AAA Battery

Abuse – One of over 500 euphemisms for ‘masturbation.’ This term was made popular by the extreme and sadistic anti-masturbationist Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.

Accident – Euphemism for ‘premature ejaculation’

Accident – Hit in the balls

Accidental Vampire – Medical fetish, male point of view

Acrobatic Slip – Strange account, male point of view

Actor’s Junto – Male point of view story

Actor, Starving Actor – Bisexual male point of view story

Actress, Webcam

Anal Acuity Among Coworkers

Acuminate: A pointed or arrow-shaped anatomical structure. This can refer to an arrow-shaped or triangular pattern of belly hair. This is related to ‘happy trail’ and ‘treasure trail.’

Addiction – Too much masturbation

Adjusting the antenna – A colloquial term for male masturbation

Advanced Exam – Masturbation coach’s final exam

Advanced Male Masturbation Techniques

AFAB – Assigned Female At Birth

AFAM – Assigned Male At Birth

After Ejaculation – Story

After Massage – Very short story

Age of Consent

All In The Family – Female point of view story

Alone With High and Low Orgasm


Amazing – Memoir, Nymphomaniac Girl

American Prudishness – Male point of view, medical

Ampallang Piercing

Anal Exam

Anal Fisting

Anal Intercourse

Anal Intercourse – Butt-fucking Cindy

Anal Intercourse Memoir

Anal Intercourse, Starving Acctor – Bisexual male point of view story

Anal Play

Anal Viewing – Very Short Heterosexual Story

Anal Plug

Anal, Unusual Girlfriend – Story

Anatomy of the Penis

Androgynous – Female Memoir

Androgyny Attempted

Anilingus – Stimulation of an anus with the lips or tongue

Animals – Sexual facts

Annual Gyno Exam Gone Crazy

Anorexia Tale – Female memoir

Another Visit to Marshall’s Beach – Male POV Story

Answer to a Crappy Mood – Male/Female

Anti-Masturbationist – Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

Anus Memory Game – Tile Game

Anus: My Sister’s Friend’s Anus – Male POV

Apadravya Piercing

Aphrodesiac – A food or drug to enhance sexual attraction

Apology from 13-Year-Old Brother

Apple Polishing – also known as ‘glans blame’

Aquarium Tubing for Urethral Play

Army: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Male point of view, bisexual

Art Class: Naked Posing for Artists – Mature Erotica

Art Model: Picking on the Naked Boy – Female point of view story

Art of Clit Sucking

The Art of Sucking A Cock – Female POV


Asian: Rock Juggling With Hot Chick – Male POV

Asian Woman on the Beach – Female POV

Asperger’s Syndrome – Born Gay, Honest, and a Bit Aspergery

Assaulted – Male, High School

Ass Crack, Young Brother-Sister

Asshole – Brother on Asshole – female point of view


Attacked By Four Girls

Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry

Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Astronomer – Young female

The Authors – Jenelle and Jeremy J. Watson

Aw, Sis – Very Short Heterosexual Story

Ayurveda and Semen – Info

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