many people. Interestingly, some of the best looking people think they look terrible. Chances are you are much more beautiful than you realize.

Girl's Guide to Masturbation - stages of development

Masturbation, what does it mean?

Masturbation, also known as wanking, fapping, solo sex, jerking off, jilling, and about a thousand other names, is the practice of stimulating your body in a way that’s different than any other ways you may be familiar with. It can be satisfying like eating a good meal, getting enough sleep, winning a game, or soothing an itch. However, this satisfaction is most often felt in your genitals, meaning your vagina, breasts, or anus. Masturbation usually results in an orgasm. It doesn’t have to end in an orgasm, and it doesn’t have to be genital. I read about one woman who did have orgasms when her boyfriend rubbed the area between her shoulders on her upper back. Many people enjoy masturbation without orgasming.

It is very possible you don’t know what an orgasm is. Some women never experience an orgasm. A few have their first orgasms past the age of 40. On the other end of the spectrum, you’re never too young to have an orgasm.

So what is it? An orgasm is an involuntary reaction to a thought or physical stimulation. The usual orgasm starts with a chill building up in your body. Typically, this chill will be in your vagina or lower belly, but could be anywhere, even the top of your head. It is a rather delicious chill, and your body lets you know it wants more. Within a minute, the chill builds into something much more. Some have likened it to a sneeze, except much more pleasurable. Your muscles may tighten, you may start to shake uncontrollably, your conscious brain may go momentarily offline, you may loose bladder control, and you may feel contractions in your vagina. The orgasm usually lasts only a few seconds, although some women will have two or more orgasms in a row. After the orgasm, you may feel sexually satisfied, you may be sleepy or be very relaxed. Some women even cry after an orgasm. That crying isn’t from sadness. It’s not necessarily joy, either. It’s more of a release.

Every other form of emotional release is also possible, grunting, moaning, whimpering, shouting, or even screaming.

Which parts of my body do I use to masturbate?

Masturbation is stimulating parts of your body, usually with the intention of giving yourself an orgasm. The main part for most women is the vagina, and may be specifically the clitoris, that little button at the top of the vagina between your inner labia. However, masturbation can include stimulating the nipples, the anus, the mouth, even the legs, hands, belly, and other body parts.


What are the differences between masturbation and sex?

The most obvious difference is masturbation is something you do yourself. ‘Sex’ when used to mean ‘sexual activity’ involves at least one other person. Sex usually refers to intercourse, which is the placing of the male penis in the female vagina. Variations include anal intercourse, oral sex, frotting, hugging, sensual massaging, and fingering, all of which are covered elsewhere in this website.

An in between activity is mutual masturbation, in which two or more people masturbate each other. Some people take the word ‘sex’ to mean only ‘intercourse.’ Others use sex to indicate any activity from solo masturbation, or kissing to intercourse.

Girl's Guide to Masturbation, Female Mutual Masturbation
Female mutual masturbation

There are some dangers in any form of sexual activity involving more than one person. Let’s look at a few possible complications. Then you can decide if you might rather just masturbate:

You can become pregnant. You may be surprised at how young an age this can happen. For most girls, they are not fertile until at least age eleven. But some have become pregnant as early as five years old. Are you equipped to manage a baby?

You can become so sick that you can’t get out of bed, or visit any friends, and then you die. I know that sounds dire. but guess what? It is! I’m not saying that everyone who has sex is going to die, but is it a risk you really want to take for just a few minutes of pleasure?

The deadly sicknesses include syphilis, monkeypox, Covid-19, and AIDS. Sure, many people recover from these diseases, but some do not.

There are also milder diseases, but they can hound you for the rest of your life. Once you catch herpes, which usually manifests as blisters around your mouth or genitals, it can come back again and again. But worse, you can never kiss anyone ever again, in case you’d give them herpes.

Then there are the social issues. You might find a sexual mate who takes advantage of you. That can range from painful teasing, to physical injury. You might develop a reputation that you can never live down. For instance, imagine that your boyfriend takes a picture of you in a suggestive pose with no clothes on. All is good until you break up. He decides to post your picture on the Internet. Guess what? You can never remove a picture posted by someone else. It can spread like wildfire. In time, your friends, classmates, aunts, uncles, teachers, and even your parents may see the picture.

Many young people have this belief that bad things happen to other people, not them. That works fine, until it doesn’t.

So, we heartily recommend being satisfied with masturbation. Surprisingly, you can have a better time with masturbation than with intercourse. You get to masturbate where you want, when you want, and the way you want, rather than having to compromise all those decisions with someone else.

You may be surprised to discover that masturbation has many benefits, many of which are listed on the home page. Basically, you can feel better about yourself and your situations, can improve your physical health, and even study better.

When should I start masturbating?

Start when you feel like it. Some girls have masturbated since such an early age they can’t remember when they started. Three-year-old girls have been known to masturbate. Others don’t start until age 40. Some never did start. It’s all good.

When will I stop masturbating?

I once masturbated with an eighty-year-old woman at the annual Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco. I know a fellow who is 88 years old and still masturbates almost daily. There is no age limit.

Who else masturbates?

Practically everyone of all ages masturbates. You might be surprised to find out that it’s very likely that your teachers, your minister, your aunts, uncles, even your parents wank. We’re all wankers. Oh, sure, many will never admit it, but they still do it. You see, there’s a weirdness in our society. People are very reluctant to talk about masturbation. Fortunately, this attitude is shifting, but you’ll still find it is so strong in many people that they will claim they don’t masturbate, even though they do.

It’s kind of like the opposite of smoking cigarettes in the 1950s. People pretty well knew it was bad for health, but no one would talk about it, and people had to smoke because all their friends did it.

Why have I suddenly started to become interested in masturbating?

Sudden interest in masturbation is common. It may begin when your hormones shift as you grow, it may be because of a natural time of sexual awakening, or awareness in social circles. If you friends start talking about sex or masturbation, it makes sense that it might become interesting to you also.

What about negative influences?

“My parents have told me not to touch myself.”

This is wrong, they should have told you that it is fine to touch yourself, but that you should do it in the privacy of your bedroom.

“I’ve been told that genitals are dirty.”

Well, maybe they are, especially the anal area, but you can keep yourself clean, and no harm comes from touching that area of your body. As to ‘dirty’ in terms of ‘naughty,’ that too, comes from old-fashioned beliefs.

“My parents have told me not to masturbate.”

They might be from a generation, religious or conservative background in which masturbation was discouraged, but you can be sure they used to masturbate and probably still do. Things may be mostly different than in your parents’ era, so if they are old-fashioned, it is a good idea to keep your masturbation private. There’s no sense in stirring up a hornet’s nest. On the other hand, honesty is generally the best policy. If you feel you can open a discussion about masturbation with your parents, you may find that they can be more supportive than you thought.
“The society I live in says that you should not masturbate so I am scared to do it. I keep being told at church that it is sinful.”

This is rapidly becoming old-fashioned. Even some church leaders are now acknowledging that masturbation is not only OK, but has benefits.

“I’m worried about what my parents or siblings will think if they know I am masturbating.”

They know that you are of an age where you probably will masturbate. Chances are, they won’t say anything about it, or if they do, they’ll approach it in good humor, maybe even jokingly.

“I am scared to masturbate.”

Just like driving a car, or doing anything new, masturbating for the first time can be scary.

“I am scared of my siblings and what they will think about be masturbating.”

If they are older than you, they are probably more worried about you discovering their interest in masturbation, than them discovering you.

“What if I get caught masturbating?”

First, make an effort to avoid being caught. For most people, masturbation is a private activity. If you are caught, the results will depend on who catches you. Scared, conservative parents may have an improper negative reaction. It’s the way they were brought up. Hopefully, you’ll be able to excuse their behavior. Others will encourage you. Some will offer guidance or instruction. A very common reaction is to install a lock on your bedroom door, wink, and say something like, “You’re old enough now, you deserve your private time.”

As with most everything in life, clear communication is best. It is OK to admit to most parents, siblings, and other family members that you enjoy masturbation. If they are enlightened, they’ll probably admit that they do also.

So, I have decided I want to masturbate, what now?

Make sure you have enough time and privacy. Ask your family not to barge into your room, or bother you. If you and your family are good at communication, you can actually say something like, “I’m going to masturbate, so please don’t disturb me for a while.”

Never lock your door. Locking a bedroom door is dangerous for medical and fire reasons. You might enjoy setting the lighting the way you’d like, and put on some nice music.

