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5 Naked Housemates

Copyright 2017, Jenelle Watson

This is a totally true memoir. Only the names have been changed.

Derek Peterson was average in every respect. White, brown medium length hair, trimmed beard, typical height, and normal weight. He was getting sick of living in his Volkswagen van. He worked in a bike shop, and at night he parked the van on a side street next to a small neighborhood park three miles away. The only good thing about the van life is no one bothered him. He was free to jerk off every night.

When he first came to California from Buffalo, New York, he was delighted. He had escaped the winter! Three days before, he had scraped the ice off his windshield, leaving nearly a foot of snow on the roof, picked up his sister and his best friend, and they got on the expressway heading west.

They were so excited to go west that they drove round the clock. The drive was mostly uneventful, except for the time Derek was sleeping in the back, and he woke because the ride suddenly became bumpy. He sleepily asked Jered, who was driving, what was going on.

“Oh, nothing, go back to sleep.”

In the morning, Jered sheepishly explained that he had fallen asleep at the wheel. Derek’s sister, Pam, was supposed to be keeping Jered awake, but she, too, had fallen asleep.

When Derek woke and asked “What’s going on?” it woke Jered, who discovered he was driving about twenty feet to the right of the road, on a grassy shoulder at sixty miles an hour. If Derek had stayed asleep…

Once they hit the coast, everyone went their own way. Jered had friends, and Pam had a job along with a place to live. That left Derek alone, as he had been for most of his life. He didn’t really like it, but was too shy to figure out how to get a girlfriend. He had developed a theory that ‘good’ guys don’t get girls. That all women were attracted to guys who were quite rough around the edges. He thought the girls wanted exciting men who needed to be tamed. Derek was too tame. He didn’t even drink.

Derek liked volleyball although he wasn’t as good as he thought he was. He had seen something on TV that lasted maybe two seconds. It should a dozen volleyball courts on Manhattan Beach, and scores of happy players. He wanted that, so that’s where he went! That’s why he left the east. That, and year-round, sunny, warm weather.

The beach volleyball players around Los Angeles weren’t friendly, at least not in the way the team he played with in Buffalo was. In the east, it was always the same six guys at the YMCA. Here it was two-man pickup games. They were direct, letting Derek know that not only was he not good enough to play on their level, but he was too short. He was always going to be too short at 5’10.” And to them, he seemed kind of out of touch, too. He was always asking questions, not knowing anything about the beach.

Around the Los Angeles beach areas, Derek found a place to park every night for a week, and became quite depressed. No friends, the volleyball wasn’t what he expected, his money wasn’t going to last much longer, and even the location wasn’t what he had expected. He was thinking it would be more green. Lots of palm trees, grassy lawns, shade trees. It wasn’t even warm and sunny. It was foggy and fifty or sixty degrees until around one pm. Then, yes, it was warm and sunny. By three pm, the fog rolled back in, and it became cool again. It didn’t take him long to discover that a super-cold day in the east, when you’re wearing a good jacket, gloves and hat, is warmer than a cool day on the California coast when you’re in a T-shirt and shorts.

So, he drove on, heading south, figuring it might be warmer. He made it down to San Diego. The city was big and confusing, but he remembered when he passed through Encinitas, a little town just north, that it seemed quite inviting. He went twenty miles back up the coast. By then, it was dark, and he was tired. Not only sleepy, but tired of having no friends, no place to call home, and nothing to do but drive around. And if he kept driving, the money would disappear even faster.

Derek had dropped out of high school to start a little bike shop back east. It grew nicely. He thought he was an invincible businessman, because his little store had done well. He figured he could sell it, then build something even bigger and better. So, five years after he started it with nothing more than a half-dozen used bikes and a handful of tools, he sold it for thousands of dollars. Just not enough thousands.

Arriving in the little town of Encinitas, he found a neighborhood street and parked next to a vacant lot. He made a meal in his van, read a book, masturbated, then went to sleep. Early in the morning, he woke a bit earlier than he had intended.

What woke him was an arm reaching through the passenger side window, which he had left open. The arm was reaching back, trying to unlock the sliding side door. The hand at the end of this arm was only a foot away from Derek’s head, where he had been sleeping in the van.

Derek’s first thought was that it was a thief. Not being a violent man, and not knowing anything about fighting, he quickly worked out a plan. He would grab that hand with both of his hands, and suddenly pull really hard, thereby jamming the invader against the window frame, sufficiently hurting him to let him know who was boss. He didn’t care if he might seriously injure the guy. After all, he was a thief.

As he was about to do it, he noticed that the arm was wearing a sleeve. It looked like a dark blue, uniform sleeve. A thief wouldn’t dress like that. A policeman would.

Quickly switching gears, Derek groggily yelled, “Hey?”

“Oh, sorry, I thought this was an abandoned car.”

Derek sat upright, quickly pulling on his shorts, and said “Well, it’s not.”

Interestingly, the policeman didn’t immediately ask to see Derek’s license and registration. Instead, he asked whether the engine was carbureted or fuel injected. The next few minutes found Derek and the police officer standing outside the van talking amicably about the merits of various engine styles.

Finally the policeman, ever so politely, informed Derek that he couldn’t sleep in the van. It was a city ordinance. He didn’t give him a ticket. Instead, he wished him a good day.

