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Like you, my wife has quit putting out. And she’s only 47 years old. Dang!

Well anyway, a week before my 48th birthday, she asked what I wanted.

I immediately said, “Sex.”

She got all huffy, then settled down, explaining for the millionth time, it was her ‘hormones.’

Whatever, right?

Then she asked, “What if I get you a surrogate?”

“You mean like a whore?”

“No, not at all. Maybe like a proper sex worker, or a therapist or something?”

We both fell silent, because even though the idea was certainly attractive, I couldn’t imagine any practical way it could work.

The discussion was forgotten. A week later, on the evening of my birthday, our niece LuLu was over for dinner. I was almost sullen. So far, my birthday had been uneventful, and the last thing I wanted to do was to have to sit down to dinner with this young girl with whom I had nothing in common other than her course of study.

She did seem more bubbly and sparkly-eyed than normal, which is saying a lot for her. She’s thin and naturally active, almost hyper-active.

We talked about her schooling. She was studying to be a psychologist. I felt honored in a way, because that is my profession, and I liked to think part of her decision to pursue psychology was due to me.

Then she floored me by announcing that she was planning to focus on sexuality. I almost choked on my bite of potato.

In her non-stop, active way, without hardly taking a breath, she went on to say that she’s a big advocate of sex as a way to heal many of society’s ills, and especially personal ills. She clarified, saying masturbation was one of the best outlets a person can allow themselves, and went on to expound on the benefits of wanking.

Despite our age difference, and my wife sitting right there with us, I became fascinated. And, I can admit, I felt a stirring in my pants, as I was imagining this young woman involved in the activities she was describing. Obviously, she must masturbate frequently, since that’s such a strong part of her belief system.

As I was pondering that, and LuLu stopped for an odd moment, my wife interjected, “So you like to masturbate a lot?”

“Oh, yes,” she freely admitted.

My wife didn’t stop there. Turning to me, “And you masturbate quite a bit too, don’t you?”

Geez! That was embarrassing. How does one answer that? But, figuring how forthcoming LuLu was being, I went ahead and admitted that I do wank quite a bit.

The conversation intensified, until finally, with my wife’s help, LuLu had us engaged in a game of strip poker. But it was just her and I. My wife then went into the den to watch TV or something.

I was naked first. Although embarrassed in a way, I was becoming OK with the fact that I was displaying an obvious erection to this young girl. Looking at those luscious tits, how could I resist?

I didn’t know where this was going, but of course I caught on early that it was my birthday, and this, being here with LuLu, was somehow my wife’s present to me. Furthermore, there was so much talk of masturbation that I pretty much knew I wouldn’t be fucking LuLu. Frankly, as pretty as she was, I didn’t really want to. But anything else would be absolutely OK with me.

She wanted to see our jetted tub. My wife and I have a big jetted tub in our bathroom, and before long, LuLu and I were luxuriating in the warm water. I started to follow her lead. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand while conversing with me. So, I started touching my flagpole of a penis.

We were laying in the tub facing each other. Me at one end, her at the other. Our legs overlapped, her feet coming almost to my crotch. After words of encouragement about how big my penis is (it’s only an average 6 inches), and how nice it looks (it’s just an average penis), she scootched forward a bit, and placed her feet gently against my balls, as I widened my legs as much as I could in the tub to allow her better access. She then started kind of grabbing my penis awkwardly between her feet. Finally, with only her feet, she jerked me off, until I released big jets of semen into the water. As I had one of the strongest orgasms of my life, she cheered. Before we left the tub, as my penis was reducing in size in post-orgasmic glow, right there in front of me, as if it was the natural thing in the whole world, LuLu rubbed herself to a series of strong orgasms.

Shortly after our bath, she went home. My wife welcomed me in bed with lots of kisses (but nothing else), and asked, “Did you like my gift?”

Strange Family

I grew up in the craziest family I know, and the funny thing is, for a long time, I thought we were normal.

Well, I knew my moms were unusual from an early age. Most families have a mother and father. My moms are not only lesbian, but they are sisters. Twin sisters.

They decided to adopt children. Four children to be exact, all at the same time, and all the same age. Our moms went to Eastern Europe, toured around a bit, and found the four of us at an orphanage. We were three years old. They filled out the paperwork, and the next thing you know, we’re in America learning English.

We are two boys, and two girls.

Now, let’s get to the sex part. Our moms encouraged us to be sexually expressive from an early age. They said that many good psychological and physical things spring from healthy sexual appetites. They should know. Mom Kate is a dermatologist, and Mom Laurie is a psychiatrist.

Specifically, as soon as we got the birds and the bees speech, we were also encouraged to masturbate as much as we wanted. Maybe even more than we wanted. Beyond that, we were left on our own. Our parents didn’t participate. Evidently the two of them had plenty of sexual activity of their own.

So the four of us got together from time to time and we masturbated. At first it was like masturbation in any family, I assume. We’d talk about the day’s events, friends, school while all sitting or laying around naked in the living room and wanking.

I enjoyed seeing my brothers’ cocks getting hard, and then the stuff squirting out.

As time went on, we found ourselves in a rigid schedule. We’d get together in the living room after dinner on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. It just evolved. No one set out to have a schedule. Well, maybe our moms guided it or suggested a schedule. I don’t know.

We started masturbating each other. The first time I touched the cock of my brother Leo, I was in heaven. If I remember correctly, while I was making him cum that first time, I had an orgasm while touching his cock, not my own pussy. A spontaneous orgasm.

Then another thing evolved. I seem to recall it was our moms who suggested it: We should start practicing various sexual techniques. They told us about all kinds of crazy stuff – our moms have always been open that way. They told us about peegasms, edging, multiple orgasms, anal stimulation, and more.

We each picked something to work on.

