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Big Glans Rub

I would really like someone to get me naked, and possibly with my wrists and ankles tied down, so no matter what, I couldn’t get away. Then, I’d like the person to put some coconut oil on the palm of his or her hand and start rubbing it over the tip of my erect penis.

If you’ve never had this done, it’s exciting, but very, very excruciating at the same time. It’s like a super-intense tickle. It’s not painful, but you really want to get away from it, or have it stop. But that’s the exciting part: It won’t stop. No safeword will do the job. After all, this is not harmful in any way, so why have a safeword?

In time, if I can stand it that long – not that I’d have a choice – the feeling starts to change. I’ll calm down. Now, while still kind of like a less-intense tickle, it starts to mingle with two other feelings. One is that you have to pee. The other is that you might cum. All of these feelings happen concurrently, but generally you don’t cum or pee.

I know this, because I have done it with friends many times. But not lately. And I’ve never done it as fully as I’d like. I’ve never actually been tied down, so I always squirmed away, or the person giving me the treatment didn’t go one hundred percent.

To top things off, I don’t want the person to stop when I cum. If I cum. It’s so intense, that I might be unable to ejaculate. But if I do, I want the person to keep going well into post-orgasm. Then it becomes super-excruciating. Worse even than when it started. The only way I want it to stop is when my penis finally goes soft. If experience is any indication, it stays hard for longer than after ordinary ejaculations. I think it’s due to the ongoing stimulation. Eventually, I’ll go flaccid, and that will be the end of it.

Anyway, I really, really want this, but lately, I haven’t found anyone willing to do it. I don’t much care who would do it. It could be a female or male, young or old, fat or thin. Because it’s not really a sexual thing, in the normal sense. I’d just like to enjoy the incredible experience.

I’m thinking I should start asking friends and co-workers. I don’t see why not, other than that I’m scared to do so. Many members of our society are ridiculously scared of casual (but safe) sex, mutual masturbation, and all things related. It is a legitimate request, and I’ll bet I have friends or co-workers who would not only be willing to do it, but would love the opportunity.

Of course, It may be that the person who does this to me wants the same thing. Or more likely the giver would like something gentler. I’d be happy to reciprocate with my hand or my tongue in any way my giver wants.

My question to you, dear reader, is if I lived near you, and could host discretely at my place, would you help me out? And, if you’re willing to answer that, what kind of reciprocation would you like? Please comment below! Cheers – Jstfrths

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  1. I’m too far away to host, even though it sounds like fun. I had one GF who, after I had cum, would rub the glans of my cock. The sensation was incredibly intense and I would attempt to pull away but she would just keep after me, laughing hysterically. I would try to scramble away from her across the bed but she wouldn’t let go. One hand wrapped around the base of my still hard cock and the other hand with the palm rubbing the head.. It was unbearable but I really didn’t want it to stop. I’ve never attempted it on another guy’s cock but seems like it would be a real hoot.

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