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Unmet Naked Neighbor

I feel privileged to live on the top floor of a condo complex. It’s the 12th floor. You see, I have a sun room that the other apartments below me don’t have.

The place used to be referred to as “The Twin Towers,” but since 911, no one says that any more. I’d have a great view of the city, but the other tower is directly in front of my sun room, blocking the view. The condo directly across from me had been empty for the first year I lived there.

I had taken to experimenting with hydroponics and microgreens in my sunroom, sometimes just in my underwear. After a while, since no one had moved into the opposing apartment’s sunroom, I started working in my sunroom absolutely naked. It felt very freeing.

So there I was in my sunroom one day, replanting one of the trays, when I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. There, in the sunroom across from me were some moving guys bringing in a Bowflex exercise machine. Oops! I got out of there in a hurry, and put on some clothes before I returned. When I came back, one of the moving guys grinned, and gave me a thumbs up. I was terribly embarrassed.

A couple of days later, harvesting a micro tray, while reflecting on what a loss it was that I wouldn’t be able to be naked in my own sunroom any more, I saw the new owner. She was a super-hot, kind of small, Asian chick. ‘Oh well,’ I thought, ‘at least it will be fun to see her from time to time.’ She saw me and smiled. I smiled back.

Nothing much happened for the next couple of weeks. I tended my little farm, fully clothed of course. I saw the chick next door from time to time. She’d pop into her room for a minute or two, then leave. She didn’t seem to really use the room much. We waved, we smiled, and that was that.

She had set her place up as a sort of recreational place, I guess. I mean, she had a recliner, a sofa, and that Bowflex machine in there.

One day, I happened to see her moving around, and took a quick glance. She was wearing a string bikini, and working out on the Bowflex. Did I mention, she’s super-hot?

As usual, she waved, I waved, and that was that. Well, almost. Remembering the time the moving man gave my naked self a thumbs-up, without thinking it through, I gave her a thumbs up. She smiled big. Little did I know that must have set something off in her.

The reason I say that, is one night I popped into my sunroom for my iPad which I had left in there. Her lights were on low. I could just make her out on her Bowflex. She was topless! What beautiful tits! Olive skin, small, and firm, with perfectly little nipples. Oh, my god, she was bottomless, too! It was dark, but I could clearly see her neatly trimmed crotch hair between her legs.

I didn’t know what to do. It was pretty obvious I had seen her. After all, I had turned on my lights, so there’s no way she couldn’t have seen me seeing her. My first thought was to quickly leave the room and give her privacy. What stopped me is what she did next. She gave me a thumbs up! I did the only thing I could think to do, I smiled huge, like a cheesy, lecherous fool, and gave her a thumbs up back. What a fucking idiot! Then, I quickly turned out the light and left the room. I had forgotten my tablet, but no way was I going back for it.

You can bet I jerked off big-time remembering the sight.

The next day, I figured she’d be so embarrassed by what happened that I wouldn’t see her for a while, or she’d always be fully clothed from then on.

Not so. The next time I saw her was two days later, in the late afternoon when I came home from work. She was sitting on her Bowflex facing backward. She had brought up a TV tray and was working away on a laptop. But, here’s the thing: She was as naked as the day she was born. She looked up, saw me, smiled, and kept right on working, like nothing was wrong.

What does a good neighbor do in such a situation? I immediately left my sunroom. Sitting in my lining room, thinking about what had just happened, I was an incredible mix of emotions. I was sexually excited. I was embarrassed, as if it had been her seeing me naked. Or, was I embarrassed for having seen her? I couldn’t figure it out. But my feelings started to evolve. I just got kicked out of my own sunroom. And I had a tray of greens that was ready to trim. Overdue in fact. I was kind of upset. I wanted back into my sunroom, damn it!

It took me ten minutes to figure it out: I decided it was my sunroom, after all, and she was evidently some sort of exhibitionist. I mean, she had to know I’d see her eventually. I hadn’t thought that through. Sure, she wanted me to see her naked, or certainly, she wouldn’t have let that happen.

Oddly, my heart was racing as I reentered my little farm. She was still sitting there, working on her laptop. She smiled. I smiled. We both went about our own business.

This went on for literally two weeks. Every couple of days, I’d see her naked doing stuff in her sunroom. It had an effect on me. I wanked in my bedroom every time after seeing her.

