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10-Minute Orgasms?

10-minute orgasm

If you could orgasm for 10 minutes straight, do you think you would enjoy that?

From a person of unidentified sex:

Yes, I can, and yes, I do enjoy that.

The first thing is that it is much easier to have longer orgasms if you are relaxed. So it doesn’t take any effort, no strain, no force. If you’ve ever done body surfing in a warm ocean, you are in the water and you are surrounded by a huge warm wave that is carrying you forward. Sort of like that – all the great feelings flowing through your body and nothing for you to do, except enjoy it.

I believe this is a skill, a learnable skill. The first step is learning to relax your body during orgasm – not only your pelvic floor/perineum, but your legs (esp. your glutes), your lower back, your lower abs. It is fun to practice! Practicing being relaxed and feeling how good your body feels and find every good sensation in any part of your body – it may not be just in your crotch!

From a man:

I’ve had orgasms last two to three minutes or so. They were pretty intense and body-encompassing. You might refer to this as a full-body orgasm. I’ll lay there and thrash about uncontrollably. Being unable to control any body movements with legs and arms shaking, toes curling, and hands grasping at thin air I can only let myself continue until it subsides. After those longer ones where my whole body is taken over by the blissful feeling, I am gassed, as in can barely walk. Tremors will flow through my body at random for several hours beyond when the initial spasms subside. Muscles in my body will be sore from the contractions for days after. Imagine this lasting ten minutes or more and I think I would be in such a condition where the enjoyment is minimal beyond the initial wave. Usually, I go a minute or so when I orgasm. It feels so wonderful that I really don’t know I am ejaculating along with it. Any longer than that the bliss subsides and I want to regain control but can’t. An orgasm lasting ten minutes like that would be too damaging to my body. I know I wouldn’t enjoy the pain associated with the recovery after. I like my little one to two-minute orgasms. I enjoy it when I do have a full-body orgasm lasting two or more minutes. But in my opinion any longer than that while having those extreme convulsions, even though it feels fantastic at first, wouldn’t be all that enjoyable.

From a woman:

I’ve had constant orgasm for two hours with only a second or two in between them.

My maximum is 54. Yes I do count!

From four hours if pleasure to that fifth hour when they would start to finish. I got my body to have 35 only after one and-a-half hours of stimulation.

I had penetration sex every day for years before going to work.

In my past, I would have 10 every day without penetration. This went on for three years.

Then. I simply wanted more. And, it took two years of practice every day to get to only an hour and-a-half.

Mine, one by one be one last for a minute.

Fainting is great! Screaming for an hour is very relaxing. I assume this lady sentence answers your question.

Great question!


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