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My Sister and Her Friends Had a Most Incredible Request

My twin sister Junie, and her two friends came to my bedroom door all giggly, as usual. They had a request, and it couldn’t have been stranger if they asked me to reverse the earth’s poles.

They unraveled their request slowly, all hesitant, shy, and goofy. At first I thought I understood, but when they got to the heart of the matter, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I was immediately embarrassed.

It seems the three girls were teamed up in biology class to do a simple little project. They were to bring in something to examine under a microscope.

I figured they wanted me to pull the wings off a bug or something. Cool, I could do that. But why all the giggles?

"No," Junie said, seemingly almost frustrated by my lack of understanding. "Not a bug. We need some sperm."

I couldn't even think of an answer, while I'm sure my face turned beet red. My first impulse was to slam the bedroom door on the three of them and yell 'Fuck off.' I mean, the whole notion was way too embarrassing.

On the other hand, at 16, my hormones were always raging. I had not yet even seen a real live vagina. Well, maybe Junie when we were four or five years old, but that didn't count. I started to mull the possibilities over in my head. I came to realize it would be pretty cool. I could jerk off, hand them a little bottle of sperm, and they'd know I did it, and they'd have a sort of souvenir. On yet another hand, that would be admitting that I masturbated, something that just wasn't done among people our age back then. But what if? What if I did that for them? Wouldn't it be the coolest thing in the world to provide them a sperm sample? I started to cave in, the hormones in me were winning over my cautious intelligence.

"OK," I said in a strange voice. I sounded a bit too high-pitched, and kind of shaky. Weird. I repeated in a stronger voice, "OK, sure, since you're my sister, and since you girls need it for school. Just don't tell anyone where it came from, alright?"

Suddenly, I regretted saying that I would do it. I hadn't thought it through, but if they had sperm in their biology class, they'd pretty surely tell everyone where it came from. My face got redder thinking about everyone in the school knowing I jerked off, and by gosh, maybe they'd make mental pictures of me jerking off. How embarrassing! I could feel the heat in my cheeks.

"I changed my mind," I said, somewhat more forcefully than I intended, trying to keep my voice from going high and shaky again.

"Oh, come on. It's for science," Kathy cajoled.

We went back and forth a bit, me and the three girls, but finally after they promised profusely that they wouldn't reveal the source, I did relent. Hormones again.

I had an empty bottle from an old chemistry set in my room. I started to close the door telling them I'd fill the bottle and give it to them in a little while.

"No, we need to watch," Junie stated.

"Yeah, yeah," the other two girls chimed in.


"Because…. um, because we need to know that it's real sperm, not something fake you could put in the bottle."

You'd think I'd object to that, but I immediately pictured, well, I don't know what exactly, something about the three girls all naked, and me naked, and maybe getting a handjob or a blowjob or something, especially from Kathy. Or the other girl, Nicole, for that matter. Nikky was a supe-hot looking girl with Korean parents. She didn't even realize how incredibly sexy she was with that super-long straight black hair of hers. My imagining was all quite nebulous, but it was a strongly sexual notion. I could feel a stirring in my pants.

I pretended to object, and be all sheepish, but I was all set for whatever might happen next. And yet, I didn't make any move. What should I do, just whip my pants off in front of these girls? That would be inelegant, to say the least. Maybe somehow tell them they had to get naked first? Sure, but how, exactly, would I justify that?

I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that I ended up totally naked in front of them, and none of the three girls removed a stitch. I think in retrospect, I didn't need to remove my T-shirt, but it seemed appropriate at the time, so I was, in fact, fully naked.

My penis was immediately hard and I felt many things at once: I was feeling a sort of shame, like I was doing something wrong. I had to remind myself it was 'for science.' I felt sexually excited, of course. And, I felt proud. My dick had only recently come into its full size, and I had a nice nest of black hair around my balls with a slight trail leading up toward my belly button. And, I have to admit, my body, although perhaps a bit slim, was pretty athletic.

"That's it?" Kathy asked. "I thought your penis would be bigger."

That set me back for a second, but Junie stepped right up to the plate and said, "It seems huge to me." The world was right again:)

"Come on, masturbate," Nicole commanded. I was surprised she even knew the word.

So I did. I started to pull my foreskin up and down and all too soon, I was saying, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gunna cum."

My sister grabbed the little bottle, and held it near the tip of my dick. I was out of control, and started spurting. She only got a couple of drops in the bottle. The rest landed on the floor. And it was much more cum than usual.

It was probably the strongest orgasm of my life. My knees were so weak I had to sit down on the edge of my bed. The girls had been dead silent during the procedure. Kathy broke the silence saying, "That's it? I thought there'd be a lot more sperm than that." I decided right then that I didn't really like Kathy all that much, but mostly, I was in the combination of the afterglow of a super orgasm, and at the same time, I was becoming very, very shy. No, more than shy. Concerned that I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have been naked and jerked off in front of the girls.

As soon as I could, I put on my pants, and politely shooed the the girls, with their little bottle, out of my room.

It took me several days to recover. I jerked off several times reliving the experience. But I also had several bouts of absolute fear, like I burned down a house or something. I was sure the whole school would be talking about me.

Nothing happened, and so after a week, it was entirely forgotten.

Then, a knock at my bedroom door. I could tell it was the three of them again. I could hear them tittering.