In my case, it was inner labia pulling. I get plenty wet when aroused, so it is very difficult to pull my inner labia since they are so slippery. That’s part of what makes it fun. So over and over every time we’d get together, I’d have one of my brothers pull my inner labia as best he could while my sister and other brother would massage my feet and my nipples at the same time. My gosh, I had great orgasms!

Kyle especially liked the that a boy can have orgasms without ejaculating. He really wanted to learn how to have this thing happen where his urethra would contract as if ejaculating just once, but nothing would come out. He wanted to get these single contractions every minute or so. He organized us like the director of a movie. It was impressive how he had everything figured out.

He laid down on a sheet on the carpet in the middle of our living room. I was to jerk him off, but every time he said “wait,” I had to stop for a minute. My sister Jen was to be the monitor. She’d place a finger in his butt to feel for the orgasmic contractions. And Leo was to massage Kyle’s balls.

And that’s what we did that first time. It went off without a hitch. Sort of. When he was approaching orgasm, Kyle said “wait.” I did, but a moment later he started ejaculating all over the place. Jen was delighted to report that she did indeed feel the contractions squeezing his anus rhythmically around her finger.

We did the same thing for weeks, until Kyle became so good at it that he could have a single urethral contraction, and not cum, over and over again. Finally, he’d let go and splash cum all over the place.

My other sister and brother had their own sexual exercises with which we helped them. If there’s sufficient interest, I’ll tell you all about those exercises, and the many other things we did as a family.

To bring this to a close, I should mention that our moms put all four of us through medical school. We all chose our own specialty. All four of us are married in the normal sense, and have kids of our own now. We love our moms, and are thankful for such a spectacular, intelligent and loving upbringing, but we’ve all decided to be somewhat more conventional.

Sperm Glue

Children twins and sperm glue

Growing up, I was always the shy one, and my twin sister, who doesn’t look anything like me, by the way, was always the outgoing, loud, but also the protective one.

I know it’s crazy but we seldom argued. We grew up in a loving, and open-minded family.

One day when my parents were downstairs and my sister and I were in her room playing Monopoly, she showed me that a corner of the board was peeling up. She just came right out and asked, “Does sperm make good glue?”

I told her the truth, “I have no idea.”

Even at that age, I knew she meant ‘semen,’ but didn’t bother to correct her.

“Do you want to find out?”

I enthusiastically told her yes.

I didn’t have to take anything off, because it was a hot day, and the air conditioning in our home didn’t keep up, so both of us were starkers.

The Monopoly game was forgotten as she had me recline on her bed, and she reached out to start producing semen from me. My little, hairless penis became erect right away. I had to show her how to stroke me up and down because never having done it before, she was hesitant, and way too gentle, barely touching me at all. It was less than a minute that I felt that wonderful feeling, made even more wonderful because it was her hand on my penis, not mine for a change.

Because I was still so young, only about three drops of clear liquid came out. She carefully collected it, and applied it to the corner of the Monopoly board. I felt weird afterward, so I left her room, with the game unfinished.

The next day we laughingly discovered that semen makes terrible glue.

It wasn’t the last time we played together. Our parents even caught us once. I thought I was going to get killed, but all Mom said was a brief lecture against actual sex, that we couldn’t risk getting my sister pregnant. I totally understood, Mom didn’t directly say so, but that basically meant that oral sex and anal sex were not off limits.

Son’s Phimosis

One day, when my son, Luke, was home from college for a two-month break, he and I were sitting in the dining room having a casual mother-son conversation. He asked whether sex is supposed to be painful. I knew he had been having sexual relations with a young lady, and was fine with it. He’s old enough, he’s responsible, and I trust him to make good decisions. It’s me who doesn’t always make the best decisions.

I almost cried when Luke asked about sex being painful. You see I knew from my son’s earliest times that he may have a problem with phimosis. That’s where the foreskin can’t retract fully. It makes keeping the penis clean difficult, and it can cause pain on intercourse. My husband had to be circumcised as an adolescent due to phimosis.

I felt terrible, because on several occasions when doctors advised me to have Luke circumcised, I just couldn’t do it. Especially after my husband told me that when he was cut, it took many painful weeks to heal. I figured at the age of 20, it would be terribly embarrassing, painful, and inconvenient for Luke. You see, I had just hoped it might go away.

In his adolescence, I tried to recommend stretching exercises, but he wasn’t having it. He didn’t even let me finish the conversation the few times I brought it up.

Now, I knew we had a problem. I talked with Luke earnestly right there at the dining room table. I let him know my thoughts about his whole phimosis problem, even that I felt bad for not having him circumcised. He let me know that he was aware of his condition, and even my feelings about it.

“Mom,” he said, “I’m glad you didn’t let that happen to me. I don’t want it now, either. I’ve read of some exercises…”

I didn’t bother to remind him that I already tried to get him to do those exercises years earlier.

He announced he’d start right away, and went upstairs. Presumably, Luke went to his room to get erect and start stretching the foreskin. I know it’s crazy, being his mother and all, but the thought of him doing that up there made me horny. Of course I didn’t do anything about it.

A week later, I asked, “How are the exercises going?”

“Huh? Oh, I forgot all about it.”

Shit. “OK, why don’t you start now?”

“I guess I should.”

A week later, I asked again, and he sheepishly admitted he still hadn’t started. I was surprised how angry that made me. Here he was not enjoying sex, and not doing anything about it. He didn’t want surgery, but that’s exactly where he was headed. Perhaps it was the anger that provoked me to say, “Luke Albert Whitfield, pull your pants down right now.”

He looked like a deer in the headlights. If I wasn’t still angry, I would have laughed.

Thinking more clearly, I commanded, “Well, not here. Come to my bedroom.”

He’s an obedient son, so he followed me to my bedroom. I locked the door so my daughter couldn’t come in, had him strip and lay face up on our big king bed. He was very reluctant. I can’t say as I blame him. I hadn’t seen his little willie since he was in diapers. I was surprised to see how big and hairy it was now. I guess as a mother, one always imagines their children as little boys and girls.