Have a nice meal beforehand, and go to the bathroom if you feel the need.

You might like to do this after a bath or shower, so you are clean, refreshed, your hands are warm, and perhaps you are already naked. You can masturbate while clothed or nude. Most people prefer nude if there is time enough to undress and dress. Some, will simply lower their pants, or remove a skirt, and lower their underwear.

I like to recommend starting with a full body examination and adoring love of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you could add or lose some weight, whether you are tall or short, or if your hair isn’t right. This is the time to absolutely love who you are. You might like to admire yourself in a full-length mirror. Notice your breasts, your butt, all the curves of your body. It is not only OK to touch yourself, but can be great. Run your hands over your sides, your breasts, between your legs, over your butt, and just enjoy the sensations.

You may not need any further instruction at all. You may instinctively run your hands between your legs several times. You may automatically discover that special button, your clitoris, and give it attention. Or, maybe not.

You might get a kick out of very lightly running your fingers over your nipples. Then, maybe very lightly, touch your vaginal area. If it is covered with hair, touch it so lightly that you’re only gently brushing the hairs. If there is no hair, see how very lightly you can touch yourself. You may find that your body wants to open naturally, to let your fingers start touching your inner labia, and then your clitoris more and more.

When ever you give yourself self-love and massage, use the strokes that are for you. Deep, long, short, firm, light or delicate. Remember that this is your body, your feelings, do what feels good for you and not someone else.

Use on finger to make snail trails around your body, all over, find out what feels good. Use the underside of your finger, or introduce a nail to lightly scrape over your skin.

Don’t be surprised if you find the area becoming wet and slippery. Some women secrete a sort of oil naturally, that was created to help a penis slip easily into the vagina. Some women do not have this effect. You might want to try some olive or coconut oil, or a safe body lotion to lubricate the area.

In case you are one of the people who get particularly wet, you may want to have a towel under your body.

If you haven’t been directed by the feelings in your body what to do, then may I suggest you start running one or two fingers over your clitoris repeatedly. You might like to try a circular motion on your clit with one or two fingers. Be patient. Nothing may happen. That’s OK, you can just enjoy whatever happens.

Fantasy is a major component in most masturbation. It is OK to fantasize about any safe activity with any person. It may not be at all appropriate to act on those fantasies, but it is totally OK to let your mind wander to sexy situations.

There are some people that will use porn, but thoughts and feelings from your own body are always so much better, real and felt within you.

Do your fantasies concern you? For instance, you may find yourself thinking about a girl or woman. Interest in women is called ‘lesbianism,’ ‘homosexuality,’ or ‘gay.’

As it turns out, everyone is on a bisexual spectrum. That means that no one is 100% straight (interested only in men), or gay (interested only in women). Oh, some people are very close to one end of the spectrum or another, and it’s all fine. Our positions on that spectrum can also vary over time.

As you continue to rub your clit and fantasize, you may have very delicious feelings. These are often described as chills that can happen anywhere in your body from head to toes, but are usually centered in the lower belly or genital region. You may feel like you are going to pee. Usually, that doesn’t happen.

Now, some women will quit at this point. The feelings scare them, so they stop the stimulation. That’s a shame. They are missing out on something very nice. We urge you to continue and find out what happens. Let the feeling build. Suddenly, the chill may become one of the best feelings you’ve ever had in your life. At the same time, you may feel rhythmic contractions in your vagina or anal area. Just let it happen and enjoy. Congratulations, you’ve had your first orgasm!

Wasn’t as great as you expected? Sometimes that happens with your first few orgasms. As you become more relaxed, more used to the situation, they can build into something truly fantastic.

Some women will want to stop very soon after orgasming. Others want do do it repeatedly, having several orgasms in a row. There’s no telling which style is yours, and it really doesn’t matter.

Now that you are a wanker (masturbater), you might want to explore some variations.

Perhaps the most common variation is to insert your fingers or an object into your vagina. Whatever you use should be smooth and clean. Use some slippery cream or oil if you need additional lubrication.

Remember that you do not need to penetrate your vagina at all. Many girls get as much pleasure from the outside and do not need anything to go inside at all.

At first, don’t go in too deep, or use something too big around. There’s lots of time for careful exploration of the limits later. Avoid anything that’s dangerous such as wood that can splinter, light bulbs that can shatter, and so on. Avoid chemicals such as toothpaste, soap, or anything that can’t be removed. More than one woman has been taken to the emergency room because they put something in their vagina that they couldn’t get out.

Another very interesting erogenous place can be your anus. Erogenous means a place that if touched can feel sexual. You might start with a very light touch or stroking of your anal area with your fingertips. You might prefer to use rubber gloves if you are averse to the possibility of getting some poop on your fingers.

You can also insert things into the anus. You’ll want to clean everything you use afterward. The bacteria that live around the anus can set off an infection in the vaginal area. It’s uncommon, but this can range from an annoying itch, or an undesirable odor, to a serious sickness. So, keep things clean. As with the vagina, whatever you use, if not your fingers, should be small and smooth. Some women have been known to have orgasms just from anal stimulation.

Whether you are putting something into your vagina or anus, you may find it is very tight. This can happen to many women. The muscles can contract really hard. There is no need to force anything. Use lots of lube and start with something thin. You don’t want something so thin or pointy that it could injure you, of course. Take your time. Relax. Breathe deep. If you can’t get it in today, you have all the rest of your life to work on it.

If you feel you would like a sex toy, but are unable to get one due to concerns with your parents or others, then walk around the local supermarket with and open mind and see what you can find. Toilet roll stand? Hairbrush? Toothbrush? Think always what you are trying to do, then let the mind wander.

Can I masturbate with others?

Yes, you can, but there are some things you might like to know:

Masturbating by yourself is far and away the safest form of sex.

In this era of Covid-19, simply breathing near someone else can be dangerous. Plus, you could catch a cold or the flu without even touching anyone.


If you touch someone, the danger increases. You can end up with jock itch, crabs (little insects that live in body hair and are hard to get rid of), or monkeypox.

If you kiss, or do anything involving contact with the genitals, the danger increases yet again, including rather horrible skin diseases, and herpes, a life-long annoyance.

Finally, if you mix bodily fluids, or have any sort of sexual penetration, the risk is even higher. You could catch AIDS. Contrary to popular belief, AIDS is not just something that happens among gay men. That disease can be contracted by men or women and from men or women.

So, if you can be satisfied with solo masturbation, that’s your best bet. Unlike partner sex, you can masturbate when, where and how you want. You can do it absolutely your way, with no need to compromise.

However, if you do want to engage in mutual masturbation, you’re still safer than engaging in other sexual activities.

Mutual masturbation takes many forms, but the most common are:

0. Sharing and comparing. This is not masturbation at all, but you and your friends may like to look at each other naked, noticing breast and nipple size, vaginal shape, ass shape, and the amount of hair on your bodies.

1. Playing doctor. This is surprisingly common among young children. The adult version is to get naked with a friend or several friends, and pretend you are undergoing a medical exam or procedure that involves the genitals. With the youngsters, playing doctor is not necessarily masturbatory or even sexual. With adults, anything can happen!

2. You and one or more friends are near each other, possibly watching and conversing while each person only touches themselves.

3. You masturbate your friend, and then your friend masturbates you. This way, you each get to enjoy the full feelings of being touched, without having to focus on satisfying the other person at the same time.

4. You get in a position where each is masturbating the other at the same time.

Assuming you have a brother, sister, cousin or friend who is interested, yet can respect your privacy by not blabbing to old-school people who could cause trouble, they can be your masturbation partner.

Quite often, mutual masturbation can include mouth-to-genital activities. Typically, this would be sucking on a penis, known as ‘blowjob’ or ‘fellatio,’ or licking a vagina, known as ‘going down on,’ ‘eating out,’ or ‘cunnilingus.’ This is more risky, and I’d really suggest avoiding anything oral. Since you can give and get delightful orgasms strictly with hands, there’s no need for anything more.

Assuming you are under 18 years old, it is a bad idea to masturbate with anyone older than 18 years old. The older person can get in legal trouble for being sexual with an underage person. Furthermore, they can persuade you to do things you’re not ready for. Oddly, sexual activity, even if just mutual masturbation, between someone younger than 18, and someone older, can have unexpected lifelong psychological consequences.

