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Two Guys On The Nude Beach

By Spurtz

There is a nude beach an hour’s drive from where I live. The story is that a nudist group heavily lobbied the local government to declare it clothing optional. They were successful but in order to keep it legal, the nudist group was tasked with policing the beach to discourage lewd behavior. From what I’ve heard, they’ve done a pretty good job.

Although I was a bit disappointed to hear that things were kept pretty much above-board at the beach, I decided to give it a visit and check for myself.

The day that I arrived there was a decent amount of folks on hand even though it was a weekday. As typical at nude beaches, the crowd was mostly older with a few younger folks on hand and quite a few male couples, who I assume were gay. Plenty of nudity on display. Most people were stretched out on blankets. A few in the water, and the usual amount of strollers up and down the beach. Mostly single guys in their 40’s and 50’s.

I saw one guy who had made several passes by where I was laying. I noticed that his penis appeared to be sticking almost straight out rather than flopping down between his legs. Although not overly large, it appeared to be partially erect even though it actually was angling down a bit. But a fully flaccid cock does not stick out like that.

After I saw the guy heading my way for about his fourth lap up and down the beach, my curiosity got the best of me. I stood up walked towards the water to intercept him. When he got close to me I could see he had a flesh colored cock ring at the base of his dick.

I said hello to him and expressed my desire to ask him a question. He answered back and told me to ask away. I commented about how closely the beach was supposedly monitored for any kind of sexual activity and wondered how he got away with sporting a continual semi-hard cock. And had any of the beach monitors said anything to him?

He replied that he was a regular at the beach and personally knew all of the nudist club members. A couple of them had asked hm not to wear the cock ring and show off his semi-hard prick. He said he had just laughed it off and after that nobody seemed to really care very much. So he just kept doing it. He pointed out that if he had a full-on erection he could see where that would be a problem. Since his cock wasn’t that big, he really wasn’t putting on that much of a display.

The way we were standing and talking, the only other people on the beach could only see my back while I was actually shielding him from anybody’s view. I got bold and reached out and gripped his prick. This immediately caused some arousal with my own penis and my new friend proceeded to get a nice grip on my cock as well. We introduced ourselves as we both lightly stroked each other’s cocks. Fred suggested we go sit on my blanket where our two stiffening pricks would be less obvious. I agreed although I hated to let go of his hardening prick.

As we lay down on my blanket we were on our sides facing each other. I scooted forward a bit until the head of my cock touched against the head of Fred’s prick. Both of us were now fully erect. No other beach goers were that close to us but if anybody was looking, they probably wondered why we were so close together. Two six-inch cocks touching meant we were only about a foot apart.

We both moved around a bit so our two cock heads continued to caress each other. It felt amazing but I wanted more. I moved closer to Fred which allowed me grip both dicks in one hand. I slowly began to masturbate both cocks together. Fred saw a bottle of sun tan lotion lying on my blanket and picked it up. He drizzled some lotion on both our now raging erections as my hand continued to jack us both off.

Fred and I took turns doing the jacking. He warned me that he was somewhat of a premature ejaculator and if we kept this up he was probably going to cum. It was my turn doing the jacking and when he said that, I subconsciously sped up my pumping, not thinking he was really that close to cumming. But Fred was not kidding and I felt his whole body tense and start to jerk back and forth and then spurts of jism shot out of his dick and splashed all over my balls and my hand and arm. Some even hit me on the belly and thighs. I was literally covered in Fred’s semen. I had never had another guy cum on me with such force and volume and I found it a terrific turn-on even though it was a helluva mess.

I didn’t think I was even close to cumming but when Fred’s semen started to spurt, it triggered something in me and now I felt my own cock begin shooting streams of cum back onto Fred. I continued to stroke both cocks as long as any juice remained. Finally we both had nothing left to give and we both started laughing. Both our bodies were covered in semen and I suggested we take a quick dip in the ocean to wash it all off.

As we ran to the water, Fred laughed and said we were lucky none of the nudist club members saw what we did or we would be banned from the beach for life.


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Everyone Jerks Me Off

Another story from a client. I had a harder than usual time getting him to talk about this, but once he got started, he seemed to really enjoy telling me.

When I was 55, about 4 years ago, I had a checkup, and the doctor said I had BPE, benign prostate enlargement. I knew something was up, because my pee stream was not as strong as it once was. Evidently, this is common among men my age, and not really anything to worry about, as long as you monitor it, and/or take proper care of it. The doctor wanted me to start taking some sort of medicine. Since I don’t take medicine for anything else, I didn’t want to start, especially after he told me the possible side effects. So, I went home prescriptionless, and told my wife about it.

She did some research on the Internet and found that there are some natural things one can do. Get proper nutritional support, like vitamin E and pumpkin seeds, get regular prostate massages, and have plenty of orgasms. Hmmm, that last part sounded great!

My wife offered to help, of course. Starting that very day, she came up with a routine in which I’d lay naked on the bed, face up, with my legs spread fairly wide. She’d put on one of those blue rubber gloves that everyone uses for household chores and what-not, and slowly poke a lubed finger into my ass. She’d curl the finger upward, and massage against my prostate. I had no idea that could feel so great. If you don’t know, it kind of feels like you want to pee, but much better. With her other hand, she’d grab my rapidly hardening penis and start stroking. In just a couple of minutes, I’d shoot. Giving me a minute to recover, she’d then slowly pull her finger out of my ass, and that was that. She said she very much enjoyed doing it. When I came, she said she could feel my inner ass area pulsing against her finger, and she liked watching my face when I was orgasming. Interestingly, she has lost interest in sex during the past several years, and this was the only sexual activity we participated in at all. So, I was glad for the attention in whatever form it may cum.

We did this twice a day for several weeks. As you can imagine, like any frequent activity, it started to lose its greatness. It took me longer to get hard, and longer to cum. She started getting a bit bored with the process. But we trucked on for another month or so, duly doing the treatment twice a day.

I found out that she told her sister about the treatment. I was totally embarrassed, and not a little miffed at my wife for disclosing something so private. And later, I found out that the sister had told her husband. Geez!

One day, my wife announced she was going out of town for two days for a bowling tournament. She asked me whether I’d be able to take care of myself. I told her that I was an expert at jerking off. She asked, “What about the prostate massage?” I told her it would be fine if I missed a couple of days of it.

“No way, that’s not properly taking care of your health,” she responded.

“So what, exactly, am I supposed to do?” I was getting a bit agitated.

“I’ve got an idea.” Lenore (her sister) had already been informed, and she was planning to bring me a home-cooked dinner both days, and something more. She was going to give me the treatment!

“No fucking way!” – I believe that was my response, if I remember correctly. But secretly, I was instantly excited at the prospect, yet feeling very shy about it at the same time. Could that really happen?

Well, it did happen. The first evening when Lenore came over, she seemed a bit giddy, moreso than usual, which is saying a lot for her. She is a rather excitable, and exciting person. Whereas my wife has a calm demeanor, Lenore is the most flamboyant, outgoing woman I’ve ever met. She is also tall and, well, I guess I can say it, she is fat. Oh, not super-heavy, but compared to my skinny, perfect wife, her sister is rather a tanker. Her personality is nicely matched by her skinny, husband, who is the opposite, a quiet introvert. How they get along so well, I don’t understand, but they do.

So we nervously, excitedly ate the chicken dinner Lenore had brought, then she told me to hit the shower. I did. While I was in there, I was trying to figure out how to handle, even how to instigate what was to come next. I needn’t have worried. As I was about to step out, Lenore walked right into the bathroom like she owned the place. More than that, she reached into the shower, grabbed my hand, and gently guided me out, where she toweled me off, and then pushing lightly on my naked upper back, she walked me into the bedroom. She had me lay down just as my wife does, and put some KY on her forefinger. No glove! She just stuck that finger right in my butt. She did it a bit too fast, and it felt invasive, but nice in a way.

I was concerned about having an erection in front of her. Like it might not be appropriate. Go figure. Here is my rambunctious sister-in-law with a finger in my ass, and I’m worried that I shouldn’t have an erection! And so I didn’t. I wanted to, but I literally couldn’t. She spent several minutes massaging my prostate, and while it felt great, better than usual somehow, I stayed soft. She pulled her finger out, and went to the bathroom, presumably to wash off her finger. I figured it was over. I’d just have to jerk myself off later.

