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Caught With a Sex Toy

I’m a retired guy and since I don’t cook, I eat out frequently. I have a favorite place for dinner that I try to hit a couple of times a week. I always ask for the same waitress named Beka and we have become good friends. She’s probably about twenty-five so it will never be more than just friends due to a huge age difference, but that’s ok. She’s fun to talk to.

She is going to the local community college and is studying interior design and works at the restaurant at night to make some extra money. OK, it’s a Hooters, so you know Beka is good looking with a nice rack.

Anyway, when I found out she was studying interior design, I told her that my house had been done by a professional interior designer and she might like to see it. No ulterior motives. I just like having good looking girls around. I also like showing off my house. She was more than enthusiastic and said she had a day off over the weekend and could stop by.

So about 2 pm on Saturday my doorbell rings and there’s Beka, looking very cute in a short dress that showed off her great legs. I started a tour and she was very impressed. We discussed some of the designer chairs I had and she was most interested in a large area rug that I had bought in Copenhagen. I also have a lot of original art and she commented on how well the art coordinated with everything else.

My office was the last room I showed her. As she walked over to my desk, she asked, “What’s that?” I looked where she was pointing and the blood drained out of my face. I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. Laying on my desk was an Acmejoy masturbation toy that I had plugged in to charge up and totally forgot about it. Busted!

It was fairly obvious what it was so I decided to man up and admit to the truth. “That’s uh, er, a masturbation toy. At my age that’s about all the sex I can get. It’s better than just doing it by hand.”

“So how does it work?” she asked. “And why is it better than your hand?”

Obviously she wasn’t too put off about the fact it was a sex toy. But I guess she knew she had nothing to fear from me.

“Well, to get the best result, I lube up my erect, uh…penis and stick it in that silicone sleeve. You can see all the bumps and ridges inside that massages my, uh, dick. It has two controls. Those two glowing blue buttons. One controls the degree of vibration. The damn thing actually has 10 different levels of vibration. Then the second button makes that silicone sleeve rotate. And there are five different rotation speeds.”

She took the toy from me and inserted her fingers inside the silicone sleeve. “Hmmm, I can see where that might feel good rubbing on your, uh, thing,” she commented.

“Hmmm….that sounds really interesting,” she said. “Can you give me a demonstration of how it works?”

“You mean on my penis?” I was totally shocked by this request. But also turned on.

“Of course on your penis, silly. I’ve seen a penis before but I would really like to see the toy do its thing. You do want to show me, don’t you? I thought guys like to show off their manhood.”

“Well, it’s a little odd. You being fully dressed and me having to expose myself to you,” I said.

“I hope you are not suggesting I get undressed are you?” she replied.

“No, no, nothing like that. It’s just awkward. I’m not used to baring my all to young girls. But I’m willing to give it a try. How much time do you have?” I asked her.

“A couple of hours,” she replied. “Why? Does it take a long time?”

“No, not long at all. But it would be better if I took a Viagra. And that takes about 30 minutes to start working. At my age I need some help.”

“Go ahead. Got anything to drink while we’re waiting?” I popped a 100mg Viagra and mixed her a quick drink and one for myself. We made small talk until I figured I’d had enough time for the little blue pill to do it’s thing.

“Look Beka, it’s best that I take off my pants and sit on a towel. For the device to really be effective I need to put quite a bit of lube on it and it can be messy.”

“Go for it buster,” she replied.

I kicked off my shoes and slipped off my pants and underwear. My dick was already about half hard just from thinking what I was about to do. Beka looked intensely at my dick and said, “Nice cock for an old dude. I’ve never seen and old cock before but they look just like a young one.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” I spread a large towel on my office chair and sat down with my dick now sticking straight up. I generously lubed up my cock with some K-Y. Cocks always look more inviting when coated with lubricant and I could tell Beka was enjoying the show. I took way more time than necessary spreading the K-Y all over my dick. I always enjoyed showing off my cock to the ladies. Then I slowly stroked my dick to get it fully hard.

Beka dropped to her knees by my side. I guess to get a closer look. “Don’t mind me,” she said. “I just want to really see this thing work.”

Then I grasped the toy by the handle and slid the silicone sleeve down over my cock. Each time I press the vibration button it steps up the degree of vibration. I pressed it about four or five times which provided a nice buzz on my cock. Then I pressed the rotation button about three times and the sleeve began to rotate. The feeling was about ten times better than what I could do with my hand.

Beka’s eyes were glued to my cock and the toy. I was loving it. Both what the toy was doing to my dick and the fact that a pretty young girl was entranced with the sight of my cock being masturbated just a couple of feet from her.

