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Attempted Androgyny

Attempted Transsexual

I was born with an extra X chromosome in every cell. You might think that would make me a crippled weirdo, but actually, I was very nearly like everyone else. The biggest differences are that I was not very coordinated, so no good at sports, I grew quite tall, to six-foot-five and I am somewhat androgynous, which is common with us XXY guys.

I didn’t even know I had a problem until my parents had me checked at 18. The news was devastating, but in time, I realized it didn’t make much difference.

Around 22 years old, I fell in with a group of people, one of whom was a transgender person, and I started wondering. Would I make a better girl than a guy?

I talked about it with my new friends quite a lot. They sort of pushed me into becoming a transsexual, but I was thinking along slightly different, and dare I say, more rebellious lines. I thought it would be really cool to be right in the middle. Not male, not female.

I started taking estrogen, to enhance my tits, raise my voice, and well, make me more feminine.

All was going well until I told my sister, who wants to be a doctor someday. Big mistake! – Or, so I thought at the time.

“Estrogen!” she screamed. “Do you know what that will do to you? Did you do any research at all before you just started doing such a stupid thing?”

She explained that estrogen may give me the attributes that I’d like, but it could also shrink my testicles, reduce or even kill my frequency of erections, cause me to be unnaturally euphoric or depressed, give me cancer, and a whole bunch of other things. How she knew all that, or even if it’s true, I don’t know.

Then, right there in front of her two girlfriends, and my brother Kyle, she said, “Lemme take a look.”

I was like, “Whaaa…?”

She said, in a more commanding tone, “Let me see if you’ve done any damage already.”

“No fucking way!”

Well, she’s not one to be denied. Evelyn has a very commanding, and quite outgoing, almost rebellious personality. Even though a year younger than me, she’s always taken the lead between us. So, it wasn’t long that I was naked in front of my brother and the three girls.

“Oh, you’re shaving down there too?” It was more than shaving. Perhaps it was stupid, but I’ve had all the hair removed through electrolysis. From my chest, legs, underarms, butt, and belly, too.

She had me lay on the sofa and she just reached out, and started feeling my balls.

“Ouch” I yelled, but it didn’t really hurt. Her grip was firm, but I yelled more as a protection in case it would have been a harder grasp.

“They’re fucking smaller, you idiot!”

I felt my own balls, and they were the same size as normal. Or at least I thought so. They’ve always been kind of small. That’s another trait of this XXY business.

She pushed my hand away, and resumed feeling my balls, squeezing them around in my scrotum this way and that. I couldn’t help it, that caused me to get erect.

“Well, can you still cum, or did you wreck that, too?”

I was trying to think how to answer. I was literally dumbstruck. I mean, here I was in front of my brother, my sister, and her two friends that I barely knew, naked, erect, and totally embarrassed.

I didn’t get a chance to answer. She started stroking me up and down, and in just a moment, I ejaculated all over her hand and my stomach.

“Good,” she said. “You’re alright. If I ever catch you fucking around with that estrogen stuff again, or any drug, I’ll kick your ass from here to China. Understand?”

I understood.

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