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Two Guys and a Wife on a Sofa

I’m a regular 48-year-old guy. So is my friend Jimmy. Well, actually, he’s 51 years old. His wife is 48. I’ve been over to their house about 6 times now and it’s the same each time, and I love it. Jimmy has rather unconventional ideas. You wouldn’t think so by looking at him. He’s of average build. Perhaps a bit short at 5’8″ and could lose ten pounds. He keeps his salt-and-pepper full beard neatly trimmed. He dresses conservatively. He’s an electronics test engineer, whatever that means. But unlike almost every man in America, he doesn’t like watching football, baseball and basketball on TV. That’s great, because I’m probably the only other guy in America who doesn’t enjoy just sitting there watching other people play sports. Oh, I like sports enough. In fact, I’m a part-time tennis instructor. The rest of the week I drive a taxi.

Jimmy was one of my fares. Like so many men around my age, I picked him up, and he gave me terse directions, and away we went in silence. My goal is to break these guys out of their silence. On a longer ride, I often get them talking about the most intimate things. I enjoy this game, and usually win. I won with Jimmy, and that’s when I found out he doesn’t like watching sports. I asked him whether he watches TV. He does. So I asked what he watches if he doesn’t watch sports. Porn, he announced. I mean, he just came right out and said that in my cab.

The conversation was getting interesting. I asked whether he is married, and he is. So, does his wife know about the porn?

“Oh yes. Sometimes she watches with me!”

I wanted to ask whether that gets her horny and whether they have sex afterward, but I thought that might be going too far, so I just kept silent for a moment. Then the oddest thing happened.

Jimmy invited me over to his house to watch with him.

So one Saturday evening not long ago, I took him up on his offer. I arrived at his door with a bottle of wine, and was greeted by his beautiful wife, Anna. She must be Greek or Southern Italian due to her olive skin. You could tell she was well past her youth, but still looked very fine to me! We introduced each other, and I felt a quite awkward. I hadn’t counted on her being there somehow, and now here I was, invited over to watch porn with her husband. She let me in, and pointed toward the living room where Jimmy was already settled in front of the TV, and stark naked. Not wearing a stitch of clothing. And, with his hand holding a full erection!

Well, that answered a question that had been bothering me. I was wondering what ‘watching porn’ with Jimmy actually meant, yet I was sort of prepared for any eventuality. I figured it could mean two normally dressed guys staring at sexual antics on a screen for an hour or two and doing nothing about it. Or, it could mean totally naked and wanking each other off. Or maybe something else I hadn’t even visualized yet.

And, now, what about his wife? Would she join us maybe? My God, that would be something! But at the moment, she was wearing an ordinary skirt, blouse and sandals. Well, like I said, I was prepared for any eventuality.

As I walked into the kitchen, Jimmy enthusiastically greeted me, as his wife melted away into the kitchen or somewhere. I kind of knew what to do: I immediately took off all my clothes and joined him on the sofa. He handed me the remote as I noticed what he had on the screen. It was a video you may have seen on the internet, of 27 young men jerking off all next to each other, laying on an assortment of sofas and recliners and on the floor. I let that one play for a while, and soon, I was slowly stroking my hard penis next to Jimmy. He was not circumcised, and it was a pleasure to see his hairy dick, and see his balls under the mess of hair. I’m circumcised and shaved down there. Jimmy complimented me on the way my genitals looked, and I was proud. I’m not big, and neither is he, but we are certainly average size. He seemed rather turned on by me, and didn’t mind staring rather intently at me as I jerked off.

I figured the evening would go well with one of us cumming, and then shortly thereafter the other, while his wife occupied herself elsewhere in the house. That was fine by me.

After a while, I handed the remote back to Jimmy, and told him to show me some of his favorites. He found a video of some people body painting and then posing in a park in New York City. There was an artist, a group of clothed onlookers, and two women and a man that were all painted up. They were kind of dancing around, and the guy was erect. That was really something. I was close to cumming.

Suddenly, to my great surprise, Anna returned, and was now completely naked. She’s a natural girl who was well-covered in black curly hair that made it’s way well up her belly. She had hair under her arms and on her legs. Her rather large breasts, laying flat, and seemingly a bit deflated against her chest, were quite attractive to me, with small, pointed dark nipples.

Jimmy had been pressed against the left edge of the sofa. I was near the middle, with about a foot of space between me and him. I figured Anna would want to sit between us, but instead, she sat to my right. Her thigh pressed against mine as she sat down, and I nearly came right then and there. This was one attractive woman! With her right hand, she started tickling her nipples, and then reached between her legs, evidently very lightly stroking her clit. With her other hand, she reached across me and grabbed the remote out of Jimmy’s hand. After blinking around a bit, she found a clip of two very white, full-breasted women trying unsuccessfully to fist each other’s pussys. Then, one of the women turned around (I love open ass views), and the other started working on fisting her butt.

That was too much for me. As soon as her wrist popped into the woman’s butt, I came all over my stomach. Jimmy handed me a towel, and Anna complimented me on my great orgasm, which she had been watching intently. Fifteen seconds later, Jimmy came, releasing big white globs onto his stomach. I handed back the towel. A minute after that Anna came, screaming embarrassingly loud, in my opinion, yet I enjoyed the show. I noticed there was quite a bit of liquid between her legs. She hadn’t used any sort of oil, so she had generated all that herself. Some of it dripped down onto the sofa, but she and Jimmy didn’t seem to care.

We talked a bit, and then I went home, quite satisfied. I have visited them five more times since then, and every session is nearly the same. Sometimes Anna joins us from the start, sometimes later on, but once she wasn’t even home. It was just me and Jimmy, and that was fine. Somehow, we have invisible boundaries. We have never touched each other, and that has not even been suggested. I’m fine with that. I love jerking off with my new found friends. Perhaps in the future, we’ll expand the boundaries. I’d enjoy touching him, or her, or having either of them touch me. Maybe give each other massages. Or wank each other to completion. But I’m also happy with the way things are. No hurry. Now, if I can figure out a way to invite my rather conservative wife to join us without freaking her out…

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Swinger Memoir

I’ve been involved in swinger activities for a number of years. When my wife and I first started, it was with a like-minded neighbor couple. We used to get together with this other couple frequently and socialize. Despite being very close friends, the subject of trading wives had never come up.