"What?" I asked as I opened the door.

"The sample didn't work," Junie said. "By the time we got to school, it was kind of melted or something. We couldn't see any sperm in it. We need another sample. This time we'll refrigerate it."

Sometimes I'm very proud of my quick mind. I answered, "Not unless you girls participate also."

My Crazy Mother

Well, as you know, my mom is crazy. [I didn’t know.] Yes, the day I turned eighteen, she gave me a blowjob as one of my birthday gifts. I was weirded out at first, and part of me wanted no part of it. Another part wanted to see whether she’d really do that. I mean, she’s done insane things all her life, but that took it to a new level, in my opinion. Yet another part of me was suddenly aroused as soon as she announced it.

Yes, she’s quite nuts. The six or so boyfriends she had since I can remember have all been too weirded out by her to stay for long. On, I don’t mean she gets drunk, yells, or anything like that. More like she’ll invite me and my friends on a midnight picnic. She often wears the skimpiest bikinis when she goes to the grocery store. She’s taken me to a nude beach maybe six times, starting when I was ten years old. Of course, it had little effect on me at that age. It was just ‘the beach’ and that was that. She has embarrassed me on multiple occasions with my friends, or guys on my team, asking them questions like how often they masturbate. Notice, she didn’t ask ‘if’ they masturbate. That would have given them an out, and I think she wanted to see them squirm a little bit. Then, she’d frequently start talking right there with me and my friends about the benefits of masturbation. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she gives blow by blow accounts of the couple of times she’s caught me jerking off. Geez! She does all this stuff with a smile, and a disarmingly friendly manner. She’s not mean. Just overly fun-loving.

So, on my 18th birthday, she offered a blowjob. Of course there was only one option. I said, “No thanks Mom.”

She brought it up about eight more times, finally begging to blow me. She’s my mother. What could I do?

Getting ready was easy enough. She’s seen me naked a million times, although not so much in recent years. She has even practiced Brazillian waxing on me. That’s removing the hair from one’s crotch, in case you didn’t know. You see, she thought she’d become a waxer for a living, but never really carried through on that. However she still waxes herself and me. I’ve decided I like the fully nude look very much. She doesn’t really need to work. Before my father died (when I was six), he had bought eight houses. We live in one, and rent out the others, which makes enough money to live on, and even put me through college.

Yes, when she waxes my dick, I usually get an erection, with her handling it and all. No, I’ve never ejaculated during the process. However, I must admit that when she was done that first time, I examined her work in the shower, the super smooth skin where the hair had been, and it made me so horny I jerked off right away.

So, back to the blowjob. She had me stand, and knelt on a pillow in front of me. To my surprise, the moment she put my dick in her mouth, I hardened up like a rock. Like an ice-cold popsicle. But there was nothing icy about it. Her mouth was warm and inviting. Her hands on my butt were warm and wonderful also. I came almost instantly, and she swallowed the whole works. My knees almost buckled and I had to sit down.

“Son, it’s been so long! The last time I did that was with your father. Well, no, actually with Gary. No, after Gary was Jason… well, it’s been a while. You taste just like your father. Have you ever been blown?”

“No Mom. You know I haven’t had any serious girlfriends yet. That was my first blowjob ever. ” I had trouble saying the word ‘blowjob.’

It’s been four years since my 18th birthday blowjob. My mother has given me numerous blowjobs and handjobs. Oh, and more than once I’ve woken in the morning in her bed, having fallen asleep during one of her gentle post-orgasm testicle massages.

It was actually me who suggested we fuck one night as I was rubbing my dick through her delicious ass crack. She said “No.” That was going too far. I finally found my mother’s limits!

Reciprocation? You bet. I’ve licked her vagina to orgasm, multiple orgasms, many times. I just can’t get over being amazed that I came out of that little slot. I like working two fingers from each hand in, and spreading it as wide as I can, looking inside to see the place of my origin. She totally enjoys the stretching. She particularly likes when I slowly put a wet finger in her ass while licking her clitoris, and I love doing it.

As to my own sex life, I mean, the other people in my life, so far I’ve had two serious girlfriends, and one boyfriend. The thing with the guy didn’t last very long. I think both of us were just experimenting. For me, at least, it didn’t have the same effect as with girls. I’m still with Jenny. I think she may be the one. Reluctantly, I took her to meet my mom for the first time in July. There was no telling what my mom might do. And she did. She got all horny and sexy acting around Jenny. I was mortified, until I noticed Jenny was lapping it all up. It ended up with all three of us in Mom’s bed. The two women barely noticed me, kissing, rolling and licking each other as they were.

I think I’ve been mentally trying to balance my mother’s craziness by being overly conservative. I’m going to have to rethink that.

Loser Motorcycle Guy

Loser Motorcycle Guy

I was driving to work on a hot summer day, as usual, with my windows down, when a motorcycle passed me going at least 90 miles per hour. It was a Harley. Instead of mufflers, he had amplifiers. It was so loud that if I had a gun, I would have shot out his back tire, just out of reflex. I mean, shockingly, deafeningly loud. It really pissed me off. As he rapidly sped on up ahead, I saw something glitter in the sun. What was that? It seemed something fell off the back of his bike, or more likely, out of his pocket. It caught momentarily in the wind, then came crashing to the pavement, and shattered into dozens of shiny pieces, glittering in the sun. I was delighted! I figured it was probably his cell phone, and the asshole deserved that, at least in my opinion at the moment.

