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Big Star

I didn’t care if it was TV or movies, but I wanted to be a star from my earliest days. It seemed like an impossible dream.

Oh, I’m pretty enough, in a unique sort of way. But growing up in Albany, New York gave me pretty much zero exposure to anything useful. My biggest experience up to the age of 18 was a supporting role in our high school play.

My parents aren’t wealthy, so I went through two years of college on a student loan, focusing on theater arts. In addition to all the book learning, studying of classic performances, and exercises in acting, we put on plays, and made little videos in cooperation with the film students.

There was one project which I found interesting, but at a distance. It was some avant-garde thing involving a lot of nudity. No surprise that college students would push the limits, right? I wanted to participate, but I didn’t want to participate. I mean, nudity? Not for me! I was brought up by Catholic parents, and went to Catholic schools. As such, I had never done anything of a sexual nature. I didn’t even let my roommate see me in my bra. I know it’s crazy, but I never changed in front of her, or changed my clothes under my sheets on the bed.

School came and went. I moved to Los Angeles, realizing I probably wouldn’t be a star, certainly not anytime soon. I figured at least I’d get to film some commercials or something. But no. I was earning a living as a personal assistant to a bossy woman named Carol who ran a small and struggling talent agency. That was as close as I got to the industry. It was frustrating. After a year, I was starting to think I might move back to Albany, live with my parents again, go back to school, and learn… what? I didn’t even know. Veterinary medicine? They teach that in Cornell, not so far away. Maybe music? I can noodle around on a piano. I always liked that. I believed a piano teacher could make a good living.

Meanwhile, my bossy boss Carol had rejected my skinny little portfolio out of hand like six times. She obviously didn’t think I had ‘talent’ potential.

Except one day, Carol yelled from across the office, “Evie!”

I came to her office. “Evie, I’ve got a part for you in a production.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! She went on, “It’s a part in a commercial being filmed for a local importer of a product…”

At that point, Carol paused. I waited with excitement. I didn’t care what the product might be. It could be baseball mitts or forklifts for all I cared. I was happy to get my foot in the door with anything. Looking a bit red in the cheeks, she went on:

“The product is condoms. Evidently, this outfit has some way to advertise their, um… product, on Twitter, I think it is, and they want someone to…”

She paused again, and got even redder in the face. “To demonstrate with a guy the use of this product.”

Now, I really couldn’t believe my ears! Before I could practically yell, “No way!” She went on.

“I got a guy, but I asked everyone we represent, and no woman would do it.”

After stuttering a bit, sort of in fury, but also embarrassment just for being asked, I absolutely declined.

I thought that might be the end of it, but no, Carol had more to say. “Evie, you know this agency is struggling, right? This little commercial will pay good money, getting two of my clients employed, and that’s exactly what we need right now. Money is really tight. If I don’t get two people into this commercial, I’m going to have to let someone go. Guess who that’s going to have to be?”

I knew exactly what she was saying. I was the most recent one she hired, and frankly, I was the most expendable in the agency. I could not, absolutely could not, be unemployed.

“Let me think about it.”

“Oh, Evie, I knew I could count on you.”

A bit angrily, I replied, “I said ‘think about it.’ Not ‘yes.'”

Here’s the thing. The job paid $2,500 for a single afternoon! Could I take my clothes off for that? It’s not like I was a famous actress with a reputation to protect. In fact, it was becoming pretty obvious that I’d never be a famous actress. So, what was there to loose? Besides, I totally needed the money.

There was something else, too. I can’t quite identify it, but it was a sort of naughty or rebellious feeling, somehow mixed up with an erotic notion as well.

The next morning, I told Carol “Yes.”

The production was to be filmed the day after. During the rest of the day, and until the 10am appointment the next day, I was an absolute wreck. I couldn’t eat, didn’t sleep well, and my mind was getting all crazy.

Dare I admit that I also masturbated that night thinking about it? Yes, I did!

It’s a good thing I don’t have a car, because I was so nervous going over there I probably would have crashed. Thank God for Uber.

In the building I told the receptionist my name. With no change in expression she said, “Welcome. Have a seat. Someone will be with you shortly.”