But one evening we were visiting at their house and we all had a bit too much to drink and it just happened. I had gone into the kitchen to freshen my drink and when I came back to the living room, my wife was sucking Larry’s cock. My initial reaction was a fit of rage but as I saw her lips caressing his throbbing penis I got strangely turned on. Melissa, Larry’s wife, called to me and I walked over to her, unable to take my eyes off of my wife Sandy’s bobbing head. As I continued to stare, Melissa unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening penis. She peeled back my foreskin and sucked the head into her mouth.

Before the night was over I had fucked Melissa twice and although my attention was diverted from what Larry and Sandy were doing, I’m pretty sure he shagged her at least three times. She told me later that he had even fucked her in the ass, something I had never done with her.

The funny thing about the whole experience was that after the last cum, all four of us lay naked on the bed together and talked about how much fun we’d all had. No recriminations and no hard feelings. Even as we lay there and talked, Sandy continued to fondle Larry’s now limp penis and I gently stroked Melissa’s wet clit.

This was the beginning of our swinger life. We managed to get together with Larry and Melissa a couple of times a week. It was always the four of us together. There was something about sharing the experience that really made it enjoyable. I’ve never been able to fully understand it but it gave me great joy to see Larry’s erect prick slamming into Sandy’s wet cunt. As our meetings progressed I learned how much fun it was to suck another man’s cock while the two women lapped each other’s pussies. One of my favorite things to do was to literally pull Larry’s cock out of my wife’s pussy and suck her juices off of it. Larry had a really nice cock and when he got hard it was like a bar of steel. I grew to love his dick as much as I loved his wife’s sopping wet cunt. And he sucked mine with equal enthusiasm.

Our love of swinging sex with Larry and Melissa led us to wonder what it would be like to broaden our experience. Larry had learned about a swinger club that operated in our town. It was in a very large, but old mansion. Two lesbian women owned the house and held swinger parties there about every third week. It was by invitation only and no singles allowed. I never did know exactly how Larry got us an invite but he did.

There was a fee to attend but the house supplied condoms and lube as well as snacks and drink mix. Plus clean linen on the beds. If you wanted the hard stuff you had to bring your own. Fresh, clean white towels were in abundance for clean-up purposes and there was always a need for clean-up. By the end of an evening at the club, a generous amount of cum and pussy juice had been secreted.

The house rules stated that men had to be totally naked. Sandals were supplied for your feet. Women were allowed to wear teddies or a loose cover up but after the first hour or two pretty much everybody there was naked. I suspect that the invitations were limited to a certain age group. My estimate is the age of the members ranged from about 30 to 45. And everybody was quite fit. Other rules were you were free to invite anyone to have sex with you but “no” meant “no.” Anybody who was overly pushy was asked to leave, never to return. I only saw one couple ejected and surprisingly it wasn’t the guy who broke the rule but it was his wife who constantly pestered one of the male members who had politely refused her advances on numerous occasions.

On our first few visits Sandy and I had kept our sexual activities limited to Larry and Melissa. But at one point, an extremely good looking guy, with a very impressive erect penis, had approached Sandy. I could tell she was immediately interested. She looked at me with a question in her eyes and I slightly nodded.

The house layout had two main large rooms that had originally had been the living and dining rooms. It also had a large number of bedrooms. Although the large rooms were more of a communal meeting area, some sex occurred there. I’ll be honest, I was totally shocked when Sandy and the new guy, who I later learned was named Rex, wasted no time whatsoever. They sat down together on a couch and within minutes she was sucking his large dick and that quickly led to her laying back while Rex shoved his dick in her pussy. She had her legs up over his shoulders and he pounded away with a real frenzy. They ended up spending the entire evening together going off into various rooms. She told me after we got home that he had fucked her five times and she sucked him off twice more. She admitted it was the best sex she’d ever had.

Now you would think I would be upset hearing that. But truthfully, I was just happy for her. As we had sex with more and more different partners, we both learned that it made us happy when our significant other had a great experience. Sandy and Rex fucked on a fairly regular basis but slowly the novelty wore off and she tried out other partners. I had a few women who I was partial to and they were to me, and we regularly had sex together. Sometimes just the two of us and sometimes with a third or fourth partner, usually including my wife and/or Larry and Melissa.

There was a surprising amount of male to male and female to female sex that occurred. In my younger days I had always assumed that same sex action occurred only between gays but my eyes were opened to the fact that almost every person there was bi-sexual. They just enjoyed sex and it didn’t matter what the partner’s gender might be. Then one thing occurred that I thought I would never do. Sandy and I were in a foursome with another couple. They were a bit younger than we were. She was very cute with a perfect body. The guy was in great shape but had a relatively small penis. Probably about 5-1/2” long and slim. Actually that is about the average penis length but I had noticed that as a group, most of the club members had larger than average cocks.

Anyway, I was fucking his wife Marie in the missionary position while Sandy sucked his dick. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them when I felt fingers wiping some lube on my asshole. Before I totally realized what was happening, John was penetrating my ass with his hard cock. It slid right in and although I had always said I would never let anybody fuck me in the ass, it actually felt really good. My wife knew of my aversion to being ass-fucked and was getting quite a kick out of me having a dick up my ass. I learned later that she put him up to it. She figured with his small size that it wouldn’t be that difficult to penetrate my ass.

I have to be honest, the sensation of my hard cock pumping Marie’s tight pussy while John thrusted his cock in and out of my rectum was almost more pleasurable than anyone had a right to expect. It wasn’t that long before I felt John’s cream spurting in my asshole and that triggered my orgasm and I flooded her cunt with a major cum load. Then as John pulled his cum covered cock out of me, Sandy grabbed his dick and sucked it clean while Marie did the same thing to me.

