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Advanced Male Masturbation

Peegasm, Dry Ejaculation, Glans Blame and other Advanced Male Masturbation Techniques

Copyright 2017 – 2023, Jeremy J. Watson

Disclaimer: This material is written by an author with no medical training. Consult a proper professional for any sexual health issues. Do not engage in the activities described within this website until you are sure they are safe for you. The author, and everyone associated with this website, assume no responsibility for your use of this information.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

In the not too distant past, masturbation was considered a sinful practice by the majority of the world’s population. The primary reason is that religious leaders of the past were given bad information and were confused. They said it was bad because everyone else said it was bad.

Or, maybe there was a plan. If people can be made to feel guilty about something, they’re easier to control. What could be better to cause guilt about than solo sex? Since almost everyone did it, the leaders could control everyone.

We are fortunate that attitudes about masturbation are shifting in modern times. Now, medical professionals, social researchers, and even some members of the clergy say masturbation is good. You owe it to yourself to masturbate frequently.

Why? There are several good reasons:

It is good for health. Jerking off generally lowers blood pressure, although it’s momentarily higher when you’re actually wanking.

Controversial studies seem to show that masturbation lowers instances of certain types of cancer.

If you masturbate instead of having an assortment of sexual partners, your chances of catching sexually transmitted diseases, anything from crabs to deadly illnesses, are just about zero.

It keeps people from becoming so horny that they will make social blunders, such as telling off-color jokes in the wrong times and places, chasing someone around that they normally wouldn’t be interested in, or even spending time with narcissists and others who are not good as friends.

For men in relationships, it makes it possible to be satisfied without demanding sex from a mate who might not always be in the mood.

It helps develop a sense of self-esteem, as long as you are not combating incorrect attitudes that were inculcated since you were too young to know better.

This self-esteem, or can-do attitude, can become so strong that you are able to act from your own internal knowledge, rather than being told what to do by others.

So dudes, go ahead and jerk off! This website will give you great ideas to make the whole process more enjoyable.


Table of Contents

So many men know about edging that I’m reluctant to include it in a book on ‘advanced’ masturbation techniques, but some don’t know about edging, and many, perhaps the majority, don’t really understand edging.

The basic idea is you bring yourself to the brink of ejaculation, but stop just short. After a brief period to calm down, you do it again, and repeat the process until you run out of time, or slip over the edge and ejaculate.

The part that many don’t understand makes it frustrating for them. They’re thinking they need to ‘cum’ in order to be satisfied, and all this edging business is just the frustration on the cake.

If you edge with a brand-new attitude, that building up to cumming, that just maintaining an erection for a while, is enjoyable in itself, it opens doors such as the ones discussed in the next three sections. Edging is the foundation.

Some ‘experts’ will edge for hours, enjoying an afternoon of self-pleasure, without cumming. Some will end the session satisfied, never having ejaculated at all. The majority, however, do like to have a strong ejaculation at the end. That can be the real frosting on the cake.

In other words, frosting by itself is OK, but having a lot of cake with it is much better.

Separating Orgasms and Ejaculations

Table of Contents

You may believe that in men, orgasms and ejaculations are the same thing. Or, you may believe more accurately, that orgasm is the feeling, including the wonderful chills and pulsations, but ejaculation referrs to the expulsion of semen. That’s exactly right. But you may also believe that they always go together. For inexperienced men, they do. However, it is possible to separate the two, and have only one or the other.

If you’ve ever had a prostate massage, then you may have experienced a small expulsion of semen without having an orgasm. That’s not quite what I’m talking about, but it does show that they don’t have to occur together. Men who have practiced can have orgasms without ejaculations, often called dry orgasms or dry ejaculations. The distinct advantage with this separation is that they can stay hard and orgasm over and over again, without losing interest.

In some circumstances besides prostate massage, men can truly ejaculate without orgasming. Sometimes after a long edging session, or using the techniques discussed below, during a masturbatory or sexual session, they’ve been close to orgasm, or have had dry orgasms several times. Their prostates become so full of fluid, it just starts flowing out, without contractions. Through this, too, one can maintain an erection, and continue to have more fun.


