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Unmet Naked Neighbor

I feel privileged to live on the top floor of a condo complex. It’s the 12th floor. You see, I have a sun room that the other apartments below me don’t have.

The place used to be referred to as “The Twin Towers,” but since 911, no one says that any more. I’d have a great view of the city, but the other tower is directly in front of my sun room, blocking the view. The condo directly across from me had been empty for the first year I lived there.

I had taken to experimenting with hydroponics and microgreens in my sunroom, sometimes just in my underwear. After a while, since no one had moved into the opposing apartment’s sunroom, I started working in my sunroom absolutely naked. It felt very freeing.

So there I was in my sunroom one day, replanting one of the trays, when I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. There, in the sunroom across from me were some moving guys bringing in a Bowflex exercise machine. Oops! I got out of there in a hurry, and put on some clothes before I returned. When I came back, one of the moving guys grinned, and gave me a thumbs up. I was terribly embarrassed.

A couple of days later, harvesting a micro tray, while reflecting on what a loss it was that I wouldn’t be able to be naked in my own sunroom any more, I saw the new owner. She was a super-hot, kind of small, Asian chick. ‘Oh well,’ I thought, ‘at least it will be fun to see her from time to time.’ She saw me and smiled. I smiled back.

Nothing much happened for the next couple of weeks. I tended my little farm, fully clothed of course. I saw the chick next door from time to time. She’d pop into her room for a minute or two, then leave. She didn’t seem to really use the room much. We waved, we smiled, and that was that.

She had set her place up as a sort of recreational place, I guess. I mean, she had a recliner, a sofa, and that Bowflex machine in there.

One day, I happened to see her moving around, and took a quick glance. She was wearing a string bikini, and working out on the Bowflex. Did I mention, she’s super-hot?

As usual, she waved, I waved, and that was that. Well, almost. Remembering the time the moving man gave my naked self a thumbs-up, without thinking it through, I gave her a thumbs up. She smiled big. Little did I know that must have set something off in her.

The reason I say that, is one night I popped into my sunroom for my iPad which I had left in there. Her lights were on low. I could just make her out on her Bowflex. She was topless! What beautiful tits! Olive skin, small, and firm, with perfectly little nipples. Oh, my god, she was bottomless, too! It was dark, but I could clearly see her neatly trimmed crotch hair between her legs.

I didn’t know what to do. It was pretty obvious I had seen her. After all, I had turned on my lights, so there’s no way she couldn’t have seen me seeing her. My first thought was to quickly leave the room and give her privacy. What stopped me is what she did next. She gave me a thumbs up! I did the only thing I could think to do, I smiled huge, like a cheesy, lecherous fool, and gave her a thumbs up back. What a fucking idiot! Then, I quickly turned out the light and left the room. I had forgotten my tablet, but no way was I going back for it.

You can bet I jerked off big-time remembering the sight.

The next day, I figured she’d be so embarrassed by what happened that I wouldn’t see her for a while, or she’d always be fully clothed from then on.

Not so. The next time I saw her was two days later, in the late afternoon when I came home from work. She was sitting on her Bowflex facing backward. She had brought up a TV tray and was working away on a laptop. But, here’s the thing: She was as naked as the day she was born. She looked up, saw me, smiled, and kept right on working, like nothing was wrong.

What does a good neighbor do in such a situation? I immediately left my sunroom. Sitting in my lining room, thinking about what had just happened, I was an incredible mix of emotions. I was sexually excited. I was embarrassed, as if it had been her seeing me naked. Or, was I embarrassed for having seen her? I couldn’t figure it out. But my feelings started to evolve. I just got kicked out of my own sunroom. And I had a tray of greens that was ready to trim. Overdue in fact. I was kind of upset. I wanted back into my sunroom, damn it!

It took me ten minutes to figure it out: I decided it was my sunroom, after all, and she was evidently some sort of exhibitionist. I mean, she had to know I’d see her eventually. I hadn’t thought that through. Sure, she wanted me to see her naked, or certainly, she wouldn’t have let that happen.

Oddly, my heart was racing as I reentered my little farm. She was still sitting there, working on her laptop. She smiled. I smiled. We both went about our own business.

This went on for literally two weeks. Every couple of days, I’d see her naked doing stuff in her sunroom. It had an effect on me. I wanked in my bedroom every time after seeing her.

Slowly it dawned on me that two could play at this game. One day I sheepishly showed up in my sunroom without a shirt. As usual, she smiled and I smiled, and we went about our business. Except for one thing. Holy smokes! She had removed all that black hair from her vagina!

Well, fast forward a couple more weeks. I had started showing up in my sunroom with just underpants, and finally, after feeling quite silly and everything else, I finally got up the balls to go in there naked. She saw me, and smiled, but no differently than usual. It was as if I had always worked in there naked.

A couple more weeks passed, and both of us, doing our things in our sunrooms fully naked became the norm. One time, feeling particularly horny, I started developing an erection in there. I thought about running out of the room, then decided ‘fuck it,’ and just continued refilling a tray, erection be damned. She certainly saw it, but gave no indication.

Now, me with erections was becoming common. It was her that took it to the next level. I came in one day, and saw her sitting on her sofa, which faced my room, by the way. She was naked, of course, but what was that I was seeing? I couldn’t believe it. She was rubbing her vagina with one hand, and squeezing a nipple with the other. There was no mistaking it! The second I arrived, she quit, and started to get off the sofa, as if she was going to run and hide. Instead, she settled back down, smiled at me, and resumed what she was doing, with one hand you know where, and the other squeezing her titty. She got caught, evidently at least partly intended, I’m sure, and now she was giving me a full-on show.

Well, when in Rome… My dick was already hard. I touched it while she stared right at me. At first I didn’t stroke, but then I did. Sheepishly, shyly at first, kind of wondering something like, ‘is this alright?’ Within a couple of minutes, I had approached the window, and was forcing my pelvis forward and ejaculating into one of my trays as she continued to rub herself, smiling big, and watching me intently. As soon as I came, she tensed all up, and I could tell she was having a super-strong orgasm.

This has turned into a regular thing with us. We don’t always jerk off in front of each other, but have done it at least a dozen times during the past couple of months.

Yesterday, she held up a big piece of paper against the window. Written on it was, “My name is Lanie. What’s your name?” We ended up exchanging phone numbers. I’m going to phone her this afternoon. For some reason, I’m freaking out, in a good way. My heart is beating a million beats per minute just thinking about it.

Sleepover with 7 Girls and a Boy

Sexual sleepover with seven girls

The exact same seven of us had three other sleepovers so far that summer. We had all just graduated high school. We were all 18 years old, except Mattie, who was 19. We were all starting college in a couple of weeks. We were still all virgins. That’s where the similarities stopped. Jamique was black, the others of us were white. I was big-breasted. Embarrassingly so. June was the exact opposite, practically flat as a board. Mary was Mexican. Kate was as skinny as a rail, while Sarah weighted, well, let’s say quite a bit.

The previous three sleepovers were normal enough. We talked about school, makeup, clothing, and guys. Karl, Lorie’s 20-year-old brother in particular.

This evening, we were all at Lorie’s house, and her brother was home. Tall, thin, athletic, olive-skinned, he was the picture of a young Greek god.

Her parents, on the other hand, were not at home. Her mom and dad were both nurses. Seems there was a pile-up on the freeway, so they were both called in to the emergency room, leaving all us girls alone in the house. Oh, Karl was there, but he stuck to his own room on the other side of the house.

