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Annual Gyno Exam Gone Crazy

Annual gyno exam gone crazy

I went to my annual gynecological exam. The doctor inserted her speculum in my vagina and did the usual things. She kept brushing against my clit, so naturally I became aroused and wet.

She announced,”Well, I’m going to have to wipe this away,” and laughed.

She didn’t use a cloth. In fact, she took off her gloves, and ‘mopped’ my girl juice around my clit with her fingertip. Then she leaned forward and started kissing my vagina. Finally, with her tongue, she gave me a crashing orgasm. It wasn’t the first time she has done this. Far from it.

“How could this happen?” you ask.

It turns out this particular doctor is my sister. While she went to medical school, I went to law school. We’ve been playing with each other’s vaginas since before I can remember, so I believe under the circumstances, what this doctor did to me was perfectly acceptable. Do you agree?

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