Table of Contents

Once you become an old hand at edging, you might like to play with mini-orgasms. The idea is that with practice, you learn to come closer and closer to the ejaculatory edge. By maintaining an exceptional calmness, especially in the muscles in your pelvic region that you’d normally tense when you ejaculate, you can go ahead and slip over the edge, but little or nothing comes out. A man who is experienced in mini-orgasms can go two or more hours, wanking most of the time, and have several occasions when just a single drip of cum (“semen”) emerges from the peehole (technically called “meatus”).

Most men who practice mini-orgasms will have two or three minis, then suddenly, they ‘lose it’ and go over the big edge, finishing with a full-blown ejaculation.

If you have trouble mastering this technique, practice helps. Try to maintain as hypnotic of a state as you can, and learn to get closer and closer to the edge without going over. Finally, when you do go over, it’s just one drop. You stay hard and excited. The first time it happens, you really do get a can-do attitude!

Dry Ejaculations

Table of Contents

Taking the idea of mini-orgasms a step further, imagine what would happen if you could orgasm several times in a session, yet nothing at all would come out. That’s quite possible. Your author has become so good at dry ejaculations that he doesn’t take toilet paper, towels, or tissue to bed. He can always have dry orgasms until he’s satisfied, then fall easily asleep. His wife appreciates this when she’s not in the mood to play.

So, here’s what you do: Just like in mini-orgasms above, you edge and bring yourself very close to the edge while doing your best to remain absolutely calm. When you are close to the edge, stop as you normally would, but then resume almost right away. After only a few seconds. Stay close to the edge. Don’t back off so much. Your high points will be closer together. With practice, you’ll be delighted to find you can have orgasms, complete with the urethral contractions, yet nothing comes out. These orgasms are typically seventy percent as strong as full-blown ejaculatatory orgasms, but the big advantage is you can have as many in a row as you want. With practice they can actually be stronger than ordinary ejaculatory orgasms.

Continuous Orgasm

Table of Contents

OK, let’s take dry orgasms a step further. How would you like an orgasm that goes on, non-stop, for minutes at a time? Here’s what you do:

Just like dry orgasms in the section above, take yourself to the brink several times, but instead of stopping for a second or two, don’t stop at all. Just reduce the stimulation. For this to work, you need to be acutely aware of what you’re feeling. As soon as you feel the inevitable orgasm building up, reduce your input, but don’t stop. With practice, the feeling won’t go away. However, at first, you may lose the edge and have to build back up. Once you get the knack of continuous orgasms, you can bring yourself to the brink, feel the orgasmic delight – you know the tightening feeling in the balls, the glandular response in the lower stomach, even the chills running from the top of your head to your toes, and you can keep up the light stimulation of your dick, and voila, you’re in orgasm, and you’re staying there! Oh, at first, you may be in the orgasm for only a few seconds longer than usual, but again, practice is the key. In time, you can bring yourself into orgasm, and stay there literally forever. You’ll have contractions and everything, but nothing will squirt out, and you’ll be able to vary your stimulation to stay right within the continuing feelings.

You’ll find something unexpected helps you out with this technique: Your own body helps. Evidently, on an unconscious level, it knows what you’re trying to do, so once you experience the technique a few times, it becomes incredibly easy to maintain it. It’s as if your body learns that you want to stay in orgasm and has adjusted itself to help you. Talk about can-do attitude!

Frenulum Pulling

Table of Contents

Now, on to something you can enjoy the very first time, with no practice at all. That’s frenulum pulling. For those who are not familiar, the frenulum is a little crease of skin on the underside of your penis just behind the glans. Glans just means ‘head of the penis.’ Whether or not you’re circumcised, you have this little bit. It might look like a crease, or a fold, or a bit of extra foreskin hanging down.

