Back Massage – Male POV

Back, Sore – Male POV

Backward: Cum Forced Backward

Bacteria: The typical man has 42 species of bacteria living on his penis. But don’t be alarmed. There are even more bacteria on the hands.


Baker, Josephine – A woman beyond her time

Balcony Handjob

Balls On Fire – Female-administered BDSM

Ball Slapping in the Family

Baker Beach – Beach Fun, San Francisco

Sex and masturbation on Baker Beach, San Francisco

Balls – Hit in the balls

Ball Vise – Two guys play with a testicle vise

Baculum – Many animals have an actual bone in their penis.

Bangkok Body Massage – Male POV

Balboa Park – Caught Jerking Off


Ballbusting Sister – A short story

Balling – synonym for sexual intercourse.
Not this:

Balls – A eumpemism for ‘testicles’

Ball Vise – Also known as ‘testicle vise’

Basement Hot Tub – A man builds a hot tub and invites his friends

Basketball Coach’s Experiment – Male point of view story

Basketball Spray – Male POV sports memoir

BDSM – Info

BDSM – Worst BDSM Erotica Ever

BDSM: Clamps

Beach Instruction

Beach, Nude – Info and Story

Beach Party – Group, Male POV

Beach Town – Male point of view story, nudity, pickleball

Beach Weirdness – Gay erotica

Beach, Young Asian Woman on the Beach – Female POV


Benefits of Masturbation – In detail

Ben Franklin – On the Choice of a Mistress

Ben Wah Balls

Ben Wah Balls, Fulfillment – story

Ben-Wah Balls, Sarah’s – story

Better than Ejaculating?

Beyond Orgasm – Sister takes brother way beyond orgasm

Bianca’s Smut Shack

Bicycling: World Naked Bicycle Ride – Information

Big Cock, 5 Problems Non-fiction informational
large cock, 5 problems

Big Draw – Technique

Big Star – Female point of view

Bike, Family Riding Naked

Billionaire and the Butler – Male POV


Birthday: Mother Went Crazy on My Birthday

Bisexual Jackoff Threesome – Male point of view

Bisexual Playmates – Memoir

Bisexual Scale – Male POV

Black Lives Matter – Poignant Heterosexual Story

Blue Balls – A mild to moderate ache in the testicles that comes from not having sufficiently frequent ejaculations, or having a situation in which one becomes aroused, but doesn’t ejaculate. This is a condition that only affects some men.

Blocked Ejaculation, Girlfriend

Blocked Ejaculation – Young male memoir

Blocking – A friend blocks his ejaculation

Blood Pressure

Blood vs Semen – Ayurvedic point of view

Blow Games – Male-Female
Blowjobs – 43 first time blowjobs by women

Bluetooth-Controlled Vibrators

Bobbitt, Wayne

Body Dysmorphia, Male

Body Electric

Body Electric: Feeling Like a Kid Among Adults – Male-male, embarrassing

Body Modification

Bold One – Story


Boner – Facts

Boner Boy – Male POV

Bonger – for testicle abuse

Born Gay, Honest, and a Bit Aspergery – Male point of view

My Boss is a Weirdo – Female POV

Bossy – A Pickleball Romance of Sorts

Boys and Darkroom Timer

Boy’s Mother is a Dermatologist

Breasts, How I Feel About My Boobs – Interview

Boy With Erection Problem

Breasts Memory Game – Tile Game

Breasts, Small – Memoir

Breast Torture – more commonly known as ‘tit torture’

Broken Penis

Brother and Sister Freak Out

Brother, I caught My Brother Jacking Off – Story, female point of view

Brother-In-Law Torment – Male POV

Brother on Asshole – female point of view

Brother’s Handjob – Story, female point of view

Brother’s Handjob – male point of view

Brother – Rubbing My Brother’s Glans

Brother-Sister, Ass Crack Play

Buckets After Glans Rubbing – Male POV

Buddies – Male-male camming fun

Budding Astronomer – Young female tale

Buffalo, Topless – Female POV

Bukkake – the act of a group of men ejaculating on another male or female person

Bullet Wound Gets Them Every Time – A how-to story

Business Lunch Plus – Heterosexual momoir

Busted! – Male POV

Butler – Man’s Man, Story

Butler for Little Miss – Story

Butler, Lady Mayor’s Gay Butler

Butler / Wealthy Girl – Female point of view story

Butler with Benefits – Male/Male


Buttfucking – Starving Actor, bisexual male point of view story

Butt-Fucking Cindy – Male point of view

Butthole Memory Game – Tile Game

Butt Plug

Byproduct – Female POV

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