interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women
Interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women


My Favorite Fetish – Glans Blame

my favorite sexual fetish, glans blame, also known as apple polishing, rosy palm, glans rubbing, cockhead torture

Hello, it’s me, Jeremy Watson, co-author of Sex270. I suppose my favorite fetish lately is intense glans palming, also known as glans blame, apple polishing, cockhead torture, rosy palm, or glans blame

I’ll have a friend start by tying me down by my wrists and ankles with soft ropes or bandanas to the corners of a bed or massage table. It doesn’t matter whether this friend is young or old, fat or thin, white or black, or male or female. Then the friend gets me erect, oils up the palm of one hand and starts rubbing it over the glans (tip of penis) while holding my penis in the grip of his or her other hand. If you’re a guy and have never had this done, you’ve gotta try it.

It is the most excruciating tickle in the world. You feel like you’ve gotta get away. Yet, it’s intensely erotic at the same time. You don’t generally ejaculate. It’s just too intense, But you might involuntarily pee. Anyway, that’s my favorite fetish at the moment, both giving and getting.

I have also enjoyed other fetishes such as firm testicle massage.

Stratified Squamous Epithelium

stratified squamous epithelium on penis glans

FUN FACTS by Spurtz

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have had an everyday contact with something and never realized that it had a totally unique quality that you had overlooked for many years?

In fact, you might never have realized that this unique quality existed until you read about it here.

It’s something that men see and handle every single day of their life and something that most women see and handle frequently, especially as they get out of their teens. Think about it. There is probably only one thing in the world that fits that description. You guessed it. It’s the penis.

But wait, what’s so unique about a dick that most of us likely never realized? Well, just take a good look at the head of a cock. One preferably stretched super tight with a world class hard-on. Notice how smooth and shiny the skin is? Think about it. Where else is there skin like that on the human body? There isn’t. Cockhead skin is totally unique. Or is it?

Nobody probably really wants the details but cockhead skin is known as stratified squamous epithelium. Doesn’t that turn you on?

But did you know that the skin on your lips is also known as stratified squamous epithelium? Pull your lips tight so any wrinkles or creases disappear. Damn! Looks exactly like a smooth cock head. Another close connection between the mouth and a dick head.

Stick out your tongue. Admittedly there is some similarity in looks but a closer examination shows that the tongue has a totally different texture. Hook the end of your tongue inside your bottom teeth and push the tongue out to a convex shape. You will see a myriad of openings in it. And in actuality the tongue is not made of skin. It’s a muscle covered in a mucous membrane. No relationship to skin at all.

But a dickhead, with the skin stretched super tight, is as smooth and as flawless as a piece of highly polished metal. And if you and your partner are lucky, also damn near as hard.

Let’s get back to the similarity in looks between a cockhead and the lips. As odd as it may seem, there is a very strong symbiotic relationship between the two. One definition of a symbiotic relationship is as follows: “A symbiotic relationship essentially means a relationship between two organisms, which may or may not benefit one or both.”

Forget the words “may not” in this instance. We all know that when lips touch the glans, there is great benefit for both organs. Or let’s hope so. Some of the ladies might take exception to that statement.

But I’m sure every guy will agree that having lips slide over your glans is one of the better feelings in the world.

We have to ask ourselves, “Why does a dickhead have this unique skin?” One reason I can think of is that it allows your hard prick to more easily slide into your partner’s mouth. Oh, wait. That doesn’t result in pregnancy and pregnancy is what keeps the human race alive. So it more likely is to allow that shiny-headed dick to slide more easily into a vagina. And for those interested in other alternatives, it probably helps it enter an anus with less fuss as well.

So dear reader, think about it. Have you ever wondered about the skin on the head of a cock? I didn’t think so.


Janet’s Shocking Surprise

Janet's Big Surprise

My friend Zachary’s hobby is macro-photography. He takes amazing close-ups. I was looking at some a few months back and asking what they were. “Housefly wing.” “This is what Scotch tape looks like under a microscope.” One seemed to be some sort of black fibres covering a slightly rounded surface against a blue background. I asked what it was.

“That’s Janet’s pubic hair.”

Woah! My heard skipped a bunch of beats, and took me a moment before I could reply. I had seen his sister Janet around. Like Zac, she was very black – Sidney Poitier, Oprah Winfrey-black. She was short, perhaps 5′ 3,” slim, had short curly hair, and had a very engaging smile. Her breasts were quite small, only adding to her somewhat boyish attractiveness.

I’d say she is pretty much the opposite of me. I’m too tall at 6′ 4,” unathletically skinny, and with my light skin and blond hair, which I hate, I feel I am kind of weak-looking. Oh, I suppose if I think logically, I realize there are guys worse-looking than me, but still, I feel awkward. Maybe that’s why she is so attractive to me.

She is totally different. Not only in appearance, but in her activities. She is in her first year of medical school, and loves to play tennis. All I do is write computer software for my own little struggling company.

That evening I masturbated heartily, thinking that she and her brother must have had a wonderful time when he took that picture, and wondering exactly what they might have done. Did they pose for each other? Did he touch her vagina? Did he see her anus? Did they masturbate together, or maybe even masturbate each other? Do they do it often?

