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My Brother Laramy

I’ve always been interested in all things sexual. It started before I can remember, but by the time I was fifteen not only was I masturbating at least twice a day, but I was always on the internet, looking for new information about sex.

I had figured out early on that I didn’t want to fuck. Too problematic in many ways. For three years after opportunities started coming my way (pun intended), I was still technically a virgin. However, in my early years, I had all sorts of objects stuck in any place they can be stuck, by both guys and girls. And, of course, I’ve been not only the stuckee, but the stucker, also.

But back to when I was fifteen. I had read that some women can orgasm from anal stimulation. I had already experienced clitoral and vaginal orgasms – plenty of them. All by myself, however. I hadn’t yet done anything with anyone else. It almost happened with this girl I know, but she geeked out at the last moment, so we didn’t even kiss.

The more I thought about the idea of orgasming from anal stimulation, the more I knew I had to try it. Oh, I had pressed a finger into my own butt, and sometimes an object or two. While enjoyable, nothing brought me close to orgasming. I started to realize I needed someone to help me out. I just couldn’t get it right by myself. But who?

The idea of my 13-year old brother came to mine. He’s a lovely kid, and would do any reasonable thing I asked. but no. Too crazy, right?

Well, you know how it is. An idea builds in your mind, and like a bulldog with a bone, you won’t let it go. So, feeling all sheepish and silly, and hell, downright embarrassed, I asked him.

“You want me to do what? You’ve gotta be kidding,” he ejaculated – in the old-fashioned use of the word. He was a late developer. I was pretty sure he couldn’t ejaculate yet, in the more modern use of the word.

I’m sure my face turned red. Now I felt like an idiot asking him to finger my ass.

Then he surprised me by saying in a bright, enthusiastic voice, “You bet!”

We got naked. It wasn’t like we hadn’t seen each other naked before, but that was like 8 years ago, when I was seven and he was five.

I was so horned up already, but then seeing him, with hairless little boner all hard and sticking straight out, well, I orgasmed, and I hadn’t even touched myself. It’s a good thing I’m a multi-orgasmic girl. From what I had read, not all women are like me. Some cum once, then like the boys I’d read about, they are totally done.

Now Laramy, my brother announced, “I can cum, you wanna see?” as he immediately started stroking his penis.

“Wait,” I practically yelled. I knew if he came he might lose interest in doing anything with me. I explained why I wanted him to wait, and he stopped. But he didn’t stop looking at my breasts. He was just staring, almost drooling like a fool. I was rather proud of my boobs, even though I was hoping they hadn’t fully grown in yet. They hadn’t reached that stage where they fold over and lay against my chest. I didn’t know if they would ever get that big or not. At the moment, they were really just bumps with little pink nipples on them.

On that occasion, Laramy did indeed cum, but it was like two little clear drips that seemed like water, or clear piss. I put my finger on one of the drips on his tummy, and it was kind of sticky, so I guess it was truly cum.

That was the first of many sexual explorations. He and I eventually became quite oral. There’s nothing like a dick in your mouth from a guy that you really and truly trust. Then, when that guy turns around and licks your clit, sucking your inner labia into his mouth, well, call it “Heaven!” We sometimes did 69, sucking each other at the same time, but more often, we’d take turns so we could more fully get the experience.

Around age seventeen, I met a guy named Ken. He and I hit it off. It wasn’t long before we were sexual. Oh, I know, but look, we were careful, always using condoms. As I’m sure all adult women know, the fulfilling feeling of a penis in your cunt can’t be beat, right?

The only problem with Ken was that Laramy became sort of jealous. Well, not quite that. He just missed our sessions together. Fortunately for Lar, that didn’t last long. One day Ken mentioned an interest in bisexuality. It took me like one second to figure I should set up something with Ken, Laramy, and me.

Fast forward ten years. My breasts never grew bigger. Oh, they’re OK, but they don’t flop down like I think I would have enjoyed. I’m still with Ken. Can you believe it? Laramy, Ken and I did fully play several times. A couple of times, in front of Ken’s delighted eyes, I did actually get fucked by my brother. Even in the ass one time. Always with condoms of course.

However, it didn’t last. It was inevitable that Lar would meet a girl. In fact. He’s been a serial monogamist for the past several years, but has totally lost interest in playing with Ken and his sister. Oh, well. Ken and I know how to have a good time with each other, and some other people we’ve met. But all that’s for another story.

Confessions of a High School Cum Queen

By Spurtz

Confessions of a high school cum queen

This first person story was related to me by a gal I dated for a few months. She was in her mid-thirties when I dated her and her sexual interests had substantially expanded beyond handjobs by then. Here’s Stacey’s story:

When I was about 13 I started taking an interest in what was hidden in a boy’s pants. There was Johnny, a boy down the street who I played with quite a lot. He was 14. We spent a lot of time together but nothing of a sexual nature ever came up. Until one fateful day. Somehow we got on the subject of the differences between male and female genitalia. I don’t even remember how we got there.

After much discussion he asked me if I had ever seen a dick. I had never seen a real penis and this was before the internet so I hadn’t even seen a photo or a video of one. We had a sex ed class in school and one of the upper classmen had shown me a text book that had a drawing of a flaccid one but it wasn’t anything special.

After I told Johnny that I had never seen one, he asked if I would like to see his. Hell, yes, I wanted to see it. And I told him so. We were playing cards at his parent’s home. They were not home from work yet. And wouldn’t be for another hour or so.

Johnny unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his jockey shorts down to his knees. His dick was a very unimpressive little shriveled up thing with some tufts of hair around it. His wrinkled little balls were equally uninteresting. He could tell by the look on my face that I was disappointed.

“Wait,” he said. “You need to see it hard.” He started pulling on it and before my eyes I saw it get bigger and bigger. I think subconsciously I knew something about hard-ons but seeing it actually happen in front of my eyes was quite exciting. I didn’t realize it at the time but I later learned that for a 14 year old, Johnny actually had a pretty impressive dick. In fact, to my virgin eyes I thought it was huge. It was probably five inches long when it got fully hard and fairly thick. He kept stroking it up and down and the head had a pink glow to it. I was in love. I felt a tingling in my pussy as I stared at Johnny’s hard penis. I really wanted to touch it. I had never been accused of being shy so I blurted out “Let me do that for you.” And reached over and grabbed his dick and started what I later learned was “jerking him off.”

It felt so good in my hand that I didn’t want to stop. I could tell by the look on his face that I was providing him a lot of pleasure. He whispered, “Tighter, faster,” and I tightened my grip and sped up my strokes. “When it cums, don’t stop,” he cried. I didn’t know what that meant but I figured whatever happened, I would just keep pumping him.

“Oh, Stacey,” he groaned, “I’m cumming!” And with that, streams of white juice started spurting from the tip of his cock. I was amazed by what I was seeing but also terrifically turned on. I really loved seeing his jism rocketing out of his cock.
After Johnny finished shooting I kept on jerking his cock just like he told me until I guess it got too sensitive and he asked me to stop. As he was cleaning up all the cum he told me he had learned to jack himself off about two years ago but only had been shooting some cum for about six months. He told me what a great feeling it was to cum.

After that first experience I started jacking Johnny off three or four times a week. I would have been happy to stroke his cock every day but it wasn’t always possible. However, some days, if we had the time, I would jack him off four or five times. By the time I was 15 I had jacked his cock too many times to count. He had wanted to fuck me and although I was tempted, my mom had driven the thought into my brain that it was too risky and I might be pregnant. And frankly, I had developed the ability to have orgasms just from jacking off Johnny’s nice prick.