Gently squeezing the frenulum between your thumb and the side of your first finger, pull upward and hold. At first, it may not feel like much, but just keep holding. If you’re already hard, pull away from your belly, and toward your feet, resisting the natural limitation on the penis’s downward movement when hard.

After gently pulling, you may find that rather forceful pulling is nice. Some men like the forceful version, some do not. Many men can have ejaculations from simply pulling on the frenulum for a while.

If you engage in mutual masturbation, have a friend pull and hold your frenulum. You’ll be amazed how nice it can feel after fifteen seconds or so.

Frenulum pulling can also be a great technique during foreplay, before you get to the orgasmic things.


Table of Contents

If you’re not hard and want to be, one of the best ways to get erect quickly is to very lightly brush a feather over the frenulum.

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It is important to do it very, very lightly at first. Many guys won’t even touch themselves with the first strokes of the feather. Instead, they’ll lower the feather slowly, until it is making only the lightest possible contact.

To add variety, you might start by lightly brushing the scrotum, or even just the hairs on the scrotum first. Or, backing up even further, assuming you are not too ticklish, start by running the feather over your thighs, then the scrotum, working only eventually to the frenulum. You can also run it over the glans, but it is the frenulum that reacts most vividly.

This works especially well if someone else does it to you.

Once the penis is hard, you’ll usually see it jump an inch or two with each contact of the feather.

Resist the urge to press the feather down harder and harder. This usually does not enhance the effect, and generally weakens the effect.

Guys, this is a teaching moment. Have you been with a woman who says you’re being too rough with her vagina, even though you think you’re being incredibly gentle? I think most men have experienced that. If you can do this feather thing to her, she’ll love it. This is the kind of pressure, or more specifically, lack of pressure, that most women truly enjoy. But just to make life difficult, women, like men, are not all built the same. Some may not care for it at all, and some may prefer the rough treatment. Furthermore, a typical woman who likes extremely light play at first will usually like it at least a little rougher later on.

For your woman, if you don’t have a feather handy, the same extremely light touch with your index finger or tongue will have a similar effect.

For anyone, especially men, if you don’t have a feather, or even if you do, a less elegant item works just as well, or even better, because the item can impart an even lighter touch. The item: A single sheet of toilet paper, held diagonally by one corner, so the opposite corner is ever so lightly touching the frenulum.

Custom printed toilet paper
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Table of Contents

You may think I’m talking about needle play here. That’s where people will actually stick needles in their genitals and elsewhere.

No, I’m talking about something the average man will enjoy better. Using an ordinary sewing needle, run the tip very lightly over the glans, scrotum or elsewhere. You might also play with very light poking. Generally, a large needle works better than a small one. One place your author enjoys gentle poking is just inside the peehole. Another good area is around, but not in, the anus.

Sewing needles are ideal for this, especially compared to medical injection or acupuncture needles. That’s because the sewing needle has a polished, rounded point designed for moving between the fibers of cloth. That same rounded design is less likely to scratch or puncture a human. If you’ve ever tried to push a sewing needle through leather or human skin, you may have been surprised how much force was needed.

If you play with others, have your mate run a needle lightly over parts of your body, including your nipples, and even over upper arms, thighs and buttocks.

Acupuncture electrical trigger point stimulation tool on scrotum, penis, anus, vagina, etc.

Now, this twenty-dollar item pictured above certainly looks like fun. It is an acupuncture trigger point stimulation tool that uses an electrical impulse rather than a puncture. I’d like to play with one of these. You can get yours here.

The other kind of needle play, in which men will actually puncture themselves, is known as ‘play piercing.’ The risk of infection is high, so this is not recommended.

If you must play, a first piercing can be from about a quarter-inch (6mm) inside the peehole, through the bottom of the urethra and out the penis at the underside of the glans just ahead of the front of the frenulum. Then, you might try puncturing up, through the top of the meatus and out the head of the penis.

Some men like puncturing their nipples, and scrotums. Some will pass needles entirely through their glans. Men who have no fear of doctors, hospitals, and all sorts of complications due to infection may puncture their testicles. The scrotum hurts when punctured, but the testicles themselves feel very little from puncturing. If the needle doesn’t puncture the testicle easily, however, the squeezing pressure as the needle is pushed will hurt.

