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The Handy Squad

Fiction by Spurtz

Jill, Charli, and Amanda were three teen high school girls. They had been close friends since grade school. They all lived in the same neighborhood. They shared all their secrets with each other and it soon became obvious that all three had an unusual interest in cocks. Sure, they had seen plenty of photos and videos on line but all three agreed that was nothing compared to actually touching and feeling a hard dick.

The Handy Squad

All three had some minor experience with cocks. Jill had a regular boyfriend and every time they were necking and making out, he would put her hand on his hard dick through his pants. He was too shy to take it out and she was equally too shy to ask him to show it.

Charli had gone with a date to a notorious lover’s lane where many high schoolers parked to make out. After much kissing and hugging, her date got one of her tits freed and was sucking on it. He unzipped his pants and was in the process of freeing his hard-on when Charli noticed two guys shining a flashlight in an adjacent car. She told her date and they both frantically tried to get decent. Her date had just zipped up his pants when two cops appeared at the side window shining a flashlight in the open window. “Time to go home, kids,” the cop told them.

That event scared them both so badly that no further attempt at sex took place.

Amanda made it a bit farther along with her date. He got his cock out and placed her hand on it. After just a few furtive movements of her hand, he ejaculated several spurts of cum all over his pants and shirt. Some got on her hand. She had heard that teen boys could be quick on the trigger but this was ridiculous. The boy was mortified and nothing was ever attempted again.

The three girls shared these stories. Jill and Charli wanted to know what Amanda’s date’s cock looked like but she said it was so dark she couldn’t really tell. This started what became almost an obsession with the three teens to have some actual contact with an erect cock. They endlessly talked about schemes to achieve contact with hard cocks but all the various ideas were discarded as either unrealistic or had the potential to have them branded as sluts at school.

Finally, Jill came up with a unique idea. She had a part time summer job at a local AARP office. Plus she was super handy with a computer. She tapped in to the AARP member database and got the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all members between the ages of 60 and 70 who lived in their ZIP code and were single or divorced. She came up with nearly 50 names. Jill proposed that they approach these older men and propose to give them a free handjob. Jill said this could almost be viewed as a public service as chances were that the only sex they were getting was with their own hand.

“But,” Charli objected, “who wants to play with some shriveled up old dick?”

“I’ve done some reading up on it,” responded Jill, “and what I’ve learned is that as a guy ages there is almost no change in his dick. It looks basically the same at 60 as it did at 15. Just bigger. And bigger is always better.”

“But some of these old guys are going to be fat and gross,” said Amanda. “I don’t want to be jerking off some old fat guy.”

Jill had an answer for that. “If we go to the dude’s door and he turns out to be fat and gross or too ugly, we just tell him we are collecting donations for the Girl Scouts. He’ll probably turn us down and we just leave.”

After much more discussion the three decided to give it a try.

The girls chose to wear their school uniforms. The uniforms were plaid skirts, which were surprisingly short, white blouses with a little red ribbon at the neck, knee-high white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes. The girls thought this was a good idea as the outfits made them look about 13 or 14 and they figured that would get the old guys to get a hard-on that much quicker. They decided to call themselves “The Handy Squad.”

They went over the addresses they had and crossed out any that were in a poor neighborhood. They figured it was best to limit themselves to upper middle class or upper class addresses. They elected to start with addresses that were within walking distance or a convenient bus ride. Nothing too close to home. They thought that some of the men might be interested in a return visit so they set up an anonymous email address where they could be contacted. The first visit would be free but return visits would be $100. They also decided that any man they contacted would have to agree to a quick shower before they gave him their treatment. If they were going to play with a guy’s cock, they wanted that to be a nice clean cock.

When they headed out to their first address, they all admitted to being scared and nervous. They weren’t concerned about being attacked or raped as they figured with three of them, there was safety in numbers. But what they were doing was pretty bold stuff for three 17-year old teens.

They arrived at a very nice upscale home and rang the doorbell. They were all relieved to see the door answered by a nice looking older man who was casually dressed in nice clothes. Jill had been selected as the spokesperson for the group. They had agreed that if any of the girls objected to the guy, they would give a quick little shake of their head before Jill said anything. Jill looked at both of her mates and they were both smiling.

“Hi,” Jill said, “we are the Handy Squad and are providing free handy’s to older gentlemen like yourself as a public service.”

“Free is usually good,” the man replied, “but I’m afraid I don’t know what a handy is. Can you be more specific?” Jill was a bit taken aback with this response. “Well, it’s a handjob. That’s all,” she said.

“You young girls are offering handjobs?” the guy replied with shock on his face. “I could go to jail having sex with girls as young as you.”

“We’re in Pennsylvania and the legal age of consent is 16. We are all 17 so there is no problem. We all have I.D. cards with our photo and age that we can show you but we will have to cover up our names and addresses for obvious reasons.”

“Well, if you say you are 17, I believe you, but you sure look younger than that. OK, what’s the catch? How much are you charging?”

“No charge. Our only requirement is that you take a shower before we start,” responded Charli.

“Well, hell, let’s get started. Come on in. Get yourself a soft drink out of the fridge while I take that shower”

Ten minutes later he called out that he was ready and waiting in the bedroom. The girls looked at each other. If they were going to back out, now was the time. They smiled and Amanda said “Let’s go upstairs.”

When they got to the bedroom Mr. Johnson was standing there in the nude. His penis was jutting out, already about half hard, probably in anticipation of what was coming. The girls had decided beforehand that part of their routine was to complement the men on their cocks. They begin by telling him what a nice penis he had and how much they were looking forward to jacking him off. The girls told him that this was all new to them and they needed his instructions on things they could do to his cock that made him feel good. They had him lay back on the bed and Jill explained what was going to happen.

“I’m going to be the first to jack your cock. Then Charli is going to take over and Amanda will finish you off. Each of us will take about ten minutes stroking your penis. So the total treatment will last about 30 minutes. Any time you think you might be about to cum, you must say something and we will back off. You have to make it last until Amanda finishes you off. This is important. While we are working you over we want your instructions on what we can do to make it feel better. Please be patient with us as you are the first man we have ever masturbated and we want it to be great for you. After you’ve cum, we will clean you up and take several minutes to make sure your cock is nice and clean. Charli has a packet of washcloths we brought along specifically for clean-up purposes. We feel a thorough clean-up is important rather than walking off and leaving you covered in cum.”

“Are you girls going to get undressed?” he wanted to know. “No,” replied Jill, “this isn’t about us. It’s all about your hard cock. You’ve probably never had three cute teens jack you off before and we want this to be the best handy you’ve ever had.”

With that, Jill climbed onto the bed and got between his legs. Finally, she thought, my first real penis and it’s a nice one. She estimated it was maybe six and a half inches long and fairly thick. He was circumcised and had a very attractive cockhead that had a nice purple color. She really wasn’t expecting an old guy to have such a rock hard prick but of course she had no basis for comparison. She had felt her boyfriend’s dick through his pants but she didn’t think it ever felt this hard. She had seen numerous handjobs given on the internet so she roughly knew what to do. She lightly gripped his nuts with her left hand and started jacking his rock hard cock with the other. Over the thirty minutes that the three teens stroked the man’s cock he had given them a number of instructions. One was placing the palm of their hand on the tip of his dick and rubbing it back and forth in a circular motion. Another was steepling their fingers and sliding them down over his cock head which stimulated the coronal ridge, a very sensitive area. And of course he showed them how to pay special attention the frenulum area, even explaining that an ejaculation could be coaxed out just by rubbing that area.

When it was Charli’s turn she was thrilled. She had had many fantasies imagining what it would be like to actually have a nice erect dick in her hands and it was even more exciting than she had dreamed. She couldn’t take her eyes off of that throbbing cock. It was like the guy didn’t even exist, just his dick. He had to stop her a couple of times because he was on the verge of cumming. But even when she had to stop jerking him off, she couldn’t let go of that wonderful cock. She was hooked on dicks for sure.

Then Amanda moved into position and took over. Charli hated to let go of Mr. Johnson’s cock but it was Amanda’s turn. The girls had decided that they would take turns being last as they moved on to other men, so that all three would get to experience actually bringing on the ejaculation. Amanda pumped away really enjoying watching the bulbous red head of his cock disappear and then reappear out of her fist. She knew he was close as his body started jerking in little convulsions. He blurted out, “When I start to cum, don’t stop. In fact grip harder and go faster.” She was already aware of this because all three girls had read everything they could find on handjobs and she knew that many women would stop pumping or even let go when the cum started shooting and that this really ruined the orgasm for the man.