“Dude,” said Beka, “I have to tell you that sex with an old guy like you has no interest for me. But seeing your rock hard cock all covered in lube sliding in and out of that toy has really got me hot.”

“I have to warn you but when my orgasm comes, which will happen almost too quickly, I’m going to really make some noise and my body will go into spasms as the cum ejects from my cock into the toy.”

“Sounds fine to me,” she replied, obviously enjoying my performance.

I held the toy and moved it up and down the length of my cock. Beka didn’t take her eyes off of my actions. The sleeve was somewhat transparent and the redness of my cockhead and shaft could be seen inside it. I always wished it would take longer to cum using the toy. I could draw it out a bit by just holding the toy stationary and not moving it up and down my cock but it felt so good moving, it was hard not to do it.

As I stroked the toy up and down my cock, the silicone sleeve was madly rotating and stimulating the shit out of my dick. Every so often I would pull it completely off my cock so Beka could get a good look at it. My damn prick was bright red from all the stimulation.

“Wow,” exclaimed Beka, “that dick of yours is hard as a rock. Not bad for an old dude. I like the shiny cockhead too.”

I had discovered that tilting the toy towards me put extra pressure on my frenulum as the silicone sleeve whirled around and massaged my dick. That put me over the edge.

Then my orgasm came on very quickly. I started groaning as my body writhed in ecstasy. Then I started panting and when the first shot of semen spurted out, I let out a small scream. I bucked and screamed as spurt after spurt rocketed from my dick. Finally it was over and I had to quickly pull off the toy because the sensitivity of my dick was off the charts. I sat there exhausted as strings of semen drooled out of my cock as the major part of my load dripped out of the toy.

Beka clapped and said, “Wow, that was fantastic. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to see the actual ejaculation shoot out. I really love the way your dick looks, all red and shiny. Definitely made me wet.”

“Yep,” I replied, “I like seeing the cumshot as well. I’m happy to hear my dick got you wet.”

“Maybe we can have another session where that can be arranged. Seeing the cum shoot,” she said with a sly grin on her face. Hearing that, my cock twitched and another small jet of semen squirted out.


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Loser Motorcycle Guy

Loser Motorcycle Guy

I was driving to work on a hot summer day, as usual, with my windows down, when a motorcycle passed me going at least 90 miles per hour. It was a Harley. Instead of mufflers, he had amplifiers. It was so loud that if I had a gun, I would have shot out his back tire, just out of reflex. I mean, shockingly, deafeningly loud. It really pissed me off. As he rapidly sped on up ahead, I saw something glitter in the sun. What was that? It seemed something fell off the back of his bike, or more likely, out of his pocket. It caught momentarily in the wind, then came crashing to the pavement, and shattered into dozens of shiny pieces, glittering in the sun. I was delighted! I figured it was probably his cell phone, and the asshole deserved that, at least in my opinion at the moment.

As I was working that day, I was kind of puzzling over just what fell off the guy’s bike. Was it a cellphone? Or something else? So the next day, I left for work five minutes early, so I could pull over where it happened, walk around, and try to find some pieces to see exactly what the guy lost. It only took me a moment to find the place where it happened. Some of the pieces were still reflecting sunlight, although the action of passing cars had swept most everything to the shoulder. Sure enough, it was an Android phone, and by the looks of it, an expensive one.

But, what was this? There was his mini-SD card, intact, except for a fairly heavy scratch in one corner. The guy’s phone must have been one of those that can take an external memory card. I put it in my pocket.

When I got home, I found my mini-SD adapter and hooked it to my computer. I found the guy’s photo folder right away, and started snooping around. All there were was the usual photos, pictures of him and his dog, some family group shots at what appeared to be a birthday party, you know, that sort of thing. I was just about done snooping when I found gold!

There were five pictures of him, and a young woman, sitting on what appeared to be a back porch, stark naked. And there he was, slight pot belly, balding, apparently around 40-some years old, sitting in a lawn recliner, bearded, and hairy all over, except for his crotch, which was shaving as smooth as a child. And he was sporting an erection, sticking straight up. His penis wasn’t large, kind of small and skinny actually, with a flabby, not particularly full scrotum, but his cock was fully erect. Rock hard, I would say.

And the girl! Well, she couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. Just a slip of a thing, skinny, short, with small breasts, but with long, straight, dark hair. Her crotch was also shaven smooth. She was sitting on one of those lawn recliner chairs right next to our motorcycle guy. In one picture, she had her legs spread wide, as if she was purposely showing the inner folds of her vagina.

Now call me crazy, but I think she was the man’s daughter. She had the same nose, same forehead and somehow just looked related.