‘Maybe California isn’t such a bad place,’ Derek was thinking.

Later that same day, five miles farther south, Derek found employment in a bike shop. He considered it a major step down, since he used to own a bike shop, but he was well qualified, and he needed the money.

Derek was really proud of what he negotiated. Knowing he could repair bikes quickly, he arranged to get paid not a small hourly fee, but 33% of the labor charges on repairs, and 10% of sales. He started that very afternoon, and enjoyed the work. Other than having to take the time to figure out where replacement parts were stored, he was efficient, and repaired bikes well, to the satisfaction of the owner.

The shop was like nothing Derek had ever imagined, and he was intrigued. Back in Buffalo, bike shops were in buildings. They had to be. This one was built out of an old gas station. The two former car repair bays were the bicycle showroom, and the office held the sales counter. All the repairing was done outside under a big roof over where the gas pumps used to be. In the mornings, the employees rolled out fifty bikes, tool boxes and workbenches. In the evenings, they rolled them all back in. That was the only part Derek didn’t like.

Derek found a parking place by a neighborhood park with many shady trees in a little town just south of the one with the ordinance against sleeping in your car. This little town had the unusual name of Cardiff-By-The-Sea, with a population of slightly over 7,000. There, he figured he would be alright.

Another Volkswagen van pulled up behind his, and it was pretty obvious that guy was living in his car, too. That was a good sign. It let Derek know that it was OK to sleep there.

That first night at the park, Derek and the guy in the other VW didn’t actually meet. The next evening, they met, and immediately liked each other. The other guy, Roger, was on the short side, weighed a few pounds more than ideal, and although less than 30 years old, was already balding. He was also surprisingly wealthy. He worked as a computer programmer 25 miles south in San Diego. His van was pristine, with a freshly rebuilt engine, custom paint, and new tires. He told Derek he chose to live in the van while stockpiling money to invest in real estate.

Derek took note. Derek and Roger had gravitated to a picnic table as they talked.

“Roger?” a sweet female voice called from the van. “Food’s ready.”

That surprised Derek. He had no idea anyone was with Roger. It turned out to be Sue, a fantastically pretty, slim and short Asian girl. Immediately, being so terribly single himself, Derek wondered how a guy like Roger, living in a van, could attract a girl like that. He was a bit jealous, but still thought Roger was very likable.

A couple of weeks into the job, Derek was on top of the world. Oh, it wasn’t his bike shop, and he was working for someone else. But he was making more money than when he owned his own place. And this was the winter! True, the weather was pretty much the same as it had been ever since he arrived. It would be cloudy and cold all morning. The fog would burn off for a few hours in the afternoon, then come right back in again. But Derek was happy with the job, and happy with his neighbors Roger and Sue. Sometimes, they’d share an organic meal together at a picnic table in the park.

They invited him to Black’s Beach. He didn’t know what was so special about that beach that they were willing to go twenty miles away. Moonlight beach was nice, and it was only a mile away. Being not only shy, and perhaps a little too proud, he didn’t want to let on that he didn’t know about Black’s Beach. He said “sure,” and they set up a time on Sunday. Neither of their vans had three seats with seatbelts, so they took both vans to the beach.

Reconvening at the dirt parking lot, they grabbed their backpacks and started down the trail. It was surprisingly narrow, twisted and steep. It took quite a while to make it down to the sand. When they arrived, Derek was immediately shocked.

He had no idea it was a nude beach. He had two immediate problems. First, he had to pretend he knew this was a nude beach all along. But also, how in the hell was he going to avoid getting an erection? He assumed, from what little he knew of such things, that an erection would be totally out of line, and yet inevitable. Well, there was no backing out now!

He was also secretly delighted. Derek was a high-libido person. He masturbated at least once a day, and generally twice. He didn’t realize his van smelled a little like cum.

During his wanking sessions, he sometimes imagined groups of nude people, but had never seen any real, live nude people, other than two girls he had short, unfulfilling sexual relationships with, and the occasional Playboy or Penthouse he drooled over. This was before the Internet, and men’s magazines was where teen boys around the world turned to see girly pictures. It was nothing like today’s porn. It was what you might call R-rated.

They walked fifty yards across the soft sand to the harder sand, then set out their blankets. Sue stepped out of her bikini and was immediately nude. She was fantastic. Much better than anything Derek had seen in any magazines and certainly nicer than the few girls he had known intimately. Being around this small nude girl was like being in the presence of a major celebrity. Roger was right behind her, stepping out of his clothes. Now it was Derek’s turn. There’s no way he could avoid it, although he certainly wanted to. And at the same time, he was glad this was happening. But it was scary and it was happening fast. He would have liked to have time to ponder, maybe jerk off first…

Trying to act casual, like he always came to Black’s Beach and stripped, he, too, stepped out of his clothes. He immediately felt the cool breeze on his ass and on his crotch, on an otherwise hot, sunny afternoon. ‘What a delightful feeling!’ he was noticing. Then he started worrying about the erection problem. It hadn’t happened yet, but it was highly likely to occur at any moment. How would he excuse that?

Looking at Roger, he saw a naked man for the first time, and wasn’t repulsed. He avoided looking at Sue at all. First, he didn’t want her to think he was staring. But more than that, he was so totally attracted, he knew he wouldn’t be able to act right.