I started dating when I was 15 which opened up all new opportunities for me. With every guy I dated I couldn’t wait to get his dick out of his pants and jack him off. Most guys were a bit shocked at how eager I was to pump their dicks dry. It would usually happen after some heavy necking and the boy’s cock would be like a bar of iron when I felt it through his pants. I would just come right out and tell them to get it out, that I wanted to see it. They were always very happy to oblige. That’s when I learned that dicks came in all sizes and shapes. Most of the guys were circumcised which I generally preferred but I also liked the variety of having a foreskin to play with sometimes.

My favorite thing to do, of course, was watch them spurt. I quickly learned that once I started jacking a guy’s dick, I was totally in charge. When I got them close to cumming, I’m sure they had a fleeting thought about what to do when the jism started spurting. But by that time they didn’t care. I knew, of course, that most of the time a giant mess was about to occur. Some guys came a lot more than others. But I loved the mess. I got off on seeing a big load of jism spurt out of the guy’s cock. I always made it a point to make sure that most of it shot up all over his front and coated whatever he was wearing with layers of semen. It got me off to wonder how they would explain being covered in cum stains when they got home.

Unfortunately I could only get away with that once with the same boy. The next time I jerked him off he would be prepared. But shooting his load into a cloth or tissues really spoiled it for me because I wanted to see the cum fly. Sometimes if we were parked in a really secluded area I would get the boy out of the car and stand outside and jerk him off standing up. He would shoot his load onto the grass and hopefully there was enough moonlight that I could see the streams of jism jetting out of his penis.

I also enjoyed doing cleanup on the boy’s cock. I always had some tissues with me and there was something really erotic about holding a half hard penis and carefully wiping any excess semen from it. And if the guy had a foreskin, I would roll it back and there was always some stray cum hidden there. By my senior year I had advanced to sucking the boy’s cock clean. I wasn’t big on giving head, however. Mainly because I wanted to see that hard cock while I stroked it and also get a good view of semen spraying everywhere. I couldn’t do that with the dick in my mouth.

As I became more adept at giving hand jobs I came up with other little tricks to enhance the boy’s orgasm. My thinking was that the more intense the orgasm, that more cum would be produced. And I really got off on big cum loads.

One of my tricks was to lube up my middle finger and shove it up the boy’s ass while jacking his cock. The first time I did it, the kid was really shocked but quickly learned to love it. I would pump my finger in and out as I stroked his cock and just as he was about to cum, I would quickly pull out my finger, which I was told made the orgasm even stronger and would usually produce strong multiple jets of creamy semen.

Another thing I would do is grab the guy’s nuts. Not actually his nuts because that would hurt but I would wrap my hand around his nut sack just below his cock but above his nuts. I could squeeze that area as hard as I wanted without hurting my partner. When I did that it would pull the skin super tight over his nuts and sometimes I would lick his balls as I jacked him off. I learned to let go before he came because gripping his sack too tightly would cut off the flow of jism and I sure didn’t want that to happen.

My interest in ass-play led to one other thing that I did that got my boys really turned on and produced massive cumshots. I would have them get down on all fours. The sight of their cock and balls dangling between their legs was a real turn-on for me. I would reach between their legs and grab their hard penis and stroke it while I tongued their assholes. My teen partners could hardly believe I would do that but they all admitted it felt fantastic. I didn’t do it too often because my main enjoyment was seeing hard cocks spurting out big cum loads and when I was licking their assholes, my view of their cock was non-existent.

I was especially turned on by cockheads. I loved the silky skin that is unlike any skin found anywhere else on the human body. Maybe a bit like lips. When I got a guy really hard, the skin would get stretched super tight on the head of his cock and literally gave off a shiny glow. I loved to run the tips of my fingers all over the head. I had also learned how super sensitive the area on the shaft just below the head was. I found that I could hold the guy’s cock in one hand and rub my fingers up and down on that area called the frenulum and actually make the guy cum. I loved the way their bodies would start jerking spasmodically as their orgasm approached. Sometimes I had a difficult time holding onto their cock. Then I would feel the shaft start to pulse and then streams of that wonderful white juice would start to shoot. Some guys were more dribblers than shooters and I would never give them a second go. I liked to see my cum spurting out, the farther, the better. Johnny, my first, was also my best shooter. Sometimes after edging him for as long as possible, I would finally allow him to cum and omigod the jism would rocket out of his dick and fly out four or five feet.

There is one experience that I had that I frequently think about and wish I could do again. George, a senior in our high school who I frequently jacked off, was from a rich family who lived in a huge house. His parents were out of town for the weekend and he invited me to the house to spend some time together doing you know what. I had a better idea. He had several close schoolmates, all of whom I had previously jacked off. I suggested he invite them over as well. He didn’t like that idea too much but I said if he wanted me to get him off, he had to do it. He wanted to know what I planned and I said he would find out.

At the appointed time four of his friends showed up and I told all five of them to get their cocks out because I was going to jack all of them off. The boys all stripped down knowing what was waiting for them. I proceeding to start with George and I had his big cock shooting streams of semen in no time. The other four were stroking their hard cocks watching me get George off. Then I worked my way through all four and before I knew it, I was back to George again who was hard as a rock. By the time the afternoon was over I had jacked off every one of them three times and after the four left, I gave George another handjob. Not much cum came out but he said it still felt incredible to get off four times. I was in heaven with all those erect cocks waving around. He wanted me to help mop up the cum that was all over the marble floor but I made him do it. I loved the control I had over guys. They would do anything I asked.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the word got around school that I liked to give handjobs. As a result I ended up jacking off just about every guy in the school at least once. Probably 200 different dicks. I enjoyed the variety. It almost seemed that no two dicks were the same. I constantly had guys pestering me for dates. A few guys I took a special interest in and would go out with them many times. It was usually the best cummers that I favored, but I also went back for repeats with some of the guys with the biggest dicks because they were especially fun to jack off.

The girls at school of course hated me and constantly spread stories about me. I didn’t care as long as I had more cocks to play with. I don’t know how it happened but in my senior year I was voted “Most Popular,” despite being universally hated by the girls. I’m guessing that every boy voted for me and the girls split their votes among several others which allowed me to win.

I had my own secret award that I called “Best Cock.” I made up a paper certificate in art class and awarded it to Johnny. He was not only my first cock but overall he was the best. He graduated a year ahead of me so I had to give him the award while I was still a Junior. His dick had grown a bit more and by the time he graduated he had a solid 7-1/2” long and very thick cock. And as a special reward, I also gave him my first blowjob and also let him take my cherry.

We went steady for a few years and he was ok with me giving the occasional handjob to some of the guys we knew. Sometimes he would watch while I jerked a guy off. The guys knew it means nothing to me other than another cock to play with. They were happy just to get an expert handjob, even when Johnny was sitting there watching and playing with his own cock. After I finished with the guy, I would jack Johnny off to a massive cum while the other guy watched. I still see Johnny once in a while although he’s married now. Sometimes we meet up in a dark bar we both like and I will jack him off under the table. The bar’s owner never says anything about the mess we make because I jack him off a few time a month to keep him happy.


Me and The Musician

sexual story, me and the musician

I work for a famous musician. If you know anything about music, you know who he is. I won’t blow his cover but you can probably guess.

I plan to be a singer. A great singer. I have the skill, the love of music, and I’ve already composed a tune or two, or a few dozen. [She laughs.]

But being skilled in music, and successful are two different things. So, in my spare time, I reading about publicity and advertising of all things. While the occasional musician has made it by luck, or being in the right place in time, I know that knowing about business is going to give me a big advantage.

