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Rope Broke

Rope broke, mature male-male fun

I have a truck full of equipment. I’m in the small engine repair business. Strictly house calls. Every summer, I try to save up, but I’m practically starving toward the end of winter.

One late winter day I got a call to fix a snowblower. It seems the starter rope broke when an old man was pulling on it. Expecting the handle to stop three feet away from the engine as it usually did, the poor old guy fell over backward, spraining a wrist.

I got there, and rang the doorbell. I heard a faint, “Come on in,” from inside the huge house.

I let myself and followed the sound of “In here,” arriving at the fellow’s bedroom.

He was laying in bed and said, “Pardon me for not being dressed, but I seem to have hurt my wrist.”

I must have looked like ‘So what, you can still get around, right?’ so he held up his other hand, showing me that his last three fingers were swollen. So, he had hurt both hands. Now I understood. Under the circumstances, having me come to his bedroom made sense.

What didn’t make quite as much sense is that he was laying on top of the sheets completely nude. I couldn’t tell for sure, but his penis seemed a little bit swelled up, too, like partially erect.

Well, whatever. It’s not like I haven’t seen naked men before. I’m all for diversity. I guess you’d call me omni-bisexual. I like people of all sexes, any age beyond teenagers, any body shape, color and size. Why do you think I named my business “Rainbow Small Engine Repair?”

I went out to the garage and replaced his starter rope and made sure the engine started quickly. An easy job. I could only charge $75, but being late winter, I sure wished it had been a bigger, better paying job.

I let myself back into the house without knocking. I figured that’s what the old guy would want. I came to his room, and found him with a full erection, and in the process of attempting to jerk off with his hurt hands.

I told him it was $75. He got up, with his penis still erect, walked over to his dresser, and fumbled with his wallet. His hands were too sore, so he asked me to get the cash out, stating that he wanted to pay me $100, as a bit of a tip. I was delighted.

After thanking him, I stated the obvious, “I guess it’s hard to jerk off with your hands like that.”

“Boy, is it! My wife would have helped, but she’s been dead two years now.”

“I’m so sorry.”

Then he asked, “Say, young fella, would you mind helping me out? You know what I mean, right?”

My heart jumped into my throat. I would love to jerk this old guy off. I was surprised by my own reaction. After all, I had done everything you can imagine with dozens of young guys and young women, and older people too, although never a really old, gray haired, bearded man like this guy.

So, he got back in the bed, and I jerked him off. I wanted it to be especially nice for him, so every time he got close, I stopped for a moment, edging him deliciously. Finally, he blew a small load over my hand. He told me that was the best handjob he’s ever had in his whole long life. I doubted it, but, well, maybe. I’m pretty good at reading a man’s (or a woman’s) physiology, and stopping just before they cum every time. I can keep them on a very enjoyable edge for a long time.

After a moment of recovery, he stood up, and walked back to his wallet on the dresser. Realizing he couldn’t open it, he said to me, “Grab that, would you?”

I picked up his wallet.

“Under the flap, you’ll see two folded-up $100 bills. Please take one, and leave the other. That’s for you, young’un.”

“Oh, no, I did it as a favor, and because I knew I’d enjoy getting my hands on your penis.” I was hearing myself saying that, and wishing I had something else I could have said, because I could really use another hundred dollars.

“Oh no, I insist. What am I going to do, take it with me to the grave?” he laughed.

Since that time, I have a standing appointment for Tuesday mornings to jerk him off. Every time, I say I don’t need to get paid. Every time, he insists on giving me another $100.

His wrist and hands have long since healed, and now he jerks me off every time also. First I do him, then he does me. He always cums, but always a small amount. He says that’s just something that happens with older people. Their quantity of semen goes down. Every time, he still insists on giving me the $100.

I’m a Nudist Nonbinary Man

I'm a nudist nonbinary man and I masturbate

I’ve never felt like I was fully a man. There was no doubt about it
physically and I was always interested in my body and in masturbation. But
while I loved women, I never had that desperate need that so many men have;
in fact, I was seldom able to perform adequately with a woman, no matter how
much I loved her. And while I’ve always had a strong feminine side, and
have dressed essentially androgynously (jeans, shorts, t-shirts/tank tops,
sandals, and I love wearing short men’s skirts), that was the extent of it.

Complicating this was serious PTSD from being sexually abused at a very
young age by my grandfather. I’ve slowly recovered vague memories of him
having me be his “naked slave”, a pattern of behavior that resurfaced after
the divorce from my first wife, and which I adopted completely – the idea
that because I could not perform with women I had to become a slave to the
Goddess and serve her through naked service to women. There’s nothing wrong
with that if it’s sincere. The article “Slave Michael” here on is about my life when I was seeing myself as a slave.