But, to my extreme joy, she returned and started fooling around with my cock. She had to coax an erection out of me. It didn’t take long. When it was obvious that she wanted me to ejaculate as much as I wanted it, my physiology accommodated fairly soon. What a remarkable experience to have an erection while getting a handjob form your sister-in-law of 18 years. I had never thought of her sexually, yet this experience was very, very sexual. And I came right away with a crashing, super-strong orgasm. She cheered, and seemed about as delighted as I was.

The next day, she showed up with her husband Mike. Oh well, no repeat of last night, I figured. Wrong! After dinner with Lenore and Mike, she commanded me to shower again. This time, I was met by both of them just outside the shower door. She led me to the bedroom, and guided Mike through the whole process. He was reluctant, and very shy. Not unexpected from him.

Before he stuck his finger in my ass (also without a glove), he kind of touched my scrotum a little bit. I’m not quite sure what he was doing. Maybe pulling it out of the way so he could actually see my asshole? But it had a very strange effect.

Now, I’m not gay, but I got an amazing, super-hard erection right away. The very minute he touched my scrotum, it was an uncontrollable, sudden rise. I was embarrassed! A minute later, he ever so lightly touched the tip of my penis. My cock kind of pulsed upward an inch, involuntarily, which brought a smile to Mike – and Lenore, who was watching intently, like a scientist looking at an insect through a magnifying glass.

As the process continued, and he slowly and gently pushed his finger into my ass, while slightly stroking my cock with his other hand, Lenore’s reaction was unusual: She was dead quiet, and just watching us with an almost hypnotic expression. I don’t need to tell you that I ejaculated immediately with his finger in my ass, and his fist wrapped around my cock. I shot all the way up to my chin, leaving a trail of sperm from belly button on up.

The next day, my wife returned, and had Mike and Lenore over for dinner. We all talked boldly and openly about what happened, and all agreed it was good and proper.

Next month, my wife is going on a month-long trip to Italy. I’m not much interested in travel. She calls me a ‘stick-in-the-mud,’ so she’s taking Lenore with her. So far, it has been discussed that Mike is going to offer the treatments. The four of us have figured out that Mike can’t handle all those treatments by himself. Of course we all realize that the treatments are unnecessary and/or there are other ways to do the therapy, but of course none of us would ever admit that. So we have been discussing who else to train for administering the treatments. We have lots of friends and relatives who with just a bit of training would be perfectly qualified.

Mike has also stated that he feels his prostate may be enlarging a bit, so he’s going to need some treatment also.

To my great surprise, my wife wondered what the treatment felt like, and so I had to administer it to her a few days ago. She actually orgasmed when my finger was in her ass. I was delighted, because it is the first sexual thing she has enjoyed in quite some time.

So far, Lenore hasn’t expressed any interest in any kind of reciprocation, but I’m sure we’ll all accommodate her needs, whatever they may be, when she lets us know what she’d like.

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A Simple Ball Massage

I posted an ad on a local website asking for what I wanted.

I posted an ad with a picture of my dick and balls, the very picture you see above, and said I simply want a ball massage, nothing more, and didn’t want to reciprocate.

Just like a full-body massage, one feels quite refreshed and recharged after a ball massage.

You’d think with an ad like that, no one would respond. But six people did. One was obviously a nut case. Five seemed like good candidates. One was about my age, and sounded like he’d be just right, so I invited him over to my office.

When he arrived, we conversed a bit, we looked at porn for just a few minutes on my computer, then I showed him a video of a guy getting the kind of ball massage I wanted.

At that point, I brought a rolling office chair over to the sofa, indicated he should sit in it, I took off my clothes and laid on the sofa. He went to work. First, for a remarkably long time, he handled my scrotum very gently. For the first few minutes, I remained soft, then hardened up fully.

After a while, he started focusing more on my balls within the scrotum, eventually applying quite a bit of pressure with the first two fingers and thumb of each hand – one hand on each testicle. He built the pressure up slowly until it was just starting to be a bit painful.

I asked him to back off a bit, so now he knew the right amount. He was smart enough to know where to press on my balls, because as most guys know, there is a place where the epididimis joins the testicle that is more sensitive and would hurt if pressed too hard. Otherwise, the balls can take quite a bit of steady pressure without any pain at all.

Pain is not the objective for most people, certainly not for me. He kind of squished my balls back and forth. Sometimes, they squirted out of his grasp like a wet bar of soap, which felt rather nice. Like a little spike of surprise from time to time.

At the beginning, I was soft, but soon hardened up fully. He ignored my penis while focusing entirely on my balls. I asked him three times whether he was comfortable, not bored, and whether he wanted reciprocation.

He assured me he was comfortable, happy, and didn’t need or want anything. I’m bisexual, so I can understand in a way. He may have been a bit more gay than me. He was absolutely happy just to have an opportunity to handle another guy’s balls without any strings attached.

Well, I was ever so happy to have my balls handled with no strings attached. This must have gone on for around 40 minutes, and I was totally blissed out the whole time. He must have been getting a little bored finally, because he started brushing against my dick. Then he picked it up by the glans (head) and held it for a moment. He opened and studied the peehole momentarily.

He said it was a bit bigger than his. I’m not sure if he meant my whole penis, or the peehole. He let my dick go, then he lifted it by the frenulum – the little fold on the underside just below the glans. He gently stretched the frenulum as he continued to hold up my penis. He just pulled up – holding it without movement. This became orgasmic, and after a moment of this very unusual static treatment, I started squirting cum on my belly. We were done. I thanked him profusely, he thanked me profusely, and he went home, never to be seen again.

See also: Non-Sexual Male-Male Testicle Massage.

See also: Proper Testicle Massage.

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A Rough Time with Carl

I have a friend in his early 40s who, like me, is married and enjoys getting together with men from time to time. He likes rough, experimental play, and so do I, although I can also enjoy ordinary, lighter stimulation and as to the rough stuff, I more enjoy giving than getting. Here’s what we did the other day:

Carl greeted me at the door, totally naked as usual. He noticed I had a grocery bag, and asked what I had brought with a twinkle in his eye. I showed him – it was just some things I had hastily picked up at Harbor Freight (a tool store). I know he likes rough activities, and he mentioned an interest in buying some sounds in our latest email. So, I brought:

A pack of shrink wrap tubing in various diameters. These were flexible, thin, plastic tubes about a foot long (30cm), and varying in diameter from about 3/16-inch to 1/2-inch (4mm to 13mm or so).

I brought a pack of sandpaper. Hoping that he still had the aquarium tubing we played with last time, and knowing the edges were too sharp, I was hoping we could smooth that tubing’s ends.

I found a spring-loaded gluing clamp. You can squeeze it open with one hand, then slowly release it on two fingertips. It has smooth ends, and squeezes your fingers just to the point of discomfort.

I also brought a real, heavy-duty C-clamp. This is a gadget with a screw-in pusher that could exude enough pressure to easily squish a man’s testicle if one wanted to.

We grabbed a mattress from one of his childen’s rooms who were out of town with his wife that day, and dragged it into the living room, in front of his big screen. He found some generic porn and started it playing.

I had him lay down first. I noticed that his crotch was more shaved than usual. Usually, he keeps the hair on his balls totally shaved, but the rest of that area just trimmed short. Today, it was totally removed, which I like. I started off with some very gentle tickling of his scrotum and frenulum area with the corner of a sheet of toilet paper. It took him a while to get hard, but I could tell he was very much enjoying it anyway.

After a while I let go of the toilet paper, and started fooling around with the toys. The first was the gluing clamp. Wrapping a washcloth over the tip of his penis to protect the skin from any sort of pinching, I slowly applied the clamp over the entire glans of his penis, Ever so slowly I loosened my grip until it was entirely clamped on his dick. He winced a bit, but took the full pressure, letting me know that he was totally enjoying the experience. After just letting the clamp hang there for a bit while I fondled his scrotum, I grabbed the clamp again, and shook it for a half-minute or so. He seemed to like that, but I could tell it wasn’t having any real effect.

