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Computer Specialist

Computer Specialist Sees Nudes

My business is offering housecalls for local computer training and support. When I work on computers in someone’s home with them usually sitting next to me, I always ask whether they have anything private they don’t want me to see. They always say no.

On at least a dozen occasions, I have stumbled across porn. Besides the usual downloads from websites, there are often pictures of my naked clients, and sometimes their spouses, most often posing in some form of masturbation.

Like the other day. I was called by a woman who appeared to be about 35 years old, with a small build, large firm breasts, and long red hair. She kind of reminded me of a smaller, younger version of Jane Seymour.

She wanted to learn how to sort out the 2,000 pictures she had transferred from her digital camera. On the first screen, there were pictures of empty rooms in a house, and a dog playing in the yard. Typical pix.

Right about then, her husband stepped into the room and introduced himself. He was tall, thin, craggy, good-looking, not unlike Mick Jaggar.

Then, on the next page, there were pictures of my client, totally nude, in the most seductive poses, many with her fingers in her ass or completely shaved pussy. And just below those was a great side view of the husband, sporting a good, solid erection at a perfect 90-degree angle.

I don’t want them to be uncomfortable so I told them right away, as I tell all my clients when this happens, “That’s OK, I see that all the time – everyone has that sort of thing on their computers.”

I then tell them the little story of the composer (I don’t mention his name because everyone knows him) who called me frantically one afternoon. It seems he had been visiting porn sites, and somehow he ended up with two very graphic icons on his desktop that he didn’t know how to remove. His wife was due back from picking up the kids in an hour, and he needed those icons gone!

My clients always laugh, and seem (or pretend) to be relieved that they are not the only ones with that sort of problem. Later, I go home and jerk off remembering seeing my clients nude.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve concluded that I’m being set up. They want me to see those pictures. That’s fine with me!

Nothing more has been said about it with anyone on return visits, but I’ve got to figure out how to take it to the next level with some of these people. I’d love to help them get off, and have them get me off, and I’m pretty sure that’s what they want also. I’m sure it will happen one of these days. Now, I don’t want sex with my clients, but I’d just love to watch some porn with them on their newly-fixed-up computers, and then masturbate together.

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Too Playful at the Nude Beach

I suggested we all go to the nude beach. I didn’t really think they’d say ‘yes.’ But I should have known. As many of you married guys know, when you marry, you get the whole family.

Now, Mae’s family has always been fun-loving. Take their names for instance. My wife, who is 26 years old, is Mae. Her sister, younger by four years, is June.

Their Mom, Sue, is 47. Sue is still a great looking woman. Her dark blond hair has a few streaks of gray in it, which makes her look dignified in my opinion. She is an all-natural, all-organic person, as is Mae, so she won’t dye her hair. Sue might be considered a bit heavy, but I call her curvy.

My wife Mae might be almost heavy, too, but being short, it looks good on her. She, too, has darker blond hair. No gray streaks, of course. Her breasts are big and full, and quite firm. I can never get enough of gently squeezing them, which she calls a ‘massage’ and we can do just that for hours.

Her sister June looks different. If they didn’t have the same mouth and nose, you’d think she was adopted. June, is skinny, with a bit darker skin, and dark brunette hair. She is only around 5′ 2″ also, like the rest of her family.

So, we went to the nude beach. Now, you may know that not all nude beaches are the same. Some are quite open in what’s allowed, others are conservative. There are no signs saying ‘no sexual activity,’ but at our beach, that’s pretty much understood. There are some almost militant people there who feel that they have to protect the beach from a political change in wind, which could close it to public nudity. Those people will act like Karens if something happens of which they do not approve.

So, it was a warm, early afternoon, the tide was low, everything was perfect. I was looking forward to seeing June naked. Now, I really appreciate my wife, but I have to say, June sexually excites me – from a distance. We’d never act on it, of course.

We spread a big blanket 50 feet from the nearest other nudists and about 30 feet from a young non-nude family. 50 feet in the other direction was a pair of nude elderly men. I’m guessing they were a gay couple. The people around us were doing the usual things. Drinking sodas, reading books, just laying around and talking.

I was a bit reluctant to strip in front of June, and especially Sue. Evidently, they were reluctant to strip in front of me, too. It took Mae to break the ice. She took off her bikini as casually as if she were in our own bedroom. Fortunately, Sue followed her lead. I was kind of afraid that no one would strip naked.

That happened to me once at a nude beach. I took off my stuff, and my companions kept their shorts on the whole time. I felt, well, naked! Vulnerable. But now Mae and Sue were stripping, and all was well.

Sue’s breasts are kind of flat and sag down a bit, but I’m not complaining. She’s still quite a looker, and always joking around, which makes her great in my book! The hair on her pussy was neatly trimmed and a bit darker than the hair on her head. She had underarm hair, and a thin coating of hair on her legs, which surprised me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an all-natural woman. Now Mae may be organic and all, but she does shave. Even her pussy.

June took off her bikini. I was delighted. She is beautiful, like a super-model. Like Mae, she shaves everything. The only critique might be that her boobs are somewhat small with pointy little tiny nipples, but I’m not complaining. Mae’s nipples are not much darker than her natural skin, but big around. Same with Sue.

I was so excited by seeing the women, that i forgot to pull down my shorts. They started teasing me about that, especially June. So, with a bit of trepidation, I put my thumbs in my waistband, and pulled down, and stepped out of my shorts and underpants.

The women all started tittering. They seemed to like what they saw – an average size guy with an average size set of equipment. I shave down there, which Mae loves, but the other two knew nothing about that. Most men don’t shave, and so the other two were somewhat surprised. June instinctively reached out to touch my smooth scrotum.