Then I caught Covid, which was mild, followed by long Covid, which laid me
low. I was bedridden for weeks, with a slow recovery to follow. It
affected my brain and my thinking, and as I came back to life I realized
that the PTSD and slavery had vanished. While I still love to be and be
seen naked, the urge to submit myself to a subservient relationship was

While I was sick I got acquainted with current thinking about gender
identity, and soon realized that, in modern terms, I am nonbinary. I
strongly identify physically as male, but sexually I’m female. This is why
my sexual relations were not successful – I was supposed to be the one
getting fucked. I realized I had lost all interest in having sex with
women. Like most men, I’ve experimented with anal sex and liked it OK.
Alright, more than OK when it came to wearing a butt plug and the few
occasions when a woman used a dildo on me. But the thought of being fucked
by a man was anathema to me. I obtained a dildo which is almost exactly like
my own penis but two inches longer, and using it on myself turned out to be a
delight, so much so that I began collecting photos of attractive penises from
the Internet, having prints made of the best ones, and fantasizing about them
being used on me.

Oddly enough, though, I still have absolutely no actual
sexual interest in other men – I just want to be fucked by a beautiful penis.
It was a revelation to find that there was very little actually sexual about
being fucked, but I love not only how it feels but also the idea of having
to allow my body to be penetrated and used for someone else’s pleasure, for
as long as he wants to. But the pandemic, and then monkeypox, make it all
too obvious that it’s way too risky to be meeting people I don’t know well
and allowing them to use my body these days.

Michael, nonbinary nudist

I’ve lived for years as a smooth (shaved) nudist full time at home, and
sometimes when visiting friends. My useless-for-sexual-relations genitals
are not just visible all the time, the lack of pubic hair puts them on
display. It’s impossible for me to ignore them. The realization that they
can only be used for masturbation now has freed me to see them in a
different light: that’s what they’re for, and there’s no shame or guilt in
it, any more than using my legs to walk around, because it’s no longer about
sex in the traditional sense. I don’t do it because I feel deprived or
sneaky, I do it because it brings me pure, unadulterated joy. And honestly,
is there anything more beautiful than a big erection?

Things I think about when I masturbate:

* Having my anus exposed and available all the time

* Going out in a skirt and getting fucked

* Having friends who come to my house and fuck me sometimes

* The first time I get fucked being videoed and posted online

* Living as a roommate with a man, on the condition that I live naked all the time and he can fuck me

* There are lots of photos on the Internet, most on Wikimedia, of me naked that get lots of views and that I can’t take down, and I think about people looking at those and seeing me the way I actually live.

* People seeing my naked pictures on the Internet and thinking about me getting fucked

* Also people looking at pictures of my bare feet on the Internet

* Always being naked and shaved with my genitals on display

* Everyone knowing my genitals will never again be used for sex with another

person, and that they are only for viewing and masturbation

* People reading this article

I don’t masturbate with the goal of ejaculating, quite the opposite. I’m a
tantric edger, getting high on sexual energy, and prolonging the high for as
long as possible. In that respect, masturbation is sacred, since tanra is
one of the seven yogas, on a par with the hatha yoga practiced by many.
There is a spiritual element to the high that elevates the spirit and lasts
afterwards. In the interest of keeping the plumbing healthy, I do
occasionally cum, and it’s a rare treat when I do.

Nonbinary Michael masturbating

Sometimes I will take yohimbe, an herb which acts a lot like Viagra, and
spend hours enjoying the extended state of arousal. It also makes my body
look sexier to me, especially being shaved. I wish I could feel like that
all the time, but the herb has side effects that make it impractical for me
to use it too often. The new freedom I feel about masturbating means
promoting and dedicating time to it no longer carries any stigma. After
all, how is it any worse a thing to do than to self-indulge watching
football and drinking beer all day? And I wind up feeling fulfilled, not

I should add that I never masturbate around others unless it’s part of the
context of a situation. Similarly, if a visitor is not comfortable with
nudity, I wear clothes in their presence. I get no pleasure from someone
else’s discomfort. I do often regret that necessity, since it’s all about
pleasure and joy, but members of this society are conditioned from early in
life to be ashamed of their bodies, and to fear being in the presence of
nudity. I would love for masturbation to be widely viewed as I view it, a
personal activity that’s good for physical and mental health, and not one
more thing to feel inhibited and guilty about. Maybe someday we’ll get

Old People on the Beach

Old People, Nude on the Beach

I believe it started with Joe. Hank, the police chief, of retirement age, but still working in our small beach community, was patrolling the beach in the town’s beach Jeep, and came across Joe, naked as you please, sitting in a lawn chair on that stretch of beach just past Mariner’s Point. Hank pulled over. Joe knew it was Hank of course, and Hank recognized Joe. There’s no way Hank would arrest Joe for public nudity.