My mom also added her own sage advice for another advantage: Get next to the people who are already successful in the industry.

When I heard this guy, let’s call him George, was looking for a PA – personal assistant, I applied. To my amazement, I actually got the job. The only thing that was a bit troubling is that George warned me before I took the job that I’d be around a lot of sex. “Crazy sex” he called it. Frankly, I didn’t really understand what that might mean, and I probably should have run from George immediately. But I was terribly excited by the idea.

George is well-known for being a single playboy. So, I figured maybe I’d stumble in on him while fucking the occasional groupie or something. It occurred to me he might be interested in me in a sexual way. Oddly, I didn’t hate the idea.

My first week was at his home and office. I thought he might want to come on to me. To want sex with me right away. Part of me knew how wrong that would be. Part of me rather liked the idea, naughty though it would be.

What’s weird is that he didn’t come on to me at all. He just treated me like one of the guys. I supposed it was because he could have as much sex as he wanted with all his groupies. But I also started to build a complex. Why wasn’t he interested in me? Was I ugly? What was going on?

He and the band are frequently traveling. He has quite a few people coming and going in his life. All kinds of managers, service people, relatives, and a non-stop bunch of groupies always trying to get next to him. That’s part of my job, keeping them away. I felt kind of privileged, I’m kind of a George groupie myself, and I know all about him, now. I had inside information.

So, the first thing is he’s not shy. What successful musician is? But it comes out in weird ways. I have indeed stumbled in on him while he’s fucking someone. In fact, sometimes I’m invited. Oh, not to have sex, but to bring them breakfast, or adjust something in the room, or discuss travel plans. Sometimes it freaks his women out, to be naked, sometimes even in the throes of sex, and have me come into the room, but they deal with it.

I was delighted the first time to see him fucking a long-haired blond girl on a tour. I don’t know if she was a friend, groupie, or just what. We left town in the morning, and I haven’t seen her since.

However, I was shocked when I saw him in bed with Jerome, another member of the band. They were giving each other handjobs. I didn’t see that coming. To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with that, but still…

But on most evenings, he’s alone, other than me. He’ll have me do silly things, like draw a bath – like he couldn’t do that himself. Oh well, I guess it makes him happy to be waited on, hand and foot. He pays me well, so I’m not going to complain.

As to music, he’s heard me sing. He was very complimentary. At one point, I was able to explain to him that one reason I took the job was to get as close as I could to the music industry, and to be noticed by the people who could potentially make my career. He was fine with that. He has offered to help me in any way he can, but nothing specific has come from that, yet.

So, back to the part you want to hear about. It started a couple of weeks in. We were on tour, which is no small thing. He has three big buses for him, the band, and all the support personnel. It must cost him a fortune. On top of that, mostly, his people don’t even sleep in the buses. They stay in hotels. Nice, expensive hotels. I know, I’m the one who books them.

We were in a hotel, and I drew him a bath. As he was soaking he yelled for me to come in the bathroom. He wanted to talk about some detail. I forget, something about the lighting at the next day’s venue. I came in, and sat on the closed toilet while we talked. The thing was, he had an erection, and he was stroking it as if I wasn’t even there!

He didn’t cum while we talked, but I was just flabbergasted that he would do that. In fact, even though he’s an older guy, I masturbated myself to sleep that night just basking in the notion of his boldness. I wish I could just rub my pussy in front of people like that. Wouldn’t it be something?

Things evolved. Seeing him in his solo sexual joy became more common. He’d walk around a hotel or the house, or sometimes his tour bus with an unabashed erection. I’d pick up his wadded up, cum filled Kleenexes all the time. Sometimes, I’d see him cum right there in front of me.

One day, I asked whether I was part of his masturbatory fantasy. I don’t know what came over me, I just asked and was immediately embarrassed for saying that.

He said, “Yes, and no.”

I didn’t know what to make of that. He said, he’s imagined me naked and wondered what my nipples look like, but he doesn’t want to fuck me or anything like that.

That was all it took. I immediately pulled my T-shirt and bra off, and showed him what my tits look like. He just reached out, and ever so gently touched my right nipple. He kept just lightly moving his fingertips against my hardening nipple.

I knew I had entered insane territory when I backed away to remove the rest of my clothing.

“You shave,” he said in a sort of hoarse whisper.

“Yes, I started doing it after seeing you hairless down there. I find it somehow liberating.”

“I know what you mean,” he laughed.

Now, my pussy was so wet that a drip of girl juice was working its way down one leg.

“Come here” he beckoned, and we walked to a back bedroom where he has a massage table set up.

I thought he’d want me to give him a blowjob or something, but it was the opposite. He wanted to give me one. He bent down and started licking my clit with his tongue. I orgasmed all too soon. I asked whether he wanted me to do him. He said, “Some other time.” Then he said “Goodnight” and walked out of the room with his unattended erection waving in front of him.

Since that time, he and I have done much more. I never realized that being anally fucked by a hard, pulsing penis could be so incredible. A month ago, one of those trashy magazines came out with a picture of me and George on the cover, with the headline, “George’s New Squeeze?” I’m not sure how I feel about that, but when my dad saw it and asked, I said, “Oh, yes, George and I.”

Here’s the weird thing, of which I’m just bursting with joy, A couple of days ago, George said three little words that have me imagining a great future. “You’re the one.”

Relieved – Unintentional Lesbian Action

Relieved, unintentional lesbian action

I was masturbating in by dorm one afternoon while my roommate was at a class, and I started freaking out. I was putting my finger in my vagina, and just doing that thing where one rubs her g-spot. I started noticing the inner wall of my vagina was feeling granular, kind of rough-like. I hadn’t noticed that before. I started to think it wasn’t normal, like there was something terribly wrong with me.

When Cheryl came back from her class, I was just busting to find out whether this was normal, or whether I had a big problem. At the same time, it was a very private and embarrassing matter. But who else to ask about it?

I asked her to sit on her bed while I explained my discovery, which of course involved admitting that I masturbated in the room when she wasn’t there. I’m sure I was red in the face as I stammered out the details. I asked whether that internal texture is normal. She replied that she didn’t think so, but didn’t really know.

Calm as a cucumber, she said that when she puts a finger in her vagina, it seems smooth. This was a big admission on her part, if you ask me. I mean, who matter-of-factly tells her roommate about feeling inside their own vagina?

Cheryl could see that I was still worried. “I know it’s weird, but do you want me to feel inside there, and let you know?”

I didn’t like the idea, not one bit, but it was better than worrying all evening. Maybe not getting any sleep. Maybe worrying for days, and then having to see a doctor about it? Was I going crazy? Maybe. In any case, I had to find out about this problem.

“Ok” I said in a small voice.

“Really?” she responded. Was her voice a bit shaky?

It took us a couple awkward moments while we figured out exactly what to do. Both of us were trying to keep it entirely clinical. Like, a roommate putting her finger in a girl’s puss is no big deal, right?

She had me get naked on the bed. Why entirely naked, I don’t know, but I didn’t fight it. She then sat on the edge of the bed, got some oil on her finger, and pushed it slowly, ever so slowly, into my vagina. It probably felt good, but I was still too freaked out to notice. It was my first experience ever with having someone inside me. I had never been to a gynecologist, and my regular doctor never did anything of that sort except check my breasts for lumps.

She pressed all around on my front vagina wall before she finally announced, “So far as I can tell, it’s just like mine.”