I pulled my dressing chair alongside the bed, and grabbed that penis of his, examining the tight foreskin.

“That tickles,” he giggled.

“Deal with it.”

I was forming a plan of action. I’d do the exercise for him, since he wasn’t doing them himself. I started pulling the foreskin down, but of course nothing was happening with his penis being soft. I knew what to do, and decided I’d have to remain entirely clinical about this. I couldn’t allow the feelings that were boiling up in my lower belly, and you know where.

I got up, went into my office, and returned with a soft little paint brush. I waved it back and forth over his penis, over the frenulum area, until the bristles was just touching his penis. His penis jumped a little bit each time the brush touched it. I knew the effect. This always works very well with Dan, his father, if I want him erect.

Soon enough, my boy was hard. Not quite as big as Dan, but respectable. Very respectable. Actually, it was kind of hard to compare, with that foreskin covering everything up like it was.

My boy was totally embarrassed, but I told him to forget it. I reminded him that I had diapered him. He was like, “Well, you’ve never seen me like this.”

“Oh, you mean erect? Luke, I hate to tell you, but little boys get erections, too. I’ve seen everything. Don’t you worry.”

I went to work, pulling down on the foreskin, holding it for ten seconds, just like the exercises are supposed to be done, then letting go so it can relax for a minute. A couple times I pulled too hard, and he was like, “Ouch, Mom!” but I knew ‘no pain, no gain.’

After ten repetitions we were done. He couldn’t get back into his clothes and out of there fast enough. He disappeared into his room. I’ll bet he jerked off. I know I wanted to do some serious jilling, but I was already late getting dinner ready for Dan and the kids.

The next day at 4pm, I commanded Luke to come back to my bedroom. He anticipated, and walked across the house naked. His sister saw him, but said nothing. I don’t know whether they had communicated about his ‘treatments’ or not.

It didn’t take as long to get him hard. We did the exercises. He stayed hard, and walked back across the house, again in front of his sister in the living room. Was he showing off his naked body and his erection? I didn’t care to think about it.

Next day, same thing, except his sister wasn’t home. He was hard when he arrived in my room.

“Mom,” he said, “These exercises are kind of fun.”

“Don’t you get any crazy ideas.”

“Oh, no, no way, nothing like that!” he assured me evidently as shocked as I was at the thought.

The exercises continued for a couple of weeks. I was proud of my diligence. Seldom in my life have I stuck with anything. That’s why I’m twenty pounds overweight. Diets last about 3 days with me.

On this occasion, as I was on about the eighth stretch, I felt something weird. A kind of pulsing. I knew almost immediately that my boy was ejaculating in my hands.

He groaned, “Oh, Mom!”

I knew from Dan that men don’t like unfinished business. I mean, they hate ruined orgasms, so I did what came so naturally to me. I stroked him as he was cumming, so he could finish his orgasm properly. I immediately regretted it. Had I gone too far?

Feeling guilty, the next day, I told him he had to finish doing the exercises himself. He was in agreement. In fact, he even admitted he had been doing the exercises twice a day. Once with me, and once by himself. “They feel really, really good,” he admitted.

That was a year ago. Those darn exercises really work! He came to me a few days ago, and proudly showed me how far he’s come along. Of course that required an erection, but he had no problem rubbing himself to hardness in front of his own mother.

Five minutes later, I was in my bedroom masturbating myself like crazy, and having the strongest series of orgasms I’ve had in a very long time.

Sleepover with 7 Girls and a Boy

Sexual sleepover with seven girls

The exact same seven of us had three other sleepovers so far that summer. We had all just graduated high school. We were all 18 years old, except Mattie, who was 19. We were all starting college in a couple of weeks. We were still all virgins. That’s where the similarities stopped. Jamique was black, the others of us were white. I was big-breasted. Embarrassingly so. June was the exact opposite, practically flat as a board. Mary was Mexican. Kate was as skinny as a rail, while Sarah weighted, well, let’s say quite a bit.

The previous three sleepovers were normal enough. We talked about school, makeup, clothing, and guys. Karl, Lorie’s 20-year-old brother in particular.

This evening, we were all at Lorie’s house, and her brother was home. Tall, thin, athletic, olive-skinned, he was the picture of a young Greek god.

Her parents, on the other hand, were not at home. Her mom and dad were both nurses. Seems there was a pile-up on the freeway, so they were both called in to the emergency room, leaving all us girls alone in the house. Oh, Karl was there, but he stuck to his own room on the other side of the house.

The conversation turned quite raunchy. We voted on who would fuck Karl. All hands went up except Lorie’s. Then, she surprised us all by saying, “I’ve seen his dick.”

Naturally, we wanted details.

“He and I used to take baths together when I was 5 or 6 years old.”

“Oh,” we all said, in a collective expression of disappointment.

“Well, I wasn’t going to tell you this…” she added looking kind of sheepish. “I caught him masturbating one time. I saw everything. He has a big, hairy dick, just like you see on the Internet.”

“So what happened?” Kate wondered for all of us.

“I came into his room to borrow a pair of scissors. He was laying on top of his bed all naked. For a split-second, I didn’t notice, being focused on his desk to get the scissors. Then, I looked again, and there he was in all his glory, with his huge penis in one hand. He rapidly tried to cover himself up, but he was laying on top of the bedspread. He didn’t have anything to cover up with. He turned all red in the face, and literally couldn’t think of anything to say. I saw his mouth start to work a couple of times, but nothing came out.

“I love Karl, and wouldn’t want to cause him any embarrassment, so I thought quickly, and blurted out the first thing that comes to mind, ‘Don’t mind me, I’m just grabbing some scissors.’

“Finally, he could speak, ‘But Lorie…,’ was all he managed.