Slowly it dawned on me that two could play at this game. One day I sheepishly showed up in my sunroom without a shirt. As usual, she smiled and I smiled, and we went about our business. Except for one thing. Holy smokes! She had removed all that black hair from her vagina!

Well, fast forward a couple more weeks. I had started showing up in my sunroom with just underpants, and finally, after feeling quite silly and everything else, I finally got up the balls to go in there naked. She saw me, and smiled, but no differently than usual. It was as if I had always worked in there naked.

A couple more weeks passed, and both of us, doing our things in our sunrooms fully naked became the norm. One time, feeling particularly horny, I started developing an erection in there. I thought about running out of the room, then decided ‘fuck it,’ and just continued refilling a tray, erection be damned. She certainly saw it, but gave no indication.

Now, me with erections was becoming common. It was her that took it to the next level. I came in one day, and saw her sitting on her sofa, which faced my room, by the way. She was naked, of course, but what was that I was seeing? I couldn’t believe it. She was rubbing her vagina with one hand, and squeezing a nipple with the other. There was no mistaking it! The second I arrived, she quit, and started to get off the sofa, as if she was going to run and hide. Instead, she settled back down, smiled at me, and resumed what she was doing, with one hand you know where, and the other squeezing her titty. She got caught, evidently at least partly intended, I’m sure, and now she was giving me a full-on show.

Well, when in Rome… My dick was already hard. I touched it while she stared right at me. At first I didn’t stroke, but then I did. Sheepishly, shyly at first, kind of wondering something like, ‘is this alright?’ Within a couple of minutes, I had approached the window, and was forcing my pelvis forward and ejaculating into one of my trays as she continued to rub herself, smiling big, and watching me intently. As soon as I came, she tensed all up, and I could tell she was having a super-strong orgasm.

This has turned into a regular thing with us. We don’t always jerk off in front of each other, but have done it at least a dozen times during the past couple of months.

Yesterday, she held up a big piece of paper against the window. Written on it was, “My name is Lanie. What’s your name?” We ended up exchanging phone numbers. I’m going to phone her this afternoon. For some reason, I’m freaking out, in a good way. My heart is beating a million beats per minute just thinking about it.

Sperm Glue

Children twins and sperm glue

Growing up, I was always the shy one, and my twin sister, who doesn’t look anything like me, by the way, was always the outgoing, loud, but also the protective one.

I know it’s crazy but we seldom argued. We grew up in a loving, and open-minded family.

One day when my parents were downstairs and my sister and I were in her room playing Monopoly, she showed me that a corner of the board was peeling up. She just came right out and asked, “Does sperm make good glue?”

I told her the truth, “I have no idea.”

Even at that age, I knew she meant ‘semen,’ but didn’t bother to correct her.

“Do you want to find out?”

I enthusiastically told her yes.

I didn’t have to take anything off, because it was a hot day, and the air conditioning in our home didn’t keep up, so both of us were starkers.

The Monopoly game was forgotten as she had me recline on her bed, and she reached out to start producing semen from me. My little, hairless penis became erect right away. I had to show her how to stroke me up and down because never having done it before, she was hesitant, and way too gentle, barely touching me at all. It was less than a minute that I felt that wonderful feeling, made even more wonderful because it was her hand on my penis, not mine for a change.

Because I was still so young, only about three drops of clear liquid came out. She carefully collected it, and applied it to the corner of the Monopoly board. I felt weird afterward, so I left her room, with the game unfinished.

The next day we laughingly discovered that semen makes terrible glue.

It wasn’t the last time we played together. Our parents even caught us once. I thought I was going to get killed, but all Mom said was a brief lecture against actual sex, that we couldn’t risk getting my sister pregnant. I totally understood, Mom didn’t directly say so, but that basically meant that oral sex and anal sex were not off limits.

So Busted

So busted as she saw a picture of me naked in the office with an erection

There was this girl in the office I was hot on. She and I had smiled at each other as we rode the elevator, passed in the hallway and so on during the past month. I thought she might like me. But other than the occasional “hello” we had never spoken. I didn’t even know if she was married or something.

Finally, one day, we had a minute to talk. I wanted to impress her. She said she was into bicycling. This was great, since I am also. I took out my phone to show her some pictures from a recent ride. She held my phone, looking at the pictures, first swiping forward, then back to the first picture. Then she swiped back one more time, and my heart jumped into my throat.