The conversation turned quite raunchy. We voted on who would fuck Karl. All hands went up except Lorie’s. Then, she surprised us all by saying, “I’ve seen his dick.”

Naturally, we wanted details.

“He and I used to take baths together when I was 5 or 6 years old.”

“Oh,” we all said, in a collective expression of disappointment.

“Well, I wasn’t going to tell you this…” she added looking kind of sheepish. “I caught him masturbating one time. I saw everything. He has a big, hairy dick, just like you see on the Internet.”

“So what happened?” Kate wondered for all of us.

“I came into his room to borrow a pair of scissors. He was laying on top of his bed all naked. For a split-second, I didn’t notice, being focused on his desk to get the scissors. Then, I looked again, and there he was in all his glory, with his huge penis in one hand. He rapidly tried to cover himself up, but he was laying on top of the bedspread. He didn’t have anything to cover up with. He turned all red in the face, and literally couldn’t think of anything to say. I saw his mouth start to work a couple of times, but nothing came out.

“I love Karl, and wouldn’t want to cause him any embarrassment, so I thought quickly, and blurted out the first thing that comes to mind, ‘Don’t mind me, I’m just grabbing some scissors.’

“Finally, he could speak, ‘But Lorie…,’ was all he managed.

“I answered without thinking it through, ‘It’s cool. I do it all the time, too.’

“‘You do?'” he asked in a surprisingly small voice for such a big guy.”

“Now you’d think I would have left his room right away, but somehow, I didn’t. He settled down a bit, and since it just seemed natural to do so, I sat down on the edge of his bed. We talked a bit about masturbation. He was still naked, yet it didn’t seem to matter.

“I told him it would be OK to finish what he was doing. He was reluctant, but sure enough, he masturbated right there while I sat on his bed. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

All us other girls were a gaggle of questions.

Lorie patiently answered them all. No, she didn’t masturbate for him to watch. He’s never seen her naked since they were little kids. Yes, it did make her horny.

Now, all seven of us were very horny, but didn’t have a clue what to do about it.

We were talking about sex and masturbation, to the degree we knew anything about such things.

Jamique asked the group, “What’s the most embarrassing thing for you?” probably hoping to get sexually oriented responses. And, that’s exactly what she got.

Mary was the first to answer. “My fingers. They’re brown on top, and pink on the bottom.”

All of us rushed to assure her that we found her fingers just fine, very attractive in fact.

I answered next. “My breasts. They’re too huge.”

Once again a rush of assurances.

I don’t know what came over me, but I said, “Oh, I guess they look alright when I’m wearing a bra, but without, they’re just gigantic.”

Since then, I’ve learned to love them. Boys like big breasts. But at the time, they were new to me, and just seemed ridiculously bulky.

Like all the other girls, I was wearing pajamas, but unlike the others, I was still wearing a bra underneath. I was embarrassed not to.

The girls, all continuing to assure me, suddenly went dead quiet, as Sarah suddenly took off her top, revealing her breasts. “I’ll bet they’re not bigger than these,” she said, laughing.

There was only one answer to that, horny as we all were. I whipped off my top and bra, revealing my breasts. The girls urged us to stand side by side for comparison. Whereas Sarah’s body was wider overall, her breasts were in fact a bit smaller than mine. Somehow, we got talked into standing facing each others so our nipples were touching. Exciting and unexpected electric shocks shot through my body.

Within a minute, all the other girls except June had removed their tops, everyone comparing breasts. Finally, June revealed hers also, which really were small, just little bumps with small pink nipples.

Of course we all assured her that was just fine, and that flatness had nothing to do with getting a guy and sexual satisfaction.

Jamique mentioned that we all HAD to reveal what embarrassed us, and so far only Mary and I had done so.

June filled the gap. Now topless, like all of us, she told us in a quiet voice, “Well, I like to shave down there.”

“So do I,” Jamique piped in, adding, “Look!” She pulled down her pajama bottoms, and we could she was right about that.

Seeing our shocked, yet quizzical faces, she explained. “My mom taught me about shaving. I like keeping it shaved clean.”

A mix of voices remarked, “Cool,” and “Like, amazing,” and other such comments.

Jamique added, “You should feel it. It’s like sandpaper.”

Lorie reached over and did just that, rubbing her fingertips over Jamique’s dark brown vagina. “Right, it’s rough!”

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Jamique shivered at Lorie’s touch.

Pretty soon, the whole group was topless and bottomless, and everyone was feeling the outside each other’s vaginas. Girls were shivering, and emitting, oohs and aahs.

Without provocation, skinny Kate announced, “The embarrassing thing for me is pussy size.”

“It looks alright,” Lorie stated.

“What I mean is I don’t think a boy could fit in there. It’s too restricted. Too narrow.”

Jamique said, “Really, I doubt that’s true. It stretches you know. Hmmm, let’s see…”

Then, without seeking permission, she simply reached over as Katie spread her legs in invitation, and pushed a finger all the way into Katie’s vagina.

Katie screamed, causing Jamique to immediately remove her finger.

“No,” Katie said, “I mean, it felt great. I screamed because that felt wonderful! Do it again.”

Jamique complied, leaving her finger in for quite a while. Then, slowly, she removed her finger which was now coated with shiny girl juice. She came back in with two fingers. Katie squirmed a bit, but you could tell she was loving it.

Meanwhile the other five girls were watching with rapt attention.

We talked about virginity a bit, and discovered that none of us had hymens left. We had all done away with those long ago through masturbation. In fact some of us, including myself, didn’t even remember having ever had a restrictive hymen.

Jamique announced, “It seems to me a guy could fit in there.”

“They’re a lot bigger than two fingers,” said the expert, Lorie, who had first hand experience seeing her brother’s penis.

“Just how big are they?” asked three girls almost in unison, causing the group to laugh.

“Well…” Lorie started.

Then, without warning, she yelled, “Karl, come in here.”

Instinctively, some of the girls grabbed their pajama bottoms in an attempt to cover themselves before Karl was expected to burst into the room.

Before anyone could really do anything, being slowed down by a combination of incomprehension and shock, Karl did open the door, and immediately closed it again.

“Karl, don’t be a jerk. Get back in here,” Lorie yelled.

Slowly the door opened. “I really shouldn’t be here. Whatever you girls are up to is none of my business… but it certainly looks like you’re having fun!”

“Karly, we, I mean the other girls, want to know how big a penis really is,” Lorie responded.

“Well, it’s about six inches long and an inch-and-a-half in diameter,” he said, moving back out and starting to close the door again.

“No…” Katie said firmly. “We want to see.”

“You told them about that time, didn’t you?” Karl asked his sister quietly.

“Well, yeah. Don’t worry, All boys, and all girls, do it.”

“But that’s private stuff.”

“Sorry.” Then she added, “But they’d love to see a real, live penis.”

“No fucking way,” he responded.

“Yes, fucking way, we want to see.”

As you can imagine that went back and forth a few times, but as it turns out, Karl was secretly bursting with enthusiasm. His penis was already hard, and straining in his pants.

So, pretending that he wasn’t going to do it, he already knew he was, and soon seemed to be worn down, and willing to comply with his sister’s request.

I won’t bore you with the details. Eventually, all the girls got to see, and touch a real live penis.

There was discussion of testing to see whether his cock would fit in Katie’s vagina, but everyone sensibly decided that still being virgins and all, that would be a bad idea. Instead, everyone took turns hugging then feeling each other’s stuff. Karl had all he could do to not ejaculate when it was decided he should momentarily rub each girl’s clit in succession. Then, it was decided they’d all take turns putting their hands around his penis and feel his balls within his scrotum.