As my friendship with Zac grew, my mind would often wander back to that photograph, and being shy as I am, I never asked, and never struck up a conversation with Janet.

One day, she approached me. It seems she has been playing tennis with a partner at six in the morning, but this semester, he has an early class. She heard that I played a bit of tennis, and wanted to know if I’d fill in. Well, tennis is the only sport I have played, and I don’t do it all that well, so I told her I’d be a poor choice, but willing to try.

The next morning, there we were on the court. I found I could return her serves, but in any sort of rally, she instantly had me running all over the court. She seems to have an eye for where I’m not, and can always put the ball there. Well, to cut to the chase, we met on the tennis court every day, and started becoming more comfortable with each other. She started inviting me to her little studio apartment after tennis for a cup of coffee.

I was totally smitten, but too shy to do anything. At first. In time, things changed. We started kissing and petting. I have to say, that with most women, I have never enjoyed French kissing, but with Janet, something is just right. She tastes exactly right, smells lovely – I mean, there’s some real chemistry.

I started trying to push things farther. I’d feel up her tiny little breasts, which were really more like just nipples, and she didn’t object. I would work my hand under her bra (there was a lot of room) I could feel her nipples get hard in my fingertips. But when I tried to put my hand in her pants, she stopped me. Every time.

This went on for a month or so, and we kept on kissing and petting, but went no further. It was driving me crazy, and I didn’t understand. She seemed to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed hers. But, we couldn’t get beyond second base. What was up with that?

Another month, and I finally lost it. I got mad at her one morning. I started saying, much too loudly, “Hey! Why are you always stopping? Don’t you like me? What’s up?”

That’s when Janet broke down in tears. “I’ve got a big secret, and I’m afraid if you find out, you’ll go away forever.”

I told her there’s nothing that could drive me away other than another boyfriend, but that was not it. I didn’t know what ‘it’ was, because that’s all she would tell me between her sobs that day, and I didn’t press it. Oh, but I wondered what it could be. Was she a lesbian? Was she asexual? Had she been sexually assaulted as a child, and therefore sexually messed up? Was she having sex with her brother?

Later I found out it wasn’t her brother, at least. Well, they have masturbated together and masturbated each other on numerous occasions, but that wasn’t the big secret.

Yet another month passed, and I got frustrated again. I threatened to leave and never look back. More tears. Then, she surprised the heck out of me.

“OK, here’s my secret!” And with that, in one quick motion, she pulled down her pants and panties.

I saw her totally attractive naked self for the first time, and couldn’t imagine what she was trying to tell me. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined. Then I looked closer. Weird! Her clit was sticking out of her labia, but pretty much hidden under the hair. It was like an inch long and as big around as my thumb!

Suddenly, it dawned on me. Janet was intersexed. A hermaphrodite!

Janet's amazing big clit

We talked and talked. She has been afraid to reveal this to anyone since before she could remember. The only ones who know are her parents, her doctor, and her brother.

I told her that not only was her situation NOT a deal-breaker, it made her even more endearing to me! I loved seeing that big clit. It took me an hour to convince her. At one point, one of the things I did – not very romantic, I’ll admit, is that I pulled down my own pants and showed her my extremely hard erection, letting her know that she caused that.

Crude though that gesture was, it seemed to help her understand that she was no monster. She was totally, extremely attractive to me.

Fast forward another month to now: We are planning to get married. We have had all the usual sex, of which she is totally capable, but we particularly love masturbating each other. When I stroke her huge clit, it grows to about 1.5 inches long. It has a glans or head, much like a little penis, although it doesn’t have the loose skin that can be moved up and down like a real penis. If you could see it in cross section, it is not totally round. The bottom is like a piece of piece of pie missing. Whereas the bottom side of my penis is a third, softer section, her dorsal third missing, so it’s more like a slot. Of course she doesn’t ejaculate from it, but she does get very, very wet when she orgasms.

I particularly enjoy pushing my left index finger all the way into her asshole while I fondle her clit with the fingertips of my right hand. I can do it for hours, and she’ll have two, three, and sometimes even four orgasms. Then, she’ll turn around and stroke me lovingly, taking me to the brink of orgasm several times before finally hauling me over the edge.

Yes, we’re going to be married. I can’t wait to see if any of our children inherit the trait.

High School Masturbation Class

high school masturbation class

High School Masturbation Class – As told to Spurtz by Kenny

I guess it’s pretty rare to see a story from a high school kid. My name is Kenny and I just graduated from middle school and I am now in grade 9 of high school which means I am 15 years old.

I was really looking forward to getting into high school, mainly for one important reason. But let me first give you a bit of background and you will understand my anticipation. The state I live in is very liberal and extremely progressive. In recent years, the influence the church used to have has basically gone away and the lawmakers have become way more liberal in their thinking with respect to how much sex education should be taught in schools.