Before she could quite reach it, Mae laughingly yelled, “Hey, don’t you dare touch my husband.”

June replied with “Or what?”

Mae said, “Or I’ll.. I’ll…” She was stuck without a plan. Then, evidently without thinking it through, she shocked us all by saying, “I’ll stick my sandy finger in your ass.”

June reached out with both hands, and cupped my balls. Mae playfully attacked her, and the next thing you know, they were both rolling around wrestling in the sand. Mae actually tried to carry out her threat. A couple of times, she almost reached her index finger into June’s crack. Then she did. June stopped dead in her tracks, while Mae slowly, carefully pressed in a bit. After a few seconds, Mae pulled her finger out, put it in her mouth, coating it with saliva, and then resumed her work, pushing her finger fully into June’s ass, while Sue cheered them on.

I must say, as fun-loving as that family is, I didn’t see that coming! It seemed to me this isn’t the first time, they’ve all played naked. I wondered whether John, the girls’ father, and Jason, their brother have played with them. I’ll have to come up with some way to invite them all to the beach on a day when the guys aren’t running the shop.

Seeing people stick fingers in asses has always been a big turn-on for me, and Mae must have known that. For now, my dick was starting to grow. I was concerned to be seen in that condition on the beach. To my horror, Sue saw me with my half-erection, and she casually reached out, and lightly pinched the tip. That’s all it took for me to go to full-mast.

The sisters stopped wrestling and watched, as Sue started non-chalantly stroking my penis. I laid back in the sand on my elbows with my back arched. My emotions went from horrified from having an erection in front of everyone to absolutely enjoying Sue’s attention. Mae and June egged her on. “Mom, that’s great. Go for it!”

In literally thirty seconds, I was spurting sperm all over Sue’s hand. A few minutes later, we were all playing Frisbee as if nothing unusual had happened. Perhaps for that family, it wasn’t all that unusual. I must tell you, I am absolutely delighted with my wife, and the family that came along in the bargain.

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Nude Bowling

by Spurtz

I’m Jack, part of a group of eight people who race at competitive running events nearly every weekend and also bowl together on a regular basis. Jill and Kevin are married, Monica and Sue are single, and Joe, Allen, Mike, and I are also single. For whatever reason, neither Monica or Sue have ever actually dated any of the guys. Lots of hanging out together but always in a group.

Allen and Mike also were pickleball fans and played regularly. We were all together in a café after a successful run. This was in central Florida where there are many competitive runs over a wide number of suitable trails.

The subject of conversation was pickleball and Mike commented that nude pickleball was the latest sensation. And that while all of the courts were located at naturist facilities (better known as nudist resorts to the clueless) six of them were right here in Florida and one was in Kissimmee, just a short drive away.

Mike said, “Allen and I have been kicking around the idea of giving it a go. But we are bit hesitant because not being regular naturists, we might be resented as “outsiders.”

“So,” Kevin said, “you have no trouble playing a nude sport with people you know?”

“Of course not,” replied Mike. “As long as everybody is on the same page and ok with nudity, what’s the big deal?”

Kevin shot back, “So then you would have no problem with us all getting together for nude bowling?”

“Where is there nude bowling?” Allen wanted to know.

“I suspect it could be at our local bowling alley if the proper palms were greased,” replied Kevin.

Let me tell you about Kevin. He’s a bond trader and literally makes millions of dollars every year. But you would never know it. He drives a restored ‘60’s era muscle car and jeans and a t-shirt would be “dressed up” for him. He works out of his home which, admittedly, is somewhat upscale and located right on the beach with a 40-foot Cigarette boat tied up out back.

“Let me talk to Claudia, the bowling alley manager and see if a private session can be arranged. That’s assuming everybody in our group is on board?”

Surprisingly everybody enthusiastically raised their hands and all said they were in. Kevin looked at me. “Jack, you seemed a bit hesitant in raising your hand. Do you have a problem getting naked for bowling”

“Can I be candid? I’m telling you up front that in a naked group I probably won’t be able to keep from getting an erection,” I replied.

Jill laughed. “Don’t worry about your little winky sticking out. I doubt anybody will notice.” Everybody laughed and echoed her sentiment.

“OK,” I shot back. “Consider yourselves warned.”

After slipping Claudia a thousand bucks, she arranged to open the alley one morning, just before lunch. On that day the alley didn’t open until four pm. She sat up some folding tables and we had a catering company bring in a nice lunch spread. She also rounded up some folding screens and blocked off one end of the alley. There were other employees there who knew what was going on but Claudia felt they didn’t have to see it. There had to be somebody there to service the pin setting equipment in case anything jammed up while we were bowling. This did happen from time to time.

Once we were all there, no time was lost getting undressed. Claudia had some extra folding tables where we could store our clothes. We still had to wear our bowling shoes.

“Omigod!” exclaimed Jill when I dropped my pants. “That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. How big is it? The rest of the group also had their eyes glued to my cock.

“Six inches soft, and about eight and a half hard, as you will soon see.” I could feel my dick start to thicken. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Within thirty or forty seconds my dick was like a bar of steel, sticking straight out from my body. No more pointing to the sky like it did as a teen. Probably too big and too heavy to do that anymore. But still, a major object of everyone’s rapt attention.

“Hey, let’s eat,” I said. Trying to divert the attention away from my dick.

Claudia had draped the tables with cloth coverings. As I leaned forward to access the food, the table height was exactly right for my dick to slide onto the cloth covering. As I moved down the table to sample all the goodies, the frenulum of my prick was sliding long the rough cloth.

Sue was closely watching my cock slide along the cloth. “Hmmm,” she said, “I bet that feels good, doesn’t it?”