Not every girl got the chance. The third one to put her hands on his cock and balls was his own sister, Lorie. Suddenly, his penis was spasming, and all the girls got to see a boy ejaculating.

Shower Exhibitionist

I saw what you wrote about the guy who had a college roommate who jerked off in front of him all the time. Who is it?

[I’m not going to say.]

Come on, I probably know him. I might have seen him in your waiting room, right?

[You know I can’t reveal that!]

Well anyway, it made me remember a time that I felt the same way. Like, “Oh, if only I was as bold and free as that guy.”

You see, our YMCA is old-school. I mean the shower room isn’t individual stalls the way they are in most modern buildings. We have a large tiled square room with like six shower heads along each wall. You walk up to one, turn it on, and shower in front of all the guys. No big deal right?

But one day, just this one time, there was a guy in there I hadn’t seen before. He was young. My age, maybe 26. He was tall, thin and had longish black hair. Well the thing about him, and he started off normally enough – soaping up his hair, his shoulders, his underarms, working his way down to his feet. Then he rinsed all the soap off. I thought nothing about it, although I glanced over from time to time.

Oh, I’m not gay, or at least not very much, but I do check the guys out, especially the good-looking ones. And, sometimes the older gents. There’s something about a gray-haired man that makes you respect him and want to know him, and something more. He’s kind of attractive in a way. I mean, a little bit.

Well anyway, this young guy finishes rinsing off, and I figured he’d walk right past me to get his towel. I always take a shower head near the entrance, so people have to walk right past me. So maybe I’m a bit more gay than I care to admit. [He laughs.]

But he stayed under the water spray. Then he did the most unexpected thing. He started playing with his cock. Right there in front of everyone. There were about four other guys in the room, plus me, and we all had a clear view of this guy.

Pretty soon he was jerking off in earnest. His penis was fully erect, and after a couple of minutes, he was rocking up on his toes, convulsing – you could see his calf muscles working, and ejaculating into the drain at his feet.

Then, he turned off the shower, walked past me, got his towel and left.

We, me and the other guys in the shower room, we kind of know each other a little bit, and we often have brief conversations in the shower. Not this time. We were shocked. No one said a word.

The guy had made a bit of eye contact with each of us, but nothing more, except when he walked past me, like when he was just three feet (one meter) away, he winked at me and smiled.

I’ve never seen him since. However, for the next several months, I was a very dedicated gym member. I was exercising 4 or 5 times a week. My wife thought my new fitness craze was good for me, but missed my company. I kept hoping to see him again, but nothing.

I have no idea what would have happened had he come back. Would he have repeated the performance? Would I, or anyone else there, copy him? Would we possibly even get more involved? You hear about blowjobs in public showers and all that. But maybe most of all, I’d like to have known his story. Why did he do that? Was he an exhibitionist? Did he think it was normal? Was he making a statement?

I guess I’ll never know. But here’s the thing: I keep thinking someone has to carry on in his tradition. I mean, what if I jerked off in the shower at the Y? Wouldn’t that be a great and interesting thing to do? I’m sure no one would ‘bust’ me or anything. I could just do it, and see what happens. And yet I haven’t, and probably never will.


I’ll admit that I’m a gym rat. Pretty much every day after work, I spend exactly one hour working out. Then I hit the shower, and sometimes the sauna or hot tub. The hot tub is a community hot tub, meaning men and women, so of course you have to wear trunks in there. There are two saunas in the gym, one for men, the other for women.

As is the tradition, men go naked into the sauna, but generally with towels wrapped around their mid section. Most of the guys keep the towels during their time in the steam. A few let the towels fall partially open. I’ve always wondered if some of them are trying to show off a bit. A few others will remove their towels entirely, but that’s rare.

So, one day I was in there, with about five other guys, and a fit-looking older man, one I had never seen before, maybe around 60 or 65 years old was in there. At first I paid him no attention. Then he removed his towel and placed it between his shoulders and the wall. Not a bad idea, since that wall gets a bit too hot, but it’s nice to lean against. That left his genital region exposed, of course. But the thing is, his penis was fully erect. Just standing straight up at attention.

He seemed to pay it no mind. As soon as I saw that, I immediately looked away. I guess I was thinking I didn’t want to embarrass the man by seeming to stare at him. Or, was I more concerned about embarrassing myself by being seen to stare at him? I’m still wondering about that. You see, my brain was juggling a swirl of thoughts at that moment. I thought the idea of a guy with an erection in the sauna was somehow sexy. Now, I’m mostly into women, but I can enjoy seeing a good dick now and then. I think a lot of guys are like that, but they won’t admit it. I mean, to see some porn where a guy with a good firm dick is plunging it into a sexy woman is a real turn on. I think I feel a sort of solidarity with the guy, maybe kind of imagining that’s me.

Anyway, this guy was just sitting there with his erection, seemingly not caring. I wondered what was really going on in his mind? Was he showing off? Was he just being more natural than the rest of us in the room dared? So, another thing I was feeling was a sort of pride for him. Oh, if I only had the balls to just show my erection in the sauna like that, and not care what others think of me.

Another part of me really wanted to join him in his erectness. All I needed to do would be to throw off my towel, too, and let my penis grow. I found it interesting that it wasn’t already erect under the towel. I guess I’ve trained myself not to get erections in situations like this. Back in my high school days, if I had developed an erection in the locker room, I would have been jeered, called ‘gay’ and who knows what. So I think I have learned to stay soft in such circumstances.

While I was thinking all this, the guy actually started to stroke himself, right there in front of five other guys. Imagine that! He was jerking off in the sauna, and we all saw it. I glanced around. Couldn’t help it. I needed to know what was happening with the other guys.

Every one of them was still wearing his towel. They were trying hard not to look at the guy, as if they were trying to give him some privacy or something. Even though most of us knew each other on a gym-acquaintance basis, no one said a word.

The guy kept wanking, and I swear, he seemed to be humming a song, but so quietly, I couldn’t quite tell. It sounded like “Ride Like The Wind” by Christopher Cross. After a minute or two, he arched his back, moaned a bit, and ejaculated into his free hand, which he then rubbed on the towel. A moment later, he wrapped that towel around his mid-section, nodded once and said “Gentlemen” as he stepped out of the sauna. At the last second, he turned at the door, looked right at me, and winked.

My brain raced. Why did he wink at me? ME! What was he saying? And should I be embarrassed? Quite possibly, the other men in the room saw the wink. Would they be thinking about me?

I sat there in the sauna for another few minutes, trying to get my brain back under control. I decided I had to find out more about this guy. So, I stepped out of the sauna and looked for him in the locker room. I figured I could ask him what the wink meant. Was he just acknowledging me? Maybe he was just expressing appreciation for me allowing him to do that without saying anything. Maybe because I was the youngest in the room. Or maybe, just maybe, there was more to it than that. Like, maybe he was inviting me to become his friend. Friend with benefits. There was a part of me that would have really liked that. To have a wank buddy. How cool that would be!

Sadly, I looked around the locker room, but he had already left. I’ve never seen him since. I noticed there was a big motorhome in the parking lot. Might he be a traveler who does that in gyms all around the country? I have jerked off many times thinking about that guy, and he has given me more incentive than ever to go to the gym every night. I almost never miss a few minutes in the sauna now. I’m secretly hoping he’ll come back someday. But more than that, I’m also harboring a secret fantasy. I think someday, I need to become that man. More than once, I’ve been sitting right there in the sauna and thinking to myself that I could throw off my towel and start jerking off right there in front of the other guys. I don’t think I’d get in any sort of legal trouble or anything. But, I’ve never done it, and now I’m actually kind of worried that I never will.