I wasn’t convinced. She could see that. She then said, “Here, why don’t you feel inside me, and see if it’s the same?”

I was reluctant, but I figured it would give me the answer, once and for all.

She got naked. Even in my current agitated state, I noticed how beautiful Cheryl is. I put oil on my index finger, and plunged slowly into her. It was the first time ever I had put my finger in another woman’s vagina. Anyway, I did feel around, and sure enough, she had the same texture inside.

I was so fucking relieved!

I kept my finger in Cheryl longer than necessary, for some reason. Actually, I know the reason. Somehow, it felt very, very nice to be doing this with Cheryl. I loved the feeling of her warm, inner canal. The way it surrounded my whole finger.

But of course enough is enough. It was time to pull out, before she started thinking I was… what? Lesbian or something? Figuring it might be shocking to just pull out all at once, I started pulling my finger out very slowly.

“No, wait!” she almost yelled, continuing with, “I have to tell you, that feels absolutely remarkable! Will you please keep your finger in me for a moment?”

I was all for it. First I held still, then I started rubbing that magic spot. Cheryl was literally shaking, jittering on the bed. She started moaning softly, then it hit. She had a giant orgasm!

After a minute of recovery, she got up, and told me to take her place on the bed. She put her finger back in me, and gave me a shattering orgasm the same way.

Then, the unthinkable happened. She climbed into the little bed with me, kissed me long and hard and hugged me until we fell asleep together.

Working For Mr. Thompson

Working for Mr. Thompson, strange, free and complete erotic memoir

I work for [a large company – name hidden]. I’m the PA – personal assistant to Mr. Thompson [not his real name]. He’s the president of the company. I keep thinking of him as a former president of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, because he looks a little like him. He’s 69 years old, and like LBJ, has a Texas accent.

I did a little reading up on LBJ, and it seems he was a bit of an exhibitionist, inviting reporters and cabinet members into the bathroom while he peed, and he had a strange shower with high-pressure jets at waist height installed. That shower cost the US taxpayers $10,000, and that was in 1963 money. He liked to point to his penis and tell everyone to notice how big it was. That’s the truth! Who knows how crazy he was? Or maybe, everyone should be free to be crazy like that. That’s just the parts of his life that have been reported. By the way, when Richard Nixon took over, he had the shower removed immediately.

Now Mr. Thompson isn’t really like LBJ, but he certainly has his own weirdnesses. Most are totally, publicly acceptable. Like, he eats meat only once a week.

When I went to work for him, I was thrilled. I’d have an inside view of the company, because one day, I hope to build something big myself. As I started working for Mr. Thompson, I became closer to him. I mean, at first it was just managing scheduling at the office. Then he gave me a raise, and started expecting me to work late, sometimes having me ride home in his limousine with him, taking notes and talking about work. Then his driver would take me back to the headquarters so I could pick up my car and head home. Mr. Thompson let me come in late, so it’s not like he was a slave-driver.

Pretty soon, I was coming into his house and doing more work there. He’d offer drinks, even snacks or dinner. We’d talk shop. All was fine.

One day, he asked if he could get more comfortable, and removed his shoes and socks. I thought it was slightly weird, but well within reasonable parameters. His house was rather warm. I took off my sweater. He said I had nice breasts, which I took as nothing more than an off-beat compliment.

The next time I was there, he had his shoes and socks off again, then his shirt. The old fellow was actually topless in front of me. But it was his own house of course. I mentioned to his cook when I was alone with her in the kitchen that I felt it was weird how he was topless. She said, “Honey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

And, my gosh was she right! Time went on. The old goof took off his pants, prancing around in nothing but his underwear a month later. I have to say, he was pretty darn fit for a guy almost seventy years old. At one point, I could swear I saw his penis being erect in his underwear. I didn’t say anything.

In the same way a frog doesn’t jump out of a point in which the water gets hotter and hotter, I really didn’t notice that his underwear turned into bikini briefs, and finally, it wasn’t all that shocking that one day, when I came over to sort through some pictures of commercial buildings with him, that he was stark naked. I’ll never be able to explain why, maybe it was a solidarity thing, like Patty Hurst, but I started dressing skimpier and skimpier myself, matching his early moves by removing my shoes, and even down to my bra at his house.

He has a full-time handyman. I think the guy lives there in a back cottage or something. One day I happened to glance out in he back yard, and there was Paul, naked as you please, scooping leaves out of the pool.

Now, I should tell you that Mr. Thompson has always been the perfect gentleman. And other than nudity, I’ve seen nothing ‘naughty’ with his household workers. Other than that one compliment about my breasts being ‘nice’ months before, he’s never said or even hinted at the slightest thing out of line with me. But, the nudity has continued to evolve. He has no qualms about sporting an erection in my presence. Well, I guess that’s understandable, since I’ve taken to being entirely naked. It was Natalie, the cook that did it. When I came in the kitchen one time and saw her all starkers, everything became clear. This was a nut-house! But a nice, well-mannered nut-house! So, when in Rome…

Now, on about twelve occasions, Mr. Thompson has literally masturbated in front of me. We’ll be talking business – he always talks business. You’ve never seen a man who is so business-oriented. Maybe that’s why he never remarried. But while we’re talking he be rubbing that penis of his, and sometimes I’ll even see him ejaculate. He pulls a Kleenex out of a box, wipes up, and acts like it’s just normal. Like eating a hamburger. I, on the other hand, am going crazy. I so want to masturbate right along with him, but haven’t quite managed to bring myself to that point yet.

I did talk more with Natalie, and she didn’t come right out and say it, but she did make it pretty clear that I’m welcome to go as far as I want sexually, and that she, and other members of the staff have ‘done some things with Mr. Thompson,’ whatever that means.

She Loves Peehole Tonguing

She loves peehole tonguing

I’m kind of a weird case, I suppose. I just love it when someone will get me all sexually excited, so my inner labia loosen up, and then they can try to stick their tongue into my peehole. Of course, they can only get in a few millimeters, but I love when they try. Within short order, I’ll orgasm. And not only that, I’ll cum over and over again, sometimes for like five minutes.

I have had a couple of mild infections from this, but they itch or sting a little bit for a couple of days, then they go away.

It doesn’t matter who does it. It can be a male or female, young or old, fat or thin. No matter what, I just love it!

For some of my friends with whom I’ve done this, I’ll reciprocate. It’s the men more than women who like their peeholes tongued. I love a hard penis just a little way in my mouth, and then there I am jamming my tongue into their peehole. Sometimes with men, I’ll feel sudden resistance, as my tongue is pushed out by the flow of cum.

For fun a couple of times, I tried blocking the cum in a man’s urethra with my tongue. The cum always gets out anyway, but the guys seem to particularly enjoy that.

Yes, I’ll swallow. I guess it doesn’t taste especially nice, but I rather enjoy it anyway. I’m sure you know this, but there’s quite a difference from one man to another. Some have cum that tastes bitter, some salty, some almost sweet.

I do enjoy putting my tongue in the occasional woman who will let me do that also. I have induced some to involuntarily pee. No, I don’t swallow that! I have brought many to orgasms. Here’s the interesting part: Most women will refuse to have their peeholes licked, but once they acquiesce, they want it every time after.

The Art of Sucking a Cock

The Art of Sucking A Cock

By Ariana, submitted by Spurtz

Let me give you some quick background on me. All my friends tease me about my name because I look just like Ariana Grande, and Ariana is my given name. I took art in school and when I was a Junior in college I met an older gentleman who I was super attracted to. Older men don’t usually interest me but this guy was hot. Turned out he was the senior partner in one of NYC’s major art galleries. I was a budding contemporary artist but had never sold anything. But Frank saw something in my art that up to then, nobody else had. He fed me some money for larger canvases and told me to produce as many paintings as possible over the next few months.