Finally, he let himself glance at Sue. My oh my, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen! Small, darker-skinned than most Asians, with long straight hair down almost to her butt, and a small patch of black hair over her vagina. And, those breasts! They were small and pert. They were smaller than the couple of women he had known, and he liked Sue’s breasts much better.

The thing is, he didn’t even know how to act around Sue. He couldn’t keep not looking. That would become obvious, and wrong. He decided the best course of action would be ‘business as usual.’ He decided not to say, “Hey, You’re beautiful!” or anything like that.

The erection problem continued to worry him, but it hadn’t happened yet. That was actually a surprise. He was amazed that he could see Sue like that, at times only three feet away from him, and not go crazy.

They hung out on the blankets. They talked, especially Roger and Derek. Sue decided to go walking and soon was out of sight. Roger wanted to go pee against the bluffs, so Derek took that opportunity to explore more of the beach.

He started walking north. Along the way, he saw several individuals, mostly men. Many were on towels, mats or blankets. Some were playing Frisbee, or swimming. It was really something seeing all those male genitals. Derek didn’t think of himself as gay, or bisexual, or anything like that, but in the secret places in his mind, places that stored things he wouldn’t even admit to himself, he knew he might enjoy playing with men as much as women, if given the chance. He had heard of blowjobs and things, but figured he’d never get any opportunities like that.

He saw a gay couple. He had never seen anything like that in Buffalo. Here were two guys, embracing each other, seemingly asleep, on the sand.

Walking farther north, he found more and more men, and fewer women. Some of the men were sitting in pairs. It didn’t take him long to figure out this was a gay area. For a second, he felt embarrassment for being here. Perhaps Roger and Sue would think he was ‘gay’ for simply stumbling onto this section of the beach. But then he logically assessed that ‘gay’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even though back in New York, all guys his age constantly made anti-gay remarks. He also remembered that he didn’t know anyone here except the bike shop guys and Roger and Sue. This was his chance to do whatever he wanted. Be anonymous, reinvent himself, whatever.

Still, he hurried back down, out of the gay area, before Roger and Sue might figure out where he had gone.

On his way south, he saw a tall, thin, very black fellow rapidly walking north, toward Derek. This guy broke all the rules. As he was walking in long strides, he was singing loudly, and he was stroking his erection with one hand! As they passed, the man nodded, and Derek nodded back.

Seeing that, Derek had many thoughts and emotions, all confused and mixed together. He was delighted to see the freedom the man exhibited. He wished he could have been that free, but would have been horrified to actually do something like that. He was also embarrassed, for himself, somehow, to have witnessed the guy jerking off in public. It didn’t make any sense, but that’s what he felt. It occurred to him how different the guy had been. He had been uncircumcized, with generous foreskin. Derek had noticed that. Suddenly, thinking back on seeing the guy a moment before, he realized the guy didn’t have any hair ‘down there.’ He must have shaved or depilated. That seriously intrigued him. Derek had always wished to be hairless, but of course, he couldn’t really remove his crotch hair. He wouldn’t be able to use public showers. How it would he explain it during a medical exam?

Returning to his towel, he found Sue and Roger ready to walk back up the trail.

Right before they left, he took a quick dip in the water, still slightly disconcerted by waves. On a calm day, the Pacific was still more turbulent than he had ever seen Lake Ontario.

To his surprise, he managed the whole beach thing without having an erection. Back in his own VW, after dark, he had a really good wank, remembering all he had seen that day, and especially remembering his own nakedness. He vividly recalled how the sun felt on the top of his ass, how the breeze felt in the hairs on his balls. How it felt to see and be seen by other people, both female and male.

On Monday, back at the bike shop, averaging $30 per hour, which was a huge amount of money back then, he had a lot to think about. He would be returning to Black’s Beach, often!

While working at the bike shop, he started thinking about having his own business again. At the same time, the other employees started to resent Derek. While they didn’t know exactly how much he made, it was becoming clear to them that he was running somewhere around three times as much. The manager, who happened to be the son-in-law of the owner, liked that Derek was making more money for the shop, even with his higher pay, and the repairs were coming out better than anyone before him had managed. However, the manager was feeling some sort of strain. It didn’t help that Derek was making more than the manager. Derek’s days there were limited.

One day, an interesting customer came in. She was wearing a helmet, and got to talking with Derek. She had been squeezed off the road by an oblivious motorist a couple of years earlier. The car didn’t hit her, but she fell, hitting her head on the curb. She recovered entirely, except for one problem. Her brain lost the ability to distinguish a single item from a group. If you were talking with her, and there was any other conversation nearby, no matter how quiet, she can’t hear you. Worse, she couldn’t go shopping. She said when she tried to buy laundry soap, for instance, she would see all the boxes on the shelves at once, and couldn’t pick just one. She didn’t have a helmet when she fell. She heartily recommended helmets.

Derek started enjoying his conversation with her, and he saw the possibility of dating her. She was as tall as him, and had lovely dark, wavy hair. Her blue eyes sparkled. He made a pitch, and was turned down flat. “I have a boyfriend.”