“I answered without thinking it through, ‘It’s cool. I do it all the time, too.’

“‘You do?'” he asked in a surprisingly small voice for such a big guy.”

“Now you’d think I would have left his room right away, but somehow, I didn’t. He settled down a bit, and since it just seemed natural to do so, I sat down on the edge of his bed. We talked a bit about masturbation. He was still naked, yet it didn’t seem to matter.

“I told him it would be OK to finish what he was doing. He was reluctant, but sure enough, he masturbated right there while I sat on his bed. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

All us other girls were a gaggle of questions.

Lorie patiently answered them all. No, she didn’t masturbate for him to watch. He’s never seen her naked since they were little kids. Yes, it did make her horny.

Now, all seven of us were very horny, but didn’t have a clue what to do about it.

We were talking about sex and masturbation, to the degree we knew anything about such things.

Jamique asked the group, “What’s the most embarrassing thing for you?” probably hoping to get sexually oriented responses. And, that’s exactly what she got.

Mary was the first to answer. “My fingers. They’re brown on top, and pink on the bottom.”

All of us rushed to assure her that we found her fingers just fine, very attractive in fact.

I answered next. “My breasts. They’re too huge.”

Once again a rush of assurances.

I don’t know what came over me, but I said, “Oh, I guess they look alright when I’m wearing a bra, but without, they’re just gigantic.”

Since then, I’ve learned to love them. Boys like big breasts. But at the time, they were new to me, and just seemed ridiculously bulky.

Like all the other girls, I was wearing pajamas, but unlike the others, I was still wearing a bra underneath. I was embarrassed not to.

The girls, all continuing to assure me, suddenly went dead quiet, as Sarah suddenly took off her top, revealing her breasts. “I’ll bet they’re not bigger than these,” she said, laughing.

There was only one answer to that, horny as we all were. I whipped off my top and bra, revealing my breasts. The girls urged us to stand side by side for comparison. Whereas Sarah’s body was wider overall, her breasts were in fact a bit smaller than mine. Somehow, we got talked into standing facing each others so our nipples were touching. Exciting and unexpected electric shocks shot through my body.

Within a minute, all the other girls except June had removed their tops, everyone comparing breasts. Finally, June revealed hers also, which really were small, just little bumps with small pink nipples.

Of course we all assured her that was just fine, and that flatness had nothing to do with getting a guy and sexual satisfaction.

Jamique mentioned that we all HAD to reveal what embarrassed us, and so far only Mary and I had done so.

June filled the gap. Now topless, like all of us, she told us in a quiet voice, “Well, I like to shave down there.”

“So do I,” Jamique piped in, adding, “Look!” She pulled down her pajama bottoms, and we could she was right about that.

Seeing our shocked, yet quizzical faces, she explained. “My mom taught me about shaving. I like keeping it shaved clean.”

A mix of voices remarked, “Cool,” and “Like, amazing,” and other such comments.

Jamique added, “You should feel it. It’s like sandpaper.”

Lorie reached over and did just that, rubbing her fingertips over Jamique’s dark brown vagina. “Right, it’s rough!”

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Jamique shivered at Lorie’s touch.

Pretty soon, the whole group was topless and bottomless, and everyone was feeling the outside each other’s vaginas. Girls were shivering, and emitting, oohs and aahs.

Without provocation, skinny Kate announced, “The embarrassing thing for me is pussy size.”

“It looks alright,” Lorie stated.

“What I mean is I don’t think a boy could fit in there. It’s too restricted. Too narrow.”

Jamique said, “Really, I doubt that’s true. It stretches you know. Hmmm, let’s see…”

Then, without seeking permission, she simply reached over as Katie spread her legs in invitation, and pushed a finger all the way into Katie’s vagina.

Katie screamed, causing Jamique to immediately remove her finger.

“No,” Katie said, “I mean, it felt great. I screamed because that felt wonderful! Do it again.”

Jamique complied, leaving her finger in for quite a while. Then, slowly, she removed her finger which was now coated with shiny girl juice. She came back in with two fingers. Katie squirmed a bit, but you could tell she was loving it.

Meanwhile the other five girls were watching with rapt attention.

We talked about virginity a bit, and discovered that none of us had hymens left. We had all done away with those long ago through masturbation. In fact some of us, including myself, didn’t even remember having ever had a restrictive hymen.

Jamique announced, “It seems to me a guy could fit in there.”

“They’re a lot bigger than two fingers,” said the expert, Lorie, who had first hand experience seeing her brother’s penis.

“Just how big are they?” asked three girls almost in unison, causing the group to laugh.

“Well…” Lorie started.

Then, without warning, she yelled, “Karl, come in here.”

Instinctively, some of the girls grabbed their pajama bottoms in an attempt to cover themselves before Karl was expected to burst into the room.

Before anyone could really do anything, being slowed down by a combination of incomprehension and shock, Karl did open the door, and immediately closed it again.

“Karl, don’t be a jerk. Get back in here,” Lorie yelled.

Slowly the door opened. “I really shouldn’t be here. Whatever you girls are up to is none of my business… but it certainly looks like you’re having fun!”

“Karly, we, I mean the other girls, want to know how big a penis really is,” Lorie responded.

“Well, it’s about six inches long and an inch-and-a-half in diameter,” he said, moving back out and starting to close the door again.

“No…” Katie said firmly. “We want to see.”

“You told them about that time, didn’t you?” Karl asked his sister quietly.

“Well, yeah. Don’t worry, All boys, and all girls, do it.”

“But that’s private stuff.”

“Sorry.” Then she added, “But they’d love to see a real, live penis.”

“No fucking way,” he responded.

“Yes, fucking way, we want to see.”

As you can imagine that went back and forth a few times, but as it turns out, Karl was secretly bursting with enthusiasm. His penis was already hard, and straining in his pants.