As I was working that day, I was kind of puzzling over just what fell off the guy’s bike. Was it a cellphone? Or something else? So the next day, I left for work five minutes early, so I could pull over where it happened, walk around, and try to find some pieces to see exactly what the guy lost. It only took me a moment to find the place where it happened. Some of the pieces were still reflecting sunlight, although the action of passing cars had swept most everything to the shoulder. Sure enough, it was an Android phone, and by the looks of it, an expensive one.

But, what was this? There was his mini-SD card, intact, except for a fairly heavy scratch in one corner. The guy’s phone must have been one of those that can take an external memory card. I put it in my pocket.

When I got home, I found my mini-SD adapter and hooked it to my computer. I found the guy’s photo folder right away, and started snooping around. All there were was the usual photos, pictures of him and his dog, some family group shots at what appeared to be a birthday party, you know, that sort of thing. I was just about done snooping when I found gold!

There were five pictures of him, and a young woman, sitting on what appeared to be a back porch, stark naked. And there he was, slight pot belly, balding, apparently around 40-some years old, sitting in a lawn recliner, bearded, and hairy all over, except for his crotch, which was shaving as smooth as a child. And he was sporting an erection, sticking straight up. His penis wasn’t large, kind of small and skinny actually, with a flabby, not particularly full scrotum, but his cock was fully erect. Rock hard, I would say.

And the girl! Well, she couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. Just a slip of a thing, skinny, short, with small breasts, but with long, straight, dark hair. Her crotch was also shaven smooth. She was sitting on one of those lawn recliner chairs right next to our motorcycle guy. In one picture, she had her legs spread wide, as if she was purposely showing the inner folds of her vagina.

Now call me crazy, but I think she was the man’s daughter. She had the same nose, same forehead and somehow just looked related.

All the five pictures were slightly different, but nearly the same, as if they were taken a few seconds apart. At first I thought it was done with a self-timer, but wait, in the upper right corner of one picture was a dark beige-brown shadow – obviously a finger in front of the lens.

So what was the story? What were they doing? And who took the pictures? Was it the man’s current girlfriend? Or boyfriend? Was it his wife – the girl’s mother? Was it one of his buddies? Maybe the man’s son and therefore the girl’s brother? Another family member, perhaps? And what were they doing. Remember, our guy had an erection – not what you normally see in family photos. What happened before the pictures were taken? What happened after?

I’m tempted to upload those photos here, but I won’t. Maybe the guy deserves it for blasting his loud motorcycle exhaust all over the place, but does the girl? I think not, so I won’t show the pictures to anyone. But it is fun to think about showing the pictures.

We’ll never know the story, but I can tell you one thing: I have jerked off to those photos a dozen times!

Mother Dermatologist

I came home for Christmas vacation from my first year of college with a rash in my buttcrack. It wasn’t horrible, but it had me itching. My mom noticed. She happens to be a dermatologist, so how perfect is that? Except, I was rather timid about telling her about it, because, well, it was in such a personal place. But what could I do except admit the truth? Plus, it did have to be treated.

So, in her bedroom, I took off my pants and showed her. I was very embarrassed about her seeing my penis and all that. The last time she saw me naked was so far back I don’t remember. Now, I was a hairy monster, or so I imagined myself in the circumstance.

She had me lay face down on the bed and she spread my ass cheeks apart with her hand. My, that felt nice! I immediately realized I shouldn’t feel that way about it. It was just my mom looking at a rash, after all. She let go, and went into the kitchen where she came out with a little bottle of something. She then spread my ass cheeks again, and put some kind of oily substance on the rash. It felt cool, almost cold. She spread it around pretty good. In the process, her fingertips brushed directly over my asshole a couple of times. I don’t know what she was thinking. Probably nothing – just another patient with a dermatological situation, except this was her son, no big deal.

But what was I thinking? I don’t really know. Maybe it was just the gentle, greasy touch in such an intimate place, but I immediately threw an erection. I hoped she didn’t notice with me laying face down on the bed. I had to readjust as my body was compressing the erection, and that didn’t feel so good. Again, I hoped she didn’t notice my movement, or at least I hoped she didn’t know why I wiggled like that.

“Oh, my boy’s getting a boner!” she sang out, in a teasing voice.

I guess she noticed.

“Lemme see.”

“Hell no, Mom.”

“Come on, it’s not like I haven’t seen your willie before.”

“But not erect!” I couldn’t even believe I had said that word, ‘erect’ to my mother.

“I’ll bet it’s cute.”

“Geez Mom, just think of me as a patient.”

“They get erections sometimes.”


“Lemme see.”

I don’t disobey my mother. So, even though I’m sure I was red in the cheeks, and felt like I’d rather die, I flipped over on the bed, letting her see my rock-hard erection.

“Why, that’s beautiful. Maybe even better than your father’s.”

She actually reached out and touched it! And, OK, I’ll admit it, that felt terribly good! She then manipulated my scrotum, I guess looking for more of the rash. She then pulled my foreskin down for a moment with her fingertips, then flipped it back up over my bulging cockhead. I started to feel an inevitable orgasm building up. I was thinking that cumming with my mother manipulating my penis just couldn’t happen. I’d certainly be guilty of something. The exact details, I couldn’t describe at the time, but I knew I absolutely couldn’t cum.