Because there was a picture I thought I had deleted and she saw it very clearly. It was me, stark naked, standing sideways, showing off my boner sticking out, and slightly upward. I had taken the picture fooling around during a masturbation session. At the time, it made me horny to think of those guys who will jerk off right there in full view of anyone on the Internet. Of course I’d never do that, but to take the naked erect selfie was in itself, quite a thrill.

I guess what happened is I actually took two or three pictures, and I thought I had deleted them after I ejaculated that day, but I must have not gotten every one.

I was so fucking embarrassed! How was she going to react. In any case, it couldn’t be good. I had only a second to contemplate the trouble I was in.

She could have done anything. She could have held the phone up, and loudly announced to everyone in the office, “Hey, look at Paul!”

Instead, she pulled me into the copy room where she could quietly ask me, “So you like this sort of thing?”

Wow, how does one answer a question like that?

While I tried to figure out how to answer it, she was alternately studying me, my face, my expression, and looking at the phone thumbing around looking for more pictures like that one. Fortunately, it was the only one.

“Well…” I started to answer, but had no words.

Finally, I figured, like my parents always said, ‘honesty is the best policy.’

“I do get horny at times.”

“So do I,” she answered almost immediately.

I’m sure you can figure out what happened next. She and I have become an item. I now have pictures of her in naked and suggestive poses on my phone, and she has pictures of me and my boner on her phone.

Oh, and one more thing: There is now a short video on the Internet of me laying on her bed, and she’s giving me a wonderful edging handjob where I finally blow a big load.

I’m not sure how I feel about that video. Some days it embarrasses me to think about it, to know thousands of people have seen me naked, with an erection, and cumming. I wish there was a way to somehow remove all copies of that video from the web. But most of the time I’m rather proud of that little movie!


Woman Reading by Edgar Degas
Naked Woman Reading by Edgar Degas

It was the early days of smartphones, and I felt lucky to have one. I knew I was playing fast and loose with my phone. I removed the password protection so I didn’t have any delay in its use. I had a lot of what you’d call ‘personal’ pictures on the phone. For instance, I had a picture of me sucking my brother’s cock that I had sent to him, but also stored on my own phone.

One day, I was talking to this hot girl, Sherelle. I thought she was a long-shot. Out of my league, so it was a miracle that we were talking in homeroom that morning. She asked about my brother and sister. I figured I’d show her some photos. skipping quickly over that oral sex one before I handed her the phone, I showed here a legitimate picture of my brother.

“Handsome kid,” she said. Before I could grab the phone back, she started flipping through my other pictures. I wouldn’t have thought she even knew how to use a smartphone. I hadn’t expected that. Sure enough, she came across the picture of me all naked with a big erection, and my mouth around my brother’s little penis. I was so embarrassed! I’m sure my cheeks turned red, and I had no idea what to say. I was like, “I…, I… um…”

Sherelle said, “So you like that sort of thing?”

Again, all I could say was, “I… um… well.,..” I was so freaked out, I was about to pee my pants. I figured she might do something like carry the phone up to the teacher’s desk and show her. Or, maybe hold it up and show it to everyone.

She didn’t do that. Instead, in a quiet, calm voice she said, “I like that sort of thing too,” and handed the phone back. That was all.

For the next few days, I couldn’t face her. But on about the third day, again in homeroom, she turned me and asked, “Hey, can we get together sometime?” I was flabbergasted! Once again, my English failed me. “I…. um…., well… sure…”

I kind of thought that it wouldn’t turn out to be anything. That maybe she’d just want to talk, or maybe even make fun of me. Then a pang of fear struck me. Maybe she was setting me up, and would tell a circle of friends what she discovered, and force me to show everyone my phone.

Life can be better than it seems. I always have worried too much. She did invite me over to her house. It turns out she’s been latchkey since she was 14 years old. Her parents work until about 6pm. That gave us a couple of hours. No sooner did I get there than she said, “I liked what I saw in the picture.”

I wasn’t quite as embarrassed this time. “Well, thank you, I think.”

“Do you like getting blowjobs, or just giving them?”

I was actually able to answer intelligibly, even though my body was literally shaking. I’m not sure why I was jittering like that. It was warm in her room. Was it the expectation of what might happen? Was it because she knew my secret? Was it just too weird? I said, “Oh, I like getting even more than giving.”

“I’ve never sucked a dick. I’ve been wanting to. Finally, the opportunity has come up. Would you mind?”

Would I mind! Holy shit! The hottest girl in the whole school wanted to suck my dick!