Rock Juggling With Hot Asian Chick

Rock Juggling with Hot Asian Chick

I went to the nude beach, you know, in hopes of getting lucky. Actually, I’d be lucky to just look at any naked women down there. Even that would be satisfying. I could come home later, remembering the image. Or, maybe I’d become so horny that I’d jerk off right there on Marshall’s Beach. Guys go up to the north end, where anything goes. I’ve seen sucking, handjobs, even anal sex there, but that’s mostly gay guys. Not my thing.

There is a large Asian culture in San Francisco, so you do see the occasional young Asian chick showing off. But these girls seldom do anything except walk around in the nude, lay around and soak up some sun, then go home. I do have a ‘thing’ for Asian girls.

On this particular afternoon there was another Asian girl there. She was exactly, well, just perfect – for me. She was short and very slim with long, jet black hair. She had very small tits, with little pencil eraser nipples, and no extra width at her hips. She was tube-shaped, not unlike a young boy. Don’t get me wrong. I have no interest in boys at all. Hell no! But girls who are boy-like, oh my, they do turn me on. Sorry about that. It’s just the way I am. I love small-titted, skinny Asian women. And that’s exactly what she was. Not only that, she had no hair on her crotch area, an extra treat as far as I am concerned. I’d certainly be jerking off while thinking about her later on.

Of course there was no way me, a 24-year-old, tall, thin, white, gawky guy could approach her. But at least I could look, right?

I walked past her a few times, pretending not to look, but catching glances as much as I could. At one point, she leaned over, and picked up three tangerine-sized rocks. As she did so, I was directly behind her, perhaps 10 feet away, and got a perfect view of her puckered little asshole, and a portion of her inner labia. Oh my! I felt my penis starting to chub up.

That, to me, is embarrassing, although I have seen a good few erections on the beach, so I suppose it’s OK.

What was she going to do with those rocks? It took only a second to find out. She started juggling them. She was pretty good. She must have gone fifty throws before two of them crashed together and fell to the ground. She picked them up and did it again. This time, as she leaned over to pick them up, I wasn’t in the right position to see her asshole, and was disappointed.

Suddenly, an idea came to me. Feeling awkward, but remembering what I’ve been learning in my confidence coaching, I asked whether she’d teach me to juggle.

She smiled big. Really big, and said, “Certainly.”

Being shy like I am, I almost wanted to walk away, saying something like, “Just kidding.” It’s stuff like that which is why I’m still having sessions with a confidence coach. [He laughs.]

Anyway, I didn’t walk away. I really couldn’t do so without looking like an idiot.

She stood directly in front of me and asked, “Are you right-handed?” then placed two of her rocks in my right hand, and one in my left. Just having this remarkable girl standing so close to me made it a very lucky day already. But when she touched my hands while giving me the rocks, was, well, I felt a delicious, cold tingle throughout my body. And it was like 80 degrees in the sun.

She proceeded to demonstrate how it’s done, taking the role of gravity, and lifting the rocks, one by one out of my hands, and setting them in my opposite hand. I immediately understood the concept.

Then she stood back and watched while I practiced. In two attempts, all the rocks crashed to the ground right away.

“Not all at once. One after the other,” she quietly instructed.

Then it happened. I got six throws in a row. I was surprisingly proud of my accomplishment. I tried again, and got five or six throws again, but found myself moving forward. I believe the body has a natural tendency not to throw things close to one’s face, so I was throwing them forward. On the next attempt, I got maybe eight throws, and found myself literally running forward. I was so intent on the rocks, I bashed directly into my new friend who jumped out of the way just enough to avoid having the rocks fall on her, but not quite enough to avoid me. She put her arms out to catch me, hugging firmly so I wouldn’t fall in the sand.

No one was hurt, but I immediately apologized. She surprised me by saying, “I rather liked that. It’s not every day that a big, handsome guy bumps into me.”

I felt so good! One thing led to another, and we eventually found ourselves sitting in the shade of a big boulder having a long conversation. Melonie and I started really liking each other. I was wondering if this was going to be like a romance movie. Might she and I start dating and everything? Oh, what a lucky day indeed it would be!

Our conversation must have lasted an hour. She told me she’s studying software engineering. I’m a nursing student. She thought it was odd for a man to want to be a nurse. “That’s old thinking,” I told her, explaining there are a lot of men in nursing these days. Besides, I’m planning to use nursing to pay my way through medical school. Melonie seemed impressed.

Then she asked the oddest question, “As a nurse, do you get to see people naked a lot?”

I explained that I guessed so, but I wasn’t actually a nurse yet.

The conversation drifted, or more likely guided by Melonie into the whole idea of nudity, genitals, and then even masturbation. She got me to admit that I wank at least twice a day.

“So do I,” she responded brightly.

Then she floored me by asking, “Have you ever wanked with someone else?”

I was a bit chicken to admit it, but then I figured, ‘What the heck?’ “Yeah, with my brother, a long time ago.”

She wanted all the details of that. Then she told me about how she had a semi-girlfriend in high school. That they fondled each others breasts, and then actually masturbated, and licked, each other.

Shortly after saying that, there was no hope for me. My penis became fully erect. I thought about hiding it from her. Like, maybe run into the ocean or something. But under the circumstances, all I could do is just sit there, with my flag at full mast.

I happened to glance at her nipples, and noticed they were more pronounced than before. Oh, my, it suddenly occurred to me that Melonie was turned on also. Then, I looked at the rock she was sitting on. It was wet! A few drips of fluid had dripped off her inner labia onto the rock.

I almost wanted to pinch myself. This was like a dream coming true. What was going to happen next? I hadn’t gotten her phone number yet. I just started to turn toward my backpack to grab my phone, when she said, “May I?”

As I turned back toward her, I didn’t understand at first. After all, this was an all-new experience for me. Without waiting for an answer, she wrapped her tiny fist around my penis. I erupted in an ejaculation immediately. Oh, yes, I suffer big-time from premature ejaculation. Can confidence coaching help with that also?

Melonie squealed in delight. She tried to stroke my dick up and down, but as a guy, I’m sure you know how sensitive a person becomes afterward.

I had to return the favor, right? It was awkward to get my shaking finger on her vagina. I tried to find her inner labia, and her clit. I mean, I know through the porn I’ve seen that girls do have a clit, and where it is, but I didn’t manage to get it at all right.

“Here,” she said, as she got off her rock, spread her towel on the sand and laid back. I thought I was going to finger her vagina, but something came over me. I knew what I wanted to do. What I had to do. My biology was compelling me beyond words. I scooted down, and kissed her pretty vagina. Then I touched my tongue to it, then after a moment, I was licking, sucking and slobbering all over her vagina.

Meanwhile, Melonie was “Oohing and Aahing” and just loving it.

My eyes were closed, so imagine my surprise when she had a huge, squirming, loud orgasm and I opened my eyes to find six guys standing right around us, staring, and cheering us on. Two of the guys were unabashedly fondling their own erect penises.

For a split second, I was terribly embarrassed. Then, remembering where I was, and who I was with, and, well… I was proud to be seen having done what I just did.

The sun was getting lower in the sky. It was time to head home. Except, I didn’t head home. I went to Melonie’s place.