You may want to avoid passing needles into or through the corposa cavernosa. These are the two main spongy channels that fill with blood to cause erections. Profuse bleeding can result.

Glans Blame

Table of Contents

What the Japanese often call glans blame is more often known as apple polishing, palming, or simply glans rubbing. This is a technique that some men will love, and others would hate. That’s because it can be a very intense feeling. It is like an extreme tickle that makes you squirm or even yell. You want to get away from it.

Therefore, glans blame generally works best with two or more people. Sometimes even bondage is necessary.

The main technique is to wrap the fingers of one hand around the shaft of the penis, and then rub the palm of the other hand over the glans.

Even though it is nearly impossible to bear, many men like it very much. That’s because they like to see how much they can take, or because although intense, it does feel great, or because it transmutes.

That’s right. If you put up with glans blame long enough, the feeling changes from unbearable, to something gentler and quite pleasurable. It is a sort of ‘gotta pee’ mixed with ‘gonna cum’ feeling. However, neither usually happens.

That being said, your author did rub one guy who suddenly lost control and peed all over the place, and some will ejaculate. But for most, it is an intriguing feeling that seems pleasantly pre-orgasmic, yet it doesn’t build up to an orgasm.

Even though it is so intense, and the recipient may feel like he’s been through an old-fashioned clothes ringer afterward, it is quite harmless.

The only problem can occur if the technique is carried on for too long without lube. The skin of the glans can become worn and blister, requiring several painful days to heal.

Prick polish for when you go too far with glans blame

So, use lube. Interestingly, the intensity of the feeling is greater with oil than dry, the opposite of what you’d expect.

If your recipient settles down too much, you can try squeezing the penis with more or less pressure from the holding hand, or pushing down and rubbing harder or lighter. The one thing that really gets guys the most is to change your movement slightly so the rubbing is more over the top of the glans, as opposed to over the peehole area. After some regular glans blame, If you switch to more over the top, it can really get guys charged up!

This technique can be done as a solo practice. The trick is to be in the right mood in which you can ‘torture’ yourself, and you won’t just quit because it is nearly unbearable.

Urethral Play

Table of Contents

Many men like urethral play, also known as sounding or catheterization, but it is dangerous. The inner lining of the urethra, and the anatomy of the male urinary system, are structurally weak and prone to infection. Extremely sterile procedures must be administered. In fact, there are so many other, safer male masturbatory techniques, that your author recommends you read this for amusement only, not as something to actually try.

Urethral play is about sticking things inside your peehole. Urethral play breaks down into two divisions: inserting things only a few inches into the penis, and deeper play, inserting objects as deep as into the bladder.

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On Amazon, you’ll find a huge assortment of urethral plugs, and things called sounds. In general, urethral plugs are short, only a few inches at most, and sounds are designed to go deeper. The entire length of the urethra may surprise you. While in women it is only a couple of inches (5cm) in men, there is as much penis inside the body as out, so the typical urethra can be 14 inches (35 cm) in length.

So called penis plugs are often hollow, so a man can wear one and still urinate or ejaculate.

Sounding must only be done in sterile surroundings. The operator should wear rubber gloves, and use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to sterilize the sounds as well as the tip of the penis. The sounds must be absolutely smooth. Any sort of roughness can tear or scratch the inside of the urethra. Use a lot of sterile lube. One problem that can arise happens when there is not enough lube, or it does not go deep enough into the urethra. The sounds can stick when going in, or coming out, tearing the urethra and causing rather shocking amounts of bleeding.

Don’t push or force sounds at all. In fact, stainless steel ones are heavy enough that they can embed themselves simply from their weight, sliding into the urethra automatically.

The peehole itself is usually tighter than the bulk of the urethra. Then, about 1/2-inch (13 mm) in, is another restriction. Pass that second restriction slowly and carefully.