I needn’t have worried. A few seconds later, she said, “OK, put your pants back on Buster.”

Nothing more ever happened, and neither of us ever mentioned that evening. But I have to tell you I have masturbated to orgasm many times recalling that evening in my mind.

Mom and Two Guys on the Nude Beach

You know about my crazy mother. She’s the cause of the picture on the internet. It’s similar to the picture shown above, but worse.

Mom invited Gary, my best friend at the time, and I to the nude beach, and he was all up for it, as was I, even though we just thought it would be a fun time on the beach in which we’d happen to be clothes-free, nothing more. I should have known that with my mother, it’s never as simple as that.

So we get there, and it’s a warm but breezy day. We get our clothes off. Gary can’t stop complimenting my mom on how she looks. I have to admit, she is a hot chick. She started her usual talking all sexy bit. She wanted to know how big Gary was when erect. She finally talked him into showing her, right there on the beach in front of everyone. You have to know, it isn’t that kind of nude beach!

He started to wank himself to become erect. I was shocked! I didn’t think Gary had a sexual bone in his body. He and I had only played video games, watched movies, messed around with some sports, and ate at each other’s house from time to time. My mother, in the meantime, is lightly running a finger over one of her nipples, and moving her other hand around on her shaved pussy. Gary being erect, and my mom doing that was too much for me, and I became erect also.

There were like twenty people watching us at this point, some discretely from a distance, but about six came right up close, watching, smiling. One guy held up a phone and asked if he could take our picture. I was about to say “No way!” but Mom shushed me with a look, and said “Of course.” I felt like I was in a trap.

Mom instructed us to stand up, one guy on each side of her. She put one hand around each hard penis, and said “Smile.”

We smiled, and in that moment, history was made. Mom asked the guy to email her the photo.

The next thing I know, it’s on Twitter. Mom posted it on her account. Me! Standing there next to Mom and Gary, with an erection, and my mother holding my dick. Now, I like porn as much the next guy, so browsing the web, I’ve stumbled across that picture a half-dozen times. Evidently it’s gone slightly viral. Every time it practically gives me a heart attack. I mean, I feel a shot of adrenaline every time I come across myself with a boner on my computer, just knowing that thousands of people have seen me like that.

I don’t know what to think. It scares me that anyone can see me being erect on their phone or computer. It also makes me proud. I’m not a half-bad looking guy, and that picture is rather bold. I mean, I’m there with my erection, and all is well with the world in that photo. I’m kind of OK with that, although I’d probably have some explaining to do with Gary also in the picture. Like “Hey, I’m not gay.” Although, really, does it matter?

But some day, one of my coworkers, someone from church, or someone I know is going to say, “Hey, I saw you on the Internet.” How am I going to feel, how am I going to react when that happens?

Cousin Katie

We have relatives in California that I barely know. The last I had seen them was four years earlier when my cousin Katie was 9 and Hank was 10. I was very much looking forward to the trip. We almost didn’t make it. As we drove to the airport, the snow was really coming down. My mom and dad were freaking out that our plane would probably be grounded. Luck was in our favor, and we arrived in California on schedule.

It was so amazingly warm and nice! I swore I was going to move to California as soon as I grew up. So we got there, and I have to say Katie was a real knockout. She has always had curly reddish hair, but she was no longer a little girl. At 13, she had grown you-know-what, and although still skinny, and quite a tomboy in her speech and actions, I was immediately attracted to her. Hank was cool too. He was becoming taller, just like me. My cousin was chiseled. I asked him about it, and he says it was mostly from bicycling. I was so jealous. My bike was firmly stored in the garage until spring when the snow would finally melt.

The combined families spent the afternoon playing a crazy sport called pickleball. It was like scaled-down tennis. How amazing is it to be sweating out in the sun, in shorts and T-shirt in January? In fact, I almost felt kind of silly, dressed so lightly. Back east, it was always jacket, hat and gloves when you went anywhere.

After a huge family dinner, I found out I had to share a room with Hank. I kind of knew it was coming, but it was a disappointment. I didn’t know how I’d jack off, which had become rather important to me. I thought maybe I could sneak a wank in the bathroom or something. Not very elegant, but it would have to do.

I never had the opportunity, so I went to bed horny, with visions of Katie in my head. Maybe I could at least touch myself under the covers. I started to do that as Hank lay in his bed, next to my cot and was talking about sports – the things he could do all winter, which I could not. I kept asking questions about his sister. He’d sort of answer, then turn the conversation back to soccer, bicycling, or whatever. Then I asked whether he’s ever seen her nude.

He stopped talking. Just dead silent. I regretted asking. Then, slowly, quietly, he said, ‘Yeah.’

I tried drawing him out. It was difficult. Then, finally, he said that usually, most evenings, right about now, he and Katie take a shower together. I was instantly super-jealous. I mean, not only did Hank get to live in Southern California, but to see his sister naked! Way cool. Then I got to wondering, so I asked, “What about your parents? Do they know?”

“Oh, yeah, they’re fine with it. She and I have been doing that since we were little. It’s only in the past year or so that we started…”

He stopped.

“What?” I practically yelled.

It took some prodding, but I got it out of him. “We rub each other.”

“Woah, dude! And your parents are OK with that?”