Rewarded for Erection

Black ass, rewarded for erection

I was like every other guy until I was 20 years old. I’d will myself to stay soft in locker rooms, on nude beaches, in medical exams, and in any naked situation with people.

Then one day on the nude beach, I got to talking with this person I had never seen there before. She was very black, like first generation African, which I find very attractive. I guess it’s an extreme example of opposites attract, because I’m embarrassingly white with my Nordic background, even though I’ve been in the sun quite a bit.

She had long, curly hair almost down to her butt. She was glistening from sweating in the sun.

I lost it. My penis started growing. I felt it coming on, and tried to make an excuse to get away, run into the water and get at least waist deep to hide my erection. But I couldn’t politely end the conversation in time. I grew to my full six inches.

She noticed, as I’m sure did twenty other nearby people on the beach.

I was terribly embarrassed.

She reached out and touched it. At first, I thought it might have been accidental, but when she wrapped her fingers around my erection, it became pretty obvious that it was no accident! She gently pulled me toward the cliff, where there were some tall bushes growing, providing some shade and privacy. Once there, she gave me a glorious blowjob.

I never did learn her name, and never saw her again. Sometimes I wish I had at least gotten her number, because I’m sure she and I could have hit it off. Maybe she’d even be my wife today. Who knows?

That’s beside the point. What happened is that I learned a valuable lesson that day. Not only was I rewarded with a blowjob for my erection, but I noticed that the others who saw me with an erection didn’t go ballistic. They didn’t admonish me. They didn’t give me death-ray eyes. They didn’t even look away, or crack stupid jokes. They looked on appreciatively if anything. I think one guy actually winked.

So, next time at the beach, when I normally would have tried not to think of anything sexual, to stay soft, I went the opposite way. I let my erection grow in the sun, then walked casually from one end of the beach to the other, with my way-hard erection waving in front of me.

What a freeing feeling! Not only had I never walked with an erection, but in front of all those people! Who knew that I was an exhibitionist?

Nothing more happened that day. No blow job from a sexy girl, or anything, but I was encouraged.

The next time, I did pretty much the same thing. I even played a bit of volleyball while erect. People smiled, but didn’t say much of anything. Later in the afternoon, a group of three guys sitting on towels invited me to sit with them. They told me they admired the erection I had been sporting earlier. One then asked if I’d be willing to get erect again, so he could see it up close. Imagine that!

The people on the beach were thinning out, and I figured if I were to stroke myself to erection, it would be OK. So I did. Right in front of the three guys. They started stroking too, and before long, three of us ejaculated into the sand. The fourth guy, poor fellow, was only half hard, and couldn’t cum, despite our encouraging words. Such is life, I suppose. It could have happened to me. In fact, similar things have happened. One time in bed with a woman… Well, that’s a story for another time.

I’ve gone back to the beach and let myself be erect several times. Nothing bad has ever happened. I’ve been invited into those tall bushes by the cliff several times by both women and men. I’ve gotten and given many blowjobs and handjobs.

I decided to take it a step further. I’m a member of the YMCA, so why not, right? It took me a while to get up the gumption. I was concerned about being thrown out, losing my membership. I started in the sauna, where it’s hard to see anyway. I threw off my towel, and showed my erection to the steamy world. Well, actually to two other guys sitting in there. No one complained. One younger man actually, said “Cool.” Nothing else, just that, but it encouraged me.

The next time in the sauna, it was crowded with four other guys. I was towel-off and erect again. The guy sitting across from me took his towel off, and showed me, and the other guys, as he started becoming erect. The guy sitting next to me made a big show of taking off his towel and sitting on it. Then, he started idly stroking himself. Before long, all four of us had ejaculated in the sauna.

Life continues. I’m continuing to get bolder, but cautiously. I don’t want to come across any legal trouble, or perhaps a person who is so uptight about sexual matters as to cause a fuss. I’m thinking of just sitting right on the locker room bench and jerking off in front of whatever guys are in there at the time. I’d also like to do something more in mixed company. I don’t know what, yet. Do you have any ideas?

Post-Pandemic History Class

By 2040, the world was much different than it had been only twenty years before. As you may have read, the great pandemics starting in 2020 eventually took ten percent of the world’s population. True decimation. It wasn’t until about 2032 that scientists discovered how to permanently prevent any more pandemics. What I’m discussing today is the major changes in social norms that took place post-pandemics. This whole business of public masturbation in particular.

No doubt you know about the huge shift in economy. Personally, I think the biggest single factor was the finding by scientists at the University of Rochester Medical School that clothing was one of the biggest carriers of the virus. Sure, it was airborne, and could live on surfaces. At first, science thought it was hard surfaces like tabletops and coins. But no, cloth was actually the worst offender.

Science started advocating nudity. Well, not at first. At first, they let us know that washing machines and clothes dryers were not adequate for killing viruses. They then suggested that people turn up the heat and wear less clothing in homes and offices, and while shopping.

The brother and sister team Jenelle and Jeremy Watson of, who had long been outspoken advocates of masturbation, started suggesting people wear absolutely nothing, as often as possible. They also suggested masturbating in public. Their suggestion for nudity caught on. It took a few more years before public masturbation became commonplace.

At first, in the major cities, especially Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, you’d see the occasional individual with nothing but a face mask, and some even without that.

Within a year, by 2028, you’d seldom see anyone with clothing on a warm day. That became the new norm. And of course, within homes, families pretty much never wore clothing any more. That too, was a huge hit on the economy, since clothing sales fell off to nothing. Of course we all know how the financial system recovered. The governments just kept printing more money. They called the monthly payments, “stimulus checks.” At first there were just occasional stimulus checks. Eventually they became scheduled. Everyone said that putting more cash into circulation like that would cause massive inflation. It happened, but never to the degree everyone expected. The economists forgot to take into account how symbolic money actually is. It’s not anchored in anything real, so why not make as much as needed?

Then, around 2033, just about the time the pandemics were finally over, when you’d think people would start putting clothing back on, it didn’t happen. They stayed naked. Furthermore, they were partying in the streets. Literally. Sections of major downtown avenues were blocked off and made into naked pedestrian promenades. Restaurants dragged tables into the streets, and every evening, the streets filled with happy, naked people.

How happy, you may ask? It started with erections. Men were no longer afraid to allow their penises to harden in public. At first, just like typical nude beaches not many years before the pandemics, having a hardon in public was generally a no-no. Oh, people said it was ‘natural,’ it was ‘OK’ but guys were still very reluctant to be seen with erections. Now, it was totally normal. Then they, and the women, too, started wanking. It became absolutely ordinary to see people sitting in chairs or lounging on the lawn in public parks, having conversations with each other while jerking off.

And that takes us to today. Looking around the classroom, I see three of you are wearing little decorative bits. The rest are as naked as the day you were born, just as I am. I see Cindy and Jason are fondling themselves, lightly wanking, during the lecture. I used to worry about that. I was almost offended, thinking my students weren’t paying attention, but as I’m sure you’ve heard many times, research has shown that when people do that while learning, it actually helps them retain the information.

Oh, time’s up for today class. We’ll pick this up where we left off tomorrow. Meantime, read section seventeen on the history site so you’ll be prepared for tomorrow’s little quiz on the Post-Pandemic Period.

