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Relieved – Unintentional Lesbian Action

Relieved, unintentional lesbian action

I was masturbating in by dorm one afternoon while my roommate was at a class, and I started freaking out. I was putting my finger in my vagina, and just doing that thing where one rubs her g-spot. I started noticing the inner wall of my vagina was feeling granular, kind of rough-like. I hadn’t noticed that before. I started to think it wasn’t normal, like there was something terribly wrong with me.

When Cheryl came back from her class, I was just busting to find out whether this was normal, or whether I had a big problem. At the same time, it was a very private and embarrassing matter. But who else to ask about it?

I asked her to sit on her bed while I explained my discovery, which of course involved admitting that I masturbated in the room when she wasn’t there. I’m sure I was red in the face as I stammered out the details. I asked whether that internal texture is normal. She replied that she didn’t think so, but didn’t really know.

Calm as a cucumber, she said that when she puts a finger in her vagina, it seems smooth. This was a big admission on her part, if you ask me. I mean, who matter-of-factly tells her roommate about feeling inside their own vagina?

Cheryl could see that I was still worried. “I know it’s weird, but do you want me to feel inside there, and let you know?”

I didn’t like the idea, not one bit, but it was better than worrying all evening. Maybe not getting any sleep. Maybe worrying for days, and then having to see a doctor about it? Was I going crazy? Maybe. In any case, I had to find out about this problem.

“Ok” I said in a small voice.

“Really?” she responded. Was her voice a bit shaky?

It took us a couple awkward moments while we figured out exactly what to do. Both of us were trying to keep it entirely clinical. Like, a roommate putting her finger in a girl’s puss is no big deal, right?

She had me get naked on the bed. Why entirely naked, I don’t know, but I didn’t fight it. She then sat on the edge of the bed, got some oil on her finger, and pushed it slowly, ever so slowly, into my vagina. It probably felt good, but I was still too freaked out to notice. It was my first experience ever with having someone inside me. I had never been to a gynecologist, and my regular doctor never did anything of that sort except check my breasts for lumps.

She pressed all around on my front vagina wall before she finally announced, “So far as I can tell, it’s just like mine.”

I wasn’t convinced. She could see that. She then said, “Here, why don’t you feel inside me, and see if it’s the same?”

I was reluctant, but I figured it would give me the answer, once and for all.

She got naked. Even in my current agitated state, I noticed how beautiful Cheryl is. I put oil on my index finger, and plunged slowly into her. It was the first time ever I had put my finger in another woman’s vagina. Anyway, I did feel around, and sure enough, she had the same texture inside.

I was so fucking relieved!

I kept my finger in Cheryl longer than necessary, for some reason. Actually, I know the reason. Somehow, it felt very, very nice to be doing this with Cheryl. I loved the feeling of her warm, inner canal. The way it surrounded my whole finger.

But of course enough is enough. It was time to pull out, before she started thinking I was… what? Lesbian or something? Figuring it might be shocking to just pull out all at once, I started pulling my finger out very slowly.

“No, wait!” she almost yelled, continuing with, “I have to tell you, that feels absolutely remarkable! Will you please keep your finger in me for a moment?”

I was all for it. First I held still, then I started rubbing that magic spot. Cheryl was literally shaking, jittering on the bed. She started moaning softly, then it hit. She had a giant orgasm!

After a minute of recovery, she got up, and told me to take her place on the bed. She put her finger back in me, and gave me a shattering orgasm the same way.

Then, the unthinkable happened. She climbed into the little bed with me, kissed me long and hard and hugged me until we fell asleep together.

She Loves Peehole Tonguing

She loves peehole tonguing

I’m kind of a weird case, I suppose. I just love it when someone will get me all sexually excited, so my inner labia loosen up, and then they can try to stick their tongue into my peehole. Of course, they can only get in a few millimeters, but I love when they try. Within short order, I’ll orgasm. And not only that, I’ll cum over and over again, sometimes for like five minutes.

I have had a couple of mild infections from this, but they itch or sting a little bit for a couple of days, then they go away.

It doesn’t matter who does it. It can be a male or female, young or old, fat or thin. No matter what, I just love it!

For some of my friends with whom I’ve done this, I’ll reciprocate. It’s the men more than women who like their peeholes tongued. I love a hard penis just a little way in my mouth, and then there I am jamming my tongue into their peehole. Sometimes with men, I’ll feel sudden resistance, as my tongue is pushed out by the flow of cum.

For fun a couple of times, I tried blocking the cum in a man’s urethra with my tongue. The cum always gets out anyway, but the guys seem to particularly enjoy that.

Yes, I’ll swallow. I guess it doesn’t taste especially nice, but I rather enjoy it anyway. I’m sure you know this, but there’s quite a difference from one man to another. Some have cum that tastes bitter, some salty, some almost sweet.

I do enjoy putting my tongue in the occasional woman who will let me do that also. I have induced some to involuntarily pee. No, I don’t swallow that! I have brought many to orgasms. Here’s the interesting part: Most women will refuse to have their peeholes licked, but once they acquiesce, they want it every time after.

Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Shortly after she turned 18, my daughter, Cheri, came to me with a concern that brought tears to my eyes.

Along with her father and brother, our family has always had a trusting and loving relationship. So, it was easy for her to bring up concerns, even things of a sexual nature.

A week ago, she casually reported at dinner that she was no longer a virgin. Her father almost chocked, then smiled. We waited for more details, but we sort of knew.