After we got home that’s all we could talk about. We relived the experience over and over. I sucked her clit to several orgasms and she coaxed another one out of me with her expert oral action. That led to a few days later her ordering a strap-on online. The cock on the strap-on was bigger than John’s and it took a bit of getting used to by me as it was initially a bit painful. I never understood what a woman gets out of using a strap-on but she said it gave her a feeling of power and that she usually had an orgasm. She had become extremely orgasmic as our sex experiences expanded, so I didn’t doubt that fucking me could make her cum.

She took the stupid thing to the club and she talked both Larry and Rex into letting her fuck their ass as well as several other willing club members. There was one guy in particular who really got off on her fucking his ass. He would get on all fours as she knelt behind him and fucked away. You could see his big hard dick dangling down and after ten minutes or so of her banging away, huge streams of jism would spurt from his dick. This became the talk of the club and it got to where they would do it in one of the main rooms with many members grouped around watching. The guy admitted to Sandy that her strap-on gave him the best orgasms of his life. Any time we were at the club and he showed up, he would beg her to fuck his ass. And she would. I told her she should start charging him a fee.

There was one gal who I was particularly taken with. She was probably the youngest woman there and was only 23 or 24. Her husband was older. Maybe 35. She had a very athletic body which I find especially attractive and a terrific set of real tits without any sag at all. She had a beautiful face and of course was in great demand but she was very particular about who she had sex with. Fortunately I was one she liked. Sandy used to tease the hell out of me about Gina preferring me over some of the studs that were members. Gina and her husband didn’t come regularly, maybe every other couple of months. But when she was there she always looked me up and I was only too happy to oblige. But the odd thing was, her husband did not want her to fuck anybody. Only blowjobs or handjobs. She preferred blowjobs. In fact she once told me she would rather suck a dick than fuck one. I don’t know if that was true or if she was just sticking to the party line.

No matter. Whatever the truth was, the girl sure loved to suck a cock. She gave, without a doubt, the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. It’s hard to describe exactly what she did that made her blowjobs so good. Part of it was she literally worshipped my cock the whole time she was licking and sucking it. To her, it was like my cock was the only thing that existed in the world. She would pull her lips off of it and then stare at my dick like it was the most wonderful thing in existence. She was also adept at deep throat. I’m only about 7-inches so it wasn’t a major feat to deep throat me but the frosting on the cake was as she took my entire length, her tongue would flick out and lick my balls.

On several of the times when she sucked me off, Sandy would be there just watching. Not participating in any way because she didn’t want to be a distraction. But she was hoping to learn what this girl’s secret was because I had raved about the quality of her blowjobs. And it paid off. Sandy became the second best cocksucker in the world. She never fully approached Gina’s competence level but came close enough to make me happy. Even Larry commented about how great her blowjobs had become.

I know it’s probably hard for some of you to believe, but our swinging lifestyle has really cemented our relationship. I love Sandy with all my heart but there’s nothing wrong with mind-blowing sex with other partners. Feeling those spurts of cum go down some stranger’s throat or vagina makes living really worthwhile.

That’s it for now.

Not Sure

My girlfriend says she’s not ‘ready.’ She won’t even masturbate with me or even show me her whole self naked.

On the other hand, my buddy and I have jerked each other off a few times. I’m starting to figure out that it’s natural and nice. One doesn’t have to be ‘gay’ to have a good time with a friend. Of course, if one is gay, that’s fine too, right?

So the day before yesterday, he proposed something new. He heard about ‘tantric masturbation’ and explained it to me. We decided to give it a try. Since the other day, I’ve read up on tantric stuff. I’m not sure that’s what we did, but it was fun in any case.

First, I started on him. The idea is I’d bring him close to cumming, but not let him go over the edge. I was basically sitting next to him while he was laying on his bed, and holding his balls gently with one hand, and jerking him with the other. Every time he got close, he let me know, and I stopped for a minute.

His cock became as hard as I’ve ever seen it. He was squirming, and laughing, but I could tell he was so close to cumming several times that he was like in another world.

After a while, I let go of his balls, pushed his legs farther apart, and placed my finger against his anus. I didn’t even push it in. He yelled “WAIT!” again, but it was too late, he came right away, spurting out buckets. I swear, his sperm went a foot in the air.

Then it was my turn. He wanked me and wanked me. Every time I got close, I let him know, and he stopped. This went on quite a while. I almost came like five times.

Before I knew it, and before I wanted it, it was over. He stopped. He told me it was better this way – that I should be satisfied without ever having ejaculated.

I wasn’t so sure. I’m still not so sure. I went home all sexually charged up. Contrary to what every bone in my body wanted, I didn’t jerk off when I got home. It would have been difficult anyway, with my sister home and all.

Now I swear there was a benefit. It just seemed to me that for the rest of the day, colors were a bit brighter, sounds were a bit crisper, my thinking might have been one notch clearer. Yup, I stayed horny, but it seems like it was in a good way.

After dinner, homework and some TV with the family, you can bet I jerked off. But taking what my friend said a step further, I kept doing that tantric thing, which I believe is also called edging. But, here’s the thing: I didn’t ejaculate. I haven’t even now, and it’s been two days. I did masturbate, I just didn’t let myself cum. I’m still seeing, hearing and thinking more clearly. Maybe even smelling and tasting with more clarity. Is that possible, or am I just imagining it? I don’t know. What are your thoughts about that?

Massage Guy

Unexpected sexual massage from a guy

I consider myself fairly typical, and shy away from weird stuff. Normally.

I worked in a call center supporting accounting software. At the next desk sat a guy who was rather outrageous. Between calls, we’d talk, and he’d shock me with his exploits, many of which I suspected were made up. He had no qualms about letting me, and everyone in the office, know he’s bisexual, enjoys masturbation, and all the things a person would admit, if one felt one could.

His conversations frequently came back to this man he talked about. He was some sort of massage practitioner. He did what were called ‘men’s invigorating massages.’ Evidently, there was some penis handling involved. My coworker kept telling me I ought to check this practitioner out.

Because it was the last thing on earth I’d ever do, I started thinking about it. Couldn’t get it out of my mind. I started telling myself that perhaps I’m too shy, too conservative, too stuck in the mud, so maybe, just maybe I should… No, that’s crazy.