I took a seat in the little waiting room. In a small row of chairs facing me was a nice looking guy. He seemed tall, thin, and had a chiseled Nordic look about him. I recognized him from the agency, although we had never spoken more than a few words. His name was Gary.

He’s the kind of guy I’d marry, I mean, if he had a good personality and all that. But, to tell you the truth, guys kind of scared me. I hadn’t even been with anyone yet. That’s right, I was a virgin. A masturbating virgin. [She laughs.]

A guy right out of a cartoon came into the waiting room and greeted us. He had a kind of plaid jacket, and huge lapels right out of the 1970s. To top it off, he had a large gold chain around his neck, and a matching watch band, with an oversize wrist watch. He was wiry and fast as well as quick-speaking.

He invited me and the guy past a receptionist, through a door, and into some sort of studio. We walked down a hallway, past some tripods, lights, reflectors and into what looked like a large bedroom, complete with a king size bed.

“There you go,” is all he said, pointing at the bed.

Gary looked at him quizically. So did I. The man slowed his speech a little bit, as if talking with young children, then explained what he wanted.

So, the company we represent sells King Spirit Condoms. The pitch is kind of a tantric thing. They want people to know that they’ll have a better time with these condoms than any others.

Call me an idiot, but it was starting to dawn on me what was going on. Maybe because of my sheltered upbringing or something, until that moment I didn’t realize exactly what was involved. In my mind, yes, nudity would somehow happen, but I was thinking I’d be like a runway model or something. That maybe I’d parade around nude, and somehow, well, I don’t know, represent the product.

As my understanding was becoming clear, my heart leapt into my throat. What had I gotten myself into?

Gary must have seen the scared look on my face, because he quietly said to me, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Nothing bad will happen. I guarantee it.”

The skinny plaid man was continuing to talk. I had missed part of it as my mind was reeling. “So, I want you two to do as I direct. It’ll be fun kids. I guarantee it!”

My legs were trembling so badly I couldn’t run out of the room. I swear, I would have if I could have. I didn’t say anything, as the plaid man left, saying, “I’ll give you two a few minutes to get acquainted and remove your clothes.”

He closed the door, leaving me in the room with Gary. I didn’t want to, but I immediately burst into tears. Gary wrapped his arms around me, and whispered, “Whatever’s wrong, I’ll protect you. Really. If you don’t like what’s going on, I’ll stop immediately. If you don’t want to even finish the shoot, I’ll understand.”

Through sobs, I blurted out the whole story. That I hadn’t really realized what I had gotten myself into, how I only did it to save my job, and how I could really use the $2,500, but I was a good Catholic girl, and so on.

Gary just held me. It was comforting. His slight aroma of cologne was really quite nice.

The director popped back into the room, finding me in Gary’s arms, both of us sitting on the edge of the bed. “Give us a couple of minutes, George, will ya?”

“OK, but we only have four hours of studio time.” and the man left the room again.

I knew what was right. Gary was a nice guy. I couldn’t deprive him of his $2,500. Heck, I couldn’t deprive myself. And then the agency. I can’t say as I really cared for Carol, but what about all her clients? I mean, I figured the place was that close to closing down, that this commercial with Gary and me might help keep them in business.

OK, so I had never been sexual with anyone. How bad could it be? I’d have to learn someday, right? I know that was crazy thinking, but what would you have done in the same situation?

I was half-crying, and shaking like crazy, but my clothes came off. So did Gary’s. He was quite a good-looking guy. He had a penis! Like, I’ve seen pictures of a naked guy or two on the Internet. Who hasn’t? But I always clicked away as soon as I could. Now, here was the real, live thing. So, I was freaking out, but also intrigued, and something deep in my belly was responding in the most unexpected way. I felt like I might enjoy what was to happen. Of course, it also scared the bejeepers out of me.

Gary took me in his arms again, and holding me close, as if I was a sad child, we sat on the edge of the bed again. “Are you OK?” he asked quietly.

“OK,” I answered, not sure I was.

The door crashed open. George the director was back, along with four guys carrying all sorts of equipment. Lights, reflectors, a big fuzzy microphone, and some cameras. And I was totally naked! My fright returned. Once again I was shaking like a leaf.

George, on the other hand, must have had some experience with this sort of thing. He was solid as a rock, brightly saying, “Hello, boys!”