If someone older wants to masturbate, or do anything sexual with you, and you don’t want it, you are well within your rights to say “No.” If that person bothers you continually, badgers you, tries to blackmail you, or physically forces you to get sexual in any way, that’s rape. If you feel this might happen, let a responsible adult know the details of your concern.

Just to be safe, I’d recommend washing your hands before and after mutual masturbation.

If you’re masturbating with a girl, you can do the same things to her that you enjoy. Remember, for most women, starting very gentle is best, and slowly working up to the intensity of stimulation she wants. She may really enjoy non-masturbatory activity first, such as touching or massaging her whole body such as her arms, legs, back, neck, even her face and head.

If you’re masturbating with a boy, you’ll find that they enjoy handjobs. You might start by very light touching of the scrotum, then the tip of the penis. He will become erect if he isn’t already, meaning his penis will harden and become larger. This does not hurt the boy, and indicates he is experiencing a level of sexual expectation or pleasure. You can move your hand up and down on the loose skin of his penis. When boys orgasm, semen flows out of the end of their penis. Avoid getting that semen anywhere around your vagina, so you don’t end up having a baby.

Girl's Guide to Masturbation - Masturbating a Boy

In general, boys are more focused on their genitals. They like having their balls, dicks, and maybe their assholes stimulated directly, and aren’t as interested as girls are in whole body experiences. Whereas you might really enjoy having someone touching your sides, breasts, ass, back, neck, legs, arms and hands, touched, that usually has less effect on boys.

The boys will quite often start off too rough with you. It can be a real turn-off. Remind the boy that girls are different, they like to start with very gentle whole-body touching.

The boys can also become insistent. They are often concerned with just getting on with sex and thrusting in their penises. They quite often want to violate common sense, and will try to talk you into intercourse. Let a boy know in no uncertain terms, as early as you can, that you don’t want to take that risk, and that if he insists, everything good stops right away. If he doesn’t stop, it is rape, a very serious legal problem for him.

I shouldn’t even have to mention this, but if you find yourself in a situation where intercourse is going to happen, you’ll want to make sure to use a proper contraceptive. That’s something that will supposedly prevent pregnancy. Contraceptives are not perfect. They fail all too often.

The most common contraceptive is condoms, also known as ‘rubbers.’ These are thin rubber coverings that a boy can unroll over his penis. That will (supposedly) keep his semen – containing his sperm – within the condom, and not let it into your vagina. A condom is not much help when it comes to crabs, herpes, and a variety of other diseases.

Girl's Guide to Masturbation, Applying a Condom
Applying a condom

What if I want to masturbate with a girl? Does that make me gay?

Not necessarily. Many women have had woman-to-woman experiences, yet they end up happily married to a man. Of course if you are gay, also known as ‘lesbian,’ that’s become much more acceptable in today’s society. There’s nothing morally wrong with lesbianism. The only problem you may run into is that there are people in our society who are very down on things they don’t understand, and may give you a hard time.

What’s the scoop on pornography?

Why do we watch porn?

  • Curious of what others have
  • Curious of what the other sex has
  • What is sex “really” like?
  • It’s exciting
  • We know it is naughty, this turns us on even more
  • Risk of getting caught is exciting even if it is scary
  • Helps me fantasize, turns me on, makes me really horny

Is porn real?

Much of porn is staged, faked. Some is totally real. It is very hard to tell the difference. The bottom line is that it is entertainment. Many of the porn actors are not typical. They may have overly large breasts or dicks, they may shoot out extraordinary amounts of semen, they may have amazing staying power before they orgasm, they may scream and yell and carry on, they may be especially good looking, and so on.

Some porn is very degrading to women. Those who consistently watch such porn could assume that all women love giving men blowjobs without reciprocation, that it’s OK to slap or hit women, and that it’s all about the man’s pleasure. That kind of porn should be totally avoided.

The better kind of porn portrays men and women as equals. She is entitled to as much pleasure as he is getting. He should treat her as kindly as she treats him. Together, they can explore some crazy and unusual things, but they do it together as partners.

There is also gay porn, porn involving many people, and the less common sexual activities such as anal sex, bondage, and playing with sex toys. This porn should follow along the same lines: Men and women should treat each other equally and with respect.

Porn addiction

Masturbation is not usually addictive. Pornography may be addictive. Here’s how you can tell that you’ve become addicted: If your studies or relationships have changed, if you’re doing poorly in school, or don’t have as much time for your friends and family, you may be addicted.

Most addictions are so difficult to overcome that you’ll need professional help. It may be difficult to bring it up with your parents, but that’s the place to start. If you just can’t, then perhaps another responsible adult can help. That could be a trusted teacher, family member, or the parent of one of your friends. Addictions, whether eating disorders, drug use, or sexual disorders are not something to be ashamed of. They happen to millions of people. In fact, you can be very proud that you’re seeking help.

What happens after an orgasm?

A variety of thing can happen. Not all of these will happen to you although some of these may happen sometimes:

1. You may cry. This isn’t necessary sad or happy crying. It’s just something that can happen after an orgasm.

2. You may immediately want another orgasm.

3. You may not want an orgasm, or to do anything sexual, for anywhere from a few minutes, to many days.

4. You may have mild pain or itching. That will go away soon. If in the very rare circumstance you feel great pain, let your parents know. You may need to see a doctor.

5. You may feel guilty. This is unfortunately common. It’s due to the influence on you from all the old-school misinformation still hanging around that masturbation is supposedly bad.

6. You may feel weak or tired. This can happen after your first orgasms. If it happens later on, you might want to look at other lifestyle issues. Perhaps you’re stressed, not getting enough sleep, or not eating a fully nutritious diet.

What if something isn’t quite right?

As human beings, we tend to worry about things. 99% of the things we worry about turn out to be nothing. Sexual matters tend to be worse, because we are reluctant to discuss them with our parents, doctors, or any other adult.

If you have a concern, communication is the best approach. Most of the time, when you express your worry to an adult, they can put your worries to bed. For instance, when my mother had her first period, and blood came out, she was convinced she was going to die. She reluctantly told her mother about it, who assured her that it was entirely normal. You may have other concerns, perhaps a discharge, an itch, or a concern that you have caused damage due to an usual masturbation technique. Let an adult, or possibly a medical professional if needed, assure you that you’re OK. It’s worth discussing, because it will take a load off your mind.

What if I need to see a doctor?

Girl's Guide to Masturbation - Medical Issues

Doctors are there to help you, not to hurt you.

They see breasts, vaginas and anuses every single day, they will not have any sexual charge, or any concern about seeing yours. They will maintain your privacy while being examined. Only the doctor, possibly an adult chaperone, and anyone who you specifically allow will be present while you’re examined. Normally, after puberty, your parents are not allowed to be in the exam room, unless you give your permission.

Doctors cannot tell, and don’t care if you have masturbated.

Doctors masturbate as well.

We mentioned misinformation once or twice. Here are some common misbeliefs:

  • I will lose my eyesight.
  • God will chop my hands off.
  • Masturbation makes me bald, sick, hair on my palms.
  • Bad for my health.
  • Stunts my growth.
  • Stops my breasts growing.
  • Affects puberty.
  • My parents can smell if I have masturbated.

Are there unsafe masturbation practices?

Yes, totally.

  • Your urethra (peehole) is very susceptible to infection. It is best not to stick anything into the urethra. If you must do so, make sure the object is sterile and smooth. The urethral walls can tear easily, and bleed profusely.
  • It is possible to put something in your anus or vagina that you can’t remove. Things with sharp edges are especially problematic for obvious reasons. If you must put big things in, make sure a string is firmly attached so you can pull it back out. Better yet, don’t put big things in there.
  • Any sort of exchange of bodily fluids with another person could cause you a lifetime of illness.
  • There is no need to combine masturbation with use of drugs, alcohol, or dangerous practices such as cutting. Masturbation by itself is totally enjoyable.
  • When it comes to mutual masturbation or other forms of two-person sex, be very careful who you associate with. Some people are terribly abusive.
  • Keep your masturbation private. In the heat of the moment, you may let someone participate who will blab all over over town, or worse, post your pictures or video on the Internet. You can never undo that.
  • You may see challenges on TikTok and elsewhere that might involve blocking your breathing, or inserting unsafe objects. These challenges do not need to be taken seriously.

So, what are some safe masturbation practices?