So, I’m sure you guessed by now that I went to the practitioner. His office was I suppose normal for a massage practitioner. I’ve never had any sort of professional massage, so I had no idea what to expect. The guy was short, balding, clean-shaven, and probably in his late fifties. Not exactly a sexual god. He had a nice smile and an inviting manner, however, so I figured the massage wouldn’t be horrible. But why was my heart beating a hundred miles per hour?

He had me strip totally naked. Already my shyness was making me really nervous, and my heart was still beating fast, but I did as he said. Then he had me lay face down on his table, and he put a small towel over my butt.

He started with what I assume was a normal massage of my neck, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, feet, ankles, calves, and thighs. Then he simply took the towel off my butt, so I was laying entirely naked on his table. He massaged my butt, and it felt rather nice. In fact, the whole massage felt nice. I decided that I might like massages.

He commanded me to roll over, dropping the towel across my crotch area, and massaged the front of me in the same way. The whole thing, front and back, couldn’t have taken more than ten minutes. I would have figured it was over, but of course I had remembered my coworker’s conversation. He didn’t come right out and say this man would manipulate my genitals, but pretty well indicated that would happen.

Oddly, I was hoping so. Looking forward to it. In fact, I was dreading the possibility that my friend had made it up, or that this practitioner would only do his special treatment for established clients, or something like that.

I needn’t have worried. After stopping to put some more warm oil on his hands and pull the little towel off me, he then nonchalantly lifted up my scrotum. Then he started massaging and pulling on the skin of my ballsack with his oily hands, letting it slowly slip through his fingertips. I had never in my life felt such a thing. My penis became instantly hard.

It felt a bit naughty, like having an erection was somehow wrong under such circumstances. On the other hand, it was entirely out of my control. I’d like to see you stay soft with that happening to your scrotum.

The man continued, but he was sort of catching my balls in each grab of my scrotum. He’d reach higher up, lightly pinching each testicle between thumb and forefingers, then pull slowly downward, until the testicles slipped away like a wet bar of soap, leaving him holding a pinch of empty scrotum in each hand. He repeated it several times, each time getting firmer and firmer.

I was about to stop him, telling him it was hurting, but then decided the slight pain he was causing was far outweighed by the amazing good feeling it was generating.

He quit doing that all too soon, even though it was probably a full eight or ten minutes.

Suddenly, he grabbed my fully erect penis, and rubbed an oily palm directly across the tip. I practically jumped out of my skin. If you’ve never had that done, it’s something you’ve got to experience! Yes, it made me jump, but there was something exquisite about it.

The treatment went on about another twenty minutes. I’d get several seconds of the testicle massage, followed by just a second or two of that glans rubbing thing. Then he’d stretch the skin of my penis downward – firmly. It almost hurt, but not quite. On several occasions, I started feeling that ‘gonna cum’ feeling. I was concurrently embarrassed at the thought of ejaculating in another man’s hands, very much looking forward to ejaculating, and resigned that it would happen.

But it didn’t. Every time I got close, the fellow changed to another technique. Finally, he stood up from his stool, patted me on the right shoulder, and said, “All set, Mr. Kowalski.”

Weird, eh? I so wanted to have an orgasm at that moment. Instead, I dressed, paid the man, thanked him profusely, and drove home. I didn’t have a chance to jerk off for the rest of the evening, and I though it would practically kill me. It didn’t. Instead, I felt more alive, more energetic, more charged up than I had in a long time. I played basketball with my kid in the driveway, something I hadn’t done for way too long. I chatted with my daughters and my wife. I’m sure they had no idea why I had become so lively.

I tried to get sexual with my wife when we went to bed, but she wasn’t having it. So, I rolled on my back, and jerked off, having a glorious orgasm while she complained I was shaking the bed.

I stayed charged up, at least to a minor degree, for several days afterward.

I’m sure you know I booked another appointment with the little guy a couple of weeks later. In fact, I had seen him about six times during the next couple of months.

I’m not one to keep secrets, so eventually I reluctantly told my wife about the massages, cringing all the way through. I was hoping she wouldn’t be mad. I mean, she could get really, really mad. Then I’d have to explain to the kids why I’m sleeping on the sofa. But no, to my surprise, she said, “Good honey, it takes the load off me.”

She didn’t want details. I wanted to tell her everything, but she didn’t want to hear it. However, she insisted that I no longer book appointments every two weeks. She wanted me to book weekly appointments, and even offered to pay for every other one.

As to my coworker. I never told him I’ve been seeing his massage guy. Much has changed in my life, but one thing hasn’t: I’m still shy about discussing my sex life in the office. But secretly, I thank him for introducing me to a whole new world.

Non-Sexual Mutual Masturbation

Non-Sexual Mutual Masturbation

I’ve been practicing non-sexual masturbation for years. I’ll get together with a friend, typically a guy, but occasionally a girl, and we’ll ‘do’ each other. It’s kind of nicer if it’s a girl, because I’m more heterosexual than gay, but since I’m not particularly attracted to these people, it doesn’t really matter. You see, it’s more about friendship, and good feelings, having a nice time, than something truly sexual. So, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a male or female person, or what their age is, how much they weigh, or anything else. As long as they are not repulsive. Oh, and one more thing: They have to be decent, good-hearted people. I don’t want to hang out with someone of loose morals, addictions, or bad health habits.

The typical arrangement is that he or she will get on a bed or massage table, and I’ll work on that person, bringing him or her to an orgasm, or ideally, a whole bunch of orgasms.

Then we trade positions, and they do the same for me. We don’t usually cum right away. We’ll trade back and forth for a while, so each person gets several opportunities to enjoy the wonderful feelings.

You might call it all about handjobs, but that term is loosely defined. It might involve light or firm testicle massage, inner labia pulling, glans rubbing, asshole fingering, and other such manual activities. For me, toys aren’t usually part of the practice, but there’s nothing wrong with toys. Sometimes clothes pins, testicle presses, butt plugs, or even catheters can be involved.