I’m a Nudist Nonbinary Man

I'm a nudist nonbinary man and I masturbate

I’ve never felt like I was fully a man. There was no doubt about it
physically and I was always interested in my body and in masturbation. But
while I loved women, I never had that desperate need that so many men have;
in fact, I was seldom able to perform adequately with a woman, no matter how
much I loved her. And while I’ve always had a strong feminine side, and
have dressed essentially androgynously (jeans, shorts, t-shirts/tank tops,
sandals, and I love wearing short men’s skirts), that was the extent of it.

Complicating this was serious PTSD from being sexually abused at a very
young age by my grandfather. I’ve slowly recovered vague memories of him
having me be his “naked slave”, a pattern of behavior that resurfaced after
the divorce from my first wife, and which I adopted completely – the idea
that because I could not perform with women I had to become a slave to the
Goddess and serve her through naked service to women. There’s nothing wrong
with that if it’s sincere. The article “Slave Michael” here on is about my life when I was seeing myself as a slave.

Then I caught Covid, which was mild, followed by long Covid, which laid me
low. I was bedridden for weeks, with a slow recovery to follow. It
affected my brain and my thinking, and as I came back to life I realized
that the PTSD and slavery had vanished. While I still love to be and be
seen naked, the urge to submit myself to a subservient relationship was

While I was sick I got acquainted with current thinking about gender
identity, and soon realized that, in modern terms, I am nonbinary. I
strongly identify physically as male, but sexually I’m female. This is why
my sexual relations were not successful – I was supposed to be the one
getting fucked. I realized I had lost all interest in having sex with
women. Like most men, I’ve experimented with anal sex and liked it OK.
Alright, more than OK when it came to wearing a butt plug and the few
occasions when a woman used a dildo on me. But the thought of being fucked
by a man was anathema to me. I obtained a dildo which is almost exactly like
my own penis but two inches longer, and using it on myself turned out to be a
delight, so much so that I began collecting photos of attractive penises from
the Internet, having prints made of the best ones, and fantasizing about them
being used on me.

Oddly enough, though, I still have absolutely no actual
sexual interest in other men – I just want to be fucked by a beautiful penis.
It was a revelation to find that there was very little actually sexual about
being fucked, but I love not only how it feels but also the idea of having
to allow my body to be penetrated and used for someone else’s pleasure, for
as long as he wants to. But the pandemic, and then monkeypox, make it all
too obvious that it’s way too risky to be meeting people I don’t know well
and allowing them to use my body these days.

Michael, nonbinary nudist

I’ve lived for years as a smooth (shaved) nudist full time at home, and
sometimes when visiting friends. My useless-for-sexual-relations genitals
are not just visible all the time, the lack of pubic hair puts them on
display. It’s impossible for me to ignore them. The realization that they
can only be used for masturbation now has freed me to see them in a
different light: that’s what they’re for, and there’s no shame or guilt in
it, any more than using my legs to walk around, because it’s no longer about
sex in the traditional sense. I don’t do it because I feel deprived or
sneaky, I do it because it brings me pure, unadulterated joy. And honestly,
is there anything more beautiful than a big erection?

Things I think about when I masturbate:

* Having my anus exposed and available all the time

* Going out in a skirt and getting fucked

* Having friends who come to my house and fuck me sometimes

* The first time I get fucked being videoed and posted online

* Living as a roommate with a man, on the condition that I live naked all the time and he can fuck me

* There are lots of photos on the Internet, most on Wikimedia, of me naked that get lots of views and that I can’t take down, and I think about people looking at those and seeing me the way I actually live.

* People seeing my naked pictures on the Internet and thinking about me getting fucked

* Also people looking at pictures of my bare feet on the Internet

* Always being naked and shaved with my genitals on display

* Everyone knowing my genitals will never again be used for sex with another

person, and that they are only for viewing and masturbation

* People reading this article

I don’t masturbate with the goal of ejaculating, quite the opposite. I’m a
tantric edger, getting high on sexual energy, and prolonging the high for as
long as possible. In that respect, masturbation is sacred, since tanra is
one of the seven yogas, on a par with the hatha yoga practiced by many.
There is a spiritual element to the high that elevates the spirit and lasts
afterwards. In the interest of keeping the plumbing healthy, I do
occasionally cum, and it’s a rare treat when I do.

Nonbinary Michael masturbating

Sometimes I will take yohimbe, an herb which acts a lot like Viagra, and
spend hours enjoying the extended state of arousal. It also makes my body
look sexier to me, especially being shaved. I wish I could feel like that
all the time, but the herb has side effects that make it impractical for me
to use it too often. The new freedom I feel about masturbating means
promoting and dedicating time to it no longer carries any stigma. After
all, how is it any worse a thing to do than to self-indulge watching
football and drinking beer all day? And I wind up feeling fulfilled, not

I should add that I never masturbate around others unless it’s part of the
context of a situation. Similarly, if a visitor is not comfortable with
nudity, I wear clothes in their presence. I get no pleasure from someone
else’s discomfort. I do often regret that necessity, since it’s all about
pleasure and joy, but members of this society are conditioned from early in
life to be ashamed of their bodies, and to fear being in the presence of
nudity. I would love for masturbation to be widely viewed as I view it, a
personal activity that’s good for physical and mental health, and not one
more thing to feel inhibited and guilty about. Maybe someday we’ll get

Middle School Naked Wrestling

Middle School Naked Wrestling Club

Another story from a client:

I was on the middle school wrestling team. In the locker room, we’d put on our cups, singlets and helmets. Mostly we wouldn’t see each other naked, but I’d get a glimpse from time to time, which terribly excited me. We’d wrestle for 45 minutes, then back to the locker room. Taking off our stuff, we’d then step into the showers, individual booths. Most of the guys were pretty skilled at covering themselves at all times with their towels, but again, I’d get a glimpse from time to time. In the shower, I’d get hard, and jerk off. I was constantly on the look out for someone who might burst into my shower. Not that anyone would actually do that. It would have been a terrible breach of etiquette, and the guy would be called ‘gay,’ but I was still concerned about getting caught, so I’d wank quickly, releasing my few boyish drops of clear cum into the streaming shower water. This whole business of masturbation was still new and exciting to me.

One time, I saw Larry stepping into the shower. He had carelessly let his towel slip away before he closed the door. He had an erection! I jerked off immediately in my own shower, unable to take my eyes off what I had just seen.

Besides the vague adolescent sexuality of the scene, I really enjoyed wrestling. Oh, sure, sometimes it hurt if I got an elbow to the face or pulled a muscle sideways or something, but I loved it. It was camaraderie, it was strength, it was guy stuff. Also, being on the wrestling team was an ego booster. The other kids at school looked up to me for that. I didn’t tell any of them that making the team was as easy as showing up for the first practice. Anyone could qualify, although I doubt many of them would have come back for a second practice, once they learned how strenuous it was. And, how personal, too. You get really close to other boys. I could imagine that some would be way too shy, others too homophobic.

Phil’s mom said he could invite some guys over to his basement recreation room for additional wrestling practice. He was a latchkey kid, so it’s surprising that she allowed this.

The first afternoon, there were four of us. We wrestled around on his thick basement carpet, and had a good time. Since there was no locker room or showers, we just went home sweaty.

We started meeting regularly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school. One time, Larry asked if he could use Phil’s shower. Phil was like, “Sure, I guess so,” leading him to the little basement bathroom.

To my delight, Phil took off his stuff, and there he stood, as naked as the day he was born before us. As casually as if he was at home, he stepped into Phil’s shower, while the rest of us clumped upstairs to the living room. A few minutes later, Larry came upstairs, all fresh and dressed. We put on our boots, hats and jackets and went home.