Hank asked Joe whether he was worried about being seen by any tourists walking by.

“Do you see any tourists here?”

“Well, no, but if someone does walk by?”

“I’ll just cover up with this towel.”

“Um, OK by me.”

They got to talking a little while. Both were in agreement about public nudity. People in our country make too much of a fuss about it. It should be allowed pretty much anywhere. They got to talking about sex and masturbation. Especially masturbation. Both old men agreed that our society has promoted the wrong idea about masturbation for hundreds of years. Joe didn’t expect Hank to be so like-minded about it, but he was. They started listing benefits of masturbation, like how it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, allows people to relieve horniness so they don’t say stupid things or worse in public, and so on.

As they were talking, Joe started to spring an erection. The funny thing is he didn’t act embarrassed or do anything about it. He just sat there in his lawn chair chatting away, totally ignoring his half-hard cock. After a minute, it went back down.

The next day was Wednesday, one of Hank’s days off. He decided to take a walk on the beach, something he sometimes did on his mornings off. Sometimes his wife would come along with him. He enjoyed her conversation. On this morning, Joyce wanted to walk with him. He was hoping… Well, it was unlikely, he figured. Still, he was hoping Joe might be there, and be doing the same thing he was yesterday, sunning himself in the nude. Joyce would get a kick out of that.

As they passed Mariner’s point, Hank’s heart skipped a beat. In the distance, there was a man in a chair, and it was Joe. As they got closer, they could see he was naked.

Joyce stopped dead in her tracks. “Why, it’s Joe, and I could swear he has nothing on. C’mon, let’s turn around.”

“Let’s not, dear.”

“But you’d have to arrest him or something.”

“No, I’d never do that, and you know it. I’d rather join him.”

Joyce looked at Hank in a mischievous way he hadn’t seen in many years. “Interesting!”

They approached Joe, who smiled big and held up a hand in greeting. His penis was fully erect, but no one said anything about it. Hank felt an immediate stirring in his pants. Joyce felt a nice twang in her lower belly.

As the men greeted and started talking, Joyce couldn’t even speak. This was an all-new experience for her – coming across an old friend, naked on the beach, with an erection, no less! And her husband was totally on-board with it. She always admired Hank, and in this weird situation, she admired him also. She admired the way he was totally accepting of Joe.

They all grew up together. Joe had always been a touch on the eccentric side. He was the one to suggest crazy ideas as a kid, some of which got everyone in trouble, some were hilarious, and some just stupid. Normal kids stuff, but Joe was always the leader.

Joe was an inventor for a living. He was still working. Starting from his high school years, he had set up a workshop in his father’s garage, now his garage, and made things. His first significant invention was the variable speed control circuit for electric drills. No one knew how much money he had, but it was rumored he had millions.

Anyway, the three of them got to talking. Joyce wasn’t all that surprised when Hank took off his clothes. It was a warm and sunny morning, so other than that fact that people just don’t do this sort of thing, it was totally normal. Joyce was a bit reluctant, for two reasons. One: She was actually considering getting naked on a public beach, right here in town. She knew everyone, at any moment, anyone could walk by and see her. Two: She didn’t think she looked all that great naked. [Fact is, she’s totally fit and pretty. Sure, her long hair is gray, and her face has a few wrinkles, but she’s very fit.] Finally, weighing everything in her mind, she decided to strip also. She thought if someone she knew came along, they’d just have to deal with it. The shock would be good for them. Besides, she was unaccountably horny, something that didn’t happen very often for her these days.

Hank and Joyce dragged an old drift log over to have something to sit on, and continued conversing with Joe, who still had an erection.

Hank commented, “Aren’t you going to do anything about that?” pointing at Joe’s penis?

“If I did what I’d like to do, you’d have to arrest me,” Joe joked.

“If you did that, I wouldn’t be able to arrest you, because I’d be doing it too.”

The next thing you know, Joe and Hank were wanking right there on the beach. It wasn’t more than a minute longer that Joyce joined in, wanking in her own way. She kept staring at Joe’s penis. She’d seen Hank’s a million times, but Joe’s was fascinating. Joe knew she was staring, and that only enhanced his horniness. Both Joe and Hank were staring at Joyce, and although she still had a touch of body dysmorphia, she was very much enjoying the attention.

Joe’s muscles tensed, and he partially stood as the ejaculate started spurting out of his penis. He didn’t want to get it on his chair. A few seconds later, Joyce arched her back, moaned loudly, and convulsed in a strong orgasm, which drove Hank over the edge. His rock-hard penis started spurting into the sand at his feet also.

Everyone calmed down. Joyce reluctantly said they had to get out of the sun. She was a firm believer that morning sun is good, but afternoon soon may be unhealthy. Everyone went home, satisfied.