“Well, they don’t know about that part. But, I think if they did, we’d get that ‘Don’t get anyone pregnant’ lecture for about the hundredth time. They actually encourage masturbation. They say wanking will keep us out of trouble.”

I couldn’t even fathom that. My parents would simply kill me if they even caught me walking from my bathroom to the bedroom without underpants on. They’ve never mentioned sex, and I’m quite certain they never would.

“So, you mean you jerk off?” I asked, rather red in the face just for mentioning the subject.

“Of course. Doesn’t everyone?”

“Well yes. Yes I do. In fact, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get some privacy so I could jerk off here at your house.”

“Oh, you don’t need privacy. I don’t mind.”

“You mean, I could do it right here in your room?”

“Sure. It might be fun to do it together.” At that point, he threw off the sheet and I saw he wasn’t wearing underpants. And, I saw his penis sticking straight up, already erect. He started stroking it.

Oddly, my heart was in my throat. This was awesome beyond words, but also scary in a way. Jerking off in front of someone? How cool was that! But why was I scared? I didn’t know, yet it took me a minute or two to throw off my own sheet, pull down my underpants, and let Hank see my erect penis. Finally, boldly, I did it.

He commented that I looked just like him. Both of us were probably around 5″ erect at the time, and just starting to grow hairs around the base.

I was super-excited. Not so much attracted to him, but more like attracted to the freedom of jerking off with another boy. I started wanking, sheepishly at first, but soon I was starting to get into it. I was getting close to the point of cumming when suddenly the door burst open.

I had the biggest shot of adrenaline I have ever had. I was sure it was my dad, or my uncle. But no, maybe worse, it was Katie. There was no way she didn’t see me naked, with my penis in hand. I was mortified.

She looked at me, then at Hank, then simply said, “Cool.”

Katie was dressed in a long white T-shirt. I could make out the points of her nipples under the cloth. I had the impression she had no underwear underneath.

A moment later, she added, “I couldn’t sleep. Thought I’d visit you guys.”

“Come on in and join us,” Hank offered.

She did.

Lemme See

Adolescent Boy - Lemme See
This is not the boy in the memoir, but he looks somewhat like him.

I was 13 at the time. My parents were quite liberal, and raised us kids to be open-minded. To know what’s right and wrong, not by what people tell us, but by what makes sense. So, it was really no surprise when my brother, two years older than me, asked one day, “Can you cum yet?”

“Yes, I can.”

“I don’t believe it. You’re too young.”

“I can, I swear it.”

“Lemme see.”


“Come on.”


“Why not?”

“Too goofy.”

“No, it’s not. What’s wrong with it?”

“Well, nothing really.”

“Then, come on.”

“Well…, OK.”

I pulled down my pants. He pulled down his. His penis was already hard. Quite large and hairy, at least from my young, hairless point of view.

Perhaps it was solidarity with him, maybe I was starting to feel horny. The idea that someone would watch me jerk off. I was always one to like getting attention. In any case, I became erect quickly.

I started stroking right in front of him just the way I did it when I was alone.

“Woah, slow down!”

“Huh?” I asked, as I slowed down like he asked.

“Way too fast, little dude. You don’t need to do it like that. The experience is way better if you make it last.”

I started stroking again.

“No, here let me show you.”

And with that, he reached out, and grabbed my dick. My! I had never been touched like that by anyone. It felt immediately nice. He let go, and instructed me to lay down on his bed.

He then started running his fingertips over my tight little scrotum. It tickled and I asked him to stop. He then took my dick in his fingers and started stroking me very slowly. Frustratingly slowly. It felt wonderful, but I wanted an orgasm right away.

He continued to stroke me slowly. My penis was as hard as it had ever been. Maybe harder. It felt soooo good! Then he reached out with his other hand and started feeling my scrotum again. This time, it didn’t tickle. It was wonderful.

“I’m gonna cum” I practically yelled.

He pulled both hands away immediately. My dick throbbed a couple of times, but I didn’t orgasm.


He said he had a special version for me, and I should just enjoy it.

He reached out and resumed. So good. So fucking good! My body started to tense up. I was going to cum in my brother’s hands.

He stopped again.

“He….y!” I started to yell, then remembered he was doing whatever it was he was doing on purpose.

This went on about five times. On the fifth time, instead of running his fingertips over my balls, he spread my legs apart, and pressed a fingertip very lightly against my anus, while jerking me with his other hand. I had the most spectacular orgasm of my life. Four or five whole clear drops came out, the most I had ever cum.

My brother let go of me, then started wanking his own hard dick. He came in seconds. I was fascinated to see like five shots of white cum land across his belly.

For an hour afterward I felt weirded out by the whole thing. By the next day, I was raring to go, and asked my brother if he’d do it again.

“I will, but first you’ve gotta do it to me.”

“OK!” I said with great enthusiasm.

Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Mother Gives Daughter Her First Orgasm

Shortly after she turned 18, my daughter, Cheri, came to me with a concern that brought tears to my eyes.

Along with her father and brother, our family has always had a trusting and loving relationship. So, it was easy for her to bring up concerns, even things of a sexual nature.

A week ago, she casually reported at dinner that she was no longer a virgin. Her father almost chocked, then smiled. We waited for more details, but we sort of knew.