Cheri had been in love with a young guy named Keith since 10th grade. Last week, after considerable discussion and planning, they had their first sex.

My husband asked whether she used protection.

In a slightly annoyed voice, she said, “Of course, Dad.”

Meanwhile, her brother just sat there and smiled.

That was the end of the discussion, until yesterday. Her father was away setting up another franchise. Her brother was back in college. So that left only Cheri and I in the house.

We were just talking about this and that, when suddenly, she said, “Mom, I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm.”

My first thought was a bit cynical. I was thinking, ‘If you don’t think you’ve ever had an orgasm, you haven’t.’ A person would know.

My next thought is when tears came to my eyes. My poor girl has never had an orgasm. She should have been enjoying them since twelve or thirteen years old.

You know how you feel as a parent when your child comes home with a D in math? Like, you failed as a parent, right? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about my Cheri not having enjoyed orgasms all this time.

We started discussing the details. I felt honored that she’d share such deep information with me. At one point, she said the word “fuck,” and hesitated looking at me, expecting some sort of reproach. I said it was totally OK to use ‘ordinary’ language with me. I told her I wasn’t a prude, and insinuated that I had my own rather wild adventures at her age.

Evidently, with Keith, she felt very fulfilled when he put a penis in her for the first time in her life. She said there was no pain, so I guess her hymen was broken. This whole thing about virgin girls – geez. Very few virgins actually have hymen issues, right? But she didn’t orgasm, either. He did. Almost right away.

I asked whether he masturbated her or licked her afterward, but being a young male, he didn’t even recognize that she may have an unfulfilled need.

Cheri summarized by letting me know that she enjoyed the feeling of a dick forcing her vaginal canal open, but that was it. It sounded more sensual than sexual to me.

I explained that most women do not have orgasms from vaginal sex. I went on to say that an experienced boyfriend would have done something specially for her afterward.

“So you mean, that if a girl is licked or her clit is rubbed, she is likely to have an orgasm?”

“Well, yes, usually. However there are some women, even some older than me, who have never orgasmed. I doubt you are one of those, however. You just haven’t had the right experiences yet.”

I asked her whether she had ever tried masturbating.

She told me that she had a couple of times around age 13. One time, she felt something like chills throughout her body, and springs in her belly, and it scared her, so she stopped.

Of course I responded by telling her that was the early stages of pre-orgasm, and that if she had continued, it might have been very nice.

We talked a bit more, with me letting her know I still masturbate quite often, especially when her father is out of town. I went on, “In fact, I miss him, and I’m horny now. This discussion has had an effect on me.”

“So, you’d masturbate now, if you could?”

“Frankly, if you weren’t here Cheri, I’d be frigging myself silly.”

“Oh, interesting.”

We both got quiet, lost in thought.

She interrupted my crazy horny thoughts that were loosely formed around the fantasy of masturbating with my own daughter. “Do you suppose you could teach me how to orgasm?”

The moment she asked, she blushed, and I think I detected a shiver, too.

I wanted to let her down gently. “I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“OK, I guess… But why?”

“Well…” I opened and closed my mouth like three times. Then, after thinking it through I said, “Well, it wouldn’t be like a sexual thing. It would just be a mother instructing her daughter in a facet of grown-up life, right?”

Not sexual. Yeah, right! So why was I shaking and having trouble controlling my voice?

“You know Mom, I’d really like to experience this orgasm thing.”

I was too far gone to think clearly. I instructed to take off all her clothes and lay on my bed. I turned the thermostat up, and took off my own clothes.

I was proud of her tits. This was the first time I had seen them. The last time I saw my daughter’s upper body, she didn’t have anything. They weren’t overly small or large, and rather perky. My own, at age 43, had started to sag a bit, and I was somewhat embarrassed about that. I kind of didn’t want her to see my breasts. But I had become so horny, it really didn’t matter. And, oddly, I kind of did want her to see my tits.

I had no idea how I was going to proceed. The one thing I did know to do is that I told her she might not have an orgasm today. That she could just enjoy what happens, and if she has an orgasm, fine, but if not, it would surely happen on another day. That way, she’d have no pressure keeping it from happening.

I had her lay back on my bed. Knowing what her father does to me sometimes, I started with a general massage that lasted maybe ten minutes. When it came to massage her boobs, I didn’t hold back. To start developing the mood, I brushed my fingertips ever so lightly over her nipples several times in a row. I saw that they became like hard little pencil erasers. She expressed some sounds of appreciation, and “That’s nice, Mom.”

Looking at her cunt, I was somehow amazed how much like my own it looked. Only her hair was brown, like her father, whereas mine’s black. The last time I saw my daughter’s puss was before she learned to dress herself, maybe around age 5. Somehow, I was expecting it to look the same.

Starting as lightly as I possibly could, I ran a fingertip over the hair right over her slit. I know that always gives me chills. It seemed to have the same effect on her.

“Oh Mom, that feels so nice!”

Her inner labia started to widen and become wet. That was a very good sign. In fact, I couldn’t believe that my daughter hadn’t ever had an orgasm. Her responses up to now were perfect.

I grabbed her inner labia between the thumbs and first fingers of each hand. Her inner labia were slightly long, just like mine. I let them slip out of my grip, over and over again, just like her dad has done to me so many times.

“Oh Mom, that’s… just great!”

I finally got down to rubbing little circles directly on her clit. I thought that might bring on an orgasm, but actually, she settled down a bit, as if it was less erotic than what I had been doing before with the labia pulling.

