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Brother-Sister Tantra

Brother-Sister Tantra

It started around the time I was just old enough to be interested in sexual matters. Sometimes my mom, a respiratory therapist, would be called into the hospital, while my dad was at work.

One day, my sister called me into her room, explaining that she wanted to try something. Evidently she had read about something called ‘tantra’ on the Internet. She explained she wanted to learn how to do it just right for her boyfriend.

I objected, pointing out she didn’t currently have a boyfriend, and in fact, never had one.

She replied that this was for ‘future reference,’ a phrase she had learned recently, and used at every opportunity. She wanted to try out whatever it was on me. I wasn’t interested at first, but the thought of it made me very horny.

I wouldn’t let her get me naked on her bed unless she was naked too. She reluctantly agreed. But, I wasn’t to touch her. Oh, well, I thought. That would have been nice, but who was I to complain? Whatever this tantra stuff was, I knew it would be enjoyable. It was some sort of sex, after all, right?

Seeing my lovely sister with her creamy smooth ass, not an ounce of fat, a girl’s version of washboard abs, and small but perfectly formed tits with little hard rubbery nipples got me instantly hard.

She instructed me to lay on the bed, face up and spread my legs open.

Then she started in on me. She was frustratingly slow. First, she was essentially waving her fingertips over my scrotum. Finally, she started to make the very slightest contact. The first several times when her fingers touched, it was the most delicious electric-like shocks.

She went on, just barely tickling my scrotum for the longest time. Then she moved up to the underside of my penis. Or, actually the top side, since it was laying against my stomach. Every time she touched my frenulum, my penis jumped an inch. Oh my, it was amazing!

She kept it up for a very long time. Then she had me lift my legs up to my head as much as I could, so she could continue the super-light tickling thing on my ass. I wouldn’t have thought so, but that, too, was amazing. Eventually, she moved from my ass cheeks inward, and was swirling her fingertips around my anus. Always lightly. Ever so lightly! Finally, she was stroking right over my anus, which clenched up every time her finger passed over it.

Next, she wanted my legs back down on the bed. She resumed the super-light touching of my penis. Again stroking along what you’d call the underside, ending past the frenulum. My penis stayed as hard as it had ever been. No, harder!

Her next move was to start fondling the very tip of my penis, the glans, with her fingertips. Lightly. Ever so lightly!

She never grabbed my penis. Never wrapped her fingers around it. It was so amazingly nice, but not orgasmic. I didn’t cum. I was expecting her to start in on an earnest handjob at any moment.

Suddenly, she announced she was done. She got up and started putting her clothes back on. Confused, I did the same.

Back in my own bedroom, I brought myself to a crashing ejaculation in no time.

But how weird was her treatment? I really didn’t think that’s what ‘tantric’ is supposed to be, but I was too young to understand anything of that nature.

A week or so later, she wanted to do the same thing. She remained clothed this time. I was a bit frustrated by that, but no big deal. I got the treatment of my life again.

And again, no ejaculation. I got a half-hour of the most delicious, super-light touching, then had to finish myself off later.

This has gone on for literally years. Oh, she and I are happily married now with kids of our own. But every now and then, we’ll get together and I get her treatment. She doesn’t want me to do anything to her. She never has. Yet, she seems absolutely delighted to do it to me. Her husband, and my wife know what’s going on. They think it’s kind of cute. My wife says it takes the pressure off her to ‘perform.’ So, I guess it’s alright all around.

Not once has she actually jacked me off. A couple of times I did ejaculate under her ministrations, but generally, I don’t cum, and just get the most amazing super-light genital massage. I’m perfectly happy with that. It feels so good to just be super-erect the whole time, and really, really focus on the feelings. Many times, I don’t even need to wank afterward. Somehow, I go away completely satisfied.

She says her husband doesn’t care for it. Imagine that! She told me he’s just a fucking man. The first time she told me that, I laughed. Then she explained: He just likes fucking. Foreplay, oral, none of that is for him.

I’ve tried to get my wife to do it, but it never works out quite the same. Every time, it turns into something more. She doesn’t quite know how to keep the touching light, and it always seems to turn into a handjob. Not that I’m complaining. She also loves oral play, so she gets plenty of that from me, and gives me plenty, too.

I’m probably the luckiest guy on Earth!

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