  • Add peeing into your masturbation practice. Playing with peeing is often called ‘watersports.’
  • Masturbate outdoors in a safe and secluded space.
  • Lay on one or more pillows, and rub against them, called pillow humping.
  • Edging. This is the idea of getting close to orgasm, but putting it off for as long as you can.
  • Masturbate on webcam, but only with a trusted friend. Do not keep recordings of your masturbatory times. When webcamming, even with a friend, it is best not to show your face. The other person could have friends in the room watching you, or even making a video of you to upload on the internet.
  • Expand your fantasy life while masturbating.
  • Medibation is the combination of meditation and masturbation. It can take any form you wish from mindful masturbation, to letting your mind be as clear as you can while masturbating.
  • It is possible to read, listen to music, watch videos, and even study while masturbating.
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I’m a Nudist Nonbinary Man

I'm a nudist nonbinary man and I masturbate

I’ve never felt like I was fully a man. There was no doubt about it
physically and I was always interested in my body and in masturbation. But
while I loved women, I never had that desperate need that so many men have;
in fact, I was seldom able to perform adequately with a woman, no matter how
much I loved her. And while I’ve always had a strong feminine side, and
have dressed essentially androgynously (jeans, shorts, t-shirts/tank tops,
sandals, and I love wearing short men’s skirts), that was the extent of it.

Complicating this was serious PTSD from being sexually abused at a very
young age by my grandfather. I’ve slowly recovered vague memories of him
having me be his “naked slave”, a pattern of behavior that resurfaced after
the divorce from my first wife, and which I adopted completely – the idea
that because I could not perform with women I had to become a slave to the
Goddess and serve her through naked service to women. There’s nothing wrong
with that if it’s sincere. The article “Slave Michael” here on is about my life when I was seeing myself as a slave.

Then I caught Covid, which was mild, followed by long Covid, which laid me
low. I was bedridden for weeks, with a slow recovery to follow. It
affected my brain and my thinking, and as I came back to life I realized
that the PTSD and slavery had vanished. While I still love to be and be
seen naked, the urge to submit myself to a subservient relationship was

While I was sick I got acquainted with current thinking about gender
identity, and soon realized that, in modern terms, I am nonbinary. I
strongly identify physically as male, but sexually I’m female. This is why
my sexual relations were not successful – I was supposed to be the one
getting fucked. I realized I had lost all interest in having sex with
women. Like most men, I’ve experimented with anal sex and liked it OK.
Alright, more than OK when it came to wearing a butt plug and the few
occasions when a woman used a dildo on me. But the thought of being fucked
by a man was anathema to me. I obtained a dildo which is almost exactly like
my own penis but two inches longer, and using it on myself turned out to be a
delight, so much so that I began collecting photos of attractive penises from
the Internet, having prints made of the best ones, and fantasizing about them
being used on me.

Oddly enough, though, I still have absolutely no actual
sexual interest in other men – I just want to be fucked by a beautiful penis.
It was a revelation to find that there was very little actually sexual about
being fucked, but I love not only how it feels but also the idea of having
to allow my body to be penetrated and used for someone else’s pleasure, for
as long as he wants to. But the pandemic, and then monkeypox, make it all
too obvious that it’s way too risky to be meeting people I don’t know well
and allowing them to use my body these days.

Michael, nonbinary nudist

I’ve lived for years as a smooth (shaved) nudist full time at home, and
sometimes when visiting friends. My useless-for-sexual-relations genitals
are not just visible all the time, the lack of pubic hair puts them on
display. It’s impossible for me to ignore them. The realization that they
can only be used for masturbation now has freed me to see them in a
different light: that’s what they’re for, and there’s no shame or guilt in
it, any more than using my legs to walk around, because it’s no longer about
sex in the traditional sense. I don’t do it because I feel deprived or
sneaky, I do it because it brings me pure, unadulterated joy. And honestly,
is there anything more beautiful than a big erection?

Things I think about when I masturbate:

* Having my anus exposed and available all the time

* Going out in a skirt and getting fucked

* Having friends who come to my house and fuck me sometimes

* The first time I get fucked being videoed and posted online

* Living as a roommate with a man, on the condition that I live naked all the time and he can fuck me

* There are lots of photos on the Internet, most on Wikimedia, of me naked that get lots of views and that I can’t take down, and I think about people looking at those and seeing me the way I actually live.

* People seeing my naked pictures on the Internet and thinking about me getting fucked

* Also people looking at pictures of my bare feet on the Internet

* Always being naked and shaved with my genitals on display

* Everyone knowing my genitals will never again be used for sex with another person, and that they are only for viewing and masturbation

* People reading this article

I don’t masturbate with the goal of ejaculating, quite the opposite. I’m a
tantric edger, getting high on sexual energy, and prolonging the high for as
long as possible. In that respect, masturbation is sacred, since tanra is
one of the seven yogas, on a par with the hatha yoga practiced by many.
There is a spiritual element to the high that elevates the spirit and lasts
afterwards. In the interest of keeping the plumbing healthy, I do
occasionally cum, and it’s a rare treat when I do.

Nonbinary Michael masturbating

Sometimes I will take yohimbe, an herb which acts a lot like Viagra, and
spend hours enjoying the extended state of arousal. It also makes my body
look sexier to me, especially being shaved. I wish I could feel like that
all the time, but the herb has side effects that make it impractical for me
to use it too often. The new freedom I feel about masturbating means
promoting and dedicating time to it no longer carries any stigma. After
all, how is it any worse a thing to do than to self-indulge watching
football and drinking beer all day? And I wind up feeling fulfilled, not

I should add that I never masturbate around others unless it’s part of the
context of a situation. Similarly, if a visitor is not comfortable with
nudity, I wear clothes in their presence. I get no pleasure from someone
else’s discomfort. I do often regret that necessity, since it’s all about
pleasure and joy, but members of this society are conditioned from early in
life to be ashamed of their bodies, and to fear being in the presence of
nudity. I would love for masturbation to be widely viewed as I view it, a
personal activity that’s good for physical and mental health, and not one
more thing to feel inhibited and guilty about. Maybe someday we’ll get

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Create Your Own Story

Hi Folks! Jeremy and I would love to hear your stories. Please write a story in the comment area below, or you can send direct to me using

You do not need to identify yourself but you can if you wish. Your story can be a true memoir, how-to information, fiction, or whatever you want. It would be great if you could let us know whether it’s true or fiction, however. It can be from any perspective.

The length can be anything from a sentence to a complete ebook.

If you’d like to include video or pictures, that would be great. Email them to us.

Please don’t send any copyrighted material unless you are the owner. Don’t send pictures of anyone without their full permission, and the knowledge that their pictures may be copied throughout the Internet. Once a picture is posted on a website, it can be impossible to get rid of it.

Let us know whether it is OK or not to edit your story.

We can’t pay anything for your submissions, and do not guarantee to publish every one, but we’ll do our best to publish anything that’s of reasonable quality.

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Rotating Sex Toy Review

Unique Jack-Off Toys by Jack Mehoff

Maybe you’ve seen the little videos on XXX websites showing a device that slides over your cock that has some internal components that slide up and down your prick while also rotating around your hard-on. I’ve been seeing the video for the past month or so and was really curious about it. So, I went to the website and it was $99 which seemed reasonable for something that appeared to be fairly complex.

The website appeared to be from the U.K. but reading the fine print it was also somehow connected to a Chinese company. Obviously, the device was made in China. I sent the company an email asking some questions and the response definitely came from a Chinese person in China.

I really wasn’t that keen about giving my credit card info to a company in China that was “sort of” presenting itself as being in the U.K. I searched other sex toy sites to look for somebody in the U.S. selling something similar. I quickly found it on a site called It’s called a “Roto-Bator Pussy Masturbator.” But it was a lot more costly. $168.95. However, when I made the purchase, they immediately gave me a $25.38 discount plus threw in my choice of some free additional toys. The free combo had several items including a vibrator and a couple of other items. I wasn’t really interested in any of that stuff, but they had a foam sleeve called “Glow-in-the-Dark Masturbator” which appeared to be a simple masturbating device. But I thought it would a different experience than the Roto-Bator, so I opted for it.

The site also accepted PayPal which I feel is a much safer alternative to a credit card. The site said “Ships in 2-3 days. Delivered in 8-12 days.” Well, I had it four days after I ordered it.

