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Castration, also known as orchiectomy, is the removal of one or both testicles. This concept holds an unlikely fascination for many men and women. Some women fantasize about removing their mens’ testicles, for various reasons. Some of these fantasies are just vented frustration. Some are a kind of morbid curiosity. Some men actually fantasize about having their testicles removed, and a few have done it voluntarily. Castration can also happen for medical reasons, although it is rare. When a man has had his testicles removed, hormone therapy can allow that man to have an almost entirely normal life. When a testicle has been removed for medical reasons, it is sometimes replaced by a silicone ball of the same size, so the man does not appear abnormal. Removal of one testicle is called hemi-castration.

Surgery within a testicle, without removing it is orchiotomy. This is sometimes done in infertile men to remove a small section of the testicle containing viable sperm.

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