I looked down at my ever-hardening prick that was also starting to get more coloring in it. “You caught me. It feels damn good.”

She laughed. “I hope you aren’t about to shoot a load all over our food.”

I winked at her. “Maybe later.”

As we sat around eating our food, now my dick was sticking straight up. The head was quite dark in color and looked like it was about to burst. Jill leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Does that thing ever go down?”

“Eventually,” I replied. “But for some reason, once it gets hard, it could take several hours to go soft. Oddly enough, even after I cum it stays hard.” I lowered my voice even more. “I’ve had sessions where I’ve had as many as three orgasms and never lost my erection.”

“Was that with a partner or jacking off?” she asked. “Both,” I replied.

“What are you two whispering about?” Sue wanted to know.

In a normal speaking voice where everybody could hear, Jill said, “Jack was just telling me how his big ol’ cock stays hard for hours….even after cumming several times.”

Kevin, Jill’s husband, laughed and said, “Sounds like your kind of guy.”

“For sure,” replied Jill. “I don’t know if I could get it to go soft but I’d like to give it the old college try.”

“Hey guys,” interjected Mike, as we finished eating, “let’s get to the bowling before this party goes totally off the rails with all this dick talk.” I noticed his own dick had thickened. As the other guys stood up, everybody looked to be aroused. Not fully hard, but hard enough to see that the smallest cock in our group was probably at least six inches. And all the guys had very attractive pricks on display. And the three girls, all great athletes, had very toned bodies with great racks. I noticed a trickle of something liquid on Jill’s thigh and figured she was already juicing from our little conversation. It was obvious from Kevin’s comments that he was ok with her admiring my cock.

Once we started bowling the cock conversation dropped off but my prick stayed just as hard as before. That was partially due to my bowling form. Some bowlers take two steps before throwing the ball, some take three, and a few take four. I take four. And each time I took a step my cock would slap against one thigh and then the other as I strode forward. The sensation of my dick swinging from side to side and making contact with my thigh right on the frenulum definitely kept me hard.

The longer we bowled, the more excited I became. I tried to hide it but everybody knew my dick was getting a workout. By the third game I was super aroused. And when my turn came to bowl the 10th frame I knew I might be in trouble. Normally I would throw one ball per frame if I got a strike or two balls to get a spare, or sometimes an open frame. But in the tenth there is the opportunity to throw the ball three times right in succession. That would give my penis a major workout slapping from thigh to thigh. The first ball was a strike. The second ball was another strike. As I prepared to throw the third ball, I knew my arousal was way beyond where it should be.

I did my usual four step run-up and just as I released the ball, I felt my ejaculation coming. I didn’t want to stand at the foul line and shoot a load down onto the lane so I quickly turned around, now facing seven people who somehow knew what was about to happen. And despite the fact that I really did not want to spurt my cum for everyone to see, that’s exactly what happened. Without touching my cock, a stream of semen jutted from the tip. Some of my group were standing about four feet away. That first jet splattered about half way between us. I knew the second was usually the most powerful and sure enough it landed just inches from Monica’s shoes. My dick kept spurting and at that point I couldn’t help myself. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and pumped it as hard and as fast as possible. Semen continued to spurt in stream after stream filling the distance between me and the rest of group with long patterns of cum on the wood floor.

Finally my orgasm subsided. I still milked my dick to finish getting all the semen out. A thin stream drooled from the tip of my cock to the floor. I stood there, guilty as hell. I really felt horrible blowing my load right there in public in front of all my very best friends. But looking at their faces it was obvious nobody was that put out about it. In fact, they all looked quite happy. Especially the other four guys whose dicks looked very happy.

Monica rushed over to me with a box of tissues and the two of us got down on our knees and mopped up the jism. Then we all sat down and Jill kind of took charge. “OK, gang, it looks like we have some more erect cocks that need servicing. I don’t think we can risk out-and-out sex here in the bowling alley, but I do feel handjobs are in order. I’ll take care of Kevin. Look how hard his dick is. Mike, we all know you are gay although you think you are firmly in the closet, and I know Allen is bi as he has stated that in the past. Why don’t you two guys jack each other off? The two guys grinned in anticipation.

“That leaves two hard pricks unattended. Sue, can you masturbate Joe’s nice hard-on and Monica, I can tell you are obsessed with Jack’s big prick. He claims he’s good for multiple ejaculations in a row so here’s his chance to prove it.”

Everybody thought Jill’s suggestions were right on target and everybody got busy. Hands were flying up and down multiple erect pricks. Joe was the first to cum as Sue actually finished him off in her mouth. Despite the major ejaculation I just experienced, Monica’s skillful handjob talents had me spurting a load next. The two guys were able to achieve simultaneous eruptions and Jill brought Kevin off to an impressive cumshot.

After all the guys had cum, we all sat there attempting to recover. All the limp dicks rested on their thighs and drooled a bit of semen. My dick was still rock fucking hard.

“Think you can cum again, big boy?” Jill teased. “No problem,” I countered. So Jill grabbed my dick and started jacking me off. And as advertised, I was soon shooting my third load of the day.

“What the hell,” Sue said. “I’m not about to miss my chance at that monster cock. Let’s see if I can coax a fourth load of jism out of that thing.” With that, Sue grabbed my dick and instead of finishing me off in her mouth like she did with Joe, she immediately engulfed the head of my prick with her mouth and furiously started sucking. She gave me the best blowjob of my life and in an amazingly short time, my fourth cumload of the day was squirting down her throat as she eagerly swallowed every drop.

As we all then sat around reflecting on what just happened, I brought up the subject of the lack of orgasms for the girls. Jill immediately responded. “Only answering for myself, I actually had three orgasms. One came just from watching all the hard dicks cumming and two were from rubbing my clit while jacking off first Kevin and then Jack.”