It was time to bring out the big guns. I got down on the bed on my belly, between her legs. I pushed her legs up so her knees were in the air. I crawled forward, and tentatively licked her clit. She was shuddering. Come to think of it, so was I.

After five minutes of licking, which Cheri was clearly enjoying, she still hadn’t orgasmed. I wasn’t worried. I had one more trick up my sleeves.

Noticing how much liquid her pussy was exuding, I coated the forefinger of my right hand with her girl juice. Bringing it to her asshole, which was fairly easy to reach since her knees were up, I rubbed it gently around her asshole, while continuing to lick her clit. Meanwhile, I felt my own cunt against the bed, and almost involuntarily started sliding slightly up and down, not bringing an orgasm, but generating chills from my head to my toes.

She was breathing heavily, and just sort of moaning.

I ever so slowly introduced my fingertip directly into her anus. I was only in maybe a half-inch, and bang, it happened.

Cheri screamed, “Oh Mom!” She arched her back. She was shaking so uncontrollably I thought she’d throw herself off the bed. She peed involuntarily. Not a lot, but a couple of ounces. With my finger still in her ass, I could feel contraction after contraction.

Five minutes of silence followed while I let her bask in the afterglow and compose herself. When she finally spoke, it was, “Oh my god! So that was an orgasm!”

I couldn’t resist. Right there in front of my daughter, as she watched intently, I frigged myself to a big double-orgasm, something that’s rare for me.

That evening, I told my husband about the whole thing on the phone. I was worried about his response. He said, “Holy mackerel, I so want to jerk off right now. I sure wish you were here.”

I’m sure this will not be the last time this mother and daughter masturbate together. In fact, I’m running a fantasy in my mind of setting up a family masturbation evening, with Cheri, her father, her brother and myself. I’m not sure how my son would react, but I’m guessing he’d love the idea. I know my husband would. Wouldn’t that be a fun evening?

Sondra’s Crazy College Roommate

Sondra's crazy college roommate - explicit, sexual

hen I was in my teens, I hung out with my two friends all the time. The three of us spent time together almost every day after school and on weekends. Like most girls that age, we always talked about boys and sex as much as about family, or parties or fashion.

Like many kids of that age, we didn’t really know much about sex, but we blustered about it to each other that we knew more than we did. When the topic was sex, we’d often pull our skirts up or take our pants down, or off, and start masturbating. Usually if one girl did it, the other two would do it too.

There was no embarrassment. We just would masturbate, looking at each other’s boobs or pussies, and that would enhance the mood, and we’d orgasm, and that was that. We didn’t touch each other, no kissing or anything at all like that. We would have called that ‘lesbian,’ which at the time was a huge no-no. At some point, one of us would start quietly moaning and groaning, arch her back, and with wet fingers working away would have a very solid orgasm. The others watched, and often that drove us over the edge too.

When we were at one of our homes, like in Kylie’s bedroom when her parents were busy downstairs, we’d be careful to stay as quiet as possible. It wasn’t quite clear whether our parents were aware of our naked, masturbatory activities or not, so we kept a low profile.

My first day of college was a shocker, but not for me. For my roommate. Not knowing that everyone wasn’t like the three of us, in the early evening, after my first cafeteria dinner, which I ate with my new roommate, the two of us retired to our dorm room. We were already hitting it off nicely. I knew I was going to like Sondra. Oh, she was a bit religious, but not crazy or anything.

So, there in the dorm room, I stripped naked, kind of expecting Sondra to do the same. She seemed a bit, well, embarrassed to see me naked. Go figure! I didn’t really understand why that would bother her. In fact, I didn’t even notice at first that it did bother her. It was when I sat in the little rolling chair by my desk and started doing those little circles on my clit that every girl knows so well, that she really freaked out. Sondra’s face turned all red, and she started sputtering, “What the devil?” “What in the world?” It was about then that I realized that she found my jilling in front of her unusual – to say the least.

Suddenly, I was embarrassed, and of course I quit rubbing. Before I could say anything, she walked out the door.

Now what? I had lost my horniness entirely, and was very concerned. Was Sondra ever coming back? Was she going to complain to someone? Oh fuck!

I put my clothes back on, and decided the only way to take my mind of what had just happened, and what was possibly going to happen next, was to crack open one of my new textbooks. I couldn’t concentrate, however. I kept imagining Sondra coming back with the dean, or a policeman or someone like that in tow.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. My heart leapt into my mouth. It was Sondra, alone. What she did was the last thing in the world I expected. She started apologizing profusely about the way she reacted. It seems she was brought up in a way quite different than me. She explained that in her world, there’s no way that she and her friends could have ever done anything remotely like masturbating in front of another person. She had never been skinny dipping. Never showered together with her gym classmates. Never been seen by anyone without at least underwear.

I couldn’t resist asking about medical exams. Somehow, her family doctor had never even asked her to remove her panties. Never had her boobs checked for lumps. She said she would have freaked out if the doctor had asked for that.

It took me literally weeks before I could masturbate in front of Sondra. Somehow, the whole thing made me remarkably shy. Finally, she busted in on me when I was wanking one day. I thought she had a class until 3pm, but I mixed up the schedule. I immediately stopped, jumped on my bed, and threw a blanket over myself.