Cheri had been in love with a young guy named Keith since 10th grade. Last week, after considerable discussion and planning, they had their first sex.

My husband asked whether she used protection.

In a slightly annoyed voice, she said, “Of course, Dad.”

Meanwhile, her brother just sat there and smiled.

That was the end of the discussion, until yesterday. Her father was away setting up another franchise. Her brother was back in college. So that left only Cheri and I in the house.

We were just talking about this and that, when suddenly, she said, “Mom, I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm.”

My first thought was a bit cynical. I was thinking, ‘If you don’t think you’ve ever had an orgasm, you haven’t.’ A person would know.

My next thought is when tears came to my eyes. My poor girl has never had an orgasm. She should have been enjoying them since twelve or thirteen years old.

You know how you feel as a parent when your child comes home with a D in math? Like, you failed as a parent, right? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about my Cheri not having enjoyed orgasms all this time.

We started discussing the details. I felt honored that she’d share such deep information with me. At one point, she said the word “fuck,” and hesitated looking at me, expecting some sort of reproach. I said it was totally OK to use ‘ordinary’ language with me. I told her I wasn’t a prude, and insinuated that I had my own rather wild adventures at her age.

Evidently, with Keith, she felt very fulfilled when he put a penis in her for the first time in her life. She said there was no pain, so I guess her hymen was broken. This whole thing about virgin girls – geez. Very few virgins actually have hymen issues, right? But she didn’t orgasm, either. He did. Almost right away.

I asked whether he masturbated her or licked her afterward, but being a young male, he didn’t even recognize that she may have an unfulfilled need.

Cheri summarized by letting me know that she enjoyed the feeling of a dick forcing her vaginal canal open, but that was it. It sounded more sensual than sexual to me.

I explained that most women do not have orgasms from vaginal sex. I went on to say that an experienced boyfriend would have done something specially for her afterward.

“So you mean, that if a girl is licked or her clit is rubbed, she is likely to have an orgasm?”

“Well, yes, usually. However there are some women, even some older than me, who have never orgasmed. I doubt you are one of those, however. You just haven’t had the right experiences yet.”

I asked her whether she had ever tried masturbating.

She told me that she had a couple of times around age 13. One time, she felt something like chills throughout her body, and springs in her belly, and it scared her, so she stopped.

Of course I responded by telling her that was the early stages of pre-orgasm, and that if she had continued, it might have been very nice.

We talked a bit more, with me letting her know I still masturbate quite often, especially when her father is out of town. I went on, “In fact, I miss him, and I’m horny now. This discussion has had an effect on me.”

“So, you’d masturbate now, if you could?”

“Frankly, if you weren’t here Cheri, I’d be frigging myself silly.”

“Oh, interesting.”

We both got quiet, lost in thought.

She interrupted my crazy horny thoughts that were loosely formed around the fantasy of masturbating with my own daughter. “Do you suppose you could teach me how to orgasm?”

The moment she asked, she blushed, and I think I detected a shiver, too.

I wanted to let her down gently. “I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“OK, I guess… But why?”

“Well…” I opened and closed my mouth like three times. Then, after thinking it through I said, “Well, it wouldn’t be like a sexual thing. It would just be a mother instructing her daughter in a facet of grown-up life, right?”

Not sexual. Yeah, right! So why was I shaking and having trouble controlling my voice?

“You know Mom, I’d really like to experience this orgasm thing.”

I was too far gone to think clearly. I instructed to take off all her clothes and lay on my bed. I turned the thermostat up, and took off my own clothes.

I was proud of her tits. This was the first time I had seen them. The last time I saw my daughter’s upper body, she didn’t have anything. They weren’t overly small or large, and rather perky. My own, at age 43, had started to sag a bit, and I was somewhat embarrassed about that. I kind of didn’t want her to see my breasts. But I had become so horny, it really didn’t matter. And, oddly, I kind of did want her to see my tits.

I had no idea how I was going to proceed. The one thing I did know to do is that I told her she might not have an orgasm today. That she could just enjoy what happens, and if she has an orgasm, fine, but if not, it would surely happen on another day. That way, she’d have no pressure keeping it from happening.

I had her lay back on my bed. Knowing what her father does to me sometimes, I started with a general massage that lasted maybe ten minutes. When it came to massage her boobs, I didn’t hold back. To start developing the mood, I brushed my fingertips ever so lightly over her nipples several times in a row. I saw that they became like hard little pencil erasers. She expressed some sounds of appreciation, and “That’s nice, Mom.”

Looking at her cunt, I was somehow amazed how much like my own it looked. Only her hair was brown, like her father, whereas mine’s black. The last time I saw my daughter’s puss was before she learned to dress herself, maybe around age 5. Somehow, I was expecting it to look the same.

Starting as lightly as I possibly could, I ran a fingertip over the hair right over her slit. I know that always gives me chills. It seemed to have the same effect on her.

“Oh Mom, that feels so nice!”

Her inner labia started to widen and become wet. That was a very good sign. In fact, I couldn’t believe that my daughter hadn’t ever had an orgasm. Her responses up to now were perfect.

I grabbed her inner labia between the thumbs and first fingers of each hand. Her inner labia were slightly long, just like mine. I let them slip out of my grip, over and over again, just like her dad has done to me so many times.

“Oh Mom, that’s… just great!”

