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Alone with Low and High Orgasm

That’s me doing pretty much the same thing I describe below, but on Marshall’s Beach

So, here I am reading some stories online. I can’t really say which kinds of stories I like best. Sometimes its brother-sister stuff, sometimes it’s husband-wife, sometimes it’s gay, sometimes it’s young, sometimes old.

Today, I read some great stories. Wrote one too. What I read got me erect. I started stroking, and got to the orgasmic state fairly early on. But I made it a point not to ejaculate.

This is something I’ve been practicing, and writing about at for years. I brought myself into low orgasm. That’s where you feel chills throughout your body, and the whole orgasmic feeling, other than the contractions of your urethra. In low orgasm, you don’t get that. I stayed in low orgasm for quite a while and pretty soon, I had worked up to high orgasm. I was having occasional urethral contractions. Other than some precum, nothing came out.

Due to the amount of practice I have put in, I was able to keep contracting and contracting. The contractions are involuntary, but keeping it all below the ejaculatory state is very voluntary indeed. So there I was orgasming for quite a while. Well over a minute, then my state fell off. I was back in low orgasm, and then even below that. Just erect.

Now, I’m a guy who can also just enjoy the erect state. I continue to stroke my hard penis. I look at it, what some people call ‘gooning.’ I admire it. I imagine it in someone else’s hands, or even in their vagina. Occasionally, I’ll imagine it in an ass, but for me, that’s not very often. Oddly, if I imagine my finger in someone’s ass, that is more erotic than my dick. Go figure.

Pretty soon, I went from simply erect back into low orgasm. I was determined to just ride it out. Stay in low orgasm. It’s a tricky balance. One can fall off back to no orgasm, and just pleasant erectness, or one could go up into high orgasm. Now, high orgasm is a nice state, no doubt about that. However, there is a high risk of ejaculating, which does take the fun out of it.

This time, I got back up into high orgasm. I wasn’t meaning to, but there I was. Could I ride that out? I tried. I was contracting. Over and over again. They were dry. I finally fell back off into low orgasm. I felt wetness on my thumb. I had cum a little bit. Maybe a drop. It was white, not clear like pre-cum. The thought of the single drop excited me a bit much, and I felt something rather unusual, but something I have felt on other occasions: I felt some cum pouring up and out of my penis without contractions. A few more drops came out.

Everything in me want me to stroke myself to a fine finish, but I resisted, finally falling back to low orgasm, then just to erection.

And that’s where I am write now as I write this story. I’m sure I’ll continue playing for a while. It’s great stress relief. Like meditation, but much more fun!

I hope you can learn to do the same thing. It’s not hard to learn. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy. Knowing that it’s possible is half the battle. Knowing that, you’ll be willing to practice it, and sure enough, you’ll get it!

Ladies, I know less about how this all works with you, but have had enough experience with various girlfriends to know a couple of things:

Some women can get into an orgasmic state that lasts and lasts. Some women feel they can’t. Like men, they typically orgasm once, then for them the mood is lost. I believe these women can learn to get into a continuous orgasmic state. I believe the trick would be just like it is for men: Once you start to feel orgasmic, try to maintain the state just lower than contractions for a while. If you get to the contractile state, keep it low enough that you won’t feel finished and lose interest.

Everyone, please comment on this report with your own thoughts, findings, or even fantasies. Cheers! – Jeremy

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