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Catch and Release

I came across 50,000 used books at a garage sale. I bought the whole load. It was only $200, but it took me five trips to bring them to my warehouse. I then started listing them for sale on Amazon, working all by myself in my windowless warehouse. Some might think it’s boring work, but they’re books! I get to skim as I list my books for sale. I skim again in the mornings when I ship the ones that sold. Most really are boring, but some make the whole time worth while.

Like recently I came across a photo book by Robert Mapplethorpe. He was a famous photographer in the 1960s who photographed men, and sometimes women, in erotic poses. One photo showed a guy with an obvious erection, and it got me horny.

It wasn’t the first time I got horny in this business, and once again this set me off on a very enjoyable day. I was going to play ‘catch and release’ again.

So, standing at my desk, I started by taking off all my clothes. My dick was already hard. Still standing, I started masturbating until I almost came. I took it to the point of feeling the orgasm building up and right to where I had a couple of ejaculatory, but dry contractions.

I couldn’t always do this. It took practice. The contractions are my marker in time. When that happens, I stop jerking off, and return to the task at hand, listing more books. So, I don’t actually cum. At first it’s frustrating, one learns to savor it, and it becomes fantastic.

I sat back down, and listed ten more books as my penis returned to its flaccid state. Then it was time for another session. This time sitting in my rolling chair, I pushed away from the desk, and brought myself to the brink again, having another contraction or two.

I did this several times throughout the morning and early afternoon. On one occasion, I almost went too far, and a single drop of cum worked its way up my urethra and presented itself, balanced on the tip of my penis. Having no Kleenex or toilet paper at hand, I wiped it off with my finger, licked and swallowed it.

It’s important to have no tissue nearby. With that, I’d quite possibly allow myself a full cum, and that would wreck the rest of the afternoon, because I’d lose interest in jacking. I feel I can’t really cum if I have no place to catch it.

Of course what happens is that late in the afternoon I always do end up going to far, and have to pinch the end of my dick closed as my orgasm goes way over the top, pulsing wave after wave of cum up my urethra. But I can’t let it out. What a mess that would make. So, I patiently wait until the contractions subside, still holding my peehole pinched closed.

A few years ago, I didn’t even know one could block an ejaculation like that. There’s very little mention of it on the Internet. I was scared the pressure might burst something. The first time I tried it, it hurt a bit, but I was excited to discover it worked just fine. After another couple of times, there was no pain at all. On a few occasions, I’d tie a rubber band around the end of my dick to keep it in without having to hold it with my fingers. The rubber band hurt, so I learned to fold up some toilet paper as padding under the rubber band. An interesting thing happens after a couple of minutes. The inside of one’s dick starts to itch. I believe it is because the natural acid-alkaline balance in the urethra is changed by cum, and it upsets the urethral lining. Someday, when I’m in a crazy mood, I might hold the cum in for a very long time, to see what happens. Will the itch continue? Will it turn into a major irritation? I know it’s nuts, but I want to find out, even if it causes my urethra to become inflamed.

That happened once before when I injected shampoo into my dick as lube to insert a pen for a little sounding session. Boy did that hurt! My dick swelled up for a day, and it really stung every time I had to pee.

So, back to the story: I walk over to the bathroom, and finally let the cum out in one big splash. I clean up, enjoying the rest of my day in a very satisfied state. Well, actually, I’m a bit disappointed that I ejaculated at all. On a rare good day, I can do this cycle ten or twelve times in a row, and never cum, saving the super-horny built up feeling for another time.

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