It wasn’t discussed, but on Friday, Hank’s next day off, the three of them reconvened on the beach, and repeated the experiment from two days before. At one point they could see a couple of people walking toward them in the distance. They discretely covered themselves with towels as the couple walked by.

Once the couple was a hundred yards away, the three of them uncovered and continued. They didn’t have time for orgasms, however, because someone else came walking along. It was Jennifer Anniston. It wasn’t really Jennifer Anniston. It was Jennifer Perault, but everyone in town jokingly calls her Jennifer Anniston because she really looks quite a bit like her.

“Hi Jen,” the three naked people greeted as she came within ear shot.

“Oh my goodness, are the three of you naked?”

“No, we’re covered with these towels,” Joyce said.

“But you were naked until I arrived, weren’t you?”

“Well, yes.”

“Can I join you?” a question that none of them had expected, but all three probably wished for.

“Of course.”

As she took off her clothes, she was momentarily shocked to see the men both had partial erections. “Were you guys… were you… um… masturbating?”

So now, there were four naked people masturbating on the beach.

Over the past couple of years, things have evolved quite a bit. Today, there’s a group of eight people sitting in a circle in a variety of lawn chairs or on driftwood, or on towels on the sand. There are naked people there, just past Mariner’s Point, whenever the weather is good, which fortunately is quite often here in central California.

It’s become known as a nude beach. Sometimes the youngsters hang out here when they’re home from college. Often, their parents are there also. There has been a couple of attempts to get rowdy, you know, too much beer and so on. Hank and his men keep that well under control with their frequent patrols of the beach. This beach is different than many nude beaches, in that masturbation is not only permitted, but encouraged.

The tourists are starting to catch on. The mayor had some signs erected that announce that it’s a nude beach, and no one who is offended by such things should go there. The signs also have a bunch of requirements indicating that penetrative sex is not allowed, dogs have to be well-mannered or on leashes, no alcohol and so on. We are all proud of Joe, and Hank, and all the early participants who made this happen. The local merchants are all very happy about the current small increase in tourism, and the expected much larger increase as what’s going on here catches on.

Caught With a Sex Toy

I’m a retired guy and since I don’t cook, I eat out frequently. I have a favorite place for dinner that I try to hit a couple of times a week. I always ask for the same waitress named Beka and we have become good friends. She’s probably about twenty-five so it will never be more than just friends due to a huge age difference, but that’s ok. She’s fun to talk to.

She is going to the local community college and is studying interior design and works at the restaurant at night to make some extra money. OK, it’s a Hooters, so you know Beka is good looking with a nice rack.

Anyway, when I found out she was studying interior design, I told her that my house had been done by a professional interior designer and she might like to see it. No ulterior motives. I just like having good looking girls around. I also like showing off my house. She was more than enthusiastic and said she had a day off over the weekend and could stop by.

So about 2 pm on Saturday my doorbell rings and there’s Beka, looking very cute in a short dress that showed off her great legs. I started a tour and she was very impressed. We discussed some of the designer chairs I had and she was most interested in a large area rug that I had bought in Copenhagen. I also have a lot of original art and she commented on how well the art coordinated with everything else.

My office was the last room I showed her. As she walked over to my desk, she asked, “What’s that?” I looked where she was pointing and the blood drained out of my face. I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. Laying on my desk was an Acmejoy masturbation toy that I had plugged in to charge up and totally forgot about it. Busted!

It was fairly obvious what it was so I decided to man up and admit to the truth. “That’s uh, er, a masturbation toy. At my age that’s about all the sex I can get. It’s better than just doing it by hand.”

“So how does it work?” she asked. “And why is it better than your hand?”

Obviously she wasn’t too put off about the fact it was a sex toy. But I guess she knew she had nothing to fear from me.

“Well, to get the best result, I lube up my erect, uh…penis and stick it in that silicone sleeve. You can see all the bumps and ridges inside that massages my, uh, dick. It has two controls. Those two glowing blue buttons. One controls the degree of vibration. The damn thing actually has 10 different levels of vibration. Then the second button makes that silicone sleeve rotate. And there are five different rotation speeds.”

She took the toy from me and inserted her fingers inside the silicone sleeve. “Hmmm, I can see where that might feel good rubbing on your, uh, thing,” she commented.

“Hmmm….that sounds really interesting,” she said. “Can you give me a demonstration of how it works?”

“You mean on my penis?” I was totally shocked by this request. But also turned on.

“Of course on your penis, silly. I’ve seen a penis before but I would really like to see the toy do its thing. You do want to show me, don’t you? I thought guys like to show off their manhood.”

“Well, it’s a little odd. You being fully dressed and me having to expose myself to you,” I said.

“I hope you are not suggesting I get undressed are you?” she replied.