As usual after being turned down, Derek was depressed for the next few days, wondering if he could ever attract a woman. Oh, he was personally familiar with the act of sex. But he had never had a proper relationship. The times he had sex were few and far between, and the women had been less than ideal.

Not far from the park where Derek had been spending his nights was a large parking lot directly on the beach between two restaurants. Roger had moved there, and Derek soon followed suite. There were a motley assortment of old motorhomes, converted school buses, bread trucks, and vans. Derek fit right in. At the edge of the parking lot was a phone booth, which Derek, like many others of the rolling home owners, used as his connection to the world. This was many years before cellphones came into existence.

The bike shop thing came to an end. The owner wanted a broken sign bracket welded, and Derek was the only one in the shop who knew how to work the oxyacetylene set. He wanted to $20 to fix the sign. The owner was offended that Derek wanted to charge money. Shortly thereafter, Derek was out of a job.

He had saved some of the money he made, and invested it in some tools. He put them in the van, making it even more crowded than it had been. He had fliers and business cards printed, setting out his shingle as a fix-it man who did housecalls. Some work came in, and within days, Derek knew he’d be alright financially. Living in a van keeps expenses low. Besides, his idea of a nice meal was a whole loaf of French bread, filled with cream cheese.

On his fliers and cards, he used the number of the phone booth on the beach. Once or twice a day, someone would answer the phone, and yell, “Derek, it’s for you.”

He’d get calls to start a recalcitrant lawnmower, patch an area of rotting drywall, replace a broken window, and things of that sort. One day, a woman wanted to know if he could install a woodstove. He drove over at four in the afternoon, and found two young women who had purchased the stove and stovepipe, even the #8 self-tapping screws, but stopped short because neither knew how to work an electric drill.

He had the pipe assembled in short order, and charged a reasonable fee, which they gladly paid. The girls who were obviously lesbians, asked him to stay for dinner. He knew they were lesbians because they had been hugging and kissing off and on the whole time he was there.

Michele was tall, with Asian features and dark skin. Derek thought she was absolutely beautiful. She had a unique line of work. She was a baton twirler, and did solo shows before sporting events, and at delays and half-times. He admired her for that. The other girl, Carol, was typically white, had long, light brown hair, was also fairly tall, and although attractive, Derek was much more interested in Michele.

He ate dinner with them, and as soon as it was over, both girls stripped off their clothing, and went out to the backyard.

Derek was flabbergasted. What was the response to that? Were they silently asking him to join them? Were they done with him? What was he supposed to do? Confused, he started washing the dishes.

In front of the sink was a window into the back yard, and he could see the women on two adjacent chaise lounges, enjoying the sun. As attracted as he was to Michele, he was realizing that Carol was also very pretty. She was thin, had pert boobs, and was uniformly tanned all over. Once he finished with the dishes, he was as confused as ever. Was he supposed to go home? Or, were they saying he should continue visiting with them in the back yard?

Terribly scared he was doing the wrong thing, but not wanting to miss a possible opportunity of a lifetime, he took his clothes off, carefully placing them on a stepstool in the kitchen. The whole time, he was thinking this could blow up in his face.

In his birthday suit, he walked through the screen door and into the back yard. The two women welcomed him, and thanked him for doing the dishes. There were only two chairs, so Derek stood there, at the foot of the two loungers, trying to look in the face of one woman then the other. He found his gaze slipping, and had to work to look back at their faces.

After a moment, Carol said, “Oh, come here, Silly,” getting up, wrapping her arm around Derek’s waist, and then pulling him back into the chair with her. He felt the warmth and smoothness of her body, and quickly sprang an erection.

He figured it was OK under the circumstances. Everyone ignored it. She then twisted awkwardly in the chair, and started kissing Derek. He guessed they weren’t lesbians after all. He was only partially correct.

The outdoor situation was not good. The day was cooling rapidly and mosquitoes were biting them. They moved indoors.

Soon, the three of them were rolling around kissing in their king size bed. They seemed to be particularly interested in his penis, with first one girl, then the other wrapping their fingers around it. He wanted to reciprocate. Maybe lick a pussy, but they weren’t having it. They seemed to be entirely focused on him. Meanwhile, he was wishing he had a condom in his wallet. He used to carry one,
but hadn’t in a while, due to his long run of no luck with women.

Michele came to him and put her mouth around his penis, giving him what appeared to be an inexpert blow job. He had to remind her to keep her teeth away a couple of times. She traded places with Carol, and she, too, was inexperienced, kind of gagging a bit. Nevertheless, they seemed to be having a great time.

Again, he offered to reciprocate with some massage, some kissing, or maybe some licking, but they didn’t want it.

Instead, the girls wanted to be fucked. He was about to admit that he had no condoms which would have been awfully disappointing. Fortunately they came up with condoms, pulling several little packets and a bottle of oil out of nightstand drawer. Sitting next to him on the edge of the bed, Michele put a condom on his rock-hard penis, while Carol was messing around behind him, rubbing her hands over his chest, gently pinching his nipples, and kissing his neck. Within moments, he was having the time of his life, buried balls-deep in Carol. Knowing he’d probably cum too soon, he pulled out, and wordlessly, Michele accepted him in Carol’s place. He wanted the evening to go on forever, but he came in a few seconds. He wanted to do more with Carol, but his penis had wilted.