I finally got down to rubbing little circles directly on her clit. I thought that might bring on an orgasm, but actually, she settled down a bit, as if it was less erotic than what I had been doing before with the labia pulling.

It was time to bring out the big guns. I got down on the bed on my belly, between her legs. I pushed her legs up so her knees were in the air. I crawled forward, and tentatively licked her clit. She was shuddering. Come to think of it, so was I.

After five minutes of licking, which Cheri was clearly enjoying, she still hadn’t orgasmed. I wasn’t worried. I had one more trick up my sleeves.

Noticing how much liquid her pussy was exuding, I coated the forefinger of my right hand with her girl juice. Bringing it to her asshole, which was fairly easy to reach since her knees were up, I rubbed it gently around her asshole, while continuing to lick her clit. Meanwhile, I felt my own cunt against the bed, and almost involuntarily started sliding slightly up and down, not bringing an orgasm, but generating chills from my head to my toes.

She was breathing heavily, and just sort of moaning.

I ever so slowly introduced my fingertip directly into her anus. I was only in maybe a half-inch, and bang, it happened.

Cheri screamed, “Oh Mom!” She arched her back. She was shaking so uncontrollably I thought she’d throw herself off the bed. She peed involuntarily. Not a lot, but a couple of ounces. With my finger still in her ass, I could feel contraction after contraction.

Five minutes of silence followed while I let her bask in the afterglow and compose herself. When she finally spoke, it was, “Oh my god! So that was an orgasm!”

I couldn’t resist. Right there in front of my daughter, as she watched intently, I frigged myself to a big double-orgasm, something that’s rare for me.

That evening, I told my husband about the whole thing on the phone. I was worried about his response. He said, “Holy mackerel, I so want to jerk off right now. I sure wish you were here.”

I’m sure this will not be the last time this mother and daughter masturbate together. In fact, I’m running a fantasy in my mind of setting up a family masturbation evening, with Cheri, her father, her brother and myself. I’m not sure how my son would react, but I’m guessing he’d love the idea. I know my husband would. Wouldn’t that be a fun evening?

Family Masturbation Night

Family Masturbation Night

I believe I’m a typical 19-year-old girl. I used to think my family was normal. Maybe my parents are a bit more open, more hippie-like than others, so I guess it’s no surprise what happened.

It started with my Brother Jim, who is one year older than me. Like me, he’s going to the local college. It’s not so we can save money. My parents are fairly loaded. It’s more because our family has always been close. For us, there’s no advantage in going away to dorm living.

We were sitting around the dinner table one night, which is typical for our family. I used to resent that we don’t have a big-screen TV. In fact, we don’t have a TV at all. Instead, we talk about things. Led by our parents, or grandparents, or sometimes even our gardener Jose, who has become part of the family, the discussion may be about oceanography, French, or US history. Or, maybe more mundane things, like masturbation.

In a quiet moment, Jim announced, “I’ve been learning to have dry orgasms.” He said it as matter-of-factly as if he had said, “I have a stamp collection.”

My mother took the bait. “Dry orgasms?”

My father jumped in, “Are you saying you can orgasm without ejaculating?”

“Yup,” was Jim’s very simple answer.

“Gosh, I’ve always wanted to learn that,” my father replied. “Do you really have it mastered (pardon the pun)? Was it easy to learn?”

“Actually, once you learn a couple of simple things, then practice a bit, it’s super-easy. And, well worth the effort, I might add,” Jim answered with a smile.

“Will you teach me?” Dad asked.


“Me too,” Jose piped in. “I’d love to learn that.”

I wasn’t very sexual back then, and so couldn’t believe my ears. I mean, yes, our family is liberal, but this was to a whole new level.

My sister, Amy, asked, “What about us girls? Is it something we could learn? Might it be good for us, too?”

My brother affirmed that he thought she could learn it. He figured that separating orgasms and ejaculations in girls is meaningless, but the end result, the continuous orgasms, would be great for her.

My father, in his usual authoritarian way added, “I suppose like all masturbatory practices, it would have benefits. I mean, if masturbation helps with focus, and physical health and mental stability, then more masturbation would be better, right?”

Wouldn’t it be like meditation, but even more beneficial?” Jose wondered.

There were murmurs of assent around the dining table. That’s when my mother blew us away with the following suggestion: “Maybe Jim can show us all his new technique.”

Personally, if I was Jim, I would have turned red in the face, and been all embarrassed. Not Jim. He just said, “Sure,” as casually as if he was going to show us a new way to grip a tennis racket.

There was a moment of silence, then Mom said, “Well, how about now? Is anyone doing anything?”

We agreed this would be a good time, and all of us, including Jose, Grandpa and Grandma reconvened in the living room. Even I, asexual though I though I was at the time, became fascinated.

Sitting on various chairs and sofas in our big living room, we were all clothed. As if he were in his own bedroom, Jim disrobed. Right down to nothing! Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. I mean, I’ve seen everyone nude at one point or another. But it wasn’t very often, and generally nothing special, like passing in the hallway on the way to the shower.

But this evening had a strong sexual component to it. You could feel it in the air, or at least I could. I could feel it elsewhere too, which surprised me. You know, that heightened awareness you get, the springs and pings in your vagina, your lower stomach, maybe even in your arms, legs and the top of your head? I was feeling that.

