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It started with my brother when we were young. After learning the pleasures of masturbating each other, I found that he really squirmed and yelled if I’d keep going after he orgasmed. Being the proud owner of a vagina, I really don’t know what he was feeling, but making him go so crazy was really fun. So, of course, I’d keep going until he finally jumped off the bed and got away. We both always laughed our heads off during the process.

I learned that it could be even more wicked if I’d tie his wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed. I’d continue to ‘do’ him until his wiener went soft.

Now-a-days, my brother and I have our own lives, so I’ve taken my hobby to the streets. Well, not actually, but I have had a succession of boyfriends and sometimes just casual acquaintances, who get my treatment whether they like it or not. Well, actually, they all do seem to like it.

I have a massage table in my apartment which is just right for my treatment.

With their permission, I tie the guys to the table so they can’t get away. They often ask for a safeword. I explain that a safeword is not necessary. There’s no danger of physical harm. Well, I suppose a guy could have a heart attack or something, but whatever, right?

Some of them are looking forward to the treatment with great anticipation and joy. Some are scared. Some even start jittering, shaking and shivering with fear. But they’re still looking forward to it. Some are erect right away. Some I have to get them hard by starting with some very light touching. Sometimes just so ever lightly tickling their scrotums gets them hard. Being a girl, I don’t know why that works so well, but it does.

So, here’s the scoop. With what I do, which I really love doing for some reason, ejaculation is just an annoying byproduct. I’ll give them an orgasm right away, and the cum squirts out. That’s when the fun begins. I just keep going as if the orgasm didn’t happen. Almost immediately the guys start twisting in their bonds, trying to turn their body away from me. But they’re sufficiently tied down. They yell, they laugh, like being horribly tickled, they pull really hard, but there’s nothing they can do.

If the feeling starts to die down, I’ll start rubbing the palm of my hand over the tip of their penis. That really gets them going. I’m glad my apartment has fairly soundproof walls, because some of the guys get really loud. I’m pretty sure the neighbors have a fair idea of what’s going on anyway. I’ve given a couple of them my treatment, and I’m sure they’ve talked about me and my silly game. Who cares? Everyone is having a good, harmless time, right?

I won’t stop until a guy’s penis gets soft. I think because of the ongoing post-orgasmic stimulation, it tends not to soften right away, prolonging the agonizing stimulation.

I don’t know what these guys are feeling. I don’t think there is any female equivalent that even comes close. A few guys have tried to do something similar to me, but although fun, and sometimes very orgasmic, nothing has worked in the same way.

When I’m done with a guy, he’ll often be so exhausted, he has to lay on the table for a few minutes to compose himself. They always thank me. They always say they loved it, then they say they’ll never do it again, then they practically beg me for more a few days later.

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