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15 Minutes Straight

Continuous Orgasm for Men

I’ve been in orgasm for 15 minutes straight. It’s something you can learn to do too, and a great response to these strange times when you may be in isolation or unemployed with time on your hands.

Right now, I’m laying next to my wife who is asleep, or pretending to be asleep. Earlier we did what couples do. Then I licked her to a series of nice orgasms. I didn’t cum – intentionally. It’s more fun that way. Some people call it ‘tantric.’

What I’m doing now goes way beyond tantric, or at least the way most people experience it.

I got myself hard, savoring the experience and not in any hurry. I keep stroking lazily, and with the right fantasies, I’m getting close to cumming.

I don’t quite stop, but I slow down the stroking. Then I resume a little more vigorously until I’m well into that pre-orgasmic feeling. You know, when you know if you keep going another ten seconds an ejaculation will be inevitable. But it’s not inevitable.

Let me explain. I just maintain the pre-orgasmic state with a careful balance of stroking vigorously, and barely stroking at all. I don’t let it fall off too much. I want to maintain the feeling. I want to build the feeling, but not too much. If it starts to get to strong, I back off. Now, I’m able to take it from pre-orgasmic to something I call ‘low orgasm.’ I’m actually orgasming. I feel what seems like a chill throughout my body. It’s delicious in its own right. My dick isn’t actually contracting in ejaculation, but I’m definitely feeling orgasm.

I’m maintaining the careful balance. I’m still in no hurry. I’m just making it a point to really notice, and enjoying the feeling.

As I keep it up, I slip into ‘high orgasm.’ Now, my urethra is contracting occasionally. Not continuous ejaculatory contractions. Just a little squeeze at random times. I continue to work the balance between stroking and barely stroking at all. I may even have to stop entirely, but only for a second or two. I don’t want to fall out of orgasm.

I’ve been practicing this for months. So now, I can slide back and forth between low and high orgasm. Sometimes I slip down below low orgasm. No problem, I just build up again. It’s quite easy in my current state. The trick is not to slip beyond high orgasm.

Now, my urethra is contracting regularly. I’m ejaculating, but I’m not ejaculating. I’m dry. Nothing is coming out. I’m working on holding that state. I’ll probably fall over the edge at some point. If it’s a minor slip, only a drop of semen will come out. Then, I can keep going. That’s the goal.

Go ahead and give it a try. Maybe not today, but if you keep practicing, you’re in for a real treat!

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  1. Learning that orgasm and ejaculating are two different things is the first step.

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