Some men like urethral stretching, introducing ever wider sounds into their dicks. Some are specifically interested in peehole stretching, as opposed to depth.

Sounds typically come in sets. A man will start with a thin one, then build up to greater thicknesses.

Others like deep sounding reaching as far as into their bladders. There is a curve that must be negotiated. By holding the penis straight out from the body, and slightly downward toward the feet, nearly stretches this out straight. A straight metal rod can, if done carefully, reach all the way into the bladder. Deep sounding works better with flexible tubing or specially designed soft plastic sounds.

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As one approaches the bladder, there are two sphincters. These are round muscular valves that stop the flow of urine. When the sound comes to the first sphincter, the recipient feels a strong feeling like needing to pee. The feeling is somewhat different, and can be quite enjoyable. The second sphincter is closer to the bladder by an inch (25mm) or so, and feels about the same as the first when an item is passed through it. Once the second sphincter is cleared, the item will slide easily in and out of the bladder several inches.

Men have messed up by using all sorts of wrong things in their urethral play. You can successfully put pens, ball bearings, and even whipped cream in your dick, but you may have so much trouble getting things back out that medical intervention, even surgery can be required. Every hospital emergency room worker with any experience has interesting stories to tell about men who have come in with embarrassing situations.

Perhaps the ultimate form of urethral play is catheterization. This involves long tubes used in hospitals to help people when they can’t urinate, such as during surgery. Whereas being catheterized for a medical reason can be quite uncomfortable, the same procedure, done for fun, even though physically the same, can be quite enjoyable. That’s human psychology, in which the interpretation of an event flavors it more than the event itself.

Retention catheters are complex two-tube devices. They have a balloon at the end in the bladder that can be inflated by injecting a plug on the outer end with a syringe. Once inflated, it keeps the catheter from slipping out of the ‘patient.’ Your author is told told that pulling gently on a retention catheter renders a nice sensation. That is something I am yet to experience!

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Some people enjoy playing with taking over the authority to pee. In a BDSM situation, the recipient doesn’t get to control when he can urinate. That’s up to when the master opens the valve letting the urine flow out.

A few men will play with bladder irrigation, filling it ideally with saline. However, other materials have been used, such as beer, air, wine and another person’s urine. None of these are recommended.

Another technique of interest is pushing a little finger into the meatus. The typical man’s peehole is smaller in diameter than his little finger, but not by much. With considerable practice, the finger can be inserted past the first knuckle. Like other sounding techniques, this risks infection. A few men have managed to accommodate the little finger’s full length, or even the index finger.

The downside of peehole stretching is that it can become permanently enlarged or deformed, making a smooth urination impossible. These men must sit to pee, or else spray piss all over the place, rather than where they hoped to aim it. An option is the Sharp Urination technique.

A procedure known as meatotomy is a simple cut to enlarge the meatus. While dangerous, painful, inconvenient, and difficult to reverse, it is possible.

Your silly author occasionally dreams of going in the opposite direction. What if the diameter of the meatus was surgically reduced? It might mean that urinating would last longer and squirt further. More to the point, ejaculation too, might last longer and squirt further.

Testicle Massage

Table of Contents

Testicle massage is another technique that varies with each man. Some like it gentle. Some like it firm. Some don’t like it at all.

Some men enjoy the torture aspect. To see how much they can take. For others, it is just a unique feeling to have the balls manipulated within the scrotum.

You may feel that testicles are like grapes, easily squished. They’re actually more like chicken gizzards. They can take considerable squeezing without injury. The recipient would feel great pain before the squeezing would be dangerous. The exception is where the spermatic cords attach by a pillowy structure known as the epididimis at the upper back of each testicle. You should avoid putting pressure there because not only does it hurt, but tearing away from the testicle can occur.

Testicles are not as strong against sharp edges. Be careful if you apply clamps or in hitting the testicles with objects that aren’t flat or well-rounded.

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Men often play with clamps like these. Using padding under the jaws is recommended.