“No, no, nothing like that. It’s just awkward. I’m not used to baring my all to young girls. But I’m willing to give it a try. How much time do you have?” I asked her.

“A couple of hours,” she replied. “Why? Does it take a long time?”

“No, not long at all. But it would be better if I took a Viagra. And that takes about 30 minutes to start working. At my age I need some help.”

“Go ahead. Got anything to drink while we’re waiting?” I popped a 100mg Viagra and mixed her a quick drink and one for myself. We made small talk until I figured I’d had enough time for the little blue pill to do it’s thing.

“Look Beka, it’s best that I take off my pants and sit on a towel. For the device to really be effective I need to put quite a bit of lube on it and it can be messy.”

“Go for it buster,” she replied.

I kicked off my shoes and slipped off my pants and underwear. My dick was already about half hard just from thinking what I was about to do. Beka looked intensely at my dick and said, “Nice cock for an old dude. I’ve never seen and old cock before but they look just like a young one.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” I spread a large towel on my office chair and sat down with my dick now sticking straight up. I generously lubed up my cock with some K-Y. Cocks always look more inviting when coated with lubricant and I could tell Beka was enjoying the show. I took way more time than necessary spreading the K-Y all over my dick. I always enjoyed showing off my cock to the ladies. Then I slowly stroked my dick to get it fully hard.

Beka dropped to her knees by my side. I guess to get a closer look. “Don’t mind me,” she said. “I just want to really see this thing work.”

Then I grasped the toy by the handle and slid the silicone sleeve down over my cock. Each time I press the vibration button it steps up the degree of vibration. I pressed it about four or five times which provided a nice buzz on my cock. Then I pressed the rotation button about three times and the sleeve began to rotate. The feeling was about ten times better than what I could do with my hand.

Beka’s eyes were glued to my cock and the toy. I was loving it. Both what the toy was doing to my dick and the fact that a pretty young girl was entranced with the sight of my cock being masturbated just a couple of feet from her.

“Dude,” said Beka, “I have to tell you that sex with an old guy like you has no interest for me. But seeing your rock hard cock all covered in lube sliding in and out of that toy has really got me hot.”

“I have to warn you but when my orgasm comes, which will happen almost too quickly, I’m going to really make some noise and my body will go into spasms as the cum ejects from my cock into the toy.”

“Sounds fine to me,” she replied, obviously enjoying my performance.

I held the toy and moved it up and down the length of my cock. Beka didn’t take her eyes off of my actions. The sleeve was somewhat transparent and the redness of my cockhead and shaft could be seen inside it. I always wished it would take longer to cum using the toy. I could draw it out a bit by just holding the toy stationary and not moving it up and down my cock but it felt so good moving, it was hard not to do it.

As I stroked the toy up and down my cock, the silicone sleeve was madly rotating and stimulating the shit out of my dick. Every so often I would pull it completely off my cock so Beka could get a good look at it. My damn prick was bright red from all the stimulation.

“Wow,” exclaimed Beka, “that dick of yours is hard as a rock. Not bad for an old dude. I like the shiny cockhead too.”

I had discovered that tilting the toy towards me put extra pressure on my frenulum as the silicone sleeve whirled around and massaged my dick. That put me over the edge.

Then my orgasm came on very quickly. I started groaning as my body writhed in ecstasy. Then I started panting and when the first shot of semen spurted out, I let out a small scream. I bucked and screamed as spurt after spurt rocketed from my dick. Finally it was over and I had to quickly pull off the toy because the sensitivity of my dick was off the charts. I sat there exhausted as strings of semen drooled out of my cock as the major part of my load dripped out of the toy.

Beka clapped and said, “Wow, that was fantastic. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to see the actual ejaculation shoot out. I really love the way your dick looks, all red and shiny. Definitely made me wet.”

“Yep,” I replied, “I like seeing the cumshot as well. I’m happy to hear my dick got you wet.”

“Maybe we can have another session where that can be arranged. Seeing the cum shoot,” she said with a sly grin on her face. Hearing that, my cock twitched and another small jet of semen squirted out.


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Mrs. Sanderson’s Prostate Massages

Mrs. Sanderson's Prostate Massages

I’m assuming this story, told to me by a client is true. Knowing the guy, I suspect it is. Here you go:

So, as you know, I was diagnosed with benign prostate enlargement. It’s typical for a man of my advancing age, and harmless enough, as long as one takes care of it. Let it go, and you get to where you can’t pee with a forceful stream like you should. I was supposed to get some physical exercise a few times a day for fifteen minutes each time, avoid sitting for long periods, eat healthy, and one other thing.

The doctor asked whether I would like prostate massage, then explained what it is. I’m fortunate to have a gold insurance plan, which covers such things with only a tiny co-pay. In this case, $10.