“Same here,” echoed both Sue and Monica. They both had masturbated themselves to orgasm while everybody was watching the guys getting jerked off.

As we cleaned up the last of the food mess and any stray cum splatters, we then all got dressed. Jill came over to me and quietly said, “Kevin and I would like to invite you over to our place for drinks one night this week.” I eagerly accepted as I knew full well what they had in mind. One surprise that I had in store for them was that I was secretly bi. I was looking forward to seeing Kevin’s facial expression as his erect cock disappeared down my throat.

That was pretty much the end of our first nude bowling outing. More followed and each one got more uninhibited. Before it was over, every guy, except Mike, had fucked every one of the girls, and every guy had sucked Mike’s dick. As all of the guys discovered they had no problem with some bi tendencies, everybody’s dick got sucked by both all the guys and all the girls. Kevin had no problem with his wife Jill fucking and sucking anybody she wanted as long as he was in attendance.


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Exploits of a Grower, Not a Shower

We believe you’ll enjoy this memoir sent to us by Dallas, also known as CalusUse on Wikimedia Commons. Click here if you’d like to send us a post to be published on

Dallas, His Wife and Daughter, Grower, not a Shower, Flaccid and Erect
As you can see, I’m a grower, not a shower.
CalusUse, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

I grew up in a normal functioning family that accepted open nudity at home. With my mother, father and two sisters I always tended to be the exhibitionist in the family. I remember being quite young, prepubescent and I wanted everyone to see my “new penis”. I felt quite proud and never tried to hide my erections. As we reached puberty and grew into our teens, we moved away from total family nudity only seeing each other nude while in the bathroom. I continued to be totally nude quite often around the house when we didn’t have company. I often walked around with an erection which always caught the interest of my two sisters. Our mother also took notice of their curiosity for my erections and told me I had to go to the bathroom or my bedroom to take care of it after she caught my sister who was two years older than me holding my erect penis while I was attempting to pee outside on the back patio.

Going ahead a few years I’m now in college and we had a favorite beach that was unofficially clothing optional. Our group of friends six guys and seven girls started out with our bathing suits on but we quickly went over to the total nude area. The women were quite shy initially and nervous, the men threw caution to the wind as guys so often are quite comfortable nude.

I was one of the first to lose my bathing suit and be nude and by the time the women started to undress I had very firm erection. I’m what they call a grower not a shower. So, when I’m flaccid and in a cool temperature area I’m around 40mm (1.5”) in length and when I have an erection, it grows to 190mm (7.5”) long.

This of course drew a few giggles from some of the men and women. Being the exhibitionist that I am it made my erection even firmer. Some of the men also started to arise to the occasion. The women were trying not to stare but it was obvious that they were quite curious. To put things into perspective this was good friends only and not a sexual encounter. I was able to maintain a firm erection while we were splashing about in the rather chilly ocean however the cold water caused my scrotum to tighten up so much my testis disappeared. We were all having naked fun in the sun playing Frisbee.

We took a refreshment break and sort of sat around on our towels or just stood talking. A few of the women draped a towel around their shoulders and dried their hair. In the group of thirteen only five of us were completely shaved in the pubic area. Myself and one other man and three women. Back then it wasn’t as common to have your pubic hair clean shaven. That really added to the curiosity in our group.

Sara, not a student but a cousin of one of our friends was also one of the women who was clean shaven or should I say waxed. Sara was quite slim with very firm perky breasts. I love her tan lines that made it look like she was wearing a see-through white one-piece bathing suit. She had been keeping her eye on me and said she had never seen a man keep an erection for this length of time.

Being ginger haired with very light skin, I had to be careful of too much sun exposure so I suggested that we walk over to a part of the beach where some trees would give us some shade. Once over there Sara removed her towel from her shoulders and asked me if I wanted her to apply some sunscreen on me.

Sure, I said and she started with my back and shoulders then she moved around to the front of me and again with nothing on but a big beautiful smile, made a comment about how long I’ve had my erection and was it painful. I told her that it isn’t painful at all but it does feel really great to have an erection even when it’s not in use.

She said that I should put sunscreen on my penis because, as she put it, we don’t want to get that “guy” sunburned, do we as she started slathering sunscreen on my penis and scrotum. She commented on how smooth I was. That was it. I couldn’t hold back a second more and I ejaculated all over her hands and legs. We burst out laughing and I told her that now the spell was broken.

I said my poor penis is now going to make a disappearing act. She asked what I meant and I told her I’m a grower not a shower meaning that my penis is quite short when it’s limp holding up my two fingers to show her the length that it will be real soon. She laughed and said I don’t believe you.

A few minutes later, she believed me. We both started laughing and she said I need more sunscreen down there. I agreed and said I can’t have too much sunscreen down there the way I burn. She proceeded to rub the lotion all over my penis, scrotum, perineum area and buttocks. She again made a comment about my very light almost nonexistent body hair even though I only shaved my groin area.

She told me being so smooth like that is a real turn on. Sara had never seen an uncircumsised penis before and was just in awe at how the foreskin could move over the glans and back so smoothly and easily. My flaccid penis shrunk back but if you pulled at the foreskin, it would stretch out 3 to 4 inches past the glans. Even with a full erection I showed Sara that my foreskin could still be pulled over the glans but would roll back once I let go of it. Sara marveled at this ability.

We did a little kissing and softly touching each other but Sara was not interested in starting a new relationship as she was engaged in a committed relationship with a planned wedding the following May.
It seems as if we talked about everything in the world and a few hours latter it was time to head home. It had been a great day. We said our goodbyes and hugs. Parting with words like we should do this again and see you real soon.