The men made themselves busy setting things up and talking shop, like, “You want this boom here, George?” “Someone bring me a power strip,” and “Where’s the fucking gaffer’s tape?”

I felt something pressing against my thigh. Turning to see what it was, I discovered it was Gary’s penis. He had become erect, and it was mildly poking me. Some really weird electric shock shot through my body. More fear? No, it was sort of a horny feeling. Well, maybe it was mixed with fear also. I thought to myself, ‘Is that thing going to be inside of me?’ More fear, then I remembered that I used to have a hair brush with a handle about that big around, and I had actually put that in my vagina.

The tears had left me. I had decided that I had better do the best job I can. I’m an actress after all. I could probably fake enjoyment pretty well. I was worried that my face didn’t look good. My mascara, and all that, you know.

I needn’t have worried. A moment later, a heavyset but young women came in with a makeup kit, and did me all up. It didn’t seem to matter to her that I was stark naked. She then attacked Gary, fixing up his face nicely, but of course in a masculine way.

“Ready,” George announced. Out of nowhere, some soothing music started playing in the background. The big studio lights came on, and the room lights were turned off. The studio light were actually brighter than the lighting we had been in.

To no one in particular, George muttered, “It’s good that she’s not shaved. I think people can relate to that better. Nice tits, too.”

I realized he was talking about me. About my breasts, my vagina. I can’t tell you the extent of the new flood of embarrassment that came over me. Here I was sitting on a bed next to a naked guy, with four men, the makeup woman, and George, all looking at me, and then George had to comment on my hairy crotch. But, the show must go on, right?

“I want you two to do whatever you need to do to get in the mood. Then, let’s start with doggie style.”

I didn’t know what ‘doggie style’ meant, but I had a pretty good idea.

Still holding me sideways on the bed, Gary shifted, and planted a big, soft kiss on my lips. I almost backed away, but knew how wrong that would be. I put up with it. The next thing you know, I was kissing him back. I mean, nothing changed physically, but all of a sudden, I found the kiss not only acceptable, but delightful.

I think it’s time for me to admit, I had never been kissed on the lips. Not in my whole life. I’m telling you, I was a real beginner at this stuff.

After a minute, I felt a funny kind of pressure on my lips. Then it occurred to me, Gary was pressing his tongue into my lips. I was horrified, yet not entirely geeked out. After a moment’s hesitation, I let him in. Oh my goodness! It was amazing! Within seconds, both of our tongues were working each other like we really meant business. And I think part of us really did mean business!

Still kissing, Gary shifted up off the bed. Letting go of the kiss, he literally manhandled me. I didn’t resist. He worked me into a position on the bed where my rear end was up in the air, and I was resting on my elbows and knees. I noticed a camera man moving around to get a better shot. My God, he was aiming his camera right at my anus. My ass.

“Cut!” George brought everything to a crashing halt. For the next 20 minutes, they filmed Gary putting on condom after condom in all different ways, at all different angles. His penis stayed large and hard throughout the process. I found myself marveling at the thing. Here’s where it gets really weird: I actually was looking forward to feeling that thing inside me. Without realizing it, I had been fondling my right nipple with my left hand, something I often do before masturbating. By gosh, the day was changing so quickly!

Stepping back mentally for a moment, I said to myself, ‘Evie, you’re going to enjoy this, aren’t you?” And, truth be told, you’re enjoying all those guys looking at your naked self. Well, go for it girl. Everything will turn out fine, and you’ll have $2,500.’

They were done filming Gary putting those condoms on. Now, George instructed me to put condoms on Gary. On his penis! He said, “Don’t worry about wasting the things, we have a thousand of them. Just do what comes naturally.”

Of course nothing came naturally. The first one, I tried to put on backward, and it wouldn’t unroll. When I figured that out, I had some trouble keeping my hands from slipping off, and unrolling it properly.

“Cut! That was great! Evie, you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Great acting.”

If he only knew! I put on like four more condoms, this time pretending to get them backward and being awkward. Suddenly, Gary of all people yelled “Cut!”

‘What?’ I was wondering, but everyone else in the room seemed to know what was going on.

Gary added, “I’m gonna cum.”

I didn’t fully understand, but gathered he wanted me to stop for a minute.

