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Oh, yes, a man, or a woman for that matter, can become addicted to masturbation. How do you know whether you’re addicted? The definition of addiction is that it interferes with your work or social life. If you’ve quit golfing with your buddies, or if you’re at risk of losing your job due to staying home and wanking all the time, you’re addicted.

I remember hearing about a woman who had to come home and masturbate directly after work instead of watching TV, every day. She’d rub herself to as many as 200 orgasms in a one or two-hour session. But, she was doing well in her job, her social life, and even her health. If she had rubbed herself raw, that would be another matter. So was she addicted? Evidently not.

If you’re addicted to something else, for instance drugs or smoking, you might try getting addicted to masturbation instead. Challenge yourself. Can you do it? Your author believes it is easier to replace one addiction with another, rather than just stopping something altogether. Of course this is simplistic, but it might be worth a try, don’t you think?

Your author can imagine an anti-addiction group in which the participants, possibly both men and women, meet weekly, get naked, and wank together while talking about how they quit smoking, drinking, whatever their former addictions were.

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