So, pretending that he wasn’t going to do it, he already knew he was, and soon seemed to be worn down, and willing to comply with his sister’s request.

I won’t bore you with the details. Eventually, all the girls got to see, and touch a real live penis.

There was discussion of testing to see whether his cock would fit in Katie’s vagina, but everyone sensibly decided that still being virgins and all, that would be a bad idea. Instead, everyone took turns hugging then feeling each other’s stuff. Karl had all he could do to not ejaculate when it was decided he should momentarily rub each girl’s clit in succession. Then, it was decided they’d all take turns putting their hands around his penis and feel his balls within his scrotum.

Not every girl got the chance. The third one to put her hands on his cock and balls was his own sister, Lorie. Suddenly, his penis was spasming, and all the girls got to see a boy ejaculating.

Sister Takes Me Beyond Orgasm

How my sister learned this stuff, I don’t know. I’ll probably get around to asking her one of these days.

What’s she’s been doing lately drives me crazy. After every time, I swear I won’t ever let her do it again, but then between sessions, I really start to crave it once more.

Here’s what she does, with minor variations every time:

She gets me entirely naked. Sometimes she remains clothed, sometimes she becomes totally naked also.

She has me lay on her massage table. I’m usually already erect. It used to embarrass me to have her see me erect, but that was long ago.

She has tied up some short ropes to the table legs ending in four bandanas that she ties around my wrists and ankles, explaining that the treatment will be so severe, she wants to make sure I don’t thrash and fall off the table.

She’ll dangle the corner of a sheet of toilet paper over my penis. She lowers it slowly, waving it back and forth. My penis twitches in anticipation. Finally the corner of the toilet paper just brushes over my frenulum ever so lightly. My oh my, what a feeling, as my penis jumps an inch. If I wasn’t hard already, I certainly become hard during this procedure.

Kayla then abandons the toilet paper, and starts massaging my balls. She starts out lightly, but then adds more and more pressure. She squeezes them between her thumbs and first two fingers, making them pop back and forth in my scrotum like wet bars of soap. Yes, it hurts, but not very much. I love it. I once ejaculated just from this treatment. She hadn’t even touched my dick.

Next, after some gentle fondling, she jerks me off in earnest. I cum. I cum hard, squirming all over the table. But, as she explains it, that’s only a side effect.

She keeps jerking me off after the pleasure subsides. It becomes agony. I am indeed thrashing, yelling, but laughing too. I would fall off the table if I wasn’t tied down. I’d stop her if I could, but I simply can’t do anything about it.

The treatment gets worse. She starts rubbing the palm of her hand over the tip of my penis. I’m screaming. I can’t stand it. I so want her to stop. But, as she has told me several times, there’s no safe word, because there’s no way I can get hurt. It’s not like some BDSM practices in which one could be injured.

That’s not entirely true. One time, she rubbed my glans like that, but without oil on her hand. The next day, I had a sort of burn, or chaffing on my glans that took a few days to heel.

She keeps going. I’m screaming. I’m laughing. I’m writhing out of control. My wrists hurt where I’ve pulled hard against the bondage. I know the drill. She’ll stop when my penis becomes soft. Not before. The damn erection won’t go down. I guess it’s because of the continuing stimulation. She keeps going.

One time, I ejaculated a second time during this part of the process. But most of the time, it’s just torment. I hate it but I love it. Go figure!

Our Family Sheltering In Place

This is not their house, but it’s similar

We decided it might be a good to pack up the kids and visit Jimmy’s parents. They’re not exactly elderly, but headed in that direction. We figured, since the kids are home from college, love their grandparents, and everyone in our family was out of work and out of school, and since they have a big house, off we went.

The first couple of days, the six of us played some Monopoly, watched a few movies, all the usual stuff.

My daughter and my mom got together in the kitchen and whipped up some great stuff.

Then, we all started to get bored. My son suggested we play a variation of truth or dare. My thought was that it’s a kid’s game, but what else was there to do? We rotated around, and whoever’s turn it was to say something, all six of us, including the one who suggested the thing, had to do it.

When it was Jim’s turn, he said, “Tell us a secret.”

My daughter admitted kissing her latest boyfriend. That didn’t shock me in the slightest. In fact, I was surprised she hadn’t done more with him. Or, maybe she did?

Jim’s dad admitted having but not acting on bisexual interests. We were all stunned into silence, except Jim’s mom. She didn’t seem as stunned as the rest of us.

Then, she admitted her secret, that she knew about Jim’s dad being bisexual.

My son tried to ask for details, but Jim shushed him.

Now it was his turn. My son had to admit a secret. He hesitated, then he blushed quite deeply, then he finally blurted out, “I masturbate.”

I think to offer solidarity, Jim’s dad, said “So do I.”

My daughter jumped into the fray, “So do I.”

Now I was shocked. Of course she did, but I never thought about it before. Oddly, in my mind, I tried to picture it, while feeling an unexpected sexual twinge in my own vag.

I don’t know what came over me, but when it was my turn to reveal a secret, I said, “I’ve always felt that masturbation should be more in the open.”

“That’s not a secret,” my son blurted.

Jim’s mom said, “Sure it is. Would you openly admit a thing like that?”

Well, one thing led to another, and pretty soon, we were all talking, surprisingly openly, about masturbation.

My son turned to Jim’s dad at one point and said, “You still do it?”

“All the time.”

“But you’re married.”

I added, “I read somewhere that married people actually masturbate more than singles.”

When it was my son’s turn to state a request, he said, “Tell the truth, how many times a day do you wank?” I winced at his use of the term wank, but that was pretty hypocritical at that point, wasn’t it?

Jim answered first. “At least once a day.” I didn’t even realize that.

I said, “A couple times a week.”

My daughter said, laughing, “At least twice a day.”

My son had to top it, “Three times a day.”