Well, I have to tell you that first time wasn’t very romantic. I pulled down my pants and stood in front of her bed, while she knelt on the floor, and literally sucked my cock. It was wonderful, and I erected almost instantly. She took it out of her mouth, and held it this way and that in her fingertips like it was a science specimen, which I have to say felt as good as the sucking. She felt my balls in my sack. At one point she squished them a bit hard and I jumped, but otherwise it was the most delightful thing I had experienced in my life. She resumed blowing me, and I came in her mouth. She pulled away, and looked like she was going to puke for a moment, holding her mouth open. Then she closed it and swallowed. And, then she smiled.

It took a minute for me to recover. I had stopped shaking, but now my knees were so weak I had to practically fall against her bed.

“Can we do it again?” she asked.

I had to explain that I’d need time to recover.

“How about Thursday after school?”

Now, I pride myself on my intelligence, and this was my chance. “Only if I can give you a blowjob too.”

“Yes, sure, I think I’d like that.”

I had to wait two whole days for Thursday afternoon. When school finally ended, we didn’t waste a moment. We practically ran to her house. We took all our clothes off this time. She had tits. I mean, really big tits. I had no idea. They were beautiful! She showed me how to suck her nipples, which I found delightful. I kind of knew what she was feeling, because my brother and I had played with each other’s nipples also. I rolled around on the bed with her, my rock-hard penis sticking straight out, and then pushing between her legs near her knees. She squeezed her legs together as I continued to suck one nipple, then the other. My body automatically started pumping in and out between her knees, and in a moment, I found myself squirting cum over her legs.

“Oh, gross!” she laughed, cleaning up with some paper towels.

I didn’t lose my erection. She instructed me to go down on her, and I tasted pussy for the first time. What a great aroma, although I found the taste wasn’t very noticeable. Just a bit salty is all. Suddenly, I felt her go stiff as a board, and she started moaning really loud. She was having an orgasm, of course, but I was so inexperienced, I stopped, thinking I was doing something wrong. She grabbed my head, and placed me back against her vagina. That day I found out that girls can easily have more than one orgasm in a row.

As the weeks turned into months, into years, I found out a lot more about girls from Sherelle, like how fun long extended French kissing is, how to marry a girl, have kids with her, and be deeply in love for years and years.

Security Guard

I took a job that sounded interesting, or more specifically I took the job because it paid well, and sounded easy, even though I’d have to move to Canada for six months. When I was told the details, it sounded just too good to be true.

I was to watch a bank of monitors showing webcam views of a storage facility. I was watching for theft or sabotage. I was to be issued a gun, but never, ever use it. Furthermore, if I failed to notice something on the monitors, I would not be held accountable. You see, it was an insurance company mandated thing. This storage yard had replacement parts and supplies for a huge oil sands mining operation. It was huge, covering multiple acres, and I was told there was over a billion dollars worth of inventory there. The insurance company required a ‘guard.’ That was all. There was nothing about the guard having specific duties, or training. That was me. I had no useful education or experience. About the only thing I was good at was using my right hand to entertain myself.

Actually, I’m a doctor. Really! I have a doctorate in English literature. That turns out to be a pretty useless degree. No worries, my plan was to write, get published, and become an established author. It sounded to me like I could bring a little notebook computer and do that on the job. In fact, I asked about that, and was told it would be fine. How cool, right?

So I was interviewed, and they were impressed that I had a Phd, which evidently qualified me as a security guard.

A month later found me in Canada with no friends, and no acquaintances. The first few days were nice and peaceful. The boss showed me around, then told me with a smile that my ‘job’ was to look at the monitors occasionally, and fill the seat. The insurance requirement would be satisfied. Nothing would ever happen in the storage yard because it was just too remote.

He was right. Sometimes, I’d see a mechanic or someone come in and get a part. Everyone seemed legitimate. More often, I’d see a family of raccoons, or a deer. Once, I saw some sort of wild cat. Of course I brought my little laptop, and I did some writing, but have to admit, I wasn’t really managing to write anything significant. Pretty soon found me looking at porn on my computer. Perhaps what led me to that was the incredible loneliness. My girlfriend back home, with whom I Skyped every day at first, tapered off. We both knew that my six-month stint was going to be too long. Pretty soon, she faded out entirely. I hadn’t met anyone in the freezing little company shantytown. The only guy I ever saw was Kalvin, the guy who followed my shift. He was quite similar to me. Same age, same general characteristics, similar interests. He also brought his laptop. He was planning to create the great work of software, just as I planned to write the great work of fiction. He was from Toronto, where I was from Los Angeles. But it was the same for him. He knew no one here.