There was something else. Where was the hair? I was looking right at Jim’s crotch, and there should have been a mass of black curly hair, like I have. He was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

“Oh, you shave!” Mom quipped with a touch of delight.

“Sure, lots of guys do these days,” Jim said.

Jim sat back down in an easy chair, in a very slouched forward position, and started fingering his scrotum. Not his penis, which surprised me. In a couple of moments, his penis rose to attention, sticking straight up out of his lap. He was evidently enjoying the attention from the whole family. I, personally, would have been mortified to be in his position.

Then, like a professor, he started in on a lecture, “Of course I had to become erect. So now, I’ll start stroking my cock. Um, sorry, ‘penis.'”

Oh, you can say ‘cock’ my dad quickly added. We won’t be offended by ‘real’ words.

Jim continued, explaining about edging, something I had never heard about until then. It sounded like something I had done a few times, but now, I’d certainly be edging more seriously. The idea that one brings themselves to the point of orgasm, then backs off. Then he revealed the magic trick.

“The thing is, you stop the stimulation for only a second. Maybe even just reduce, not stopping entirely. You don’t want the pre-orgasmic feeling to die entirely away. Then resume, paying very careful attention to how you feel. When you get it right, you can approach orgasm, keep up the stimulation, and literally enter and stay in orgasm for minutes at a time. You can also do it over and over again, without losing arousal.

“When I first started, these orgasms were like 70 percent as strong as full ejaculations, but nothing was coming out. That in itself was fantastic, because right from the beginning I could have several orgasms, a huge improvement over just cumming and being done. But since then, I’ve been able to make the dry orgasms stronger than ejaculations. Then, in the end, perhaps after an hour or so, I may be so satisfied that I don’t even need to ejaculate. Or, I may go ahead and have a crashing, super-strong ejaculatory orgasm.”

As he was telling us all this, he was evidently experiencing exactly what he was talking about. Periodically, he’d pause, arch his back or curl his toes, and say a little something like, “ooh, ” or “ummm!”

Grandpa asked, “How do we know you’re not just making this up? Faking it?”

“Well, here, Grandpa. Come over here, and put your fingertips right here under my balls, just ahead of my anus.”

Grandpa scooted over and did just as Jim instructed. After holding his fingers there for a moment, he said, “Oh my god! He’s right. I feel his urethra contracting.”

One by one, the family came over to Jim, and placed their fingertips where he instructed, and they all felt the contractions.

I couldn’t wait for my turn. Why this had me so excited, I have no idea. I mean, it was only my brother Jim after all, demonstrating a technique. No big deal, right? Yet my heart was racing, and my vagina was so wet that I was worried it would show through my shorts.

I placed my fingers on his taint. At first, I was just a bit low, and pressed my finger right onto his anus. He just said, “A little higher.” But to me, to touch his asshole like that, was like an electric shock.

It must have been for him also because suddenly, as I was feeling his urethral contractions, he grunted, and quietly said, “Oh, no…” With that, he arched up, and started ejaculating all over his lower belly.

I realized it was my finger on his anus that triggered it. I was also fascinated. What a spectacular show! I just knew that I’d be masturbating big time in my bedroom within a few minutes.

At that moment, Mom announced, “Let’s practice,” pulling down her pants as she spoke.

As if the evening wasn’t already as weird as it could get! Within moments, every single one of us, even Grandma was bare-ass naked, and jerking off in our living room.

Like a great instructor, Jim was going from one random family member to another watching intently, and offering little bits of advice. Like, “Don’t get quite so close yet, Dad.” and “Amy, once you get to the point, back off, and just see if you can feel the orgasming being an ongoing phenomenon.”

In answer to a question from Jose, he added, “One interesting point about this is once you learn it, it’s as if your body wants to help. It becomes quite easy to simply stay in orgasm for longer periods of time, or to have orgasm after orgasm every minute or two.”

Grandpa got it that very first evening. Grandma smiled big, but I don’t know what she experienced. Dad said he may have been ‘on the edge for a bit,’ but would have to practice more. Amy said she thought she already knew the general idea, and had had multiple orgasms in the past, but doing it for real was much better. Evidently, she got it that first evening also.

I happened to be watching as Jose was smiling serenely, and kind of jerking and grunting. He obviously got the basics right away. But a moment later, white cum shot out of his dick.

Mom, just kept saying, “This is so great!” She said it like six times. It was weird seeing her running her fingers in little circles in that dark patch. Sometimes, I could see flashes of pink. To think, I came out of there!

I was the last to take off my clothes, hesitating a moment after the others were all naked. Even though I was having all sorts of horniness, I was still… I don’t know, shy, reluctant? I kind of didn’t want them to see how big my boobs were. But I’ll tell you what: Once I was naked with my family and started masturbating, I was a convert. A huge convert! I didn’t have any ongoing or long-lasting orgasms that evening. I just couldn’t hold back, and came almost right away.

So, that was our first Wednesday evening family wank session. We’ve done it every Wednesday since. Sometimes someone won’t be there. Grandma sometimes goes to a card game with her lady friends, but not very often. Dad sometimes has to work late, but he rushes home, usually making it in time to grab the last bite of dinner and join us. Sometimes one or another of us is not in the mood. Like, on occasion, Dad, or Grandpa or Jim or Jose just can’t get it up. I have attended every single session, and am having the time of my life. Oh, yes, I learned the technique!

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