Even though Amanda’s full ten minutes of jerking was not up, it was pretty obvious that Mr. Johnson had arrived at the point where even if she had stopped, he was going to cum. As his orgasm neared, he cried out “Tighter, faster,” and Amanda did just that. Without any warning the cum started spurting out of the man’s cock. Very forceful streams shot up his chest and onto his face. Amanda was a bit shocked because she really wasn’t expecting so much cum. It was at least twice what her boyfriend had ejaculated in her one previous experience. She kept on pumping as her two teammates screamed with pleasure as they watched stream after stream of semen jetting from Johnson’s cock. Amanda dutifully kept jacking until there was no more cum to have. She finally let go of his dick and picked up one of the handcloths and wiped her hands first. Then she delicately took hold of his wilting penis and wiped all the semen off and then wiped his chest and even his face. She noticed that his dick had a thin string of semen drooling from the tip and she went back and cleaned that up.

Johnson lay on the bed, totally wiped out. His dick was bright red from the beating the girls had given it. “Omigod, girls,” he gasped, “that was the best handjob I’ve ever had in my entire life. Can I get you to come back and do it again. In fact, if you give me a few minutes to rest, I’d like to do it again right now.”

Jill answered. “We can’t do it now, we have to get home. We can come back but seconds cost $100. First handy is free.”

“Cost is not an issue. It would be the best $100 I ever spent. What I would like to do is set up weekly visits at $100 each. In fact, make it $200, and if all three of you will get undressed while jacking me off, I’ll make it $300. What do you say?”

“We need to talk it over and will get back to you. We have your phone number,” answered Jill. “But let me warn you, if we agree to get undressed, it’s just for looking. No fucking.”

“How about blowjobs?” he countered. I could go $500 a week if all three would take turns blowing me.”

Unknown to the girls, he couldn’t hire a decent hooker for a blowjob for $500 but to them it was a lot of money.

Jill thought that this guy must have plenty of money to spend that much weekly. “None of us have ever sucked a cock before,” she said. “We really need to discuss it and let you know.”

The girls said their goodbyes and told him how much they enjoyed jacking him off and seeing him spurt. He was overjoyed that they had searched him out and explained how he thought his sex life was over and that having the experience with them was one of the most wonderful things that had ever happened to him.

As the girls walked home they joyfully discussed what they just had experienced. They all raved about the opportunity to see a real penis in the flesh and to jack it and watch it spurt. They talked about how many more names were on the list and although the offer for repeat performances with Mr. Johnson was greatly appreciated, the thought of many more different cocks was also very appealing.

Being the realist in the group, Charli pointed out that it didn’t have to be one or the other. They could do both. The only possible fly in the ointment was their time was not always their own. They had parents. It might be difficult to set up weekly meetings with Mr. Johnson where all three girls would be available. “How do you feel about sucking his cock and being totally naked?” asked Jill.

Amanda responded, “I don’t mind going naked. You know he will try to grab our tits and maybe get his fingers in our pussies. I can handle that. And he does have a really nice dick. I could picture myself sucking it as long as he doesn’t cum in my mouth.”

“That would be gross,” replied Jill, “although I see a lot of women on the internet taking a load in their mouth and loving it. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. But if we agree to his deal, we could make a rule of no cum in our mouths. Anyway, we don’t have to make a decision right now. I’m looking forward to the next guy on our list. Variety is the spice of life, they say. The more dicks I can jack off, the better.“

Author’s note: You probably already figured it out but this story is a fantasy.

The Handy Squad – Part 2

Continuing the fantasy…..

The three 17 year old high school girls who made up The Handy Squad had made it their goal to approach a different older man each week and offer to provide him a free handjob. The initial contact had proven so successful with Mr. Johnson, who turned out to be quite wealthy, that he was willing to pay them a substantial amount of money to see him once each week and get him off. However, he had some special conditions which they had discussed at length as to whether or not they wanted to agree. One condition was that they all be nude. All three girls had really nice athletic bodies and weren’t afraid to show them off so that was not a problem. Jill had some concerns that Mr. Johnson would try to grab their tits or get his fingers in their bare pussies but both Charli and Amanda were confident they could handle that issue. The other condition was that all three girls would take turns sucking his cock. Again, all three were ok with that as long as he didn’t cum in their mouth and Mr. Johnson agreed with that.

None of the girls had ever sucked a dick before so they were looking forward to this new experience.

Their original plan was to meet the men on a school day. They wanted to wear their school uniforms which made them look even younger than they were. Their school let out at 3 pm and their parents usually didn’t get home from work until 5:30 or 6 pm. Jill and Charli both had single moms and Amanda’s parents both worked. So the girls could leave right from school and have about three hours to meet different older men and jack them off. And still get home before any parents did.

When they first started The Handy Squad they had addresses for older single men who were within walking distance or a short bus ride. They decided to meet Mr. Johnson for his weekly session on the weekends because they could always come up with some excuse to be gone for a two or three hours while they worked over Mr. Johnson’s hard cock.

The first repeat session with Mr. Johnson went extremely well. He was a really nice older guy who was very respectful to the three girls and never made any weird demands. Jill was the first of the three to take his cock in her mouth. None of the girls had ever sucked a dick before but both Jill and Charli took to it very quickly. They both discovered that it was something they really enjoyed. Amanda initially just tolerated it but as the weeks went by, she learned to look forward to having Mr. Johnson’s hard cock in her mouth. Jill knew it was just a matter of time before one of them took a blowjob too far and ended up with a load of cum in their mouth. The three of them had discussed it and all three had decided that they kind of looked forward to the experience since it would be a new experience.

They settled into a routine of hitting a new guy one day each week. A second weekday was set aside for repeats as nearly every guy wanted a repeat performance. The original plan was to charge $100 for a repeat performance but so many men requested repeats that they raised the price to $200. Coupled with the $500 Mr. Johnson was paying each week gave them enough money to pay an Uber to take them around so they didn’t have to walk or ride a bus. With plenty left over.

The men that came after Mr. Johnson were not all a winner like he was. One guy refused their services totally as he thought it was some kind of scam to blackmail him. Another guy couldn’t get fully hard although he did get hard enough that they eventually made him cum. Two guys were gay so that was a no-go. And one guy was a religious nut who went on a rant about what they were doing was an abomination under God and also illegal. They didn’t bother to argue the point but they were in Pennsylvania where the legal age of consent is 16 and as long as it was a free service, they weren’t breaking any laws. The repeat fee was probably illegal but who was going to complain? Anyway they told the guy they would stop what they were doing and repent their sins to shut him up before he called the cops. Even though the cops wouldn’t do anything because they weren’t breaking the law, they were afraid the cops would tell their parents.

But they also had many successes and learned even more about how to give a world class handjob. One guy introduced them to the use of a lubricant. Which they really liked and made it a point to always carry a bottle of K-Y with them on all future visits. Another guy tried to talk them into fingering his butthole while they jacked his cock but they thought that was gross. Until two more men suggested the same thing, so they decided to give it a try. That became part of their jackoff routine to the enjoyment of their partners.

About the fifth or sixth guy they successfully approached was Mr. Pirelli. He was a really good looking older dude. Very distinguished looking and lived in what was literally a mansion. He was extremely enthused about their offer. They later learned that he had a very active sex life but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have three cute teens jack off his penis. And what a penis is was. Jill thought it was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen and the other two agreed. Not only was it beautiful but it was very large. They all thought it had to be at least eight inches long and very thick. And extremely hard.

The girls, who all had an obsession with hard cocks, literally worshipped Mr. Pirelli’s monster dick. He insisted the girl’s call him Don. After the three took turns jacking his rock hard throbbing prick to a monster cum, they couldn’t leave it alone. They took turns taking a long time to clean up the cum and wipe his still firm penis dry. As they cleaned him up a small drop of semen appeared at the tip of his cock and Charli leaned in and licked it off. Then the other two girls touched their tongue to his dick and all three lapped away. His prick responded as expected and this time the girls each took turns sucking his throbbing monster. Even though he had just cum, after five weeks of sucking Mr. Johnson’s cock, they were all talented cocksuckers and it wasn’t long before Don was ready to blow again.