More and more, as my shift ended and his began, he’d arrive a bit early, and I’d stay a bit late, and we’d talk about this and that. I dare say, he and I were almost becoming friends.

Of course the one thing I’d never admit to him is during my shift, I had been looking at that porn instead of working. Furthermore, I had started jerking off, right there in front of all those monitors. I mean, after all, no one ever came into the little office. Since the shift was 8 hours, I learned not to cum too soon, but instead, I could bring myself to the brink of ejaculating over and over again, finally cumming about a half-hour before Kal arrived.

Except one day, there I was, leaning way back in the comfy chair in front of those monitors, having decided to remove all my clothing, with a hand wrapped around my fully erect cock, when the door sprang open. It was Kalvin of course. He had decided to visit a bit longer with me by arriving a half-hour early. He saw what was going on of course, and immediately walked back out and closed the door.

Talk about being caught red-handed! I was fucking mortified! I tried to say something as he was already running out and closing the door. I was like, “I… I… I’m…” I couldn’t think of what to say. How to explain away or excuse what was pretty obviously going on.

My penis went totally soft instantly. There’s be no ejaculation for me, that was for sure! If I was in my teens again, I would have burst into tears. I almost did anyway. No doubt my job would end early.

My mind started reeling. The boss would find out. I mean, what’s to stop Kalvin from telling what he just saw? They might not even let me finish my shift. How embarrassing. I was a fucking perv. Well, at least I’d be done with freezing cold Canada. Oddly, that thought made me smile. Canada wasn’t really that bad. It’s just that I hadn’t met anyone yet. I was lonely. I didn’t hate Canada. I smiled again. Then the oddest thing started happening. I started laughing. I know it doesn’t make any sense under the circumstances, but the whole situation was suddenly very funny. It wasn’t that bad really. So, Kalvin caught me jerking off on the job. It wasn’t so terrible. I mean, the job wasn’t a real job anyway. It wasn’t like I was harming anyone, or even shirking a duty. What duty, right?

Then, whoosh, the door opened again. Of course by now I was fully clothed. I figure it would be Kalvin and the boss, or someone. Maybe a real security guard. No, it was just Kalvin. His face was red. At first, I couldn’t hear his words, since my mind was in such a whirl. I had to focus and try to piece what he was saying back together. He was apologizing to me. He was sorry he had burst in on me. Then, the best part, “Hey, I wank too. What else is there to do around here?”

It took me an extraordinarily long time to process that. He jerks off too? Is that what he just said? Again, I lost his next words, as my mind was working on that last bit. Again, I figured out what he was saying it several seconds later. “Dude, you’ve got a nice-looking cock there.”

I knew Kal was sort of a ‘say whatever’ kind of person, but I wouldn’t have expected that. In fact, I wasn’t sure he actually said that, so I couldn’t dare answer to it. I figured something non-committal would be OK. “Um, thanks.” Then I added, “You too.”

That was stupid. Kalvin laughed. I laughed.

A few days later, the whole thing was forgotten, or so I thought. I had learned not to be caught wanking a half-hour before the end of my shift. Kalvin, on the other hand, did not arrive early any more. Not even five minutes early. We also didn’t hang out as much between shifts like we had before. Too bad.

Then one day, he did arrive five minutes early, and he looked odd, like he had something on his mind but couldn’t say it. He started talking about the weather. You know, the freezing, sleet in your face, cold Canada weather. Then, he added, somewhat incongruously, “Thank goodness for masturbation.”

I don’t know if he said that as a sort of finish to our little situation a few days earlier, or whether he was leading up to something. Not knowing quite to say, I simply added, “Yes, thank goodness for masturbation.”

“I do it all the time.”

I was very happy to hear him say that. It was some kind of excellent ice breaker.

“Yes, Kal, I’m so lonely up here that’s all I do, other than watch TV and eat and sleep.”

“Me too. Yes, thank goodness for masturbation.” Then he hesitated for a moment. I kind of knew what he might say next, and I was worried he’d chicken out.

“You know, maybe…”

Then he stopped. Damn. I had to finish his sentence for him, hoping I hadn’t misunderstood the signals.

“…Maybe we should wank together sometime?”

“Yes!” he answered excitedly.

“Dude, I’m all in.”

And with that, we stripped right there in the little office and had a fucking great time. Well, not really a ‘fucking’ great time. It was a sucking and handjob great time. The first of many.