Suddenly, I removed the clamp. He jumped. If you’ve never had the experience, being clamped is OK, but when it is removed, it is a momentary sharp pain. That can be a surprise, since you’d think removing it would simply relieve the sensation.

Then, I put the washcloth over one of his testicles, and slowly applied the clamp. I was able to let go of all the pressure, but I discovered the clamp had only grabbed his scrotum. The ball had scooted out of the way. So, I found a thin cord, and tied his balls so they were trapped in his scrotum. I tried applying the clamp with the washcloth again, but couldn’t see what I was doing, and again, the clamp missed the target.

With Carl’s permission, I tried again without the cloth. I was able to get his left testicle perfectly, and slowly, ever so slowly, released the clamp. He winced and bucked momentarily, but urged me to continue. Finally, the clamp was exuding it’s full potential on his left nut, which was squished down to about 1/2-inch (13mm) in thickness. Carl was in heaven, as he expressed to me, and as I could see by his now fully-erect penis.

We then took a look at the shrink wrap tubing, but both decided the edges were too sharp for sounding.

Instead, we worked on the aquarium tubing, and did manage to get one end smoother, but not as smooth as we’d like. The finest sandpaper was 120 grit. Carl found a leather belt, and we tried burnishing the end of the tubing, and that seemed to make it smoother. The other end of the tube, about 8 or 10 feet (3m) long, was cut at a bit of a diagonal, and we sanded it only momentarily.

We treated the tubing, my hands and Carl’s dick with alcohol, then let it dry. Using a liberal amount of lube, I tried to introduce the tubing into his penis. Just like last time, it was hard to start, because his peehole is particularly small. Finally, it popped through the opening. He jumped a bit. I started working the tubing down in, but he was sensitive, or more specifically, aquarium tubing isn’t really the best thing to introduce into a man’s urethra, and so it was slow going. I pulled it out to check progress, and it had gone in only about 4 inches (10cm). I lubed it again, and started introducing it back in again. Again, it took a bit to get it to pop into the opening. Once that was done, I put my mouth on the far end and applied some air pressure. My thought was that the pressure would precede the end of the tubing, kind of pressing the urethra open to ease passage. At one point, I blew a bit too hard apparently, because we could hear the air kind of fart out of his peehole, and he jumped. I asked if it hurt. He said ‘not really,’ it was just a surprise sensation.

Using the air pressure it did start going in better, and pretty soon, he said he could feel it pressing against his first sphincter. But at that point, I couldn’t press more. There was too much resistance in my opinion, and I didn’t want to cause injury. Trying more air pressure, I felt some vibration as the air pressed past his inner sphincter and into his bladder. He really liked that, but we were both concerned that it might not be a good idea to put too much air in his bladder. Besides, the air coming from my mouth might contain bacteria, and an operation of this sort should always be quite sterile. (In other words, don’t try this at home unless you are as crazy as Carl.) One can get a roaring infection from this sort of play, one that’s difficult to clear up, even potentially fatal.

Anyway, we figured we were done with the tubing. Now, it was my turn. I laid on the mattress, and he started doing similar things with me, starting with the super-light tickling with the corner of toilet paper. I got hard fairly quickly, which was nice, because of two things: 1) I often don’t get hard as soon as I’d like when playing with other men and 2) I had not been in all that horny of a mood when I arrived. I would have been content just to play with Carl the whole time, or so I thought when the evening started.

Carl then grabbed the gluing clamp, and placed it directly on my frenulum, grabbing all the skin on the underside of my dick just below the head. First, he pulled gently, lifting my dick up by the trapped skin. Then he started shaking the clamp, and the penis it was holding. Just shaking back and forth an inch, for quite a long time. It was great! I could have had an orgasm just from that if he had kept it up.

But he didn’t. After a couple of minutes, he abruptly removed the clamp. Remember what I was saying about clamp removal? That hurt! Oh, only for a minute, and not that bad. In fact, I believe it enhanced the experience.

At my request, he gave me a firm ball massage. I like it to hurt just a bit, and he has become an artist at it. He knows just exactly how much to squeeze.

Next he put on some oil (it had all been dry until now), and started in on some glans rubbing. I love this, even though it is almost impossible to take. It makes me jitter, squirm, and want to get away, yet on the other hand it is absolutely delightful. After a while it transmutes into a calmer, very enjoyable feeling. Kind of a cross between ‘gotta pee’ and ‘gonna cum,’ mixed in with an ongoing deep tickling sensation. One guy I did this to actually did start peeing, involuntarily, from the sensation. Even though the ‘gonna cum’ feeling is there, most don’t actually ejaculate. The sensation is so intense that it kind of shuts down the possibility of ejaculation. If one can stand it, it is most delightful.

Carl didn’t let me calm down. As soon as he saw me settling in, he’d change his grip a bit, vary the pressure, or use some stroking of the sides of my glans to keep up the intensity of the sensation. To my great satisfaction, he kept it up for perhaps ten whole minutes. (Or, in metric: 10 minutes.)

At this point, I had to pee, and we were excited to try our experiment again. We took the tubing and went into his bathtub. He put the smooth end of the tube a good 6 inches (15cm) into his dick, and I tried to put the sharper end into mine. It kind of stung at one inch (2.5cm) in, but I kept trying, and finally got it in about 4 inches (10cm). I let out some pee, but it didn’t go in the tube for some reason, but rather squirted out around it, spraying on Carl’s belly and on the shower wall. I gripped the end of my dick better, and tried again. This time, I could feel, and we could see the urine shooting down the tubing. But it kind of hurt, and oddly, the urine was flowing in flutters. I guess the diagonal end of the tubing was being alternately opened and closed as my urethra was pressed against it by the pee pressure. I pulled the tube out just a few millimeters, and that seemed to solve the problem. The pee pressure was still a bit painful on the inside of my dick, but it was flowing. The tube filled fully, and we could see the pee going into Carl’s bladder. He said that at first he felt kind of an internal farting sensation as the air from the tubing flowed in.

We were able to only get a couple of ounces in because the tubing was hurting my dick to the point where I thought it might be injurious, so I quit. We removed the tubing, and I finished my urination by peeing into the bathtub. We cleaned up our urine soaked feet in the tub, and dried off. Carl stepped up to the toilet, and had a long, high-pressure pee. I had been wondering what it would be like when he peed with his small diameter peehole, and was surprised to see a wide, robust stream. We finished cleaning up and returned to the mattress in the living room. So, as to the urine transfer experiment, we’ll have to work on our engineering, and perfect it another time. We certainly enjoyed the experience, however.

We got him back on the mattress, and I performed a number of operations including testicle massage, frenulum pulling and glans rubbing, all of which he enjoyed. But he wasn’t fully hard. I knew what he wanted, and was happy to provide: I slowly worked my fist into his butt until I was fully in, while simultaneously stroking his penis. Soon he came with a nice, strong orgasm. I had been wanting to notice whether I could feel his orgasmic contractions with my hand fully in his rectum, but no, I could not feel the contractions there. I was surprised. I did, however, feel strong contractions with my other hand which was holding his dick.

After he came, I left my hand in his anus and continued stroking his penis, but slowly and very gently, watching his face for a reaction. It was intense, and he was able to take it, to enjoy it, for about two minutes, until it was just too much. I slowly removed my hand and we cleaned up again.

I asked him whether he was ‘too done’ because as you may know, after a man ejaculates, sometimes the mood changes. But no, he really wanted to see me cum. Well, I was only too happy to comply!

And now, it was time for the main thing I had requested. The last time we played, he tried pushing the tip of his little finger into my penis. It had hurt, but felt amazingly nice at the same time. This time, I wanted him to go beyond what he had done last time. His finger only went part way to the first knuckle last time. I was hoping to get past the first knuckle. He applied alcohol, let it dry, then oil, and started in. I was hoping he might get his finger in past that first joint, and I’d cum while his finger was in there. Blocked cum always intrigues me. Years ago, I thought it was impossible or at least dangerous, but no, it’s OK.