The Art of Sucking A Cock

Frank staged a major showing of my art in his gallery and promoted me as the next big thing in contemporary abstract art. I guess buyers of art need to be told what’s collectible. Frank put some unbelievable pricing on my stuff and I walked away with over $100K after his commissions. Quite a take for a 20 year old. I dropped out of school and devoted 100% of my time to painting. You probably saw the article in Time Magazine about me which basically allowed me to double the prices on my art. I’m now probably the richest cocksucker in New York. Or maybe the U.S. The world?

I think I was about 12 or 13 when I first was aware that girls put a man’s cock in their mouth. The idea horrified me. Guys pee out of that thing! Why would any woman want to put it in her mouth?

I carried that attitude for the next several years. When I started dating at 15 I had some experiences with boy’s hard-ons. I would be kissing a guy and he would place my hand on the outside of his pants for me to feel his hard cock. That was fun and I played along with it. Then about the third guy I dated was a real kisser. He really had me worked up and one time when we were parked in a secluded area and he was frantically shoving his tongue down my throat, I heard his zipper go down. He placed my hand on his erect penis. I gripped it. It might have been my imagination but I felt that thing throbbing in my hand.

I looked down and there was enough light that I could clearly see the inflamed head of his cock. I was intrigued by how tight and shiny the skin looked on it. For some crazy reason I had an overwhelming desire to put my mouth on it even though I had never, ever had even the tiniest thought about ever sucking a boy’s dick. I leaned over and slid my lips over the velvet head of his cock. I was amazed how hard it was, almost like it had a bone inside. Yet soft on the outside. The cockhead had a spongy feel in my mouth that I really loved. I knew nothing about sucking a cock but some basic instinct took over and I began to move my head up and down and sucked for dear life. Now this kid was about 16 and had likely never experienced anything like what I was doing to him and in a remarkably short time….disappointingly short for me….I felt his body tense up and his hands clamped my head tight to his body and he filled my mouth with cum. I really wish that it had lasted much longer before he came because the feeling of his erect prick sliding past my lips was a huge turn-on.

The taste was not that great and my immediate reaction was to open the car door, lean out and spit the jizz onto the ground. But I didn’t do that. I was aware that women swallowed an ejaculation and although my original reaction to that idea was one of disgust, I took a couple of big swallows and down it went. My partner sat there in total disbelief. First, that I had sucked him off and made him cum, and secondly, that I had swallowed his load. I immediately became some kind of sex goddess in his mind.

After I got home I wondered what had come over me and made me want to suck his cock. But all humans are born with a very strong desire to suck. That’s how babies keep alive. They suck. And I guess that desire to suck stays with you. Both women and men. But a percentage of those women and men are never able to put that desire to suck into actually performing the act.

Some women can never get past the idea that it’s a dirty act and might spend their whole lives without ever going down on a cock. And a bigger percentage of men never do it for fear of being labeled as gay even though they may have a strong desire to try it. And many perfectly straight men do end up trying it and loving it. Men can suck each other’s cock as a sex act, not a love act, and it really is not a homosexual experience.

After that first young boy, I went on to suck many cocks because I loved the feeling of a hard prick in my mouth. I particularly got off on the consistency and the look and feel of the glans, or cockhead. When soft it has a very spongy feel which mostly goes away once it’s fully hard. I also find it interesting that the type of skin found on the head of a cock is unlike any other skin on the human body. At least as far as I can tell. The color of the glans can vary among men. I like it when it has a deep purple color to it but sort of shading to red when it’s really hard. And I like the way the coronal ridge has a darker hue to it. In case you haven’t figured it out, I really like cocks.

As they say, practice makes perfect, and I became a very proficient cocksucker. Unfortunately the word got around in high school and I was quite popular. Literally every guy in school wanted to date me but I was very selective in who I dated.

I developed a keen sense of exactly what I wanted in a boy’s cock. Sometimes during an initial make-out session I would feel the boy’s hard cock through his pants and if it was too small or too big, nothing more would happen, to the boy’s bitter disappointment. Sometimes I might not really be sure feeling it through his pants and would get it out for a closer look. If I got that far and the dick really wasn’t what I wanted, I would usually go ahead and at least jack the guy off. Really small dicks did not interest me and although a big cock could be fun to play with and admire, they really weren’t suitable to be sucked and less so to be fucked. I didn’t do much fucking in high school. Although what little I did was totally enjoyable, I always preferred to suck a guy off.

But I also enjoyed jacking guys off. I liked it when a guy had a foreskin that I could peel back and see the cockhead sort of pop out. I usually didn’t need lube with an uncut cock although it didn’t hurt to apply some. Cut cocks always jacked better with lube. Many times I would start out with a guy just playing with his cock. It was fun to start with one that was totally flaccid although with my younger partners they were usually at least half hard by the time I got it out of their pants. But it’s fun to start with a soft dick and work it to full hardness applying some lube along the way. Always best to use a nicely flavored lube because at some point that cock was going in my mouth and I wanted it to taste good.

My preference was an average sized dick in the 6” range and somewhat thick. But a really big dick was too difficult to get in my mouth and after a short period of vigorous sucking my jaw would start to hurt. And fucking a guy with an 8” or more cock was just too painful. Not that I ever saw very many that large. Something like less than 2% of the male population has a cock over 8-inches long and I can really only remember one guy who was hung that large. And I did try to fuck him just to see what it would feel like but I didn’t enjoy it.

The Art of Sucking A Cock

Once the cock is out and fully hard, I usually give it a close exam while giving the guy compliments on what a great cock he has, never taking my eyes off of his prick. Guys love having their cock worshipped and I really didn’t need to pretend, as I really did worship cocks.

One trick that I like to do when I am going down on a guy is alternate between sucking and actually kissing his prick. I have had guys tell me that experiencing me plant a nice wet kiss on the tip of their cock is way more erotic than me sucking him. Obviously sucking is more tactile and can result in ejaculation, but isn’t, I guess, as romantic as having their hard penis kissed. So I’ve kissed a lot of cocks in my lifetime.

And speaking of a hard penis, it really annoys me when a guy can’t get rock hard. I know that there can be many reasons why a guy can’t get hard, but subconsciously, I read it as a rejection of my appeal. It’s my duty to make his cock hard and if it isn’t, then I’ve obviously failed and I don’t like that. And there are varying degrees of hardness. While most guy can get adequately hard, at least hard enough to satisfy me, there are a few who, I swear to god, their cocks are like a bar of steel. I love that. I had one lover who was about 30 years old (as was I at the time) whose cock stuck almost straight up and was unbelievably hard. Just for grins I would grab it and try to pull it down and it was impossible to do so. If a date couldn’t get hard to my satisfaction I would immediately move on.

My favorite sensation while sucking a cock is when my lips slide down over that satiny head and kind of pop over the coronal ridge onto the shaft. Making that transition from the head to the shaft is a very sensuous moment for me. I really like guys with an oversized glans that allow my lips to slide over the ridge onto the cock shaft. Although I prefer circumcised cocks, I’m fine with uncut ones as well, as long as the foreskin will slide all the way back and expose the head. In fact there is something very erotic about sliding my lips over the uncovered head and down the shaft and meeting the bunched up foreskin. That’s really hot. But I’ve experienced a small percentage of uncut guys whose foreskin is too tight and won’t retract. It’s no fun sucking a cockhead that’s covered in skin. Why don’t these guys get that fixed? It’s a very simple procedure to fix it.