RV Hot Tub Oops

RV Hot Tub Oops

I was at an RV resort with my big old diesel pusher motorhome. I had stayed there for a while, because even though it’s fun driving the thing, packing up everything inside so it doesn’t crash around, unhooking the cables and hoses, then hooking back up and unpacking elsewhere is a big deal, so I didn’t change locations all that often. I had gotten to know people at the RV park, especially the people in the office, pretty well.

They had a public pool and hot tub. Sometimes my wife would join me in the hot tub. Sometimes we’d meet other couples in the hot tub and have great conversations.

One particular evening before dark, it was cold out, so I was the only one who ventured into the tub. There was no one around. I turned on the jets for a while, but it seemed kind of noisy, so I turned them back off to enjoy a nice quiet, warm soak. An important detail is that when the jets are running, the surface of the water is obscured with suds. When off, it’s crystal clear.

I started getting horny. Since no one was around, I eased out of my trunks, and started idly playing with my penis. Pretty soon, I was solidly erect, and wanking pretty vigorously. Now, I wouldn’t cum in the hot tub. That would be gross for anyone who might come in later or the next day.

That’s not a problem for me. I’ve learned to master continuous orgasms without ejaculating, which is great fun. I’ve written that up elsewhere on this website. So there I was dry orgasming away, when I happened to look up. There on a pole, overlooking the hot tub, was a perfectly positioned security camera.

The picture above is the very penis that I’m sure everyone in the office got a good view of.

Right After Geometry

This short story assumes we’re not quite done with Covid yet, and that society is going to have to make some important changes. Enjoy!

For me, Masturbation Session is right after Geometry. Just like in high schools everywhere, the room is always warm, so its fine taking off everything but our masks. When it first started, I was a little concerned about the boys, and the other girls, seeing my floppy breasts, but I eventually got over it. Especially since Georgette’s breasts are floppier than mine.

I’m as horny a kid as the others, most of the time. But like everyone, I have my days when I really don’t want to rub my vagina. I just do some homework on my Chromebook or something.

On this particular day, I was especially horny. I had an orgasm as I watched Jerome, the tall boy next to me squirt cum on his belly. He knew I was watching, so he made a real show of grunting and arching his back.

Still horny, I turned my attention to Kyle, on my left. He’s a real dreamboat! He was wanking away, and something naughty just came over me. I scooted my mat over, reached out, and replaced his hand with mine. I just wrapped my fingers around his penis. His expression was pure joy. The teacher, not so much! Of course she saw me. I was in so much trouble!

In the principal’s office, she told me that the whole reason for Masturbation Class was to keep our horniness under control. By masturbating, we relieve some pressure so we don’t act in incorrect ways out of horniness. Mostly, it works quite well. There has been less teen pregnancy. Fewer cases of STDs. Even less drinking and drugs. And, most important, fewer violations of social distancing.

Like everyone, I knew all that. It’s been drilled into us for five years, since this Covid-19 thing started. And what had I done? It wasn’t that I touched Kyle’s penis. It was that I got right next to him.

Well, I got detention for a week. I guess I won’t do that again!

Caught With a Sex Toy

I’m a retired guy and since I don’t cook, I eat out frequently. I have a favorite place for dinner that I try to hit a couple of times a week. I always ask for the same waitress named Beka and we have become good friends. She’s probably about twenty-five so it will never be more than just friends due to a huge age difference, but that’s ok. She’s fun to talk to.

She is going to the local community college and is studying interior design and works at the restaurant at night to make some extra money. OK, it’s a Hooters, so you know Beka is good looking with a nice rack.

Anyway, when I found out she was studying interior design, I told her that my house had been done by a professional interior designer and she might like to see it. No ulterior motives. I just like having good looking girls around. I also like showing off my house. She was more than enthusiastic and said she had a day off over the weekend and could stop by.

So about 2 pm on Saturday my doorbell rings and there’s Beka, looking very cute in a short dress that showed off her great legs. I started a tour and she was very impressed. We discussed some of the designer chairs I had and she was most interested in a large area rug that I had bought in Copenhagen. I also have a lot of original art and she commented on how well the art coordinated with everything else.

My office was the last room I showed her. As she walked over to my desk, she asked, “What’s that?” I looked where she was pointing and the blood drained out of my face. I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. Laying on my desk was an Acmejoy masturbation toy that I had plugged in to charge up and totally forgot about it. Busted!