So here’s the deal. The doctor’s office set me up with weekly appointments with a Mrs. Sanderson. She’s a massage therapist. She is trained in several modalities and seems very professional, if perhaps a bit on the spiritual side. Like, she’s into astrology, and uses Indian terms, such as ‘lingam’ to mean ‘penis.’

Anyway, I went to her. She draped me except for the necessary portions of my lower body. Then she placed a gloved finger in my rectum, and pressed all around for quite a while. What an interesting feeling! You feel sort of like you’re going to pee, but you don’t and it’s actually much nicer. I’d love to get this treatment even if I didn’t have BPE.

So, the first time was great. I felt like I was starting to get an erection, but laying face down on the table, it didn’t much matter. I figured she couldn’t see anything.

The next time, she asked whether I felt a need for being draped.

I boldly said “No,” and for some reason, being entirely naked in front of this woman felt very erotic. It didn’t make any sense. She’s older than I am, gray haired, and quite overweight. But friendly. I did get an erection, and there’s little doubt she saw it. You’d think I’d be embarrassed about it, but I quickly told myself it must happen with many of her clients, and so my embarrassment turned to a weird sort of pride. She said nothing about it, and neither did I. It was a bit strange, however, to have an erection, to be sexually aroused, and not have an orgasm. I wanked big-time when I got home.

Oddly, I did ejaculate a bit during Mrs. Sanderson’s session. Well, not really. The prostate massage causes a bit of semen to work it’s way down the urethra and show up at the tip of the penis.

The next appointment was the same. Erection with no one reacting to it.

The fourth appointment, Mrs. Sanderson asked whether I’d feel more comfortable with a release.

I had to think about it for approximately 1/2 second. “Yes, of course!”

After the finger in the butt thing, she removed her glove, put on some massage oil, and gave me an expert handjob. I mean really expert. Somehow, she was able to read my physiology, and know when I was close to squirting. She kept me on the brink of ejaculating for two or three whole minutes. Finally, I squirted quite a bit of cum all over her hand and my belly. It resulted in a big smile from her, and from me.

I have been going to this woman for over a year now, and of all damn things, my prostate has returned to nearly normal size. The doctor is amazed. He says none of his other patients have made as much progress. I attribute it to good diet, the exercising several times a day as he recommended, and of course Mrs. Sanderson’s treatments. Her handjobs have been so good that sometimes she can keep me in actual orgasm, contractions and everything, without squirting any cum for minutes at a time. Finally, she purposely takes me beyond orgasm into ejaculation. Amazing!

My wife knows all about it, and is surprisingly fine about it. I’d think she’d be all crazy, or jealous, or at least I thought she’d say “You’ve gone too far this time.”

But no, she claims to be relieved because I’m not so ‘demanding’ of sex with her. I don’t actually demand it, but that’s the way she feels about it. Since menopause, many years ago, now, she has been much less interested in sex than I. It used to be the other way around. Oh well, Mrs. Sanderson fills the gap nicely.

Oddly, those handjobs of her’s are better than actual sex. Go figure!

Imagine My Surprise

Imagine my surprise, young male

Shortly after we retired, I was at a hot spring resort with my husband. It was a clothes-optional place, which realistically means everyone went without clothes. It was late spring, a little too early for most of the tourists, so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. He and I had been having a wonderful vacation. Most mornings and evenings were still chilly, but it was easy to be nude in the midday sun. We saw a few other couples there, but the place was mostly empty.

Around lunch time, my husband returned to the motorhome to make some food. I was sitting at a picnic table not really doing anything, just feeling the sun on my back, when a young boy, he couldn’t have been more than 18 or 19 years old, walked by. I had seen him a couple of times before. I think he had a job there, because I saw him pushing a wheelbarrow, fixing some sort of plumbing, and so on. Sometimes he was nude, some times wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

This time, he was naked. He stopped, and said “Hi.”

I said, “Hi.”

He then said, “Your back is getting too much sun.”

That was rather odd, because I hadn’t been in the sun nearly long enough to get a tan, let alone a burn.


“I’ve got some sunscreen here. Why don’t you let me put some on your back?”

“Um, that’s OK,” I replied thinking that was a very strange thing he offered.

“No, really, I’ll just put some on you.”

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m prudish, but I’m not interested in being touched by young men who are not my husband, or so I thought.

At the time, although it struck me as a little weird or something, I just figured it would make him happy, so I acquiesced.

After all, I was a middle-aged, actually somewhat beyond middle-aged woman, a bit on the heavy side. Not someone that he, or anyone would find attractive. So, it couldn’t be a sexual, thing, right?

He sat down on the bench next to me, and applied the cream to my back. His hand was surprisingly warm and rather nice in a way.

“Turn around, I’ll get your front, too.”