All the five pictures were slightly different, but nearly the same, as if they were taken a few seconds apart. At first I thought it was done with a self-timer, but wait, in the upper right corner of one picture was a dark beige-brown shadow – obviously a finger in front of the lens.

So what was the story? What were they doing? And who took the pictures? Was it the man’s current girlfriend? Or boyfriend? Was it his wife – the girl’s mother? Was it one of his buddies? Maybe the man’s son and therefore the girl’s brother? Another family member, perhaps? And what were they doing. Remember, our guy had an erection – not what you normally see in family photos. What happened before the pictures were taken? What happened after?

I’m tempted to upload those photos here, but I won’t. Maybe the guy deserves it for blasting his loud motorcycle exhaust all over the place, but does the girl? I think not, so I won’t show the pictures to anyone. But it is fun to think about showing the pictures.

We’ll never know the story, but I can tell you one thing: I have jerked off to those photos a dozen times!

Mom and Two Guys on the Nude Beach

You know about my crazy mother. She’s the cause of the picture on the internet. It’s similar to the picture shown above, but worse.

Mom invited Gary, my best friend at the time, and I to the nude beach, and he was all up for it, as was I, even though we just thought it would be a fun time on the beach in which we’d happen to be clothes-free, nothing more. I should have known that with my mother, it’s never as simple as that.

So we get there, and it’s a warm but breezy day. We get our clothes off. Gary can’t stop complimenting my mom on how she looks. I have to admit, she is a hot chick. She started her usual talking all sexy bit. She wanted to know how big Gary was when erect. She finally talked him into showing her, right there on the beach in front of everyone. You have to know, it isn’t that kind of nude beach!

He started to wank himself to become erect. I was shocked! I didn’t think Gary had a sexual bone in his body. He and I had only played video games, watched movies, messed around with some sports, and ate at each other’s house from time to time. My mother, in the meantime, is lightly running a finger over one of her nipples, and moving her other hand around on her shaved pussy. Gary being erect, and my mom doing that was too much for me, and I became erect also.

There were like twenty people watching us at this point, some discretely from a distance, but about six came right up close, watching, smiling. One guy held up a phone and asked if he could take our picture. I was about to say “No way!” but Mom shushed me with a look, and said “Of course.” I felt like I was in a trap.

Mom instructed us to stand up, one guy on each side of her. She put one hand around each hard penis, and said “Smile.”

We smiled, and in that moment, history was made. Mom asked the guy to email her the photo.

The next thing I know, it’s on Twitter. Mom posted it on her account. Me! Standing there next to Mom and Gary, with an erection, and my mother holding my dick. Now, I like porn as much the next guy, so browsing the web, I’ve stumbled across that picture a half-dozen times. Evidently it’s gone slightly viral. Every time it practically gives me a heart attack. I mean, I feel a shot of adrenaline every time I come across myself with a boner on my computer, just knowing that thousands of people have seen me like that.

I don’t know what to think. It scares me that anyone can see me being erect on their phone or computer. It also makes me proud. I’m not a half-bad looking guy, and that picture is rather bold. I mean, I’m there with my erection, and all is well with the world in that photo. I’m kind of OK with that, although I’d probably have some explaining to do with Gary also in the picture. Like “Hey, I’m not gay.” Although, really, does it matter?

But some day, one of my coworkers, someone from church, or someone I know is going to say, “Hey, I saw you on the Internet.” How am I going to feel, how am I going to react when that happens?

Hotel Maid

Caught Jerking Off by Hotel Maid

Another story from a client:

It was one of my first times alone in a new city. I had been recently hired to repair industrial box folding machinery. I would drive to any of a number of places on the West Coast and fix a thing, which usually took less than a day, stay in a hotel at the company’s expense, then drive home.

So one night, I was in a hotel alone. It was late morning. I knew I was supposed to be checking out already, but I was still in bed. I was a bit worried that a maid would burst in to clean the room, and there I’d be naked.

Worry turned into something else, a kind of exhibitionist excitement. I got up and unlocked the door, then returned to bed. I was on top of the bed, with no covers on.

I started to masturbate, just imagining what would happen. In my imagination, the door would burst open, and I’d get caught by the maid, dick in hand. I loved the idea, but of course it was just fantasy. In reality, I’d never let such a thing happen. I was getting ready to get back up and lock the door.

But, I was very erect, and close to cumming. I figured I’d be safe for another minute.

Then suddenly, knock, knock, and “Maid Service,” she shouted in a loud, confident voice.

Of course normally I’d yell something like “Just a minute,” but I was suddenly so scared, it came out almost in a whisper.