Jill was the one sucking him at the time and she could tell he was on the verge of filling her mouth and throat with jism. And she wanted it. Knowing she could make him cum gave her a huge feeling of accomplishment and power. She jammed a finger up his ass and grabbed his nuts with the other hand as her lips flew up and down the length of his giant prick. She was the only one of the three who had mastered the art of deep throat and she had Don’s cock down her throat as far as it would go. As her head bobbed up and down she felt his body tense up and he grabbed her head with both hands and guided her bobbing head to the exact rhythm he needed to achieve orgasm. She felt his cock pulse as the semen coursed its way up the length of his prick and his balls twitched in her hand. Finally her goal was reached as spurt after powerful spurt of Don’s cum shot down her throat. As fast as the cum came, Jill swallowed and swallowed. For a second she was afraid it was more than she could handle and a bit did squirt out of her mouth. But she managed to take most of the load down her throat. Even after she was sure she had sucked the last drop of semen from Don’s monster cock, she kept on sucking as hard as she could. Finally, Don could take no more and pushed her head off of his dick telling her the sensitivity was more than he could handle.

They lay there together. His still hard prick just inches from her mouth. She slid closer and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his cock. The other two girls leaned in and smothered his cock with kisses.

“Girls,” gasped Don, “I’ve had too many blowjobs to count, but without a doubt that was the best one I’ve ever had in my entire life and it was with a 17-year old kid. And you took my entire prick right to the balls. Where did you learn to suck a dick like that?”

Jill decided not to answer and let him wonder. Amanda said “Mr. Pirelli, we have to get going in order to get home before our parents. We’ve never gotten a guy off twice in one meeting before so we’ve been here longer than usual.”

As the girls got themselves together preparing to leave, Don handed Jill a thousand dollars in cash and said, “I know you girls don’t charge but I want you to have this. It’s the only way I can express what a wonderful experience this has been for me. And you will definitely be hearing from me again.”

The Handy Squad – Chapter 3

The fantasy continues…..

The three girls continued on their “public service,” as they liked to call it, of searching out older single men and giving out free handjobs. Jill, Charli, and Amanda had been super tight friends since grade school and all three had shared every aspect of their life, even their deepest, darkest secrets, with each other. One thing they all agreed on was they were extremely enamored with men’s cocks. Although prior to forming The Handy Squad, they had very little actual contact with a real penis. Which was why The Handy Squad was born.

In just the first few months of the Squad’s existence, they had managed to jerk off an impressive number of older men. Most of whom requested follow-up sessions. The first contact was free and what they considered a public service. But repeat sessions were $200 each. Plus they had a standing weekly get together with a Mr. Johnson who paid them $500 weekly for handjobs and blowjobs.

The girls had discussed about going to the next step with any of these men and allowing actual intercourse. They had decided against it. After all, they were only 17 and the men they were seeing were all 60 and up.

One of the men who they met was Don Pirelli. What they didn’t know when he answered the door of what could literally be considered a mansion, was that the mansion was only a guest house down the street from his real home where he had a complete staff in a really huge estate. He also carried the tile of a Count from his former country. And was fabulously wealthy. The girls were very fortunate to catch him alone at the guest house because if they had knocked on the door of his estate, it would have been answered by one of the staff and they would never have gotten close to the Count.

They did jack him off and that somehow led to Jill giving him what he called the best blowjob of his life. She did have some experience as they all had been sucking off Mr. Johnson for the past five weeks. The Count was so impressed that he gave the girls a thousand dollars and immediately made plans to see them again. However after a couple more sessions with the Count, Jill had become obsessed with his overly large penis. And it wasn’t just the size. She thought it was the best looking cock she had ever seen and had become totally obsessed with it. It was all that she thought about.

She contacted the Count and made arrangements to meet him at the guest house. She was already feeling guilty about not telling the rest of the Handy Squad what she was doing. But she wanted at least one session with the Count’s beautiful cock all to herself. In the last two sessions with him the girls had taken turns jacking him off. He was actually partial to handjobs and his reasoning was he liked viewing his cock being worked over with the hands of the three teens. And he especially got off on seeing his cock spurt streams of cum. If his dick was buried in one of the girl’s mouths, he couldn’t admire his bulging shiny cockhead and couldn’t get off seeing himself ejaculate halfway across the room. And the girls agreed. They also got off seeing him blast a load of cum out of his monster cock.

When Jill arrived at the guest house, the Count wanted to know where her teammates were? She explained that the three of them had agreed that no actual fucking would occur with any of the men they serviced. But she admitted to the Count that she had an all-consuming desire to have his big prick buried deep in her pussy. She told him that’s all she thought about 24/7 and it was driving her crazy. She told him that she’d never been fucked but spent all her waking hours visualizing what it would feel like to have her pussy stretched with the Count’s huge prick.

Don Pirelli was all for the idea. He confessed that he had visions of fucking her ever since he met her. They both shed their clothing and climbed onto the Count’s California King Size bed. His cock was instantly hard and Jill immediately grabbed it, stroked it, kissed it and sucked the bulbous head. The Count liberally coated his throbbing cock with lubricant and also smeared it over the entrance to Jill’s cunt. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. The Count directed the head of his penis to her opening and attempted to enter her. The head finally slid into her followed by about five or six inches of throbbing cock. The head bumped up against her cervix and she winced with the slight pain. He realized that he had to take it easy since she was a virgin. She had already told him that all three of the girls had already destroyed their hymens playing with Amanda’s mother’s large collection of dildoes and vibrators. They had spent hours getting each other off long before they formed The Handy Squad.

Still, it was important to take it somewhat easy with a girl who had never been fucked before. The Count spent the next hour thrusting his hard prick in and out of Jill’s now juicy teen cunt. Anytime he got close to cumming he would back off for a bit or change to a new position. The Count knew every coital position that existed and tried them all out on the willing teen. She turned out to be multi-orgasmic and they both lost count of how many times she came. Finally it was his turn and with an almost animalistic heaving of the two bodies, he felt the cum start to ejaculate from his big cock into the sweet teen’s vagina. They were back in the missionary position and she had her legs locked around him and screamed with ecstasy, and some pain, as she felt the semen splatter against her insides. Finally his thrusts diminished as the last of his orgasm brought him down and the two of them lay there exhausted. After a few minutes she felt his cock slip from her and she reversed her position on the bed and took his wilting penis in her mouth and sucked it clean of her juices and his cum. The combination of the two flavors was very unique and she looked forward to experiencing it many more times.

Jill had been gone for a long time and had to get home. The Count gave her another thousand dollars which sounds like a lot but was pocket change to him. At any given time he carried fifteen to twenty thousand in cash. She took an Uber home and once there, called Charli and Amanda and asked them to come over to her house.

Once all three girls were there, Jill confessed to what she had done. She was afraid they would be mad at her but actually they thought it was great that she took that step. She offered to split the money with them but they said she earned it. But they both now admitted they would like to fuck the Count as, like Jill, they wondered what it would feel like to be penetrated by a cock that large. She told them it was fabulous. She was frankly a bit jealous to share the Count’s cock with her friends but she realized there was no room for jealousy. Because of many factors, her relationship with the Count would never be anything more than sexual so it was only fair that the other girls get their share.

Another meeting was set up for a few days in the future and the three teens hooked up once again with the Count. Jill was surprised that she actually got a sexual thrill, along with some pangs of jealousy, watching the Count’s huge member thrusting into the pussies of her two best friends. The Count fucked Charli first and after a few minutes rest, he assaulted Amanda’s waiting pussy for a second ejaculation.

After both copulations, Jill made it her duty to suck his cock clean of semen and her friend’s vaginal juices. The Count felt bad about not being up to fucking Jill in the time they had left but made up for it by licking and sucking her clit to several screaming orgasms. Jill was on birth control but the other two were not. But the Count had Julie pills available for the girls to take and neither was in what was considered their ovulation periods so the risk of pregnancy was almost non-existent. They made plans for another hookup the following week and the Count promised to fuck all three of them.

The Count handed out another thousand dollars to each of the three girls. As the girls headed home in an Uber they discussed what to do about all the money they were getting. There really was no way to spend it and hide it from their parents. Between the $500 a week Mr. Johnson was giving them and then another $200 a week for a repeat with former sessions, plus the thousand a week each girl was going to be getting from the Count, the total was $3,700 a week. Divided three ways, that was $1,233 a week for each girl. Tax fee. That was almost $65,000 net a year. What to do? Charli came up with opening savings accounts and just saving the money until they were older. With a bit of cleverness they could keep the accounts hidden from their parents and build a nice little nest egg for when they left home and were out on their own.

And realistically, how long could they keep up the pace with The Handy Squad? At some point all the jacking, sucking and fucking was going to get to be too much too handle. But for now, it was sure a lot of fun to play with all of those different hard cocks.