The girls thanked him profusely at the door, but also let him know quite firmly that this was a one-time thing. They explained that they were indeed lesbians in love, but wanted to experiment with being with men again. For both of them, it had been a few years since they had intercourse with a man, and they didn’t know whether they missed it or not. They decided that as fun as it was, they didn’t miss it.

The memory of that experience kept Derek on a high for weeks, during which nothing else of a sexual nature happened. He saw Michele and Carol around town from time to time, and everyone said “Hi” excitedly, but that’s as far as it went.

One day, after spending the morning fixing the brakes on a horse trailer, he stopped in at the natural food store a short way up the road in Encinitas. On his way from the parking lot, he saw a German shepherd tied up outside. Coming up to the dog, wanting to pet him with a with friendly intention, the dog wagged his tail and was happy to get petted and have his neck scratched.

Right behind Derek a man and woman approached. He noticed that the man was annoyingly macho and blustery. The man wanted to show the woman how brave he was, so he walked right up to the dog, attempting to give it the same attention as Derek. However, the dog could sense this man’s intention was not the same, and promptly bit the guy’s hand.

Inside the store, Derek put up a new flier on the bulletin board. He happened to notice a card asking for a roommate. He was quite sick of living in his van by now. The thought of having a shower without being a member of a gym, and showering with all those other guys, of having a real kitchen to cook in, and of having people to talk with in the mornings and evenings seemed very attractive.

He pulled the card off the board and took it to the counter, where a lovely, but overweight blond girl was working. He asked whether she might know who posted the ad, and could she maybe tell him something about that person.

It turns out, it was the cashier herself, and she had put it on the board only five minutes before. Her name was Lilly, and she had a strong German accent.

There were two other people living in the house. One was her sister, Sondra, and the other was a guy named Donald. Derek wondered whether it might be the same Don he had worked on a couple of jobs with. Don was a handyman who dabbled in fix-it work, while Derek was a fix-it man who dabbled in handyman work. Sometimes, Don would paint something after Derek had welded it with the little tanks he carried in his van. With those little tanks, Derek turned out some pretty big projects, such as custom lumber racks for pickup trucks, handrailings and gates. He didn’t like painting, so that’s where Don came in.

Between customers, Lilly and Derek talked. He couldn’t find out whether it was the same Don, because he didn’t know Don’s last name. From the description Lilly gave, it did seem like the same guy. That would be cool! Lilly and Derek hit it off, and she invited him to meet her sister that evening.

At six pm, Derek found the house in Leucadia, a mile north of Encinitas. It was a typical three-bedroom single-story California house on a cul-de-sac, with a fairly large yard, secluded with many tall bushes.

Lilly’s sister, Sondra was a beauty. She was tall, curvy but not fat, and as much a redhead as her sister was a blond. Like Lilly, she had a German accent.

Both girls were delighted with Derek. They could tell he was a good, gentle man. They particularly liked that Derek had a van he could live in, because they hadn’t been sure what they were going to do to accommodate another housemate. They thought he might sleep on the sofa, or they might put up a tent in the yard. Everyone figured out that Derek could continue to live in his van, but in the yard, having full access to the kitchen, living room, and bath.

Now, it was up to Donald, who was due soon. Derek and the two sisters talked until he arrived a half-hour later.

It was the same Don, and both men were immediately delighted to see each other. Don was the same average height and thin weight as Derek. His hair was slightly darker, and he was clean-shaven. He immediately agreed to take Derek as a housemate.

Derek parked in the yard that very evening, ate dinner with Lilly, Sondra and Don, and they talked late into the night.

The next day, arriving from a small repair around 3pm, Derek was delighted to come ‘home’ and find Sondra stark naked while in the kitchen cooking spaghetti. She was totally casual, saying, “Hello, Derek” with her delicious German accent.

Derek’s mind went to sex right away, but of course he knew that wasn’t at all appropriate. He did realize that nudity was OK, so in short order, he stepped out of his clothes out by the van, walking through the house totally nude, hoping that Sondra would notice him passing by on his way to take a shower.

When he stepped out of the shower, he found that Lilly had come home, and she, too, was naked. She was a heavy girl, but not super-fat. Derek found her attractive without clothes, although he thought her sister, Sondra, was much prettier.

Don came home a while later, and he, too, took a shower and spent the evening totally naked. They ate spaghetti, made popcorn for dessert, and all watched a movie together. Derek was glowing with satisfaction. This was the sense of family he had been wanting. And all nudists, too!

A couple of months later, the four of them decided that it might be nice to split the rent five ways instead of four. If they could find someone else with a van to live in the yard, that would be perfect.

Lilly put up another notice in the natural food store, and soon enough, Sue Ellen came along. She had a pop-up camper that could have been towed behind any average-size car, but she didn’t have a car. She hired Don to tow it into the yard. He did that with the very old Datsun pickup truck he had purchased for $66. The former owner had taken apart the engine and couldn’t get it back together. Don had it fixed up in a jiffy and running like a top.

Sue Ellen was weird and quiet. She was a shorter girl, slightly rounded, and with with wavy blond hair. She had a tendency to dress in conservative, antique clothing. She must have haunted the thrift stores to find hats from the 1940s, blue wool sweaters, and two-tone shoes. She overdressed for the weather.