Jim’s mom said, “Once every week or two.”

The game continued. I think everyone knew what was coming.

To my surprise, Jim’s mom was more into the spirit than I thought. Her request: “Remove an item of clothing.”

That was a good idea, because it was pretty warm by the fireplace.

A half hour later, the whole family was stark naked. My heart was beating fast. This was so weird, but in a way, it felt like very important and good ground-breaking. Both men and my son were sporting erections.

Shortly thereafter, of all people, Jim’s mom made the request we were all secretly waiting for: “Masturbate yourself for one minute.”

We all happily complied. The only thing is, after one minute, no one stopped. Well, my son did. He squirted cum all over himself, the way a boy his age will. Premature ejaculation is common at that age as I understand it.

Seeing that, Jim’s mom arched her back, moaned loudly, started convulsing, and orgasmed hard. Really hard! When I saw that, a certain solidarity came over me, and I orgasmed even harder, which drove my husband over the edge. My daughter came last, but loudest, and she had a seemingly endless series of orgasms in a row. I wished I could do that!

It’s been days now, we’re still sheltering in place, but the attitude in the house has changed. There’s more politeness. More consideration. More love. I had been concerned that my children have been a bit piggish. A bit self-centered, as kids that age can be, but lately, they’ve been just adorable in their attitudes. We’ve masturbated together every evening now. Some of us have even taken to masturbating just around the house while watching TV, for instance. I saw my son openly masturbating in the recliner in front of the TV right in front of his parents and grandparents. I was proud of him.

Tonight my husband has suggested we start things off with a game of strip poker. Everyone is enthusiastically looking forward to that.

Prudish in America

“Pardon my English,” he said, “I’ve only been in America for 3 years.”

[I assured him his English is better than many of my clients who were born and raised in America. From this point forward, I’m quoting my client as closely as I can remember.]

What do I find most different about America? Well, it’s insane that your inches, miles, quarts, gallons and all that are different than most other worldwide measurements. And, the way you Americans are always so busy. Oh, and I have to say the American medical system is so sexually prudish.

For instance, right before I came to America I decided to take care of a small medical problem.

My mom took me to the doctor. I was eighteen, but it still felt better to have her with me. The nurse, a very attractive, thin, younger woman, after the routine of checking my blood pressure and looking at my eyes, ears, nose, throat and so on, had me and Mom follow her to an exam room. The doctor introduced himself, then got right down to business. “What seems to be the problem?”

I explained that every time I ejaculate, I have a pain in my anus for a few minutes afterward. I was a little worried about basically admitting that I jerk off in front of my mom, but it had to be revealed at some point. I didn’t know how she might react. What she did was the last thing I expected.

She tried suppressing a laugh, then blurted out, “I’ve always said you’re a pain in the ass.”

The doctor smiled briefly. My mom laughed then settled down. Evidently, she wasn’t bothered by my revelation.

Doctor Jacovich then told me that the problem is very likely nothing serious, saying he had seen it once before.

“I had a young female patient, just about your age, who was experiencing something very similar. I had her masturbate to show me the problem. Her anus was so tight that it was difficult to get my finger in. Anyway, I sent her home with some exercises to do.

“She was just back the other day for her 6-month checkup. She’s fine now. No more pain. I’ll examine you to make sure it’s the same thing. Please remove all your clothes while I set up the exam table. Mother, you can leave to give your son some privacy.”

“No, that’s OK,” I told him. “She can stay.” I don’t know why, but I felt rather excited about her seeing my genital exam. As I started removing everything, the doctor attached some big stainless steel, um, how you say in America, ah, ‘stirrups’ to the end of the table.

He explained that the stirrups are generally used for women during gynecological exams, but work perfectly well for men in this situation as well.

My mother seemed to have rather big eyes as the last of my clothing, my underpants, came off. I felt a certain heaviness in my cock, as if it was starting, just beginning, to become erect. Part of me was mortified that I might have an erection in front of the doctor and especially my mother, but at the same time, another part was hoping it would happen.

The doctor had me lay on the table, scoot toward the end, and put my legs up in the stirrups. It was rather comfortable, actually. He rolled a lamp over and focused it right on my genital area. My mother scooted forward in her chair to have a better look.

My cock started erecting of its own accord. There was nothing I could do about it. It wasn’t that this slightly overweight, gray-haired, male doctor was attractive. Far from it. My mom is attractive, but I don’t think of her in that way. It was just the situation. Well, I must admit, there was a sexual component to being seen this way by the two of them. Especially Mom.

Dr. Jacovich went to work. Reaching forward with gloved hands he started manipulating my balls between his thumbs and first fingers. I guess he was looking for lumps. He was being a bit harsher that I would have liked. It didn’t exactly hurt, but came close to it. Meanwhile, my penis extended to its full, throbbing length.

I apologized to the doctor. He assured me erection was normal under the circumstances. My mother was stock still in her chair, staring intently. I can only imagine what she was thinking. Actually, I have no idea what she was thinking.

The doctor then lubed up a finger with something that came from a tube like toothpaste, then he slowly worked a finger into my anus. “Any pain now?” he asked.

I told him there was no pain. What I wanted to say was, “Hell no, that feels great!” as my penis was throbbing with every heartbeat and sticking almost straight up. Normally, when laying down, it lays against my belly or sticks up only a few centimeters, but it must have been even stiffer than usual this time.

“Now, go ahead and masturbate for me young man, if you would.”

I started to jerk off with his finger still in my anus. As spectacular as it felt, I felt quite awkward about actually masturbating in front of my mother. This was weird! So, I stroked for quite a while, actually enjoying the situation immensely, but didn’t manage to come to ejaculation. The doctor decided to lend a hand. With his free hand, he pushed my own hand away, and started jerking me off with his hand firmly wrapped around my penis.