Sandy and Amber

By Spurtz

Sandy and Amber, mother/daughter sexual threesome

Mom and Daughter Get Busy With My Cock

Here’s a story that starts off true and then transforms into how I wish it had turned out.

I met a woman shortly after divorcing my second wife. She flat out told me when we first met that I was too old for her as I was 15 years older. That lasted until the first time we had sex and then she decided maybe I wasn’t too old after all.

The most interesting thing about this woman is she had an 18 year old daughter. Without exaggeration the daughter was without a doubt the best looking girl I had ever seen. Not only a beautiful face but a body to die for. In fact I even discussed with the mom about putting her up for a Playboy Playmate which I have no doubt she would have easily qualified. But the mom had concerns about the attendant notoriety that would come with it.

They lived in a high end condo that had a community pool adjacent to their unit. To make matters worse the daughter was in the pool every day during the summer wearing a string bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Even lounging around the house she was always either in the bikini or often just panties and brassiere. She knew what she had and wasn’t afraid to show it off. I had a constant hard-on anytime I was around her.

I used to stay over at the condo during the weekends. And later even weeknights. The mom was an interior decorator and sometimes had appointments with clients on the weekend. One Saturday the mom, whose name was Sandy, had an early appointment and left before I even got out of bed. I was in the master bath brushing my teeth. I had just stepped out of the shower and was naked. As I stood at the counter brushing my teeth, the daughter, whose name was Amber, suddenly stepped into the bathroom. She was wearing a robe that was open in the front and I could clearly see her luscious naked breasts and pubic hair.

She was totally non-plussed with me being naked and said she had to get something out of the medicine cabinet. She leaned right across in front of me and looked down at my dick and said “Nice cock.” My mind went into overdrive and I figured right away that the pussy was there for the taking. I felt myself getting hard. I also knew she was very competitive with her mother and I also figured that if I fucked her, she would somehow let her mother know.

OK, readers, what you have read so far is all true. And in truth, I didn’t actually do anything. But here’s what could have happened.

“So you like my cock?” I responded. “Would you like to have it buried in that sweet puss?” She reached down and grabbed my dick. “What do you think?” she replied. I tossed my toothbrush into the sink and pushed her into the adjacent bedroom and onto the bed, pulling off her robe on the way down.

I spread those beautiful thighs and buried my face in her bush. My tongue went to work on her clit as I shoved two fingers into her wet cunt. Within seconds she was humping her pussy into my face and screaming, “I’m cumming.” I kept lapping her clit as she writhed around like a wild animal cumming over and over. When things finally died down a bit I moved up onto the bed and slid my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. I fucked her every which way I could think of. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and shoved my dick in as far as it would go and unloaded spurt after spurt of creamy jism into that sweet teen pussy.

We lay there exhausted for some time and then just sort of played with each other. I worshipped those two beautiful teen tits while she lazily stroked my cock. We probably spent close to an hour with foreplay before she asked me, “Are you going to fuck me again?”

I took more time on the second go and at one point I was on top of her with my dick buried in her pussy. She had her legs locked around my back as I slowly pistoned in and out of her sweet cunt. Once again I was on the verge of ejaculation when this loud voice screamed, “What the fuck are you doing?” Mom had arrived home and we hadn’t even heard her. But I couldn’t stop. I was too close to cumming. And Amber locked her legs even tighter around me and said “Keep fucking me.”

Sandy is screaming, “Stop that! Stop that right now!” And I’m pumping away into Amber’s teen pussy like mom isn’t even in the room. My orgasm was one of the best of my life. I’ve always wondered if being caught somehow heightened my orgasm. It seemed like I was never going to stop cumming. But all things come to an end and finally I collapsed onto Amber, totally wiped out. I lay there breathing hard when I felt Sandy grab me and try to pull me off of her daughter.

She successfully rolled me off of Amber and I flopped over on my back with my wet half-hard cock slapping against my stomach. “I can’t believe you were fucking my daughter,” screamed Sandy. “And you, you little bitch,” she screamed at Amber, “You are just a fucking slut.”

“Calm down, mom,” said Amber. “What’s the big deal? We were just having some fun. It’s not the end of the fucking world. I have to listen to the two of you fucking your brains out every night. I wanted some of that cock. And it was great. I loved it. And I want more.” Amber reached over and lightly stroked my cock. Sandy slapped her hand away.

“Get dressed,” Sandy demanded. “We have to talk about this.” We quickly pulled on some clothes and followed Sandy into the living room where we all sat down. “Look, I can understand things getting out of hand and I realize how attractive Amber is. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her. But you two have had your fun and that’s got to be the end of it. Understand?”

We both hung our heads in contrition and mumbled an assent to her question. Sandy stood up and said she had to run to the store and with that she was out the door. Amber and I looked at each other and started pulling our clothes off. Within seconds of Sandy going out the door I had my hard cock buried in that wonderful teen pussy and pumped away to another glorious orgasm.

Things were a little tense around the house that evening but once Sandy and I were in bed we had our usual extended session of fucking and sucking. She never brought up what had happened. The next morning Amber upped the ante by showing up for breakfast totally nude.

“Amber, get some damn clothes on,” demanded Sandy. “Why?” replied Amber. “We’ve all seen each other nude and it’s a lot more comfortable. I think it will be more fun if we are all naked together.”

“Gets my vote,” I said as I pulled my clothes off. Sandy realized she was in the minority and reluctantly shed her clothes. Seeing Amber’s spectacular body already made me erect. I slipped into the kitchen booth to try to hide my excitement. Amber slid into the booth opposite me. Then I felt her bare toes caressing my hard on. She started sliding her toes up and down the length of my prick as Sandy prepared breakfast. I was in sex overload looking across the booth at those magnificent breasts. In an amazingly short time I felt the cum boiling in my balls and proceeded to shoot a load all over Amber’s feet.

Amber swung her body around and extended her cum covered feet out of the booth. “Mom, look, I made John cum with just my toes.”

Sandy was shocked beyond belief. “You two are fucking unbelievable. Clean that stuff off of your feet. And John, grab that box of Kleenex and mop up any cum that’s on the floor. I’m sure not all of it got on Amber. You two have to control yourself.”

“Mom,” said Amber. “We are just having fun. At least I know I am. What’s the problem with getting John off. I know it must feel great for him. Doesn’t it John?”

“Huh, yeah, sure,” I replied weakly.

That little event kind of set the stage for how things went from there. Amber wanted to fuck all the time and I think Sandy just kind of gave up fighting the inevitable. A seminal moment occurred early one morning as Sandy and I lay in bed asleep. I was awakened by feeling a wetness on my cock, which was already sporting morning wood. I woke up to find Amber in bed with us sucking my dick. She was really going to town. She had quickly grown into a world class cocksucker and loved to take a load of my jism down her throat. I saw her reach over and shake her mom awake. What the fuck?, I thought.

Sandy opened her eyes to see her sweet daughter taking my 7” cock down her throat right to the balls. Amber lifted off my dick and said, “I need some help mom, John’s cock is too much for little old me.” She pulled Sandy closer to me and held my cock out to her mom’s waiting mouth. Sandy had no choice other than to engulf my throbbing prick in her mouth and proceeded to take over where her daughter left off. The two of them traded my prick back and forth until I exploded into Sandy’s throat. It gagged her a bit and as she pulled off my prick, Amber wasted no time in popping my cum-covered cock into her mouth and sucking me clean.

From that point on the household turned into a continuing fuckfest. Both women competed for my dick on a near hourly basis. I tried my best to keep up but it was impossible. They drained me of jism every single day. I was getting fucked four or five times every day on the weekends and at least twice a day on weekdays and it was just too much. Thankfully the novelty wore off after a couple of weeks and we settled into a nice routine where I was fucking each one of them about once every day. The women’s monthly periods did interrupt that routine to where I only had to fuck one of them for a few days. But even the twice a day routine was wearing me out.

On a weekday I would arrive from work about 5:30 or 6:00 and immediately jump in the shower. Amber would join me and then we would hit her bed for a glorious fuckfest while mom made dinner. After dinner we would watch some tv and then go to bed and it was then my turn to service Sandy. Sometimes Amber would join us. Also, Amber liked to show off to her mother so occasionally we would have sex in the living room while Sandy was making dinner, watching us flail away. Amber particularly liked to blow me with mom watching and pull my dick out of her mouth and jack me off spraying my cum all over those great tits. Sandy never said anything so I never knew what she thought. I know this sounds crazy but I always felt that Sandy somehow got a kick out of watching Amber perform.