So, he pressed and he twisted, and although it felt stingy at times, it was great. My penis was hard as a rock, which made his job easier. But as hard as he and I tried, the finger would not go all the way in. We took our time, and a couple of times, I had to have him stop momentarily, so i wouldn’t ejaculate. I had him continue each time after only two or three seconds. The best way to do edging is to get very close, but let off only for a very short time before continuing, so the orgasmic feeling remains. With practice, one can be in continuous orgasm for minutes at a time. Oh, it wasn’t that way this night. It was more stop and go, but I was certainly enjoying having my peehole fucked by his finger.

Suddenly, it was too much, and I started cumming! It was a remarkably intense orgasm, and I was bucking up and down so much that I accidentally pulled my penis off his finger tip, and came all over my stomach. He tried to keep stroking me, but only after a minute or so, it was too much, and I asked him to stop. Next time, I’m going to try to last longer after cumming.

It was a great evening, even though we never used the C-clamp. We talked about a couple of things as I put on my clothes, said our goodbyes, and I headed home. We’ll do it again soon, and I’ll keep you posted.

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A Rough and Wild Get-Together

This is another story from a client. Whereas I do enjoy a good, firm ball massage from time to time, I don’t get anywhere nearly as rough as some guys do…

So I went back to his house after a month and we had another session. I indicated he should lay on the single-wide mattress he had put on the floor and covered with a rubber mat and some sheets. I told him what I was going to do, and he was all for it.

The plan was to block his ejaculation. I have heard that with some guys, if you block the ejaculation, the orgasm lasts and lasts. I tried it with my friend once before, but there was too much oil on my hand at the time, and when he came, my hand slipped, and his sperm shot into the air.

This time, I intended to make sure I squeezed the tip of his dick closed good and tight. But first, some rubbing and some edging – oh, and some good ball squeezing as well. He loves all that. Sometimes I worry about hurting him, but he doesn’t seem to care about himself so much, so I just watch his face for indications of real pain, and when I see that, I back off, even if he seems to want more.

I worked on him for 20 minutes, the first ten of which, he stayed soft. BTW, he is about 34 years old, built like an athlete, which he is, fairly well tanned, with short brown hair. He shaves his crotch area, as do I. His dick is just bit under average size when soft, but normal size when hard. He has an adhesion on one side, which fascinates me. I’m guessing when he was circumcised, the skin on the side healed against the edge of the glans, and so it is grown or stuck there. It doesn’t affect him in the slightest.

Then we switched places. He played with me, and I was hard right away. I was planning to tell him I didn’t want to be particularly rough, but hadn’t said anything yet. He started by pinching my frenulum, [the bit of loose skin on the underside of the penis that runs about an inch from just under the head], and lifted my dick up by it. Boy, did that feel nice!

I’ll bet if someone just held my frenulum like that for a while, I could have an orgasm. Then he lightly tickled my dick and my scrotem, and that, too, felt great.

Next, he grabbed some oil and after working it into my genitals, he started in on glans rubbing. There’s no way to do that light. Or, I should say, if done light, but right, it makes one jump and squirm just as much as when done hard. And, the oil makes it more intense, not less, as you’d think the friction of the dry skin would be more severe. The oil is probably necessary to avoid chaffing, however.

So, he had me wiggling and squirming. And jerking. Maybe this is why people use the term ‘jerking off.’ Already, this was more intense than I had hoped for, but I didn’t stop him. It turns out I was really, really enjoying this. In time, his rubbing made me feel a bit like I would cum, and also like I had to pee, all at the same time. I was still squirming all over the place, but did not attempt to have him stop, or try to get away, because there was a certain pride that I was willing to ‘take it.’ Plus, it really did feel good, if even quite intense.

Before the feeling might have subsided, he changed tactic. He started gently squeezing my balls. But then, after a minute, he was squeezing harder and harder. I hadn’t wanted that, but now I craved more and more. It wasn’t really hurting, and made my prick even harder, if you can imagine that. Perhaps part of the hardness was because he was ignoring my penis entirely as he worked my balls.

While he was doing that, we had a bit of a conversation about ball squeezing. I had read somewhere on the Internet about a guy who had his wife squeeze his balls hard and hold them that way for a while. She squeezed and squeezed, and then let go. She, and then he, felt his balls, and they had become softer and smaller. Flabbier. Evidently, one can squeeze the blood or fluid out. It probably flows back out through the veins, back into the general circulatory system. I’m assuming it flows back in after a while when the balls are no longer compressed. Much like fisting, where a person’s asshole will stay stretched out for a few minutes afterward.

So of course, he and I agreed that he had to squeeze and hold my balls harder and longer. He held one ball in each hand, squished between thumb and first two fingers. Oh, it did hurt a bit, but in a most delicious way. Finally, I had had enough and so he stopped squeezing. He immediately palpated my balls and reported that he felt they were smaller and softer. I then felt them, and I think they were too. But it was a bit hard to tell.

Next time, we’ll probably do it harder and longer and see what happens.

After a minute, so far as I can tell, they returned to normal. They felt great. A sort of feeling where I could notice them, notice their weight. Not a bad feeling at all. Not pain or anything like that. More just of a pleasant awareness of them. We switched positions again, and I worked him hard. I gave him some ball squeezing also. I squeezed harder and harder, until he started flinching pretty good. I’m guessing he could have taken more, but I was concerned to squeeze harder. He didn’t complain when I stopped.

He got some good, severe glans rubbing, which he loved. He seemed to like it when I jerked him up and down in the conventional manner with one hand while reaching under his balls and pressing in against the bottom middle of his dick near his asshole with the index finger or first two fingers of the other hand. He seemed to especially like that.

We went through a couple episodes of ‘Wait, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up,’ in which I’d stop stimulation for a minute, then continue.

I have been astonished at how small his peehole is, but since he expressed interest in urethral stretching, I grabbed some alcohol, put it on the tip of his dick and on my hands and fingers, then waited for it to dry. Then I put a bit of oil on the end of my right little finger and tarted pressing it against his peehole. To my amazement, I was able to eventually push and twist it in several millimeters. I could feel that peehole slowly widen and start to accommodate my finger. He was loving it. I pressed harder and harder. A couple of times, my first knuckle lost its strength and suddenly collapsed. If you don’t know what I mean, try pressing your little finger hard against a tabletop. You’ll find it is difficult to keep it straight and stiff. When this happened, he jumped. Evidently it hurt quite a bit. After the third time, I gave up.

While we were doing that, I mentioned that my little finger would be a good way to block his urethra while cumming. The problem was it wasn’t going in far enough to have done the job. No doubt he and I will work on that urethral stretching business more another time.

Then it was my turn again. He did the usual things to me, but then switched to the alcohol and little finger thing for me. My peehole is larger. Average size, I’d say, and he was able to get his little finger in to, but not past the first knuckle. Yes, it did hurt a bit, but deliciously. After a while, it was becoming too much, so I had him pull out.

I swore I wasn’t to do rough stuff this evening, but I was having a blast, and very glad I let him get rougher and rougher.

Now it was his turn again. I repeated many of the things I had done earlier. I added in a few minutes of prostate massage. As is his way, I did it rough, pressing upward fairly hard, while stroking his cock firmly up and down. I stopped after a bit, cleaned my hand, and then held the skin along his shaft down good and hard, which stretched it tight and made his glans quite shiny. This seemed to bring him close to orgasm, so I kept it up, keeping an eye out for when he might cum.

Remember, I was planning to squeeze his peehole shut to see if he would have an extra-long orgasm. But he didn’t cum with the holding the skin tight exercise, so I went back to ball squeezing, some scrotum pulling, which he liked, and general but rough stroking. And I kept it up for a very long time. Finally, he announced he had gone past a prime, and figured he probably wasn’t going to cum at all.

He offered to change places with me. Because he knew I’d do whatever he wanted, even if it took hours, he let me know he was entirely satisfied.

With me on the mattress again, he squeezed my balls again a bit, did more glans rubbing, and then started stroking me in earnest. As we had previously arranged, when I started to cum, he let go entirely. This is called a ‘ruined orgasm.’ The idea is that while I’m ejaculating, there is no touching at all, even though my body craves being ‘finished off’ in a big way.

