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Camp, Summer Camp – Male group fiction

Camping With Co-Workers – Male POV

Camming Buddies – Male-male camming fun

Cam Show Guy

Can’t Always Get What You Want – story

Can’t Cum – Male point of view


Catch and Release – Male Technique

Catheter Play

Caught – Short memoir about being caught having sex

Caught By Dad – 13 Year Old Gets Caught

Caught by Hotel Maid – Caught Jerking Off

Caught By My Father Story

Caught, I caught My Brother Jacking Off – Story, female point of view

Caught In Balboa Park – Story

Caught Red-Handed! – Male point of view memoir

Caught With a Sex Toy

Caverject: A brand name for Prostaglandin E1, a prescription drug that can be injected directly into the copora cavernosa, the main blood containing portions of the penis, resulting in a hard, nearly instant erection.

CBT – Cock and Ball Torture

Celery – Fact

Cerologist – A person who professionally removes hair complete with the follicles, such as with waxing, sugaring, or laser depilation.

Cervical Orgasms

Cervical Play

CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male

CFNM With Wife



Chills, Male or Female

Church – Naked Erection in Church


Circle Jerk – Information and Memoir

Circle Jerk, Marie and the Guys – Mixed-gender

Circle Jerk, Mixed-Gender – Memoir

Circumcised Over and Over


Circumcision Polls

CIS: also known as ‘cisgender’ or ‘cissexual – A person who identifies as the sex they were born with. In other words, what might be called ‘normal’ or the opposite of a transgender person. The ‘cis’ prefix is Latin for ‘on the side of.’


Class Masturbation – Male perspective

Class: The Sexuality Class – heterosexual fiction

Chordee: A congenital curvature near the glans causing it to point up or down. Sometimes chordee is caused by circumcision. This is best corrected in children between ages of 6 and 18 months.

Coitus: Another term for sexual intercourse.

Coronavirus Show in San Francisco – An Older Couple put on a show

Clit Compression
clit compression

Clitoris, Inner

Clit Pinching – Female POV

Clubs for Nudists – Info

CMNM: Clothed Male, Naked Male

Coach’s Experiment – Male point of view story

Cock: Have Cock, Will Travel – Memoir


Coconut Oil – Couple fun play

Coitus: Another word for ‘intercourse,’ or ‘fucking.’

Coitus interfemoris: The act of placing a penis between the partner’s thighs rather than penetrative sex. Also known as ‘interfemoral sex,’ ‘intercrural sex,’ and ‘thigh sex.’

College Family, Nude – story

College: Naked Dorm Living – Bisexual story, male point of view

College: Paying For College The Crazy Way – Female point of view

College Roommmate Wanking

College: Three Weeks In – Female point of view

Coming out: A term that generally means a homosexual individual first telling people, typically family, friends, and coworkers, that s/he’s gay. It’s short for ‘coming out of the closet.’ Coming out can also be used for bisexuality.

Coming Out In the Locker Room

Comparing Injuries – MMF threesome


Confessions of a High School Cum Queen

Consent: Age of Consent

Contest, Ejaculation Distance – Male point of view story, heterosexual

Continuous Female Orgasms – Story and technique

Continuous, Long-Lasting Orgasms – for men

Continuous Orgasms & Dry Ejaculations – Short version

Corn Flakes – Anti-masturbation


Corona Technique

Cousins In Tent – Homoerotic Youth Story

Cousin Katie

Covid Roommates – Short homoerotic story

Co-Worker: Discovered – Male masturbation tale

Coworker Shows Up – Surprise at a circle jerk

Crazy Girl – Story

Crazy Mother – Male POV momoir

Create Your Own Story

Creek: Doggy At The Creek – Memoir of being caught

Cuckold: A man whose wife has sex with other men. Sometimes this is while he watches them. A cuckold is commonly thought of as weak, unable to be sufficiently attractive to his own wife.

Cuckold, Professional

Cum – A euphemism for ejaculate, the material that is expelled during ejaculation

Cum Blocking Friend – A friend blocks his ejaculation


Cum Forced Backward

Cumming – A euphemism for ‘ejaculating’

Cumming of Age

Cumming Memory Game – Tile Game


Cumming Twice – Male point of view

Curved Penis

Curve To The Left

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If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!