As you’ve read in other articles here on Sex270, my friends and I have worked on multiple or continuous orgasms. It takes a lot of practice for most guys. Some of the women naturally have continuous or multiple orgasms.

So, in summary, it’s not about sexual attraction. It’s about having a nice activity to enjoy with friends and associates, maybe even family members. It’s like playing basketball, watching a movie together, or going on a picnic, but better.

Is this something you’d enjoy with your friends, family or associates?

Naked Miners in the Shower

Naked miners in the shower

I thought after the military, I’d get a good job in the electronics industry. Nope, wasn’t happening. Evidently no one needs a guy who can fix telemeters in army tanks.

So, I took a job in a mine as an ordinary laborer. From what I could tell, things hadn’t changed in 100 years, at least not in my mine. I did a late shift, and we all came out of the mine dusty and dirty at 2 in the morning. But one thing was certainly different: We had showers. We didn’t have to go home dirty. I figured out right away to keep a separate change of work clothes for the mine, and my clean street clothes in a locker.

Now, this shower was not like what you might imagine. In fact, my first day was absolutely shocking. In the showers, although the guys were tired, and I was especially tired from not being used to the work, I was amused to see all the guys carrying on, telling jokes, laughing, just good old buddies having a great time. But after a couple of minutes, I began to notice the really crazy part. Some of the guys were soaping up each others backs, lower legs, and even their butts. My first thought was that was just way too gay for me. But the shocking part was just beginning, as I saw one guy turn around, and he had a full erection as his coworker was soaping up his upper thighs. Seeing that, I had a surprising little tingle in my own lower stomach, and lower down, too, if you know what I mean.

And then, his buddy started soaping up his hard penis. I mean, he was literally stroking the guy with a soapy hand! As I looked around, even though the large, open shower room was kind of dark, I was amazed to see similar things happening through the room. In one case, a big heavyset miner was on his knees giving a short skinny guy a blow job. Really!

I was under a corner shower head, and no one came near me. I was glad. First, I had this notion, drilled into me in the army as much as marching had been drilled in, that anything remotely like ‘gay’ was just wrong. I had wondered about that in a way, intellectually, but went with the flow. I mean, really, what’s wrong with gay, and for that matter, where do you draw the line? My dad kisses me on the cheek sometimes. That’s not gay, right? I saw a couple of European guys who were holding hands, and it sickened me, until I noticed that their wives and kids were walking right along with them, and the two women were holding hands too. You go to the doctor. He feels your balls looking for lumps. Your dick puffs up a bit. Is that gay? I certainly hope not.

So, I sure as hell didn’t want any part of the shenanigans going on in that shower room. I even wondered if I’d have to quit that job because it was just too weird. But then, too, I was dog-tired from my first day. I wouldn’t have had the energy to do anything. Hey, what was I thinking? I wouldn’t want to do any of that stuff, right?

I’ll bet you know where this is going. You are correct! I kept the job. I needed the money. I talked with the guys. Most were older than me. So far as I could tell, I was the only one who wasn’t married, and evidently they were not only married, but happily so. I got to know some of them as friends. I laughed at their jokes. We were all for the same sports teams.

The days turned into weeks. The scene in the shower after our shift was always the same. Soaping each others backs. Mild masturbation. I mean, most of them didn’t go so far as to ejaculate, but I did see that, too, from time to time. And, the occasional blow job. I saw some guys joking around about anal intercourse, but they seemed to be pretending. I never saw any kissing. The situation started to normalize. I didn’t think of any of them as gay. In a short while, I quit thinking of this shower activity as gay. It just was what it was. I didn’t participate. I kept to my corner shower, and everyone was respectful. They seemed to just know not to bother me with their silliness.

Then one day, Mikey, tall, black-bearded like a pirate, standing under the shower head next to me, and who I was starting to think of as a good friend, started soaping up the back of my neck and shoulders. At first, I didn’t really notice. When I did notice, his big warm hands felt good, but also alarming. I wanted to flinch, back away, and, I sadly admit, I wanted to yell and claim that I was not gay. I wanted that understood. Fortunately, I’m not an idiot, and kept my mouth shut. Instead, I figured, “When in Rome…” and let him keep doing that. It did feel good. He kept it up for a good two minutes, working his way down my back, and to the top of my butt. He then knelt on the floor, and soaped up my legs, both hands one each leg, in long strokes up from my ankles to my upper thighs. Damn, that felt good.

Suddenly, to my horror, I realized I had grown an erection! I wanted to run out of there. But I couldn’t. I’d have to squeeze between a couple dozen tightly spaced wet guys. And, I figured making a fuss would be more embarrassing even than my current situation.

Mikey saw it and asked very simply? “OK?” I knew what he meant, and couldn’t speak. My throat was in a knot. My body was shivering, even though the water was warm. My knees were weak. All I could do was nod.

He came around in front of me, cupping my balls in one warm paw, and stroking my soapy hard penis with the other. I came in an instant, and nearly fell over. It was one of the strongest orgasms of my life. After a moment, he quietly asked, “Are you doing OK Kent?”

I assured him that I was not only OK, but entirely blissed out. I reached over to return the favor, but Mikey backed away, saying, “No need, maybe next time.”

I had a lot to think about when I got home. My date with Emily, my new girlfriend, who also worked a late shift, but in an assembly plant, wasn’t until 6am. We were going to walk in the park together at daylight. As I reviewed what had happened, I became terribly horny, and just had to jerk off, coming a second time in a single day. Later, I had a bit of trouble getting hard for Emily. I told her what had happened in the shower, and all she said was, “I know.”

I was surprised. She said all the wives quietly tell the young women they just have to accept it. It’s part of the miner’s culture. Emily encouraged me to continue the activities with the guys, saying she wouldn’t mind, as long as I told her all about it.

There we were in bed, and I started telling her the details of what had happened, and the funny thing is, I started getting fully erect again. Emily, too, became juicy hearing the juicy details – pardon the pun.

Well, that was a year ago. Emily and I are an item. I think she may be pregnant. If she is, I will marry her. Hell, I’ll marry her either way, and I’m sure she’s in favor of that too. I’m one of the guys in the mine in every sense, participating in the showers with all the other men. I know that many people hate their work, and I probably would too, except I put in my eight hours enjoyably, just thinking about what’s going to happen at the end of almost every shift. I so look forward to it that I miss working on the weekends.