I never heard back from Sara. Her cousin told me that she did get married the following May and has a young daughter now. She also said that Sara asks about you and remembers the great day we had together and that she felt so safe and comfortable with me while totally nude.

Fast forward several years. I married a great woman; Kathy and we have a beautiful daughter Lisa. Lisa was a very calm baby.

As a family we were very open about nudity. We did a lot of camping always looking for those clothing optional beaches. We joined a nudist resort club and for several years that was where we spent our summers. I did have to be careful of my spontaneous erections. Just like most nudist clubs ours had a very strict rules about blatant male erections. You had to leave the area or cover your erection with a towel.

Times were changing and the nudist clubs and resorts started losing members and closing down.
As Lisa started into puberty, she slowly stopped being nude around the house except for going from her room to the bathroom. She didn’t keep her bedroom or bathroom doors closed but she no longer wanted to go to our nudist resort or go to clothing optional beaches. We understood that and respected her privacy. She told us that she was very comfortable with our nudity around the house or in our swimming pool frequently joined us on the patio or pool in her bathing suit.

Lisa soon went off to college. When she came home for the Thanksgiving weekend, we noticed that she had really matured and had a very self-confident manner about her. She was really enjoying her first away from home experience.

One evening while I was showering, she came into the bathroom, sat down on the chair and asked me if we could talk.

“Sure,” I said. “What’s on your mind?”

She giggled nervously and asked if she could talk to me about my penis. I was surprised by the question and replied, “Sure Lisa. What would you like to know?”

I quickly rinsed off and came out of the shower and while I was standing right in front of her while toweling off my hair, she said that she has a friend, not really a serious boyfriend but we sort of play around. Don’t worry dad, safe sex only. I’m sure she saw the relief on my face.

Then Lisa said that his penis looks so different than yours, saying I know it’s because he’s circumcised and his foreskin was removed at birth.

“Why weren’t you circumcised?” she asked.

I started to explain that when I was born my parents could make that choice of circumcision of not. I then stated I’m really grateful that my parents left me intact telling her that there are hundreds of very sensitive nerve endings in the foreskin. Keeping it clean is a very important daily routine. I started to tug at my loose penile skin and stretched it out. Lisa just stared and looked mesmerized by how long it would stretch over my glans. Having just finished a warm shower, it measured out at around four inches past the glans. I said that your mom always calls it the hood.

I could feel myself getting aroused and had a flashback memory of those many years ago while skinny dipping with Sara. The blood pumped into my penis and in a matter of seconds I had a very firm erection. Lisa is just starring at my penis and exclaimed that she had seen me nude many times with an erection but didn’t realize that it was that big. My foreskin had retracted quickly behind the corona and my penile papules were showing quite prominently. I explained to Lisa that I have a very loose foreskin and that some men require a little help to roll it back when they get an erection and that even with my erection, I was able to manually pull my foreskin completely over my glans.

Lisa asked me about the bumps on the back edge of my corona and I explained, as I rubbed them that some men don’t have papules but they are very sensitive and add to the man’s pleasure. I mentioned that I believe that they were leftover from when men were evolving. She said her friend didn’t have papules and his glans was very smooth.

As I finished drying myself Lisa didn’t take her eyes off of my penis which was still maintaining an erection. I positioned myself to give her the best view being the exhibitionist that I am.

The bathroom door was open and a voice asked if this was a private meeting. My wife Kathy, Lisa’s mom was standing in the door way.

“Come on in Mom,” Lisa said. “I was just asking dad about his penis.”

We all burst out laughing. Now Lisa and my wife are looking at my penis. I thought I was going to explode when my wife grabbed my erect penis firmly and started to stroke it slowly. A few drops of precum formed on my meatus. Lisa was giggling and starring just waiting for me to explode. Mom said Okay guys it’s my turn in the shower and with that she quickly let go of my penis and said you are on your own.

I went to our bedroom to get dressed and Lisa followed me in there and asked me if I was going to masturbate as my erection was still firm and the precum was starting to drip. She said that she would like to watch me if I was. I said sure why not. I was a little nervous about this and as always when I get anxious, I try to use humor. Okay I said but no video. We both laughed. I laid down on our bed and folded the towel next to me. Lisa moved right to the side of our bed and watched earnestly as I slowly stroked my engorged penis and lightly rubbed my very firm scrotum. I could feel the ripples and wrinkles on my scrotum and I starred at Lisa’s face enjoying her watching me.

I was right at the point of no return when mom walks into the bedroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her head and asked with a laugh, am I too late for the lesson. Mom stood right beside Lisa as I spurted the largest load of ejaculate in my life. I could feel my orgasm pulse though my body and it seemed to go on for several minutes. I had never felt an orgasm so intensely.

Lisa said, “Mom, did you see dad’s eyes?”

Kathy started laughing and picked up my towel to clean up my ejaculate that had spurted everywhere including on Lisa’s arm.

Lisa said, “I’m okay Mom. I’ll take care of it.” I could see Lisa holding her arm so as not to let the ejaculate run off as she left our bedroom.

Kathy then closed the bedroom door and asked, do you have anything left for me? I said yes baby lets do it. It was great sex with Kathy. I just love going down on her especially if she is completely hairless and freshly showered which she normally is. I can help her have several orgasms by oral stimulation and by then I have a very firm erection ready to come again.

Sunday afternoon Lisa was packing up to return back to college. At lunch with us Lisa said thanks so much for being the best parents ever. She mentioned that her college friends find their parents boring and controlling.

