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Beach Town

I love this California coastal community. I chose it not only for the weather and the beach, but because of the laws regarding nudity. Actually, there are no laws about nudity. That’s the point.

Perhaps because I was brought up by very conservative Christian parents, I’m a bit of a rebel. But not without a cause. I’ve noticed how screwed up modern society is about nudity and sexuality, especially in America, I’ve decided to do a little something about it. I mean, if people could be more balanced, there’d be less sexual frustration, fewer unwanted pregnancies, and less STDs. Our psychology would be better overall. Maybe I could help in a small way by being an example of balanced nudity and sexuality.

Now, there are some who are ‘pure’ nudists. They wouldn’t even dare mention ‘nudity’ and ‘sexuality’ in the same sentence. They claim they’re just in it for sun-worshipping, or skinny dipping, or volleyball. They’re lying. Or, they’re struggling against their own nature. There’s no way to totally separate nudity and sexuality, and there’s no reason.

So, it’s Saturday morning a little before 8am. It’s warm. I go out to the garage and make sure my bike’s tires are full and the brakes work. I turn on the blinking safety lights. I’ve got my shoes on, and I put on my helmet. Did I mention that I’m otherwise naked? And, a bit erect, too. This business of riding my bike nude in public excites me. Even scares me a bit. But, I’ve got to do it, right?

So I start off. Two blocks to the bike path that runs parallel to the beach and about a quarter-mile inland. During the two blocks, most motorists I encounter don’t even register that I’m nude. However, I do get a couple of double-takes. On the bike path, I pass about six people on bikes going the other way. By now, my penis is fully erect, sticking straight up and out from the bike seat. It’s not a big dick, but I’m rather proud of it, especially that it’s so erect.

As I pass the various bicyclists, some are shocked, some are ambivalent, a couple say “Hi.” At least two of them know me, and call out my name. They are very good at acting cool.

I arrive at the pickleball park where we have six courts. I’m the first player there. Figuring I’ll put my shorts on in a while, I start hitting some balls, practicing my dropshots and serves. Carol shows up. I’m a bit embarrassed. I probably should have put my shorts and T-shirt on already. She’s quite conservative, so there’s no telling what she’s going to do. She glances downward right at my junk for a second, laughs, and says, “Way to go Jake.”

I muttered something about not thinking anyone was going to be here this early, and hastily went over to my bike, grabbed my clothes, and put them on. I had visions of playing pickleball with the others naked all day, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. Oh well.

Bryan arrives, and so the three of us start hitting the pickleballs around. Then Catherine arrives. Another conservative lady. Good thing I had dressed, I figured. The four of us are talking, and to my embarrassment, Carol tells the others that I was naked when they got there. Now, why did she have to go and do that?

Bryan says, “Wow Jake, I wish I could be that bold.”

Cool. He was good with it. Then conservative old Catherine pipes in, “Bryan, you could be so bold,” receiving quizzical looks from us. “I mean, it’s going to be a hot day. If you want to be clothes-free, it’s alright by me.”

Quitely, in almost a mutter, Carol adds, “Me too.”

Brian is totally red-faced. He’s embarrassed. Why? It isn’t anything anyone said. He must be thinking something that’s doing that to him. After a long pause, he simply says, “Really?”

Three of us, almost in unison, say “Really.”

Brian turns to me, “I will if you will.”

“I will!” I practically shout.

Looking intently at each other, Brian and I start taking our clothes off. I was very concerned that he’d back out at any moment. He was probably thinking the same thing about me. It didn’t happen. Neither of us backed out, and in a minute, we were both as naked as the day we were born. Well, not quite, We both had our shoes and socks on. His penis was a bit puffy, but not erect. I was soft.

Unexpectedly, Carol turned to Catherine, and asked, “Well?” No words were needed. Soon, the two women were out of their clothes too. I was rather surprised to see Carol naked. She’s not exactly in great physical shape. You’d think she may have been ashamed or something. I was proud of her, seeing her flabby self all naked like that. I noticed that she shaved her vagina. ‘So, she’s got a sex life after all,’ I was thinking.