After a couple of minutes, we did a few more condoms. I was starting to have fun. What an intriguing thing a hard penis is! Me being nude in front of all these people was starting to naturalize. I mean, it was just like wearing a costume, but the costume in this case was no costume. Besides, all the attention was focused on my hands, face, and Gary’s face, and penis, or as George was calling it, Gary’s ‘cock.’

Then it was time for a lunch break. Gary and I got dressed. The catered sandwiches were great! After lunch, we were instructed to strip again. I know this is strange, but I did it like a true professional. I had no hesitation stepping out of my clothes. Isn’t that weird?

Once again, under the bright lights, and the gaze of not only the four technicians, George and now, also the makeup lady, Gary once again arranged me on my hands and knees on the bed, with my ass up in the air, and the camera man focused you know where.

Gary got on the bed behind me. He literally touched my vagina. I felt the most incredible chills, but it also tickled a little. And, I noticed his fingers were a bit cold. What was that? Oh, he was putting some sort of cream or oil on my ‘cunt’ as George called it. I have to say, It felt really, really nice.

Gary kept stroking his hand along the slot of my vagina with that cream. Even with all these people watching, or maybe especially because of these people watching, it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Then, I felt his fingers entering me slightly. Oh my God!

That was over all too soon, as the men conferred with George about angles and some technical stuff about lighting. Meanwhile, while I remained on my hands and knees, Gary was sitting on the edge of the bed, running his hand up and down his penis. At the time I didn’t realize that was male masturbation, and he was working to keep that magnificent penis, I mean ‘cock,’ hard.

Then he got on the bed behind me, and the rest is history, as they say!

Well, it’s a history you don’t know, so here you go:

First of all, it didn’t hurt a bit. I’ve read that virgins are supposed to have some problems on their first time. I attribute my wonderful first experience to Gary’s caring gentleness, but also to my hairbrush. I must have opened myself up, broken my hymen as they say, during masturbation with that old hairbrush.

We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking (a word I had never used until that day) in all sorts of positions. My pussy (another new word), was becoming mildly irritated toward the end of the day. George asked whether I’d like to try anal intercourse.

I would have never believed I’d so easily consent to such a thing, but that’s exactly what I did. Gary was very slow and careful, but even still it was kind of an achy feeling as he pushed his cock against my asshole. After a minute, that ache went away. He pushed a little harder, and I felt a kind of soft pop, as the head of his penis slipped into me. It made my eyes pop open. I’ve seen the commercial. A cameraman caught that. My eyes really did open wide!

Very slowly, Gary started sliding that magnificent cock further and further into me. It started to ache again, so I had to ask him to slow down. He did, but eventually, with no ache whatsoever, he was buried to the hilt. He just just held it in me like that for at least a whole minute. Then he started sliding it in an out an inch or so. Something came over me. It was huge. The biggest chill of my life, and something like a pulsating feeling. Of course you know what I’m talking about, but I had only experienced orgasms from masturbating. This was a first for me. It was way different and delightful.

I could have gone on all day with Gary, but as soon as I orgasmed, so did he. It was probably just in time, because my asshole started to feel sort of mildly chafed.

After the most spectacular session of my life was over, Gary and I politely said ‘goodbye’ to each other. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that was kind of disappointing.

I needn’t have worried about that. The next day, he dropped into the agency, asked the smiling Carol whether he could borrow me for a while, and took me to lunch.

As luck would have it, Gary is a good communicator, and he told me that whereas the session yesterday must have freaked me out, he had a wonderful time, but also liked my personality, and was wondering whether we might want to start dating.

“Yes!” I said, over-enthusiastically.

We’ve done every kind of sex you can imagine since that time. It’s always been great, but I’ve started to realize I’m an exhibitionist. I want to have people watching me. I want to get naked and as sexual as possible in front of the whole world. Gary and I have attended two swingers groups so far, and I have to say I love it.

I had been bugging Carol, who smiles more these days, whether she had any more ‘porn shoots’ for me, but she had nothing. I kept hoping! Then one day, She called me into her office. To my surprise Gary was sitting there. I gave him a quick kiss and sat down. Carol blew us away with the following news:

“A porn website in San Fernando Valley, California saw your commercial. They have full time work for you two. It pays nicely. Shall I tell them you’re interested?”

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