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Ampallang and Apadravya Piercings

Magic cross piercing

Two of the most painful male piercings are the ampallang and the apadravya. Both are piercings that pass entirely through the glans, the head of a penis. Like most piercings, these are done without any sort of anesthesia. Once the hole is created, a rod is passed through with balls on either end to keep it from slipping out. The ampallang passes through from left to right, and the apadravya is from top to bottom. Both are usually placed so they pass directly through the urethra. The apadravya is said to be particularly pleasant in vaginal and anal sex, since it can stimulate the G-spot, A-spot, or prostate gland.

These piercings should be placed ahead of the corposa cavernosa, the spongy chambers that fill with blood during an erection, because if punctured, they tend to bleed profusely, and do not always heal properly.

Speaking of dangerous piercings, the skin pretty much anywhere can be pierced, and a permanent bit of jewelry installed, even in the scrotum. However, piercing the testicles, other than temporarily, is inviting big-time troubles. Oh, yes, some people do play pierce testicles. Generally, long thin needles are used. Oddly, it’s not particularly painful. The skin of the scrotum is more sensitive than the testicles themselves. Even though it usually works out just fine, this is a risky procedure because an infection inside an organ such as a testicle can be very difficult to cure.

The above photo is of a ‘magic cross’ piercing. That consists of both an ampallang and an apadravya.

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