Why in the world I turned around so innocently, I don’t know. Now, he was sitting on the same picnic bench so close, I could feel his breath. He leaned back just a bit, and applied the cream to the front of my shoulders.

I happened to glance down at his crotch area, and he was half-erect. I almost jumped in fright. This was just too weird. My first reaction may not be what you’d think. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I guess I didn’t want to look interested, or something.

Before I could even react, he had moved his oily hand down and he was rubbing my boobs, and oddly, was running his fingers very lightly over my right nipple. You’d think I would have stopped him, but I didn’t. By now it was quite obviously something sexual, not just some weird kid applying sunscreen.

I just let him continue. I’ve thought about this moment many times. I can’t explain why I didn’t put a stop to it right away. He rubbed his hands together, getting some of the oil on his other hand, and without asking, he just reached down and put his hand on my pussy. I was horrified, yet I was transfixed. He quickly found my clit with his index finger. He only stroked it like three times. Then he got up, quietly said, “Thank you.” and left. He left me actually wanting more. I wanted him to make me cum.

Nothing like that happened the rest of my time there. I saw him a couple more times doing chores around the place. He nodded. I nodded. He might have winked one time, or maybe I imagined that. That was it.

I thought about it for days. More than anything else, I felt somehow guilty. But I also wondered if I could have handled the situation differently. Maybe I should have invited him to continue. Maybe I should have reached out and touched him in some way. Frankly, I was as confused as an adolescent. I’d never had feelings like this concerning a youngster before. I’ve actually jilled off a few times imagining what would have happened if I had asked him to stay when he started to get up. And, here’s a weird part: I wish I had seen him fully erect. And even stranger, there’s a part of me that tries to imagine what his asshole looks like. I would like to have seen him facing away from me with his anus exposed.

I had to tell my husband. We’ve never kept secrets from each other in our 30 years together, so I wasn’t going to start now. When I told him, I was thinking he’d blame me, or basically accuse me of some sort of reprehensible behavior. He surprised me with a big smile and said he’s going to book the same place next year. Then, he went to the kitchen, came back with a jar of coconut butter, and offered to reenact the whole scene. I accepted his invitation.

Helen and Howard

When we first married, I enjoyed sex. I was somewhat surprised that I still wanted to masturbate what with all that sex going on, but that’s how it was. So, I’d sneak away and wank when I could. No way would I admit to my wife that I masturbated. It wasn’t that I thought she’d be shocked. I figured she might cry because she could assume she’s not sufficiently attractive to me.

Toward the end of our pregnancy with our first child, she lost interest in fucking. I certainly understood. I became horny, and couldn’t find any good opportunities to masturbate in secret.

I let her ‘discover’ me one evening as she came to bed. I though she might freak out, or who know’s what, but she was totally cool with it. So, I took to wanking myself to sleep almost every night.

After the first one was born and things settled down, my wife and I got back to business as usual. She surprised me one evening by saying, “Let’s not fuck. Let’s masturbate side by side.” I thought that was a fun and novel idea. So we did, and it was nice. It was quite unusual and a real nice treat for me. I had never seen her masturbate. I didn’t even know if she ever did. Later I found out that even during our randiest points in time, she also masturbated frequently.

After our third and final child was born, she started in on menopause. She so totally lost interest in sex that I became quite frustrated. I did wank more often in her presence. Because I figured any sort of sexual activity with other women would be ‘cheating’ I never approached any other women. But, being fairly liberal minded, I wondered what it would be like to jerk off with another man. I tried it a few times, and it was really quite enjoyable. In my limited opinion, a man knows how to give a better hand job than a woman.

After the kids were grown and out of the house, I became bolder about jerking off around Helen. I’d wank in bed at night, as usual, but then sometimes, in the living room, while watching TV, I’d jerk off right there in the recliner. At first, she complained that it was distracting, but I kept doing it, and she got used to it.

Most recently, there’s a guy I’ve become very good friends with. Howard. He and I have wanked each other several times. I invited him over to the house to jerk off with me, with all of us knowing full well that Helen would be there. So, he and I went into the bedroom, stripped naked, and did give each other wonderful orgasms while Helen rattled around in the kitchen. When we were done and put our clothes back on, she had tea for us, and a big smile.

That evening, for literally the first time in years, she felt sexual. I think knowing what Howard and I did was a turn on for her. Not enough for her to enjoy intercourse again, but I did lick her to a very nice and strong orgasm.