He went on for a couple of minutes, and I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t be able to cum, which I assumed was important for the doctor to learn what he needed. Do you know the situation where when you really want to cum so badly that you somehow put it off so it’s harder to cum?

After a moment, the door burst open, and the pretty nurse came in with a clipboard. She barely glanced at me, asking the doctor something about ordering supplies. I mean there I was, with a strong light on my genitals, my mother sitting in a chair right next to me, the doctor on his rolling stool jerking me off with one hand, and his other with a finger in my ass, and she’s casually asking about inventory.

He answered her question, and she turned to leave. She stopped, looked at my cock in the doctor’s grip for a moment, then looked me directly in the eye, and smiled before leaving the room, as if assuring me all was OK.

That was just too much, and I ejaculated right away, right there with Mom and the doctor watching intently.

A moment later, I felt the usual slight pain in my anus. As always, it subsided right away, even though I had a finger in there. The doctor slowly removed his finger, handed me some paper towels to clean myself, snapped off his gloves into a trash bin, and walked over to his desk.

“You can dress, young man.”

After doing so, my mom and I pulled up chairs to his desk.

He asked me how I felt when I first started masturbating. I said it was scary but nice. He asked if I was afraid of doing something wrong or being caught masturbating. I admitted that I had at that age.

He then went on to explain that I was perfectly healthy, but I did indeed have the same problem as the female patient he had mentioned earlier. It was what he called ‘sphincter spasms.’ He said I, and the female patient, at the moment of orgasm, had squeezed his finger so hard it almost hurt. It was some sort of psychosomatic response of the body, initially triggered by the fear of our early masturbation experiences.

He then suggested the following exercises:

1. Try masturbating at least three times a day for three days.

2. Feel the pain in the anus. Really notice it. Then start to try to like it.

3. Place my finger, or any long smooth cylindrical object, in my anus while masturbating.

He added with a wry smile, “Your mother can help if you’d like.”

As if all this open talk about masturbation, in front of my mother no less, wasn’t shocking enough, that last statement was, well, super-embarrassing, and yet also exciting. Even though I had just ejaculated, the thought of her helping me jerk off got me all horny.

At home, my mom and talked about the experience at the doctor’s. She then went on to say that if I’d like her assistance with my masturbation sessions, that she’d be happy to help.

Peehole Temperature

I don’t know whether my sister believed me, or just wanted to go along with it. Furthermore, I doubt she was really worried about having COVID-19. We’ve both been careful, knowing that at our age, we’re relatively safe, but could infect more vulnerable people.

So any way, I told her that we should take each other’s temperature.

Now, I’ve been interested in urethral play lately, so I proposed that the best way to take temperatures is to insert thermometers in each other’s peeholes. She said “Sure,” so I knew immediately she was onboard with it.

We took our clothes off. Or, because it’s more celebratory, she took my clothes off while I took hers off. I was immediately erect, and as I found out a minute later as she laid down on the bed, she was immediately wet.

Now, one doesn’t just jam an old-fashioned glass thermometer into one’s sister’s peehole. I could imagine that would be uncomfortable. So, I took considerable time noticing her inner labia by fondling them as best as I could considering how slippery they had become. Finally, I spread her labia far aport, got a good look at her little tiny peehole, and slowly introduced the thermometer.

She reported that it stung a bit. When I started to pull it slowly back out, she said, “No, keep going.” I pushed it in a full two inches, feeling the resistance as it passed her urinary sphincters. She started orgasming right away, with the thermometer bobbing back and forth a bit with her internal contractions.

Next it was my turn. She got me good and hard, almost going too far to where I would have ejaculated. Then she greased up the thermometer with her pussy juice, and pushed it slowly deep into my erect dick. I came. What else could I do? The pumping just started up automatically. I was glad it was an anal thermometer, the kind with an enlarged bulb at the end because it blocked the semen in my urethra as my body was trying desperately hard to eject it. But it was locked in, and that caused my contractions to be twice as strong and last twice as long. I wasn’t expecting that, but it didn’t hurt a bit, and was absolutely fascinating. I was kind of afraid that the internal pressure would hurt my body, but no, all was fine.

It did sting slightly when I peed for the next day or so, but otherwise it was a wonderful time for a shelter-in-place brother and sister.

Parents’ Guide to Masturbation

Children will play with their genitals from the earliest age. This should not be discouraged. Instead, it should be discussed and directed. Children should be guided to healthy attitudes about masturbation and sex.

People are just waking up to how badly children were treated in the past. For instance, some babies were tied into cribs with their arms inserted into cardboard carpet tubes, so they couldn’t reach their own genitals.

A Dr. Harvey Kellogg put silver wire sutures into boy’s penises so that erections would be impossible without great pain. Yes, this is the same guy who, along with his brother, invented corn flakes. The reason for corn flakes as a food was that they would supposedly somewhat sedate the kids, so they’d be less likely to masturbate.

What’s normal at an early age?

As soon as babies are old enough to reach out and touch anything, they are likely to be fascinated by their own genitals. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s natural and has been going on for thousands of years.

Boys will have erections. This can happen so early that erections have been seen in ultrasounds of the womb. To boys before adolescence, these erections have little meaning. For them, there is little or no sexual meaning to the erection. The boys may find their erections momentarily interesting, but that’s all. It’s not uncommon for a boy to say, “Look, Mom,” while pointing at his erect little willy.

Many boys will get an erection when they need to pee due to the pressure on the nerves controlling the bladder. This may mean that they pull at their penises and may also do when they are nervous, tired, or just in need of emotional support or something to do. They do feel pleasure from this, but it can’t really be called masturbation.

Little girls may stick their fingers into their vaginas and enjoy the feeling. That doesn’t mean anything sexual. They just find it interesting and enjoyable. Not much different than using their fingers to explore an ear.