The next time, both Larry and Jimmy wanted to use the shower. Phil explained that this bathroom had it’s own small water heater, so they couldn’t take showers one after the other. The water would turn cold. He didn’t think his mom would like them using the upstairs shower. ‘We’ll just take one together,’ Larry said, acting like ‘no big deal.’

Possibly turning a bit red in the face, James said, ‘sure.’

Both of them took off their clothes in front of us. Phil said, ‘Hey, let’s see if we can all cram in.’

In a way, that was nothing special. Wrestlers learn not to be afraid of being close together. But naked! That was something else entirely. James immediately agreed, as did Larry, so what could I do? I wanted to very much. At the same time, I was somehow afraid. Like I’d be doing naughty wrong or something. Plus, they’d see my dick, and probably make fun of me. Could I help it if I didn’t have any hair yet?

Well, there was nothing I can do so I took off my stuff too, and sure enough, we found that we could all fit in the little shower. Phil’s thigh was pressed against my crotch, and it felt surprisingly good. It shouldn’t have felt like anything, but I was in some sort of immediate heaven. And my penis started to rise. ‘Oh no,’ I thought. I would get teased for the rest of my life if I ended up popping a boner with these guys. Just as I was thinking that, I happened to glimpse Larry’s crotch area, and to my shock and surprise, he was sporting a full erection.

I felt immediate relief. During the next few minutes, all four of us sprang boners. No one said anything. No one did anything. We finished our shower, hurriedly, as the water started running cold, got dressed, said our goodbye’s and went home.

The Thursday session went the same way. We wrestled, then we all got naked and jumped in Phil’s shower again until the water ran cold. Every one of us had an erection. We ignored them entirely, got dressed and went home. I don’t know about the others, but as soon as I got home and had some privacy from my brother and sisters, I jerked off like a maniac .

I couldn’t wait for Tuesday. We all arrived at Phil’s ten minutes early, so it was obvious to me we were all excited.

We started wrestling as usual, but you could tell our minds weren’t in it. I’m sure everyone was thinking the same thing: ‘We can’t wait until we get to shower together.’

Larry broke away from Phil who he had been wrestling at the moment, and James and I stopped because he seemed to want to get our attention.

“Uh…” he started, then paused.

“What?” Phil asked impatiently.

“Well, you know how the Greek Olympians competed nude?”

We had recently heard about that in Social Studies class, and found it very interesting.

“Yeah?” I think we all knew where was going with this.

“Would it be terribly… I mean, would it…”

“You want to wrestle naked?” James asked, incredulous.

“Well, no, not exactly…”

“Huh?” I chimed in.

“I mean, well… yeah, OK,” James finished, as if it hadn’t been his idea.

“No way.” I said, and immediately regretted. Shit. Now I had to fix it, because there was nothing in the world I’d like more, and this was my opportunity. Maybe the only opportunity I’d have for the rest of my life. (Adolescents exaggerate, even to themselves.)

“Maybe it would be OK. I mean, since there are no girls here. and we’re not gay or anything.” I had to add that last part, even though at the time I had very serious doubts about myself that sometimes kept me up at night.

“Right, we’re not gay,” Phil seconded.

“If you guys are crazy enough to do it, then I guess I will have to, also,” was James’ way of acquiescing.

It was Phil who first removed all his stuff, helmet, and cup too, revealing an already hard penis. It was quite large, or so it seemed in comparison to mine. He also had significant wisps of black hair along the upper edge. My hairless penis was standing out as hard as it had ever been.

Soon, the four of us were wrestling and having the most wonderful time! We were laughing and carrying on. For the first time ever, we had a four-guy wrestle. Essentially, we were just all rolling around on the floor together in one big clump.

Everyone was rock hard, and everyone was ignoring their erections. As the afternoon turned into evening, we knew we had to get dressed and head home. Phil’s parents would be coming home soon, and they couldn’t see us like this.

It took us several more weeks before we got up the gumption to actually touch each others genitals. Oh, there were the occasional slips, which may not have been slips at all. I’d feel a guy’s fingers touch my anus for a second. I’d find myself with my boner pushed up against a guy’s knee. All very exciting stuff to us at that age.

It was our new guy, Carl, who broke the ice. Carl was a short, nerdish guy, a year younger than us, who just begged and begged Phil to let him join our group once he heard about what was going on. James was supposed to keep our group a secret, but I guess he just couldn’t hold it in.

Wrestling with five guys means someone always has to wait between sessions. Carl wasn’t much of a wrestler, always getting pinned almost immediately. However, he was funny, and strangely became somewhat of a leader after we got to know him. He was always suggesting ideas, which we’d end up trying. Like one afternoon, he got us all doing yoga and standing on our heads. He thought we could eventually learn to walk on our hands as a show of strength.

I liked Carl because he was the only one besides me who was totally hairless ‘down there.’

So, this one afternoon, Carl started talking about how athletes always have trainers. We asked what trainers do, and he explained that the trainer mostly massages them.

“Why would anyone want that?” James asked.

Carl explained, “Unless you’ve had it done, you wouldn’t know.”

“OK, wise ass, massage me,” was James retort.

“OK, I will.”

While the rest of us watched, Carl had James lay on Phil’s downstairs sofa, and rubbed his shoulders and back a bit. Then his calves. James said that it did indeed feel ‘sort of nice.’

Carl then had him roll over, so he could massage James’ front.

James had a huge erection, You could tell that his penis was straining at full capacity since the head was stretched tight and shiny. That wasn’t particularly unusual. The five of us frequently had erections while wrestling. We never did anything about it. I was guessing they all went home and jacked, just like I did.

The three of us watching all had boners too. Carl continued to rub James’ ankles, then his shins, then his thighs. While muttering quietly, ‘they say testicle massage is good for one’s health,’ he then, without asking, just started massaging James’ balls.

You’d think James would protest, but no, he was like, “Ohhh, that’s great!”

It was only a few seconds later that we saw his cock start jerking up and down, and he shot several spurts of white cum onto his belly.

No one said a word. The three of us watching had big eyes, and our boners were sticking straight out in front of us as huge as ever.

Finally, James said, “That was amazing!”

The following weeks saw us practically abandon the wrestling. After a few minutes, we’d all be massaging each other in various combinations. It didn’t take long for that to transmute into out-and-out handjobs. The first time Phil stuck his finger in my ass, I came immediately.

We were very disappointed when Phil’s dod got a job in Michigan and they moved out.

The four of us who remained tried desperately to find another place for our ‘wrestling club,’ but we could not manage to find a place. We had a bit of a fort in the woods, but in the winter that was no good. In the summer, it seemed everyone knew about the fort, so we couldn’t do it there.

Time went on. I jerked off often remembering the great times in the wrestling club.

For the first year I was married, I didn’t tell my wife, Rosa, about it. One day, during a bit of pillow talk, I spilled the beans, expecting she’d be disgusted, or something. However, I wasn’t one to keep secrets from her, and this was the only one that remained. So I told her, and she laughingly hit me on the back of the head with a pillow. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

It made her very horny, and I think that’s the night Nicole was conceived. As our kids Nicole and Jerome were growing into adolescence, I encouraged them whenever it looked like they might like to join a club with their friends.

Rosa has taken a strong interest in dancing. We installed a pole in the basement, ostensibly for Rosa to play on for my entertainment. But, I wouldn’t mind if Nicole and her friends were to try it out.

