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Big Draw

The big draw is generally used in tantric sex or massage, this involves a man squeezing his PC muscle – the one that feels like resisting the urge to pee or squeezing his anus, taking very deep breaths and doing what he can to resist ejaculation just before and during an orgasm. The taoists who practice the big draw also visualize the energy that would have resulted in ejaculation passing up through the anus, then the spine, and working its way to the head. This can result in no ejaculation or an injaculation, in which the cum flows backward into the bladder, plus a spectacular head rush. If a man doesn’t ejaculate during the entire session, perhaps having performed the big draw several times, he may come away feeling vibrant and refreshed. Women can practice the big draw also. With approximately one out of three women, avoiding or reducing an orgasm is less significant, because they can have multiple orgasms in a single session, whereas most men and many women feel ‘finished’ after an orgasm and would have trouble continuing sexual activities. So, some women may feel less compelled to practice the big draw, or may not feel especially charged up by the experience.

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