interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women
Interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women

Anal Play

Typically, the ass refers to the large area surrounding the anus, but can also refer to the anus itself. Asshole is the more common term. Many women and men enjoy anal play although there are also many who can’t feel comfortable with anything having to do with fecal matter. Just knowing they are working in the area where it comes from gives them willies. But, for those who enjoy it, they like placing anything from fingers to entire hands in the anus, as well as an assortment of plastic toys including dildoes and vibrators. The area inside the anus is the rectum.

A particularly enjoyable thing to do with an anus is to run one’s finger or tongue around the anus lightly for a while. This sensation is teasing in a way, but delightful for most people in it’s own right. The trick to doing it well, is to do it very, very lightly. The best position is to have the recipient on hands and knees, so the anus is entirely accessible. This can be done with, or without lubricant. The light teasing is most effective at the start of a session. Later on, you can start very slightly penetrating the anus with a finger. For that, lubrication is generally required.

Sometimes, when you have a finger in someone’s anus that is orgasming, you can feel the anal contractions, which can be quite erotic. So in this case, the finger can also be an erogenous zone. Generally, the anal sensation of contractions is more noticeable in females than males.

Women might want to be careful to avoid vaginal contact with anything that has been in the anus, since this can cause bacterial infections.

The anus is usually slow to accommodate large diameters. If someone wants more, several fingers, or a whole fist in the anus, it is important to work up to it very slowly.

Pulling out of the anus is also best done slowly. It can be rather shocking for someone to put a finger, or other object, in your anus, then have it suddenly removed. It is a feeling that makes your eyes open wide.

When a finger is left in the anus for a while, then withdrawn very slowly, the sensation is rather unusual. The person new to this activity could swear that the finger is a foot long.

Most forms of anal play are best done after the area has been cleaned with an enema, and/or the person has had a diet that does not result in soft fecal material. On the other hand, the best diets for health and long life generally do result in softness.

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interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women
Interesting and unusual sex toys for men and women