Jerome is quite the little wrestler, just like his dad. I let Jerome know that he could have his friends over in our downstairs recreation room when Rosa and I go to our bridge club on Wednesday evenings. I told him about how when I was a kid, I used to meet with my friends and wrestle at Phil’s house. Of course I didn’t give him any details. He and his friends will figure that out for themselves.

Old People on the Beach

Old People, Nude on the Beach

I believe it started with Joe. Hank, the police chief, of retirement age, but still working in our small beach community, was patrolling the beach in the town’s beach Jeep, and came across Joe, naked as you please, sitting in a lawn chair on that stretch of beach just past Mariner’s Point. Hank pulled over. Joe knew it was Hank of course, and Hank recognized Joe. There’s no way Hank would arrest Joe for public nudity.

Hank asked Joe whether he was worried about being seen by any tourists walking by.

“Do you see any tourists here?”

“Well, no, but if someone does walk by?”

“I’ll just cover up with this towel.”

“Um, OK by me.”

They got to talking a little while. Both were in agreement about public nudity. People in our country make too much of a fuss about it. It should be allowed pretty much anywhere. They got to talking about sex and masturbation. Especially masturbation. Both old men agreed that our society has promoted the wrong idea about masturbation for hundreds of years. Joe didn’t expect Hank to be so like-minded about it, but he was. They started listing benefits of masturbation, like how it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, allows people to relieve horniness so they don’t say stupid things or worse in public, and so on.

As they were talking, Joe started to spring an erection. The funny thing is he didn’t act embarrassed or do anything about it. He just sat there in his lawn chair chatting away, totally ignoring his half-hard cock. After a minute, it went back down.

The next day was Wednesday, one of Hank’s days off. He decided to take a walk on the beach, something he sometimes did on his mornings off. Sometimes his wife would come along with him. He enjoyed her conversation. On this morning, Joyce wanted to walk with him. He was hoping… Well, it was unlikely, he figured. Still, he was hoping Joe might be there, and be doing the same thing he was yesterday, sunning himself in the nude. Joyce would get a kick out of that.

As they passed Mariner’s point, Hank’s heart skipped a beat. In the distance, there was a man in a chair, and it was Joe. As they got closer, they could see he was naked.

Joyce stopped dead in her tracks. “Why, it’s Joe, and I could swear he has nothing on. C’mon, let’s turn around.”

“Let’s not, dear.”

“But you’d have to arrest him or something.”

“No, I’d never do that, and you know it. I’d rather join him.”

Joyce looked at Hank in a mischievous way he hadn’t seen in many years. “Interesting!”

They approached Joe, who smiled big and held up a hand in greeting. His penis was fully erect, but no one said anything about it. Hank felt an immediate stirring in his pants. Joyce felt a nice twang in her lower belly.

As the men greeted and started talking, Joyce couldn’t even speak. This was an all-new experience for her – coming across an old friend, naked on the beach, with an erection, no less! And her husband was totally on-board with it. She always admired Hank, and in this weird situation, she admired him also. She admired the way he was totally accepting of Joe.

They all grew up together. Joe had always been a touch on the eccentric side. He was the one to suggest crazy ideas as a kid, some of which got everyone in trouble, some were hilarious, and some just stupid. Normal kids stuff, but Joe was always the leader.

Joe was an inventor for a living. He was still working. Starting from his high school years, he had set up a workshop in his father’s garage, now his garage, and made things. His first significant invention was the variable speed control circuit for electric drills. No one knew how much money he had, but it was rumored he had millions.

Anyway, the three of them got to talking. Joyce wasn’t all that surprised when Hank took off his clothes. It was a warm and sunny morning, so other than that fact that people just don’t do this sort of thing, it was totally normal. Joyce was a bit reluctant, for two reasons. One: She was actually considering getting naked on a public beach, right here in town. She knew everyone, at any moment, anyone could walk by and see her. Two: She didn’t think she looked all that great naked. [Fact is, she’s totally fit and pretty. Sure, her long hair is gray, and her face has a few wrinkles, but she’s very fit.] Finally, weighing everything in her mind, she decided to strip also. She thought if someone she knew came along, they’d just have to deal with it. The shock would be good for them. Besides, she was unaccountably horny, something that didn’t happen very often for her these days.

Hank and Joyce dragged an old drift log over to have something to sit on, and continued conversing with Joe, who still had an erection.

Hank commented, “Aren’t you going to do anything about that?” pointing at Joe’s penis?

“If I did what I’d like to do, you’d have to arrest me,” Joe joked.

“If you did that, I wouldn’t be able to arrest you, because I’d be doing it too.”

The next thing you know, Joe and Hank were wanking right there on the beach. It wasn’t more than a minute longer that Joyce joined in, wanking in her own way. She kept staring at Joe’s penis. She’d seen Hank’s a million times, but Joe’s was fascinating. Joe knew she was staring, and that only enhanced his horniness. Both Joe and Hank were staring at Joyce, and although she still had a touch of body dysmorphia, she was very much enjoying the attention.

Joe’s muscles tensed, and he partially stood as the ejaculate started spurting out of his penis. He didn’t want to get it on his chair. A few seconds later, Joyce arched her back, moaned loudly, and convulsed in a strong orgasm, which drove Hank over the edge. His rock-hard penis started spurting into the sand at his feet also.

Everyone calmed down. Joyce reluctantly said they had to get out of the sun. She was a firm believer that morning sun is good, but afternoon soon may be unhealthy. Everyone went home, satisfied.

It wasn’t discussed, but on Friday, Hank’s next day off, the three of them reconvened on the beach, and repeated the experiment from two days before. At one point they could see a couple of people walking toward them in the distance. They discretely covered themselves with towels as the couple walked by.

Once the couple was a hundred yards away, the three of them uncovered and continued. They didn’t have time for orgasms, however, because someone else came walking along. It was Jennifer Anniston. It wasn’t really Jennifer Anniston. It was Jennifer Perault, but everyone in town jokingly calls her Jennifer Anniston because she really looks quite a bit like her.

“Hi Jen,” the three naked people greeted as she came within ear shot.

“Oh my goodness, are the three of you naked?”

“No, we’re covered with these towels,” Joyce said.

“But you were naked until I arrived, weren’t you?”

“Well, yes.”

“Can I join you?” a question that none of them had expected, but all three probably wished for.

“Of course.”

As she took off her clothes, she was momentarily shocked to see the men both had partial erections. “Were you guys… were you… um… masturbating?”

So now, there were four naked people masturbating on the beach.

Over the past couple of years, things have evolved quite a bit. Today, there’s a group of eight people sitting in a circle in a variety of lawn chairs or on driftwood, or on towels on the sand. There are naked people there, just past Mariner’s Point, whenever the weather is good, which fortunately is quite often here in central California.

It’s become known as a nude beach. Sometimes the youngsters hang out here when they’re home from college. Often, their parents are there also. There has been a couple of attempts to get rowdy, you know, too much beer and so on. Hank and his men keep that well under control with their frequent patrols of the beach. This beach is different than many nude beaches, in that masturbation is not only permitted, but encouraged.

The tourists are starting to catch on. The mayor had some signs erected that announce that it’s a nude beach, and no one who is offended by such things should go there. The signs also have a bunch of requirements indicating that penetrative sex is not allowed, dogs have to be well-mannered or on leashes, no alcohol and so on. We are all proud of Joe, and Hank, and all the early participants who made this happen. The local merchants are all very happy about the current small increase in tourism, and the expected much larger increase as what’s going on here catches on.

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