[My client, who is still working as a miner, is also studying to start his own coaching business. He let me take a picture for inclusion. The picture is the very dick that got soaped up by his coworker Mikey, and which has been the source of great joy in the group shower room on hundreds of occasions.]

Middle School Sexuality Test

Middle School (Junior High) sexuality test

Ever since junior high school at age 13, I knew I was bisexual. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, but a considered rebel. I have always tried to think things through, and don’t necessarily go along with the masses, just because everyone else does a thing. I also don’t do something rebellious without thinking through the consequences. Having been taught to be a free thinker from an early age by my parents, I’ve been rather successful with my think-for-myself philosophy.

So part of that was deciding to be bisexual right from the get-go. It really opened doors for me. I’ve had a large number of spectacular encounters with many great boys, girls, and then men and women. The women and girls in my early life, have always been attracted to the openness of a guy who can come right out and admit bisexuality. The men and boys figured I was a safe bet to try out their own gayness or bisexuality.

I’ve always been discrete. I’d never tell anyone who else I slept with, or what I did with them. On the other hand, many of the people I played with, especially in my younger days, would easily tell everyone in sight – except maybe their parents – that they had played with me. Even many of the guys. Go figure!

So my reputation spread. And that was a good thing, because I’ve always been horny. My parents taught me early on that masturbation is a good thing. They told me it relieves stress, is good for physical health, and keeps horniness from building up to an intolerable level.

I say, “Why would anyone meditate when they could masturbate?” I do believe the benefits of masturbation far outweigh meditation. So, I always had guilt-free play with a whole bunch of people. Fortunately my parents told me everything about STDs and all that, and being one who thinks things through, I decided to become quite satisfied with non-penetrative sex in most cases. The only exception has been my wonderful wife, who I have been with for 22 years, and with whom I have two beautiful children. Yup, they’ve both told me that they are proud to be bisexual also.

Anyway, back to junior high school. It was called ‘junior high’ back then. Today it seems to be ‘middle school.’ Oh, I’m rambling, I know:) So, I developed a little technique I called the “Sex Test,” and all my male classmates just loved it. They told each other, and eventually, most of them came to me to administer the test.

They all wondered if they were gay, which was considered a bad thing in that time and place among 13-year-olds. So they’d come to my little treehouse in the backyard, into which I had dragged a slightly torn-up massage table I found in the trash. I’d throw a sheet on it, and I’d run the test. I’d have them take off all their clothes in the summer, or just lower their pants in the winter (winters were fairly warm in that part of California), and get on the table. I’d hand them a whole series of photos of sex. Some pictures were hetero, and an equal number were gay. I don’t remember where I got them, but I do remember cherishing the collection.

While my fellow students were examining the pictures, I’d start to massage them. For many, it was the first time their little penises had been touched. Mine was just as small and hairless at the time.

Some would come to me all quivering with, well, I don’t know what. Maybe fear, maybe nervousness, maybe anticipation. Some would be erect even before their pants came off. Some took a while to become erect. Most, at the time, were too young to ejaculate, although there were a few who had a full bush of hair and could cum in buckets – which I loved, since I myself, although I had already had many orgasms, couldn’t actually produce any cum. Many, like me, had dry orgasms. For several, I gave them their first-ever orgasms. In any case, They’d all leave in a most satisfied state! Well, sometimes they’d be a bit freaked out, but then they’d almost always come back to me a week or so later, and sheepishly ask me if I had any other ‘tests’ they could try, or if there was some way to repeat the experience. Of course, I always had something for them to try next. But that’s for another story.

For the ‘test,’ I’d typically start with very light touching of their scrotums, unless they were too ticklish. Then, I’d just gently handle their penises with my fingertips, and eventually work up to stroking them in earnest. I remember noticing that most of their penises were no bigger around than my thumb. Nowadays, the people I wank with are much bigger, of course. I just loved this business of jacking guys off – still do – and didn’t necessarily need reciprocation, although many of them did come back often after the ‘test’ and reciprocated most generously.

In the test, the moment they orgasmed, I’d grab the picture they were currently holding. If it was a man, I’d pronounce them ‘bisexual.’ You’ve gotta remember, calling them ‘gay’ would have sent them into a world of despair, yet calling them bisexual was just fine. Such is as it was then, with those kids. I was no psychologist (as you know, I am now), but at least I knew enough not to pronounce them ‘gay,’ and I think those who got the ‘bisexual’ title were relieved and appreciative. Those who were holding a girl’s picture would be pronounced ‘normal’ but I’d usually give my little spiel about everyone is somewhere on the hetero-gay continuum, with no one being entirely at one end. (I still say that today.)

A surprising number of girls came to me for ‘the test’ also. I never did settle on a standard technique for the girls. I always wanted to see their breasts, whether they were fully developed or not, so I insisted on full nudity. Why almost all of them complied with no complaints is something I still wonder about to this day. I’d generally hand them the pictures, and as they were going through them one by one, I’d rub their clits until they orgasmed. After a while, I learned to have them put their knees up, giving me full access. Then, I’d press a finger of my other hand gently against their little assholes. This way, I could generally feel when they were orgasming.

I took this test surprisingly seriously. I wanted to do a good job, so with the boys and the girls, it was important to notice when they started orgasming.

With some of them, even though I was pretty sure of the exact moment that the orgasm started, I’d tell them I wasn’t quite sure, so they should probably come back in a few days for another test. No one complained!

This went on until I was about sixteen, and then I don’t really know what happened. Perhaps I used up everyone in my school who wanted the test, or maybe I became bored, moving on to more interesting masturbatory pursuits, some of which I’ve told you about right here on Sex270.com.