The Roto-Bator comes in a very nice four-color box and the device itself appears to be extremely well made. I was very impressed. The only negative, and this is my fault for not paying more attention, but the unit only has the rotating feature and does not pump up and down your cock like the one in the video that originally attracted my attention. So instead of just holding it in your hand and letting it do all the work, you have to pump it up and down yourself. But in actual practice, I think this is more desirable for a couple of reasons. One, doing it yourself allows infinite variation in stroking action, and two, the additional complexity of the internal mechanism could lead to early failure. I don’t know that for a fact, but having a mechanical engineering background leads me to believe in the possibility.

The foam sleeve is a very simple device and probably cost the company about a buck to make. Interestingly, it only has a tiny hole in the middle. About 3/8-inch in diameter. So, your cock has to be liberally lubed up to even get the thing on your dick. And your dick has to be pretty hard, otherwise trying to force the sleeve on will just bend your half-hard dick in the middle. But once in, it has a very nice feel and stroking it up and down provides a very pleasant sensation that you can’t duplicate with your hand.

The Roto-Bator is a totally different experience. The opening where you slide your cock in sort of looks like a mouth….or a pussy…with two distinct lips. The latex extended cup that your cock slides into has a series of bumps on the inside that feel great when you slide the device up and down. Then outside the latex cup is the rotation mechanism that has series of encapsulated balls. The rotating portion of the toy does not actually touch your penis. It touches the outside of the latex cup that is holding your penis and the rotational movement is transmitted through the latex cup onto your erect member. Unfortunately, I did not get the full benefit of the rotating action because I have a rather thin prick….at about 1.625” in diameter or a little over 5” in circumference. I could feel it, but not as tight as I would have liked. A good size would be a cock diameter of 1-7/8” to 2.” I would be curious to know how thick of a prick it might be capable of taking. The way it’s designed there is a limit. I’m estimating that anything over 2” in diameter might be a problem.

It looks like you will hit bottom at a length over 6-inches but that isn’t totally accurate. I’m right at 6-inches and I was missing hitting the bottom by at least a half inch because as I pushed the unit all the way on, the skin on my cock was bunching up at the base and preventing full penetration. Which brings up another point. Pushing it on hard like that was stalling out the electric motor and stopped the rotation. It’s probably a good idea to avoid doing that because I don’t think it’s good for the motor.

The website copy and the text on the box make the following claim: Three thrilling speeds and seven rotation patterns. I couldn’t figure out how to do that. The unit has three buttons on it. Press one button to turn it on. But to make something happen, you have to push one of the two remaining buttons. One button gives constant rotation and the other gives oscillating rotation where it goes in one direction for a couple of rotations and then reverses itself. I carefully read the instructions and nowhere did it tell me where to get three different speeds and seven different rotational patterns. I found one speed and two rotation patterns.

I didn’t mention that, again, your cock has to be liberally lubricated to get the most benefit. I found that the maximum stimulation for me occurred as I pulled the device nearly off the end of my dick and then pushed it back on. As those lips on the opening passed on and off my coronal ridge and frenulum, I got some great stimulation.

Despite not getting the full benefit of the rotation, overall, I was very pleased with the performance. It’s very similar to getting a blowjob and one of the things I liked is I seemed to be very satisfied just working the device up and down my shaft for an extended period. Longer than I would normally jack my cock by hand.

I didn’t cum in either of the two times I’ve used it. I got very, very close the second time and I’m sure with a bit more practice, my cock will become trained to the different stimulation created by the masturbator and I will achieve ejaculation. It turned out that the third time was the charm as I did ejaculate into the device.

The unit comes apart very easily and is easy to clean up with some soap and water. I had no cum to clean out, but it had a lot of lube in it. Plenty of lube is the secret. The unit comes with a small bottle of lube and another small bottle of clean-up liquid.

The stronger friction of the latex lips, compared to pussy or mouth lips, did leave my coronal ridge a bit tender. I smeared some Neosporin cream on the head of my dick and it went right away. I’m sure with continued use my dick will toughen up and that won’t be a continuing problem.

Author’s Note: I apologize for the crappy photos. I really needed somebody to take the photos for me. Trying to maintain a hard-on, keep my dick lubed, handle my camera with lubed up hands, and trying to frame the photo while keeping the neutral background in the frame was a bit of a challenge. Maintaining an erection was the most difficult with all the other stuff going on.

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Interview With an Extraordinary 87-Year-Old

I had originally intended to interview someone of advanced age who is suffering the usual difficulties with aging, finding out that person’s attitudes about sex, current sex life, and so on. However, this guy turns out to be really exceptional in many ways. I believe you’ll fall in love with the fellow in this interview. – Jeremy

How old are you?


How is your health?

Great. Only issue of note is high blood pressure but that’s more or less under control by meds. And due to some sports activity that I do, both knees need some extra support with braces. But I only wear them when doing my activity. The rest of the time it’s not a problem.

What are your sexual preferences and interests?

Primarily women. Later in life I got bi-curious. Started with some mutual masturbation. I was 60 or 61 at the time. Never had any M2M contact as a teen like a lot of kids did. I discovered masturbation when I was about 10 or 11 from climbing the poles on swing sets at school. Of course those were just dry orgasms and I thought I had discovered something that nobody else knew. I had my first true sexual experience when I was 15 with a very clumsy attempt to penetrate a 13-y.o. girl who actually came onto me. The first time I tried it, I ejaculated on her before I could get it in her pussy. The following night we tried again successfully. But once I fucked a girl, I was totally hooked. The crazy thing is, within two weeks of losing my virginity, I fucked two more girls. It was pure happenstance. I was in was total heaven.

I managed to get more than my share of pussy in high school. By the time I was a senior I had a regular girlfriend (who I later married) and we fucked every chance we could get which was at least four or five times a week. Keep in mind that when this was going on, I was 17 and she was 16. My only regret is there were quite a few high schoolers I dated who wouldn’t fuck and I was so focused on getting laid that settling for a handjob or a blowjob never even crossed my mind. I’m sure I missed out on a lot of handjobs back then. Not so sure about blowjobs because I don’t think there was a lot of that going on in the early ‘50’s with high schoolers. But I did eat my first pussy when I was 17. My girlfriend didn’t want me to do it. She thought it was disgusting until I got my tongue on her clit. Then she thought it was a great idea. I really can’t remember if she blew me while we were still in high school. After I went down on her, she might have, but I’m damned if I can remember.

One thing that you need to know about me. I’ve always looked much younger than I am. As I got older that helped me hook up with younger women. Even now, at age 87, people who don’t know me guess my age as late sixties.

Back when I was about 60, I hooked up with a woman who was 45. At first, she didn’t want to date me when she found out my actual age because she thought I was too old for her. But before I knew it, she was talking marriage. The best thing about that relationship was she had an 18-year old daughter who lounged around the house in a super skimpy thong bikini. On top of being drop dead beautiful, she had a body that belonged on a Playboy centerfold. One time when I slept over at their house, the mother had left early for an appointment with a client. She was an interior decorator. I was in the bathroom nude shaving when the daughter walked in wearing a loose bathrobe open in the front with her tits and pubic hair clearly on display. She said she wanted to get something out of the cabinet. As she got whatever it was she wanted, she looked down and said, “Nice cock.” I was speechless. I knew she wanted to fuck and I was dying to give her what she wanted. But she and her mother were very competitive, and I knew that if I fucked her, she would somehow let her mother know. So, I didn’t do anything. Which turned out to be a huge mistake because a few weeks later I broke up with her mother anyway. If I had known the relationship would be ending that soon, I would have fucked the daughter and lived with the consequences.

Do you have any kinks or fetishes?

No, not really. Well, I do have a mild foot fetish but I am so damn particular in what I find attractive that very few women actually have what I consider really good looking feet. I’ve had a few women masturbate me with their feet and that’s pretty hot. And I love really good-looking athletic legs. Not overly athletic but well formed with nice definition. A restaurant I go to regularly has a waitress with killer legs. Literally the best I’ve ever seen. She obviously knows it because she always wears short shorts. I go there at least twice a week, mainly just to look at her legs. I’ve told her how much I admire her legs. She told me that some of the patrons refer to her as “the legs girl.” She’s a runner which has a lot to do with the way her legs look. I would guess her age at about 25 but she has a 14-year old son so obviously she’s older than 25.

Do you still get horny as in your younger years?