It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that masturbation is far and away the safest form of sex. The legislature has been won over to the fact that if teens relied more on masturbation for sexual relief, that there would be far less unwanted pregnancies. Studies also had shown that teens, mostly boys, suffered a huge amount of sexual frustration while in school. This led to inattentiveness in class and had been proven to be the basis for a lot of acting out and disruptive behavior.

The result of this was that now the high schools had a mandatory class devoted 100% to masturbation. Of course most boys already were pretty much experts at jerking off but many girls really had not learned the tricks of enough clit stimulation to create orgasm. So the classes not only provided extensive instructions and training on masturbating for both boys and girls, the schools now had facilities where relief could be achieved during school hours.

In their infinite wisdom, the lawmakers felt that frequent release during the day would be extremely beneficial. It was well known that many teen boys spent their entire time in class with erections and no way to relieve the sexual tension. In my own case, I have a foot fetish and sitting in class looking down at a female’s sandaled feet and painted toes gave me an instant hard-on. My buddy Ed tells me he almost cums in his pants just looking at Jennifer’s tits across the aisle. Similar stories can be told from all my friends. Under those circumstances how are we expected to pay attention in class when all we can think about is hard cocks and cumming?

Now between classes any of us can go to what the school calls the “Relief Room” and get rid of all that sexual tension and semen build-up. The room has a long metal trough along one wall where about six or seven guys can stand and jerk off into it. Kind of like the old piss troughs from days gone by. The problem is there are so many boys in the room that lines form behind each guy at the trough. Most of them already have their hard dicks out and are pumping away so that by the time they get to the head of the line, they can spurt out their jism without holding things up. It’s quite a sight to see all my classmates with their erect cocks in action and gallons of cum splattered into the trough. A steady stream of water flows through the trough to take away all that jism. On the wall are a series of tissue dispensers for wiping any excess semen off your hands or cock. Just inside the door is a pump dispenser of lubricant for the kids who prefer a lubed up dick when jacking off.

There is a relief room for the girls as well but it’s just a series of benches where the girls can sit and rub their clits until they cum. Plenty of tissues available there for those whose pussies get very wet. This room is nowhere near as popular as the boy’s relief room. But as more girls discover the joys of masturbation, it is slowly becoming more crowded.

But the most fun is the actual masturbation class itself. Surprisingly these are coed. Not only are very explicit lectures and videos provided, there is also quite a bit of actual hands-on activity. The boys who wish to do so are allowed to take out their hard cocks and jerk off right in class, usually onto the tile floor but they are then required to clean up afterward. The girls can also rub themselves off during class.

This class is only held one day a week but lasts for two hours. Most of the students don’t wear any underwear on the day of the class and all the girls wear skirts for easy access. No shorts or slacks. It’s easy for the girls to be more discreet than for the boys as they can just put a hand under their skirt and rub off to their heart’s content. The boys can’t hide their throbbing pricks so their stroking and ejaculations are on display for everyone to enjoy. A few of the boys refrain from publicly jacking off. Possibly embarrassed with a small dick or a weak ejaculation. Some of the guys have already been in the Relief Room a couple of times prior to class that day and their resulting cum-shot in class is weak and watery. I always hold off ejaculating for as long as possible prior to the weekly class. I want to have the most powerful and voluminous splatter of semen that I can provide. Several of the girls have complimented me on it.

I really get off on taking my hard cock out right in class and jerking off with everybody watching. I was quite shy the first couple of week but after I watched other guys having so much fun I just had to join in. Bob and I did something really weird but fun. We were both jacking off in class. The instructor was otherwise involved and Bob leaned over and rubbed the head of his dick against mine. Omigod! I almost shot my load. Jennifer was sitting next to us and I swear her eyes damn near bugged out of her head. I winked at her and shot a load of semen all over Bob’s dick.

I’ve never understood why the school allows us to jerk off in a coed class. That seems way too liberal to me. Not that I am complaining. I love to shoot my load for my fellow classmates. The story going around is that actual masturbation in a coed class can curb any advanced sexual activity such as real intercourse, or fucking as we call it. I can only speak from my own experience but to be honest, all the public jacking off I do at school certainly does lessen my desire for any other sex. So I guess the school know what they are doing.

I figure in a few years they will be teaching and allowing blow jobs but I will be out of school by then and getting my dick sucked by a regular girl-friend. And I will be lapping her pussy every chance I get.

The school does draw the line at any contact between the sexes without supervision. Hand-jobs between the girls and boys do occur extremely frequently, just not at school. Although rare, during the actual class sometimes some of the girls like to get their hands on a hard cock but only for a few seconds. The instructor usually keeps an eagle eye out looking for any illicit contact but can’t see everywhere all the time. I got real lucky one time when a really cute blonde named Chloe grabbed my dick just as I started shooting. What saved my ass from being caught was two guys in the front of the class both started spurting their loads at the same time. Mrs. Floyd, our instructor, was so fascinated with two streams of semen landing at her feet, that she didn’t even see me cum as Chloe jacked my cock.

