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Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry

My mother’s brother Larry and his wife Jean are seldom talked about it our family, even though they live only a mile away. We see them at family gatherings from time to time, and they seem like nice people. But everytime my brother, sister or I bring them up with my parents, it’s all hush-hush. I never understood that until recently. I though it was because they didn’t go to church, but no, it was much stranger than that.

My mom, an avid tennis player, had a really sore shoulder recently. Fortunately, it turned out to be nothing, but after an exam by the family doctor, my father was advised to take her to Chicago to see a specialist. They were to be away for five days. My sister Katie, who is two years older than me still wasn’t old enough to run the house by herself. I think my parents would have dumped us kids anywhere else if they could, but the only place we could stay was Uncle Larry and Aunt Jean’s.

We arrived to a spectacular welcome. Our aunt and uncle welcomed us in the driveway and were all smiles. We went inside to a nice lunch. I thought it was sort of weird that Uncle Larry wore nothing but shorts, his hairy chest very prominent at the dinner table.

Aunt Jean took us shopping. Sammy, a year younger than me, didn’t especially enjoy the clothes shopping, so Aunt Jean also took us to a sporting goods store. During a quiet time, she took Sammy, Katie and I aside, and in a hoarse, seemingly conspiratorial whisper said, “Whatever you see in our house for the next few days, please don’t be alarmed or upset. You’ll be perfectly safe with us.”

Of course we became immediately alarmed and upset. We tried to get more out of her, but there were too many shoppers around, so she really couldn’t say much. The only thing we got is, “Your uncle is rather eccentric in some ways, and come to think of it, so am I.”

We returned from the mall. Uncle Larry was not around. I asked where he was. Aunt Jean said he was in the back yard by the pool, but maybe we shouldn’t go back there. Then, she changed her mind, saying, “Well, you’ll find out sooner or later.”

We were excited to jump in the pool. We didn’t have one at home, and it was a hot summer day. Sammy disappeared and came back in swim trunks. Katie and I changed into to our bikinis, hoping that being that nearly naked wouldn’t bother Uncle Larry, and went out the back door.

We needn’t have worried about the bikinis. He was sitting in a lounger at the side of the pool and waved to us with a big smile. The smile was all he was wearing. He was as naked as the day God made him. We stopped in our tracks, not having any idea what to do. Turn around and go back in the house? Stay there? Uncle Larry said, “Oh, come on over, I’m not going to bite.”

We hesitantly walked over to him. I saw his slightly large belly, and couldn’t avoid noticing his wrinkly old penis and scrotum. I though men had hair down there, but he didn’t. He didn’t have any hair on his chest either. We started talking. At first it was awkward, but soon he had Sammy, Katie and I going on about school, asking whether we had figured out career paths yet, and so on. Katie especially warmed up, telling him all about how she had decided to become a water colorist, and the contests her paintings had already won. Meanwhile, he was as naked as ever.

Eventually, Katie and I did get into the pool. Uncle Larry joined us. We all swam, we laughed, it was an ordinary good time, other than Uncle Larry being stark naked.

Aunt Jean called from the kitchen. She had snacks. We climbed out of the pool, sitting around to dry off with our towels. To my second major shock of the day, Uncle Larry’s penis wasn’t so small now. It was erect, and sticking straight out. No one acknowledged that. Nothing was said, but I’m sure Sammy and Katie noticed also.

When we got back into the kitchen, it was time for my third shock of the day. Aunt Jean was now as naked as her husband. I had never seen breasts so big, and hanging so low. But come to think of it, I hadn’t really seen that many breasts in my life so far at all. A couple times, I bumped into naked women on the Internet. Sometimes at the church gym, in the shower room, I’d see my mom or someone for a second. Like Uncle Larry, Aunt Jean had no hair ‘down there’ either.

It took my brother, sister and I a while to get used to the two of them all starkers like that. But in time it normalized. They continued to run around the house naked, while the three of us had dressed again after the snacks.

That evening, we watched a movie on their big screen in the living room. It was Princess Diaries. I’ve seen it before but I love that movie. I could see it a hundred times. Sammy says it’s his favorite movie of all times.

Katie, Sammy and I were on a sofa, while Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry were in matching recliners. Somewhere during the movie, Uncle Larry’s penis had become erect again. He didn’t do anything to hide it. Meanwhile, I glanced over at Aunt Jean, and she had her hand between her legs and was making little movements. I knew exactly what that was.

I had been quietly masturbating for more than a year, but it never occurred to me than grownups might do that too. In fact, I had somehow thought masturbating was bad, that it was something I’d have to outgrow.

I quickly looked back at the movie. I didn’t want Aunt Jean to catch me staring, but it was too late. “It’s OK honey,” is all she said.