“No need for that,” she muttered, as she sat down at her desk. Slowly, I removed the blanket, and decided it would be best for everyone if I simply continued what I was doing. It took me forever to get excited again, and I felt like I was doing something terribly wrong the whole time. But in my opinion, it was something that needed to be done. To clear the air or something.

Sondra was cool, doing some studying on her laptop. I couldn’t help noticing that she was taking surreptitious glances at me.

I wasn’t cumming, and just about ready to give up, when Sondra cleared her throat, and said, “What the hell.” It must have a big deal for her, because she usually said “What the heck” when something unusual needed to be expressed.

And, with that little exclamation, she pulled off her shorts, revealing an already wet area. Sondra sat in her chair, facing me, looking directly at me, at my vagina actually, and started wanking away.

Solidarity! I was so pleased, I must have been smiling from ear to ear. Within less than a minute, Sondra was literally screaming in ecstacy. Seeing that, I came a moment later.

We didn’t really talk much about it, but from that day on, we frequently masturbated in front of each other. About a month later, Sondra sheepishly asked whether there might be some advantage in masturbating each other.

What Are They Feeling?

I probably know more about men’s genitals than most men do. Yet, it used to bother me that I don’t truly know what a man is feeling while I do my work. I’d really like to know. However, I’ve come to realize that as long as I am making them happy, it’s all good. I know they are happy with my service, because I have a full clientele, and it’s almost all repeat business. I haven’t advertised since Craigslist stopped doing personals. In fact, the timing was just about right for my business.

So, anyway, a regular customer will arrive, and he knows the routine. He’ll take off all his clothes, and fold them neatly on a chair next to my massage table.

For some guys, I’ll tie their wrists and ankles to the corners. Others don’t much care for that.

I may then tie a short soft rope around the base of their balls. It doesn’t really make them more erect, but kind of bunches their balls up under their cocks, and makes the erection stand up more vertically. So, it has the illusion of greater erectness.

Then, I’ll give a good five or maybe ten minutes of testicle massage. I know what each customer likes. Some like it very gentle, some like it remarkably firm. I learned years ago that balls aren’t fragile, except at the top back where the spermatic cords attach. They can be squished really hard. They are rubbery, like chicken gizzards. As I said, I don’t know what the guys are feeling, but they each seem to enjoy it in their own way, whether it’s a gentle customer, or one who likes it really firm.

Having wondered about what testicle massage feels like, and knowing I have something similar in me, my ovaries, I’ve tried to get a few friends to fist me, locate my ovaries, and give them a massage. Having studied some anatomical pictures, I believe it’s possible.

It seems like it is more likely to work with women fisting me than men, because they have small hands. I still don’t know whether the anal or vaginal approach is better. I’m pretty sure no one has actually found my ovaries yet.

I’ve tried fisting my sister several times, to see why no one can find and squeeze my ovaries. Then I understood. One can’t easily make out any anatomy by feel, whether through the cunt or the ass.

So then I go on to glans rubbing for those guys who want that. They squirm, they yell, some really do need to be tied down. Embarrassingly, one guy thrashed so hard about a year ago, that he almost tipped the table over. It leaned up hard against my body. If I hadn’t been standing where I was, the table would have fallen over, with him tied to it.

I can’t really understand it. They say it’s like some sort of intense tickle. They say it has an unbearable effect at first, but if I keep it up long enough, it turns into something they find highly pleasurable.

For these guys, I put a plastic sheet on the table, under the regular sheet. Since my floor is Linoleum, there’s no problem there. You see, they often involuntarily start peeing during the treatment. I just keep going as if nothing is wrong. They hate it, and they love it, all at the same time.

Some will involuntarily ejaculate during the glans rubbing. Cool. I just keep going for most of them. Some can’t stand it, they yell the safeword, and I have to stop. Most, just squirm like crazy, they moan, they laugh – I can tell it’s an excruciating feeling after they cum, but that they seem to love it. At least those that do. Most of the guys don’t really want that.

Whether or not they are glans rub customers, I’ll end with lots of teasing. Ideally, one of two things happen: Either they will cum early on, and I get to do a lot of post-orgasm stimulation on them, or I’ll tease them during the whole 45-minute session, and they never cum. Either way, they always book an appointment for the next week. So, whatever is going on with these guys, they’re enjoying it.


Mixed group weekly hot tub masturbation parties
This isn’t our group, but it’s like this

So really Jeremy, the only story I have that’s at all interesting is our weekly wanking group, but of course you know all about that. It started like a hundred years ago, OK, ten years ago, shortly after Cassie and I were married. We were hanging out at a restaurant with another couple that we barely knew, but we thought we’d enjoy knowing better. The conversation was nice, and we were hogging the table long after finishing the dinner. As such things will do, this conversation started turning risque. We were discussing our sex lives. No doubt we were becoming too loud, and way too personal, probably entertaining the nearby diners to no end. Or maybe pissing them off. Who knows?

Suddenly, my sweet Cassie announced, “Well, when it comes down to it, I think Paul enjoys handjobs more than sex.”

I think I turned red in the face, and would have been destroyed, except for the fact that Jamal admitted that he too, enjoys a good handjob. He didn’t come right out and say he prefers handjobs over intercourse, but at least he gave me some solidarity.

Not leaving it well enough alone, Cassie then added, “Frankly, I get a kick out of holding Paul’s penis as it pulses in my hand and the cum is spurting out. I can’t say as I really like that more than sex… Well, come to think of it, maybe I do. You know how it is. Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to be penetrated, but she’s still feeling horny.”