Worse, in Derek’s opinion, she was not a nudist. She didn’t seem to mind that the other four were, but she always wore clothes.

Sue Ellen was a bit of a nut case. She had been writing with a former boyfriend in Florida. She told him he was the love of her life, and she wanted him back. He sold everything and came out to California. The day he arrived, she was nowhere to be found. When she finally showed up, she was like, “Oh, Hello Fred.”

He stayed for a week, sleeping on our sofa, and spent his days trying to understand Sue Ellen’s attitude. No one could understand it. He showed us her letters, which were poetic, flowing, complimentary, and left no doubt that she wanted him. Yet, for a week, she barely acknowledged his existence. He tried to ask her on dates, then simply engage her in conversation. While she never yelled at him or even told him to go away, she was very dismissive in her attitude. After a week, he went back to Florida, a very disappointed fellow.

One particularly hot afternoon, Sue Ellen came into the house nude. This was so strange for her that Derek and the others could hardly believe their eyes. No one said anything to Sue Ellen, acting like it was business as usual.

From that day on, from time to time, but not very often, she’d be nude in the house, while the rest of us were usually nude.

The other four of us often shared meals. Typically Sondra and Lilly would cook, Don and Derek would clean up. Sue Ellen seldom participated, preferring to eat sandwiches, always sandwiches, in her camper.

Quite often Sondra brought various guys home. They’d disappear into her room, where we would hear all the unmistakable sounds of sex, then reappear an hour later. Some of the guys would join us for dinner. Most were one-night stands. A surprising number of these guys were tourists from Germany.

Occasionally Lilly would have a guy in her room, but not as often as her sister.

Don didn’t seem to mind or even particularly notice what the sisters did with these guys. Derek acted cool, but he was seething inside. Why didn’t they find him attractive? He would have loved nothing more than to have a sexual relationship with Sondra, or even Lilly. He didn’t do anything about it, and on the surface stayed friendly with the two sisters.

As far as the relationships within the house, nudity did not play a factor. The five of them were good friends, like brothers and sisters, but nothing sexual happened between them. It came close once.

Derek had always liked the hairless look. It was common among women at that time. They often shaved or depilated their crotch hair. But men seldom did. Sometimes, older guys, like over sixty might do that, but certainly not younger ones. But he liked the look, and kind of wished he could do it.

One afternoon, feeling particularly horny, he bought a bottle of Nair at a drug store. He hid it in his van for weeks. On another occasion when he was horny again, and everyone happened to be out of the house, he doused his chest and crotch with the stuff, and twenty minutes later, he was as hairless as a newborn baby. He sat on the edge of the tub and jerked off, having a great orgasm simply from seeing and touching his new, smooth self.

Of course he couldn’t let his roommates see what he had so impulsively done, so for the next several days, he wore a T-shirt and shorts all the time.

The roommates became suspicious. One night when all five of them were sitting side by side on the sofa watching a movie, Lilly started asking questions. Pretty soon it was quite clear that Derek was hiding something and was embarrassed about it. Finally, he had to admit what he had done.

They all wanted to see, but he was like, “No fucking way!”

Lilly wasn’t taking no for an answer, and started tugging at his shorts. Derek desperately tried to keep her from pulling them down, but with Don and Sondra helping, she got them off. They tore off his T-shirt as well. He was quite chagrined, but also relieved that he wouldn’t have to maintain the secret any more. Sondra gave a few gentle tugs to his rapidly hardening penis. Then she stopped. No explanation. Derek was too shy to ask why she stopped, or ask for more attention, so nothing more happened, and they watched the movie. Derek masturbated that night in his van, as usual, but more frustrated than usual.

Derek finally met Doreen, a girl he liked who worked at the donut shop, and she seemed to like him too. He played way too many games of Pacman and Defender, popular games at the time that ate quarters. Sometimes he’d spend $10 at the machines, so he could be near Doreen. Getting his courage up, he asked her out, and she accepted! Derek was delighted. Finally, a girl said “Yes!”

When the time came, he dressed up and went to the restaurant where they agreed to meet. Doreen failed to show up.

The next day, Derek went to the donut shop very disappointed, hoping for a good explanation. Doreen claimed that she forgot. Derek’s feelings were hurt, but he asked her on another date.

She blew that date off, too, again failing to show up.

Derek was so desperate for a girlfriend, he asked her yet a third time, expecting the worst. This third date wasn’t to be at a restaurant. Instead, he invited her to lunch with himself, Don and the two sisters. She actually showed up. However, she had an unexpected friend in tow. Her friend, Meera, was a knockout. She was of Indian descent, short, thin, very dark-skinned, wore her black, curly hair short, had particularly large breasts, and a beautiful smile.

They ate lunch and everyone had a good time. Everyone was clothed, probably so as to not shock Doreen and Meera.

Being the impulsive one, after they ate, Sondra disappeared into her bedroom, coming out a few minutes later totally naked and carrying a thick blanket. She spread it on the floor, and invited her sister to join her. Everyone looked on, not knowing what was happening. Lilly threw off her clothes, and started frolicking around on the blanket with her sister. They were hugging and kissing. In seconds, Doreen and Meera were naked too, and rolling around with the two sisters.