I think the answer is ‘yes.’ Frankly it’s a bit difficult to totally think back and remember the degree of horniness when I was younger. But if it’s diminished any over the years, it’s not apparent to me. I still fantasize lying in bed at night before going to sleep about fucking some cutie I saw during the day. There is a high school girl who walks by my home office window every weekday at 8 am and 4 pm. I try to be there to see her. She’s tall, probably 5’ 10” with long blond hair. She frequently wears shorts and has long attractive legs. Not that it would ever happen, but I fantasize about fucking her brains out. Since she’s a high schooler she is likely only 16 or 17. Coincidentally, she just walked by as I was typing this. Then there is a very attractive girl who works at a small family restaurant I frequent. With her looks and her body, and her obvious maturity, I had assumed she was a 20-something. I was shocked when she told me she was only 16 and a sophomore in high school.

How have your attitudes about sex changed over the years?

As stated earlier, I was always true-blue heterosexual up until I was about 60. In fact, the whole concept of sex between men repulsed me. The idea of a cock in my mouth was unthinkable. But some time back when I was in my thirties or forties, I saw a video of two young guys performing cock-to-cock jackoff. At the time, despite my homophobia, I thought that looked really hot. But I never took it past just watching that video until much, much later. But after my second marriage ended, I had a long dry spell on being with any woman other than some fuck-buddies and some visits to the local massage parlor. That’s when I started thinking about hooking up with somebody for some mutual masturbation. It’s interesting that many, many years after seeing that C2C jackoff video I finally got to do it. In fact, I have done it with at least five or six different guys.

The most interesting was a guy who specialized doing C2C. The amazing thing about the guy was he was able to time his ejaculation to exactly match yours. It was extremely erotic to see two cocks held tightly together, both cumming at the same time. He had a website called “Twin Jets” but it’s long gone now. He also held C2C jackoff parties and featured photos and videos on the site of guys doing C2C jackoff. There was a father/son team that came to his parties and they were featured on the site but somebody blew the whistle because the son was only 16 or 17 and his site was taken down.

The M2M stuff actually started with me organizing a circle jerk because I was too worried about hooking up with just one guy. I had safety concerns and also just felt that a group thing might be a better introduction. That turned out to be the right way to get started. Then I hooked up on one-on-one sessions with a couple of guys from the group. My ground rules before any of these encounters was jacking off only, no oral. The idea of sucking dick turned me off. Well, that didn’t last. The first guy I hooked up with went down on me within the first five minutes of having our cocks out. He’s sucking me and I’m looking at his erect dick and the damn thing looked so good I went down on him. We finished off with handjobs. When I left the meeting, I had terrible guilt feelings about what I had done. But within a day or so I had rationalized the whole thing in my mind and came to the conclusion that I was still the same person I was before giving a guy head, and that all I had really done was just had some fun. Didn’t hurt or affect anybody else. In reality I expanded my own sexual horizons.

After that I sucked a few dicks, but it took me a while to work up to sucking a guy to completion. I finally forced myself to do it just to see what it was like. It wasn’t bad at all like I thought it might be. The secret is to have the guy’s cock as far down your throat as you can manage so most of the cum passes right by your taste buds. I’ve only taken three loads in my mouth, but I enjoyed it. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you can make a guy cum from sucking. Some guys are incapable of ejaculating from a blowjob.

I have no interest in any kind of emotional connection with another man. I don’t want to kiss him or even hug him. I never walk down the street and see a guy and try to imagine what his cock looks like or what it would be like to have sex with him. All I want is some fun cock play. And now that I’ve done some of that kind of thing, I realize that there are a lot of otherwise straight guys who feel the same way. But with women, it’s the exact opposite. I want emotional involvement. I want to be attracted to the whole woman, not just her tits and pussy. For me to get the full level of enjoyment possible, there has to be that emotional link between us.

That’s not to say I haven’t had sex with a woman without the emotional attachment. I have, but in many instances, it was a case of it’s there, it’s available, she’s attractive, so why not? Later on in this Q&A you will read about some very quick and dirty sex where emotional involvement was nowhere to be seen.

Over my lifetime I have had sex with somewhere around sixty women. Many of them involved emotional attachment but obviously many of them didn’t.

As far as any M2M sex goes, it’s only a rare sometime thing for me. I still prefer woman, but every once in a while, I get the urge for something different. At one point I was occasionally hooking up with a guy who was a great partner. Although we met on Craig’s List, amazingly he only lived less than a mile away. He had a really nice big cock and despite being married plus a girl-friend on the side, he loved to suck dick. Unfortunately, after about four hookups, he disappeared. He no longer answered any emails, and I never knew his actual address or phone number.

Married M2M partner’s excellent cock. Sorry to lose touch with him.

My cock and my partner’s much larger cock. OK, I need to clarify this.
Because I am farther down in the pic, my dick looks pretty small next to his.
There really isn’t that much difference although his is notably thicker.

When is the last time you had sex with another person?

Unfortunately, it’s been a while. I was having regular sex with a long-time girlfriend. We were together for 14 years to be exact, but when I moved across the country about 18 months ago, she stayed behind because of family, friends, and a job. I haven’t made any hookups since moving for several reasons. Covid is one, but the other is I like my women young, or at least younger than me. As an example, my first wife was one year younger, second wife was ten years younger, third wife was 28 years younger, and my long-time girlfriend is over 44 years younger. Woman my age do not interest me. I realize that’s probably sexist and shallow but that’s the way it is. My chances of hooking up with anybody at this point in my life that I would want to have a sexual relationship with is probably nil. I have thought about maybe making some M2M connections and now that Covid is on the wane, I plan to pursue that.

Was it as easy, vigorous, and enjoyable as sex in you earlier days?

Absolutely. If you are referring to the last time I had sex. Maybe even moreso now that I have so many years of experience. Sex for me in the last few years has been almost more about pleasing my partner as opposed to my own pleasure. That in itself is a form of pleasure.

Do you miss the frequent sex you had in earlier days?

Yep, definitely. If I had a regular partner who was as into it as much as me, I would probably be having sex every day. More on that subject with an answer to a later question.

How do you spend a typical day?

I can’t get too specific without people who know me reading this and realizing who I am. I’m semi-retired but still work a few hours a day for some clients. But recently I’ve decided to start a new business and most of my day is devoted to getting that launched. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and always manage to look at several sexual sites. I have some favorite girls on Chaturbate that I like to watch and also the videos on XNXX are great jack-off material. ProWank and Solotouch are also great sites to get the juices flowing. Evenings are spent reading and watching tv. I manage to read about a book a week. I buy used paperbacks from I also participate in some competitive sports but again hesitate to mention exactly what they are. I generally find time to jack off at least once a day, sometimes more.

Do you have favorite ways to masturbate?

Not really. I guess I am kind boring in that respect. I went through the stages of lubing up my cock and also sticking a finger up my ass but have kind of gotten away from that in the last few years as it’s a bit messy. My experience with a finger up the butthole is to have it well lubed. Shove it in and out while masturbating and just as you start to orgasm, pull the finger out swiftly. At least for me, that seems to highten the orgasm sensation.

I used to do a lot of edging primarily to generate huge cumshots but one of the meds I take for prostate issues has totally limited the amount of cum that I produce. Unless I do a very extended masturbation session, sometimes no semen is produced at all. If I do edge and keep it going for a long period, I might produce six or seven large clear droplets. Fortunately, the orgasm is still the same. Or at least I think it is. No way to really compare other than memory which isn’t always accurate. Frankly of all the downsides of old age, losing my ability to spurt impressive streams of cum is the most disappointing. On of my claims to fame is I could shoot great distances. One of my girl-friends really got off on seeing how far I could spurt my cum. She would even get out a tape measure and measure it off. This was after edging but I consistently would fall just short by an inch or so of five feet. Even a usual cumshot could be good for a couple of feet. Unfortunately those days are gone forever.

Recently, more as a lark than anything else, I bought one of those masturbation toys that has a jelly sleeve that rotates around your dick while you pump it up and down. It’s fun and it feels pretty good. Even though for me cum cleanup is minimal, you have to use a generous amount of lube with the toy so there is that to clean up.

What kinds of things do you fantasize about while wanking?