As most of you probably know, the man’s frenulum and the coronal ridge are the most sensitive areas of the guy’s cock. Sometimes I just like to make a guy cum by licking his frenulum and not even sucking it. Licking and just sucking the head and the frenulum area can be a lot of fun and guy’s love it too. Generally I do jack the shaft while doing the licking.

I know some women get off on playing with a guy’s balls. Sucking and fondling them. I don’t dislike it and I do it because I know guys love it. But my main interest is the guy’s cock.

I mentioned earlier that on my first blowjob I wanted to spit out the cum, but didn’t. Over the years I have learned to love a cum load in my mouth or down my throat. I can’t say that I’m addicted to the taste. I’m not. But I don’t mind it. I get a huge degree of satisfaction making a guy cum from sucking his cock. And my reward for that accomplishment is shot after shot of hot semen shooting into my mouth and down my throat. And I love swallowing that cum. And to cap off the experience there is always some additional cum left on the cock shaft or even on the head after the guy blows his load, and the icing on the cake for me is to finish off cleaning him up with my tongue and lips. And I can usually milk a few remaining drops of semen onto my tongue after he’s finished cumming. Guys love this and so do I.

The reason it’s important to me to swallow rather than spit, as many women do, is to me, spitting is a rejection of the man’s reward to you for sucking him off. Swallowing his cum is a confirmation to the man that you totally accepted his offering. Some women will suck a guy’s cock and when he’s close to cumming, they pull off and finish him off by hand or let him do it. To me, that’s a total rejection of the act you just performed. A blowjob should only be finished one way. And that’s having the man’s penis unload his cum offering into your mouth and you swallow it down. And then lick or suck him clean.

I’ve done a few threesomes with a couple of guys and of course sucking both cocks at the same time is always an important part of the session for me. In every threesome I’ve done I’ve attempted to get both cocks in my mouth at the same time. While this isn’t actually very practical, it’s just something I want to do because of my love for hard cocks in my mouth. Of course the size of the two cocks is an important factor of how successful it might be. Two fat cocks are an impossibility. I haven’t actually had a case where I couldn’t get both cocks in, but a couple of times it was tight. Doing anything more than sucking the heads is not possible. No sucking up and down as my mouth is just too full for any movement. Plus there isn’t much stimulation for the guys because typically their two frenulums, that super sensitive spot under the heads, are pressed together with no friction. I did have one guy ejaculate while his and another guy’s cocks were in my mouth but he was just overly excited by the whole scene. That was kind of fun but a bit messy since it was hard to swallow.

Another thing I learned early on, and this was from seeing it done in a video online, is sliding a finger up my partner’s asshole while blowing him. A little lube on a finger usually allows easy penetration and gently sliding it in and out while sucking him off provides a heightened sensation for him. I also learned through experience that swiftly pulling it out just as the guy cums greatly enhances the orgasm. Fun stuff.

Also through experience over time I have gotten quite good at deepthroating a cock. I can now take most guy’s cocks down my throat right to the balls. I think the biggest dick I’ve totally deep throated was about 7-1/2 inches. It was a struggle but I did it. It took me quite a bit of practice to work past the gag reflex. It’s not easy. But I took it as a challenge. I had seen videos of other women taking really big cocks right to the balls and figured if they could do it, so could I. And as an additional treat, although quite difficult, when I have taken the entire cock as far as it will go, my tongue flicks out and licks the guy’s balls. Every once in a while, the guy I’m deep throating will grab my head and hold my lips tight to his balls and empty his load right down my throat. This is another whole experience. There is a moment of fear for a few seconds that I might choke or not be able to breathe, but then I feel the semen shooting down my throat and I get an incredible feeling of exhilaration that I’ve given my partner a world class blowjob.

I love sucking cock so much that I would give myself several orgasms while going down on a guy. As a result, I usually never needed to be fucked or sucked although from time to time I did enjoy having a hard prick rammed up my cunt or having a guy go down on me and suck my clit until I came again and again. I am multi-orgasmic and not exaggerating, but in most of my sessions just sucking a cock, I probably had five or six orgasms without even touching my clit although I did frequently frig myself while sucking dick to speed things along.

I’m afraid that my desire to suck cocks has turned me into a bit of a slut. I’ve met guys at a party and snuck off into a bedroom for a quick blowjob never to see them again or even know their names. I’ve sucked off some of my women friends’ boyfriends or husbands. Sometimes secretly and other times with their full knowledge and approval. I had one close girlfriend who always complained to me that her husband was constantly bugging her for blowjobs but she hated doing it. I can’t recall the details of the discussion but we’d had a few drinks and I think I offered to suck him off if she wanted. In our drunken state she thought it was a good idea. I told her I would only do it if she was present in the room. She agreed.

I went to their house and it was necessary for everybody to have a few drinks because in a sober state, it didn’t seem like that great of an idea. At least to her and me. Her husband thought it was a great idea. He and I got naked and I proceeded to give the guy a world class blowjob while his wife watched in stunned silence. I managed to make it last for a good thirty or forty minutes. I even tongued his asshole while jerking his very large cock. In fact he had a really nice prick and I thoroughly enjoyed sucking him right to the balls. When he ultimately orgasmed, it was literally one of the largest cumloads I had ever taken. The cum actually squirted out both sides of my mouth as I greedily tried to swallow it down.

After it was over his wife told me it was the hottest thing she had ever seen in her life and she demanded that her husband fuck her right then. He was able to get it up and ended up fucking both of us because watching the two of them fuck got me pretty turned on as well.

The positive thing about this session was her seeing me suck him off changed her attitude about giving blowjobs. The crazy thing is she asked me to teach her all my tricks which I was happy to do. One thing led to another and we used her husband as the live action subject of my blowjob lessons. I would show her a particular trick I used on his cock as the example and then she would mimic what I showed her. The three of us developed a really strong relationship during these lessons and quite frequently after she became very proficient at sucking his cock, they would invite me over to give him what I called a “demo” blowjob. As much as she came to love sucking his cock, there were always a few times he wanted to be sucked off and she wasn’t in the mood. My phone would ring and I would show up and give him a world class blowjob. She always watched and without fail it always led to her wanting to get fucked. And me too. After our get togethers became a regular thing, she started calling him “Mr. Lucky.”


Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Shortly after she turned 18, my daughter, Cheri, came to me with a concern that brought tears to my eyes.

Along with her father and brother, our family has always had a trusting and loving relationship. So, it was easy for her to bring up concerns, even things of a sexual nature.

A week ago, she casually reported at dinner that she was no longer a virgin. Her father almost chocked, then smiled. We waited for more details, but we sort of knew.

Cheri had been in love with a young guy named Keith since 10th grade. Last week, after considerable discussion and planning, they had their first sex.

My husband asked whether she used protection.

In a slightly annoyed voice, she said, “Of course, Dad.”

Meanwhile, her brother just sat there and smiled.

That was the end of the discussion, until yesterday. Her father was away setting up another franchise. Her brother was back in college. So that left only Cheri and I in the house.

We were just talking about this and that, when suddenly, she said, “Mom, I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm.”

My first thought was a bit cynical. I was thinking, ‘If you don’t think you’ve ever had an orgasm, you haven’t.’ A person would know.

My next thought is when tears came to my eyes. My poor girl has never had an orgasm. She should have been enjoying them since twelve or thirteen years old.