It used to be assumed that most girls were virgins, meaning they had intact hymens over their vaginal canals until their first sexual intercourse. It turns out that many girls do not have intact hymens from an early age due to an assortment of activities such as bike or horseback riding, acrobatics, or tree climbing, but also masturbation with objects. Yes, many girls will do this from a young age.

Parent's Guide to Masturbation - Hymen

How do you keep your kids from touching themselves in public?

This is done in the same way that you teach them to stay clothed, not lose their shoes, not pick their noses, and brush their teeth. Lots of gentle repetition of rules.

The most important thing is that they are not being told off, admonished, and disciplined. The rules with respect to touching themselves are that it is fine to do it, but it is something we can do in the privacy of our own bedrooms and not in public.

Sexual Awakening

Starting before or during adolescence, most children will start to take an interest in sexuality. They generally don’t do much to act on it, but they start having sexual thoughts, and may start playing in more focused ways with their genitals.

For better or worse, the Internet plays a big role in sexual awakening these days. The kids find ways to see adult material on the web. It’s not hard to do. Any child can access Wikipedia, and learn a lot, even about deviant sexual practices. That’s why this website isn’t heavily restricted. Youngsters will find a way to get in to all kinds of crazy porn sites, and if they’re going to do that, then at least here, they’ll find accurate and important information.

So, you ought to be prepared for some questions you might find quite awkward.

How do you handle questions from your kids?

Handle sexual questions just like you’d respond to anything else: Truthfully, and as completely as makes sense in the context. Otherwise you can cause confusion that can have long-term psychological consequences.

You might enjoy this true story of a poorly answered question:

A six-year-old girl noticed a construction crew on the street in front of her house. Fascinated, she ran out to the curb to watch the men at work. One of the men felt she got too close, and he flicked her the bird and scowled. You know, he elevated his middle finger at her.

She ran back inside, and asked her mom what that meant, showing her the same gesture.

“It’s about getting pregnant, dear.” The mother then resumed her cooking giving the child no more attention.

Over the next few days, the little girl gave it a whole lot of thought and became terribly worried, thinking, “I can’t get pregnant. I don’t know anything about taking care of a baby.”

Basically, she freaked out.

Fast forward forty years, and this girl, now a woman, had one failed marriage, and never dated since. She literally couldn’t look men in the eye.

In a successful NLP session (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, much like psychology), the woman was brought back to that long-forgotten memory, and it was discovered that it had unconsciously affected her all these many years later. After she became aware of what was happening, she was able go to out dancing with men that very weekend.

Not all adults work these problems out so easily and so well. In fact, many live their entire lives with phobias, deviant or addictive behaviors, stress disorders, and other complications.

That’s why we don’t molest kids. Even seemingly simple acts can have life-long negative consequences.

Here are some examples of how to handle awkward questions:

Child: “What’s a hardon?”

Parent: “That’s when a man’s penis gets larger and harder. It’s often called an ‘erection.’

Child: “Jamie called me a faggot. What does that mean?”

Parent: “It’s a term to describe someone who loves people of the same sex. You might see two men together, or two women together. They may kiss and everything else. When Jamie calls you that, he is trying to make you mad. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he keeps doing it, let me know, OK?”

Child: “Why does it feel nice when I wipe the pee from my vagina?”

Parent: “You have a lot of nerve endings there.”

Child: “How come my sister is getting boobs?”

Parent: “She may have babies someday. Women feed babies milk that’s formed in their breasts.”

Child: “I saw my brother rubbing his penis, which was really huge, and then some white stuff spurted out.”

Parent: “Yeah, that’s called ‘masturbation’ or ‘jerking off.’ It feels nice. As you get older, you may want to do that also. It’s like practicing for when he’ll be married. When that white stuff goes in a woman, it can help her make babies.”

Child: “Sandra said that Professor Dumbledore’s arm turned black because he was wanking. What does that mean?”

Parent: “Wanking is a boy touching his penis. Sandra may believe that, but it’s not true.”

The day will come when your children will start masturbating in earnest. Typically, you won’t know anything about it, but there may be hints. Your kid may stay in her room with the door closed for long periods of time. Your son’s blanket may start getting crusty. Give them their privacy.

Some parents will even give their children locks for their doors. This is good and bad. It lets the kids know that you know, and it’s OK to masturbate in their rooms. If they don’t figure that out on their own, you might come right out and say, “If you feel like masturbating in the privacy of your room, that’s just fine. I did it when I was your age.”

The downside of providing locks is a safety issue. You’d want to know if there was a fire or medical emergency, you wouldn’t have a locked door standing between your child and the that help the child may need.

If you can manage to talk calmly with your children about masturbation, it will have the added benefit that anything else that needs to be communicated with your children will be easier for them to bring up. I mean, you’d want to know if your child is having trouble with math, is being bullied, is confused about spirituality, is having suicidal thoughts, has been introduced to drugs, and so on, right? They’ll be much more open about this, if they haven’t felt a need to hide anything, even masturbation, from you.

What if you discover your child masturbating?

Stay calm for the child’s sake. Just let the kid know that you understand, you masturbate also, but that it should be as much a private activity as possible.

What if your child starts exhibiting deviant behavior?

Perhaps your child spends a lot of time spying on a sibling trying to see him or her naked. Perhaps your child tries to make a show of being nude in the house or publicly masturbating. Perhaps your child is doing something dangerous, such as sticking objects into a peehole.

First and foremost. Don’t freak out. Most children have deviations from time to time. However, gentle conversation and guidance is the best solution. If the behavior doesn’t straighten out, you might like to find a proper professional, such as a child psychologist. Please understand that some professionals such as clergy, pediatricians, or school personnel don’t have the necessary training to help and could make things worse.

As to sexuality, your child is likely to grow into a normal, healthy adult. The bigger concerns you should watch for are inappropriate peer influence, drug use, trouble with schoolwork, or narcissistic tendencies.

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