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Body Electric

By Surefire (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Body Electric in Berkeley, California, is a school and meeting place for people interested in massage techniques. They don’t shy away from what might be called sexual practices including tantric.

Tantric sex is very loosely founded on ancient Asian Indian meditative practices. The westernized version varies, but in general it involves a meditative environment, massage and enjoying sex without ejaculation. Men and women giving each other handjobs figures highly in tantric sex.

Body Electric had a men’s gathering on Thursday evenings that would be attended by about 30 to 40 men. The men would be organized in groups of three, each around a portable massage table. Two of the three guys would work on the third, giving him essentially a happy ending massage. The ideal was to not ejaculate, although that did happen. It was not frowned upon, but not encouraged.

After twenty minutes, the action would switch to the next guy, so that after an hour, each person would have had one massage, and given two. As is the case in so many such activities, it was as much fun giving as getting. The men went away from those sessions feeling particularly charged up.

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