I usually watch a video on XNXX. And what interests me and gets me going changes frequently. I went through the CFNM (clothed female, naked male) period. Recently I have been watching a series of videos where the girl makes the guy cum strictly by frenulum contact with her fingers or tongue. I particularly like the scenes where after the guy cums, his partner takes his cum covered cock in her mouth and sucks it clean. My last wife used to do that, and it was extremely erotic to watch her do it. Although there are very few videos that feature it, I also like to see the woman take a washcloth and lovingly wipe the guy’s cock clean. I don’t know why, but I find that very hot. It may have something to do with a period I went through where my only sexual outlet was a local massage parlor. I had a steady Korean girl who took care of me every time I went there. She would masturbate me, suck me off, or fuck me. And she always took a warm, wet, washcloth and very thoroughly wiped my cock clean afterwards. I used to go there every Sunday morning for about two months. Then I met the gal who became my third wife and that ended the massage parlor visits. Haven’t been back since.

Do you have any physical limitations due to your age?

Maybe about what you would expect for a 65-year old man. Certainly not one who is 87. But now that I think about it, I’m probably even physically more active than your typical 65-year old. I did notice back when I was having sex with my girlfriend that the marathon fucking sessions were a bit more work than they used to be. When I was with the 45 y.o. with the sexy 18-year old daughter, and I was 60, we both were into extended fucking. Our sessions typically lasted 45 minutes to an hour. I would pace myself to keep from cumming but she would have several orgasms during that period. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I could not do that today.

Any sexual limitations?

No, not really other than it takes me longer to get a hard-on. And if I am sufficiently aroused it gets about as hard as it ever did. But I would say most times when I jerk off, it’s only about 90% hard, which is all that is needed. I keep some Viagra on hand and if I feel like having an extended jack-off session I might pop half of a pill which allows me to stay harder longer than I might without it.

I remember back when I was in my 50’s and even in to my 60’s, I could stand naked in front of the bathroom mirror and will myself to get erect without touching my cock. No way is that possible now.

Would you say you are happy most days?

Absolutely. Without going into details, over the years I have made a lot of money and lived at a very high level. I’ve been with a lot of beautiful women, had lots of material things, traveled the world and had many, many experiences that many people just dream about. I’ve led a very, very full life and even though those days are over, I have no regrets.

Have you lost anything that you valued with age?

I don’t have the energy that I had just five or six years ago. I mostly have associated with people younger than myself and instead of me having trouble keeping up with them, the opposite has been true. But whatever it was that gave me that extra something that most people my age do not have, it’s slowly slipping away. Which is to be expected. Father Time can’t be stopped.

You’re healthier than many people at the same age. To what do you attribute your success?

I have no idea. I’ve never smoked, and I stopped drinking in my late 50’s. But I think it’s mostly genes. My sister is three years younger than me, and she doesn’t remotely look like an 84-year old. My dad died young from lung cancer. He was a three pack a day smoker and that was back when nobody knew smoking killed you. My mom lived to 89, but had heart issues, which I don’t have, fortunately.

Do you have a bucket list?

Not really. There really isn’t much left that I would like to do. Let me qualify that, there’s really not much left that I could do, even if I wanted to. For example, I always wanted to visit Machu Picchu. But it’s quite challenging to get there and at a high altitude that would probably be more than I could handle coupled with the climbing. Back when I was at the peak of my earning power and heavily into boating, I probably had some of the best times of my life on my boat. I would love to have another boat and if my new business takes off like I expect it to, I might actually have a boat again. But when I recall all the work, effort, and money that went into keeping a boat, having one doesn’t seem like a great idea, so maybe I will pass on that. There is something called the Freedom Boat Club where you pay a monthly fee and have the use of a boat any time you want. It won’t always be the same boat, however.

Do you have any regrets or things you’d do differently if you could?

I had a couple of business relationships that if I had handled them differently, I would be in the lap of luxury today. I’m not hurting by any means, but degrees of wealth are relative. The only other real regret I have is that my last marriage didn’t last longer. She was by far the best sex partner I ever had, and it ended all too soon, but it was her decision and there was nothing I could do. In a way, it was my fault. Before we met, she had previously been married but led a somewhat ordinary existence. Then she married me, and I showed her what life could really be like and she realized how much of life she had missed out on. And decided that there was much more she could experience if she wasn’t tied down to just one man. She actually told me this. And it wasn’t just the sex. I loved her more than any other woman I have ever been with. When my first two marriages ended, I was ok with it and ready to move on. But the third one crushed me. I went into deep depression, lost a lot of weight, and really felt I had no reason to live. But then I met my future long-term girlfriend and she literally saved my ass.

What do you look forward to?

At this stage of my life, I really don’t think too far ahead. I guess my one hope is that this new business is successful so that I can leave more to my kids than I would be able to otherwise. I might leave something for my long-time girlfriend for putting up with me for 14 years and livening up my sex life at an age where for most men it’s a distant or forgotten memory.

Do you have a greater fear of sickness or death than when you were younger?

I don’t think in terms like that. Life is what it is. I just try to stay as healthy as I can and what happens beyond that is out of my hands, so I don’t think about it. I assume that there’s not that many more years left for me. But I can’t worry about it.

Do you still vividly recall your early sexual experiences?

A few of them. Oddly enough, the ones I remember the most vividly are the girls I wanted to fuck but never did. One girl in particular stands out. She was 19 and I was 32. We got into a really hot and heavy petting session and we did everything but fuck. I went home with the worst blue balls of my life. I knew in my heart that I would get a second chance at her but for reasons out of my control, it never happened. I still jerk off imagining what it would have been like to fuck her. Not that it would have been all that different, but it was still a regretful lost opportunity, of which there have been many.

Thinking back to really early sexual experiences, I can clearly remember having them but unfortunately some of the details are missing. OK, I know I fucked her, but did she blow me first? Did I go down on her? Those important details are sometimes lost.

I do have a vivid memory of one experience. This was a temp employee who worked for me. She was also only 18 years old. We had a couple of petting sessions that got really steamy, but she claimed to be a virgin and was saving it for her husband. Finally, she decided after all that horsing around, that she wanted me to fuck her. I think it was because she knew it was her last week at the office before returning to New York where she lived with her dad. Anyway, the memory that is so vivid, even though it was over 50 years ago, was at one point she was holding my stiff cock and rubbing the head of it all over her face. I can’t remember any other woman ever doing that and it was incredibly erotic. Then she sucked it and that of course led to me fucking her. No way was she a virgin. She was one hot fuck.

I’ve had other really crazy experiences that I can barely remember. One in particular was during my first marriage, my wife and I had a party at our house. By this time our marriage was really over. Lots of friends of friends were there who I barely knew or in some cases had never met. One really attractive gal kept giving me the eye and at one point I pulled her out the back door into the night and started kissing her. In no time flat it went totally out of control and we walked into a wooded area behind the house, and I fucked her. I don’t remember if we did it standing up or laid on the ground or what. I never knew who she was or who she was with. Never saw her again. My excuse on that one was we both probably had too much to drink.

Shortly after that in the final days of my first marriage we went to a Halloween party at some friend’s house in our neighborhood. I was sitting on a couch in the rec room when this gal in a cat costume sat down and started talking to me. My wife was helping in the kitchen. The girl had a mask on but I could see she had a nice body and appealing eyes. It’s hard to describe this but the costume she had on had panty hose with short tight elastic pants over them. But the way she was sitting, the pantyhouse actually pulled the pants away from her body and I could literally look down and see her pussy lips protruding through her pubic hair. I’d had a few drinks so I told her, “I can see your pussy.” She replied, “How do you like it?” I told her I would love to get my tongue in it. After some more witty conversation, I took her hand and said, “Come with me.” It was a split-level house, and we were on the lower level. I got her up to the entryway and tried to get her to go upstairs to a bedroom, but she wouldn’t go. I pulled her into the hallway coat closet, and we went at it hot and heavy for a few minutes. I somehow got her tights and pantyhose pulled down below her knees and kind of bent her over and entered her pussy from behind. The whole thing was so fucking sexy and crazy that it only took a minute or two of thrusting to drop a load deep in her cunt. How nobody missed us or realized what was going on was a miracle. Never knew her name or who she was with, if anybody. Never saw her again either.

Now these stories go directly against what I said earlier about needing some emotional involvement with a sex partner. Obviously, that didn’t happen in these instances. This was just pure raw sex. But that’s fine. I think everybody needs some of that kind of sex because it’s exciting and forbidden. Forbidden sex is very appealing. And when it’s a perfect stranger, it’s really good for the ego. To know that you have the kind of attraction to another person that allows them to fuck you and to hell with any consequences.

