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Brother-In-Law Torment

My brother-in-law, who lives rent-free in our guest house, has been offering a reciprocation that I just love. My wife knows, and she’s OK with it. She doesn’t quite have the knack of it like he does. Sometimes she’ll watch him work on me, which she seems to enjoy.

Probably around once a month, he’ll set up the massage table, invite me to get naked, and goes to work on me. He starts with an ordinary massage.

Oh, sometimes he’ll do her too. She likes a good massage from time to time. With her, he’ll fool around with her nipples, anus and clit a bit, but she only lets her brother take her to orgasm sometimes. I don’t get why she doesn’t want that more often.

Anyway, when he does me, after only a brief massage, he has me lay face up on the table, and he goes to work. First, he lightly massages my scrotum, eventually working up to actually slightly squeezing my balls back and forth. By then, I always have a pulsating erection.

Then he starts stroking me. But here’s the thing: He doesn’t bring me to orgasm. Instead, he torments me by bringing me as close as possible, then backing off for a moment. It drives me insane, but I love it. My wife, when she watches, gets a kick out of seeing it.

He’ll do it a whole bunch of times. I get close. I feel like I’m gonna cum, then he lets go of my dick.

On a couple of occasions, I’ve had little mini-cums, where a drop or two of cum squirts out. Somehow, I don’t lose my erection when that happens, and I want more. It usually doesn’t take long after that when I have a huge crashing orgasm.

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