The orgasm when ruined can be stronger or less strong than average. Factors are involved. My particular orgasm that evening was on the lighter side. But the magic is that after a ruined orgasm, one can sometimes stay hard, and shortly thereafter have another orgasm with or without another ejaculation. Experts can have several ejaculations with some dry orgasms mixed in.

I’m no expert, but this evening, after my ejaculation, I was able to keep going. I stayed entirely hard, and he resumed his rubbing. In about three minutes, I came again. It feels like not much jizz came out, but it was a super-strong orgasm.

Then, I was done. He tried to keep stroking me, but it was too much, and I had to ask him to stop.

So that was our evening.

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A Shocking But Delightful Surprise – Gay POV

Another story from a client. This guy is 27 years old, quite tall, like maybe 6’2″ or 6’3″ and thin. He has curly black hair, a fetching smile, and a very outgoing personality.

So I read your stuff about placing an ad online and gave it a try right away. I mean, how cool would it be to get with a guy by simply writing some emails back and forth? Oh, I’ve been with some guys before, but it was rare, scary, and hard to set up.

I received four responses. Two of the guys obviously didn’t read my ad and responded inappropriately. I didn’t even write back. The other two seemed like good possibilties. They both sent cock pictures. I chose one of the two because we both liked blow jobs, and described in a degree of detail what we wanted. So we set up a time, 3pm. All I needed was his address, and I’d be on my way. Suddenly, he discontinued emailing. Three o’clock rolled around and nothing. The guy fell off the face of the earth. I was disappointed.

So, that left the other guy. He said he wasn’t so much into blowjobs, but wouldn’t mind being blown. Like you, Jeremy, he said he was mostly into handjobs. Well, I can certainly enjoy that, too.

We worked out a time, and he sent his address right away. Much better!

At 7pm, I was ringing his doorbell. He had a small, shabby place. More of a bungalow than a house. I heard footsteps approaching the door, then it opened. And who should be standing there?

It was Chris, a guy on my volleyball team! We play outdoor six-man every Sunday afternoon all summer long.

Holy Shit! I was simultaneously scared and delighted! I’ve never felt that before. And, it appeared he was just as scared and delighted as I was. I don’t often stammer, but I’m afraid I did then. I think I said something intelligent like, “I.. I… It’s you!”

At first his face was like a big O. Not quite blank, but surprised, and not necessarily happily surprised. Then, he broke into a huge grin and invited me in. Chances are, I grinned in response, but I don’t quite remember. I had fantasized a time or two about doing something with Chris, as I did with most of the members of our team. I just have a thing about tall people. I kind of pictured all six of us showering together and getting wood, and then doing something about it. Like the six of us just casually grabbing each other’s dicks and starting to wank, But that was just a fantasy. In reality, we all went home and showered independently. It wasn’t like a sports team in a gym. But I had imagined just Chris and I showering together.

Once, I was inside, I was rather surprised. The outside of the house was small and it obvisouly needed a coat of paint. Inside, it was still small, but beautiful. He had a baby grand filling most of the living room. Higher than average quality art covered the walls, and he had a rather extensive bookshelf. He had spread a blanket on the sofa in preparation for my arrival.

At that point, he said something like, and I don’t remember the words exactly: “TJ, I’ve actually thought about you sexually, but never thought it could ever happen.”

I then admitted that I had fantasized about him also.

The next few moments were awkward. He sat in an armchair, and I sat on the blanket-covered sofa, and we just tallked about volleyball and stuff. Neither of us made any moves to remove clothing or anything. Finally, I figured out an approach that might break the ice. i asked whether he had any porn.

“Yes, great idea.” With that, he went over to his TV and pulled out a half-dozen DVDs from under the screen. He said, “Do you like men, women, or both?”

Now, I’m bi, but I said, “Let’s see men.”

He said, “Good, because that’s mostly what I have.”

He put one in, and after the opening credits and what looked like an ad for other porn flicks, it settled down to some guys meeting in a bar. This was going to be one of those videos that takes a while to settle in.

Chris asked whether I mind if he starts jacking to the video. Did I mind? Heck no! It was time to get things rolling. I answered not in words, but by pulling my pants down to my knees. He did likewise and came and sat next to me on the sofa.

Wordlessly, we started stroking our cocks next to each other while staying somewhat focused on the porn, or, I should say, thet video that was yet to become porn. My penis was starting to harden up, and it seemed his was also.

I have a lot of black hair around my penis. I don’t trim as so many guys do today. To me, at least, that just doesn’t seem, well, ‘natural’ or something. He was totally shaved smooth, and on him, that seemed just right, matching his bald head and all. And I do mean all. Shortly thereafter, he took off his shirt, and his underarms and chest were shaved too. Actually, it had a very nice effect on me. I became fully hard right away. It didn’t hurt that I noticed a very slight odor on Chris. A bit of cologne.

Well, I won’t bore you with the details. The porn got into full swing, with the guys on the screen eventually doing anal. Chris and I reached out and tentatively stroked each other’s cocks. Then, I put my mouth around his penis, and he didn’t mind. I was kind of worried about that, since from his emails I had the impression he wasn’t much into blowjobs.

After a short while, he said he wanted to try sucking me, and then he did. It turns out, he knew what he was doing, and it felt great. At one point, he brushed his tongue very lightly and repeatedly over my peehole, which felt fantastic. I’ve never had that done before, and so of course I returned the jesture, using my tongue in the same way on his peehole. We made it all last quite a while, but eventually, after trading off several times, I came in his mouth, and he came in mine.

Afterward, I stayed for an hour or so. Still totally naked, he played his piano for me. He seems to enjoy boogie woogie or bluegrass . Well, I don’t know exactly what that kind of music is called, but I liked it very much. We then talked about fantasies a bit, and bulit one together. It involves getting together with the whole team. I suspect most of them are primarily hetrosexual, but I’ll bet most or all, would jump at the opportunity to play with Chris and I. We figured it might start out with massages. Maybe we’ll see if we can make that happen someday. Right now, as Chris and I both admitted, we’d be scared to death to approach any of the others with our ideas.

When Sunday rolled around, I was more than the usual amount excited to play volleyball. There was Chris. We didn’t even so much as wink at each other, and we enjoy the afternoon’s volleyball in the usual way.

We’re planning to meet up again soon.

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25 Times and Still Not Right

Most Saturday afternoons find me at Mark’s house. His wife and my wife take the kids and go out shopping. He and I hang back, sometimes we put on a game, sometimes we put on porn, sometimes we don’t even bother with the TV. We turn up the heat, get naked, and start jerking off, either side by side on his sofa, or one of us might be in the recliner facing the sofa. We’ve never touched each other – yet.

But here’s the thing. We’re practicing cumming at the exact same time. We try to coordinate by watching and talking. Let’s say he’s coming up slowly. I’ll try to hold off, or visa versa. I’ll watch how much his muscles are tensing, whether he’s starting to arch his back or anything. I might say, “Oh, I’m close,” or maybe he’ll say, “I’m gonna cum in the next few seconds.”

We’ve never got it right yet. It’s either him or me first. Sometimes we’re only seconds apart, but we’ve never cum at the same time.

There’s a reward at the end of the tunnel. When we manage to cum at the same time, we’re going to move on to the next step. We’ll stand or lay side by side so our dicks are together and parallel. then one of us will stroke both dicks.

Then, the day we manage to cum together in that configuration, we’ll move on to something else. We’ve tentatively decided we might try 69 concurrent blowjobs.

What’s after that? Who knows?

Oh, yes, our wives know about it. They endorse it because they’re not as sexual as we are, This takes the pressure off them.

Yup, it’s kind of ritualistic, I know, but hey, that’s our thing, OK?

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Back in the Day

Back in my early days I stumbled onto something that got me more sex than anything I could have imagined.

It started with my father. He was a very good do-it-yourselfer, as was common with men of the 1960s. When I was eight, I snuck down into the basement to admire his metal lathe. In the way a little kid will do, I kind of innocently flipped the switch that turned it on. With a quiet hum, it started spinning. That scared the bejeepers out of me. I went running upstairs to admit what I had done. My father accompanied me back down to the basement, and simply turned it off.