However, there was one segment of the class where mutual touching was permitted. One thing that Mrs. Floyd liked to do that was probably not 100% approved by the school, was to provide some hands-on instructions. Part of the class curriculum was to give the girls pointers on how best to jack off their partner. To demonstrate to the girls certain masturbation techniques, she would usually pick out a guy with one of the larger pricks in the class. She would have him stand in front of a group of girls, and if he wasn’t already hard, she would stroke that big cock until it was throbbing in anticipation. Then she would demonstrate various different ways that a girl could stimulate a cock. And after each technique, the girls were permitted to practice what Mrs. Floyd had shown. Because there were several girls involved, Mrs. Floyd would invite additional boys to step forward and be used as test subjects. A boy could not step forward unless selected by Mrs. Floyd, otherwise a stampede would occur by boys eager to have a girl’s hand on their dick.

Mrs. Floyd had no objection to the girls jacking off the boys to completion during these exercises. In fact she encouraged ejaculation. She felt it was important for each girl to learn how to bring a guy to orgasm. If a guy was slow getting his nuts off, she even would urge him on by asking him to cum or telling the girl to stroke faster and tighter. Once Sandy could not get Billy to cum and Mrs. Floyd, in her exasperation to keep things moving, pushed Sandy’s hand out of the way and expertly brought Billy off. We all clapped and cheered as stream after stream of semen spurted out of Billy’s cock.

Mrs. Floyd was very fair and tried to get every boy in class involved and by the end of the two hours just about every guy in class had emptied his balls. Alternatively, Mrs. Floyd also gave very detailed instruction on how to stimulate a girl’s clit and vagina expertly enough to bring her to orgasm. Again her instructions gave each girl in class, who was willing, the opportunity for various boys to practice what they had learned. And by the end of the class, just about every girl had orgasmed. None of the boys wanted to wash their hands. They wanted to continue to sniff that hard-on inducing aroma on their fingers as long as possible. On the bus ride home you could always tell which guys had been in the masturbation class that day. They always had their fingers right under their nose.

Getting to play with a girl’s vagina and clit was a real revelation for me, having never seen, much less touched, a real pussy before. I always prided myself in being able to get the girl’s pussies nice and wet, usually quicker than any of the other guys. One time I was so into playing with Jennifer’s sopping wet cunt that I had an involuntary ejaculation. Before I even realized what was happening, I had a load of semen shooting down my leg. Everybody in the class was amazed that such a thing could even happen. That brought confessions from a few girls that being in a room full of hard cocks, many of them spurting semen, had brought on involuntary orgasms;

Once I started taking the classes, I assumed the mutual contact stuff would be a one-time thing. But it was repeated several times throughout the year. Mrs. Floyd said that she hoped that by the end of the school year each boy would have been jacked off by each of the different girls. And each girl would have her clit rubbed by each of the different boys.

Although I doubt this was part of the school’s approved curriculum, near the end of the school year Mrs. Floyd had us team up in groups of one guy and two girls. Both girls would take turns jacking the boy’s cock. Because the class was divided fairly equally between boys and girls, in order for every guy to get jacked off, half of the girls got to do two different guys. I got really lucky. Not only were the two girls that teamed with me extremely cute with great teen bodies, they were also two of the more sexually adventurous girls in the class. As a result they worked my dick like I couldn’t believe. And not just my dick but my balls as well. And to my complete surprise lubed-up fingers from both girls found their way into my asshole. They were rewarded with one of the best cum-shots of my young life. Fountains of the stuff shot up and covered both girls faces and hands to their gleeful enjoyment. Mrs. Floyd helped out in cleanup because there was so much cum.

Sadly the class was only taught in the first year of senior high. I guess the school felt that once you completed the course there was no need to repeat it. I would have liked to do it two more years just to get more opportunities for teen girls to handle my junk and me to finger their clits. But the sad truth was I wouldn’t really learn anything new which was the goal of the school. Not to provide my cock with more stimulation.

As a junior and senior at the school we could still use the relief room which had to be enlarged because every guy in the school wanted to use it at least two or three times a day. I knew a few guys who were in there between nearly every class jacking their cocks and spurting their cum. Those guys were likely getting off four or five times a day. But not every day. Twice a day was a comfortable level for me. Truth be told, jacking off in front of a trough with a bunch of other guys watching got a bit old after being exposed to having a sweet teen girl do it for me.


My Daughter Asked Like 16 Times

My daughter has always been a horndog. I’ve known that, but of course didn’t let her know I knew. And how did I know? Well, first of all, she her father’s daughter. But also, I caught her wanking in her room twice. Both times, I slinked away before she knew I had seen. I also caught her looking rather lustfully at a family photo that we usually ignore. We have up on the mantle except when we have company. It’s the whole family, naked at a campsite near the river. She was obviously interested in her brother’s equipment, which of course she’s seen in person, but on this occasion, you could tell by the way she was studying that picture. Anyway, on with the event.

Returning home from college for Christmas vacation, she started asking me, her own father, how often I masturbate, whether I enjoy masturbation, etc. I answered truthfully, but not volunteering anything more.

On her second day home, she came right out and asked whether I’d enjoy masturbating with her. I told her, again truthfully, that while I probably would enjoy that very much, I didn’t think it was appropriate.