The door burst open. This was really happening, and it wasn’t going at all like I had fantasized. Instead of a horny experience, I was scared to death. There was no turning back. There was no undoing what was happening. There was absolutely no doubt that the maid saw me laying on top of the bed holding my hard, but rapidly wilting penis. Immediately my mind filled with all the trouble I could be in. She’d probably run out and get the manager right away. Or maybe some big guys who would beat me up and throw me out into the parking lot, maybe still naked. Geez!

Nothing like that happened. She stalled for a minute, waste bucket in hand, then simply said, in a surprisingly calm voice, “Oh, sorry.” Then, after a moment she added, “Go right on with what you’re doing. Don’t pay any attention to me.”

My mind was slowly switching gears. So, I wasn’t in trouble after all. But did she really mean that?

“Really?” I asked in a smaller, squeakier voice than I had intended.

“Sure dude, my boyfriend does it all the time. We can’t even watch a movie together without him jerking off right next to me.”

I tried to imagine it. This small, frizzy-haired, delightful young girl – she couldn’t have been more than 22 years old – and some big oaf of a boyfriend that didn’t deserve her, naked and wanking next to her in front of a TV on a sofa. Come to think of it, she’d be naked too. OK, so maybe she had wild hair, and maybe her nose was a bit big, and her eyes a bit weird, but she was kind of hot.

Of course that thought happened in a flash. I was immediately back to thinking ‘is this really alright?’

I decided it was, and so slowly, sheepishly, resumed stroking my now soft dick. Meanwhile, she went into the bathroom gathering up all the towels over her arm. Passing me on the bed again, she threw a towel to me and said, “Here, you’ll need this.”

I continued to stroke, still a little concerned that something wasn’t right. But I was getting erect again. Carrying the towels, she went right out the door. I mean, she swung it wide open. Anyone could have been passing by, and they’d see me wanking away. But no one passed in the brief moment that she went out with the towels, and returned with clean ones.

She went out the door again. As she did, a family of four walked by. There was a mom and dad, and two kids, about 10 or 12 years old. I was mortified, but they never turned their heads. They had no idea there was a naked guy jerking off not ten feet from them.

The cleaning girl came back in with a vacuum cleaner.

“Do you want me to leave?” I asked.

“No, Dude. Stay, and keep me entertained. It’ll make my day more interesting.”

Like an idiot I said, “Really?” again in a too-small voice.

I didn’t hear her answer. She had plugged the machine in and turned it on.

So she vacuumed, and I masturbated. All too soon I came. She missed it. I had kind of hoped she’d see me cum, but she was diligently vacuuming in a corner. I wiped up with the towel, walked past her into the bathroom and freshened up. I used my T-shirt as a towel, not wanting to use any of the ones she had just replaced.

She was still vacuuming. It seemed endless, and I realized later she must have been stalling while I dressed.

In a moment, I was dressed, and my bag was packed. How to end it? I had a $20 bill in my wallet, and I made a show of leaving it on the dresser, while she just glanced at me and continued vacuuming. She smiled just a little bit. I smiled back, probably with a big, stupid grin. I walked out, got into my car, and drove away.


In my lifetime so far, I have run into a few clueless, oblivious, or just plain stupid people or sexual situations.

I was dating a beautiful woman. I knew it might be pushing beyond her boundaries, but I asked her whether she’d like to go to the nude beach with me. To my delight, she accepted. However, there was one condition: She wanted her two brothers to come along. I figured a chance to see her nude would be worth it, even with those encumbrances.

The weather was perfect. We got to the beach and stripped off all our clothes. I was very happy to see her naked, and have her see me. I guess I’m a bit of both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. I kind of liked the idea of being naked with the guys, too. Her older brother turned out to be a nice and interesting guy. The younger brother was a bit slow in the head. I think maybe he had something like autism, although he was fairly chatty. What was rather amazing about the kid is he sported an erection almost the whole time we were there. Everyone ignored his erection, and a good time was had by all.

For a short time, I dated a woman who turned out to be more of a nymphomaniac than I could handle. For instance, she’d knock on my door at 11pm wanting sex, even though I had told her earlier in the day I needed time to myself. We’d fuck, then she’d wake me up again at 3am wanting more. It was just too much!

One time at a restaurant with this woman, she started trying to unbutton my pants under the table. The tablecloth may have partially obscured the view, but I wasn’t so sure. I pushed her hand away, and a minute later she tried again. I scowled and said I didn’t want that. Still, she continued to try to unbutton me, ostensibly to give me a handjob, like five more times.