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Clamps like the ones above might be better for testicle squeezing because they apply more even pressure and the amount of pressure can be regulated.

Men, including your author, have been known to ejaculate just from good testicle massage, without the penis being manipulated at all.

Testicles like to slip around within the scrotum, like wet bars of soap. This is one of the ways they avoid serious injury. When you fall against the top tube of a bicycle or get hit by a baseball, the testicles can move within the scrotum, rather than exploding. When massaging the balls, you can take advantage of this slipping around action by gently squeezing them until they slip out of your grasp, over and over again.

One of the most satisfying ways to massage the balls is to use the thumb and first two fingers of each hand, one hand per testicle, to perform the massage. Start gently, and while communicating with the recipient, assuming you’re working with someone else, work up the pressure until the recipient is at the right level. Don’t be surprised to see some men want to back off right away, while others will enjoy considerable squeezing.

Along with testicle massage, you might consider scrotum pulling. As long as you don’t accidentally involve pulling the hairs on the scrotum, a good firm, and long-lasting pull, stretching the skin out to its fullest can be quite delightful.

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Stretch Down Hard

Table of Contents

You might be surprised to find that once you are hard and close to cumming, that to simply pull down fairly hard on the skin of the penis, and holding it there, can cause a very nice orgasm. This is the same for circumcised and uncircumcised men.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Table of Contents

Retrograde ejaculation means that the semen, also known as ejaculate, and called sperm by some, goes into the bladder instead of out of the peehole. Some men will use the term retrograde ejaculation to simply mean any situation in which the semen does not come out of the peehole.

For instance, when you are cumming, you can squeeze the end of the penis closed until the orgasm is over, then cleanly let the ejaculate flow into a paper towel or receptacle. However for some men, the temporary pressure inside the urethra can hurt.

Sometimes, but not always, the pumping feeling, the contractions of the urethra, last as much as twice as long when the flow of ejaculate is blocked.

There is a spot between the bottom of the scrotum and the anus that can be pressed with one or two fingers to stop ejaculation. A century ago and before, it was often used as a primitive and often ineffective form of birth control. You have to press in the right spot, to stop the ejaculate.

The material congregates in the prostate, or may flow backward into the bladder, being a true retrograde ejaculation. It will be reabsorbed by the body, or harmlessly peed out later.

There is controversy about this technique in the literature. Some medical professionals say it is harmful, although they don’t quite say what will happen. On the other hand, it has been practiced by millions of people for thousands of years, and no one seems to have died from it.

Electro Stimulation

Table of Contents

Applying a small electrical charge to the genitals can be fun. The most often used device is a TENS unit, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This technology is used to help with muscle pain and spasms in the back, legs and sometimes other parts of the body. When applied to the genitals, it can lead to not only pleasure, but also hands free ejaculation.

The TENS unit comes with wires that attach to self-adhesive pads that are placed on the body. It has controls to vary the power and frequency. The effects when you hit certain frequencies can be rather surprising, ranging from nothing, to pain, to very pleasurable. Pads can be placed on either side of the groin above the penis, on the testicles, on either side of the penis itself, or one pad near the tip of the penis, and another near the base. That’s a typical configuration.

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For sexual play, accessories are manufactured, or can be home-made, to apply the voltage more specifically where you want it. People like electrically conductive anal and urethral plugs.

Besides TENS units, other devices can be used, as long as the voltage is low. Men will often experiment with sound systems. For instance, run your favorite music from your cellphone through an amplifier and then into your genitals.

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Avoid any situation in which the electrical current could accidentally pass through the heart or head. It could result in instant death or permanent injury.


Table of Contents

The male human body does not naturally want to ejaculate and urinate at the same time. This is to prevent the ejaculate from backing up into the bladder, or for acidic urine to contaminate the semen entering a woman. During ejaculation, the urinary sphincters close tightly. However, this can be overridden with practice.

If you avoid urinating long enough, you get to a point where you literally cannot hold it any longer, and urine will leak out of you, against any effort you make to avoid peeing.