Things did taper off finally to where I probably was fucking each one only three times a week. There was no set pattern so sometimes I would find myself bending Amber over the dining room table fucking her up the ass and as soon as I pulled my dripping cock out of her, there was Sandy wanting her turn.

I did the best I could for about five or six months and finally had to call it quits. Fortunately my job was taking me out of town so I had a valid excuse to put an end to it. It was fun while it lasted but my poor dick could only handle so much.

Sandy and Amber, mother/daughter sexual threesome

Hooters Style Sex

From Wikimedia Commons

by Spurtz

When I was in my early 50’s I moved to an area that had a Hooters restaurant almost within walking distance of my house. I had been to a Hooters before but because it’s a sports bar, it was a bit too loud and noisy for my taste. Sure, the girls were nice to look at but since it’s “look but don’t touch” I lost interest very quickly. And because the majority of the girls are in their 20’s, they probably weren’t interested in some guy 30 years their senior hitting on them.

But I started going to the place near my house mainly because it was very convenient with no other casual restaurants that close. I don’t know if this is typical, but this particular Hooters had a very high percentage of really attractive girls. I quickly zeroed in on one specific girl who not only had the great body one would expect, but was almost too beautiful to be working as a waitress. She was 24 and a full time student at a local college so she only worked evenings and not too many of those. Usually just two or three nights a weeks.

We struck up very nice relationship. Even to the extent that Marisa would text me her weekly schedule so I knew when she was working. I always asked for one of her booths. I usually went early and if the place wasn’t too busy she would sit in the booth and talk to me while my order was being prepared. She was not only beautiful but very intelligent with a great personality. I started working on ideas of how I could get in her pants despite the age difference. One thing that helped was I look ten years younger than I am. So that kind of got me into the age range where somebody her age might possibly consider me as more than a buddy.

I learned that she was quite interested in modern art. I happen to have a fairly large collection of contemporary art. To the extent that my house has no more open wall space for anything new. We talked about it and I showed her some photos and she expressed an interest in seeing my art. The fact that she brought up the idea of coming to my house seemed to be a very positive move. We arranged for her to come by my place about an hour before she was due at work. Not enough time for what I had in mind but it was still a promising start. Getting her on my home ground was a necessary first step

She was very impressed with my art collection and said that the majority of the pieces were the exact type of art that she enjoyed. By the time she came to my place, I had known her for a couple of months and we had developed a very easy and open relationship. I had kidded around with her with some light sexual innuendo and she had kidded back so I felt the door was open.

I asked her if she was open to making a couple of hundred bucks for about 30 minutes of her time. She replied, jokingly, “Who do I have to kill?”

“Nothing that serious,” I replied. “I just want you to watch me jack off.” I had come up with that idea thinking that a sex act that didn’t actively involve her would be the least threatening thing I could do that would hopefully lead to further involvement. As I had hoped, she really didn’t react negatively. She actually laughed a bit and made a joke about it. Then she really surprised the hell out of me. She said, “You don’t have to pay me. I would love to watch you jack off.”

We didn’t have time to do it right then but she said she was working again in two nights and she could come to my place a couple of hours early for the big show. I wasn’t really sure if she was serious or just leading me on. Frankly, it seemed way too good to be true. But I told her ok.

So on the designated evening I took a Viagra an hour before she was supposed to show. I really did not have any problem getting hard but the little blue pill insured super hardness and also staying power in case I needed to do more than just jack off. I really had no real hopes of anything more but you never know. I was also dressed only in a T-shirt and socks so I didn’t need to waste time getting undressed. Plus I thought opening the door with my dick sticking out of the bottom of my T-shirt might get a laugh out of her. She usually found just about everything funny so I thought a half hard naked cock might be amusing.

Hooter's Style Sex, the author's actual penis

Despite my fears of a no show, she did show up right on time. When I opened the door she looked down at my half-hard cock and as I expected, she broke into laughter and said, “Looks like somebody is ready for action.” At that I felt my cock start to grow. I led her into the bedroom and the thought of what was about to happen brought my cock to full hardness. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. The jeans told me access to her pussy probably wasn’t part of the plan. We got onto the bed and I sat up with my back to the headboard and started jacking my cock. She sat down next to me but out of the line of fire. I kept the T-shirt on so I would have a place to shoot my cum onto.

As I pumped my dick, she gave me a bit of running commentary. Stuff like “Jack that big dick. Let me see the cum fly” and so forth. I am quite well-endowed and I know that most women I’ve been with like looking at my dick. And also playing with it. So I asked her if she would like to jack me and she said “Definitely.” So I let her take over. She grabbed my nuts with one hand and gripped my steel hard prick with the other and pumped away.

It didn’t last nearly as long as I wanted but she was doing such a great job that I couldn’t hold off any longer. I told her I was cumming and to just point my cock at my T-shirt covered tummy and chest. She gripped me tighter and sped up the action and I unloaded a huge amount of jism all over myself. Some women drop a cock like a hot potato when the cum starts shooting but Marisa never missed a beat. She just kept jacking me as spurt after spurt streamed out of my dick. Even when it seemed I was done, she kept milking me and drop after drop of semen continued to seep out. Finally I had to ask her to stop because the sensation was way too intense.

“Nice orgasm,” she said. “With lots of cum. But now what are you going to do for me?”

“Get those jeans off and find out,” I replied as I peeled off my cum soaked T-shirt. Which she did very quickly. And I immediately got down between her legs and started lapping, licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit. She was already super wet so I guess watching me cum had really turned her on. On top of everything else she had going for her, her pussy smelled fantastic. I got totally lost in the aroma and really went to town, both finger fucking her and sucking on her clit. I felt her body tense up and she started writhing around as her orgasm hit home. I kept at it and I think she continued to orgasm until finally she went totally limp and was breathing hard. We lay together for several minutes and then she asked if I was ready to go again. I had never lost my hardon. She pulled off her T-shirt and let her bra go as well. Now were both totally naked and I climbed on top of her and slid my stiff dick into a sopping wet pussy and started fucking her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and started fucking me back.

I ended up fucking her in every different position I could think of. Both me on top and then her on top and every variation from there. Because I had already cum once, it took a lot longer for the second one which was just wonderful because fucking her was so damn good, I never wanted it to stop. I asked her if it was ok to cum in her and she said it was and when my orgasm hit, I literally screamed out with the thrill of cumming while looking into her beautiful face.

After it was over we shared the shower where some more after-play took place. She had a really beautiful pair of natural firm tits that I sucked on while she stroked my dick. Then we traded kisses back and forth. She was a great kisser. Sadly we were running out of time because she had to get to work.

This was the beginning of a fabulous fuck buddy relationship. We got together at least twice a week just for marathons of sex. This lasted for a few months until she tied up with a true boyfriend. I was sorry to see her go but knew that our relationship had no real future.

Author’s note: While this story is a fantasy, it’s based on a real Hooter’s waitress who I would give just about anything to have sex with. I’ve jacked off to this fantasy many times. I have several photos of her and get hard just looking at them. She does sit with me when I go there but there is no chance anything sexual will ever take place between us. She’s already in a relationship. With her looks and personality I can’t imagine she wouldn’t be.

Right After Geometry

This short story assumes we’re not quite done with Covid yet, and that society is going to have to make some important changes. Enjoy!

For me, Masturbation Session is right after Geometry. Just like in high schools everywhere, the room is always warm, so its fine taking off everything but our masks. When it first started, I was a little concerned about the boys, and the other girls, seeing my floppy breasts, but I eventually got over it. Especially since Georgette’s breasts are floppier than mine.

I’m as horny a kid as the others, most of the time. But like everyone, I have my days when I really don’t want to rub my vagina. I just do some homework on my Chromebook or something.

On this particular day, I was especially horny. I had an orgasm as I watched Jerome, the tall boy next to me squirt cum on his belly. He knew I was watching, so he made a real show of grunting and arching his back.

Still horny, I turned my attention to Kyle, on my left. He’s a real dreamboat! He was wanking away, and something naughty just came over me. I scooted my mat over, reached out, and replaced his hand with mine. I just wrapped my fingers around his penis. His expression was pure joy. The teacher, not so much! Of course she saw me. I was in so much trouble!

In the principal’s office, she told me that the whole reason for Masturbation Class was to keep our horniness under control. By masturbating, we relieve some pressure so we don’t act in incorrect ways out of horniness. Mostly, it works quite well. There has been less teen pregnancy. Fewer cases of STDs. Even less drinking and drugs. And, most important, fewer violations of social distancing.