I was in the YMCA shower. It was the older style, open shower room. No stalls. It also didn’t have doors. Instead, there was a wall and another wall arranged in such a way that coming from the gym or the pool, you could walk right in, but no one could see inside. It was not soundproof. Just the opposite, as the quietest voices would echo off the tile walls. I was the only one there at the time except for a child about 11 or 12 years old. I could see by the look of his face that he was off in some way. Maybe Mongolism or mental retardation. He just came out and asked, “Does it feel nice when you touch your penis?” I don’t remember what I said if anything, but you can bet I grabbed my towel and got out of there right away.

I found another girlfriend who was more balanced than the nympho. I had a friend who knew my girlfriend was visiting. Her car was in the driveway, and there’s no way he didn’t notice. It was a good neighborhood so I left door unlocked. It was around 10pm. He just came right in as we were both naked on top of the bed. She was on her hands and knees, and I was fucking her from behind hard and long, but making sure not to cum too soon. He sat on the edge of the bed and started a conversation about politics just as if we were clothed and having tea. He didn’t make any move to participate in our activity or anything else. He just kept on talking.

She and I didn’t quite know how to react. My penis started to soften, but to her credit, she wanted to keep going. Soon I was fully erect again as Keith kept talking. She and I had a simultaneous orgasm. I’m sure it helped her that I had a finger in her ass. I think it also was helpful to have him watching. He was looking right at it, yet he didn’t say a thing about what had just happened. He just kept going on about Republicans and Democrats.

When I was working as a general welder, I would sometimes hire a kid to fetch and carry. It was better than arranging clamps to have him just hold things in position while they were being tacked. He was fine kid but his thinking was kind of slow.

One day after work, I invited him to the nude beach. He had not been to a nude beach before, and was excited. I explained that when people get to the end of the trail at the bottom of the cliffs, they take off their clothes and enjoy the sun. This was the more conservative kind of nude beach where nothing of a sexual nature takes place.

As we were walking down the trail, he removed his shirt then his shorts. He was nude half-way down. People just didn’t do that there. I was embarrassed, but didn’t say anything. When we hit the bottom, he spread his towel right away, and started slowly jerking off. His penis was fully erect. I explained to him that it wasn’t proper etiquette. He surely heard my words, but didn’t change what he was doing in the least. I was so embarrassed, I walked away and headed up the beach. In retrospect, that was inappropriate of me, but hey, I was young.

When I returned, he was still masturbating right there in front of everyone. The funny thing is, there were around 6 men and two women standing around him, admiring what he was doing, and holding on a conversation as he continued to wank.

In my late teens, I had a jack-off buddy. This was in a time when masturbation was pretty much never discussed, and considered bad news in much of society. One day, while standing in front of a store with a lot of people standing around, he quietly asked whether I’d like to get off with him later that day. No one could hear him, but as he said it, he made the universal sign of forming his fingers in the shape of holding his penis, and moving his hand back and forth in front of his crotch. I don’t think he was aware of his gesture.

I had a friend who loved everything anal, but he was willing to do the things I liked also, such as practicing multiple dry orgasms, post-orgasm stimulation, and glans blame (rubbing the oiled palm of a hand over the tip of the penis). The poor fellow had no limits. He wanted me to fist him, which I did reluctantly. It should have geeked me out, but actually, I found it quite intriguing to have my hand that deep inside another person. I tried to feel and identify his internal organs. I figured I might be able to feel his kidneys, his bladder, maybe even his stomach. But all I could make out was his backbone.

On another occasion he had a 36″ (92 cm) soft dildo which he had me insert all the way except the last inch. The thing must have gone most of the way to his appendix. He loved butt plugs, enemas, everything to do with his butt. Then one day, I heard he was in the hospital. It seems he had given himself such an enema that he burst his colon and needed surgery.

I had a girlfriend who I asked to tie me down and do whatever she’d like. I had assumed this might be things like testicle massage, tickling, or an edging handjob. First she crawled all over my body and kissed me extensively. I rather enjoyed that. But then, she had this notion that somehow I’d like her to open a little box of cockroaches she had collected, and set them loose all over my body.

I went to a convention. In the hotel on the first evening, I had nothing to do and was thinking about sounding, the act of inserting something in my peehole. Looking around the room, I found a ballpoint pen with a long tapered end. That would make a nice sound, but what to use for lube? The only thing there was a packet of shampoo. OK, I figured, that’ll be sufficiently slippery.

I coated the pen with the shampoo, and stuck it about 4 inches (10 cm) into my dick. It started to sting, so I removed it. It turns out shampoo and urethras don’t get along well together. The sting continued to build and build. It got so bad that the next morning, when I tried to pee, it took twenty minutes, letting out one little, but extremely painful squirt at a time. It took three days before I could walk fully upright again. The pain was just that bad. I told people at the convention I had hurt my back.

