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In this era of social distancing, promoting masturbation for mental and physical health is more important than ever.


We welcome stories of your own sexual experiences.


In the not so distant past, masturbation was frowned upon. People are just now waking up to its many benefits. We still have a long way to go to bring about a healthier society. As your reward for promoting masturbation and Sex270.com to your friends, family, and coworkers, you’ll find lots of goodies in this website, including tips, techniques, videos, great erotic short stories, true memoirs, complete online ebooks, and a complete A to Z encyclopedia of sex. It’s all free and complete. Enjoy!

Benefits of Wanking

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  • You can have a good time by yourself at home in this era of self-quarantine, reducing or eliminating loneliness and depression.
  • Clears the mind: Masturbation can be even better than meditation for breaking out of thought loops, eliminating worry, understanding things in new ways, overcoming mental blocks, and coming up with creative solutions.
  • Saves lives: STDs can be deadly. Masturbation by yourself or with friends is the safest form of sex.
  • Population control: With over 8 billion inhabitants on this small planet, wouldn’t it be great if all the children being born were truly wanted?
  • Eliminates horniness: When you live without sexual frustration, you make better choices. Stop telling off-color jokes at the wrong times. Avoid bothering people for sex. Quit settling for partners who are not right for you, only to get sexual satisfaction.
  • Health: According to recent research, it boosts the immune system, balances hormones, and reduces blood pressure. People who jerk off at least once a week have thirty percent fewer heart attacks, half as many strokes, and are forty percent less likely to come down with diabetes than everyone else.
  • Slows aging: Those who fap regularly are more likely to live past eighty years old.
  • Reduces pain: Dopamine and oxytocin, feel-good neurochemicals, are released. Wanking can be particularly effective for mild muscle aches, nausea, and headaches.
  • Helps with psychological balance: Reduce stress, increase confidence, calm runaway emotions.

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  • Eliminates bad habits: Replace your addictions or bad habits with masturbation.
  • Helps with weight management: It’s not practical to eat while masturbating, plus the hormones released help regulate hunger.
  • This form of recreation requires no organization, no travel, no certification, no training, no special equipment, no investment and produces very little pollution.
  • It is the great equalizer. You can be anyone young or old, rich or poor, pretty or not, and you can still have wonderful solosex, just like everyone else.
  • Saves money: Masturbation costs nothing, compared to dating, which requires the cost of dinner, entertainment, and often much more.
  • Saves time: You might think that masturbation takes up valuable time, but it is far less time than driving to meet someone, and all the time that dating requires.
  • For men: Last longer in sex, eliminate premature orgasm, reduce risk of prostate cancer. Reduces likelihood of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.
  • For women: Improve your self body image. Smooth out the monthly cycle. Learn what you like and don’t like sexually.
  • For students: Be more effective in studying. The dopamine released has a positive effect on the learning centers of the brain. Jerking off to relieve horniness will allow you to focus better.
  • For everyone: It’s so much fun!


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  1. You forgot a benefit of masturbation: You don’t chase people around trying to get laid so much. It’s very calming. I know from experience:)

  2. I’ve just gotta say, this website makes me rethink the whole hetero-gay thing. I mean, I, personally, am into girls, but still, if I had a good friend who wanted to share handjobs or something, I’d at least consider it. In the past, I probably would have yelled, “Your gay!” and left him twisting in the wind.

  3. I agree with you, I enjoy both, being naked and masturbation. I combine them as often as I can. My wife sleeps in and it gives me a couple hours each morning for some naked masturbation fun. I also visit a camp ground that allows nudity. It adds to the enjoyment to be naked out doors and to both be seen naked and see others nude. I call my self a nakedist, not a nudist, I get naked for the thrill of being naked. The question is do I get aroused when I am naked or being naked arouses me.

  4. One thing I don’t see on here that I’ve totally been into recently is pegging and prostate orgasms. Women with strap-ons is such an incredible turn-on to me.

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If you haven't seen Chaturbate, you're in for a treat, and it's free, no sign-up required!