When your bladder is full to just before that point, you might like to start masturbating. Take yourself to a point just short of ejaculation, and then try to feel your situation. Can you feel the urge to pee and ejaculate at the same time?

You’ll probably need to readjust the balance, with one urge being stronger than the other, until you reach a point where both are about equal. Then, relaxing all your lower body muscles, especially the ones that you feel tensing when you ejaculate, stimulate your penis with masturbation, while at the same time letting your pee go. The secret is to be very relaxed so the the sphincters won’t jam closed.

You probably won’t get it the first time. The usual thing is you end up ejaculating without peeing, then afterward, you let all the pee out.

But the day will come, when you’re peeing and ejaculating at exactly the same time. It is a really nice feeling.

Your author has practiced this a dozen times, but only managed it twice – so far.

Anal Play

Table of Contents

Some men will simply not engage in anal play. That’s OK. As you’ve just read, there are plenty of other things that can be done.

However, the anus is a great erogenous zone.

This may seem obvious, but the play is more enjoyable if the area is clean. Some people will go so far as to clean out with an enema first. Others will simply carefully clean the external area.

You may be surprised that when clean, the area doesn’t smell foul. On the contrary, there are glands around the anus, the same ones that get irritated in the case of hemorrhoids, that secret a sweet smelling substance.

One of the first things to try, is to very lightly swirl a finger around the anal area, without penetrating the anus.

If you’ve never done it, putting a finger in the butt is pleasant. Many men will first experience anal play at the hands of another person. Or more specifically, at the fingers of another person. The finger should go in slowly, so the feeling is enjoyable. When the person removes a finger, that, too should be done slowly. The recipient will often remark that the finger feels a foot long upon being removed.

Two fingers takes a bit of doing, but most people can accommodate. There are men who practice fisting, in which a man can place his entire hand in another man’s (or woman’s) rectum. It takes patience and a lot of good, greasy lube to let the anus stretch sufficiently.

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On Amazon and elsewhere, you can get anal plugs and vibrators of all descriptions. The prices online typically are considerably lower than in retail stores. Some plugs are narrow toward the base, and then have a flared section. This is so they will stay in place, but also won’t go in too far. You want to maintain an external handle so the plug can be removed fairly easily. Otherwise, you can find yourself in that all too common emergency room situation in which an object has to be removed from a man’s rectum by medical personnel.

Some plugs can be installed, and left in for hours, as the wearer goes about his day, working, sitting, or even riding a bike.

Enemas can be fun, in which warm water or sometimes other liquids are squeezed into the rectum.

The anal area is pretty tough, but you are messing with the innards of the human body, so the usual precautions should be taken. Like, don’t try putting battery acid or a steak knife in your ass.

Prostate Massage

Table of Contents

If you’re comfortable with anal play, you may have already found the A-spot sometimes also referred to as the male G-spot. With one or two fingers in the ass as far as they will go, press forward toward the bladder, and gently massage that area. You are squeezing the prostate gland, which can feel quite nice. It is sort of a gotta-pee feeling, but different. Sometimes, semen which is stored in the prostate gland, will be expelled through the penis. You can feel the thick liquid moving through the urethra, whether the penis is soft or hard, and the feeling is interesting. Some anal plugs and vibrators are specially designed to stimulate this area.

Some medical professionals say that prostate massage can be a therapeutic activity both for preventive measures as well as restoring prostate health.

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Group Play

Table of Contents

Many men are perfectly fine with solo sex, and that’s a good thing. It is certainly the safest form of sex. However, many masturbatory activities are relatively safe, and can be practiced with one or more partners of either sex.

Older men will often find that their wives have lost interest in sex after menopause. If these men communicate with their wives, saying that they’ll continue to love and support them, but need sexual attention, the wives are often accommodating, allowing the men to have sexual activities outside the marriage. The women may even appreciate it, since that takes the pressure off themselves to try to fulfill their husbands’ desires.

