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Amazing – Nymphomaniac Girl

My nympho girl was a bit of an oddity. She called herself “Amazing.” She told some people it was because she was hit by a car and survived uninjured. She told those in the know that it was because she gave “amazing” blowjobs. She didn’t. Couldn’t keep her teeth out of the way. She was six foot one, which was about 3 inches taller than me. I felt funny about that back then. These days, it wouldn’t matter to me at all, but I was young and stupid. She worked as a camera woman for a local TV station.

We fucked on the first date. I happened to mention to her that I like the look of a hairless vagina. On the next date, she showed up shaved, but it was all bristly. Still, I was honored by the effort. On the first and second dates, she kept going and going like the Energizer bunny. She sucked – badly. We fucked – greatly. I probably came three times each time. Or maybe just twice each time. She wasn’t done even though I was as soft as a noodle by then. She kept trying to get me hard, and it was painful, and frustrating. At that point, I would have rather read a good book. She slept over both times, and both times, she woke me at 3am wanting more. Variations of this happened every day for the first week. By the second week, I was getting pretty good at saying “no” even though she was begging, crying and generally carrying on.

I had a male friend who was 19 at the time and still a virgin, with females. He and I had masturbated each other a few times. I decided to introduce him to Amazing. The first occasion was hilarious. As soon has he got his very erect penis in her, he started humping back and forth super fast, like at the speed a young man would stroke himself with his hand. Amazing and I told him to slow down, to make it last. I got a notion to put a finger in her cunt while he was fucking her. I should have let his first time be more normal, but again, I was young and stupid. In any case, she orgasmed right away with my finger and his penis. That triggered his cum, which delighted everyone. Afterward, I fucked her. I got a real erotic kick out of being watched with her by another male. I imagined, probably incorrectly, that he found my ass and whole naked body very sexy looking as I was humping her.

On the next occasion with him, she wanted me to buttfuck her while he had normal intercourse. Everyone was all for it. However, she was a butt virgin, and the moment I got the tip in, she screamed, “take it out.” It was hurting her. I buttfucked her with my finger while he came way too quickly in her vagina.

The point of introducing her to the youngster was to give her another outlet, essentially getting her off my hands. It worked perfectly, and as far as I know, they fucked off into the sunset. I’ve seen neither one since.

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