Like everyone, I knew all that. It’s been drilled into us for five years, since this Covid-19 thing started. And what had I done? It wasn’t that I touched Kyle’s penis. It was that I got right next to him.

Well, I got detention for a week. I guess I won’t do that again!

Post-Pandemic History Class

By 2040, the world was much different than it had been only twenty years before. As you may have read, the great pandemics starting in 2020 eventually took ten percent of the world’s population. True decimation. It wasn’t until about 2032 that scientists discovered how to permanently prevent any more pandemics. What I’m discussing today is the major changes in social norms that took place post-pandemics. This whole business of public masturbation in particular.

No doubt you know about the huge shift in economy. Personally, I think the biggest single factor was the finding by scientists at the University of Rochester Medical School that clothing was one of the biggest carriers of the virus. Sure, it was airborne, and could live on surfaces. At first, science thought it was hard surfaces like tabletops and coins. But no, cloth was actually the worst offender.

Science started advocating nudity. Well, not at first. At first, they let us know that washing machines and clothes dryers were not adequate for killing viruses. They then suggested that people turn up the heat and wear less clothing in homes and offices, and while shopping.

The brother and sister team Jenelle and Jeremy Watson of Sex270.com, who had long been outspoken advocates of masturbation, started suggesting people wear absolutely nothing, as often as possible. They also suggested masturbating in public. Their suggestion for nudity caught on. It took a few more years before public masturbation became commonplace.

At first, in the major cities, especially Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, you’d see the occasional individual with nothing but a face mask, and some even without that.

Within a year, by 2028, you’d seldom see anyone with clothing on a warm day. That became the new norm. And of course, within homes, families pretty much never wore clothing any more. That too, was a huge hit on the economy, since clothing sales fell off to nothing. Of course we all know how the financial system recovered. The governments just kept printing more money. They called the monthly payments, “stimulus checks.” At first there were just occasional stimulus checks. Eventually they became scheduled. Everyone said that putting more cash into circulation like that would cause massive inflation. It happened, but never to the degree everyone expected. The economists forgot to take into account how symbolic money actually is. It’s not anchored in anything real, so why not make as much as needed?

Then, around 2033, just about the time the pandemics were finally over, when you’d think people would start putting clothing back on, it didn’t happen. They stayed naked. Furthermore, they were partying in the streets. Literally. Sections of major downtown avenues were blocked off and made into naked pedestrian promenades. Restaurants dragged tables into the streets, and every evening, the streets filled with happy, naked people.

How happy, you may ask? It started with erections. Men were no longer afraid to allow their penises to harden in public. At first, just like typical nude beaches not many years before the pandemics, having a hardon in public was generally a no-no. Oh, people said it was ‘natural,’ it was ‘OK’ but guys were still very reluctant to be seen with erections. Now, it was totally normal. Then they, and the women, too, started wanking. It became absolutely ordinary to see people sitting in chairs or lounging on the lawn in public parks, having conversations with each other while jerking off.

And that takes us to today. Looking around the classroom, I see three of you are wearing little decorative bits. The rest are as naked as the day you were born, just as I am. I see Cindy and Jason are fondling themselves, lightly wanking, during the lecture. I used to worry about that. I was almost offended, thinking my students weren’t paying attention, but as I’m sure you’ve heard many times, research has shown that when people do that while learning, it actually helps them retain the information.

Oh, time’s up for today class. We’ll pick this up where we left off tomorrow. Meantime, read section seventeen on the history site so you’ll be prepared for tomorrow’s little quiz on the Post-Pandemic Period.

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Showing Everyone

demonstrating XMO, Extended Male Orgasm

This story is not quite true, but based on real events.

Stephen Millbrae wrote a book called “XMO – eXtended Male Orgasm.” How that figures into this story I’ll tell you shortly.

My parents ran a ramshackle little movie theater specializing in obscure documentaries. It didn’t make a fortune, but it was enough to pay for my sister’s college and mine.

I’ve always enjoyed being seen. Since my early teens, from time to time, I’d get up on the little stage in front of the screen to introduce the documentaries. So, I went into drama. I was planning to be an actor.

It was in college that I met my wife. I used to joke that I saw her anus before I ever saw her face. It’s not quite true. The first time I saw her, she was fully clothed, and it was her face I saw.

You see, the filmmaking department often had little movie projects, and needed drama students to be the actors. Being college students, it was important that the film be risque, of course. So, I auditioned and got the supporting actor role. My wife-to-be, Anne, got the lead role.

There was one scene in which we were to be having intercourse doggie style. On film, we would be shown only from the shoulders up, or at a distance, or partially obscured by furniture, but we did have to be fully naked to film the scene.

For some reason, probably because everyone involved was so excited, it was decided to shoot that sex scene first. There were way more people than necessary on the set. The other actors, grips, camera crew, and a whole bunch of people I didn’t recognize. That was OK by me. I was terribly thrilled to be seen by so many people. Maybe it would have been better filming an ordinary scene, not naked, but whatever, right?

We didn’t actually fuck. Instead, I fucked the air below Anne’s pussy with my erect penis. Thinking back on it, I think it would have been OK to do the real thing, but we didn’t really know how far we could go with such a thing.

After college, Anne and I moved to Los Angeles, and tried to get into the movie business. We also talked of New York, possibly getting into Broadway. As you can guess, neither happened. Just about the time we were becoming depressed with my Uber driving and her waitressing, the phone rang.

My parents had been in a car accident. My dad died right away, my mom hung on three days, then succumbed to her injuries.

My sister, who had become a veterinarian in Oregon said she didn’t want any part of the theater, and suggested that Anne and I run it. We talked about it, and under the circumstances, it seemed just right. I already knew the business, like how to find the documentaries, how to do the books, how to replace the projector bulb, and so on. So we packed our few belongings and moved up to Santa Rosa. My sister inherited the house, and charged us a reasonable amount of rent. I inherited the theater. It was a 1,000 square-foot building with 110 assorted sofas, recliners and chairs, three projectors, and not much else. Two of the projectors were monstrous antique things that were too big to remove and junk. The modern one hooked up to a laptop to display the videos.

Anne and I figured we might turn it into dinner theater, and we’d be the principal actors. It never happened. In order to remain profitable, we kept showing the goofy documentaries.

Ten years later, Anne and I and our twin nine-year-old daughters woke to a tremendous fright. We quickly threw our valuables into the car, and had to leave town. The whole place was burning up. In the end, like thousands of other people, our home had burned to the ground. So did the theater.

A month later found the four of us along with our cat, living in a borrowed run-down motorhome in a remote northern California town called Dunsmuir. The little bit of money we had was just about gone. I got on the laptop every day, the one that we used to hook to the projector, looking for jobs for Anne and I. At this point, any job would do. We decided that whoever got a job first would take it, and the other one would stay home, in the motorhome, to take care of the kids. It turns out that a master’s in theater arts isn’t much good in the job market. Anne and I were getting desperate.

I came across a gig that required someone to demonstrate a health technique. I wrote saying that both my wife and I were theater graduates. I included pictures of myself and Anne. Stephen Millbrae wrote back saying my wife wouldn’t do at all, but he might be interested in speaking with me on the phone. Would I send a photo?

That was curious. I figured if anyone, it would be my wife he was interested in. I’m not bad looking, but she’s a super hot chick.

He called, explaining the position. It was absolutely shocking, even to me, a closeted exhibitionist, who was once in a college production involving nudity. I understood why he wasn’t interested in Anne.

His book XMO, was all about a technique that lets a man have very long orgasms. He was almost a zealot about all the reasons masturbation is good for people and for society. You know, it prevents STDs, reduces unwanted pregnancies, requires less money, driving and time than dating, allows people to live calmer, less-horny lives, and even lowers blood pressure. His technique ‘kept men happy and out of trouble,’ as he called it.

I’m no rocket scientist, but I figured out right away that whatever this job was, it had something to do with XMO. He explained that he was planning a book tour, or more of a traveling show really, and needed someone to model the technique. He was actually willing to pay quite well.

There were downsides, however. Three or four days of every week, I’d be away from the girls. I’d make the long drive to the airport. He and I would fly into a town, do our demonstration, then return home. Was this simply too crazy? It would involve more than nudity. I’d actually he orgasming in front of crowds of people. Oh, it would all be very clinical, but still! On the other hand, the thought of it was also absolutely exciting.