It was fairly obvious what it was so I decided to man up and admit to the truth. “That’s uh, er, a masturbation toy. At my age that’s about all the sex I can get. It’s better than just doing it by hand.”

“So how does it work?” she asked. “And why is it better than your hand?”

Obviously she wasn’t too put off about the fact it was a sex toy. But I guess she knew she had nothing to fear from me.

“Well, to get the best result, I lube up my erect, uh…penis and stick it in that silicone sleeve. You can see all the bumps and ridges inside that massages my, uh, dick. It has two controls. Those two glowing blue buttons. One controls the degree of vibration. The damn thing actually has 10 different levels of vibration. Then the second button makes that silicone sleeve rotate. And there are five different rotation speeds.”

She took the toy from me and inserted her fingers inside the silicone sleeve. “Hmmm, I can see where that might feel good rubbing on your, uh, thing,” she commented.

“Hmmm….that sounds really interesting,” she said. “Can you give me a demonstration of how it works?”

“You mean on my penis?” I was totally shocked by this request. But also turned on.

“Of course on your penis, silly. I’ve seen a penis before but I would really like to see the toy do its thing. You do want to show me, don’t you? I thought guys like to show off their manhood.”

“Well, it’s a little odd. You being fully dressed and me having to expose myself to you,” I said.

“I hope you are not suggesting I get undressed are you?” she replied.

“No, no, nothing like that. It’s just awkward. I’m not used to baring my all to young girls. But I’m willing to give it a try. How much time do you have?” I asked her.

“A couple of hours,” she replied. “Why? Does it take a long time?”

“No, not long at all. But it would be better if I took a Viagra. And that takes about 30 minutes to start working. At my age I need some help.”

“Go ahead. Got anything to drink while we’re waiting?” I popped a 100mg Viagra and mixed her a quick drink and one for myself. We made small talk until I figured I’d had enough time for the little blue pill to do it’s thing.

“Look Beka, it’s best that I take off my pants and sit on a towel. For the device to really be effective I need to put quite a bit of lube on it and it can be messy.”

“Go for it buster,” she replied.

I kicked off my shoes and slipped off my pants and underwear. My dick was already about half hard just from thinking what I was about to do. Beka looked intensely at my dick and said, “Nice cock for an old dude. I’ve never seen and old cock before but they look just like a young one.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” I spread a large towel on my office chair and sat down with my dick now sticking straight up. I generously lubed up my cock with some K-Y. Cocks always look more inviting when coated with lubricant and I could tell Beka was enjoying the show. I took way more time than necessary spreading the K-Y all over my dick. I always enjoyed showing off my cock to the ladies. Then I slowly stroked my dick to get it fully hard.

Beka dropped to her knees by my side. I guess to get a closer look. “Don’t mind me,” she said. “I just want to really see this thing work.”

Then I grasped the toy by the handle and slid the silicone sleeve down over my cock. Each time I press the vibration button it steps up the degree of vibration. I pressed it about four or five times which provided a nice buzz on my cock. Then I pressed the rotation button about three times and the sleeve began to rotate. The feeling was about ten times better than what I could do with my hand.

Beka’s eyes were glued to my cock and the toy. I was loving it. Both what the toy was doing to my dick and the fact that a pretty young girl was entranced with the sight of my cock being masturbated just a couple of feet from her.

“Dude,” said Beka, “I have to tell you that sex with an old guy like you has no interest for me. But seeing your rock hard cock all covered in lube sliding in and out of that toy has really got me hot.”

“I have to warn you but when my orgasm comes, which will happen almost too quickly, I’m going to really make some noise and my body will go into spasms as the cum ejects from my cock into the toy.”

“Sounds fine to me,” she replied, obviously enjoying my performance.

I held the toy and moved it up and down the length of my cock. Beka didn’t take her eyes off of my actions. The sleeve was somewhat transparent and the redness of my cockhead and shaft could be seen inside it. I always wished it would take longer to cum using the toy. I could draw it out a bit by just holding the toy stationary and not moving it up and down my cock but it felt so good moving, it was hard not to do it.

As I stroked the toy up and down my cock, the silicone sleeve was madly rotating and stimulating the shit out of my dick. Every so often I would pull it completely off my cock so Beka could get a good look at it. My damn prick was bright red from all the stimulation.

“Wow,” exclaimed Beka, “that dick of yours is hard as a rock. Not bad for an old dude. I like the shiny cockhead too.”