Don and Derek looked at each other, wondering what to do. They both did the same thing. They stepped out of their clothes, hoping but not quite knowing how to join the activity on the floor. The two sisters, Doreen and Meera seemed to know without words that this was an invitation, and before long, all four girls were kissing, handling each others breasts, and rubbing their hands on each others pussies. Soon, they were heavily engaged in licking each others pussies, seemingly having forgotten that the two guys were even there.

Sue Ellen stepped into the room and had big eyes as she discovered the activity on the floor. To the guys’ surprise, she stripped off her clothes, and happily joined the pile of intertwined bodies on the floor, as if it was an everyday activity for her.

Don and Derek still didn’t know how to get involved. To them, it seemed almost as if this was a private girl thing. They both thought perhaps they should do something with each other. Both secretly wanted to, but both were afraid of seeming ‘gay.’ Both realized that was a shame, but neither could overcome the stigma. For a while, both guys sat on the sidelines, hopelessly watching the girls have fun.

Finally, Don joined the fray, and was invited in, as if he was just another one of the girls. Soon he was rolling around, kissing, rubbing and fondling assorted girls which his erection awkwardly sticking up or out, depending on his orientation at various times.

From seeing that, Derek understood that he could join in too, and soon he was happily involved in the orgy. At some point, it became even more sexual, with Don fucking Meera. Somehow, Derek got his penis into Lilly who wasn’t complaining, and all had a good time.

The only sour point is that Derek felt somewhat badly about how it turned out for him. He would have absolutely loved to fuck Meera. She was so attractive! He certainly would have settled for Doreen. She was hot, too, and he had expected to get closer to her that day, not have her taken over by the sisters. However, getting his penis into Lilly’s big pussy and hugging that fat girl turned out to be quite pleasing. He learned that day that heavyset women are much better for hugging and even fucking than the skinny ones he had been attracted to.

Derek and Don, separately, knew it was a shame that they hadn’t played with each other. Both were slightly homophobic, yet both were secretly bisexual.

Derek had worked several times on projects with a plumber, a guy named Charles. This guy was striking in appearance. He had blond hair so light it was almost white. He kept a beard that always looked three days old, which was quite attractive on him. He tended to wear plaid shirts, which were rare in that part of California, but added to his striking appearance. They worked together on solar hot water installations, where Derek would make custom brackets, and Charles would hook up all the pipes. Sometimes Don got involved also, painting or otherwise doing things to complete the installations.

Charles was openly gay, but also quite manly, even macho, and Derek found that fascinating. He had never known a gay person, or at least not that he was aware of. He secretly wanted to experiment with Charles, but didn’t know how to bring it up.

Finally, one day Charles invited Derek to his place for beers. Derek wasn’t a beer drinker, so Charles quickly changed the invitation to ‘come over for tea,’ which Derek accepted. Arriving, Derek found out that Charles lived in a warehouse full of plumbing fittings. The portion he lived in was nicely appointed. They drank their tea, while Charlie’s dog fell asleep on Derek’s lap, quite contented.

One thing led to another, and Derek found himself stripping at Charlie’s invitation. Charlie had simply said he wanted to see Derek’s dick. Not very romantic evidently, but it did the trick. Derek, although nervous at the invitation, was happy to comply, and hoped it might turn into something more than a demonstration.

It did. Charlie asked whether Derek could get it hard for him. He stroked it, first lazily, as if he wasn’t sure the situation was right, then getting more into it as he penis hardened nicely. Derek found he had a bit of an exhibitionist tendency, enjoying showing his genitals to Charlie.

Being one to also enjoy viewing genitals, Derek asked to see Charlie’s dick.

Soon, Derek found himself buttfucking Charlie, the first time he had ever buttfucked a man. AIDS had become an issue during the past few years, and Derek was quite concerned about that, so he did not reciprocate, instead giving Charles a handjob, which Charles seemed to enjoy very much. Derek was even concerned about getting Charlie’s sperm on his hand, but let it happen. Derek was quite delighted how that ‘date’ turned out.

In the following weeks, he didn’t fall in love with Charles, but did enjoy having sex with him several more times.

At one point, the subject of Don came up, and Charles shocked Derek by telling him, “Oh, Don was over here one time, He knows what he’s doing!”

“What do you mean?” Derek asked.

“He’s sucked cock before, and he sat on my dick like an old pro.”

Derek had no idea. That time when all the girls went at it, he and Don had just sat there staring at each other and wishing. If only he had known that Don was bisexual at the time. If only Don had known about him. The day would have been so much different!

One afternoon, Lilly must have been particularly horny, because she came around to Derek’s van in the yard, and basically climbed all over him. They went into the living room and started fucking all over the place. While they were going at it, Sondra came home, and literally stepped over them on the way to the kitchen, paying no particular attention to what they were doing.

Derek thought that was the beginning of a big relationship with Lilly, but it never developed. A couple of days later, after resuming being just friends with him as always, she invited another strange guy into her room for a couple of hours before dinner.

Sue Ellen began getting weirder. The roommates worried about her, but she became quite uncommunicative. She didn’t argue, she walked away, and would not tell us what was on her mind.