We all laughed. The conversation continued, and somehow it came about that the four of us should have a masturbation session together.

I mean, what a crazy idea, right? But we were in our twenties, and still experimental. Well, actually, we’re still experimental, but now, in our thirties, we start to wonder about things, and are a bit more reluctant to do anything out of the ordinary.

So, to make a long story short, we got together and had our session. It was slow getting started. I mean, we really barely knew Jamal and Shala. Plus there was that whole awkward cultural thing. They are black, we are white. I know that shouldn’t matter, but it can make… well you know, it can make it difficult to get to know people. To feel comfortable with people at first.

Fortunately, we had a hot tub and even though it was sort of cold outside, that’s where we all convened. I knew I had to be the bold one, so I took off my clothes first. I think Jamal felt a similar obligation to break the ice, because he was naked almost as soon as I was. The girls were moving more slowly, and I was thinking that at any moment Shala or Cassie would say the whole thing was stupid and back out. To my delight, my wife did in fact fully strip, followed only seconds later by Shala.

I’m totally committed to my wife, and her thin, red-headed looks are to die for, but seeing Shala put a whole new meaning on “Black is beautiful.” She had large breasts, with huge black nipples, but a surprisingly small and athletic ass. Like Cassie, she shaved her whole crotch area. Come to think of it, Jamal was shaved also. I was the only hairy one there. I must say his glistening black dick and balls were a sight to see. I wasn’t sure if it was right or not, but my penis hardened up right away. I felt a sense of shame and wished it would stay soft. But, how crazy was that? Our intention was to jerk off in front of each other. As I was thinking all of that, Jamal’s dick hardened up, and my oh my, was it big! So, evidently what they say about black guys is true! Or, at least that black guy. So of course my next emotion was another kind of shame. He put my little 5-incher to shame. But that was only a fleeting thought. How could anyone be in any sort of depressed thinking with those two beautiful girls just sitting there on the ledge of the hot tub.

I figured they’d sink into the water to hide themselves, but none of us did. How brave, right? Yet, no one had started in on the task at hand. We were supposed to be having a masturbation session, but instead, we were just sitting around the rim of the tub, enjoying the warm vapors coming off the surface of the water, talking small talk. In a way, it was kind of cool. I could see Jamal’s penis sticking straight up, as mine was, and the girls had hard, pointy nipples, and it wasn’t just because of the chill air.

It was my Cassie who really got things under way. She dipped into the water for a couple of minutes, followed by Shala. Then she got back out on the rim, put one hand on her pussy, and the other on one of her pencil-eraser nipples. She started making the little motions of masturbation. That was the cue, and within sixty seconds, all four of us on the rim were jerking off like there was no tomorrow.

Jamal came first, followed only seconds later by me. Then Shala started bucking and yelling, having a very graphic orgasm, followed, oh maybe two minutes later, by Cassie, who was less demonstrative, but obviously in bliss with her closed eyes and arching body.

That was our first session. We decided to do it weekly, every Thursday evening. It wasn’t long before we were all masturbating each other. Not long after that, it was blowjobs and toys. I learned the joy that Cassie had been having when giving me handjobs by trying it on Jamal. There was a little voice in me saying, ‘this is wrong’ but it I was having way too much fun to give that any heed. Weeks later, my concerns about ‘gayness’ or whatever were totally evaporated.

Shala and Jamal shared with us their dildo fetish. That guy enjoyed putting penis shaped objects in his ass. How weird was that? Or at least so I thought until Jamal gently put a dildo in my ass one Thursday night. Oh my god! I was transported, and squirted cum without even having my dick touched.

About a year into it, Shal and Jam arrived at our house one evening along with a stranger, a big hulking black guy named Jason. I mean, this guy was huge, like 6’4″ and 280 lbs. But it wasn’t his size that bothered me. It was the foolish feeling that we had been exposed. We were invaded. Our secret was out. It took me a good half hour to get over that entirely, but get over it I did. When Jason, who, by the way, had only an average-size dick, gave me a handjob, I ejaculated almost immediately. Being concerned that I’d wreck the evening for everyone else by having cum too soon, it took me a moment to notice that after he had jerked me off like that, I was still rock hard. Shala came over, and jerked me off again, and to my amazement, I came again only a few minutes later.

The next week, Jason came again, and as if it was a comedy, he brought a tiny little Asian chick. Michele can’t be more than 4’8″ and she’s really skinny with long black hair that reaches down to her butt. She has almost no breasts. She just has nipples against her chest, almost as flat as a guy. I don’t mind. In fact, I think that’s really sexy. Man, I’ll tell you, if I wasn’t married to Cassie…

These days, we have as many as twelve people over every Thursday, one of them occasionally being you Jeremy. Our only rule is that we want to keep the numbers even. If there are let’s say nine people, five guys, and four girls, then the next one invited has to be a girl. We don’t really vet new people. If someone in our group brings someone, we assume they know what they are doing.

Oh, and one other rule: No 420, no alcohol, no drugs of any kind. I’m so happy we all mutually decided this. We kind of figured out that all that stuff only pollutes the experience. And, an experience it is. Every single Thursday is an absolute delight.

I Am A MILF (Mother I’d Like To Fuck)

I am a MILD (Mother I'd Like To Fuck)

For a little thing, my clit has certainly caused a lot of trouble. Or actually, it has caused a lot of fun. Since I was a little girl, I was giving myself little moments of pleasure several times a day. But, I’m talking about way more than masturbation. Here’s my story:

I had my first baby when I was 19. My second at 22. My fucking first husband left me at 25, with two small children. Fucker!