Even though it seems like my sex life has been less than ideal, I’ve been having a great time, and am very happy to be alive. I can’t wait to see the evolution of my sex life with Helen, Howard, and whoever else shows up.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been busy. I’m making a website that seriously promotes masturbation. I think that’s a very important message in this age of social distancing. Wanking will help those who are otherwise bored at home, are growing impatient, horny, depressed, or frustrated. It’s not that most folks don’t jerk off already, but to write about and normalize masturbation, will help them not feel guilty or weird about it. To truly know you can have a good time by yourself without having to go visit someone is powerful. It lists 20 benefits of masturbation, then it has over 270 pages of fantasies, memoirs, how-to information and media about, well, just about anything you can imagine in the sexual world. I’ve made it all free and complete, so anyone who is old enough can access the information. I hope to make some money from the website through affiliate banner ads.

The fellow I was telling you about is 73, and quite fit. He could easily be mistaken for 50-something. He and his wife have been swingers, but not so active in that lifestyle lately. So, he and I did get together, and we had a nice time. He’s a retired mechanical engineer, and his workshop is rather spectacular. He has a lathe, oxy-acetylene set, vertical mill, and all the other things you’d expect in such a shop. He has a hot tub installed in his shop, and a special temperature, humidity, and lighting controlled test room. In that room, he installed a bed.

He says he and his wife soak in the hot tub occasionally, but mostly it’s just him. We got naked, rinsed off and got in the tub for ten minutes or so, where we both casually touched each other to mild erections.

Then we went into his special room, and we traded edging handjobs for quite a while. Finally, he came. He said he had never been edged for so long, and so close to the edge. It was like a preliminary to the continuous dry orgasm thing. Edging is like the first step. He expressed interest in learning the actual technique next time we meet up, perhaps in a week or so.

I sensed that after he ejaculated that he didn’t want to do much more of a sexual nature, and I hadn’t orgasmed yet, so I demonstrated the continuous dry orgasm technique on myself. I had him place his fingers on my perineum below my balls, and sure enough, he could feel the urethral contractions. I was somewhat surprised how easily I got into that state, and yet I was able to orgasm without cumming. I only did it for a minute or so, out of deference to his change in mood. He was very polite and cooperative about it, even after cumming. Some guys have trouble after ejaculation staying in the mood to even be with the person they were playing with. I’m sure you’ve run into that.

We got back in the hot tub for a good 15 minutes where we talked mostly about physics, but also about sex, our wives, and so on. We dressed, and talked another 15 minutes. All in all, it was very nice, but not spectacular. I have a feeling in the near future, it will become spectacular.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old who wrote, wanting to meet up at the nude beach, resurfaced. Finally, he gave me his email address, rather than just communicating through text Messages. He sent me a dick pick. I sent him a dick pick, and he has requested more. He says that my dick looks much younger than he would have figured for someone my age. He says he is ‘on the straight side, but definitely curious.’ I have a feeling that we will meet up eventually, and jerk ourselves off next to each other on the beach. Or, he did express interest in trading handjobs. I won’t push it. I could imagine if he’s not really ready for a male-male encounter, it could be psychologically problematic for him.

Female Continuous

Female continuous orgasm technique

“It seems kind of weird having you, and older gentleman, sitting there watching.”

“Thank you for saying ‘older gentleman,’ rather than ‘old guy,’ or ‘old fart.’ I’m actually sixty-seven.”

“Well, anyway, you’re just going to sit there, fully clothed, while I’m fully naked, and watch me jilling myself?”

“Yes, and coach you, too.”

They talked a bit more, as she, at first sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed, started masturbating, and the older fellow told her exactly what to do.

“Now, remember, the hardest part is to stop before you go into full orgasm. Try to hold that state. Notice the chills, and whatever else may be going on in your body.”

“Oh, my….” she said, as her muscles tensed, and stayed tensed.

“I’m getting it. Oh, yes, I’m getting it.”

“Just stay in the feeling, being really careful not to go too deep into orgasm.”

“You mean, I’m in orgasm now, right?”

“Do you feel chills? A sort of springiness? Something deep in your belly, perhaps?”

“Yes, all those things. Plus, I’m feeling it big-time in my clit.”

“Great, you are indeed in ongoing continuous orgasm.”

“Oh, it’s slipping away.”

“Don’t worry, your body has already learned what you want. It will help you. As your body catches on, it won’t be at all difficult to stay in the state. Bring yourself back up to orgasm, and enjoy every feeling along the way.”


After a couple of minutes…

“Oh! Ah! Here it is again. This is amazing! I’ve had multiple orgasms before, but never just stayed in orgasm. Oh my God! Now I’m getting the pulsing contractions too, but they just keep going!”

“By gosh, you got it on the first try. Many women, and men, have to practice quite a bit before they get to continuous orgasm.”


“Enjoy. Just let it do what it will. Be natural.”

After a few more minutes…

“Whew! That was so amazing! Say, do you ever get naked and masturbate along with your clients?”

“Yes, sometimes, when I’m invited.”

“You know, I could do it some more, and yes, you’re invited!”

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