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  1. Jen and JJ is a clever idea. Is it freeing someway, I’m curious? And is it considered a pseudonym if you—the author—reveal Jen and JJ are you but you remain anonymous? LOL…

    I’m Dave I live in Rhode Island (8 years). I’m a San Francisco native. I just read the “about,” I think Jen and JJ is a great idea and that you remain anonymous. Mysterious in a way. As for accuracy, in terms of definitions and sexual practices, I would say it is pretty accurate and relevant. As for editing typos etc. I wouldn’t catch anything.

    A Google search brought me to your site. Searched: “straight men on men confessional sex stories.” Your site came up. I kept reading and reading, still more to go. I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this and I don’t feel like you’re trying to sell me something…well, maybe an open mind.

    I grew up in San Francisco, but was raised in Pinole (25 miles NE of SF) I was in San Francisco at 16 from then on. SF is my refuge and always will be. It’s a place to express your sexuality, whatever that may be. Different cultures, different colors of cocks, different ways to play. I’m rambling. I do hope this site isn’t abandoned and you’ll receive this message.

    Thanks, Dave

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Dave – Jenelle

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