At what age do you feel you were the most sexually active?

That’s easy. I married my third wife when I was 67 and she was 39. I suspected it wouldn’t last because of the age difference but I was head over heels in love with her and figured I would get what I could out of it. We had met online on a sex site and after a lot of emails and phone conversations we agreed to meet. For some reason she offered to come to my house. On our very first date, she came to visit me at my house about 9 am and didn’t leave until 11 pm. I can’t remember how many times we had sex, but it was beyond description. The best sex ever.

Third wife gets one of her daily fuckings. Sure miss her.

Once we were living together, she had to be fucked every single day, and on the weekends, two or three times a day. In the three and a half years we were together, it never got old. On weekdays she had to get up earlier than me to go to work. We had a terrific sex session every evening once we went to bed. Then Saturday morning I might wake up to her giving me a blow job which led to a full-on fuckfest. To be repeated again that night. Same on Sunday. She loved for me to cum, but primarily inside her. To her, any cum that occurred outside of her body was wasted. Sure, she jerked me off from time to time but mostly it was me cumming deep inside her pussy or down her throat. In the latter stages of the marriage, we even had a threesome with a guy I found on Craig’s List. That was a really fabulous experience. She got off on seeing me suck the guy’s cock. In fact, we would take turns sucking it, handing his cock back and forth like a lollypop. And I got off on seeing him pump his big dick in her pussy. When I was younger, the thought of my wife being fucked by another guy or her sucking his dick was unthinkable. But for us, a threesome was just a really fun thing to do. I was amazed at how turned on I got with the experience.

Threesome guy penetrates my former wife.
Although not apparent in photo,
his dick was at least 8” long and she really got off on it.

Wife jacks my cock and threesome guy’s cock. Heaven.

After the marriage was over, my new girlfriend and I eventually got around to a threesome with the same guy and that was equally exciting. My girlfriend was also a terrific sex partner but because we didn’t live together, it wasn’t as frequent as when I was married. One of our highlights was I arranged one of my circle jerks and brought her along. She was hesitant at first but once she realized she owned the room, she took turns jerking off all four of us.

Long time girlfriend grips my cock and another guy’s cock.

I penetrate my girlfriend’s sweet pussy.

Can you briefly tell us about some of your wildest sexual exploits?

Where to start? One that sticks in my memory is back around 1970 I took some friends to the notorious area of Baltimore that’s loaded with strip clubs. One that we went to was the “2 O’Clock Club,” which was famous for featuring the famous stripper Blaze Starr. This was after she had moved on or retired, however. There was one stripper who was young and incredibly attractive. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She must have noticed because after her set she came over and sat down with me. The goal for the strippers is to get you to buy them expensive drinks that are likely not even alcoholic. But instead of angling to get me to buy her drinks, she just wanted to talk. I was terribly flattered because it was obvious that she was attracted to me. But what was even crazier is under the table she unzipped my pants and got my cock out and proceeded to jerk me off. Once I shot my load under the table, she kissed me and said she had to get back to work. I never bought her a single drink.

Then there was one time in high school where my regular girlfriend and I had temporarily broken up. I invited this extremely cute girl to a party that was all made up of kids from my school. This little gal was super sexy for a high-schooler. After mingling in the party for a half hour or so I was hungering to get my hands on that cute body, so I invited her to go back out to my car. You could drive legally in my state at 15 and I had my own car. So once in the car, things got really hot and heavy and before long, I’m sitting in the passenger’s seat and she’s straddling me facing me with my cock buried deep in that sweet teen pussy. She’s bouncing up and down on me as our classmates are wandering around outside. I don’t think anybody noticed what was going on but doing what we were doing more or less in plain sight was really hot.

Then on a trip to Cabo in Mexico with a fuckbuddy who was totally uninhibited, we had rented a Suzuki Samurai which was open a like a jeep, and as we were driving from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose Del Cabo, we passed several trucks loaded with workers in the back. The part that was special was she was giving me a blowjob while the workers were cheering as we drove past. Then we had a late dinner in San Jose Del Cabo and as we walked down the deserted main street after dinner I had to pee. She pointed to a doorway and told me to go there. I replied, “Only if you hold it for me,” Which she did, but that led to her jacking me off right on main street as a few cars drove by. And finally on another night we were lounging on our suite patio around midnight when she decided she wanted to fuck. She climbed on top and started banging away when we heard voices. I said something and she told me to shut up and fuck, so I did, as two couples strolled by about ten feet away. They stopped and watched for a few seconds and then walked on.

Same gal brought a friend to my house one time and had me jack off while they watched.

girlfriend tongue on glans
Fuckbuddy girlfriend licks my cockhead.
She got off on playing with my dick.

While I was in college (an all-male school) I took a high school girl on a picnic. One thing led to another and in the back seat of the car, she got so wet that she literally left a puddle on the seat which was fortunately vinyl. I had a bit of trouble finding her opening but finally, among all the juice, it slid right in. She said, “You’ve got it in the wrong hole.” My first taste of anal sex. I quickly found the right hole.

Speaking of anal sex, I did have one girlfriend who preferred it. She said it felt better than vaginal sex.

One other first for me was I had hooked up with a girl, again on a porn site, and we had a number of sexy email and phone conversations when she offered to come spend four days with me. Which turned out to be four days of non-stop sex. The capper was when she told me she was a squirter. Of course, I had heard many stories and seen videos but I never believed it could actually be done by a woman. In the videos I always assumed it was just pee that came gushing out. She folded up several towels and sat on them and got out her Hitachi Magic Wand. She said she could only do it using a vibrator. She proceeded to rub the wand up and down over her clit and after a few minutes, this liquid started squirting out. It was clear so I was pretty sure it wasn’t pee although some pee is nearly clear. So to be sure, I tasted it. I don’t know what it was, but it was definitely not pee. That was many years ago but we are still Facebook Friends to this day although she has been in a committed relationship for years and we never did anything after those four days.

Squirting girlfriend was also an excellent blowjob artist.
Here she sucks down a load of my cum.

During those four days I arranged for a foursome with a couple who I had done a threesome with. In the threesome, the girl just jacked off her boyfriend and me. However, she had a very delectable looking pussy and I really looked forward to fucking her in the foursome. According to her boyfriend, who I had met in one of the circle jerks, we were going to be free to fuck or suck whoever we wanted in the foursome. My gal was looking forward to performing C2C jackoff on us two guys. She had never heard of it before. She also wanted to fuck him and of course I wanted to fuck his girlfriend. Well, the first mistake we made was us two guys put our cocks together and my date started jacking us off. In hindsight, we should have worked up to that. The guy’s girlfriend really got her nose out of joint when my date touched her bf’s cock. He realized it and immediately lost his hard-on. The rest of the time together his girlfriend spent all her time trying to get him hard again. Although he never did get fully hard, somehow she managed to get him to cum. In the meantime my date and I were sucking and fucking each other like no tomorrow while the two of them watched. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to fuck the other girl. But my date made sure I was well taken care of.

What advice do you have for younger people?

Young people are going to have sex come hell or high water. My only advice is to make sure it’s safe sex and don’t get pregnant. My first wife was pregnant when we got married. If she hadn’t been, I would never have married her, because by that time we had been together for two years and I knew she wasn’t right for me. But back then, the only path was marriage. I stuck it out for nearly nine years. And don’t get married or stuck in a relationship at a young age.

Here’s one tip to the guys. If you are in a hot and heavy session with a girl you are trying to fuck, but she won’t give it up, unzip your pants and take out your hard cock. My experience is that the majority of times I’ve done this, it’s worked. At the very least you might get a handjob or a blowjob out of it. One time I did it with a girl who was being unusually stubborn but amazingly as soon as she got a look at my erect penis, she didn’t say a word but went down on me and blew me. She actually sucked me until I came and swallowed. I did eventually fuck her.

Whatever you do, never force a woman to do something sexually that she doesn’t want to do.

After relating all these various sexual adventures, were you turned on?

As a matter of fact it really did get me excited. I had been stroking my cock off and on during the various stories that I related and when I got to the end, my prick was quite hard and I decided to jack off. I was rewarded with an unusual (for me) fairly decent cumshot. Instead of the usual nothing or at most three or four squirts of cum, this time there were seven or eight. What comes out isn’t really cum. It’s just a clear liquid in fairly large droplets. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the result.

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Here’s a picture of our extraordinary gentleman when he was only 72 years old.