So, when it came time to explore his darkroom equipment, there was no way I was going to touch anything. Until he bought me a camera at age twelve. That thing was practically bigger than I was. It was a 4 x 5 Speed Graphic, the kind newspaper photographers used in the 1940s through 1960s. I don’t know what he was thinking. That huge camera was a real misfit for me. The one in the picture above is very much like the one I had.

Still, he encouraged me to play with it, and provided some film. I learned to take pictures. They weren’t very good, most being too dark, too light, or out of focus.

Of course one of the first pictures I took was a close-up of my little erection. As soon as I developed the negative, I destroyed it, being all worried about it being somehow wrong.

You see in those days, cameras weren’t like the camera on your smartphone. Every picture had to be manually set up. One had to gauge the amount of light, typically using a device called a lightmeter, and then turn a knob to make sure the picture would be in focus. Furthermore, you didn’t just click away, taking several pictures in a series. Oh no, to take a picture, I had to pull out o 4 x 5 inch cover slide, snap the shutter, put the cover slide back in, remove the film holder, flip it over and put it back in, ready for the next shot.

Sure, there were roll-film cameras, and even 35mm cameras by then, but that’s not what he got me. What was he thinking, really?

Then there was the whole developing business. With your digital camera or smartphone, your picture is instantly available, ready to text, email, whatever you want. Not so with photography in the 1960s. I had this big vertical projector called an enlarger. After developing negatives from the film, I’d put one in the enlarger, focus it on an easel on a tabletop, set up the exposure and focus, then put a sheet of paper in the easel and expose it to light from the enlarger for a few seconds. This all had to be done in near darkness. I had a dim orange light called a safe-light, that allowed me to see what was doing without ruining the picture.

I found that orange light very sexy somehow. I spent many an hour not developing pictures, but rather admiring and rubbing my penis in the dim light. My parents never came down to the basement except on wash day.

OK, so was that it? Expose some light-sensitive paper, than take a break to wank? No! Now I had to put the exposed sheet of paper in a tray full of a chemical called developer. I agitated the sheet back and forth with a pair of bamboo tongs. When the picture was fully developed, I lifted it out, and set it in a tray full of another chemical called stop bath, being careful not to touch the tongs to the chemical, since just a drop or two would kill the developer. Next the picture went into a final tray containing ‘fixer.’

Now was I done? Nope. From there, the picture had to be set in a sink and washed with water for 20 minutes, and then into a dryer. There. Now I had a picture!

The reason I’m telling you all this is really about the darkroom. One afternoon I invited my friend Debbie Cornwall to keep me company in the darkroom. While I was working away, she got off the stool on which she had been sitting, came over, and kissed me. You see, the dim orange light, must have affected her the same way.

I was annoyed. After all, I was only 13 years old. What did I know about kissing?

She was not the last girl, or boy, that I invited into my basement darkroom. Even though kids developing their own pictures was not unheard of back in the day, it was rare, and my friends enjoyed watching the process.

Fast forward about five years and at age eighteen, I had figured out what kissing was all about. No longer annoyed, I did a lot of kissing in that darkroom, and eventually lots more, which I’ll tell you about shortly.

I thought of myself as dorky. A kind of skinny techno-geek, and perhaps my friends thought that way too. However, I was such a crazy person that I accidentally developed a winning personality. The car I was driving, my dad’s car, was an old Land Rover, a fun jeep-like thing, which went around mostly topless in the summer. I took to wearing mechanics boots because they felt good and safe to me with their steel toes, and because I thought they made me look like a mechanic, which thought I might like to become. Well, within six months, most of the boys in high school weer also wearing mechanics boots. Then, I got a Stetson hat somehow. I think someone gave it to me as a joke. I started wearing it, along with plaid shirts and bluejeans, and the next thing you know, all the kids had Stetsons and cowboy clothing.

My father’s Land Rover, I drove it more than he did.

I wasn’t trying to be cool. It just turned out that the kids thought I was, especially the girls. I was still inviting them into the darkroom, but by then were doing a lot more than kissing. It’s just good luck that no one got pregnant.

One day, my good friend Michael wanted me to take some pictures of him. I was like, “Sure, why not?” But here’s the thing: He wanted to be stark naked. It felt weird to me, but remembering all the photos of naked women in the Popular Photography magazine articles, I felt that’s what photographers do – take pictures of naked people. It didn’t occur to me those were all women, and Michael was a guy.

So I took his pictures. By then, I had a smaller camera that used rolls of film. I developed the negatives, then hung them up to dry. So there was a long strip of 12 pictures of Michael totally without his clothes.

When my dad came home from work, and saw the strip of negatives, he went nuts. This normally fun-loving and mild-mannered guy was all carrying on about ‘homosexuality’ and things I hadn’t really heard before. For some reason, he was mad about Michael’s pictures.

My dad settled down after a day or two, and probably figured his son was going to turn out gay, and maybe that was alright. My dad was always cut and dried like that. It most likely didn’t occur to him that I might end up bisexual, ar maybe even straight, after seeing the pics of Michael.

Mike got his pictures, and to my amusement, he was showing them to the other kids in school. Even now, that’s a super-bold move. He didn’t have an erection in the pictures, but still, they were full-frontal.

John, one of Michael’s friends wanted me to take some naked pictures of him. I was like “No way” after the strangeness from my father. He talked me into it, plus the $20 he offered didn’t hurt. Back than, that would buy a lot of film.

We went out into the woods. He took off all his clothes, and posed this way and that. He was erect the whole time. Silly me, I didn’t really understand that. I mean, sure, I’d been erect many times, even masturbated almost daily, but being erect in front of another guy? Weird!

His penis started to go soft but he wanted to stay erect. He asked me to help him. At first I didn’t understand, but before long, I was touching the first penis in my life that wasn’t my own. It had an almost electric-like shock on me. Within a moment, without intending to do so, I had the tip of his penis in my mouth and was very much enjoying running my tongue around his glans. He came. I nearly chocked, but managed to swallow it all, without really tasting his semen.

I had a lot to think about that night, as I masturbated myself to a crashing orgasm. It became almost an obsession. I wanted to know what his cum actually tasted like. I got that opportunity around a month later. He and I became wank buddies.

Meanwhile, Cindy, a super-sexy, huge-breasted girl that I really admired from a distance, had also seen Mike’s photos. She wanted a nude photoshoot. A girl, a real live girl, was offering to get naked in front of me! Holy mackerel! Of course we arranged that. My parents always went out on Friday nights, so I invited her to my room. She got naked, and I took her pictures.

That was enough for me. I mean, sure I would have loved something more, but I didn’t dare even touch her. What would she think of me? I needn’t have worried. As I later found out, Cincy was a true, card-carrying nymphomaniac. She reached out. She started by suggesting I get naked, show her how to work the camera and she’d take pictures of me. I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea, but I went ahead with it. It was such an emotional high, or maybe a roller-coester getting naked in front of her. I was scared, horny, everything all at once. I was erect immediately. She reached out, and the next thing you know, I was the one getting a blowjob. Heaven! Except, I came right away. She spent a good few minutes trying to get me hard again, but I was too freaked out. I believe we would have fucked if I had been able to get it up again.

Cindy and I became ‘a thing’ for several months. I was so proud to be seen with her, let alone the feeling of hugging her naked body next to mine for hours at a time after intercourse.

We were young. We broke up. Why? Because I had become so enamored of the girls that I couldn’t keep it zipped up. By now, I had 3 girls a week paying me actual money to take their pictures. Oh sure, most wore bikinis or were otherwise not naked, but I was in heaven, and had plenty of opportunities. I took advantage of those opportunities at every turn.

Fast forward to now: I’m a professional photographer. Photoshoots are no longer $20, and I no longer use chemical photography. I left that behind years ago. My clients are mostly couples. Some want regular lingerie photos. You know, nothing overt, but very suggestive. Some, however, want the whole works. I mean they want to fuck, and they want close up photos of fucking, sucking, even anal intercourse. Especially the guys. I get guy couples, and the occasional single guy who goes all out. In general, it seems guys are less restricted in terms of their sexual expression. Guys or girls, I’m having a great time and being well paid. I never grow tired of this line of work.