She kept on asking every time she had a chance, meaning every time my wife was out shopping and our son wasn’t home. It got tiring. Worse, it started to affect me strangely. I started thinking, “So what would be so wrong with that?”

The day came, and we arranged to meet in my bedroom. She walked in wearing only a towel while I was in my bathrobe. She immediately dropped the towel. I have to say, I’m proud of what her mother and I created. She’s a beauty with long raven hair just like her mother, and tits, well, actually larger than her mother’s. I shouldn’t care about breast size, but I have to say, big ones really do something to me. Even if they are my daughter’s.

Under the circumstances, I wasn’t as shy as one might expect. I got rid of my bathrobe. Only this time, I was already rock-hard. My daughter has seen me naked more than once. No big deal. But never with an erection. This was a big deal, a huge deal for me. It was simultaneously exciting and embarrassing. My heart was beating really fast. I even felt strangely weak in the knees and feverish.

She took command. She had me lay down on the bed, and the next thing you know, my daughter’s pretty mouth was around the knob of my penis, while simultaneously, my fingers went to that little slit I used to clean when she was a baby. Well, she was no baby now! I felt her getting wet down there, just like when her mother is excited. It didn’t last long. She didn’t even get more than the knob of my penis in her mouth. In fact, I doubt she had yet acquired the skill to blow the whole thing, but dang if I didn’t cum right away. And my daughter swallowed every last bit! Being the gentleman and father I am, there was no doubt that I had to reciprocate. I had her take my place on the bed, and licked her amazing little clit until she exploded.

Well, that was the first time. Perhaps at another time I’ll tell you about the three-way with my daughter, wife and I. I have yet to experience anything like this with my son, but I know he’s a horndog too. So, it’s only a matter of time.

Balcony Hand Job

By Spurtz

For several years I had a very unusual relationship with a woman who was much younger than I was. When we started seeing one another I was about 15 years older than she was. She was definitely of legal age…as I recall she was about 28 when we began our relationship.

It didn’t take us long to progress to a full sexual relationship but we both knew it was nothing more than a “fuckbuddy” kind of thing and had no future. She was obviously looking for a more permanent relationship and after a year or so she moved in with a guy. However, we continued to see each other as “friends.” She was a hairdresser and would come to my house to cut my hair and that continued even after she hooked up with the other guy.

She wouldn’t fuck me as long as she was with this other guy but she would jack me off. She was fascinated by masturbation….moreso than any woman I have known. On a previous occasion she brought a girl friend to my house and I jacked off for both of them. But that’s another story.

Anyway, on this particular visit, she had come to my condo, which was on the third floor of a building that had nine units, three on each floor. My place was quite elaborate and had a large balcony that stretched around two sides of the unit. One side faced onto a wooded area but did overlook a street.

On this day, we had finished the haircut portion and had been lazing around and getting increasingly horny. I had stripped off my clothes….as I commonly did when she was there…being somewhat of an exhibitionist. We were sitting on the floor and I was trying to coax her into stripping down too. Finally, she took her clothes off. Although not a raving beauty, she did have a very, very nice figure. Beautiful legs, a perfect butt, narrow waist, and nicely formed breasts. I just loved to look at her body. As we lay there together on the floor, I looked at her body and stroked my hard penis.

She said it was too nice outside to be wasting our time indoors….why didn’t we go out on the balcony? I was a little hesitant to do this since if any of the neighbors saw me, I would have to deal with that on a continuing basis but since she didn’t live there it was no big deal to her. She was also an exhibitionist as I learned one time on a trip to Cabo San Lucas back when she was still fucking me. We did the nasty on a patio outside our hotel room one night. I was on my back on a chaise lounge and she mounted me and stuffed my cock inside her and started bouncing up and down. People walked by our room and I know they could plainly see us but she never stopped until we both came.

Back to my original experience. She started needling me about being too chicken to go outside onto the balcony. Finally, I figured what the hell…there wasn’t too much of a chance of anyone seeing me. If somebody did drive by and happen to look up, there is a possibility that they might see us but I thought it was unlikely. There was only a sidewalk on my building’s side of the street and the angle was too steep for anyone to see us on a third floor balcony. In the unlikely event that someone might be in the wooded area across the street, which was hilly and parts of it were on a plane with my balcony, they could for sure see us. But I had been living there for several years and had never seen anyone in the woods.

So we went out to the balcony. I had a table and chairs there and we sat in the chairs side by side facing the street. I had taken a large beach towel with me so that if I need to cover up quickly I could…mainly to hide my straining cock which by now was very, very excited. She didn’t bother with anything because I guess a naked woman is a lot less shocking than a guy with a massive hard-on.

At this point, I had been hard for close to an hour and had been stroking my prick off and on the whole time. She had given it a few strokes on occasion but mostly just watched me play with myself. Once we were on the balcony, my prick was screaming for attention and I told her that she needed to give it some action.