Back in the days when one could hook up with people on Craigslist, I encountered a guy who was willing to offer exactly what I wanted at the time. I was really intrigued by glans blame. For those who don’t know, when done right, it really makes a guy squirm. Then after a few minutes, the feeling changes, and a guy might feel like he’s going to pee or cum, simultaneously. In most cases, he doesn’t urinate or ejaculate, but sometimes one does let out some pee involuntarily.

So this guy started rubbing my glans, and although he was a bit too intense for my taste, it was wonderful. Then, while he was still doing that, I ejaculated. But he didn’t stop. It was terrible, excruciating, exciting, actually quite wonderful. I squirmed and tried to get away, but he just kept going. It started to sting. Finally he quit. For the next few days, there was a scab on the end of my cock, because he had worn right through the skin. It healed without a trace within a week.

When I was around 13 years old, I was into photography. This is in the days when serious photographers had a darkroom to develop their own film and make prints. I knew in my adolescent brain, that ‘real’ photographers do nudes. After all, there were always artistic nudes in Popular Photography Magazine. Not knowing any willing girls at the time, and I think not even noticing that the pictures in the magazine were all female, I asked a 13-year-old fiend to pose. He took off his clothes, and I took a bunch of pictures. When my dad came home from work that evening, he saw the negatives hanging up to dry. I got a pretty good lecture about what’s what in the sexual world, including, ‘keep my hands off boys.’ As you can tell, that lesson never completely sank in.

Those are a few of the clueless situations I’ve encountered. Leave a comment below telling us about what clueless sexual things you’ve seen, heard, or done.

Who Has Seen You With An Erection?

Who has seen you with an erection?

Besides your significant other(s), who has seen you with an erection? Your doctor? A massage practitioner? A sibling? A parent? An educator? A co-worker? A whole roomful of people? Please answer in the comment section below, and of course feel free to describe as much detail as you’d like. If you’re a woman, please feel free to jump into the discussion with your similar experiences.

In my case, a few things come to mind. I’m sure there are others that I can’t remember just now.

At the Thursday evening tantric massage ‘classes’ at Body Electric in Berkeley, California, I got a big old erection in front of the other guys when I was being worked on.

I traded handjobs with a roomful of guys at the biweekly San Francisco Jacks meeting.

I jerked off along with more than a hundred people of both sexes at the annual Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco.

One time I was having sex with my girlfriend, and my roommate came home, but forgot his key. He kept banging on the door, so I dropped what I was doing with her, went over to the door and opened it for him. When he came in, he saw me all oiled up, with a big boner waving in front of me. I had been meaning to come up with an excuse to show him my willie for a while. Unfortunately, he acted disgusted. It was in a time and place where straight guys felt they had to act disgusted to cover up any ‘homo’ tendencies they may have. I just laughed.

When I was 14, my 13-year-old sister, the 13-year-old girl across the street and her 14-year-old brother got together every few days in our ‘sex club.’ We didn’t know what we were doing, and just did simple little things, like gently tickling each others’ genitals with paint brushes.

I’ve had a number of jack buddies over the years. We don’t generally kiss, do oral or anal or anything like that. We usually just watch some porn and jack off next to each other or jack each other off. A few of these sessions have involved several guys at once. In one, I was introduced to the guy’s beautiful wife, who watched him and I give each other hand jobs the first time. The second time I got together with them, she joined in the fun. We didn’t do anything penetrative other than that I put my finger in her ass. Instead, we all gave each other long, edging hand jobs.

I have discovered that I enjoy a good hand job at least as much as any other sexual activity, and so have focused on that over the years along with my friends, since masturbation, whether solo or mutual, is far healthier than more ‘intense’ activities, yet gives an equal and sometimes better orgasm – or multiple orgasms. But that’s me. What about you?

Girl at 14

At 14, my boobs had grown about as much as I figured they were going to. I was simultaneously very proud of my grown-up look, and a bit freaked out about how big they had become. I remember the day they first started to have that folded-over look – you know, where they aren’t just bumps on your chest, but flop down against your chest. I happened to notice on a warm day when I felt sweat under there for the first time.

It had become quite common for me to get naked in my room when my brother was out, and my parents were at work. I’d spend most of an hour just admiring my body in my full-length mirror, and just running my hands over my tits, over and over again, sometimes just squeezing a bit. Then, at some point, I’d start running my fingertips ever so lightly over my nipples, especially my right nipple for some reason. Sometimes I’d take this soft makeup brush I had and I’d tickle my nipples super lightly.