As we started playing naked pickleball, more people showed up at the park. A half-hour later, about half of the players were starkers (other than their shoes, of course), and the other half were clothed. I noticed with humor that the clothed people stuck to themselves, and were on the far three courts. I was so proud of what I had set off, even though it started out so clunky.

Nudity to me is not only about being seen, it’s about seeing. Oh, the things the pure nudists enjoy are good too, like getting an overall tan and so on, but for me, there’s no distinct line between nudity and sexuality.

One of the things I enjoy seeing most is a female anus, especially when I’m not supposed to see it. If a woman makes a point of spreading her ass cheeks and showing me her anus, I’m pleased. But if I come across a woman on a beach or somewhere who is bending over, or somehow her asshole is exposed, I’m instantly horny. With guys, not so much. I know theroretically, they’re the same thing, but I female asshole really sends me, and a guy’s doesn’t generally do much.

Oh, I’m not a homophobic prude. I’ve wanked with guys and all that. Even played with blowjobs a bit. But that’s just the way it is. Show me an unexpected female anus, and I’m zonked! And that’s just what happened. Catherine leaned over to pick up a ball, and I got a clear and open shot of her pretty, pink anus surrounded by a darker circle about two inches in diameter, with its slight radial wrinkles leading to the center.

An erection started to occur in front of me, and there was nothing I could do about it. What could I do? I just kept playing pickleball.

Catherine joked, “You’re happy to see me.”

I quickly shot back, not particularly intelligently, “I guess I am.”

To my surprise, Carol pointed out that she was ‘aroused’ also, by pinching one of her own nipples, and saying, “Look, me too.”

At the end of the game, as the four of us met at the net, then walked around the net poles to switch sides, Carol briefly wrapped her fingers around my still hard cock, and whispered. “More later, if you wish.”

I immediately answered, “I wish.” She may have been heavyset and ten years older than me, but I wasn’t complaining.

Meanwhile, Brian was alternately sporting wood or softening back up every few minutes, and I noticed that he and Catherine were talking to each other too quitely for Carol and I to hear on our side of the net.

After we were done playing, Brian came over and said that all four of us were invited to his house later today for ‘tea.’ We all instantly accepted.

The tide was low, so I rode back home along the beach. It’s a straight two miles, an easy ride. Being a seaglass collector, I took my time picking up the odd piece or two. There were at least a hundred people along the beach, but most took no notice of a naked guy on the bike. While not technically a nude beach, nudity is not unheard of there. About three-quarters of the way home, I stopped, walked my bike over to the dunes just east of the beach itself, found a secluded spot, laid down in the sand, and edged very nicely for a while, while looking forward to and thinking about the four of us getting together that afternoon for ‘tea.’ I’m proud to say I didn’t let myself ejaculate, wanting to maintain a good mood for our get-together, but I did let myself have several dry orgasms.

[Note from Jeremy: That business about dry orgasms is something I’ve been teaching for a while. I believe all men can learn to do it, but it’s not easy. Takes lots of practice. The idea is your bring yourself close to the edge, then back off or stop for a moment, before continuing. That’s called ‘edging,’ and with that, you can delay an orgasm for a long time. However, if you bring yourself right to the edge, then stop or reduce, but only for a second or two, and then resume, you can eventually teach yourself to be in an actual orgasmic state, contractions and all, without ejaculating, or with mini-ejaculations, typically consisting of only one drop of jizz. That’s the trick: It’s just like edging, but you don’t stop but for the briefest when you get close, so you don’t lose what you have built up. You can do it endlessly, although most guys usually fall over the edge after a couple of orgasms and end up fully ejaculating. More about dry orgasms]

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  1. I am more of a wet orgasm person. I like to edge and then when I cum watch it shoot out of my cock and all over me. Like it more when some one is watching.
    Hope there is going to be a tea story.

  2. i like the site a lot. glad i found it. wish there were film covering similar situations/scenarios.

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