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Anal Intercourse

Anal intercourse is entering an anus with a penis. We realize that’s pretty far off the topic of masturbation, but you may find this interesting. And, if you haven’t been aware of safe sex practices, this information could save your life. Furthermore, whereas you may never participate in anal intercourse, it is great material for fantasies, don’t you think?

Anal intercourse is done to both women and men. The person pushing the penis in can be referred to as the top and the recipient is the bottom. In men, anal intercourse is considered the traditional form of gay sex. The gay culture has taken the terms top and bottom beyond anal intercourse. A top is anyone who enjoys doing things to another person, and a bottom is a person who likes having things done. Some people maintain their top or bottom roles throughout their lives. Others can switch back and forth, often several times in a single session.

Care must be taken to penetrate very slowly for first time bottoms. In fact, do not expect to succeed on your first try. It is better to have a few sessions beforehand in which one finger, and then two and three fingers are placed in the bottom’s ass. The anus tends to be very tight at first. One might almost say, “resistant.” With patience, the anal sphincter relaxes and penetration is much easier. Use lots of slippery, non-toxic lube. An experienced bottom can take a penis easily, and sometimes graduates to larger things, such as a fist.

Anal intercourse is the most common way to become infected with an STD. The tissues in the rectum have very little protection against viral invasion. If you must participate in anal intercourse, by all means use a condom. Rubbers, however, have been known to rupture, leak, or even come off and get temporarily lost inside a bottom’s rectum.

The scenarios of anal intercourse are interesting for both the top and bottom. The initial penetration is difficult, sometimes complicated by the top not being fully erect. A good, solid erection is required. It can also seem as if the penis is not lining up with the anal opening. Once the head of the penis (glans) slips in, you may feel a slight, often delightful pop. Once fully in, The top feels a tightness beyond anything experienced in vaginal intercourse. If the bottom orgasms during anal intercourse, the top can sometimes feel the contractions around his penis, which may then trigger an orgasm for the top.

The bottom might feel pain, and if so, the penetration should be done very slowly, or even stopped for the time being. On different days, the experience can vary. Sometimes, the bottom is just going to be too tight. On another day, where all factors seem the same, the penis goes in with no problem.

At first, even an experienced bottom may feel a slight pain. That soon goes away, and is often replaced by a sort of ‘craving.’ It’s as if the body wants more, and the bottom may want the penis pushed firmly in all the way, or stroked in and out fully and rapidly.

Quite often the bottom, whether male or female, starts stroking his or her penis or vagina, and can end up having a simultaneous orgasm with the top.

For most bottoms, there is a limit after which the stimulation starts to sting. That’s a good time to quit for the day.

According to some medical professionals, anal intercourse can increase the likelihood of hemorrhoids, prolapse, and anal incontinence. Others say there is no evidence to support those claims.

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