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Become a Hero

How to be a hero and truly save lives.

The Education of Achilles by Auguste-Clément Chrétien

Literally millions of people have died or had miserable lives after sexual encounters. They have had to deal with anything from unwanted pregnancies to Covid-19, monkeypox, herpes, AIDS, and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

So what if you, as an individual, could prevent some of these unfortunate consequences?

You can, and it’s super-easy to do. You don’t have to rush into a burning building to be a hero. You don’t have to jump into a freezing cold lake. You don’t have to endure physical suffering. In fact, it’s the opposite of painful. While you’re being a hero, you can have a ton of fun.

What in the heck could I possibly be talking about?

I’m talking about promoting masturbation. When people wank, they feel less horny. If they masturbate freely, without guilt, they can feel more satisfied with their lives. They don’t have to seek out other people, some of which may not be right for them, just for sexual satisfaction. They don’t have to drive anywhere, spend money on dinners, work out scheduling, and then have to compromise what they want with what someone else wants. No, they can simply masturbate at home, and have a great time.

Many people don’t really realize this. Or, they’re confused with stigma, guilt, and other crazy and incorrect societally-inflicted concerns.

This is where you come in. Promote masturbation, and you’ll be a genuine hero, saving lives, and reducing suffering.

How do you promote masturbation? Anyway you want. It can be as simple as talking about masturbation with your friends, family and co-workers. Write about it in blogs and posts. Or, it can be as sophisticated as arranging masturbation workshops, meetings or parties.

Alright, enough talk. Go out there and become a hero!

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