I’ve been lucky to have good looks, and a reasonable personality. [She laughs.] Well, I could lose 20 pounds, but whatever, right?

[She’s actually quite thin.]

So now my boys are 17 and 14 years old. I’ve gotta get them through college. Oh sure, they could depend on student loans, or take up a trade, but that’s not ideal, in my opinion.

My second husband was a really good man. A good man. But forklifts don’t have seatbelts. You’d think at such slow speeds… Well, anyway, he didn’t leave me with much. Just this goofy old ramshackle house with its five bedrooms.

Between raising the kids I took in a little work as a massage practitioner. Legitimate massages, that is. Oh, I fantasized more than once about doing something more with some of my clients, but that just fantasy except for two people.

One was Margie. She’s a kick. Anyone who shops at the A&P knows who she is. I felt bad for her because as a checker, with her own children to support, money had to be tight. I gave her a discount. She must have taken it the wrong way because after the massage, she hugged me like many of my clients do, but then she kissed me. Full on – French! Well, one thing led to another, and with both my kids in school, she and I fucked in the massage room, if you can call it that. I guess the better term is ‘finger-fucked.’ She brought me to a great orgasm. Then, she slid a finger in my ass, using my own lube, and brought me to a second orgasm. No man has ever done that. You can bet I reciprocated. I always had this weird idea that I wanted to lick a vagina. Boy, did I do that for Margie!

Over the next year or so, she and I got hot and heavy. Then, for some reason I don’t really understand, we just grew apart. I mean, we are still the greatest of friends, but we just aren’t sexual anymore. I think it’s because she hit menopause, and you know how some women are after that. Me, on the other hand, I became hornier than ever!

The other client was a man named Alan. He isn’t much to look at, but boy could he fuck! With Al, it started as a paid massage. I’ve always been leery of doing guys, but hey, it’s money, right? He seemed innocent enough. And he was. During the massage, I always ask my clients whether they want to be draped or not. He, like maybe 70% of them, opt to be fully naked. I keep the heat up in that back bedroom to help encourage nudity. I think I have to admit that working on properly naked men or women, really gets me going. Covering with a sheet or towel seems prudish to me.

So anyway, Al didn’t want a sheet. When I had him roll over for the second part of the massage, there was his dick, standing straight up. It was something to behold. I mean, I’ve seen a good number of cocks in my day, but his was more of a dick, or a ‘penis.’ By that, I mean it was pretty thin, but also rather long. He also shaved that area, as more and more men are doing these days – thankfully. That exaggerated the long, thin effect. He actually apologized for getting hard in my presence. I assured him that it was fine, that many men get hard. Actually, I haven’t had that many male clients, and only a couple of them had semi-erections. Frankly, I was delighted.

As the massage progressed, I went from being certain that I wouldn’t touch it, to wondering what it would be like to touch it, to finally touching that glorious penis of his. By the time the massage was over, I had him ejaculating in my hands. It was wonderful, but it also scared me. It’s not ‘professional’ you know.

Time went on, and Al came for regular weekly massages, every one with a happy ending.

So, there I was with my second husband, John, being dead and all. Of course I grieved, but I had to really get in gear. I had to take care of the kids. I ramped up my massage business as much as I could, but that went only so far.

Al introduced me to Lawrence a no-nonsense client who wanted a handjob right away. I briefly wondered whether Lawrence might be a cop. He looked it. Well sort of. He was a big, heavy guy – with muscles as well as fat.

I did the massage anyway, figuring I needed the money enough to offset the risk of an illegal massage. I found his cock fascinating. It was fatter than any I had ever seen, but not particularly long. With most guys, I can wrap my fingers around it, and my thumb and middle finger can touch. Not Lawrence. The fingertips didn’t even come close. The damn thing was rock-hard too. This man had a powerful erection!

Lawrence loved his handjob, and scheduled another for the next week. After his second happy-ending massage, he asked me to dinner. Of course I’d never date clients. That was not so much because of some sort of professional boundary. It was more like lost revenue. If I start dating a regular customer, how can I keep charging him money?

The problem was that Lawrence’s smile and twinkling eyes were infectious. Plus, I like big guys. What can I say?

So we went to dinner. Figuring my boys were old enough to take care of them selves, I called my eldest and told him I was on a date, and he’d have to take care of his little brother.

To cut a long story short, Lawrence and I fucked that very night. Two months later we were married. The boys love him. He is the perfect example of moral values and mental and physical strength. Lawrence really is a cop, but he would never in a million years arrest a massage practitioner.

Girl Likes to Show Asshole

I’ll admit I’m a little weird. But, I’m not hurting anyone, and everyone has fun, so why not, right?

It started when I was really young, playing doctor with my brother. I got a rather excited kick out it, especially when he’d have me get on all fours and ‘examine’ my asshole.

Then in school, we had a sex education day. For the most part, it was pretty ridiculuous, with a somewhat embarrassed teacher telling us boring stuff we already knew, and a whole class of kids tittering and carrying on. The only good part was where we all got bananas and condoms, and had to practice putting them on. The teacher then handed out a second condom to each kid, both the girls and the boys, and told them they were ours to keep, and use if needed. How weird is that?