Then, I glanced at my uncle. Oh my god! He was rubbing his erect penis! Just right there in front of all of us, without a care in the world! I look at my siblings, and they were staring and trying not to stare at the same time, just like me.

Suddenly, Uncle Larry arched his back, groaned a little bit, brought a Kleenex to his penis, and we could see a bit of the white fluid spurting out.

No one said a word as the movie continued. A short while later, Aunt Jean was squirming and quietly moaning in her chair. I knew what was going on with her. It kind of made me want to do the same thing, but no way!

The three of us shared our aunt and uncle’s spare bedroom that night. Sammy camped out in his fluffy sleeping bag on the floor, Katie and I sharing the bed.

We didn’t say much at first. It was Sammy who broke the ice.

“What the fuck was that?” Katie admonished him to watch his mouth, the way Mom would have.

“Oh, sorry, I mean, they were naked and masturbating, right? Is that normal? Is that the way it is in most families, and we just didn’t know?”

Katie answered, “Brother Boy, I have no idea. I have to say the idea is certainly amusing. I mean, what if we could do that? You know, get all sexual with ourselves right at home in front of the TV or whatever.”

“Mom and Dad would kill us dead on the spot!” Sammy announced.

We all laughed.

“So, you do it?” I sheepishly asked Sammy.

“Well, yes, I guess if Uncle Larry will jerk off right in front of us like that, I can admit that I have masturbated.”

“Me too,” Katie and I added in unison.

“Does anything come out?” Katie asked, figuring he was probably too young.

“Yes, I can cum. Not like Uncle Larry, but stuff comes out. Does anything come out of girls? I’ve never really understood about girls.”

I answered him, “We just get sort of slippery down there. That’s all.”

All three of us were not only curious, but quite horny at that point. By this time Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry had gone to bed, so we felt a sort of naughty freedom to talk and what-not. Katie was the first to suggest we show each other, so that night, all three of the Weston kids masturbated openly for the first time in their lives, each absolutely fascinated to watch the others. I can’t speak for my brother and sister, but I had a spectacular orgasm. And from the looks of things, and their barely suppressed squeals, so did they. I found it really interesting to see a couple of drops of clear fluid ejected from my brother’s little penis.

We very much enjoyed our stay at Aunt Jean’s. By the last day, all three of us were as naked as our aunt and uncle most of the day. All five of us watched a movie that last evening, and all five had orgasms right there in the recliners and on the couch. No one touched anyone else. Our aunt and uncle were perfect and appropriate hosts.

The three of us discussed it, and decided not to blow Uncle Larry and Aunt Jean’s cover, if that’s what it was. I knew from my parents’ reaction that they already knew Uncle Larry and Aunt Jean were ‘different’ and that she didn’t think much of their lifestyle, but we didn’t think it would be appropriate to say something like, “Yeah, mom and dad, we masturbated with them, and it was fun.”

Lately, my parents have decided that Katie is old enough to watch over Sammy and me for a few hours at a time, so they’ve taken to having date nites every Wednesday evening.

As soon as they leave, my siblings and I have gathered in Katie’s room to have what we call ‘masturbation parties.’ Recently, we’ve started touching each other. I have had Katie’s and Sammy’s fingers deep in my rectum, and I have say, that’s a real delight. Who knew that a girl could have crashing orgasms from someone sticking fingers in her ass? I have felt Sammy’s penis pulse in my mouth while he’s cumming, and that too, is a super delight. Yesterday, I licked a vagina to orgasm for the first time. Katie’s of course. I loved the taste of it. I don’t know where this is leading. One thing the three of us have talked about, and decided that we can never do is have Sammy’s penis inside either of us. Nothing else is off limits. Yesterday, we all hugged and kissed, and rolled around on Katie’s bed for like a half hour. Sammy’s little penis was sticking out rock solid the whole time. My body was tingling all over, especially when my sister’s big tits were pressed against my tits.

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  1. Okay, just read your “aunt Jean and uncle Larry” story and this is my new all time fave. How did I not see this one earlier?? Anyway, I just know if I were in the shoes of uncle Larry, I’d be the exact same, butt naked, fully erect, and masturbating to ejaculation regardless of my niece and nephews coming over. I also loved your description of the Weston kids experimenting with each other at the end. Sounds just like how I imagined inexperienced siblings would go about it, a giggly, giddy, full of embarrassment, thrill, and excitement. I love your attention to detail that Sammy spurts clear fluid as he is not old enough to produce cum. May I ask how old you envisioned the Weston kids when you wrote the story?

  2. I spent many nights playing with my step sister and step cousins like that.

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