Masturbation Class

Bringing a new friend to masturbation class

I decided to put into practice what Jim, our teacher recommended. He said masturbation needs to be brought more into the open in order to promote a more healthy society. I couldn’t agree more, but actually putting that into practice is difficult. I feel shy about it. Still, I believe in the principle so strongly, that I decided to give it a go. And, just because I seem to like challenges, I picked Richard, my very conservative friend. He’s a super-groomed, regular church goer who so far as I can tell has never uttered a swear word in his life. He’s also a professor in our university. He teaches some sort of upper level history. I don’t recall if it’s European history, or just what. I teach mechanical engineering.

So, in masturbation class last week, Jim tasked us with some optional homework: Invite someone to the class. That was his idea of bringing it more out into the open.

So, gathering up all my courage at lunch one day, in which Richard and I were in the cafeteria, and there was hustle and bustle all around, but no one right near us, so I couldn’t be overheard, I asked whether he’d like to know about the class I had been attending. He probably thought I was taking a foreign language class or something.

He said, “Sure.”

OK, the moment of truth: Hesitating for only a moment, I just came out and told him, “It’s a male advanced masturbation course.”

I immediately regretted telling him that. This was a bad idea.

“No way, really?” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

I didn’t quite know how to take that. Was he teasing me? Was he favorable to the notion? Maybe he was shocked.

Then, “I wish I could do something like that. Keith, I’ve always admired your adventurous spirit.”

I didn’t really think I had an adventurous spirit, but I went with the flow and decided to maybe even push my luck.

“Why can’t you do something like that, Richard?”

“My wife… well, no, I mean…”

He fell silent as I could see his gears turning.

“What’s involved? I mean, does one have to start at the beginning, maybe next semester or something? Is it expensive? Is it open to anyone?”

Oh, my god, he was hooked!

I gave him the details, letting him know that it’s only $40/month, meets weekly, and anyone can join at any time. “We’ve even had some female observers, but they didn’t participate in any real way. They were wives of a couple of the guys.”

“That would be especially nice, to have women watching.”

He asked what it was like. What went on in the classes, and I filled him in on some of the details, but leaving some out, so as to not totally satisfy his curiosity.

Sure enough, Jim welcomed Richard to the class the following week. He was the only new guy. I was proud that I brought someone new in. In minutes, Richard had his clothes off like the rest of us. He was uncircumcised, whereas, every single one of the rest of us were cut. His penis was puffing up right away, which is always a good sign. As usual, many but not all of us were already erect. Oddly, when there are women observing, there are fewer erections at first. I think the guys are intimidated or embarrassed. On this occasion, there were no women.

“Today’s lesson is frenulum tugging,” Jim announced. He had George lay one on the massage tables, and proceeded to pull lightly upward on George’s frenulum, pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. He lifted George’s penis up off his stomach by the frenulum, then just held it that way, while lecturing on the frenulum pulling process. He kept simply holding it, which kept it stretched, and within a couple of minutes, we could see George’s penis start to pulse. Jim let go in the nick of time, so that George had a non-ejaculatory dry orgasm, so he could stay erect and interested – as we had been practicing in our classes.

After the demonstration, we broke into groups of two, and practiced frenulum pulling on each other. I got to pull on Richard’s dick, and just like Jim did with George, I just held it stretched and up. It stretched quite a bit more than mine, since he was uncircumcised. Finally, I felt the pulsing building up, and Richard, not yet knowing anything about extended and dry orgasms, came big time with a huge smile on his face.

Once he calmed down, his first words were, “I’ve waited forty years for that!”

Then it was my turn. Richard pulled on my frenulum the same way, commenting on how tight my skin was compared to his. I was in heaven, and thought I’d have a dry orgasm right away. Instead, I came all over myself. Oh well, with the best of intentions, and the greatest amount of practice, sometimes things happen beyond your control.

Richard and I are regular attendees of our weekly lessons. Jim never ceases to amaze us with new techniques.

Weird Double Massage

Weird Double Massage

Every Thursday morning at 10am, I go to this woman. It started when my wife just lost interest in sex after our second child. I don’t know why. She’s too young for menopause. She just doesn’t enjoy sex anymore. Can you believe it?

She tried to please me anyway, and so started giving me handjobs nearly every night. But she was usually tired, and the handjobs were weak and didn’t last long. I mostly didn’t cum, so I’d have to rub myself to orgasm as she was falling asleep.

Needless to say, it wasn’t very satisfying. I was complaining about it to a guy at work who recommended I see his ‘massage therapist.’

“I don’t need any stupid massage therapist,” I blurted out in frustration.

“Oh, she’s much more than that.” he quietly retorted.

Like an idiot, I booked a session without knowing anything about her. I arrived at her very nice 3,000 square foot home and was led to a back bedroom by an adolescent boy.

“Zacky, where are your manners? Offer the man a drink,” the just starting to turn gray-haired mother told the boy.

“He said, would you like a Coke, water, coffee or tea?”

“Ah, no thanks.”

“That’s my son. He’s home from school today. Some sort of teacher’s conference.”

The boy left, and I didn’t see him again.

“I’m Marie,” she said, followed almost immediately by “Take your clothes off.”

She locked the door, explaining that we wouldn’t want her kids barging in. “They know what goes on in here, but still, they don’t always respect limits. They think everything’s an emergency, requiring my immediate attention.” She and I both laughed. Me, a bit nervously.

Marie wasn’t fat, and she wasn’t tall, but tending to both attributes. She had a sweet face, but I could tell she also had a non-nonsense commanding presence.

I’ve had a few massages in my life, so I had no trouble disrobing in front of her. Well, maybe a little trouble. I am kind of a private guy. The funny thing is the practitioners usually leave the room while a person disrobes. She just stood there making a bit of small talk about her two children, and asking me about mine.

She had me hop on her table, face down. The massage began, and she was good. Not great, and so I had no inkling as to why my co-worker thought she was more than a typical massage therapist.

It was interesting that she didn’t drape me. I rather liked that. It seems like an unnecessary inconvenience.

As she was working around my butt, she kept just brushing against the back of my scrotum, which was surprisingly delicious.

After only five minutes of rubbing the back of my legs, arms, neck, back and butt, she had me roll over. My penis was slightly hard, but I figured she’s seen that before. In fact, even though it’s just an ordinary six-incher, I was somehow proud for her to see it.