Of course you know that would set off the full-on, irresistible horny feelings, and pretty soon, a fly on the wall would have seen me with my left hand between my legs rubbing my clit like there was no tomorrow, and my left hand fondling my right nipple. Sometimes, I wasn’t even very gentle. I’d be all contorted on the bed, having orgasm after orgasm.

In the throes of that state, as I’m sure you know, one isn’t very cognizant of one’s surroundings. It didn’t matter. It was just my room, the door was jammed shut with a door stop I had slipped under the edge, and my silly brother and parents were all out.

Or so I thought! Suddenly, the door burst open. I had no idea anyone had come home early. I had no idea that the door stop would just slide out of the way.

It was my father. My handsome, tall, policeman father. A man I admired greatly. In fact, more than one of my masturbation fantasies involved him!

“Oh, Sweetie!” is all he said, before he quickly closed the door and left. He sounded quite disappointed, but maybe he was just surprised. Maybe that was a sort of apology for barging in. The way he said it, I couldn’t tell.

The position I was in on my bed gave him a very clear view of my anus and pussy. Not good!

You never saw a girl get dressed so quickly in her life! My brain was running in high-speed circles. What would I say? How could I explain this to him? Maybe I could tell him, I was just scratching an itch. My vagina itched. No, that wouldn’t work.

I waited in my room as if it was a jail cell for an hour. I couldn’t even look at the computer or anything. I was just running multiple scenarios through my brain as to what was going to happen when I saw my dad next. None of these scenarios were any good.

Finally, my mom called me down to dinner. I had to face the music. I went very, very slowly down the stairs, and was no doubt blushing big time as I came to the dinner table.

My oblivious brother didn’t notice anything different. If my mom or dad noticed anything, no one said anything. At least not for a moment.

Then my mom said, quite cryptically, “Hon, we respect your privacy…” It seemed like she was about to add something more, but fell silent.

That’s when my dad started in. I was practically shaking in fear. “Honey, and Jim, you to,” glancing at my brother, “I know you guys have been wanting locks on your bedroom doors. I’m going to the hardware store right after dinner, and I’m going to install locks for you.”

That’s all he said. I kept waiting for the axe to fall. I figured I’d get some lecture to end all lectures, and right in front of my brother. But not another word came from either parent about what had happened. Instead, the conversation was about driving to the hardware store, and my mom wanted some touch up paint for a scratch on the fridge, and so on. You can be sure I wasn’t going to bring it up.

To this day, twenty years later, not a thing has been said about that incident. My dad did install the locks. It took me a week before I felt good about masturbating again, but in time, I returned to admiring my boobs in my mirror, and then bringing myself to crashing orgasms.

Sometimes, when my husband is at work, I still start a session of fondling my boobs, tickling my nipples, and then launching into full on masturbation. Only these days, I add in a vibrator, and sometimes even another little vibrator in my butt.

Boner Boy

Everyone thinks I’m gay, but I’m not. It’s just that I erect easily.

It started in high school on one of the first days of high school. Our school was in an old-timey building with open showers, no separate stalls for each kid. After practice, we’d all get naked together. It’s no big deal for most guys. But for me, just being naked, and my boner sprung up. That was so routine for me that I didn’t think anything about it. I always got erect when naked. But looking around at the other guys, I noticed no one else was erect.

That was the first time I was embarrassed about my body, my erection. And, I was really, really embarrassed! To the credit of all the other boys, no one said anything. I was expecting at least some tittering, if not outright joking or even name calling, like, “Look who’s gay!”

In my circle, ‘gay’ was the worst thing. Worse than being a geek, worse than being stupid. Worse probably than going to school naked or something. Why, I don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I have a good friend who is gay, and two wonderful lesbian women live next door. But at the time, it was considered a horrible thing, for some sort of nameless reasons.

My feeling of embarrassment carried me through the rest of the day. Every time I saw one of the gym boys in another class or in a hallway, I couldn’t even make eye contact. I could only imagine what they were thinking about me. In fact, my embarrassment and shyness lasted for more than a week. And, wouldn’t you know it, I had another gym class, and the same fucking thing happened. There I was with an uncontrollable boner, and nothing I could do about it. At first I tried to hide it, like turn to face the wall, hold a towel in front of myself, but I quickly gave up, knowing that only made the problem more obvious.

The next Monday, in the gym showers, I boned up immediately once again. Just to make matters worse, the more my boner concerned me, the harder it became. It was a full on, super-erect throbbing boner!

Then something happened that changed everything: One of the boys came up to me between classes. He was a taller kid with a wry look, and evidently quite popular, since every time I had seen him in the hallways and outside the school there were a couple of girls hanging around him. He said to me in sort of a whispered conspiratorial voice, “Dude, that was so cool seeing you flashing your boner around like that.”

