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Alprostadil: One of the PGE Prostaglandin E1 family of drugs, that are vasodialotors. These expand blood vessels. When a man expands the blood vessels feeding his penis, it will become erect, even if the man has some forms of erectile dysfunction.

One form is a urethral suppository. Push a tablet into your man’s peehole about ten minutes before you want him to have a good, strong erection, and you’re all set!

A common injectable brand is Caverject. It is often used in doctor’s offices to test for erectile dysfunction issues or to induce an erection to assess problems such as peyronies syndrome. The syringe has a short needle that is jabbed directly into the side of the penis.

Alprostadil comes with several warnings. For instance, men who do not need to induce erections should not use it. Alprostadil can cause permanent damage so that erections are no longer possible. One rather silly warning is “Don’t use it on children.”

Caverject sells for between $780 and over $1,000 per dose.

The alprostadil molecule

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