I talked it over with Anne. She’s always been a bit of a rebel. She sees things differently than the typical American, and I love her for it. She was all gung-ho. This would give her what she wanted most – to stay home and take care of our daughters. She thought that I’d really enjoy this business with Stephen, however it turned out. Explaining to me that it was entirely legal, she eased my fears, and very much encouraged me to audition for Stephen.

He paid for the round trip to Chicago. I showed up all nervous and jerky. He put me at ease right away. He was a short, gray-haired, rotund man, with a disarming personality and smile. We chatted a bit, then he said, “Dress in this,” handing me an opulent purple bathrobe. Right in front of him, I stripped naked and put on the robe.

Almost immediately, he had me take off the robe and get on a massage table, laying face up. My penis was soft as a noodle. He asked whether I had read his book. I sheepishly admitted I hadn’t. I had been afraid to spend the $10 to buy the Kindle edition. I briefly explained about our money problems since the fire that burned down Santa Rosa.

I thought he’d be upset. Instead he said, “Well, then, you’re in for a treat!”

He approached the massage table, and started ever so lightly touching my scrotum the underside of my limp penis. I wasn’t particularly freaked out. I had touched a dick or two and had been touched in high school. It felt more like a doctor’s examination. However, his super-light touching of my frenulum made my penis jump a little bit, and in no time, I was fully erect. I believe the exhibitionist in me was loving showing my hard cock to this old man. Strange, I know, but true.

Then he started in on his technique, letting me know that it doesn’t work for everyone every time, but he was hoping for the best. Soon I was having that ‘gonna cum’ feeling.

Just as I was about to squirt, he pinched my peehole firmly closed with his other hand while continuing the technique. It didn’t hurt as my orgasm started. He continued his motions. I was in full blown orgasm, but nothing was coming out of my penis. He was holding it inside. The orgasmic contractions continued and continued. I had never, ever, felt anything like it. There was a wonderful internal pressure as my urethra tried to compress the trapped fluid inside. This was beyond amazing! He continued holding my peehole closed with one hand, while continuing his work with the other hand, and the orgasm just kept going and going. I was in heaven.

Finally he slowed down, and let go of my penis. A pretty good amount of cum spurted out. It had never hurt a bit, and felt amazing all the way through. Even the afterglow was fantastic. Yes, ‘afterglow’ is what I call it. When I finally stood up, my legs were all wobbly, and I was still in some kind of shocked bliss. The effect lasted to a small degree all afternoon.

He smiled and asked whether I had any questions. I had a million but somehow couldn’t voice a single one. He then said as long as I was willing to remove my crotch hair, I had the job.

I was fine with that. It seems without the hair, I’d be more seen than ever. I was elated to have the job. Not only for the money, but to be actually doing something. And not just anything, but something truly meaningful.

He explained the details of the job, then probably due to my story about being burned out of home and business, he wrote me a $3,000 advance check right on the spot.

Our first show was in New York City. Only twelve people showed up. Stephen explained his technique, answered questions, signed a few books, then introduced me ‘an illustrious documentarian from Santa Rosa, California,’ which made me smile. I opened the purple robe I had been wearing, climbed on the table, and went to work. I was already half-erect, just due to the dozen people watching me so intently. Stephen worked his magic, and sure enough, I was in continuous orgasm for several minutes. He asked me to spread my legs so my feet were dangling off the table, then pointed out to the small crowd that they could see the area just under my balls in continuous spasm. He invited people to reach in and touch my perennial area to feel for themselves. It was all so clinical, and yet that excited me even more, and the orgasm continued.

I went home, and told the whole thing, blow by blow, to my wife. Her eyes glowed with enthusiasm for me. She was so happy about the whole arrangement. She, in turn told me about the girls and how they were doing.

The shows continued and soon were huge sold out crowds in large theaters. Some of the venues were so large that cameras were focused on my crotch and projected onto large screens so everyone could see the details.

Sometimes, I wasn’t in the mood or whatever, and so we’d switch roles. I’d do the technique to Stephen. The shows continued until the coronavirus epidemic. I don’t know what we’re going to do next, but I think we’ll continue when we can. Meanwhile, Anne, the kids, and I are living off the royalties of my own book, a memoir, “Demonstrating XMO.”

Advanced Exam

Advanced masturbation educator exam handjob

“Welcome Mr. Washington.”

“You can call me Jamal.”

“OK, Jamal. I’ll be your examiner. My name is George. George Lewis.”

“And this is your assistant examiner, Amy, who also happens to be my sister.”

“Hi Jamal.”

“You will be scored not only on technique and skill, but also on affability. So, smile and have a good time.”

“How could I not?” [He laughs.]

“Are you nervous?”

“Only a little.”

“Go ahead and disrobe.”

Jamal takes off his clothes, folding them neatly on a nearby chair. He then climbs onto the massage table.

“You’ve already passed the first part of the test. The speed and ease of which you achieve an erection. We’ve had several men in here who actually have trouble getting hard at first.”

“The next test is of your erection itself. Amy will feel your penis for stiffness.”

Amy puts her hands on Jamal’s penis, squeezing and bending slightly, and reports that it is fully firm and erect.

“Now we get on to one of the more difficult parts. We want you to demonstrate several dry orgasms. Amy will put her fingertips between your anus and scrotum, so she can feel your contractions. Go ahead and begin.”

Jamal starts stroking his penis. It takes two or three minutes, as expected, but soon his prostate and urethra are spasming as he is in orgasm. He is quite skilled at the technique, and remains in orgasm for quite a while without ejaculating.

“Excellent,” Amy reports.

“Here comes the most difficult part of the test. This is where most men fail, Jamal. Are you ready?”

“You mean the drip test?”

“Precisely, Jamal. We want you to release a single drop of semen.”

Jamal returns to stroking his penis. The process takes several minutes. George and Amy can see his face contorting, his body tensing and his labored breathing. He is obviously in and out of high orgasm. Finally, a small amount of semen appears at the tip of his penis, amounting to two or three drips, but no more.

“Wonderful!” George exclaims.

“Now, we’ll wait awhile until your penis starts to soften, then you can bring it back up, and take yourself to full ejaculation.”

George, Amy, and Jamal engage in small talk for a while.

“Ok, go ahead and jerk off.”

Once again Jamal starts stroking, and his penis gets fully erect in short order. He continues and finally has a full ejaculation.

Amy wipes the semen off his belly, then grabs his penis with one hand, and starts rubbing the palm of her hand over the tip of his penis with the other.

Jamal is in intense tickle. Not pain, but a very difficult feeling to accommodate, especially after having just ejaculated. He squirms, he moans, his face is all contorted, but he does not try to get away.

As this treatment continues, George explains that this final test is crucial. Occasionally, Jamal may be in a situation where he ejaculates too soon, but will have to continue working after ejaculation. If he can withstand Amy’s glans rubbing, he will have passed the final test.

Amy continues, seemingly forever. In fact, it is about five minutes during which Jamal’s penis stays hard. Jamal has been feeling intensity beyond belief, but the wildness starts to settle down, and now becomes more like a feeling that he needs to urinate. Amy continues, and Jamal does indeed start leaking out spurts of urine. This is expected, and has no bearing on the outcome of the examination.

Finally, Jamal’s penis softens, and Amy steps away from the table.

George makes a final note on the clipboard and with a big smile announces that Jamal has passed the test with flying colors. Jamal is now a certified advanced masturbation instructor.


About 40 years ago, someone in my church got up in front of everyone and complained that Sundays had become more about showing off clothing than being good Christians. She said everyone in the congregation was trying to out-dress everyone else. Evidently this woman was a respected elder, because people took her seriously.

One thing led to another, and in time, it became the practice for everyone to strip off all their clothing, and place it on the pews next to themselves as soon as they arrived. It is said that we are presenting ourselves as God made us.

For the longest time, I thought this was normal. Didn’t people everywhere strip in church?

I really like Sunday worship. I’m even in the choir. So is Willie. Wilhelmena is her real name, but we call her Willie. I really like her. I have even imagined marrying her. Oh, there are plenty of skinny, tall, blond girls, but I like Willie. who is not skinny, tall or blond. We always smile at each other, and we’ve had some long conversations at school when we could.

Sometimes at home, I imagine doing things with Willie with her big floppy tits, and pretty big ass, and I jerk off like crazy.

So, last week, I was there, in the choir, facing the whole congregation as always. I looked over at Willie, and noticed she had shaved her crotch hair. That little black patch was gone, revealing a little slit, with just the hint of her inner labia sticking out. Many in the congregation, men and women, remove the hair from their genital areas, but this was the first time I had seen Willie that way since we were little kids.