The teacher said one little thing that I found particularly interesting. I doubt it affected the other kids in the same way. She said the girls should get hand mirrors to look at their vaginas, and both girls and boys could use hand mirrors to become familiar with their own anuses.

Oddly, I was greatly affected by that. When I got home, I couldn’t wait to grab my mother’s mirror, get naked in my room, and look at my asshole. I didn’t care that much about my pussy – I don’t know why, but really wanted to see my asshole. And when I saw it, I went nuts. Well not entirely. It just struck a chord in me, and I masturbated something silly, giving myself two orgasms in a row. That’s the first time I ever had two like that. I didn’t even know it was possible.

So now, the image of my anus was permanently front and center in my mind. I decided to take it step further. Although it was difficult to get the angle right, I took a picture of my ass on my phone. Over the next several days, I studied that picture over and over, for minutes at a time.

I started to want others to see my butthole. It took a few days to figure out what to do. I tried it on my brother first. When my parents and sister were out, I knocked on his door and asked, “Hey Kyle, I’m worried about something.”

“Yeah, what?” he asked, evidently annoyed.

“Well…” I hadn’t expected it to be so hard to ask. I decided it was now or never. “I don’t think my anus looks quite right. Will you take a look?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

Oops, I hadn’t thought that far ahead. What should I tell him? I couldn’t hesitate long, or he might know something was up. Finally, I got an idea. “It itches.”

“Why bother me with that? Go ask Mom or Dad.” he replied, but his voice was oddly squeaky.

“I can’t. Too embarrassing. Remember when we used to play doctor, like a hundred years ago? Well, you’ve already seen it, so what’s the big deal?”

“Oh alright, pull your pants down.” he said a little too quickly.

I did just that, and with them bunched around my ankles, I hobbled over to his rolling office chair, facing away from him. I felt him touch my ass with both hands, and gently pull my cheeks apart. That alone, was absolutely amazing. What a feeling! And the cool little puff of a breeze from his air conditioner suddenly blowing against my anus – to die for!

“I can’t see anything. Here, why don’t you take your shorts off, and get on your hands and knees on my bed.”

Without a word, I complied. I didn’t trust my voice. It would have come out all shaky.

He got behind me, and looked and looked. I was in heaven!

Finally, he said, “I don’t see anything wrong. You say it itches?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Let me know if this itches.” and with that, he started ever so gently rubbing his finger around my anus. Oh my god! Then, he started pressing his fingertip right into the middle. Just a little bit, but that was enough for me. I was orgasming. I don’t think he noticed, or if he did, he didn’t say anything.

“I guess not,” was all I stupidly said. For some reason, I was suddenly embarrassed. I grabbed my undies and shorts, put them back on, thanked him, and left his room. I heard him setting the lock on his door behind me. I didn’t realize it then, but he must have masturbated as soon as I left.

Next, I wanted my mother to look. I told her it itched. She said, “Put some cream on it,” and that was that. I couldn’t work the conversation around to asking her to actually take a look without seeming too weird.

OK, so there was my father. I told him my anus itched. He said that was something to bring to my mother, and went back to reading his tablet.

Now who? It took me days to realize I could ask Becky, my best friend. Why I didn’t think of her right off the bat, I don’t know. I found her sexy in a way. Goofy I know, but I’m just telling the unvarnished truth here. But how to bring it up? How in the world could I get Becky to look at my asshole? Oh my god, just thinking of her looking at it had me wanking away in my bedroom.

I realized what I had to do. I just had to come out with the itchy ploy, and hope for the best. What’s the worst she could do?

She could call me a ‘perv.’ She could tell a teacher, or her parents! Bad idea. My heart jumped into my throat.

A few days later, my horniness overcame me. We were in my bedroom. I squirmed around on the edge of my bed, hoping to make it look like I was dealing with an itchy butt. She fell for it. “What’s up with all that squirming?”

“My butt itches.” – OK, I came right out with it. My heart started racing. What was she going to do?

Well, what she did was totally unexpected. “Maybe I should take a look.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing that. She offered! I pretended to be all embarrassed and shy, because I didn’t want her to think I was weird, but I went a little too far with the pretense. She said, “OK, then,” and left me hanging there, butt-unseen. I was so disappointed. If only I had not pretended to be shy to quite that degree.

We returned to our homework, or so I thought. While I was doing a math thing on my tablet, she was doing something on hers. She turned to me, holding up the tablet, and showed me a full-screen picture of a slightly hairy anus! Hanging below the anus, was a pair of testicles. She said, “Does yours look like this?”

Bang! Instant horniness! Thinking quickly, I answered, “Not quite like that. But I wonder if I have a rash or something?”

“So, you want me to look after all?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said, feigning moderate indifference.

A minute later, my school skirt and panties were off. I was laying on the bed, and my best friend Becky was spreading my ass cheeks and looking at my anus. Heaven!

You could have knocked me over with a feather with what she said next. “Mmm, it smells nice.”

I know I shouldn’t have, but I was thinking with my ovaries, not my brain when I answered, “I wonder if yours smells like that?”

About five minutes later a fly on the wall would have seen two naked girls, hugging, kissing, and rolling around on my bed. We explored not only our anuses in great detail that day, but our pussies, too. It turns out that as excited as I am by showing my anus, Becky just loves having her peehole seen. That’s right. She wanted me to spread her slippery inner labia and look at her peehole. Who knew?