You know how you feel as a parent when your child comes home with a D in math? Like, you failed as a parent, right? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about my Cheri not having enjoyed orgasms all this time.

We started discussing the details. I felt honored that she’d share such deep information with me. At one point, she said the word “fuck,” and hesitated looking at me, expecting some sort of reproach. I said it was totally OK to use ‘ordinary’ language with me. I told her I wasn’t a prude, and insinuated that I had my own rather wild adventures at her age.

Evidently, with Keith, she felt very fulfilled when he put a penis in her for the first time in her life. She said there was no pain, so I guess her hymen was broken. This whole thing about virgin girls – geez. Very few virgins actually have hymen issues, right? But she didn’t orgasm, either. He did. Almost right away.

I asked whether he masturbated her or licked her afterward, but being a young male, he didn’t even recognize that she may have an unfulfilled need.

Cheri summarized by letting me know that she enjoyed the feeling of a dick forcing her vaginal canal open, but that was it. It sounded more sensual than sexual to me.

I explained that most women do not have orgasms from vaginal sex. I went on to say that an experienced boyfriend would have done something specially for her afterward.

“So you mean, that if a girl is licked or her clit is rubbed, she is likely to have an orgasm?”

“Well, yes, usually. However there are some women, even some older than me, who have never orgasmed. I doubt you are one of those, however. You just haven’t had the right experiences yet.”

I asked her whether she had ever tried masturbating.

She told me that she had a couple of times around age 13. One time, she felt something like chills throughout her body, and springs in her belly, and it scared her, so she stopped.

Of course I responded by telling her that was the early stages of pre-orgasm, and that if she had continued, it might have been very nice.

We talked a bit more, with me letting her know I still masturbate quite often, especially when her father is out of town. I went on, “In fact, I miss him, and I’m horny now. This discussion has had an effect on me.”

“So, you’d masturbate now, if you could?”

“Frankly, if you weren’t here Cheri, I’d be frigging myself silly.”

“Oh, interesting.”

We both got quiet, lost in thought.

She interrupted my crazy horny thoughts that were loosely formed around the fantasy of masturbating with my own daughter. “Do you suppose you could teach me how to orgasm?”

The moment she asked, she blushed, and I think I detected a shiver, too.

I wanted to let her down gently. “I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“OK, I guess… But why?”

“Well…” I opened and closed my mouth like three times. Then, after thinking it through I said, “Well, it wouldn’t be like a sexual thing. It would just be a mother instructing her daughter in a facet of grown-up life, right?”

Not sexual. Yeah, right! So why was I shaking and having trouble controlling my voice?

“You know Mom, I’d really like to experience this orgasm thing.”

I was too far gone to think clearly. I instructed to take off all her clothes and lay on my bed. I turned the thermostat up, and took off my own clothes.

I was proud of her tits. This was the first time I had seen them. The last time I saw my daughter’s upper body, she didn’t have anything. They weren’t overly small or large, and rather perky. My own, at age 43, had started to sag a bit, and I was somewhat embarrassed about that. I kind of didn’t want her to see my breasts. But I had become so horny, it really didn’t matter. And, oddly, I kind of did want her to see my tits.

I had no idea how I was going to proceed. The one thing I did know to do is that I told her she might not have an orgasm today. That she could just enjoy what happens, and if she has an orgasm, fine, but if not, it would surely happen on another day. That way, she’d have no pressure keeping it from happening.

I had her lay back on my bed. Knowing what her father does to me sometimes, I started with a general massage that lasted maybe ten minutes. When it came to massage her boobs, I didn’t hold back. To start developing the mood, I brushed my fingertips ever so lightly over her nipples several times in a row. I saw that they became like hard little pencil erasers. She expressed some sounds of appreciation, and “That’s nice, Mom.”

Looking at her cunt, I was somehow amazed how much like my own it looked. Only her hair was brown, like her father, whereas mine’s black. The last time I saw my daughter’s puss was before she learned to dress herself, maybe around age 5. Somehow, I was expecting it to look the same.

Starting as lightly as I possibly could, I ran a fingertip over the hair right over her slit. I know that always gives me chills. It seemed to have the same effect on her.

“Oh Mom, that feels so nice!”

Her inner labia started to widen and become wet. That was a very good sign. In fact, I couldn’t believe that my daughter hadn’t ever had an orgasm. Her responses up to now were perfect.

I grabbed her inner labia between the thumbs and first fingers of each hand. Her inner labia were slightly long, just like mine. I let them slip out of my grip, over and over again, just like her dad has done to me so many times.

“Oh Mom, that’s… just great!”

I finally got down to rubbing little circles directly on her clit. I thought that might bring on an orgasm, but actually, she settled down a bit, as if it was less erotic than what I had been doing before with the labia pulling.

It was time to bring out the big guns. I got down on the bed on my belly, between her legs. I pushed her legs up so her knees were in the air. I crawled forward, and tentatively licked her clit. She was shuddering. Come to think of it, so was I.

After five minutes of licking, which Cheri was clearly enjoying, she still hadn’t orgasmed. I wasn’t worried. I had one more trick up my sleeves.

Noticing how much liquid her pussy was exuding, I coated the forefinger of my right hand with her girl juice. Bringing it to her asshole, which was fairly easy to reach since her knees were up, I rubbed it gently around her asshole, while continuing to lick her clit. Meanwhile, I felt my own cunt against the bed, and almost involuntarily started sliding slightly up and down, not bringing an orgasm, but generating chills from my head to my toes.

She was breathing heavily, and just sort of moaning.

I ever so slowly introduced my fingertip directly into her anus. I was only in maybe a half-inch, and bang, it happened.

Cheri screamed, “Oh Mom!” She arched her back. She was shaking so uncontrollably I thought she’d throw herself off the bed. She peed involuntarily. Not a lot, but a couple of ounces. With my finger still in her ass, I could feel contraction after contraction.

Five minutes of silence followed while I let her bask in the afterglow and compose herself. When she finally spoke, it was, “Oh my god! So that was an orgasm!”

I couldn’t resist. Right there in front of my daughter, as she watched intently, I frigged myself to a big double-orgasm, something that’s rare for me.

That evening, I told my husband about the whole thing on the phone. I was worried about his response. He said, “Holy mackerel, I so want to jerk off right now. I sure wish you were here.”

I’m sure this will not be the last time this mother and daughter masturbate together. In fact, I’m running a fantasy in my mind of setting up a family masturbation evening, with Cheri, her father, her brother and myself. I’m not sure how my son would react, but I’m guessing he’d love the idea. I know my husband would. Wouldn’t that be a fun evening?

Family Masturbation Night

Family Masturbation Night

I believe I’m a typical 19-year-old girl. I used to think my family was normal. Maybe my parents are a bit more open, more hippie-like than others, so I guess it’s no surprise what happened.

It started with my Brother Jim, who is one year older than me. Like me, he’s going to the local college. It’s not so we can save money. My parents are fairly loaded. It’s more because our family has always been close. For us, there’s no advantage in going away to dorm living.

We were sitting around the dinner table one night, which is typical for our family. I used to resent that we don’t have a big-screen TV. In fact, we don’t have a TV at all. Instead, we talk about things. Led by our parents, or grandparents, or sometimes even our gardener Jose, who has become part of the family, the discussion may be about oceanography, French, or US history. Or, maybe more mundane things, like masturbation.

In a quiet moment, Jim announced, “I’ve been learning to have dry orgasms.” He said it as matter-of-factly as if he had said, “I have a stamp collection.”

My mother took the bait. “Dry orgasms?”

My father jumped in, “Are you saying you can orgasm without ejaculating?”