We said our good byes as one of her friends pulled into the driveway for the journey back to school.
Latter that evening Kathy and I were talking about when Lisa was a little care free girl. Now a grown woman. During our reminiscing I told Kathy about my college days and my encounter with Sara. Kathy said she was jealous because her collage days, in her words were quite boring. You found excitement because you were a little exhibitionist and with that statement, we both started laughing.

Kathy suggested that we go to bed and show off your exhibitionism.

While I do say that I’m an exhibitionist, I only do that where the people around me don’t mind or care that I’m nude. I’m not the type to shock or threaten people with my nudity.

Here are more of my pictures on Wikimedia Commons: CalusUse’ (Dallas) Pictures

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Walking and Cumming

Have you ever tried walking while you’re ejaculating? It can be an almost out-of-body experience. Hands-free would be the best way to do it. You get hard and super-aroused. Then you start walking while you’re also stroking. When the moment comes, let go and just let the cum spurt out as you continue to walk with your very erect penis wagging back and forth in front of you.

You’d need a large room with a floor on which it is OK to cum. Or better yet, maybe you can do this in the forest on on a beach.

I’m feeling lucky, because I live close to Marshall’s Beach, a nude beach in San Francisco where masturbating in front of others is OK. I’d have have some spectators, but that would be OK.

I remember years ago on Black’s Beach near San Diego, I was sitting on my towel as a man walked briskly by heading north. As he was walking with long strides, he was singing and stroking his very erect cock at the same time. He smiled at me as he went by, and continued walking until he was out of sight. A few minutes later, he came by again, walking south, still singing and wanking. I just now realized he may have finished with a walking cum.

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Rock Hard on the Pickleball Court

Rock Hard on the Pickleball Court

Here’s a story for you Jeremy. I don’t know if it’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, but feel free to put it on Sex270 if you think it fits.

So, I’ve been to a dozen nude beaches, and well, I just enjoy nudity. Oh, I don’t do anything rude. I just end up jerking off when I get home, thinking about all the women I’ve seen.

I also play pickleball. [A fast-growing sport, like tennis, but on a slightly smaller court, generally played with four players, two on a side.] So naturally, I developed a fantasy that I’d like to play naked pickleball. I didn’t think it could ever be for real. One day, I discovered that there are nudist clubs that have installed pickleball courts. My vacation came along and you can probably figure out where I went. Right! To a nudist resort in Florida where they play naked pickleball.

On the very first afternoon, after I settled into my room, I pulled off all my clothing, and started by strolling the grounds. I noted the hot tubs and Olympic-size pool that I’d have to try out later. I also saw the tennis courts, which somehow don’t excite me. Then I wandered over to the two pickleball courts. I have to say, by the way, that the weather was perfect. It was sunny and about 80 degrees with just a trace of wind.

There were nine people there. Eight were playing, one was waiting for the next game. They saw that I had a pickleball paddle in my hand, so they knew I was ‘one of them.’ As I walked to the fence surrounding the courts, they greeted me enthusiastically.

I talked briefly with the guy waiting. He was probably your exact typical nudist. Around 50 or 60 years old, balding, a bit of a belly, shaved crotch, and super-friendly. He was also well-mannered. You might think these guys are the unclothed version of lounge lizards; I’m sure they would hump any nude woman at a moment’s notice. It probably never happens, but just the thought of it makes them happy, or so I hope. How do I know all that? Well, even though I’m younger, that’s my status. I do get horny, but I also enjoy the pure freedom of being nude outdoors with other people. As I think I said, I’ve never done anything other than jerk off when I get home. The most interaction I’ve had with other nudists is playing volleyball, talking over a beer or two, or things like that.

If you don’t know about the nude scene, you might think a guy would get erect, and that would be a problem – sort of like being naughty in a scene where people don’t want you to get all sexual, or sexually excited, even. Well, I’ve never had a problem with that. Oh, I worried it about it at first. The first times I went to nude beaches I discovered I can easily control myself.


Except this time. I kept noticing the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a very long time. She was on the court, playing well, and was just gorgeous. Asian, short, thin, medium-size tits, totally shaved, long straight black hair, and a most pretty face. I can’t explain it really. There’s just some people who you fall in love with the moment you see them smile. She was one of them. Then, it was my turn to play. Because she and her partner, another ordinary 50-something gentleman, played well, they won the previous match, and so stayed on the court. Since these were pickup games, me and the other guy took over for the losing pair on the court. As we were warming up, I felt something else warming up, but wasn’t too concerned. There’s a world of difference between feeling a twinge of excitement and actually getting erect.

But, I couldn’t help kind of half-staring at the Asian woman. I was trying not to obviously look at her, but kept trying to get glances. Geez, I was acting like a lustful teenager and here I am, 34 years old and divorced. She caught me looking a couple of times and smiled, almost invitingly.

The game started and, of all damn things, for the first time in my life in front of people, I lost control of my penis. It hardened up. I can’t even tell you how fucking embarrassing that was! Here I was trying to enjoy good quality, naked pickleball. I mean, these players were seriously good, as I like to think I am – most of the time. In truth, I played fairly well, but had to do it with what was now quite a handicap. I could feel my now full six and a half inches jutting up at a 45-degree angle. It was waving back and forth, not quite painfully, but quite noticeably as I ran around the court. I was totally chagrinned about the situation but what could I do? My partner, thank goodness, didn’t say anything. To my good fortune – I think – the opponents didn’t either. As I think back, perhaps it would have been better if she did say something. Maybe a sort of inviting joke or something; or anything. But they were all polite and proper, no one said anything.