Hey Dad, if you can hear me up there, thanks for the Speed Graphic!

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Apology From 13-Year-Old Brother

(Note that while this memoir recounts interaction between two underage brothers, it should in no way encourage acting out with anyone below the legal age. Any such thoughts should remain only in your fantasy life. What many adults don’t realize is that even seemingly simple sexual acts with youngsters can have surprisingly strong, life-long, negative psychological consequences.)

Another story from a client. This boy is kind of a prodigy, and my youngest client.

Last year, when I was 15, my dang-blasted 13-year-old brother, who I love deeply, but who used to flummox me at every turn, borrowed the front quick release mechanism from my bike – and didn’t tell me. Later that day, I rode my bike out of the garage, got about 20 feet down the driveway, and crashed all over the place as my front wheel lodged sideways in the fork. I bruised the back of my right hand, but otherwise wasn’t really hurt. But I was mad. It took me like ten seconds to figure out what had happened.

I came gunning for Kent. I think I was actually planning to hurt him. The thought pains me now, but in that very moment, I was not feeling brotherly at all!

I found him in his bedroom playing Nintendo stark naked. It was a warm day, and my parents, who are actually rather wealthy, would not let us turn up the air conditioning. They are kind of funny about spending money.

Anyway… There he was in his room, nude as usual, as was our custom.

Our parents were fine with that. We’ve all seen each other naked many times, even with boners. Well, not my mother, of course. But Kent, I, and my dad have all sported wood at one time or another, and it’s fine.

My parents have had the ‘birds and bees’ talks with us, and I think they know I masturbate, which is OK with me, but kind of embarrassing to think about in a way.

I’ve never seen them do anything sexual, although I’m sure they must – in their bedroom or somewhere, I guess. They do hug and kiss a lot. I mean a real lot!

So Kent was there with his little hairless three-inch woodie sticking straight up from his cross-legged sitting position on the floor, looking kind of well, cute, innocent?

As I’ve done some times in the past when I have been mad at him, I melted. I couldn’t yell at him as I was planning. In fact, my mouth was already open, and I had been rehearsing some choice words as I stepped through his open doorway. But instead, I just showed him the small damage on the back of my hand without a word. He knew right away what had happened.

He said, “Oh, oh, I meant to tell you that I had borrowed that bike part.”

I don’t know if it was his erection and his all-smooth little self that did this to me, or just what, but I was somehow a bit horned up. And you know how you’ll make inappropriate jokes, or generally make a fool of yourself if you are too horny. So, foolishly, I said, “Kent, now I can’t jerk off,” even though the damage to my hand was insignificant.

I guess it wasn’t too embarrassing to say that, really. He had caught me in the act two or three times although he had never seen me actually ejaculate. And I had seen him playing with himself, although not actually masturbating in the classic sense. I don’t think he had ever really done that yet, and hadn’t been able to ejaculate.

Kent, being the little angel he is, immediately said, “Jamie, I apologize! And don’t worry about the jerking off problem. I’ll jerk you off!”

I was flabbergasted, not flummoxed, for a change! So I took off my shorts and climbed onto his bed.

I wasn’t concerned in the slightest about taking my shorts off in front of him. But, as I reclined on top of his bedspread, and started to get erect, I started to feel kind of ‘funny.’ I can’t quite explain it. It was some sort of cross between embarrassment and pride. Like, ‘should I be growing a boner in front of my little brother?’

But, I really liked the moment he wrapped his rather tiny hand around my dick. It immediately felt warm, and, well… right. I was proud of how large my penis was compared to his. I usually didn’t care much for the small tuft of dark brown hairs growing around the base of my penis, but in that moment, I was very happy for him to see the hairs up close.

He started squishing my balls around, and I had to tell him to stop that. It felt almost on the verge of pain, as he was squeezing just a bit too hard, even though I didn’t lose my erection in the slightest. Then, he started wanking me up and down, and I had to tell him to slow down. He thought he had to go like a hundred miles per hour. First of all, I wanted it to last at least a couple of minutes. But also, he was pulling on the skin too hard, and it kind of pinched. After I showed him what to do, he became an empathetic genius. It’s almost as if he naturally knew exactly how to make me feel just right.

I spurted much too soon. When I came, he was fascinated by my sperm as it poured out all over his small fist. I don’t think he had ever seen a real, live ejaculation up close, or at all. Perhaps on the Internet, I don’t know.

Then, I did him. I found his little marble-like testicles in his evenly patterned snow-white scrotum fascinating. I was worried about squeezing them too hard, but he actually wanted me to massage them rather firmly. His penis was surprisingly small, but also surprisingly solid. Also warm. I moved his slight foreskin (circumcised, like me) up and down gently at first, and eventually worked my way into full-on stroking.

Because his dick was so small, I didn’t wrap my fist around it, but rather held it between thumb and forefinger. This went on for a while, then he said ‘Oh, keep doing that!” He then squirmed around quite a bit. He didn’t cum, but I think he orgasmed. He said he did. He also said he had felt that once or twice before, but never as ‘excellent’ as that, as he called it.

At the time, I wasn’t even sure if he knew what an orgasm was. Was he faking, just to make me feel like I had done something good for him? Or, was he really feeling an honest-to-goodness orgasm? I really couldn’t tell.

Over the next few days, I became very curious about that. A few days later, very much wondering about his evident inability to produce sperm yet, I carefully crafted a conversation around what had happened, hoping I could somehow talk him into doing it again.

In like two seconds, he told me that he really wanted to do it again. Well, that was alright with me!

With him laying on top of his bedspread, I jerked him off while pressing my first two fingers against his perineum, the area between his anus and under his scrotum, and after a few minutes, while watching his face scrunch all up, I felt the contractions. That’s when I knew he was having as much fun as I was.

After he came, I smelled my fingers which had been so near his ass, and to my astonishment, they smelled sweet. A very nice smell.

We have since jerked each other off many times. We have learned much from ProWank, including about prostate massage, and have been practicing that. My parents have a strict Internet policy.

They say we can ‘study’ as much sex as we want on the Internet, but only from two sources. One is Wikipedia, the other is ProWank.

Although they’re too tight with money, we love our parents, so we pretty much always respect their wishes.

Regarding the prostate massage, at first we didn’t know that you should use some sort of oil, and so it was difficult at first, but still enjoyable. Now, we use coconut oil and we’re old pros at it. His ass still smells sweet, especially combined with the coconut oil.

Recently, Kent has developed like three hairs coming out of the intersection of his penis and lower belly above his little balls. He also sort of ejaculates now. Oh, it’s only one little clear drip, but it’s progress!

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A Foursome at the Photo Shoot

My third wife is a real looker. Early 40’s but could easily pass for 30. She was probably looking as good as she ever has or ever will. Because she felt the same way, she contacted a professional photographer about shooting some nudes so she would have something to look back on when she got old and wrinkled. She wanted the photo shoot for free, assuming any photographer wouldn’t mind spending a few hours with a naked beauty.

It turns out that many women seek out this type of photo work for the same reasons that Alicia did. She called on the photographer in person so he got a good idea what he would be seeing once she got her clothes off.

She invited me to go with her because I guess she was concerned about being alone and naked with some strange guy. I had no problem with it. Turns out she had nothing to worry about because the photog had a young female assistant working with him. The photo shoot was scheduled for a weekend at his studio so they wouldn’t be interrupted by customers.

Once at the studio I was quite surprised to see that the assistant was early 20’s and a real knockout in her own right. The photographer, Stu, was about 35 or so and very trim and fit. I’m quite a bit older than my wife in my mid-50’s.

Alicia started the shoot off wearing some sexy lingerie. Bikini panties with a see-through lacy top that didn’t do much to hide her breasts. She had already gone over in detail what she was looking for with Stu the photographer. Stu had several props in the studio but the main item was chaise lounge that Alicia posed on. After Stu took quite a few photos, Alicia took off the top and more photos were taken. Next to go were the bikini panties and she was totally naked and looking damn good. She’s Asian and has a beautiful golden glow to her skin and is extremely photogenic.