She did more than see it. She grabbed it. Firmly. I was like “Woah.” but didn’t actually say anything, as she started working it like modeling clay. Unlike modeling clay that gets soft when you work with it, my cock hardened fully in her hands within a minute.

Then she went to work on my balls. First, massaging them gently, then working up into a very firm massage. It was starting to hurt. I was kind of moaning, and it was almost turning into yelling.

“Too much?” she asked.

“Um, yeah,” I answered.

“Too bad,” she replied with a small wicked laugh.

She continued squishing my balls back and forth in my scrotum between her fingertips like wet bars of soap.

“If it gets to be too much, use the safeword. The safeword is ‘spaghetti.’ But don’t use it lightly. If you say it, the massage ends, right then and there. Understood?”

She worked in silence for the next few minutes, continuing to squeeze my balls really hard. Oh, it hurt, but at the same time, in a way I can’t explain, I was loving it. I kind of wanted to see how much I could take. Plus it was really turning me on. I knew she couldn’t harm me. Balls are tough, like chicken gizzards. They don’t burst or anything, at least not just with finger pressure.

Finally, she let go. But that was just the beginning. She grabbed my extremely erect penis with one hand, and started rubbing the oiled palm of her other hand over the tip. Slowly, and firmly. I was immediately squirming. If you’ve never had that done, you need to get someone to do it to you. It’s an amazing tickle, something you really have to get away from, but delightful at the same time.

Evidently I was squirming too much, because she stopped, came up with these velvet rope like things, and tied my wrists and ankles to the table. She asked with her eyes whether it was OK, and I just nodded my head. I didn’t know this woman, but I did trust her.

She resumed the glans rubbing, and I nearly jumped out of my skin, over and over again.

I felt myself release an involuntary bit of pee. She said “That happens sometimes.”

The thought of what I just did, of how it was involuntary was too much. I was in such an unusual sexual situation that I lost control and started cumming right in her hands. It was one of the strongest ejaculations I’ve ever had.

Any normal person would just stop at that point, knowing that when a guy is done, he’s done. She kept going, and I discovered the squirming I had been doing was only ten percent of the squirming I was doing now. And yelling, laughing, and just going crazy. I kept thinking one thing: There was no way I was going to say ‘spaghetti.’ But, I did. And just as Marie promised, the massage ended immediately.

That was my first session. I’m wealthy enough to afford $100 every week, so I just told her to block out every Thursday morning for me.

After a few weeks, I knew I couldn’t keep it a secret from my wife. The way I introduced it was a bit underhanded. I told her one evening after one of her less-than-ideal handjobs, that it wasn’t satisfying me, and if she wasn’t going to be more involved sexually, I’d find an outside outlet. I went on to assure her that I wouldn’t fuck anyone, it’s just that I’d find a happy ending massage practitioner or something. Of course, I had already found that practitioner and had been seeing her for weeks.

My wife cried, she carried on, but in the end, she relented. I think she knew sex of some sort was so important to me that it would be necessary to save our marriage. Not that we were in any real trouble. I love her with all my heart and will always take care of her.

After the next session, my wife wanted a blow-by-blow description. I could see she was starting to get horny, which had become quite unusual for her. I suggested we go to bed, even though I was quite satisfied at the moment. Still, I didn’t want to miss out on any possible opportunity to have real sex again. But no, she wasn’t sufficiently horned up for that.

Now, on Thursday mornings, I leave my home office with my wife’s blessing. I think she knows Marie is taking the pressure off her for my sexual outlet.

I arrived last week to a total surprise. Marie greeted me at the door, and introduced me to Hank, her husband as we walked through her large living room. I never even thought about her personal life. Of course there’d be a man in it, she had kids after all. I probably assumed she was divorced.

Hank is a tall, and strongly-built man with graying hair on the slightly long side. Maybe he’s graying prematurely or maybe he’s older than he looks. He has a kind of boyish, well-tanned face. He is a contractor who still does most of his own framing carpentry. He’s home a lot during the winter months.

Marie asked whether I’d like a massage from her, or from Hank. I was shocked. She explained that many of her clients like getting their massages from her husband, and that he enjoys giving the massages from time to time. Internally, I was like “No way.” But was I really? I was immediately attracted to the strangeness of the situation. The naughtiness. The idea of a man handling my junk. That hadn’t happened since my adolescent years, and even then, it was another boy, not a man. I felt my dick stirring in my pants. Yes, this was an experience I had to try. Hank was smiling at me. I smiled back.

I was rather nervous as I took my clothes off. I mean, he was a big guy, he might squeeze my balls too hard or something. He went to work, and I was actually shivering with fear. Or maybe it was anticipation, or delight. I don’t know. He started out more gently than his wife. But he did get pretty intense. Oh, nothing horrible, but it did get me orgasmic pretty quickly. I was worried that I’d cum too soon, and things would be over.

Just as I reached the point of no return, he stopped. He just let go of my penis. It was too late. The pumping feeling started up, and after a moment, as I was looking down at my rock-hard cock laying against my stomach, a drop of white cum came out. But only one drop. That was weird.

Hank picked up my penis, and went back to work. He wasn’t glans-rubbing me like his wife normally does. He was doing a whole bunch of other things, like pulling hard on my frenulum. Really hard. Again, the contractions started, and again, he let go. The orgasm was building slowly. My penis pulsed several times, and a couple more drops of cum came out. Again he went back to work. All in all, I came three times. The last was a crashing super-orgasm in which I released all the rest of my cum. Afterward, he kept going. He was basically jerking me off after I had fully come. I could hardly stand it, but was reluctant to say the safeword. I never wanted this to end, yet I did go through that change in which one wants it to end. My silly penis stayed erect, which used to never happen to me after cumming. I was squirming way too much, actually hurting my arms, so finally I said “spaghetti.”

Marie and Hank have asked whether I’d like a double-session. Not one twice as long. I don’t think I could handle that. They want to work on me together. She told me that while’s he’s working me on the outside, she’ll be working me on the inside. I don’t know what it means, but I’m really looking forward to finding out. The price will be twice as high, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

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