The game ran long to something like 14-12, and dang if I didn’t stay hard the whole time. The game ended with my side finally winning. I quickly thanked everyone, said I’d be back for more pickleball later, and went over to the pool where I could kind of hide my erection until it subsided. As soon as it did, I went back to my room, and jerked off big-time! It was surprising to see sperm squirt six inches in the air. It usually more-or-less just oozes out of me.

I was fantasizing about more things happening with her of course. Maybe she and I could go out for drinks. Maybe she was single and looking too. Maybe she’d find me, a slightly dorky IT professional, to her liking. I mean maybe, we’d even end up married or something!

I came out later in the day and the Asian woman was nowhere in sight. I wish I had caught her name, but we never introduced ourselves at the pickleball court. I tried asking around about her but there are other Asian women there, and I couldn’t point out anything about her that stood out, at least to anyone else. To me, she was the sexiest thing in the world.

Well, I stayed at the resort for five days and didn’t see her again. My guess is that the time I saw her was her last afternoon there. I was a bit reluctant to come back to the pickleball courts out of sheer shyness. I mean, people were probably talking about ‘the guy who got erect’ and I just didn’t want to be identified in that way. I eventually did return because, after all, pickleball is my thing. I did play every day, even getting a bit of sunburn, and had a wonderful time. I also didn’t get erect any more. Of course, I wanked every night when I got back to my room, sometimes ejaculating twice in one session, which is rare for me.

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Rare Pink Line

There are a few individuals among us who have the rare pink line. This is a degree of pinkness leading up from the anus between the ass cheeks. The pink skin is generally smoother, and perhaps less thick than the rest of the person’s skin. In some cases it is shiny. If you are one of these rare individuals, you should feel blessed.

We don’t know about sensitivity. Neither I, my sister, my wife, my sister’s husband, or anyone we’ve asked know whether the pink line might be slightly more sensitive, more erogenous, than the same area on all of us regular people.

I believe the woman who is playing with anal beads below illustrates the pink line nicely. Look above the inserted beads, and you’ll see the line leading up her crack.

The Pink Line of the Anus

Among those who have the pink line, it is usually less pronounced, like this woman:

Anal pink line

And of course most don’t have it at all, or it is so slight as to not really be a pink line at all:

Ass crack, no pink line

Men can have it too:

Even Black people can have the line, but in their case it will be pigmented:

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether someone has the line:

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Things That Embarrass Me

You may think I’m weird, and perhaps I am, but this is the truth:

I guess I may be a bit of an exhibitionist.

I am not embarrassed to be seen naked.

I am not embarrassed to be seen naked with an erection.

I am not embarrassed to be seen naked and masturbating.

I am not embarrassed to be seen mutually masturbating with a guy or girl.

I am not embarrassed to be seen in any sort of sexual situation.


I am embarrassed to be seen pooping or wiping my ass.

I am embarrassed to sing in public.

I am embarrassed to be seen brushing my teeth.

I am embarrassed to be seen around anyone who is smoking or obviously drunk.

I am embarrassed to yell or be really loud in public.

So that’s me. How about you?

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As A Mother, How Do You Feel About Nudist Household Erections?

I found this topic on

As a mother in an open nudity household, do you get bothered if your son, boyfriend, or husband walk around with an erection? Who else in your family has experienced this?


Raised in nude-friendly household

The only way to avoid this situation in an “open nudity household” is to have a household composed entirely of females. If you have males in the household they will, at least on occasion, have erections. If this actually bothers you or causes you alarm then maybe you should establish a different type of family environment. Establishing an open nudity family while attempting to suppress natural behavior and response on the part of the males is hardly reasonable or even fair. Boys and men get erections. Lo and behold.


Works at Farming (2016–present)

Growing up seen my dad erect lots walking from bedroom to bathroom. Do have a young teen son here and have seen him with erections. He doesn’t flaunt it openly but it does happen to boys and yes it does to older men as well. It is normal and healthy and it not about sex, it just happens lots. I will usually tell him to go and take care of it or he will go to the bathroom and come back out after he has taken care of his erection. My girls do tease him about it, but it is healthy teasing and nothing sexual.


Seems like all of these questions about erections have essentially the same answer.

Boners are normal and natural. My son has them more often than my husband, who has them more often than my father and his father.

What’s interesting is that if one of them has a boner, the other’s almost also pop one as well. And what a wonderful display of masculinity it is when that happens.

I may be wrong, but it seem like it’s only toxic feminists who have a problem with anything male, manly, or masculine.

Office Manager (2008–present)

As a single mother with two sons I am not bothered if they get erections and more often than not I don’t even notice and honestly rarely happen.

I grew up in a nudist home and my dad and brother got erections from time to time but it never bothered me and I never took any notice it’s just a natural function of the male body.


Single mother of a pre-teen boy

Why would I? It is a natural action a boy’s body does and for the most part they have no control over it so no I would not be bothered and I never bothered when I said my son or my friend’s son have erections.


Nudist family, always nude at home

No, they happen. How I react and what, if anything I do about it depends who is erect. Husband or friend I make use of it, son or son in law I expect their spouse to make use of it. To preempt the next question, no, privacy is not expected.

Joe Lee

Long term nudist, married to a lifelong nudist

I’m a married man and my wife and I have 3 kids, 2 daughters and 1 son. My wife grew up in a nudist home. Her parents and both her siblings are nudist to this day. And our family is nudist too.

So in a nudist home a male getting an erection is not unheard of, in fact it does happen with some regularity. Our son gets them quite often. My wife and her mom have said her brother would get them often also. It also happens to me and her dad.

If a male gets an erection, especially one in the morning it is just a natural body reaction. It is treated by everyone as normal. The hard penis might get some looks. And maybe some comments.

Over the years we have many nudist parents and we can’t remember one that was any different really.