“Yup,” was Jim’s very simple answer.

“Gosh, I’ve always wanted to learn that,” my father replied. “Do you really have it mastered (pardon the pun)? Was it easy to learn?”

“Actually, once you learn a couple of simple things, then practice a bit, it’s super-easy. And, well worth the effort, I might add,” Jim answered with a smile.

“Will you teach me?” Dad asked.


“Me too,” Jose piped in. “I’d love to learn that.”

I wasn’t very sexual back then, and so couldn’t believe my ears. I mean, yes, our family is liberal, but this was to a whole new level.

My sister, Amy, asked, “What about us girls? Is it something we could learn? Might it be good for us, too?”

My brother affirmed that he thought she could learn it. He figured that separating orgasms and ejaculations in girls is meaningless, but the end result, the continuous orgasms, would be great for her.

My father, in his usual authoritarian way added, “I suppose like all masturbatory practices, it would have benefits. I mean, if masturbation helps with focus, and physical health and mental stability, then more masturbation would be better, right?”

Wouldn’t it be like meditation, but even more beneficial?” Jose wondered.

There were murmurs of assent around the dining table. That’s when my mother blew us away with the following suggestion: “Maybe Jim can show us all his new technique.”

Personally, if I was Jim, I would have turned red in the face, and been all embarrassed. Not Jim. He just said, “Sure,” as casually as if he was going to show us a new way to grip a tennis racket.

There was a moment of silence, then Mom said, “Well, how about now? Is anyone doing anything?”

We agreed this would be a good time, and all of us, including Jose, Grandpa and Grandma reconvened in the living room. Even I, asexual though I though I was at the time, became fascinated.

Sitting on various chairs and sofas in our big living room, we were all clothed. As if he were in his own bedroom, Jim disrobed. Right down to nothing! Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. I mean, I’ve seen everyone nude at one point or another. But it wasn’t very often, and generally nothing special, like passing in the hallway on the way to the shower.

But this evening had a strong sexual component to it. You could feel it in the air, or at least I could. I could feel it elsewhere too, which surprised me. You know, that heightened awareness you get, the springs and pings in your vagina, your lower stomach, maybe even in your arms, legs and the top of your head? I was feeling that.

There was something else. Where was the hair? I was looking right at Jim’s crotch, and there should have been a mass of black curly hair, like I have. He was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

“Oh, you shave!” Mom quipped with a touch of delight.

“Sure, lots of guys do these days,” Jim said.

Jim sat back down in an easy chair, in a very slouched forward position, and started fingering his scrotum. Not his penis, which surprised me. In a couple of moments, his penis rose to attention, sticking straight up out of his lap. He was evidently enjoying the attention from the whole family. I, personally, would have been mortified to be in his position.

Then, like a professor, he started in on a lecture, “Of course I had to become erect. So now, I’ll start stroking my cock. Um, sorry, ‘penis.'”

Oh, you can say ‘cock’ my dad quickly added. We won’t be offended by ‘real’ words.

Jim continued, explaining about edging, something I had never heard about until then. It sounded like something I had done a few times, but now, I’d certainly be edging more seriously. The idea that one brings themselves to the point of orgasm, then backs off. Then he revealed the magic trick.

“The thing is, you stop the stimulation for only a second. Maybe even just reduce, not stopping entirely. You don’t want the pre-orgasmic feeling to die entirely away. Then resume, paying very careful attention to how you feel. When you get it right, you can approach orgasm, keep up the stimulation, and literally enter and stay in orgasm for minutes at a time. You can also do it over and over again, without losing arousal.

“When I first started, these orgasms were like 70 percent as strong as full ejaculations, but nothing was coming out. That in itself was fantastic, because right from the beginning I could have several orgasms, a huge improvement over just cumming and being done. But since then, I’ve been able to make the dry orgasms stronger than ejaculations. Then, in the end, perhaps after an hour or so, I may be so satisfied that I don’t even need to ejaculate. Or, I may go ahead and have a crashing, super-strong ejaculatory orgasm.”

As he was telling us all this, he was evidently experiencing exactly what he was talking about. Periodically, he’d pause, arch his back or curl his toes, and say a little something like, “ooh, ” or “ummm!”

Grandpa asked, “How do we know you’re not just making this up? Faking it?”

“Well, here, Grandpa. Come over here, and put your fingertips right here under my balls, just ahead of my anus.”

Grandpa scooted over and did just as Jim instructed. After holding his fingers there for a moment, he said, “Oh my god! He’s right. I feel his urethra contracting.”

One by one, the family came over to Jim, and placed their fingertips where he instructed, and they all felt the contractions.

I couldn’t wait for my turn. Why this had me so excited, I have no idea. I mean, it was only my brother Jim after all, demonstrating a technique. No big deal, right? Yet my heart was racing, and my vagina was so wet that I was worried it would show through my shorts.

I placed my fingers on his taint. At first, I was just a bit low, and pressed my finger right onto his anus. He just said, “A little higher.” But to me, to touch his asshole like that, was like an electric shock.

It must have been for him also because suddenly, as I was feeling his urethral contractions, he grunted, and quietly said, “Oh, no…” With that, he arched up, and started ejaculating all over his lower belly.

I realized it was my finger on his anus that triggered it. I was also fascinated. What a spectacular show! I just knew that I’d be masturbating big time in my bedroom within a few minutes.

At that moment, Mom announced, “Let’s practice,” pulling down her pants as she spoke.

As if the evening wasn’t already as weird as it could get! Within moments, every single one of us, even Grandma was bare-ass naked, and jerking off in our living room.

Like a great instructor, Jim was going from one random family member to another watching intently, and offering little bits of advice. Like, “Don’t get quite so close yet, Dad.” and “Amy, once you get to the point, back off, and just see if you can feel the orgasming being an ongoing phenomenon.”

In answer to a question from Jose, he added, “One interesting point about this is once you learn it, it’s as if your body wants to help. It becomes quite easy to simply stay in orgasm for longer periods of time, or to have orgasm after orgasm every minute or two.”

Grandpa got it that very first evening. Grandma smiled big, but I don’t know what she experienced. Dad said he may have been ‘on the edge for a bit,’ but would have to practice more. Amy said she thought she already knew the general idea, and had had multiple orgasms in the past, but doing it for real was much better. Evidently, she got it that first evening also.

I happened to be watching as Jose was smiling serenely, and kind of jerking and grunting. He obviously got the basics right away. But a moment later, white cum shot out of his dick.

Mom, just kept saying, “This is so great!” She said it like six times. It was weird seeing her running her fingers in little circles in that dark patch. Sometimes, I could see flashes of pink. To think, I came out of there!

I was the last to take off my clothes, hesitating a moment after the others were all naked. Even though I was having all sorts of horniness, I was still… I don’t know, shy, reluctant? I kind of didn’t want them to see how big my boobs were. But I’ll tell you what: Once I was naked with my family and started masturbating, I was a convert. A huge convert! I didn’t have any ongoing or long-lasting orgasms that evening. I just couldn’t hold back, and came almost right away.

So, that was our first Wednesday evening family wank session. We’ve done it every Wednesday since. Sometimes someone won’t be there. Grandma sometimes goes to a card game with her lady friends, but not very often. Dad sometimes has to work late, but he rushes home, usually making it in time to grab the last bite of dinner and join us. Sometimes one or another of us is not in the mood. Like, on occasion, Dad, or Grandpa or Jim or Jose just can’t get it up. I have attended every single session, and am having the time of my life. Oh, yes, I learned the technique!

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