His statement certainly gave me food for thought! I jerked off that very afternoon after school, not thinking about naked women as I usually do, but somehow about him, with his hairy crotch in the showers, looking at me. I hadn’t actually seen him checking me out, but in my imagination he was. In my imagination, he also grew a boner. That was enough to set me off ejaculating all over the place.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Half way through the school year, I was one of the popular kids. Me! I’m only average height, or maybe a little less. I was skinny, and had very little hair on my body. My dad said I’d grow into it. He told me he was the same way at my age. Yet, people gathered around me. Oh, yes, I was still getting boners in the showers. Nothing else. I didn’t talk abut sex, and certainly didn’t have sex with anyone, but thinking back on it, that business of getting hard in front of all the boys evidently set off some sort of celebrity status.

Now, the one thing that sort of bothered me back then was that at least a half-dozen outspokenly gay boys came on to me. I was the recipient of a surprise kiss attack in a hallway one time. I had very inappropriate propositions, and some of these guys would follow me around, send me notes, and things like that.

At one point, I broke down, and did trade blowjobs with a boy who wasn’t too outrageously feminine in his appearance and style, and it wasn’t horrible. Truth be told, I rather liked it. Who knew that I’d enjoy the taste of cum?

Girls too. There were the obviously slutty ones, and I was polite but kept my distance. I’ve always been attracted to the kind of second-level girls. These would be the ones who might be somewhat heavyset, or maybe their hair was too curly, or they wore glasses, but they’re oh so intelligent, and oh so polite! And, as I was to soon find out, oh so appreciative of a passionate kiss, or maybe a mutual masturbation session. I don’t know why, maybe it was that my parents drilled it into me, or maybe it was fear of STDs or something, but I just didn’t want to fuck these girls.

All was well. With every single girl I ‘dated’ – and they weren’t really dates, but more like sexual get-togethers, they were absolutely thrilled with me fingering them, or licking them to orgasms. Especially if I worked a finger into their rectums. They loved that, and often orgasmed more from the anal fingering than the attention to their clits.

Since that time, I’ve grown up, married, have two little kids, and have a regular wank buddy (who’s also married with kids). Yes, my wife knows, and she’s fine with it. She says if I ever so much as look at another woman, she’ll throw me out in an instant, but I can get all masturbatory with guys, and that’s OK in her book.

Well, here’s the thing. Every time I’m in any sort of public nude situation, like a nude beach, or our club’s annual naked square dance, or just changing clothes at the Y after exercise, I still get a boner. But now, it doesn’t embarrass me. I’m proud of it. I love walking in front of the other people with my rock-hard penis waving in the wind.

Basketball Spray

It all happened so fast, there was nothing I could do about it. But in the end it turned out OK. Here’s the story, exactly as it happened.

I was barely on the basketball team. I’m tall as you can see, so that should be an advantage, but I was undoubtedly the worst player. The coach and teammates were all nice about it, always trying to help me improve my game. My scholarship was in danger, and there’s no way I’d get recruited for a pro team. But that’s alright, because my love, my passion, was medicine. Still is. I’m the chief trauma surgeon at Jacksonville General.

Anyway, there was this one player, Charles, who was somehow the coach’s favorite. He was probably the best player, but he and the coach had something special. it was like he was the Coach’s son or something. It was almost like Charles ruled the basketball department, and the coach was his son!

Every now and then after practice, the coach would have us all line up or sit on benches in the locker room, and lecture us about something, or demonstrate something. Sometimes Charles would actually be teaching us strategy instead of the coach.

So on this one occasion, Charles instructed us to line up against a long empty wall we had there on the far site of the locker room. I think it used to have toilet stalls, because there were still bolt holes in the wall, but otherwise it was just a long, empty wall. He wanted us to all go up there naked. I assumed it was another testicle check or something.

Charles was holding the hose that was used to wash the floor. I followed it to its far end, and saw that he had it hooked up to a sink, so I figured he must want warm water, not just cold from the sink in the janitor’s closet.

He turned it on and told us to hold still. Then, working from left to right, he started spraying each of us with the water, which did indeed turn out to be comfortably warm. He trained the spray on our genitals. Really! And the coach just stood there, kind of smiling. By the time Charles got to the third guy, he explained what he was doing.

He called it a ‘gay’ test. He said if anyone gets an erection from the water being sprayed on his balls, he was gay. Three of us got erections, including me. I was so embarrassed! I figured I’d never live it down. My reputation was ruined. Because you see, I really was, am, gay, but back then, I still thought I had to hide it.

To this day, no one has said anything about that weird test Charles conducted. From time to time, I have wondered what in the heck he could have been thinking!

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