She was a very accomplished hand job artist and just knew perfectly how to play my cock. She reached over and started expertly stroking my cock with one hand and fondled my balls with the other. She had a little bottle of Astro-Glide and she coated my prick with it. I slid down in the seat a little bit and she knew what I wanted. She took her hand off my nuts for a second and wiped one finger over my prick to lube it up. Her hand went back to my balls while one finger found its way to my butthole. It slid right in. Her other hand continued to slide up an down my raging prick….ready to erupt any second. She knew intuitively when I was close to cumming so she slowed down her stroking to make it last. She kept this up for close to 20 minutes. I would never have been able to last that long if I had been jacking myself off. In fact I came close to grabbing my prick and finishing myself off.

Finally, I could hold back no longer and she knew it and started furiously pumping my prick while her finger went in and out of my asshole. My cock suddenly shot an extremely long rope of cum that went right over the balcony railing and a second one followed it, this time not clearing the top railing but going between the top and second rail. Several more weaker shots followed that landed on the baclony floor and my thighs as well as her hand.

One of the things I loved about her hand jobs is she never quit or even slowed down once I started spurting. She would keep on pumping until every last drop of cum was squeezed out and even then would keep stroking until I literally had to pull her hands off my cock because the feeling was so intense I couldn’t stand it.

I cleaned the cum off of me and her hands with the towel and then wrapped the towel around my waist and looked over the railing. The balcony on the second floor was directly under mine but the ground floor had a patio that extended out farther than my balcony. I looked down and saw very clear splatters of cum on a patio table directly below me. I was hoping that whoever lived there (I didn’t know them) wouldn’t recognize what it was and come knocking on my door. Nothing ever came of it fortunately.

I had many more interesting experiences with this woman but always was somewhat amazed at how she could feel ok about jacking me off when she was supposedly in love with this other guy. I did fuck her once while she was still living with him but that is a quite involved story.



Use a Whisk for Sexual Purposes

As you probably know, a whisk is a kitchen gadget used for mixing. As sex toys, they may be quite interesting. There are many accounts of women enjoying the pleasure of opening their vaginas with whisks. One can even find pictures on the internet of women, and I assume men, putting whisks into their anuses.

I suppose one has to be careful to avoid pinching where the blades of the whisk cross.

A person doesn’t necessarily have to press the whisk into themselves. I’ll bet just running the blades lightly over a vulva, scrotum, or along the ass crack may be quite erotic.

Does anyone know of something like a whisk that could be pressed into a peehole? Along the same lines, notice the end of the whisk handles. I’ll bet some are just the right size and shape for urethral stimulation. Like all urethral play, everything must be sterile and have smooth edges since the urethra is quite prone to tearing and infections.

Nudist Family Erections

Nudist family erections

Someone asked on another website:

“What do nudist families do when someone has an erection?”

I’ve reposted some of the answers here.


Nothing. Boners just mean the dick is functioning properly. There’s nothing that needs to be done. Most men have learned to suppress natural boners. Thankfully, my husband and son don’t bother. Why should they? The females in this family have seen countless boners. They are a total non-issue.

If we’re watching a movie and something sexy happens, the men are all standing at attention — as they should be. I’d be very worried if they were not.

And boners are contagious. If one of the guys walks into a room with a boner, all the rest of them stand up in solidarity.


As a mom of a nudist family, we do absolutely nothing when it happens as we treat it as being a natural occurrence in males. My husband and I have two daughters and one son (in their mid to late teens) and we have all pretty much seen everything. My husband doesn’t usually walk around with an erection (except for first thing in the morning) and even when he does, no fuss is made.

Our 14 year old son obviously has less control when it happens. His attempts at hiding it especially in front of his two sisters became futile after a while and with the exception of the occasional teasing by them, he is no longer self-conscious when it happens. We neither encourage, nor discourage him to relieve himself manually (and alone). He can do as he wishes on his own accord.


Firstly, nudism is not about sex in anyway. Nudity is a part of sex but sex is not a part of nudity. That being said, nudism is about positive body image and acceptance. It is important to not shame the individual, if it happens unknowingly. Also- it is very different for a boy or young man to get them, than an adult man. Adults should know it’s inappropriate, and should not be flaunting them around.

When growing up in my nudist household throughout the 90’s, my male relatives would get erections from time to time and we would just wait for them to pass. However, being a curious girl, I would look at them- in hindsight, pretty intently. Our parents wouldn’t make a big deal about them and were pretty open to teaching us the reason they happen. One thing growing up a nudist does teach you: is that boys can get an erection at any age. My youngest brother would get them often around elementary school. Of course, both of my brothers would spontaneously get them when they were in high-school, which would last for several minutes in each case.

My husband was also a nudist, and I met him at a nudist event one summer. We continued dating and going out throughout high-school. There would be times, when around my family and others, he would become erect from simply holding my hand. We would do most of our teen “fooling around” in private. However, I would try to tease him from time to time by casually brushing my hand or rubbing my body against him in just the right way. He would get an erection right away. ‼️I DO NOT CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR IN ANY WAY‼️ But hey, teens will do what they do.