Ryan Lye

Enthusiast cunnilinguist joyful lover of gorgeous sexy women

I used to go on sleepovers with school friends all through High School and we would hang out nude all the time even when people visited. The Priest & nuns didn’t really approve, but we love to taunt them. They couldn’t do anything about it, even when his sisters rubbed my penis.

His sisters & mothers completely didn’t mind. I think they really enjoyed oogling my lithe athletic bod and I never hid my frequent erections. Indeed his Mom even massaged my penis a few times, and once stimulated me to ejaculation, much to the mirth of his sisters. His sisters of course were even more enthusiastic and on various occasions I secreted into their beds where they sucked my penis to completion. It is so very satisfying coming inside a girls mouth, especially at that tender age, knowing the other sisters were watching and also lusting after my aroused body. They of course all nudged up and felt me up, they like to squeeze my balls gently or penetrate my anus. The Mom knew of course but did not interfere. One time I was sleeping with her in her marital bed (husband was often off interstate) she said she was hoping i would introduce her girls into adult sensuality, in effect giving her imprimatur to deflower her 3 daughters. Which I did .. though my friend wasn’t too happy about it, especially when the whole school found out I was having sex with all the girls.


I grew up in a home where clothes were often not worn in warm weather. I can remember my father and my older brother having erections. When I was old enough, my mother explained how that happened and what it meant. I kinda liked it. ‘Specially my brother. I teased him a lot. I learned that I could cause him to get an erection by flirting and letting him see me naked. I loved to watch it grow. Later, he taught me how boys masturbated. Fascinating memories!


wife and mother and naturist2y

Now as a mother of three kids two boys and a daughter, they all lived as a naturist family so seeing them walk round naked was not new to me and it was the same for my daughter Now as for my hubby and the boys we would often see them walking a round with a erection and often first thing you could see all of them with erections off to the toilet, Now as young boys play out in the garden and round the house i would see them most days with erections and no one took any notice of it now my daughter did ask me why so i did tell her that its some thing that happens to guys and its not all for sex she also ask why her dads was a lot bigger then her brothers and i also told her as you grow so does the rest of you and her brothers will get bigger and they will stop getting as many erections But with her being a little cow she did find out that if she teased the boys she could get them to become hard but she only did it around the family As if she had friends round and they were naked in the garden she would not do it and if the boys did get a erection they would go in till it went down Now they have all left home but she still loves to tease them and she did this till they left home but i did much harder for her to tease them but still first thing you could see them with erections and their dad as well.


How does that work–being a mother in an open nudity household, if you are bothered by your son or husband walking around with an erection? That doesn’t sound like a tenable situation, because erections are perfectly normal and natural, and especially with adolescent boys, they can seem to be practically non-stop.

They aren’t vulgar or inappropriate with them, but my husband has erections quite regularly around the house, and my sons are both in their teens and have them all the time. Me and my daughters see them and none of us have ever had a problem that I’m aware of. You get pretty used to it and if you know anything about how erections work, they can, and often do, happen solely on reflex and they can be caused even by nervousness or anxiety, so I see no reason why it should be a problem for an educated woman. Plus, you know… they’re really pretty gorgeous to look at at times.


Not in the least am I bothered. I don’t gawk or make an issue of it, neither do I feel as if there’s some awful breach of etiquette or what have you. They’re a perfectly normal, healthy occurrence that many times don’t even have a conscious element. Especially in the case of my two teenage boys, I sorta feel like they have enough to contend with in this area without their mom getting all uppity or something about it. The last thing I’d ever want is to be a cause for my boys to feel ashamed of themselves and their bodies in any way.

So long as they’re not doing something else along with those erections that draws undue attention to them or is otherwise inappropriate, they don’t have to hide or be embarrassed to get erections around me.


Open minded.

Growing up in nude family, my mother encouraged us to always be erect. She said it looks better on guys and to build confidence because we were always nude. It took me awhile when we had guests over. Even to this day, I feel more comfortable erect than soft. I still walk around my family fully erect and the new boys/men walk around too. My young cousins and other female family members all prefer the guys to walk around erect. Just the other day, a family member came over and she wanted to walk the nature path after dark, naked. We left my home nude and the entire time I was erect.


I didn’t grow up in a an open nudity house but did grow up in a house where we were taught as children that nudity and being naked was nothing to be ashamed of, and as a result I often saw my parents and siblings both brothers and sisters naked when we were growing up, If we were naked together at any point, sometimes my brothers & I did get an erections when seeing either our sisters or mother naked, if they saw it they would just smile at us, I think they were pleased that seeing their bodies had that affect on us.


Naturist male1y

What about sitting with an erection?

What about standing with an erection?

What about running with an erection?

Why is it always “walking around with an erection”?

An obvious troll question.

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Male Shaved Look

I started when I got jock itch for the fourth time. I had just assumed maybe shaving would help.

Besides, I really like the smooth skin, shaved look, so the jock itch was the perfect excuse.

It’s been 20 years since I started shaving down there, and I’ve never had jock itch again.

Other reasons:

One doesn’t like the look of crotch hairs sticking out of swim suits or underwear.

It makes it easier for dermatologists to do a full-body check.

The process of hair removal, especially if done by someone else, can be quite enjoyable. It’s a real joy if one becomes erect during the process.

Other people seem to like the hairless look.

It seems cleaner.

It makes one look younger.

Hair won’t get pulled if stuck in a zipper, or caught up in a waistband.

Hair won’t get pulled during sexual play.

Since so many other people are doing it now, one doesn’t want to stick out as the prude or the one who won’t comply with modern standards.

See also:

No Hair

Don’t Cum While Being Waxed

Sister Waxing Brother

Mother Waxing Son