I sat on a chair at one side while Stu and Alicia did their thing. In many of the poses Stu was shooting her from the side while from my position I was looking directly at her vagina and asshole. The assistant, whose name was Jill, adjusted the lights under Stu’s direction. In moving around she also got a very good look at my wife’s charms. Jill was wearing short shorts and a skimpy halter top. Between her and my naked wife, my libido was kicking into high gear.

Alicia knows my moods and when Stu and Jill were busy doing their thing, she would slip a finger into her pussy just to tease me. Then she would part her pussy lips and give me a good look inside.
I couldn’t help myself but my prick swelled to a full erection. Stu kept coming up with new poses that got increasingly explicit. For example, he had a tall stool and he had Alicia lean over and rest both elbows on the stool with her face in her hands and her ass sticking up. Then he positioned his camera behind her and got a great series of shots of her beautiful ass with her rosebud asshole clearly showing along with her puffy vaginal lips peeking out between her thighs. I had moved into position where I could clearly see her cunt. It might have been my imagination but it looked wet to me.

Alicia is an incredibly sexual woman and by far the best sex partner I’ve ever had. That includes two previous wives and countless girlfriends. Sex was very heavy in the air in the studio and it took all of my will power to keep from unzipping my pants and taking my hard cock out. I could tell that the whole scenario had both Stu and Jill sexually aroused. I could see a good sized lump in Stu’s pants and Jill seemed to be giving off some sexual signals that weren’t there earlier.

Then I got the bright idea of suggesting that I join Alicia in the photo shoot. At first I was hesitant to bring it up. After all, it was her deal, and she might not want me horning in. But Stu had already taken just about every photo of Alicia’s naked body that was possible and I knew he was only prolonging the shoot so he could keep looking at her.

So I got brave and I proposed to Alicia first that I join her. My excuse was that we both should have some mementos of us together. She looked at Stu and asked if it was alright. He said she could do whatever she wanted but maybe he should send Jill home. Jill immediately spoke up and said she was OK with it. She had seen naked men before.

So I quickly disrobed and when I pulled my Jockey shorts down and my cock popped out and slapped back against my stomach, I could tell from the looks on both Jill and Stu’s faces that this might be a bit more than they bargained for. I think they both might have been expecting a flaccid dick to show up and weren’t quite ready for 7-inches of hard throbbing cock to be on display.

I moved over next to Alicia and her hand immediately went to my erect prick. She slowly and lovingly stroked it. My fingers found her clit and I worked it a bit. She then asked Stu if he would be ok with it if we actually performed sex with each other. She was obviously as horned up as I was. Stu again replied that we could do whatever we wanted.

Alicia then told Stu she would like to get some photos of her masturbating me. So I laid down on the chaise lounge and she kneeled between my legs and went to work on my dick. Stu instructed her to first pull the skin on my cock as far back as it would go and then hold it with her hand at the base while he clicked some photos. Then he had her slide her hand just up under the head and hold it again. Since these were still photos, she couldn’t actually jerk me off or her hand would just be a blur. I noticed that Jill had gotten up right next to the action so she didn’t miss a thing.

Then Alicia told Stu she wanted some photos of her sucking my cock. Same procedure. Take my cock to the balls down her throat and then more still shots of her tongue on the head of my prick. Stu happily clicked away and Jill kept feeding him film magazines that snapped onto the back of his Mamiya 645 Pro camera.

Alicia looked at the tent in Stu’s pants and the tense look on Jill’s face. My wife then shocked the hell out of me. She suggested that both of them would probably be a lot more comfortable if they shed their clothes. Her reasoning was that the two of us would probably be more uninhibited and more comfortable if everybody in the room was naked.

I could see doubt cloud Stu’s eyes, but Jill stripped off her clothes in an instant. Stu couldn’t be the only dressed person in the room so he began to reluctantly take off his clothes as well. When he got to the point of removing his boxers, I tossed out some encouraging words and down they came. Not surprisingly, his cock was rock hard and a very decent size. Very thick with a prominent head. I could tell that now that once he actually had his clothes off, he was comfortable being naked with an erect penis.

I checked out Jill’s body. She had a great pair of natural tits with no sag. Not too big but just perfect to my eye. Alicia had a great pair as well but being Asian they weren’t that big. But the advantage was that despite her age, they were still nice and perky.

Alicia wanted Stu to get more photos of her sucking and licking my cock and balls. So she went to town on my dick once again and every time Stu would reload his camera, she would go to town with some vigorous sucking. So much so, that I was afraid I might blow my load.

At one point she looked at Jill, who was intently watching, and asked if she would like a turn on my cock. I saw her eyes light up. Jill looked at Stu, I guess for approval, and he gave a slight nod. The next thing I knew, a fresh set of lips were sliding down my prick. Jill definitely knew how to suck dick. She squeezed my nuts and even ran the tip of her finger over my asshole.

Poor Stu. He was snapping away, trying to hold the camera with one hand while he stroked his dick with the other. Alicia came to the rescue and took his throbbing meat in hand and pumped away. She stood behind him and did a reach around, one hand on his dick and the other squeezing his nuts.

The poor guy must have been horned up way more than Alicia realized because after only a couple of minutes of stoking his cock, streams of semen jetted out all over the floor. Jill saw the cum flying out of his dick and actually gave the poor guy some shade for cumming so soon. Here comments were between sucking my dick to the balls.

Stu told her not to worry. He figured he had at least two more orgasms left in him. Jill lifted her mouth off of my cock and fell to her knees in front of Stu and took his dripping penis in her mouth. She sucked away until every drop of jism was drained from his prick.

I bent Alicia over the chaise lounge and ran my prick right into her cunt from the back. She was already so turned on that her pussy was sopping wet and all seven inches of my cock buried itself into her tight cunt. As I fucked away slowly I felt a pair of hands on my butt cheeks and then a wet tongue found its way right into my asshole. Wow, I had no idea Jill was such a hot little slut.

Then Stu came over to where I was fucking Alicia and slid his hard prick into her mouth. Jill also grabbed my nuts and rolled them around with her hand. I couldn’t take it anymore and shot a huge load of cum deep into Alicia’s womb. It felt incredible. And the more jism I pumped out, the more incredible it felt. Finally I pulled out and Jill immediately grabbed my wet cock, soaked in Alicia’s juices and my semen, and sucked me dry.

Stu pulled his prick out of my wife’s mouth and rolled her over onto her back and knelt between her legs and rammed his hard cock right into her sopping wet pussy. All thoughts of any more photos were long forgotten. Despite having orgasmed just a few minutes previously, before long Stu was screaming in ecstasy as another load of semen was pumped into Alicia’s willing pussy. Finally, exhausted, he pulled out and flopped onto his back next to my wife.

Now it was my turn for clean-up duty. I knelt next to Stu and took his wilting prick in my mouth and sucked away. His prick pulsated and I felt a small weak spurt of semen come into my mouth. I swallowed greedily and sucked away, hoping for more, but Stu was done for the moment. Jill had found a folded up moving blanket and spread it on the floor and she and Alicia were in the 69 position sucking each other’s clits and pussies like there was no tomorrow.

Stu was one orgasm ahead of me so I needed to catch up. I went over to the two writhing bodies on the moving blanket and slid my dick into Jill’s pussy, right past my wife’s tongue. After about five pumps I pulled out and slid it into Alicia’s mouth where she eagerly sucked me for a few strokes and then grabbed the shaft and inserted it back into Jill’s waiting cunt. We went back and forth until I couldn’t take it anymore and focused on fucking that young girl’s sweet tight pussy. I was so jacked up and horny that my rigid cock exploded in Jill’s cunt and I flooded her with a giant load of love juice. She cried out and said she could feel each jet hit her womb.

The four of us lay there, totally exhausted and wondering how the day had managed to turn into such a mind-blowing fuck fest. But I don’t think any of us were done yet.

(Author’s note: While this story is a fantasy, my wife did go to a nude photo shoot that I attended. Although no sex took place, I had been very tempted to join in. My wife did fuck the photographer behind my back at a different session that I did not attend.)