There was one instance in particular with my husband that sticks out in my memory. I was a Sophomore, and he was a Junior. We had been dating for almost a year and our relationship mainly consisted of phone calls and cards. Being a nudist household my family invited him over for the weekend, sans-textile. It was so great to see him and the first moment I got alone with him, I went for it. I started “fooling around” with him in our backyard furniture while our parents were busy in the kitchen. He was so nervous and shy about it, and when my parents came out he was mortified. His erection never subsided throughout the remainder of the evening and my folks just talked to us anyway. I never knew what they were thinking, but I did marry the guy. ☺️

Hope this helps!


I living in Europe the Netherlands I was with my single dad 5 times in Cap D’adge. You see often teenboys 11 – 16 age showering at the wall in the early hours 6–9 pm with healthy morning erections.

So one time me and my dad we were walking to the showers gotting accidentally both an hard on penis. I was 15 years it was funny to see our sex organs were looking identical 8.5 inch erect with a mushroom glans. Other men spotting us they did not react angry or saying covered it up by a towel or something. Nope it was a normal healthy scene. If you are in the men’s showers block you often find sperm at the floor from others often from boys in puberty to release their semen. Actually for example an 13 year old boy was dripping cum out his penis when I was entering the mutual shower area. You knew he had the urge to have an ejaculation he did it to prevent blue balls.


In my family, this was an ordinary thing and my parents explained what it meant. I saw my father and my older brother (2 yrs) have erections. Not often with my father but when we were teenagers, I saw my brother with an erection a lot. He taught me about masturbation and we did it together until he went away to college.


Just kind of treat it as normal! I get them in front of my stepdaughters and sister in law! She is used to it. I’m sure other women will agree. As my stepdaughter says I’m flying high and proud when I’m erect!


In my family I usually am allowed and even encouraged to “take care of it” myself either one at home or at a nudist resort. Best of all usually one of my sisters give me a hand to help with my hard situation down there. Since I am the only boy in my family with my two sisters and mother they just tend to smile or giggle. They point and laugh/giggle or say some obscene comment about my hard situation in the morning since we’re always naked in the house. The fact that I have a 7 in penis makes it very difficult to hide my arousal. The first thing we do when we get home is go to our rooms undress and go about our activities inside the house completely nude. My mother and two sisters are very sex positive and see nothing wrong with sexual arousal. They even keep boxes of Kleenex around the house so that I can “take care of it” usually on the sofa. I’m not bothered by them watching me masturbate in fact I find it arousing which allows me to take care of it faster and they don’t care either in fact they encourage it they just ask that I don’t leave a mess. My favorite part is when one of my sisters offers to help me with her soft and delicate hands. To my family this is something normal and nothing to be ashamed of and will even give me a hand or even more when I ask. Erections and masturbations are simply a part of life and come into play much more when you are a nudist family like mine.

Keep in mind that this is applicable only in my family and most likely will not apply in yours. Be cautious and respectful of others in the nudist sitting and always follow the rules when going to a nudist resort or visiting other nudist families. Most nudist families or nudist Resorts frown upon any sexual behavior and men/boys having erections and flaunting them. So be mindful of your situation and be discreet, use your own discretion and judgment.

The reason why I have frequent erections is because of my very high levels of testosterone. I just turned 18 and I usually get let off the hook at the nudist resort that we frequent since we’ve been going there all our lives and my family is very close to the owners. I even got caught having sex with the owners daughter on the campgrounds once but they let it go. I know this is not normal but I guess my family is this weird.


Of course erections are completely natural, and will subside on their own after a short period of time. In our naturist household we do not cover genitals for any reason, as this leads to body shaming.

Even as a man in my mid-40’s, I still wake up fully erect nearly every single morning. I don’t delay getting out of bed just because of an erection. I will walk downstairs, enter the kitchen, and start brewing some coffee fully nude. When our household first started to practice naturism, my wife (an only child, who was not raised naturist) would notice my morning wood and comment, “Oh look, someone’s excited!”. Now she realizes that this is a very natural state for men early in the morning, and the novelty has worn off. There are no longer any such comments and erections are simply ignored.

I have to confess that even after practicing naturism for so many years, I am not immune to some embarrassment. My wife has a very close relationship with her mother, and when we first started to practice naturism my wife readily confessed our new lifestyle and even shared tasteful family photos of our first resort trip with my mother-in-law (including nude photos of yours truly). The next time MIL came to visit our home, she didn’t care that we walked around nude and we didn’t care that she saw us au naturel either (she had already seen everything in the photos anyway!). However, I did find morning erections around her rather difficult. MIL tends to wake up very early and would frequently already be in the kitchen when I came down from the bedroom to brew some coffee. I found myself having a tendency to face away from her while working in the kitchen those first few mornings, but it was a bit of an awkward circus trying to keep that up. Before too long MIL saw that variation of my genitals too, but she also knows it’s normal and said nothing.


My wife, tween daughters, sister-in-law, and her two kids (tween boy and girl) are presently living together under one roof, in a “nude at home” environment.