This is not advice to tell your wife to ‘go fuck herself,’ and that you’re going to start sowing wild oats all over town. Some women would be horrified or feel so betrayed you could never repair your relationship. You’ll have to know your mate, and figure out what is the best for both of you. On average, good and complete communications works out way better than keeping secrets.

Younger men may have trouble finding a mate. Others may not want the complication of a ‘serious’ relationship. There are many reasons men may want to engage in masturbatory activities with others.

If you are gay or bisexual, you may find it is much easier to find a male playmate than female. Most women are afraid of men who want casual encounters because it doesn’t fit their comfort zone in many ways.

The usual arrangement, with men or women, is that several emails and pictures are exchanged, before meeting in person. There are dangers, just like meeting people for any purpose. The dangers may be less than you think. For instance, if you’re bringing cash to buy a car, you could be accosted for the money. When meeting a person for sexual play, that motivation is not there. However, there are people in the world with all kinds of agendas, so one should be careful.

Another problem you’ll find is that people frequently get cold feet at the last minute, leaving you high and dry and unsatisfied.

The biggest problem is probably mismatched tastes. For instance, you may not want to kiss anyone, and have stated it clearly in your ad, and yet you get with a person who decides to disregard that, and wants to kiss you. Or worse, you may not want anal intercourse, and the other person does. Worse yet, the person may become quite insistent or even physically forceful.

Hosting can be an issue. You’ll get many more responses if you can have someone come to your house. On the other hand, if you cannot host, or don’t want to due to safety concerns, there are still many people willing to host. Many encounters first meet in the woods, in car parks or on a deserted beach. These can work well.

Your author has posted about a dozen times, with very specific ads wanting to play with some of the techniques mentioned in this book. Every single one in which I actually played with people worked out fine. Two of the guys were a little rougher than I would have liked, but they were still reasonable and respectful. Two guys met up, and then didn’t want to play. I originally thought I must have not met their expectations in some way, but I realized later, they were just cases of cold feet. People do get quite nervous and even goofy about this sort of thing. One person simply wasn’t home when I showed up.

Two have been extraordinary. One is a guy who has almost the exact same tastes as mine. After the first encounter, we have met up again a half-dozen times, and every session has been delightful.

The other was a response from a guy, and everything seemed just right. When I arrived at his home, the door was answered by a woman. Confused, I came in, and she explained that she had placed the ad for her husband, because he was too shy. He and I played while she watched. I was hoping she’d participate, but just having her watch was exciting. I was invited back a week later, and that time, she met me at the door all naked, and we had a delightful three-way session. The three of us played several more times.

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4 thoughts on “Advanced Male Masturbation

  1. I think you also need to talk more about taking sex outside of marriage. You don’t clarify that you are talking about M2M sex, which I assume you are, since almost no wife is going to approve of sex with another woman. Then you have to clarify that some wives will not be happy about a perceived “gay” activity. I really don’t know how you get around the issue. Both my last wife and gf were perfectly ok with me engaging in M2M sex as they fully understood it was not a gay thing. Just guys having fun. I know neither of my first two wives would have been ok with it. Admittedly that was a long time ago and women’s attitudes about M2M sex have loosened up a lot.

  2. Reddit is one way to find others to masturbate with, etc.
    Search for the name of your city, and go from there.

  3. I cannot overemphasize the immeasurable benefits of edging and 🎈ing. Combined with kegels, reverse kegels and pelvic thrusting, I have gleaned the following:

    •more turgid and intense erections 😆
    •facilitated precumming, micro-orgasms and leaking
    •a more robust (and impressive) flaccid hang (including a tighter scrotum)

    I occasionally incorporate anal play, but my bulbocavernosa is so strong now that my capacity to “milk” my prostate sans penetration and me to largely refrain from it.

    This was a super fun read for me, and I may explore apparatus-assisted anal exploration. 😊 Regardless of the extent to which I expand masturbatory horizons, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that I am the most prolific masturbator in the Empire State! 💯😎

  4. thank you for this content. I shall attempt most of these. I guess you could I’m a chronic masturbator. A very good read. thank you.

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