I had discovered that tilting the toy towards me put extra pressure on my frenulum as the silicone sleeve whirled around and massaged my dick. That put me over the edge.

Then my orgasm came on very quickly. I started groaning as my body writhed in ecstasy. Then I started panting and when the first shot of semen spurted out, I let out a small scream. I bucked and screamed as spurt after spurt rocketed from my dick. Finally it was over and I had to quickly pull off the toy because the sensitivity of my dick was off the charts. I sat there exhausted as strings of semen drooled out of my cock as the major part of my load dripped out of the toy.

Beka clapped and said, “Wow, that was fantastic. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to see the actual ejaculation shoot out. I really love the way your dick looks, all red and shiny. Definitely made me wet.”

“Yep,” I replied, “I like seeing the cumshot as well. I’m happy to hear my dick got you wet.”

“Maybe we can have another session where that can be arranged. Seeing the cum shoot,” she said with a sly grin on her face. Hearing that, my cock twitched and another small jet of semen squirted out.


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Loser Motorcycle Guy

Loser Motorcycle Guy

I was driving to work on a hot summer day, as usual, with my windows down, when a motorcycle passed me going at least 90 miles per hour. It was a Harley. Instead of mufflers, he had amplifiers. It was so loud that if I had a gun, I would have shot out his back tire, just out of reflex. I mean, shockingly, deafeningly loud. It really pissed me off. As he rapidly sped on up ahead, I saw something glitter in the sun. What was that? It seemed something fell off the back of his bike, or more likely, out of his pocket. It caught momentarily in the wind, then came crashing to the pavement, and shattered into dozens of shiny pieces, glittering in the sun. I was delighted! I figured it was probably his cell phone, and the asshole deserved that, at least in my opinion at the moment.

As I was working that day, I was kind of puzzling over just what fell off the guy’s bike. Was it a cellphone? Or something else? So the next day, I left for work five minutes early, so I could pull over where it happened, walk around, and try to find some pieces to see exactly what the guy lost. It only took me a moment to find the place where it happened. Some of the pieces were still reflecting sunlight, although the action of passing cars had swept most everything to the shoulder. Sure enough, it was an Android phone, and by the looks of it, an expensive one.

But, what was this? There was his mini-SD card, intact, except for a fairly heavy scratch in one corner. The guy’s phone must have been one of those that can take an external memory card. I put it in my pocket.

When I got home, I found my mini-SD adapter and hooked it to my computer. I found the guy’s photo folder right away, and started snooping around. All there were was the usual photos, pictures of him and his dog, some family group shots at what appeared to be a birthday party, you know, that sort of thing. I was just about done snooping when I found gold!

There were five pictures of him, and a young woman, sitting on what appeared to be a back porch, stark naked. And there he was, slight pot belly, balding, apparently around 40-some years old, sitting in a lawn recliner, bearded, and hairy all over, except for his crotch, which was shaving as smooth as a child. And he was sporting an erection, sticking straight up. His penis wasn’t large, kind of small and skinny actually, with a flabby, not particularly full scrotum, but his cock was fully erect. Rock hard, I would say.

And the girl! Well, she couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. Just a slip of a thing, skinny, short, with small breasts, but with long, straight, dark hair. Her crotch was also shaven smooth. She was sitting on one of those lawn recliner chairs right next to our motorcycle guy. In one picture, she had her legs spread wide, as if she was purposely showing the inner folds of her vagina.

Now call me crazy, but I think she was the man’s daughter. She had the same nose, same forehead and somehow just looked related.

All the five pictures were slightly different, but nearly the same, as if they were taken a few seconds apart. At first I thought it was done with a self-timer, but wait, in the upper right corner of one picture was a dark beige-brown shadow – obviously a finger in front of the lens.

So what was the story? What were they doing? And who took the pictures? Was it the man’s current girlfriend? Or boyfriend? Was it his wife – the girl’s mother? Was it one of his buddies? Maybe the man’s son and therefore the girl’s brother? Another family member, perhaps? And what were they doing. Remember, our guy had an erection – not what you normally see in family photos. What happened before the pictures were taken? What happened after?

I’m tempted to upload those photos here, but I won’t. Maybe the guy deserves it for blasting his loud motorcycle exhaust all over the place, but does the girl? I think not, so I won’t show the pictures to anyone. But it is fun to think about showing the pictures.

We’ll never know the story, but I can tell you one thing: I have jerked off to those photos a dozen times!

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