My nephew is not the only one who is experiencing spontaneous erections – it still happens to me even though I am in my 40s. It can happen when I’m out on our pool patio, and with my nephew, it happens pretty much at any time. The kids do spend a lot of time in and around the pool, in the nude, and as they are all roughly the same size and height, they will play in the pool and make physical contact with each other. When he “sprouts wood”, he may have to excuse himself for a bit just to avoid embarrassment, but the girls are now used to it and they knew pretty early not to tease him about it. (I think that they’re amused and fascinated by it – I saw one of my daughters trying to sneak a peek at him while peeing.)

When I have one, I will sometimes excuse myself, but often I will just cover up. When sitting down, I usually leave an extra length of my personal towel and use it to cover myself. We already have a rule that clothing is mandatory while cooking or preparing food in the kitchen, and we also require bottoms are worn when using our home gym. It’s easier than sitting on a towel.


For the most part we just ignore them.

Erections are a natural part of having a penis. In the clothed world, erections are hidden under clothes and usually go unnoticed but as you can imagine nudists are not always wearing clothes and erections cannot be controlled at all. I have four sons and I raised them as nudists. In the beginning, parents educate their boys on what erections are, and as boys grow older there may be some (making fun) of their brothers when they have erections, and sometimes the one with the erection is the one that is proudly displaying it. To get back to your question, the large majority of erections are ignored, or in certain cases / times (perhaps puberty etc…) where erections are happening quite frequently, a male with an erection may go to their room or bathroom and masturbate to the point of ejaculation in order to help make that erection go away. Every nudist family is different, and my experience is based on an all male household. Things may differ if a female sibling is also involved.


This really depends on the family and when it happens. For us, we usually just consider it something that happens and continue on with whatever we are doing, unless someone has an urge to enjoy the erection then this could occur right there or in a different area. We are very open with our expression of caring for each other and of our own self love. We just do our best to not offend or upset others in the surrounding area at the time.


It’s often no big deal at the house when I get an erection. Occasionally, my daughter will ask… “do you need me to go get mom to help with that?


I have had many erections through my teen years, Usually have no control over it happening. It usually ignored by others in the family except for little sis who use to giggle when she saw it. Mom finally explained to her what it was all about. I guess the funnyist was when it happened when she had a friend over and my sis went out of her way to point it out to her friend.


My wife and step daughters don’t really mind if I get an erection. If they have time, they help me out with it as well.


To begin with when I first became a nudist at the age of 22. My eldest sisters and my 2nd youngest would look at me like I was God with God’s gift.

But now they’ve became used to it over the years they barely bat an eyelid just like looking at my chest, nose or mouth.

Likewise I am with their boobs and fanny etc.

Only issue we have is when walking past each other and it brushes against them lol.


For our family, we do nothing. My teenage boys get erections frequently but we all usually ignore it. Although sometimes, their sisters will tease them about it. Even I get erections sometimes but we don’t care.


An erection is natural. I think no one really worries about this unless the person draws attention to themself. Most of the good camps/beaches that our family goes to requests that adults go to a nearby available spot to take a small towel and cover themselves until they are normal. For young boys this would be silly because it is almost never a problem. But as trans girl that has not started medical transition there is a time in a boys life that this happens too much for no reason and it is best if he takes a towel with him or maybe just ignores it. At nudist places no one really is looking for this and it is not offensive.


This is going to shock you….

True nudists understand erections are physiologic just like yawning and sighing.

I have two daughters and a younger son. They have seen him get erections since they were all babies. They have gradually been given explanations about what goes on as they mature. At this point in their lives, they have seen it happen hundreds of times, they don’t pay any particular attention to it. Neither do my husband nor me. My son knows it’s normal to have one, and that it is not polite to parade around with one, just like textile kids know it is ok to accidentally fart but it is not polite to go farting around for fun.

My husband is in his 40’s. Most men that age don’t get erections unless they get physically stimulated. So my family rarely sees him with an erection.

Incidentally, my family also knows it is common for males to have erections when they are asleep or when they wake up, so when my husband or my son get up in the morning and they are erect, they just go about their lives until it passes, and everybody understands that what is happening is as much part of the morning as yawning.


“Someone” is very vague. If in the family setting my husband becomes erect he can relieve himself or I will bring him off by hand, I wouldn’t do oral in front of the kids cause that’s the same mouth I kiss them with. If my sons become erect they can openly relieve themselves. If a guest was to get an erection in the presence of my daughter and I I’d be curious to know what instigated it, a lot of times while nudists are used to seeing everybody nude, sometimes the act of bending over in front of someone or the angle or position they are sitting at can be erotic and through no fault of their own lead to and erect penis so with mine and my young daughters consent the guest would be allowed to openly relieve themselves. Now on the other hand if the guest was sitting amongst the kids with an erection he would be asked to remove it and himself till it is gone soft again.


When my husband is erect, he will not flaunt it, he waits for it to go down. When my daughter’s boyfriend was erect for the first time in our house, i told them it was ok for them to ‘relieve it” in my daughter’s room. Generally, no fuss is made and you can masturbate to keep it down in your room. When my husband is erect in bed, I help him relieve it.


We keep it normal.

Boners happen and they don’t hurt no one.

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