She did announce that she was going on an ice cream and fruit juice diet. Nothing else. We worried more. She managed to continue that diet for 52 days. On the last day, she was stepping out of the back seat of a Volkswagen beetle and her knee hit the sidewalk. It didn’t hit very hard, but it broke. She was hospitalized, and then came back to her camper wearing a cast. We found out that her extreme diet had weakened her bones. The roommates took care of her until the cast came off. Soon thereafter, she left, having sold her camper which was towed out of the yard. Everyone thought she went to Florida, but no one knew for sure.

Enrico was a traveler who Lilly met in the natural food store. He had worked for the UN as an interpreter. He could read and write five languages, and was an interpreter. Tiring of the job, he started traveling.

He joined the household for dinner one night, immediately enjoying the nakedness in our household. After dinner, he disappeared into Lilly’s room for an hour. Then, he disappeared into Sondra room for another hour. He moved in with the group, taking Sue Ellen’s place, buying a non-running Volkswagen van and having it towed into the yard. Every woman who crossed his path seemed absolutely taken with him. The guy was very charismatic.

Don and Derek were fascinated, wanting to know how he did it. Perhaps it was his European accent. Maybe it was his dark, exotic looks. Or it could have been the way he dressed? Whenever it was warm enough, he was naked in the house, but went out in public often wearing nothing but a bikini bottom, or what you might call very brief swim trunks. Really! Derek and Don would never have dressed like that, but assumed it was a European thing. It was probably more of an Enrico thing.

Another guy named Jonathan stayed for a couple of weeks, sleeping on the sofa. He was well over fifty years old, which the others, all of whom were under twenty-eight years old, thought was terribly ancient. He had diabetes and suffered frequent headaches. He was certainly not the picture of health, and his long beard made him look even older and more frail. Yet, to the utter surprise of Don and Derek, Lilly and Sondra happily fucked him repeatedly.

Jonathan moved on, leaving the five of us. Enrico had become a solid part of the family.

One day in the mid-afternoon, another spontaneous orgy developed. This time, Sondra, Lilly, Don and Derek got on the same blanket Lilly had brought out months earlier, and immediately and gladly started hugging and kissing.

Derek had never told Don he knew the secret that he learned from Charlie. Derek figured this was a good time to test the secret’s validity. As the four of them were rolling around and kissing, Derek put Don’s penis in his mouth and started giving him a treatment. Don did not object. The girls were surprised, stopping what they were doing to each other at that point, watched the two guys, and cheered them on. Meanwhile, Enrico tried to continue loving up to the two girls, but they were too busy watching the blowjob in progress. They told Enrico he should do something with the guys. But he was dead set against it. Almost offended.

That turned out to be a non-issue. Don and Derek really started going to town, reversing the blowjob so Don was sucking Derek, and then giving each other testicle massages.

That left both girls for Enrico, and trooper that he was, he managed to fuck both of them. Enrico was satisfied, but Don and Derek were still charged up, as were Sondra and Lilly.

Without anything being said, Don found his penis inside Sondra, and Derek was fucking Lilly. At one point, Lilly turned over so she was on her hands and knees, with her ample ass up in the air, and her large breasts almost touching the floor. Derek got behind her, and buttfucked her like there was no tomorrow. They managed a simultaneous orgasm with Enrico, Don and Sondra watching and cheering.

Afterward, the five roommates felt like they needed showers. After some humorous joking around to see who would get to use it first, and who’d be left waiting for the water heater to recharge, Lilly suggested they all take a shower together. This was a typical small California stand-up shower, not a bathtub. They all crammed in there, although just barely, and took their shower together, all hugged up, Even Enrico became comfortable in the situation, finding his penis pressed against the side of Derek’s ass at one point and not complaining.

Enrico decided he wanted to see New York, leaving the four original roommates, who lived happily for several months. Derek bought an old bucket truck, and turned it into a great fix-it truck. He had all sorts of welding equipment, wrenches and power tools of all descriptions, and even a great big lift bucket so he could fix pretty much anything, even things thirty feet off the ground. Don started riding along with him on many jobs, and they became quite successful financially.

Lilly flew back to Germany, in search of some former boyfriend, while Sondra took over her job at the natural food store.

A month later, we learned that Lilly had been in a small plane flying over Lake George. The plane never returned and Lilly was presumed dead. We all cried.

The landlord sent a letter saying that his son was going to move into the house, giving the three remaining roommates thirty days notice.

The roommates looked half-heartedly, but never found another house to their liking. They were expecting more from a house than it could deliver. They were hoping to find a house that could bring back those happy times.

Years later found Don in upstate New York where he started buying and fixing up houses.

Enrico moved to Manhattan. It is said he got into trouble having something to do with embezzlement.

Sondra was back in Germany, happily married with two children.

Derek is still going around in his fix-it truck in Encinitas. Years ago he gave up the theory that good women were attracted to wild men, having had a number of fulfilling relationships, and finally marrying a woman even nicer than he could have imagined. They’ve been together thirty years now, and have three grown, successful children.

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  1. I’m a big, ol’ guy, and I found myself crying at the end of that story. Mostly about Lilly, I guess.

  2. I’m assuming this was in the ’60’s. Quite the bohemian lifestyle with both ups and downs. I’ve only sucked cock in the presence of women two times and they both really got off on it.

  3. I asked Derek. He came to California in 1978. – Jenelle

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