On another occasion, we experimented with me looking at her peehole while she tried to let out a single drop of urine. To our amusement, that didn’t work out too well. She splashed me right in the face with a big squirt. It took us several practice sessions before she could let out a single drop of pee. But it’s something we had to learn, right?

One time, we got in the bathtub. I was on all fours, and she was sort of half-standing over me. She peed right on my anus. Taking it a step further, I tried to kind of hold it open so she could pee inside. We managed to do that a little bit. It turns out to be difficult to relax your asshole enough that you can hold it open. That’s especially true if you’re in a bathtub, reaching around to your own butt. It hurts your knees.

The rest of high school was quite a bit different than the beginning. That’s because for my next trick, I started ‘accidentally’ showing pictures of my anus on my cellphone. I’d let people see pictures of my dog, my house, or something like that, and either they’d scroll and find the next picture was my naked butt, or I’d scroll and go “Oops!” faking great embarrassment. This opened great conversations that almost always led to fooling around.

It was more boys than girls, although I enjoyed both. Some of the boys wanted to fuck, but I managed to keep it to just showing my ass, or maybe giving them a handjob until my first days of college.

I rather liked giving handjobs. One day, this guy, Juan, invited me to his house after school. It was a short walk. He assured me both his parents work. His older brothers were out working, so the house would be empty. I knew Juan fairly well from school, but I was still nervous. One hears stories about being alone with guys.

He was a perfect gentleman. We went through the actions of me showing him my butt, and I was all set to give him a handjob. I was even considering giving him a blowjob, something I had never done, but instead he instructed me to lay on the bed. He started rubbing my anus very lightly, as if he knew exactly what I wanted. He spit on his finger, and pressed it part way into my anus. I felt an orgasm coming on, but he pulled his finger back out.

He excused himself, and came back with a bottle of alcohol, and a tube of something. He coated his finger in alcohol, then put some cream on all the fingers of his right hand. Instructing me to roll over, he placed a finger against my labia. I wasn’t sure I wanted that. After all, I’m an anus freak, right? But his finger actually felt rather nice. I didn’t say anything. He kept just lightly touching my labia. Soon, his fingertip was entering my virgin pussy, and soon after that, there were two fingers all the way in there as I was orgasming over and over.

I don’t know where he learned it, but he was curling his fingers around and rubbing what I later came to know as my G-spot. Oh my, oh my! It was the best feeling in my life. But he wasn’t done. While he was doing that, he snuck the index finger of his left hand under my butt, and penetrated my ass all the way with that. Orgasm City!

Juan and I became an item until we went off to separate colleges. In college, my horizons have expanded. First, I learned all about intercourse. Fucking is great! However, for me it always has to start off by the guy looking at my asshole. I don’t know why, but I’m not going to fight it. I still really love people seeing that. I have also experienced anal intercourse, Oh, it’s lots of fun, no doubt, but still, when I can get a guy, or a girl, to just look in between my spread butt cheeks, and just study my asshole, I’m in heaven.

Clit Pinching

The woman who enjoys clit pinching

I just love clit pinching! Furthermore, it doesn’t matter who is doing it to me. It could be a guy or girl, young or old, fat or thin.

I’ve enjoyed it since a babysitter did it to me ten years ago. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of people volunteer to give me the treatment. It helps that I’m not bad-looking. Mostly, it’s guys around my age. They come on to me. Of course they’re wanting sex, and sometimes they get exactly that, if they’re sexy, yet calm and kind enough.

But mostly, I just come right out and tell them that all I want is my clit pinched. They generally jump at the opportunity. Sometimes they want reciprocation. If I’m in the mood, I’ll give them a nice blowjob. If not, I tell them I only want the one thing, and am offering nothing. Most still happily take me up on that.

I have also seeked out lesbian women. I can spot them a mile away, and they get my invitation early on. Most of them have not experienced clit pinching, so when I gladly reciprocate, they just love it.

I have a few regulars that I meet with fairly often. One is Sylvia. She’s 22 years old, and super-hot, except maybe she’s about 20 pounds over the ideal weight. There’s George. He’s well over 60 years old. I don’t care. And Ben. He’s only eighteen. He’s a star athlete in his last year of high school. I don’t know why, but I love having him ‘do’ me, and he seems to enjoy it just as much, even though all he ever gets from me are handjobs, and only sometimes. Oh, and the occasional blowjob.

So here’s how it goes: I’ll get naked and lay on a bed. I’ll have the person sit on the edge of the bed next to me. I spread my legs to give good access. The person will start fiddling with my dry inner labia until they get wet and open up a bit. Then the person starts grabbing my clit between her first finger and thumb. It’s not easy to do because my clit is fairly small. Furthermore, as I become wet, it is so slippery that it slips out of their grip. That’s the good part. I just love the tingly feeling of having them try to grasp it over and over again as it keeps slipping away. Within minutes, I’ll have a writhing, screaming orgasm. They usually stop. I tell them, “No, keep going!” I’m usually good for four or five orgasms.

By the way, it’s not hard clit pinching. I don’t care for that. It’s gentle, all the way.

Sometimes, they’ll offer more. They’ll put fingers in my cunt, or in my ass. I know it’s crazy, but I usually don’t care for that, either. Except, every now and then, a finger in the ass, or rubbing my G-spot is just wonderful!

I’ve had a boyfriend. We kissed, and we did everything sexual you can think of, even anal intercourse, but the fact is, all I really want is clit pinching.

So that’s me. I know it’s a bit crazy, but that’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

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