My mind immediately went to immoral places, and the next thing you know, I felt an erection coming on. This was terrible! One does not get erections in church! I willed it to go down with all my might, but it wasn’t obeying. Within a minute, I was fully erect, right there in front of everyone. I wished I was taller so I could have been in the back row. I wished I had a big patch of crotch hair to hide behind, but no, there was no escaping my condition.

I imagined the whole congregation shaming me. Maybe even laughing at me. I was mortified. It was that mortification that my erection go down a couple of minutes later.

On the drive home, I was expecting to catch heck from my parents. There’s no way they didn’t see it. I’d probably get teased by George, my little brother. But, not a word from anyone.

It’s been a week now, and no one has said anything, not even Willie. It’s kind of spooky. Tomorrow, I’ve got to sing in the choir again. I’m so afraid…

Beach Town

I love this California coastal community. I chose it not only for the weather and the beach, but because of the laws regarding nudity. Actually, there are no laws about nudity. That’s the point.

Perhaps because I was brought up by very conservative Christian parents, I’m a bit of a rebel. But not without a cause. I’ve noticed how screwed up modern society is about nudity and sexuality, especially in America, I’ve decided to do a little something about it. I mean, if people could be more balanced, there’d be less sexual frustration, fewer unwanted pregnancies, and less STDs. Our psychology would be better overall. Maybe I could help in a small way by being an example of balanced nudity and sexuality.

Now, there are some who are ‘pure’ nudists. They wouldn’t even dare mention ‘nudity’ and ‘sexuality’ in the same sentence. They claim they’re just in it for sun-worshipping, or skinny dipping, or volleyball. They’re lying. Or, they’re struggling against their own nature. There’s no way to totally separate nudity and sexuality, and there’s no reason.

So, it’s Saturday morning a little before 8am. It’s warm. I go out to the garage and make sure my bike’s tires are full and the brakes work. I turn on the blinking safety lights. I’ve got my shoes on, and I put on my helmet. Did I mention that I’m otherwise naked? And, a bit erect, too. This business of riding my bike nude in public excites me. Even scares me a bit. But, I’ve got to do it, right?

So I start off. Two blocks to the bike path that runs parallel to the beach and about a quarter-mile inland. During the two blocks, most motorists I encounter don’t even register that I’m nude. However, I do get a couple of double-takes. On the bike path, I pass about six people on bikes going the other way. By now, my penis is fully erect, sticking straight up and out from the bike seat. It’s not a big dick, but I’m rather proud of it, especially that it’s so erect.

As I pass the various bicyclists, some are shocked, some are ambivalent, a couple say “Hi.” At least two of them know me, and call out my name. They are very good at acting cool.

I arrive at the pickleball park where we have six courts. I’m the first player there. Figuring I’ll put my shorts on in a while, I start hitting some balls, practicing my dropshots and serves. Carol shows up. I’m a bit embarrassed. I probably should have put my shorts and T-shirt on already. She’s quite conservative, so there’s no telling what she’s going to do. She glances downward right at my junk for a second, laughs, and says, “Way to go Jake.”

I muttered something about not thinking anyone was going to be here this early, and hastily went over to my bike, grabbed my clothes, and put them on. I had visions of playing pickleball with the others naked all day, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. Oh well.

Bryan arrives, and so the three of us start hitting the pickleballs around. Then Catherine arrives. Another conservative lady. Good thing I had dressed, I figured. The four of us are talking, and to my embarrassment, Carol tells the others that I was naked when they got there. Now, why did she have to go and do that?

Bryan says, “Wow Jake, I wish I could be that bold.”

Cool. He was good with it. Then conservative old Catherine pipes in, “Bryan, you could be so bold,” receiving quizzical looks from us. “I mean, it’s going to be a hot day. If you want to be clothes-free, it’s alright by me.”

Quitely, in almost a mutter, Carol adds, “Me too.”

Brian is totally red-faced. He’s embarrassed. Why? It isn’t anything anyone said. He must be thinking something that’s doing that to him. After a long pause, he simply says, “Really?”

Three of us, almost in unison, say “Really.”

Brian turns to me, “I will if you will.”

“I will!” I practically shout.

Looking intently at each other, Brian and I start taking our clothes off. I was very concerned that he’d back out at any moment. He was probably thinking the same thing about me. It didn’t happen. Neither of us backed out, and in a minute, we were both as naked as the day we were born. Well, not quite, We both had our shoes and socks on. His penis was a bit puffy, but not erect. I was soft.

Unexpectedly, Carol turned to Catherine, and asked, “Well?” No words were needed. Soon, the two women were out of their clothes too. I was rather surprised to see Carol naked. She’s not exactly in great physical shape. You’d think she may have been ashamed or something. I was proud of her, seeing her flabby self all naked like that. I noticed that she shaved her vagina. ‘So, she’s got a sex life after all,’ I was thinking.

As we started playing naked pickleball, more people showed up at the park. A half-hour later, about half of the players were starkers (other than their shoes, of course), and the other half were clothed. I noticed with humor that the clothed people stuck to themselves, and were on the far three courts. I was so proud of what I had set off, even though it started out so clunky.

Nudity to me is not only about being seen, it’s about seeing. Oh, the things the pure nudists enjoy are good too, like getting an overall tan and so on, but for me, there’s no distinct line between nudity and sexuality.

One of the things I enjoy seeing most is a female anus, especially when I’m not supposed to see it. If a woman makes a point of spreading her ass cheeks and showing me her anus, I’m pleased. But if I come across a woman on a beach or somewhere who is bending over, or somehow her asshole is exposed, I’m instantly horny. With guys, not so much. I know theroretically, they’re the same thing, but I female asshole really sends me, and a guy’s doesn’t generally do much.

Oh, I’m not a homophobic prude. I’ve wanked with guys and all that. Even played with blowjobs a bit. But that’s just the way it is. Show me an unexpected female anus, and I’m zonked! And that’s just what happened. Catherine leaned over to pick up a ball, and I got a clear and open shot of her pretty, pink anus surrounded by a darker circle about two inches in diameter, with its slight radial wrinkles leading to the center.

An erection started to occur in front of me, and there was nothing I could do about it. What could I do? I just kept playing pickleball.

Catherine joked, “You’re happy to see me.”

I quickly shot back, not particularly intelligently, “I guess I am.”

To my surprise, Carol pointed out that she was ‘aroused’ also, by pinching one of her own nipples, and saying, “Look, me too.”

At the end of the game, as the four of us met at the net, then walked around the net poles to switch sides, Carol briefly wrapped her fingers around my still hard cock, and whispered. “More later, if you wish.”

I immediately answered, “I wish.” She may have been heavyset and ten years older than me, but I wasn’t complaining.

Meanwhile, Brian was alternately sporting wood or softening back up every few minutes, and I noticed that he and Catherine were talking to each other too quitely for Carol and I to hear on our side of the net.

After we were done playing, Brian came over and said that all four of us were invited to his house later today for ‘tea.’ We all instantly accepted.

The tide was low, so I rode back home along the beach. It’s a straight two miles, an easy ride. Being a seaglass collector, I took my time picking up the odd piece or two. There were at least a hundred people along the beach, but most took no notice of a naked guy on the bike. While not technically a nude beach, nudity is not unheard of there. About three-quarters of the way home, I stopped, walked my bike over to the dunes just east of the beach itself, found a secluded spot, laid down in the sand, and edged very nicely for a while, while looking forward to and thinking about the four of us getting together that afternoon for ‘tea.’ I’m proud to say I didn’t let myself ejaculate, wanting to maintain a good mood for our get-together, but I did let myself have several dry orgasms.

[Note from Jeremy: That business about dry orgasms is something I’ve been teaching for a while. I believe all men can learn to do it, but it’s not easy. Takes lots of practice. The idea is your bring yourself close to the edge, then back off or stop for a moment, before continuing. That’s called ‘edging,’ and with that, you can delay an orgasm for a long time. However, if you bring yourself right to the edge, then stop or reduce, but only for a second or two, and then resume, you can eventually teach yourself to be in an actual orgasmic state, contractions and all, without ejaculating, or with mini-ejaculations, typically consisting of only one drop of jizz. That’s the trick: It’s just like edging, but you don’t stop but for the briefest when you get close, so you don’t lose what you have built up. You can do it endlessly, although most guys usually fall over the edge after a couple of orgasms and end up fully ejaculating. More about dry orgasms]

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